July 5th, 2010

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Song Seung-heon picks an awkward “ideal woman”

Asking stars for their ideal boyfriend or girlfriend types is standard practice in the industry — entire variety shows have practically been sustained on the concept — so I don’t take those statements seriously. On the other hand, some answers MAY not be the most advisable, as Song Seung-heon explained on KBS’s July 3rd episode of Entertainment Weekly, after he named Han Ga-in (currently acting in Bad Guy) as his pick.

Reason being: she’s married to Yeon Jung-hoon, the actor who played Song’s beloved younger brother in last year’s East of Eden. Song had made the statement on a KBS variety program, Sweet Night, which aired on the 1st. Apparently, after he’d made the statement, he’d gotten a call from Yeon. Song said, “I thought Yeon Jung-hoon would be happy, but judging from his reaction I’d made a mistake.”

Meanwhile, Song Seung-heon has a busy year: he’s got a noir movie, the remake of A Better Tomorrow (co-starring Kim Kang-woo, Joo Jin-mo, and Jo Han-seon) as well as a rom-com drama My Princess (with Kim Tae-hee).

Source: BNT News, Now News
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DIA why so bewildered?

Black Pearl Returns

Four member girl group Black Pearl will be making a comeback after an absence of three years. Sadly, you guys might not remember these girls too well but they debuted in 2007 along with the Wonder Girls and SNSD. They were unfortunately outshined by the other girl groups which is why they weren’t too successful.

They will come back with a mini album called GO GO SSING. The title track shares the same name and it is a bubbly dance song.

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Sources:allkpop,youtube: sweety555288& youtube:urnobody9119

I'm shocked because I was thinking about them the other day and here they are with a comeback. The article didn't mention it but they are in the same company,Core Contents, as Davichi, Seeya and T-ara. Sorry mods for the mistakes, the source is fixed!
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Zhang Liyin confirmed to guest at Kangta's concert in Beijing

The "mysterious female guest" at Kangta's upcoming Beijing concert on July 24th is no other than Zhang Li Yin!

Hello everyone, I'm Kangta's Concert Organiser staff, Da Mi.
For this concert, we've managed to invite Zhang Li Yin as our special guest!
She will be singing a duet with Kangta and will also be singing her own solo song.
Here's her agreement contract.
I hope everyone will be there to support Li Yin =)

Super Junior and Shin Seung Hoon are also expected to guest.

Also, Kangta, Zhang Li Yin and Zhou Mi will be attending an event together this Saturday.

Source: Baidu, ZLY @ LJ
Translations: capri-shiqi @ Chocolyn
[Korean] Shinhwa - OTP (MinWan)

Kim Dongwan Criticizes Shinhwa's Lyrics About Pride

[10.07.02] Dongwan’s memolog: The worst Shinhwa song lyrics
“For my pride I won’t lose to anyone~”

This is part of the lyrics to “Shooting Star”.

Of course, although we thought this line showed the overall meaning of the lyrics and sounded cool,

I regret that we couldn’t change this particular line.

You can’t let your pride take priority.

Though it’s important to know your self-worth and not to yield easily,

If you go overboard, become unreceptive to the outside world and stick to the student mindset

You’ll suffer a lot of damage from society.

You must know how to have the self-respect to discard your pride sometimes.

There’s no need to feel defeated because of this.

As a part of society you just have to be a bit more lenient.

To jump higher you have to crouch to your lowest.

If you try to jump with a stiff body, you won’t jump high and you’ll only feel pain in your legs.

Everyone has to find his own time to build his pride.

But it’s definitely not 'right from the beginning'.

Translation: AbsolutShinhwa
Source: Dongwan's Naver blog

Kangin enlists in the army ;___;

Super Junior’s Kangin (25) has enlisted himself into the army on July 5th where he will receive five weeks of basic military training at Nonsan army training center as a recruit.

Thereafter, he will be assigned to another unit where he will serve for the next two years as an active soldier.
All active Super Junior members and more than 400 fans from Korea, Japan, Thailand and China who were gathered early this morning, were at the army training center’s entrance to send Kangin off.

Kangin had opted to serve his military service much earlier than what most entertainers do after a series of brushes with the law last year. Kangin had announced of his plans on entering the army at a fan meeting held on May, promising to return as a better and more mature person. Let’s all wish him the best of luck for the two-year-long journey ahead of him. He will return in 2012.


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Kim Jung Wook " If Goo Hye Sun was a man, she would qualify for president"

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Kim Jung Wook, who played Jung Woo, the genius cellist for YO-Sool also played a gentle man for a morning drama called .

