July 6th, 2010


Kim Hyunjoong has a job?!

Putting aside questions regarding Kim Hyun Joong and SS501, there have been a lot of interest about whether or not Kim Hyun Joong would be cast in MBC’s upcoming drama It Started With A Kiss (Playful Kiss).

Kim Hyun Joong made a huge hit during his jump from singing to acting career when he was cast in Boys Over Flowers last year. Like Boys Over Flowers, It Started With A Kiss is also a drama that is produced by production company Group Eight as well as made from a popular Japanese manga, but this time with Itarazura Na Kiss.

Just last month, Park Bo Young was indicated as a likely female lead of this drama from over 100 people who have auditioned for the role.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was also rumored to be another possibility for the main male role, but due to his busy schedule, it became unlikely.

Production company Group Eight didn’t deny yet confirm about the possibility of Kim Hyun Joong to be cast in the drama as they stated, “Nothing is yet confirmed.”

It Started With A Kiss is scheduled to premiere after the end of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Road No. 1.

Source: AKP

i still love you and your cute ass that can't act, hyun joong ;__;
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Musician's Choice- CL's "Women's Songs that Breath Inside Me"

CL "Women's Songs that Breathe Inside Me."

CL, 19 years old, born as Lee Chae Rin, is the youngest musician to be introduced in Musician's Choice. CL's music-loving father, introduced her to music, and she grew up listening to a variety of pop music, black rap music. and Japanese rock music, ever since elementary school. While looking for some dance music, she happened to listen to Lauryn Hill's album, making her interested in singing those kinds of dance songs. She learned to focus on dance and hip-hop music, especially black rap music. From then on, she started to dream of becoming a singer.

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Kim Haneul’s photo spread in High Cut magazine

The July photo spread of Kim Haneul in High Cut magazine and uses the theme “Forget Me Not” (whatever that means). The spread, which takes a “sexy and tough” concept, covers 13 pages and was shot in a factory district in Incheon.

There’s not too much to say about the photos other than that they’re lovely to look at, but then again High Cut spreads always are.

Kim Haneul is currently appearing in the new war series Road No. 1, airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays, although the drama wrapped shoots prior to broadcast and her work on it is therefore already complete.

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Model Choi Eun Jung: "10~19 are the perfect ages to reveal a lot of skin."

Recently, Choi Eun Jung appeared on a tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s End Debate Season 2, and while the guests on the show were exchanging their thoughts about ‘the surprise at the 10~19 age group idols’ sexy code’, Choi Eun Jung shockingly expressed,

“10~19 are the perfect ages to reveal a lot of skin.”

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Source: AKP

To be honest, I think 16+ is when you can show a LITTLE skin, like some legs in shorts/skirts. But if she's talking about going all out and wearing extremely slutty clothes as soon as you're 10 years old jfc woman no. There's a difference between stage clothes and normal clothes.

Super Junior ShinDong’s surprising confession, “I am currently preparing to get married”

Super Junior ShinDong gives a surprising revelation that he is currently preparing to get married with his currently girlfriend.

ShinDong has revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. When Super Junior first released their 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ on 13th May, in the ‘Thanks To’ section of the album, ShinDong has expressed his love for his girlfriend using secret codes, as pointed out by fans.

ShinDong said, “To say the truth, the reason why I use secret code is because I really wanted to get married. I asked our agency president beforehand, ‘Is is okay to get married?’ and his answer was ‘Marriage? Good!’”

He added, “I am currently preparing to get married,” which had the other star appearances shocked.

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Gay Actor's Lone Fight Against Prejudice

'I was devastated. I received e-mails with death threats. My career was over and I didn’t leave the house for a month.'

Actor and restaurateur Hong Suk-chun stands in his new restaurant, Play, near Hongik University in western Seoul.

Lounging on a balcony seat in his fashionable new restaurant, Play, in western Seoul, it seemed nothing could faze Hong Suk-chun as he welcomed the afternoon sunlight with a lingering puff from his Parliament cigarette.

"It might sound conceited of me, but my restaurant business hasn't been affected by the global economic crisis at all. All of them are doing quite well," he said on a recent afternoon during a one-on-one interview with the JoongAng Daily.

