July 7th, 2010

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Open auditions to be held for new Asian girl group

Wonder Girls watch out. A new Asian girl group is on the way.

FarWest Entertainment -- a production company helmed by former Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific) president Jon Niermann -- and a group of Asian partners are behind a fledgling girl band enterprise called “Project Lotus.”

The concept behind “Project Lotus” is simple.

Get five talented girls from Korea, Japan, China, India and the Philippines. Pair them up with Grammy Award-winning producers Eliot Kennedy and Brian Grant. Give them songs composed by prominent song writers like Take That’s Gary Barlow. Get it all down on film and drop it on the world.

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Source: The Korea Herald
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J.ae talks about her Maxim shoot

Singer J.ae is MAXIM magazine’s July cover girl maximkorea.net

When Maxim rolled out its latest Korean edition issue here, there must have been double takes at kiosks across the country, especially with a familiar face in K-pop not known to bare much skin gracing the cover.

Since returning from a two-year hiatus with an album in February, J.ae has come back transformed into a bit of a sexpot, abandoning the plain-Jane look she donned since her debut.

Now that she’s single again, the neo-soul singer has been raising plenty of eyebrows for her racy turn as Maxim’s July cover girl.

“Being single had a huge role in my decision to do the photo shoot because it was two months after my breakup,”
she told The Korea Herald.

“I was quite comfortable in that niche where I didn’t have to worry about what he thought.”

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Source: The Korea Herald
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[10.07.06] Liveworks notice: 2010 Shin Hyesung Project

Hi everyone
This is CEO Lee Chang Eon of Liveworks Company
I’d like to send my regards to all the fans as well as welcome everyone to the reopening of Shin Hyesung’s official website
I’ll share briefly the plans for Shin Hyesung in the 2nd half of the year with all the fans who have been waiting for a long time.
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Credits: Hyesung’s Liveworks site + Absolut Shinhwa

Shindong clarifies his wedding statements on Strong Heart

Having seen Shindong announced his decision to get married on Strong Heart, he has tweeted to clarify his statements that were made on the broadcast yesterday.

With the program being pre-recorded, Shindong only knew about the reaction from fans after it was shown last night.

He tweeted on the 7th,

“Just returned to Korea after finishing our performance in China… I was surprised to see that it’s still on the top searched items… First off, thank you for your interest ^^ However, I think I made a mistake..

The meeting with the parents I mentioned yesterday was simply to talk about our relationship, but it seems as though many heard it to mean that we were planing on setting a date.. I’m sorry.. Also, I can assure you that we are not going to immediately get married tomorrow.. So, within this year you ask?? This also, I believe will be hard.. I just proposed one-sidedly and I’m not ready…

It seems to be more difficult that the thought of preparing for the wedding itself whew… It’s so hard even before it’s been decided; it’s going to be crazy when we actually do set a date!! Wowa!!!! Thank you to all of you who have cheered us on!!”

S: allkpop

last one for the day, lol. won't see me for a month so i went all out~ hehe
that's one long ass tweet.

Ki Sung Young choose SNSD Seohyun and Yuri as his Ideals

[Newsen Reporter Park Jung Hyun] Who is Ki Sung Young’s ideal girl? Ki Sung Young said “Appearances don’t matter to me.” However, in one interview, he had pointed out SNSD Yuri and Seohyun.

On July 7, the broadcast of SBS “Good Morning” went to Ki Sung Young’s living quarters in Chonam, Gwangyang. After the World Cup, they visited his house and asked Ki Sung Young his ideal type.

Ki Sung Young said “The person who most understands me. Appearances don’t matter. It’s enough if I like them.” However, in one interview, he had pointed out SNSD Yuri and Seohyun.

In one part, they asked Ki Sung Young’s mother about the conditions for her daughter-in-law, she had said “She is a good wife, a good parent, is good to her siblings, her face is pretty, her body is good, and can afford a house.”