Kim says that he took the role in YoSool without knowing that GHS was the director. He is GHS's sunbae of same college, Seoul Art College. He remembers bumping into GHS at the college hall and remembers saying to himself,

Even though GHS is his junior, he really respects her. He thinks that if she were born a man, she could have qualified for the President or at least the position of Minister of Culture. She is adorable in appearance but she really takes care of things well. She has the strength to motivate and lead the staff. Those who know her acknowledge how amazing she is. She may be cute and small, but her talents and ability to implement are nothing to laugh about.

FYI: Kim Jung Wook belongs to a Talent Agency called Key East. Key East is the new home for BOF's JiHoo sunbae or Kim Hyun Joong of SS501.

source: dkpopnews
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HK YES! Magazine NO.1003 with F.CUZ + Pictures from Taiwan

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Members of F.CUZ JinOn, LEEU, KAN and YeJun only debuted for half a year but they quickly entered the overseas market. Earlier, they filmed an MV with Yao Yao. The other day, they even went to Macau with their seniors in the Hong Kong record company for a show. These four boys arrive in Hong Kong for the first time as singers. We of course must grab the chance to interview them and let everyone know more about them.

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May be taken out with full credits. Please do not edit.
Source: Because Four ♥ F.Cuz【 JINON LEEU KAN YEJUN 】
http://fcuztw.erufa.com (翻译:DanDan, 制图:颖)
Translated by: Chill@F.Cuz Singapore

Picture Source: ChinaYES + baidu

ZE:A reveals teaser jacket photos of Joonyoung and Dongjoon

With their 3rd single Level Up ready to be released on the 8th, ZE:A has already revealed their new album jacket photo packed with the avant-garde transformation, officially marking their highly anticipated countdown.

Today, more jacket photos have been revealed of Joonyoung and Dongjoon, who have transformed into racers! Aside from their previous images, these two photos display them oozing with soft charisma.

Although these two boys may look slim in figure, their toned and muscular body lines are evident as well.

Star Empire Entertainment stated, “ZE:A’s 3rd single Level Up is an album where the boys could show their upgraded images. Different from their ‘boy’ image, fans will be able to witness the matured ZE:A members. We hope for lots of love and interest for their upcoming album.”

They also revealed, “The first round of teaser jacket photos of Joonyoung and Dongjoon have been revealed. For 3 days till the album releases on the 8th, jacket photos of the remaining members with their surprising transformations will be revealed through ZE:A’s official homepage.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A will be revealing their teaser video soon, and their album is set to drop on the 8th! So stay tuned you guys!

Source: akp
SHINee:Almighty Key

100705 Jonghyun's Star Call

Hi everyone, I am Shining SHINee's BlingBling Jonghyun
Yeah~ this year's summer mm~~~~ Wanna go to the oceans once
With Key-goon, who's behind me and the rest of the members to see the ocean/sea~
Hoping that we could spend the time happily
What do you think, Key-goon?
[Key: Good~]
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lets go together?
[Key: Yes!]

Sources: TVXQSuJuSHINee4ever @ YouTube | SHINee's thread @ Soompi

/in b4 JongKey shippers

Sandara Park making fun of Park Bom, “Bom ah, I’m eating corn now… Heehee”

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Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park attempts to make fun of Park Bom who is currently on diet?

Sandara Park posted a photo of herself eating sweet corn on her me2day on 5th July. She wrote, “Nyum nyum nyum… Bom ah~! I’m eating corn^^ Delicious.. Eheehee ㅋ”

Park Bom is known to love sweet corn, but because of the high carbohydrate content, she is not allowed to eat while on diet. Park Bom has recently also showed her desire to eat her favourite sweet corn through various medias like her me2day. And to make fun of Park Bom, Sandara Park has posted up the photo.

source: kbites + sandara's me2day

Jay Park for fan meet tour 2010 to 8 cities this September + late August!

July 6, 2010, International – Jay Park better known to his fans in Asia as Park Jaebeom will be working with Asia’s top music promoters to launch his solo fan meets tour in September. The fan meets kick off in Seoul on August 28th and go on to Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore throughout the month of September.

“We are very pleased to make this announcement,” said Tinzar Sherman, official management representative for Jay Park. “The fans have been so patient and supportive of Jay. He wants to take the opportunity during the fan meets to thank all the fans for their unwavering support, and is looking forward to making it a lot of fun.”

The idea of the fan meets has been in development since May when several top promoters approached Jay’s management about the possibility of doing fan meets for Jay in their own countries. There are discussions about expanding the tour to additional cities in Asia and North America.

Jay will be bringing his dance crew AOM to the various fan meet locations, where he will perform songs, choreograph special dance sequences and play games with the fans. Jay and AOM will also battle top local bboy crews in a friendly exchange to promote youth culture in each country.

“I am blessed to have such incredible fans. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on the road and meet with you in so many great cities. I hope to make you proud,” said Jay Park.

