June 30th, 2010

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26th June 2010: Fan account of B2st's "Shock of the New Era" showcase in Malaysia

I'm pretty sure that there are more Omona-ians who were present for the showcase and with better/clearer photos and fancams of that day but I figured I should just share my experience seeing that I have uploaded almost all of my fancams on Youtube due to requests from friends. xD The videos aren't exactly good since I was far from the stage and because I'm missing my trusty Photoshop, I used an online software to resize the photos, which made it really weird and pixelated (the original size is 4000x3000) but oh well~

To be really honest, I did not purchase the tickets to the showcase but managed to get it from a locally-held contest. I had initially even expected to not be able to make it despite getting free tickets but thankfully at the last minute, I chanced upon a fellow uni mate whose friend was also going. So, I was fortunate enough to tag along. The rest Collapse )

Source: Mostly me & epikly. If you are interested, you can read epikly's fan account where she has a few other videos, and perhaps some clearer ones too. ^^
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"71-Into the Fire" to open in 14 U.S. cities next month

Korean war epic "71 Into The Fire" is set to open in fourteen major U.S. cities including New York and Los Angeles on July 30, according to the show's producer Taewon Entertainment on Wednesday.

Taewon announced in a press release that the war pic will be showing at AMC, the biggest theater chain in the U.S., and MPARK4 Cinema theaters in various cities including Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.

"Fire" will start with a limited theatrical release and gradually increase its number of screens, depending on its U.S. box office performance, Taewon added.

The film -- which stars top Korean actors Kwon Sang-woo, Cha Seung-won, Kim Seung-woo and T.O.P of idol group Big Bang -- has been garnering heated attention from the media recently, particularly when Kwon and director Lee Jae-han took part in a special seminar at the prestigious Stanford University's Asia-Pacific Research Center last month.

Noted film critic Scott Foundas, who writes movie reviews for numerous U.S. publications including The New York Times and has an online column on Indiewire.com, gave the war drama high marks after seeing it at Stanford. He said the film has a universal appeal and even compared Kwon to the late Hollywood rebel James Dean.

The film's commercial success overseas, particularly in the U.S., is likely to increase the odds for a first-ever Academy Award nomination for a Korean motion picture. So far, no Korean film has made the Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film.

"Into Fire" is based on the true story of 71 student soldiers who fought during the Korean War, which marked its 60th anniversary last Friday.

source : asiae.co.kr
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K(A)T-TUN To Appear On M! Countdown

It's been reported that Japanese male-group, KAT-TUN will be performing on Mnet's M! Countdown July 1st! Although they first introduced themselves to the Korean market with a Christmas single two years ago, this will the first time they will be present on stage in Korea.

Their appearance on M! Countdown preceeds their first concert in Korea which will take place at the beginning of August. You guys excited?

source: newsen + soompi

lol omg kuntt ♥

Ballerina Chae JiYoung speaks on prestigious award

Every girl dreams of being a ballerina when they’re young, twirling and leaping in skirts of lace and satin. For Chae Ji-young that dream came true.

The 18-year-old won the gold medal at the junior women’s segment of the USA 2010 International Ballet Competition in Jacksonville, Mississippi, last Friday, the first Korean to have ever done so at the world-renowned event.

“I never thought I would ever receive a prize such as this,” Chae told Yonhap News Agency, Monday. “It feels really great.

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Source: koreatimes + usaibc 
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Sistar Rep It For SICAF 2010 ...Remain Fab While Doing So

The 14th SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival) has chosen rookie girl group SISTAR as their ambassador. The four girls will follow in the footsteps of 4minute and the Wonder Girls as ambassadors.

On the 30th, there was a press conference held regarding this event. SISTAR was present and they were honored about being this year’s ambassadors.

SICAF 2010 takes place from July 21st to the 25th. These girls will be the face of various advertisements regarding the festival and attend the event.

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Source: AKP

I think it's time Omona puts Sistar on its sideburns.

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Celebrities mourn the death of Park Yong Ha

Shortly after the unfortunate news of Park Yong Ha’s death went public, many celebrity figures have begun to express their condolences. Quite many have already paid a visit to the hospital where the man now rests in peace, but it seems like the loss is just too shocking for anyone to handle easily.

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Super group Super Junior says it’s here to stay

Marriage and military service loom, but won’t break up the band
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Super Junior, the Korean super group founded in 2005, had some major changes to its lineup last year, but its fifth anniversary year looks like it will be another successful one for the group, which is one of the largest boy bands in the world.

Last month, when Super Junior released its fourth full-length album, it sold 100,000 copies in the first week after its release on April 13. Industry experts expect the album, titled “Bonamana,” will surpass the group’s previous sales record, achieved with its third album “Sorry Sorry.” That album sold 250,000 copies and topped the album sales chart when it was released in March last year.