Source: dkpopnews

For those wondering, he's the cute midfielder from the World Cup Team and yes to these two HBIC getting some  love
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『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

Lee Seung Hwan releases a new MV, "A Perfect Memory"

If you’re not familiar with Lee Seung Hwan, here’s his history in a nutshell: this man debuted in 1989, later created his own company (Dream Factory), sold over 10 million records, held over 1000 concerts and has collaborated with musicians from MC Sniper to the Outsider (you know, the rapper that can spit out 17 syllables in a second). He started the ‘Hwantastic Project’ last year in celebration of his 20th anniversary, where he had current artists cover and reinvent his past singles.

And now, here's his most recent MV, "A Perfect Memory".

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sources: video credits via fluxus @ youtube (one, two, three), above summary and review of his new album can be found here @ ningin

Young Gun "Must Let You Go" Full MV (Feat. Jiyeon of T-ara)


i'm still trying to figure everything out about them myself, but i think the actual members of the group are the three you see in suits all in a row at about 2:19. i know the first one on the left is lee min, at least. juuust in case anyone was wondering.
anyone with more info, drop it?


Here's the information I've been able to find!
The members are:
Hong Seokjae - 1988.05.03
Na Changsu - 1989.02.14
Lee Min(♥) - 1989.06.18

And these are their twitters:

Lee Min was a JYPE trainee for 7 years. I don't know much about the other members/where they come from at all still.
Lee Soo Hyuk -2

MC Mong and Taeyang shine atop Mnet charts

Korean rapper MC Mong has topped the Mnet’s singles chart with his recent duet “Hurts Like Death” with female singer Mellow for the first week of July.

According to data released by the cable music channel on Tuesday, the rapper pushed back previous week’s winner Big Bang member T.O.P, taking his first win on the music chart.

The latest collaboration is featured in the second album “Blue Brand; Trauma” that includes various tracks from different recording artists. The songs from the album have fared well on several web-based music charts since its release on June 24.

The new single “Over Time” by singer Baek Ji-young came in at No. 2 and climbing up 11-slots to third place was “Because Of You” by rap duo Supreme Team Feat. Soulman.

Meanwhile, the first studio release from Big Bang member Taeyang made its debut atop the album charts, scoring the title of best-selling record during the week of June 28 to July 4.

S: asiae & iBigBang


Son DamBi, “I don’t hate UEE. It breaks my heart to have such misunderstandings”

Singer Son DamBi was flustered and reveals her thoughts when she was asked the question, “Do you hate After School UEE?”

Son DamBi did guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th July. The MCs then asked, “We heard that Son DamBi hates UEE.” Son DamBi answered, “There is no such thing. Such misunderstanding breaks me heart. I don’t know how to give a response to this,” seemingly flustered.


Son DamBi had appeared on the show together with After School members Nana, GaHee and JungAh.

Translated by: Sookyeong

***For ppl asking why would Son DamBi hate her? Someone in sookyeong commented that there is a rumor in Korea that Son DamBi hates Uee because she is the new Pledis queen. IDK if its true or not but w/e

New SBS Variety Show "Heroes" first filming

We learned about the 12 women cast for SBS' new variety show for Good Sunday line up a few days ago. Here are the photos of the MCs and cast when they came together for filming.

The first episode will be broadcasted on the 18th, following Running Man.

Noh Hong Chul, Kahi (After School), Hong Soo Ah, Nicole (Kara), Noh Sa Yeon, Narsha (BEG)
Seo In Young, Shin Bong Sun, Jung Ga Eun, Jiyeon (T-ara), IU
(Not in photo: Yoo In Na, Lee Hwi Jae, Lee Jin)

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Source: Nate

GaHee, "I want to get married at the age of 36"

GaHee on Golden Fishery

After School GaHee reveals, “I want to get married after 5 years.”

GaHee has revealed that during her appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th July. GaHee said, “It is not true that I don’t consider marriage at all. But still, I want to do it only after 5 years.”

Meanwhile, on the show JungAh reveals, “I’m unexpectedly a bad woman.” Also Son Dambi confesses, “I like men who are rich.”

The guest appearances for the corner of the show that day are Son Dambi and After School member GaHee, JungAh and Nana.

Source: Newsen
Translation: sookyeong

Kim JongMin, “ChangMin is among my list of top singers in Korea”

Kim JongMin praises 2AM ChangMin.

