June 28th, 2010

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Tom Tom sings a medley of Beyonce songs

Tom Tom demonstrates her vocal abilities and talent on the piano with a medley of Beyonce's songs, Deja Vu, Irreplaceable, Sweet Dreams, and Honesty.

Tom Tom recently released her single which contained the song "Top Girl," as well as a cover of Lionel Richie's song, "Hello."
She was also involved in an car accident on June 19th, which left her with some serious injuries, but she was able to perform with IU on Music Travel La La La on June 23.
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Source: supervocaltomtom, UrAsianSourceTV

Edited with cut. I really like her voice in "Top Girl."

[Star Diary, Part 10] "Someone who can embrace everything"

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9

Big Bang is family for life. There are really no problems between the members. There’s no member that is particularly competitive about work, and I think we’re people who got together because of a common love for music. So I think Big Bang is a group that will really last a long time. Because we do music with such a pure heart, we could quit tomorrow if we ever thought that we didn’t have anything more to show. But we want to go for the limit to see what we can show together as a group.

We have a huge dream. It’s to become a group that everyone in the nation could love and applaud. We want to become a group that can receive deep love from the public for a long time, not singers that are fleeting and forgotten tomorrow. All of us put forth sincere effort to become such a group. We want become a group that receives so much love that it can be said that ‘when it comes to idol groups, there are those that are before Big Bang and after Big Bang.’

We want to give love. In my adolescence, I always felt like I was an outsider to the world. But now I want to become someone who can embrace everything. I want to become someone who can give happiness to other people. Because there are people who care for me and people I care for, I make an effort to become a little more perfect than I was today.

Source: AsiaE
Translation: seungie @ tumblr
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GD to appear for Taeyang's comeback stage with "I Need A Girl"

Set for his comeback stage on 1st July, it is known that TaeYang will be having GDragon performing together with him for his comeback solo song ‘I Need A GIrl’.

The 2 are known to be friends since they were 13 years old and GDragon has also sung praises of TaeYang in interviews like, “TaeYang is a friend who is more talented than me”, “He is incomparable to me” etc. And recently, GDragon also posted up a photo of him wearing a tee shirt with the words ‘I Need A Girl’ printed on his me2day, showing his support for TaeYang’s comeback.

For TaeYang’s comeback title song ‘I Need A Girl, GDragon is featured for a rap. GDragon also composed and wrote the song ‘After You Fall Asleep’ in the album.

TaeYang is set for his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July.

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Super Junior members to accompany Kangin on July 5th?

Kangin to enlist to the army on the 5th of July, Super Junior members to accompany him

Super Juniors Kangin (Real name Kim Yong Woon) will enter the army on the 5th of July.

Kangin will be enrolled in the Choongnam Nonsan Army Camp, after 5 weeks of training he will do his military service. Kangin wanted to enroll in October but as soon as he applied, the dates were moved forwards. It is known that Kangin is preparing by relaxing.

In the past September, Kangin was in an incident but in the following October he was driving all drunk and he spent all this time reflecting. With this Kangin wasn’t able to participate in Super Juniors 4th Album ‘Miinah’ and is the very first Super Junior member to enlist in the army.

One reporter said “Kangin will quietly enlist in the army” and “And at that time the Super Junior members will accompany him. I can see that a lot of fans will gather around” and sent the message. In the recent Super Juniors fan meeting on the 23rd he sent a message saying “I will remind myself that I will do well in the army and show a good side of me”

Source: sportskhan
Translations: Seungeun Lee @ SJWORLD.NET

I hope this is true... (Changed the original pic, it was kinda bleh.)

Still sob!spazzing over All My Heart and A Short Journey.

