June 23rd, 2010

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Yunho's Marie Claire interview - translated

From THSK’s leader to actor Jung Yunho, Uknow YunHo, who is gradually getting used to standing alone, now stands before a Marie Claire’s camera at a station in Hong Kong. Even though he dislikes innocent and naïve idealists, this youth, who chose an unusual route in life, still keeps his focus ahead while he continues to enjoy running on without feeling tired.

Even if we can use our eyes to see, and our ears to hear, how local artistes are welcomed abroad, it is difficult to experience and understand it realistically. While we know how loved THSK and Uknow YunHo are in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries, the degree of passion is a fact that we can never estimate or affirm. As such, for Marie Clarie’s pictorial shoot, Uknow YunHo, who headed to Hong Kong, was swarmed by fans the moment he arrived at the airport, and the scene was so packed to the extent that one could not have anticipated such a response.

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Sources: Marie Claire + MyYunho + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Because this gif will always be relevant. :D

Miss A, Jessica, Krystal, Sulli, etc attend the opening of Tory Burch’s flagship store

American fashion designer, Tory Burch was at the opening of her flagship store this evening in Seoul.

The new flagship store located at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul is Tory Burch’s 3rd after Tokyo and Manila.

Stars who attended the opening on June 23rd included Kim Jung Eun, Jo Yeo Jung, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Lee Si Young, SNSD’s Jessica, f(x)’s Krystal and Sulli,, etc but the spotlight fell on new JYPE girl group, Miss A who made their first public appearance as a group even though they have yet to make their actual debut.

Just like the Wonder Girls in America, Miss A got some much-needed exposure in the same manner with Tory Burch ahead of their debut.

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Sources: Allkpop + NEWSEN + MyDaily

LOL did you notice that 4 of the girls are wearing this pair of shoes? The Tory Burch Roslun lace up sandal which is now on saleeee!  ;)


"Demo" Artists Speak Out About Lee Hyori's Plagiarism Case

Though M.Net Media has responded to Lee Hyori’s plagiarism case, it seems as though this issue has not been resolved yet.

Several artists and/or their representatives have spoken out and claimed that they own the original songs. They have not sold the rights to their song and probably have never heard about Bahnus before this case.

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Source: OMGKPOP, June 19, 2010

Big thanks to honeyhiyo for posting this on my behalf. I (savile_row) would've posted this myself but membership to Omona is currently closed and I wanted to make sure that the other side of the issue is heard and that the artists are identified and their experiences shared because, so far, everything has been about Hyori and Mnet.

To get the latest updates regarding this issue, including first-hand information gathered from the artists' themselves, and to also see how everything developed from the beginning and how it contrasts with what Mnet is saying how things happened, please visit the dedicated thread at the AllKPop forums.

U-Kiss: A Babel(fish) of Boys

The boys in U-Kiss speak so many languages that they even have
multilingual arguments

Pretty boys (from left) Shin Soo Hyun, Alexander Lee, Kevin Woo, Shin Dong Ho,
Eli Kim, Lee Ki Seop and Kim Ki Bum have differing ideas on whether beauty
should be natural.
ST PHOTO: Malcolm Koh

Boyband U-Kiss might hail from South Korea, but their seven members are a veritable United Nations of linguists who speak up to five different languages, including Mandarin, English and Japanese and the Cantonese dialect.

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LOLZ at the United Nations of Linguists XD

Reported by: Jocelyn Lee for The Straits Times (Singapore) [accessible to paying subscribers only]
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Wonder Girl’s Sun Ye’s Father Passes Away

Back in October of last year, Sun Ye’s father was rushed to an intensive care unit after he turned for the worse from a long-term illness. Flying immediately from New York to South Korea, Sun Ye was able to visit him through those tough times. It was reporter earlier this morning that Sun Ye’s father passed away.