Clad in a casual sky blue shirt and matching glasses, Hong looked every bit the young, successful entrepreneur that day in his roomy, bistro-style restaurant complete with vibrant art and tall, open windows. It was a far cry from just a decade ago, when Hong, the first Korean public figure to come out as gay, became a target of almost every conservative religious group in Korea, a country with strong Confucian and Christian traditions.

Last month, Hong celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his coming out at the 2010 Korea Queer Culture Festival held near Cheonggye Stream in central Seoul.

"Oh, it [coming out] felt like the biggest thing on earth," he said, chuckling at his dramatic past as if it were a distant rumor.

"My manager, the reporter [who broke the story], the head of the newspaper bureau, my parents and I all gathered inside my house and had a meeting on whether or not to print my coming out article."

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Source: JoongAng Daily
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Lee Wan to Enter Military Next Week

Korean actor Lee Wan will be joining the army next week to fulfill Korea's two-year mandatory military service, according his agency Logos Film on Tuesday.

Logos announced that the actor will serve in the Korean military for 20 months starting with a five weeks of basic training at Nonsan camp on July 12.

"It seems sudden that I have to enter the military... I am sorry and thankful for the fans that have always shown their love. I will return safely after fulfilling my duties,"
Lee was quoted as saying.

The actor was looking for a follow-up role before entering the military after starring in drama "Swallow The Sun" but decided to enlist after receiving a draft notice.

Lee Wan, whose real name is Kim Hyung-soo, is the younger brother of top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee. He made his debut in the hit TV series "Stairway to Heaven" in 2003 and has appeared in other dramas including "In-soon is Pretty" and "Let's Go To the Beach."

Source: asiae.co.kr
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SM vows to create better working environment for artists

From left, Girls' Generation member Yuri, National Assembly member Cho Moon-hwan, Girls' Generation member Sooyoung and SM Entertainment President Kim Young-min pose during a proclamation ceremony vowing to protect artists' rights held at Cho's office at the parliament building in Seoul, South Korea on July 6, 2010.

Major South Korean talenthouse SM Entertainment (SM), pop group Girls' Generation and National Assemblyman Cho Moon-hwan have taken action to establish a better working environment for artists in the Korean entertainment industry.

The agency on Tuesday held a proclamation ceremony at Cho's office, where they announced that SM and Cho's team will join forces to protect the rights of artists and set up a mutually beneficial contract system across the industry.

The ceremony was attended by SM president Kim Young-min as well as Girls' Generation, the biggest name represented by the agency. Solo male singer Kang-ta participated in a press conference after the ceremony.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3, 4

Kangta extends his contract with SME

Singer and ex-H.O.T member Kangta announced that he will continue to work as an artist under a contract with SM Entertainment for 10 more years.

On the 6th, Kangta was present at the event titled “Announcement for the Establishment of Improved Entertainment Contracts.” At this event he said, “It’s been 15 years since I’ve debuted with H.O.T. I never left my company in those 15 years and I had four contracts. I will continue being with this company for 10 or more years.”

He continued, “It’s rare for someone to keep a contract with one company for 15 years so I always get questions regarding why I renew my contract. The answer and reason is that I feel the work I do with my company is fair.”

He added, “Since I was in H.O.T, I had a huge interest in overseas promotions. SM had success in China and more Asian countries. They also have an access to the Japanese market so it’s a company I need. SM has fair decisions so I’m with them.”

I guess Kangta is really for SM. It’s so confusing because quite a few artists are wanting to leave SM but some want to stay for another decade.

Credit: akp

Of course he's staying on with SME. He's planning a hostile takeover with Yoo Young Jin :D
Penelope is pretty.
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CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa says "Ueno Juri is my ideal woman"

Korean singer Jung Yong-hwa of idol group CNBLUE has confessed that Japanese actress Ueno Juri is his ideal woman.

The singer made the remark during a recent guest appearance on SBS radio show "Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time" where he talked about romance and relationships.

"Who is your ideal woman? Seo-hyun's husband Yong-hwa~," asked the show's host Choi Hwa-jung, referring to Jung's current variety show gig "We Got Married" where he plays a make-believe couple with Girls' Generation member Seo-hyun.