The Creators Project - "Total Art Performance Group" EE

BRIEF ABOUT: An Intel x vice partnership, "The Creators Project has two mandates: on one hand it’s a modern day media channel that we will continually identify and celebrate the work of visionary artists wherever they are. On the other hand it is also a content creation studio, an arts foundation of sorts that will facilitate the production and dissemination of new work with these artists and their collaborators." Watch video at source:


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source: http://www.thecreatorsproject.com/

this series is really really cool, especially how they show the different inventions they've made and how they relate to music/art. i recommend checking out the other creator videos on the site. aww yeah nick zinner
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SNSD Selected as New CF Model for Domino Pizza

[Asia Economy-Reporter Jo Kang Ok] SNSD was selected as Domino Pizza’s new girl group model, in which they signed an exclusive contract for 1 year.

Domino’s Pizza vice president of the Marketing division, Kim Myung Hwan, said, “Our young and new image was similar to the healthy and sweet SNSD girls’ image, which is why we chose them. All genders like SNSD so we think it’ll be good for us to have them as our models.”

In the future year, SNSD’s world cuisine concept for Domino’s Pizza is “Cook our hearts”. The premium pizza image is expected to unfold and the girls’ first appearance in the CF will be aired in early July.

Translated by: Yeji@soshified.com
Credits to; Asia Economy-Reporter Jo Kang Ok 조강욱 기자 jomarok@
Original Article: CLICK
@ Soshified: http://soshified.com/forums/index.php?/topic/46995-062810-snsd-selected-as-new-cf-model-for-domino-pizza/

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Nicole and Thunder transform into English mentors for new reality show!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Among all the celebrities in Korea today, we know that there are quite a handful of idols who can speak fluent English.

We’ve seen many of them struggle to grasp the Korean culture and language as they transitioned into this not-so-familiar territory. Well, it appears as if we’ll get the chance to see a couple of these idols ease back into their comfort zone and speak English, all the while enriching others’ education!

Today, a new cable program called Mom, I’m Going Crazy Because of English had their first broadcast. While the show may sound dull due to its educational nature, the show features KARA’s Nicole and MBLAQ’s Thunder as English mentors. This new reality program is designed to introduce English language know-how’s to Korea’s youth in a fun and exciting way.

In the first episode that Nicole and Thunder filmed together, they taught English know-how’s through American cartoons and currency. This unique way of learning English was actually inspired by Thunder’s personal experience. He revealed that he also learned English through American cartoons and currency when he immigrated to the Philippines at the age of five.

On the show, the two shared, “After you select your favorite program genre, first watch the show with Korean subtitles, then with English subtitles, and finally watch it without any subtitles. Because we watched these programs in this manner, we started to gradually use English as well…If you regard English as a fun subject, rather than a hard one, you probably will be able to cultivate your English skills easier.”

In addition, the PD hinted at more guest appearances as he stated, “We believe that the cheers and advice of idol stars will greatly encourage the children [to learn English]. Singer Rain’s famous English teachers Lee Yoon Jin, Oh Sung Shik, and CulTwo’s Jung Chanwoo are also expected to be cast as English mentors to help kids learn English through fun know-how’s.” And you thought that learning a language was boring!

The only thing that irks me about Thunder’s method of learning English (or any other foreign language for that matter) is the time it’ll take to actually go through TV programs three times. Imagine watching one whole drama series three times! But on the bright side, you’ll now have an excuse for watching all those addictive Korean programs!

source: allkpop
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Kahi, Bada and Seo In Young for new variety show Heroes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Talented singer Bada, After School leader Park Kahi and ex-Jewelry member Seo In Young will come together to take part in a brand new variety show on SBS.

This new variety show titled Heroes will be the official replacement for Gold Miss which ended its run last month. From the information released so far, female idols will come together to overcome various challenges as well as create a storyline that’ll keep viewers hooked. Other confirmed members include Noh Sa Yeon, T-ara’s Jiyeon, Noh Hong Chul and Lee Hwi Jae.

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source: allkpop
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What do BoA, SNSD and f(x) have in common?

Producers of Girls Generation's "Tell Me Your Wish" is set to help produce tracks for BoA's upcoming Korean album, for release in August.

Dsign Music is a songwriting/production company based Trondheim, Norway. It was formed in 2006 by Robin Jenssen, Anne Judith Wik, Nermin Harambasic and Ronny Svendsen. The team was signed to Universal Music Publishing Group in 2008.