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Source: SPN Daily + Kpoplive.com

Taeyang “Tell Me Goodbye was originally my solo song…I’m still mad”

SOL: This song here, “Tell Me Goodbye” was originally prepared to be my solo song (tear). But then the members all heard the song and said “This is really good! Let this be a Big Bang song♪”

Although I had already finished recording the lyrics, eventually we recorded it one more time with Big Bang. So my song was left in peace like that, nevertheless I still feel sorry/dissapointed that it didn’t become my song, I really yearn for it (laughs). I too have grown up into an adult (laughs). No, but of course its become a great song that I’m glad all the members can share. But I’m still a little…mad (taeyang + all members laugh). ^^

S: ibigbang

so .. is it safe to say .13 is TMG yb version?
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Asia Economic Daily Interviews Kwon Sang-woo

Kwon Sang-woo "thirsty" for "Fire" success

Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo has said he is "thirsty" to see the success of his new film "71 Into the Fire," hoping the war pic will outshine the reputation of his former big screen hits.

"The movies I've starred in for the past eight years had all done well up till two years ago so I am thirsty for the success of this one," Kwon said of his expectations for "Fire" during an interview with Asia Economic Daily.

"In the end, it's up to the heavens but I do hope it breaks my previous record and that it becomes the highest grossing movie this year," the actor added.

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Kwon Sang-woo eyeing acting roles in China

Actor Kwon Sang-woo, one of the most successful stars in both Korea and Japan, has turned his eyes to China as he sets out to expand his acting career to a wider audience in Asia.

During an interview with Asia Economic Daily, the 33-year-old Hallyu star explained he is "looking into a film or drama role for next year in the Greater China region," and that "talks are currently in process."

He added that it is "quite natural" that he would be set on acting in Japan as well, where he has his largest Asian fanbase, although he will take his time in selecting a role.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1 & 2
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Lee Byung-hun to appear on ABC "Good Morning America"

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will appear on ABC's "Good Morning America," one of the most popular programs broadcast on the American public network, according to the actor's agency BH Entertainment on Wednesday.

BH announced in a press release that Lee will represent Korea as a cultural figure on the morning show featuring a special segment commemorating the 60-year anniversary of the Korean War titled "Long War," set to air at the end of this month.

The special will focus on the developments and changes that has occured in the country since the war as well as featuring interviews with leading figures in the country including Korean President Lee Myung-bak, C.E.O of Doosan Park Yong-mann and actor Lee Byung-hun.

ABC interviewed Lee Byung-hun on his success in Korea as well as his venture into Hollywood -- he made his debut in the U.S. film industry through action flick "G.I. Joe" last year.

Considered one of the most successful actors in Korea, Lee has numerous dramas and films under his belt.

He recently finished shooting the upcoming thriller "I Saw The Devil" alongside Korean actor Choi Min-sik.

"Devil" is about a secret agent (played by Lee) plotting revenge against a serial killer (Choi) who killed his fiancee. It is scheduled for release in Korea this summer.

Source: asiae.co.kr
Big Bang <3
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FT Island and CNBLUE's records top Taiwan music charts

Korean rock bands FT Island and CNBLUE have topped the weekly music charts of Taiwan during the week of June 11 to 17, according to their agency FNC Music on Tuesday.

A press release from FNC stated that FT Island's latest single "Flower Rock" positioned itself at No. 1 and CNBLUE's "BlueLove" came in second place on Taiwan's G-Music and Five Music weekly charts, respectively.

"It's inspiring to see how both FT Island and CNBLUE were able to see such great results with their albums," an associate from FNC explained.

FT Island's "Flower Rock" had made a successful debut in Japan, coming in third place on the prestigious Oricon chart on the same of its release on May 19.

FT Island (Five Treasure Island), composed of members Lee Hong-ki, Lee Jae-jin, Song Seung-hyun, Choi Min-hwan and Choi Jong-hoon, made their debut in 2007 with their first album "Cheerful Sensibility."

The group recently gave a free live concert in front of 5,000 fans in Osaka and Tokyo and will return to the Korean music scene in mid-August.

CNBLUE have been enjoying success with their title track "Love" in Taiwan, placing within the top 5 singles on several music sites such as emome, Taiwan Mobile, and ez Peer.

The group released two singles in Japan before breaking into the local music scene with their album "Bluetory." They are currently preparing for their first concert in Korea on July 31 titled "Listen to the CNBLUE."