Jung said in response, "I love Seo-hyun. She has a good personality. But these days I am into watching Japanese drama 'Nodame Cantabile' and I really love Ueno Juri who appears in the show."

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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Athena gets a broadcast date and teaser poster

IRIS spinoff Athena: Goddess of War has gotten a concrete spot on the broadcast schedule, and will be premiering in November. For some reason I had assumed that it would be on KBS, as was the original IRIS, but nope: this sucker’s on SBS, and will be a Monday-Tuesday drama.

To be honest, the promo photos and general aesthetic of Athena are hardly blowing me away here. They’re practically out-cheesing A Man Called God, and that’s a tall order.

The posters have got that exaggerated spy thing going on, like an interpretation of a James Bond flick that doesn’t quite know if it’s homage or parody. I’m really hoping for the latter, because as a straight-up action thriller I am not sold on Athena, not at all; IRIS may have had that blockbuster swagger but I’m not getting that slickness from this drama. (A kidnapped president’s daughter, who’s swept away to the mountains of Italy, spies swooping in to save her, etc.) But as a vehicle for camp? Oh, I’m hoping.

The drama has begun filming, and will start with first location shoots in Italy this month.

Source: My Daily
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Jaebeom working hard on movie

Ousted 2PM leader Park Jae-beom is still making headlines a year after an incendiary Internet controversy. Now, nine months following his unexpected flight to the United States and fall-out with JYP Entertainment, he's back in the news - but this time, fans are all ears.

Park recently gave Yonhap News Agency his first media interview since the incident, at a Gangnam recording studio.

"I'm glad to be in Korea. I really wanted to come," said the 23-year-old who, according to Yonhap, appeared uncharacteristically thin and pale. He returned to Korea last month to begin filming for the upcoming "Hype Nation."

"I spent my time in the United States b-boying. I was really thankful that a lot of fans came out to meet when I arrived at the airport,"
Park said, referring to the roughly 1,000 followers that showed up to greet him. "Uploading videos onto YouTube of me singing and dancing during my stay here has been on behalf of my fans."

"Hype Nation" follows the story of American and South Korean b-boy teams competing in a dance competition. Park will play the leader of his real-life b-boy crew Art of Movement.

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Source: The Korea Times

Lee Teuk, “SiWon has bad hearing… God is fair”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals the ‘secret’ of member SiWon.

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July, Lee Teuk reveals a hidden secret of their ‘prince’ SiWon known for his good looks and body.

Lee Teuk said, “God is fair. SiWon can’t hear well.” He added, “There was once when I said ‘Let’s have a good practice’ and SiWon would come to me and ask ‘Hyung what did you say? We are going to meet Bae YongJoon?’,” which had the other star appearances laughing.

He also said, “There was once when we were watching winter Olympics and I asked ‘Did you see what Kim Yuna did?’ and he said ‘Hyung did you just said that Kimura Taku is here?’.”

source: kbites
Lee Soo Hyuk -2

A bunch of T.O.P articles~

‘From TOP to Choi Seung Hyun’ The trick to his landing as an actor

Bi + Yoon Gye Sang + Jang Nara…. and more have gathered. Choi Seung Hyun is writing history through the movie Into the Gunfire. He broke the jinx amongst singers-turned-actors in one fell swoop. Other than Uhm Jung Hwa who had moved her center of gravity onto acting, there are practically no success stories when it comes to stars who were originally singers.

It’s true that before casting Choi Seung Hyun, the sound of opposition amongst production staff was quite loud. They thought that casting him as the main role in a grand production worth $13.5 million was unreasonable. To make matters worse, he was caught up in a debate that he had been miscast in his debut role in ‘IRIS’ (KBS). What’s next for Choi Seung Hyun, who’s running hard towards high ground, after his success as an actor?

