July 3rd, 2010


HBIC Son Dambi releases information about her upcoming mini "The Queen"

Db Rider
Beat Up By A Girl
Can’t U See
Super Duper
Queen (Inst.)
Can’t U See (Inst.)

Son Dambi’s popdance title track Queen will have both electronic and rock atmosphere as the track will have a bouncy rhythm and an addictive chorus. Queen will have a lyric that seem like a magical spell as well as an unique rap section included in the track.

Db Rider will showcase Son Dambi’s dynamic vocal as it’s a pop dance track with dramatic atmosphere. Another track to take note is Beat Up By A Girl in which After School’s leader Kahi took a part in composing. Super Duper is composed by famous American composer Jimmy Andrew Richard, and the track will showcase Son Dambi’s powerful and energetic image.

Son Dambi’s The Queen mini-album will have two versions as one will have a Modern style of jacket photo while the other will have a Classic style as seen yesterday.

Source: AKP

Jungmin signs with Sony Music Taiwan

Park Jungmin of SS501 has signed an exclusive contract with Sony Music Taiwan.

Although, this is just a 3rd party agency in Park Jung Min's part.

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UPDATE! No signing has happened yet.

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Source: Starnews
Translation: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews, picture from the depths of my harddrive + xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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12 Killed as South Korean Bus Plunges From Bridge Near Airport

A South Korean bus plunged off a bridge connecting with the Incheon international airport, A bus has fallen off an elevated road as it was heading to South Korea's main airport, killing 12 passengers and injuring another 12, police said.

Police official Kang Bong-soo said the bus hit a guard-rail as it was trying to avoid a broken-down car and fell about 30 feet from the road near a bridge in Incheon, west of Seoul.

He said the bus was carrying 24 people, and the driver and a 52-year-old Mongolian man were among the injured as well as two children aged five and seven.

Police said the injured were being treated in nearby hospitals, and most were not in a serious condition.

The bridge, which opened last year, links Incheon and nearby Yeongjong Island - home to Incheon International Airport.

source: The Press Association
Good luck to their families
nana orange caramel 3

Orange Caramel’s concept shocked Raina

In a recent interview, Raina of After School’s sub unit Orange Caramel has expressed her honest opinion regarding their group’s concept.

Raina confessed,”When I first heard about Orange Caramel’s concept, I was shocked… Honestly, I was embarrassed and surprised. I had no idea we would do a concept like this. It wasn’t a style that I liked.

However, she continued, “After practicing several times, I realized that it was very addicting. The more we would do it the more attached I got to the song and began to enjoy it. It was fun to see others’ shocked reactions to the fact that After School would release a concept like this… We will work hard.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Orange Caramel’s shocking new concept. We reported on Wang Biho’s opinion a few days ago.

What do you think of Orange Caramel’s concept?

Source: akp

C.N Blue Lee Jungshin, “I like SNSD Yoona”

Group C.N Blue member Lee JungShin reveals that he likes So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA.

On MBC TV ‘We Got Married’ aired on 3rd July, Lee JungShin has visited the love nest of make-believe couple on the show Seo Hyun and Jung YongHwa. And he spent a good time with them as well as the other So Nyeo Shi Dae members.

When asked on the show that day if there is a So Nyeo Shi Dae member he likes, he said, “I have said on a radio show that I like YoonA before, but each of the SNSD members have their own charms.”

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Source: TVReport
Credit: KBites

i is shocked!! every day i shock, every night i shock.

MBLAQ Mir, “I like Sandara Park more than my own sister”

“I like Sandara Park more than my own sister.”

On MBC TV ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ aired on 2nd July in the corner ‘Star Star Ranking’, a survey done on ‘Who are the fantasy star family?’. And the siblings Go EunAh-Mir and Sandara Park-Thunder are ranking #9 on the survey.

Mir said in an interview, “If anything, Sandara Park noona has helped us a lot (in terms of popularity).” And when asked ‘Between Go EunAh and Sandara Park, who’s prettier?’, Mir answered, “I’m originally a Sandara Park fan, so I like Sandara Park noona more.”

Source: TVDaily
Credit: KBites

i see wut you did there, mir.

Nich Khun’s serenade to Victoria with ‘Nothing Better’ on We Got Married

2PM Nich Khun serenades to f(x) Victoria.

On MBC We Got Married on 3rd July, make-believe couple Nich Khun and Victoria went to a restaurant where they ate samkyeopsal and also to a karaoke together.

And Victoria requested for Nich Khun to sing the song ‘Nothing Better’ by Brown Eyed Soul which he sang on SBS Star King. And Nich Khun sang the song even though he said that he couldn’t sing.

Victoria said in her interview on the show, “I saw him perform that once on a variety show, but I want to listen to him sing to me,” explaining why she had asked him to sing the song.

On the show that day, the 2 sent out text messages to their team mates to announce their ‘marriage’ and the reply Victoria got from f(x) Sulli was, “We had a father now.”

When Nich Khun asked why Sulli would call him an oppa, Victoria said, “Because I’m the eldest unnie, they call me by mother.”

Nich Khun had seemed shocked to know that suddenly he has gotten himself 4 daughters.

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sources: kbites + welovekey + fattyacid0123

Super Junior "No Other" choreographers... who?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The freshest follow up song of Super Junior 'No Other' is choreographed by Rino Nakasone, TheGeminiz and Maryssfromparis .

These choreographers are also known as members from The BEAT FREAKS (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 1st Runner up). They also performed for Gwen Stefani during her solo.

Rino Nakasone also choreographed SHINee's Replay and Love Like Oxygen, f(x)'s Chu and NU ABO, and SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish. She's also a new member for the Pussycat Dolls.

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sources: dkpopnews.net + rino's twitter

Hype Nation "dance battle" photo?

Jay Park and his little sister are in the center of the dance nation of hype!
The filming of Jay‘s upcoming flick “Hype Nation” is currently taking place in South Korea. The former singer-turned-actor traveled from Seatle,Washington to star in the musically inspired dance project. A couple of pictures from an important “dance battle” scene has been revealed.You can see Jay, his little sister(Tae from RaiNa), and their tough American rivals in the images. I wonder what could have possibly spurred this argument? 2pm? B.o.B? Or, the topic may have been about YouTube.

Find out the true meaning behind the battle when “Hype Nation” dances into theatres summer 2011.

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Heechul picks Yuri as the best chocolate color beauty.

After a long pause since he last posted a selca with a female celebrity, Heechul has gotten back on track with a new selca taken with SNSD’s Yuri.

On July 3rd, Heechul was backstage with Yuri at Music Core where he took a picture with her and tweeted, “The universe’s best chocolate color beauty. On stage, Yuri shows qualities of 99.9% cacao, but on entertainment shows, she shows a white and clean image like that of milk chocolate. Just wrote this ment and in the process of getting it confirmed.”

Source: AKP

lol AKP seems to think it's something racist, but I guess Heechul is just saying Yuri is like chocolate and is sexy on stage but refined on shows.