Source: asiae.co.kr

Super Junior live performances on Music Travel LaLaLa

The boys of Super Junior appeared on the June 23rd edition of Music Travel LaLaLa. The show is pretty well known for taking current hits of K-Pop and having artists perform a softer, more mellow rendition of the songs with live instruments.

The boys show that they have talent as they performed BONAMANA, Maybe In Love and You and Me Again.

Super Junior - Miinah/BONAMANA LIVE @ 2010 Music Travel LaLaLa

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sources: allkpop + SuJuTV2
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[Interview] MBLAQ "Since we're so busy, we just live innocently like boys from the country" Part 1

These days, debuting in Korea as an idol can be seen similarly to a buried turtle egg on a beach. The newly hatched turtle gains endless freedom once it steps into the ocean, but the short process of getting to the water can cost it its life if it is not careful. Like these baby turtles, idols face hardships while trying to adjust just after debuting. Most idols end up disappearing after not getting enough attention, and those idols who do survive end up on numerous stages and variety shows to keep on surviving. It is only after these obstacles that the idols gain fandoms and begin to become recognized by the masses, and it is also only then that they slowly begin getting what they want. MBLAQ is a victor that has surpassed this harsh survival game. They first gained interest for being an idol group produced by Rain, and since then, they have spent months building up their confidence and sense of presence in the industry. They are now easily seen on any variety show on television, and recently even won number one at Mnet's M! Countdown. They are now just heading towards the open ocean, and we are ready to listen to their story at this moment.
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Source: 10asia.co.kr
Translation: ilovepocky @

f(x), “As compared to the dream of winning #1 on music shows, we want to be Asia’s top pop dance gir

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Girlgroup f(x) reveals a goal that they treasure more than winning #1 on music shows.

f(x) was on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 24th June. This is the 2nd part to their appearance on the show.

The members were asked on the show, “How do you feel seeing So Nyeo Shi Dae winning #1?” They answered, “Of course we have though of wanting to win #1. But it can’t be helped if we can’t do it. Even though it is not that we don’t have the greed to, but we have our own goals too.”

Leader Victoria said, “Our goal is to be the best pop dance girlgroup in Asia. #1 is of course good but if we can’t do it, we will aim to fulfil our goal.”

Meanwhile, the girls’ most recent hit is ‘NU ABO’ off their 1st minialbum and it has received much love from music fans after its released.

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source: kbites : 1 / 2
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[Interview] MBLAQ “If you weren’t MBLAQ? I want to be a producer, an actor, do management” Part 2

 Q. Lee Joon, you’ve been showing us a messed up image of you on variety shows lately. (laugh)
Lee Joon: I’ve been holding back lately because I feel like I’ve shown too much. Sometimes, moderation is needed. (laugh)

Q. You told all kinds of stories about Rain on KBS’s Happy Together. Did anything happen afterwards? (laugh)
Lee Joon: I thought really hard before filming. Should I pick the masses and get scolded by JiHoon hyung, or should I be loved by him but bring no laughs to the masses? (laugh) I ended up picking the masses, because they are greater in number, and talked recklessly. (laugh) JiHoon hyung didn’t really say anything special after filming, but he won’t talk to me about personal things anymore. (laugh) But honestly, I’m not really the funny type of person. I wasn’t trying to be funny.
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Source: 10asia.co.kr
Translation: ilovepocky @
wonders of the world | wonder girls

4minute announces 2nd Japanese single!

After releasing the Japanese version of their hit Korean single Muzik and garnering Japanese fans from their showcases, 4minute is finally following up their initial success by unleashing their second single.

If you guys were looking forward to hearing a brand new song from the girls, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The girls will be promoting the Japanese version of their song I My Me Mine, which was a track featured on their latest Korean mini album.

Three different versions of the single will be released on July 28th. Versions A and B will contain both a CD and DVD, while version C will only contain a CD. That release date is soon approaching, so get ready for this highly anticipated release everyone!

cr: AKP
yesss my favorite song on the album. i wanna see the choreo for this.

JYPE speaks about Sunye’s status; future plans & U.S tour to be discussed…

Regarding the passing of Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye’s father today, JYP Entertainment spoke to the media about her status and what may happen to the Wonder Girl’s future activities.