Beyond Idol and ‘All-In’ to Acting
A good character… enthusiastic support from seniors and his company
And his share of humility as a rookie actor


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"Choi Seung Hyun will work on his solo album with full force as TOP. And he is slowly getting ready for Big Bang’s new album due out in the second half of this year."
EXCITED!!!! and I'm so glad he's done so well with 71 - Into the Gun FIre!  - proud-
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Sandara Park, Sulli, Jo Yeo-Jung and the Golden Age of "Baby Faces"

Both female and male stars are obsessed with anti-aging, and ways to look younger than they are these days.

A baby face is when someone looks younger than they are, and has an innocent charm. The hype of many female celebrities is to have baby face attached to their name.


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Source: Nate News
Translated by: 21Kristine@YGSecret21

dara being 26 doesn't make sense in my head.


Super Junior ShinDong reveals his love story

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Garnering much interests for losing 20kg early last year, Super Junior ShinDong revealed that he had gone on a diet so as to get together with his girlfriend, who broke up with him, again.

ShinDong talked about his girlfriend, 2 years younger than him, that on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. He explained, “To say the truth, my girlfriend is a junior at college. I’m in the class of 04 and she is in the class of 06. I did not meet my girlfriend until graduation. I received my graduation album and I was asked if I received my TA and I joked “Can I choose from here?’. So there was this photo of my girlfriend in the album, and when I saw it, I said ‘this is the one’ and I asked for the professor to link us up.”

ShinDong said, “We were going out for about 1 year when we told our parents about it but they objected so we broke up. Back then my weight was 104 kg, and it was hard gaining weight. I guess it was because I kept eating.”

He continued, “So I started my diet and shed 24 kg. To say the truth, after I broke up with my girlfriend, I had a phone conversation with her, and she made an unreasonable request for me to loose weight. I lost 10 kg but she refused to get back with me. So I lost another 10 kg and in all I lost 20 kg, and finally she got back with me.”

Also on the show that day, ShinDong revealed that he is currently preparing to get married with his girlfriend. And he did a video message to his girlfriend on the show, “I have not proposed properly to you yet. Nari ah, the thing I feel the most after I’ve met you is that without you I feel heartache. And I feel for the first time that if there is you, I would feel happy always. Will you be with me happily forever? Will you marry me?”

ShinDong also did a video message to both their parents, “I have confidence. Because I have confidence that we will be happy forever, please approve and bless us.”

source: kbites
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Uehara Takako Romances Rain in Runaway

To correspond with its foreign locales, KBS’s Runaway is also bringing onboard some name foreign actors, such as Japanese singer Uehara Takako, who will have a romantic loveline with Rain. She’ll play a top singer named Kieko who shares a “sad love” with his character.

In the ’90s, Uehara was a member of girl group Speed while she was just a young teen; the group disbanded in 2000 when she was 17, after which she went solo. Among other things, she appeared in the Japanese drama Koi no kara Sawagi (Much Ado About Love) Drama Special, which also featured Ryu Shi-won (Style).

Meanwhile, another well-known Japanese actor has been cast to play her father, a powerful figure in the yakuza underworld: Takenaka Naoto, whose projects include Tokyo Tower and Nodame Cantabile.

The drama, which airs in late September, has been beefing up its ranks with a solid cast that includes the likes of Lee Na-young, Lee Jung-jin, Daniel Henney, Yoon Jin-seo, Sung Dong-il, Jo Hee-bong, and Gong Hyung-jin. Let’s hope its story can keep up.

Source: Mk.co.kr, Star newsDramabeans

Taeyang solo album slump, ‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

A member of the group Big Bang, Taeyang’s recently released song ‘I Need a Girl’ is not doing so well. While they had swept first place on music charts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ in 2007, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008, now it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.

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.... am i the only one that likes this album? ):
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Wonder Girls place on Billboard chart again; Ye Eun expresses gratitude

Wonder Girls are up on Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart this week at #21 with "2 Different Tears". This is the second Billboard chart appearance for Wonder Girls; in November 2009, they placed at #76 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Nobody".

The Heatseekers chart is defined as, "The week's top-selling albums by new or developing acts, defined as those who have never appeared on the top 100 of the Billboard 200 or the top 10 of R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Country Albums, Latin Albums, Christian Albums or Gospel Albums [...] Titles are ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan."

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Sources: Billboard; Ye Eun's Twitter