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Source: Dsign Music, Soompi, Wikipedia
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Teaser for Wonder Girls' new Mnet documentary: "Made in Wonder Girls"

We finally have a teaser for the anticipated new MNET documentary/reality show based on Wonder Girls' first world tour!

The PD in charge of the show is the same PD that took care of the first three seasons of the "MTV Wonder Girls" show back in 2007; he's now with Mnet and has been following the girls around the world (check out his twitter). The show will air in July after the second leg of the tour wraps.

SOURCE: PikeYenny2

So excited for this. It's like Welcome to Wonderland part 2! ♥
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Yoon Eun-hye makes drama comeback in Love Song

Yoon Eun-hye has been cast in upcoming drama series Love Song, the remake of the epic Hong Kong romance Tian Mi Mi (Comrades: Almost a Love Story). The original 1996 film spanned ten years and starred Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung.

The drama series has already cast its lead male in Park Yong-ha, which makes this a high-profile pairing. I’d heard that the drama was looking for two big Hallyu names to expand on its international appeal, and with these two, they’ve certainly got that punch. Park is one of those actors who is probably, comparatively speaking, more famous abroad as a “Hallyu star” than he is at home, thanks to hits like Winter Sonata and On Air. And Yoon Eun-hye is just about the biggest name actress of her age range, both at home and abroad.

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Source: star news
Via: dramabeans
Penelope is pretty.
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Ku Hyu-sun and co-stars head to Broadway to shoot "The Musical"

Korean actors Ku Hye-sun, Choi Daniel and Ock Ju-hyun have left for Broadway to start shooting upcoming TV series "The Musical."

They will be filming their location shoots in Broadway of New York, which will show how the three characters first meet each other in the city.

Ku, who plays the role a medical student dreaming of becoming a musical actor, will be making her much-awaited comeback to the small screen since starring in last year's smash hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers."

Choi, who rose to stardom after appearing in the popular sitcom "High Kick Through The Roof" (MBC, 2009-2010) has been cast as a genius composer while singer and actor Ock will portray a diva in the musical world named Bae Gang-hee.

"Musical," a story about the passion and romance among the producers, songwriters and actors in a musical production, will shed light on the world of musicals.

The show will be written by noted writer Kim Hee-jae who penned the hit films "Silmido" and "Another Public Enemy."

Source: asiae.co.kr
Jake Gyllenhaal
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Kwon Sang-woo likely to receive fine for car accident

Actor Kwon Sang-woo, who was belatedly known to have been indicted on charges of fleeing after colliding his car into several vehicles more than two weeks ago, is expected to receive a fine for the incident.

"There is a high possibility the case will be closed with Kwon receiving just a fine," an official at Seoul's Gangnam Police Station told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Sunday, saying that the case was turned over to prosecutors as an incident in which Kwon did not take immediate action for the damage he inflicted.

The case was originally reported to be a hit-and-run but the official explained there were no casualties involved and damage was done only to property such as objects and vehicles.

Earlier, police had also stated that Kwon had been driving on the wrong side of a road in the posh affluent Cheongdam district before the accident occurred but the official said "there was some exaggeration" and that the actor rather had crossed over a centerline to turn into an alley.

Confusion ran throughout the country last week when news broke out that Kwon, also one of the most popular Korean actors in Japan, had been involved in an alleged hit-and-run.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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f(x) tops music chart in the Philippines

Korean girl group f(x) recently topped a music chart in the Philippines, making it their first time to rank atop a chart overseas.

According to a report by 10Asia on Friday, the five-member female idol group took the No. 1 spot on the album chart of Filipino music retailer Astroplus during the week of June 14 to 20 with their latest single "NU ABO."

The girls had been successful at promoting the mini-album in Korea since its release on May 3 with the title track topping numerous music charts in the country.