“Sunye’s father passed away today. Sunye is staying in Korea after finishing her Singapore promotions. She is currently at the funeral home working on funeral preparations.
The members are staying in the U.S because of their tour, but because they can’t take care of Sunye, they are very sorry.”

Regarding Sunye’s status, JYPE said,

“Sunye is suffering very deeply because of her close relationship with her father. Because she is crying so much, she is physically weak. After the funeral, we will discuss with Sunye about future plans and the U.S tour.”

Sunye’s love for her family is famous and on a June episode of Family Outing 2, she read a letter expressing her regrets to her father. She became emotional saying that she made her father hurt but is so grateful he brought her into this world. She also said she’s sorry because she couldn’t say I love you to him.
Her close friend recently said, “At the death of her father, Sunye is going through an unexplainable amount of pain and sadness.”

Netizens have offered their condolences saying, “Even if you cry and cry, this is a pain that has no end.” “He will definitely support you from above.” ”Be courageous.”

Source: Wonderfuls Wold + Newsen + MTV Iggy



Hyuna covers up after more criticism about her 'revealing clothes'

After criticisms from netizens about her ‘overly revealing’ stage outfit for her performance during South Korean team’s World Cup match against Argentina on the 17th, 4Minute HyunA was seen more ‘covered up’ for her recent performance during the national team’s match against Nigerian team.

The 18-year-old recently also spoke up about how her stage outfit is just a part of her performance. Go under the cut for more photos and Korean netizens’ responses.

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Source: kbites

LPG to make their return

LPG will be making a comeback into the kpop scene, but with slight changes to the 5-member group.

LPG’s entertainment company revealed on the 24th, “Da Eun, a LPG member, left the group and we recruited a new member named Eun Byul. They will be releasing a new song called Doorbell of Love on July 1st and begin their promotions.”

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S: allkpop

Jung Yonghwa’s fans donate blood for his 22nd birthday

As we reported yesterday, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa celebrated his 22nd birthday on June 22nd. In honor of his birthday, many of fans came together to donate blood.

Last month on MBC’s We Got Married, Jung Yonghwa and Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Seohyun celebrated their 22nd day together. And to commemorate their 22nd day, Seohyun wished to give blood together, however, Yonghwa was unable to donate blood because his acne treatment medicine. So in his place, for his 22nd birthday, about 70 members of the YongWooGeh fan club donated blood for Jung Yonghwa’s birthday.

A representative from the fan club stated, “This won’t be the only time that we donate blood, but rather, every 2-3 months, we will gather to continue to give blood.” Another representative said, “Rather than giving expensive gifts for every anniversary [and birthday], we plan on giving meaningful gifts.“

Source: akp

Time to learn about girl groups, Omona!

Previous Girl Groups’ Japanese Development and Current Prosperity

Korean girl groups’ history goes back to 1998. Back then, there were 3 extremely popular girl groups; S.E.S, Fin.K.L and BABY VOX. Eventually, the R&B Unit S.E.S made up of Bada, Eugene, and Shoo, began developing their activities in Japan, partially because Korea’s representative songstress Lee Hyori, leader of Fin.K.L, was staying in the role of Korea’s traditional idol. Also, Yoon Eunhye’s (who is currently an actress) group BABY VOX stepped toward China.

Previously, there was another 4 member idol group called S.O.S who debuted in Japan, but S.E.S had a full-blown debut and was able to be the first successful Korean girl group in Japan. Perhaps the influx of popular Korean artists entering the Japanese market is due to the success S.E.S had in Japan. However, after that groups like Sugar and JEWELRY went to Japan one after the other and didn’t have a big break. That wasn’t necessarily a complete mistake, the girl groups were cheering with all their might during the Korea-Japan sponsored World Cup and their popularity temporarily increased, but then rapidly began to fall.

On a different subject, in 2007 the Wonder Girls debuted. JYP, the same person who produced Bi (Rain), created the Wonder Girls. They have music that resembles music from the 70s~80s and “Tell Me” was their big break. SNSD was formed from S.M. ENTERTAINMENT who formerly produced S.E.S. Also, DSP media who created Fin.K.L had KARA debut, and once again it’s the golden age of girl groups.

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Source: Oricon
Translation: Kanki@Soshified.com

tl;dr - girl groups are awesome.