Fan meet schedule will be posted on Jay Park’s official website www.jaypark.com/fanmeet.html and full details of each stop will be announced on the site by around the middle of July.

S: www.jaypark.com/fanmeet.html

SISTAR wins ‘Rookie Of The Month’ just 1 month into debut

4-member girlgroup SISTAR is said to have won ‘Rookie Of The Month’ award by Cyworld Digital Music Award just 1 month into their debut. This was announced by their agency on 6th July.

The girls debuted on 3rd June with the song ‘Push Push’ and the song had gone up to the #1 spot on realtime music charts quickly. Even now, the song is also doing up strong on various music charts.

SISTAR said, “We are very thankful for receiving the award. We will not forget what we are always fighting for and will continue to work hard.”

S: sookyeong

push push baybehhhh~

So Ji Sub bore the full expenses of Park Yong Ha’s funeral

The tragedy of Park Yong Ha’s suicide has left many in the world saddened, and especially So Ji Sub who was the first to reach the mortuary upon learning about his best friend’s death and staying throughout the funeral proceedings.

It was revealed recently that So Ji Sub had bore the full expenses of Park Yong Ha’s funeral which was no small amount to begin with. He apparently also told Park Yong Ha’s parents during the funeral, “From now on, I am also your son.”

So Ji Sub’s actions has left netizens touched, envious (of their friendship) and impressed with So Ji Sub for showing what true friendship is all about.

So Ji Sub’s agency said, “We did not want to publicize this matter, so we aren’t sure how this got out. So Ji Sub himself does not want to talk about this, so we hope that there won’t be reports about it and that Park Yong Ha can rest in peace.”

They added, “So Ji Sub will be taking a break and resume work later, as he is totally drained of energy handling the funeral and grieving for his best friend.”

source; allkpop

So Ji Sub is such an amazing person. ;___;
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Why Do So Many Korean Celebrities Kill Themselves?

The roster of recent celebrity suicides in Korea is getting longer and longer, with Lee Eun-ju, U;Nee, Jeong Da-bin, Ahn Jae-hwan, Choi Jin-sil, Choi Jin-young and now Park Yong-ha killing themselves since 2005. The numbers swell if actors or actresses who were either unknown when they took their lives or rose to fame only by committing suicide are included.

Although there are no accurate statistics, Korean celebrities seem more prone to suicide than stars in the U.S., Europe or Japan. They experience the same pressures as their counterparts overseas in terms of the fickleness of fame and irregular lifestyles. So what is it that drives them so often to take their own lives?

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo

C.N Blue’s ‘shining’ bare faces revealed garner interests

Male band C.N Blue members reveal their bare faces.

The photos revealing C.N Blue members’ bare faces were posted on SBS Power FM ‘Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime’ noticeboard on 5th June, garnering much interests from netizens.

The radio show production team commented, “Being a woman, I am speechless”, “Big eyes. Shining bare faces!”, “Are they really guys? How can they be so pretty?” etc.

Many netizens also commented, “This is the right time to use the phrase ‘self illuminate’”, “Let’s do skin management together”, “C.N Blue makes woman feel embarrassed” etc.

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source: kbites

Sandara Park's dancer transformation in Taeyang's NEW MUSIC VIDEO.

Sandara Park has suddenly transformed into a dancer for Taeyang.

Sandara Park had been filming Taeyang's music video for his first title song 'I Need A Girl' from the July 5th to the wee hours of the morning on 6th.

Sandara Park and Taeyang had already filmed the video for 'I Need A Girl' at the end of last month. The fan response for the limited edition album released on the first of this month was so great that to commemorate the release of the regular edition, they are filming a new music video.

YG Entertainment representatives have revealed to MoneyToday's StarNews, (T/N: Korean news website) "During the first music video for 'I Need A Girl,' Sandara Park acted as Taeyang's girlfriend but this time, she will be a dancer instead, showing off a cool dance with him."

"Taeyang didn't dance in the last video, so this time he will present a dynamic and sensitive dance with Sandara Park," he added.

Taeyang's limited edition version of his album sold out on the first day. On the 9th, Taeyang's regular edition album will be released

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TRANS: elise @ ygladies.com

this answers most of our questions, y/y?

K-Pop stars to rock Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010

K-Pop singers will be gathered under the night sky of Incheon in a concert extravaganza for 50,000 fans.

After a successful first year, the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 returns for the second year running on August 29th at Incheon World Cup Stadium, hoping to entertain once again.

Confirmed artists include Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, SG Wannabe, SHINee, U-Kiss, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, BEAST, Son Dambi and After School.

The organizers expressed, “We hope to make this a long-term annual event, with top stars coming to Incheon and encourage local and foreign fans to join us for the party. We want to make it be known as a representative K-pop music festival in Asia.”

S: allkpop

omfg flashbacks of last years incheon korea wave festival ;____;