At a time when other groups such as Girls’ Generation are eschewing the regular full-length CD format in favor of mini albums, digital albums and other kinds of special albums, that’s quite a feat.

Despite their success, the up-and-coming idol group has struggled this year. Three of the band’s members - Han Geng, Kang-in and Kibum - left the group during the recording period. In the coming year, the band is facing new challenges, with marriage and military service looming on the horizon.

In a recent interview with 10 of the band’s 13 members, however, the boys seemed committed to staying together for years to come, no matter what life may throw their way.

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I didn't know Shindong's GF has not responded yet to his proposal. I hope she's not getting cold feet O_O.

I love Teukie and Heechul's answers. This interview makes me happy ^_^

Source: Joonangdaily Via sapphirepearls.com
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Park Yong-ha’s ‘Best Friend’ Jaejoong Bursts into Tears

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TVXQ Member Hero Jaejoong shed tears to hear the sad news about Park Yong-ha.

Hero Jaejoong who is currently in the midst of recording in United States on the 30th has to hear the suicide news of his close friend Park Yong-ha and devoted himself in tears. Jaejoong said, “I really want to visit the room where Park Yong-ha coffin is placed now, what should I do. How could this happen to him.” he stopped as he’s burst in tears. “Yesterday (the 29th) we’re talking on the phone. We’re supposed to meet when I return to South Korea…”

A representative of Jaejoong said, “The relationship between Park Yong-ha and Jaejoong was more than just a close relationship. They tell each other everything. When Jaejoong heard about this sad news in America, he’s totally clueless and was bitter to know nothing about the incidence. The most heartbreaking thing is that he will have to stay in United States and won’t be able to visit Park Yong-ha’s coffin.”

Since Jaejoong and Park Yong-ha both pursue activities in Japan, they have established a close relationship. Staying in a foreign country, they started to share thoughts and opinions which then built close friendship between them for years.

Source: hankooki
trans by: SYC
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JYP Ent is looking to groom a performing band through open auditions

JYP Entertainment is set to hold its first band audition in Seoul Arts College.

Through this live performing audition held for the very first time by the agency, JYP Entertainment is looking for vocalists, guitarists (acoustic, electric, bass), drummer, pianist and synthesizers born between 1987 to 1997.

Interested participants are to submit their performing clips through TVPot (tvpot.daum.net) by 5th July. Those who pass the online audition will get to perform live at Seoul Arts College SAC Art Centre coming 10th July. Those chosen at the auditions will be given a chance to be trained under JYP Entertainment’s training system, and may also be given an admission scholarship by SeJong Arts School.


CL with Jeremy Scott

First one to share is CL, the baddest female hangs out with Jeremy Scott, the most amazing designer. From Jeremy Scott’s official twitter account, he had shared this picture with a caption saying, “SPENT A LOVELY DAY WITH MY HOMEGIRL CL ! XXX” I guess that’s why we haven’t seen our baddest female with the rest of 2ne1 member. Maybe she’s in charge of talking about clothes since their stylist is not with them. Aw, what a great leader, right?

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sources: letsplay2ne1 + ITSJEREMYSCOTT

WGM new couple Nich Khun-Victoria receives overwhelming response and interests on first airing

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It has been revealed that the response regarding MBC We Got Married new couple 2PM Nich Khun and f(x) Victoria has been beyond imagination.

According to TNms, the viewership rate for the new couple when they made their first appearance on the show was 15.5%, a spike of 3% from the usual viewership rate for the show.

A iMBC official told the media, “On the day of the show on 26th June, we received over 500 comments, 2 times the usual number of comments,boug on our forum. And the number of people who bought the episode rewatch on our website the next day was 2 times higher than usual. Even though we don’t have the exact figures now, it is higher than the first episode for SeoHyun-Jung Yonghwa couple.”

source: kbites
Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm

Should We Let Lee Hyo-lee Off The Hook?

Can pop stars be forgiven practically any offense? That is a question on many lips after the revelation that singer Lee Hyo-lee's latest album "h.logic" contains no fewer than six plagiarized songs. Lee admitted to the wrongdoing and vowed to refrain from promoting the album. Yet she appeared on a recent SBS program.

The producers say Lee was not directly responsible for the plagiarism, but the public sees things differently. They feel it is unseemly for Lee to make out that she is a victim herself, and that the producers of TV shows should not sweep the problem under the carpet.

Unlike other artists accused of plagiarism, who deny their wrongdoings to the end, Lee owned up. But the fact that half of an artist's album consisted of songs that had been stolen from foreign artists leaves an indelible stain on Korean pop music as a whole. Lee in a statement issued by her management agency Mnet Media said she had "no reason to be suspicious" since she was given the songs by the agency. She claims her rookie songwriter, a person by the name of Bahnus, lied to her.