While the girls have been a sensation in Korea since their debut in 2009 with single "LA chA TA," they had never sealed a No. 1 position overseas.

f(x), composed of Sulli, Krystal, Luna, Amber and Victoria, are managed under talent powerhouse SM Entertainment.

Source: asiae.co.kr
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U-Know Yunho's "No Limit" DVD tops Oricon charts in Japan

The newly-released DVDs for MBC TV series "No Limit,"* starring TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho, is selling off the shelves in Japan, according to the country's Oricon charts.

According to Oricon's weekly DVD charts for television drama category, the two DVD box sets for "Limit" were the two best-selling DVDs in the country, ranking at No.1 and No.2 for the week of June 21.

This week, "No Limit" DVD Box I and Box II, released in Japan on June 16, each fell a notch to No. 2 and No. 3, respectively.

It is the first time in over three years that a Korean television drama has topped Oricon's DVD chart
-- Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon last conquered the charts in 2007 with TV series "Taewangsashingi."

"Limit," which aired in Korea last fall, starred U-Know Yunho as a soccer player named Cha Bong-goon and Korean actress A Ra as his sports agent.

The two lead actors, U-Know Yunho and A Ra, attended a fan event in Japan to celebrate the DVD launch of "Limit" over the weekend.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1 & 2

*No Limit=Heading to the Ground

UPDATE! Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to leave DSP Entertainment

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors circulating that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong would leave his agency DSP Entertainment once his contract comes to an end.

Well, it’s been confirmed that this one is true after all.

A related source confirmed on the 28th, “Kim Hyun Joong has decided not to renew his contract with DSP Entertainment. … He will move to another agency.”

Due to Kim Hyun Joong’s decision to leave DSPE, there are now questions about the rest of the members of SS501. Many wonder if this will mark the end of SS501, or whether the rest of the members will follow the routes of Shinhwa and g.o.d and complete promotional activities together with Hyun Joong under different agencies.

Furthermore, it is currently known that the rest of the members of SS501 are working on renewing their contracts with DSPE. Stay tuned to allkpop for future information regarding this matter.

According to new reports, DSPE hasn’t decided whether SS501 will gain a new member or become a quartet, implying that, although Hyun Joong will be leaving the group, his departure won’t mark the end of SS501. As the rest of the members of SS501 are working on renewing their contracts with DSPE, fans can only hope for the best until an official statement is released.

S: newsen + allkpop + newsen2


ex super junior member han geng becomes show luo's pupil

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ex-Super Junior member Han Geng 韩庚, who made headlines with his abrupt departure from the hugely popular Korean boy band, will release his new album titled "Geng's Heart 庚心" next month on July 27th. The new album symbolizes the start of a new music path for Han Geng. Production costs for the new album hovered at around $20 million, which included the costs for recording the upcoming album's music in Taiwan, mainland China, and the United States, as well as filming for an MV on location in New Zealand.

The distribution for Han Geng's upcoming album will be handled by music label Gold Typhoon, which is also home to big-name Taiwanese music artists such as David Tao, Elva Hsiao, and Cyndi Wang. Furthermore, Han Geng became a pupil to fellow Gold Typhoon music labelmate and good friend Show Luo.

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source: cpopaccess

Introducing Min Ah and JI IN of Girl’s Day

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We reported earlier that a new 5-member girl group called Girl’s Day would be making their debut on July 9th under DreamTea Entertainment and they have now released more information about the group members.

Having recognized an international fan forum and doing flash mobs, DreamTea Entertainment has now gone a further step in introducing the group’s members to fans.

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sources: allkpop - 1 & 2 + girlsday5

Super Junior Bonamana Repackage Album Scans

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Credit: 海世代
Scans by: ZOEY
Reup/Shared: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits

(EDIT) Note:
DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE for all the above pics in bigger size, as posted on the site above.
I kinda lost my ability to think when I saw them. KANGIN. T_T These are gorgeous artistic photographs which really bring out the beauty of the boys. SO PRECIOUS.

There's another series of different pictures from the official website update. Same source. Uploaded too in case anybody wants it: ZIP