It was after all not the first time that Lee has been accused of plagiarism. And given that she had been promoting herself as a consummate professional while producing her latest album, these comments seem rather pathetic. In an earlier interview she claimed the album contains songs that were strictly screened from 1,000 songs submitted by a wide range of composers. "We even checked to see if any of those songs were similar to other tunes out there using the iPhone application 'SoundHound'." The comments have lost all credibility.

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Source: hancinema.net
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Police announce Park Yong-ha committed suicide

Chief investigator Kwak Jeong-hee at Gangnam Police Station gives a briefing on singer and actor Park Yong-ha's death on June 30, 2010 in Seoul, South Korea.

Police have officially announced suicide is the cause of singer and actor Park Yong-ha's death. Park was 32.

Chief investigator Kwak Jeong-hee at Gangnam Police Station gave a briefing on Wednesday afternoon, declaring that Park died of suffocation early in the day after hanging himself from the cord of his camcorder's charger that he had hung to the top of his bedpost.

Kwak however, dismissed reports claiming that Park took his life from depression or problems he had related to taking sleeping pills for 14 years. "We were able to confirm that he had recently taken some pills although we do not know if it was after he got home last night. Nevertheless, it is unrelated to the cause of his death," Kwak explained.

Police were also unable to find any indications of financial or health related issues nor discover a memorandum on his recent thoughts or a suicide note.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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ZE:A's Siwan turns into Visual Director for their comeback

ZE:A's member Siwan has transformed into their Visual Director for their 3rd mini album

Siwan has been the visual director, attending meetings to think about concepts and the style of costumes, even becomes the stylist of the group. Siwan has been directly involved in the concept of their new album, he has been presenting concept sketches to improve the quality of the album.

Siwan who had a unique sense of fashion among the group took the freedom to mix and match clothings for their next album concept, he will be turning ZE:A into the next generation of fashionista's.

Siwan actually has a scrapbook album he has been saving for the last few years, in it is a collection of clothes from fashion designers including fashion designer jackets and more clothes which he showed to brainstorm for the concept of the album. The staff showed their admiration at his dedication for ZE:A.

His agency said, "Siwan is interested in fashion, he follows many international fashion magazines and he is constantly studying the new trend".

He continued, "Siwan even if they are in the waiting room or in a vehicle on their way to a schedule, he would steadily cut out clippings from magazines to brainstorm for the design and concept of their upcoming album".

"Having a racing concept is quite rare, and Kevin was watching 'Fast and the Furious' and it sparked as an inspiration for the stylist and kevin for a racing concept for their new album".

meanwhile, ZE:A's new album will be released on the 8th of July through various music sites.

Source: dkpopnews + EmpireChildren

Siwan... YOUR HAIR! T___T
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Lee Byung-hun cleared of defamation charges

Actor Lee Byung-hun has been cleared of defamation charges filed against him in March by baseball player-turned-TV personality Kang Byung-kyu.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office ruled Thursday that Lee is "not guilty" of defaming Kang who had claimed he was wrongly accused of his involvement in a feud between the actor and his ex-girlfriend identified by her last name Kwon.

A legal dispute between the former couple had fired up when Kwon lodged a complaint to court saying she was allured into having a sexual relationship with the actor on his false promises of marriage and demanded she be compensated for physical and psychological damage.

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Source: asiae.co.kr

On-the-set Hype Nation pictures of Jay Park revealed!

Although the production of Hype Nation has only just begun, fans and netizens alike are already anticipating updates on this movie project. Well, it looks like you guys are in for a treat as unofficial on-the-set pictures of Jay Park/Jaebeom have recently been released. Check out the pictures below!

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S: allkpop

omfg his hair reminds me of the A&A days .. T_T <3
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Forced Castration for Pedophiles to Become Law in South Korea

South Korea was poised Wednesday to become the first Asian country to use chemical castration on child sex offenders.

A bill prescribing the hormonal neutralization of testosterone in “sexual deviants” aged 19 or over was passed Tuesday in the National Assembly by 137 votes to 13, which President Lee Myung-bak was expected to sign into law when he returns from abroad.

Members of Parliament also voted to introduce the measure of removing offenders’ testosterone -- officially described during court sentencing as a medical treatment -- supposedly designed to “remove any negative connotations” inherent in the term castration.

The original version of the bill was introduced two years ago after a 58-year-old man raped and assaulted an eight-year-old girl, leaving her permanently disfigured. Public outrage triggered increased security measures at schools and the installation of CCTV cameras in playgrounds and prompted impassioned pleas for tougher laws and harsher punishments.

There were concerns about the effectiveness or safety of the treatment, and pressure to pass it waned until the government was embarrassed by a renewed spate of attacks this year.

Last week, a repeat sex offender aged 44 was charged with kidnapping an eight-year-old from her classroom and raping her, and an investigation began at the weekend into the case of a Vietnamese girl snatched from a street during the day and raped.

South Korea already imposes fierce legal punishments. Last week a 33-year-old man was sentenced to death after being found guilty of the February rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl.

Louisiana two years ago gave judges the right to order drug treatments to eliminate the sex drive of offenders convicted of a range of crimes, including forcible rape and aggravated incest.

source: myfoxchicago
blackjack; tongue action.

Park Bom's corny affair continues

2NE1 member, Sandara Park updated her me2day, with a picture of fellow member, Park Bom. In the picture, Bom is seen eating corn deliciously, and with a half-eaten burger in front of her, which is assumed to be eaten by her.

With the picture. Dara wrote, "Even while we're in America... CornBom kekeke" which showed Park Bom's affixation and love for corn.

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Source: Newsen & YGLadies

Translated by: Belle@YGLadies.com + elise@YGLadies for me2day translations

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MBLAQ’s Mir locks lips with a female celebrity

Mnet Scandal, MBLAQ maknae Mir, a female celebrity a bit too affectionate for her own good, and a kiss: seems like the perfect recipe for a fangirl’s nightmare, right?

Unfortunately, all these things came together on the June 30 episode of this notorious Mnet program. After receiving a big hug from a certain young lady, Mir fended off attempts at a kiss only to receive a long smooch on the lips to his dismay. Check out the thirty-second clip under the cut.

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S: allkpopabmshows5 @ yt


Park GaHee speaks up on celebrity ex-boyfriend

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After School’s eldest sister Park GaHee is flustered as the talk of her previous celebrity boyfriend.

After School members made guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 30th June.

When asked about her previous celebrity love relationships by the MCs, GaHee commented, “It got me flustered, awkward and at a loss of what to do.” GaHee also requested netizens who posted up photos of her and her previous celebrity boyfriend online, “Please delete them.”

Back then on a broadcast program aired last May when asked if her previous boyfriend was a celebrity, GaHee had not denied and had garnered much interests from netizens for that.

Meanwhile, on the show that day Son DamBi also did guest appearance with After School memberes Nana, JungAh and GaHee.

souce: kbites

Son Dambi and Nana share funny stories on Radio Star

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This week’s Radio Star was packed with a few of Korea’s sexy icons: Son Danbi, as well as After School’s Gahee, Jung Ah, and Nana.

All of the girls shared amusing stories, but the two that stood out the most to netizens were that of Son Dambi and Nana.

Son Dambi confessed, “A male celebrity has approached me before. Honestly, I’m the type of person who can’t really reject people who approach me.” MC Shin Jung Hwan gave a surprising response shortly after Son Dambi expressed that it’s difficult for her to reject people, and revealed, “There was a time when Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon had an interest towards Son Dambi and asked her for her number. He personally asked her and received the number, but the next day Lee Jae Hoon said ‘the number doesn’t work.’ Looks as if Son Dambi gave him a fake phone number. How could you lie to my friend?” causing the set to erupt into laughter.

Son Dambi responded, “I didn’t do that on purpose. I’ll definitely tell you later the reason I did that,” apologetically leaning this statement towards Lee Jae Hoon.

On the other hand, MC Yoon Jong Shin questioned Nana, “How did you think you got into After School?” but she gave quite an unexpected answer as she replied, “I think it’s in my luck.”

MC Kim Ku Ra later asked her, “Have you ever felt at loss since the unni’s (older girls) are somewhat aged?,” then Nana happily answered, “I’ve never thought of that.”

As the questions continued to be thrown at her, her short and simple responses made Kim Ku Ra become slightly annoyed and he fretted, “From hearing your talks, you are a total variety show junior. You can’t just answer with a yes or no.”

Nana humorously responded to the MCs asking her for longer responses and droned out the word, “Yesssssss,” instead, making the MCs laugh.

source: allkpop

BoA to return in August?

It’s been 5 years ever since the release of Girls On Top back in 2005, but 2010 will mark the return of BoA to the Korea stage with her album nearing a release soon.

A representative from SM Entertainment revealed about her official comeback, “BoA will release her new album in Korea either as early as August, or towards the end of the year at its latest.”

Among the choices of a single, mini album, or a regular album, it has been officially decided that BoA will release a regular album.

Stunning and powerful dancing skills, striking vocals, as well as her sensational fashion style, the live performer queen of KPop is coming back.

S: allkpop

Son DamBi reveals teaser video to 'Can't You See' on 1st July

Son DamBi reveals the teaser video to her new song 'Can't u see'.

The teaser video is revealed on the singer's official homepage on 1st July, and the song is a medium tempo R&B ballad number.

Pledis said, "Son DamBi will be displaying even more matured vocals and better performance through this song, showing a 180 degrees transformation."

Son DamBi will release her comeback album on 8th July and start her promotions for it.

Source: KBites + PledisOne