2AM, Cheon MyungHoon and Kim JongMin were present for the recent filming of SBS E!TV ‘Variety Production’.

On the show, 2AM ChangMin talked about the process of getting his current vocals capabilities. With that, Kim JongMin said, “there are less than 5 singers whom I think have the best vocals in Korea,” pointing to veteran singers like Kim GunMo, Lee SeungChul and ShinJi etc, and the list includes ChangMin.

ChangMin then confessed, “To get my current voice, I changed it 3 times.”

The show is set to air on 10th July at 12 midnight.

Source: Newsen
Translation: sookyeong

2010’s half year top 50 songs wrap-up

Melon.com has ranked the top 50 songs of the first half 0f 2010 (January 2010 – June 2010). They ranked the songs based on the amount times the song is streamed (40%) and downloaded (60%). In order to avoid biases based on repeat streaming, for each user, they only counted the first stream of a certain song each day.

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source: akp

Justin Bieber Is Not Going To North Korea, Rep Confirms

justin bieber Pictures, Images and Photos

At this point, Justin Bieber's camp is sort of used to the Internet hoaxes — he's had syphilis, gotten pregnant and even died a few times, if you can believe what you read — but over the past week, there's been one hoax that just won't go away: his (supposed) concert stop in North Korea.

It all started with an alleged contest organized by a site called Faxo.com that allowed fans to vote on which country he should visit on an upcoming leg of his My World Tour, with absolutely no restrictions. That proved advantageous for the jokesters over at the notorious 4chan message board, who encouraged folks to vote for North Korea — the communist nation where citizens are denied Internet access and the media is strictly controlled by the government.

Within days, North Korea climbed the charts, and by Wednesday, when the contest ended, it had leapfrogged Israel to claim the top spot. Of course, the Internet went insane once again, and some media outlets even reported that the contest was real.

But while the idea of Bieber performing for Kim Jong-il is certainly hilarious, it's not actually true. Sure, North Korea may have won the Faxo contest, but the contest was in no way sanctioned by Bieber or anyone in his camp, according to a statement e-mailed on Wednesday (July 7) to MTV News.

"It was a spoof site," a spokesperson for Bieber wrote. "This is not a legitimate contest."

So, sadly, the Justin Bieber North Korea concert will not come to fruition anytime soon, which the Internet attributed to something other than the contest's illegitimacy. Early Wednesday morning, more pranksters had made the most-searched term on Google Trends "Justin Bieber Hates Korea."

Meanwhile, Bieber fans were subjected to yet another Internet attack. According to the BBC, hackers wrote code into the comments sections of Bieber videos on YouTube, flashing unsuspecting fans with news of the singer's death and/or redirecting them to adult websites. Google issued a statement saying the company "took swift action to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability" on the video site.

None of this seems to have slowed Bieber's own Internet activity, however, as the avid Twitterer continues to rally his followers around his latest singles and even deigns to respond to a rumor or two. Back in June, for instance, he wrote, "One ... I'm not dead. I had to check on this one ... but it turns out I'm alive."

source: mtv
Junhyung The Fact

MBLAQ's Mir "When I look at a girl, I look at her feet and armpits."

MBLAQ's member Mir revealed a unique ideal-type quality that attracted attention.

Mir was with the other members of MBLAQ on SBS's PowerFM (107.7MHz) "Choi HwaJung's Power Time" which aired on the 6th and during the appearance "I look at my ideal type's armpit and foot" he said of his exotic ideal type.

At Mir's statement the other members asked "When you meet your ideal type do you ask to see her armpit?" but Mir replied "Those two things are important. The feet must always be clean and the toes must be set neatly" and caused the studio to burst into laughter.

In addition, member Lee Joon said "I want a girl who can control me. It would be great if she was kind as well as strong" and Chundoong said "It would be great if she looks cold when she has no expression but cute when she smiles."

Also G.O said "I look at her fourth finger on her left hand. I like girls who have long fingers and are pale".

On the other hand MBLAQ released their 2nd mini album on May 17th and with their title track 'Y' are in the middle of steadily gaining popularity.

Source: Nate News, Absolute MBLAQ Forum
Translation: J00NiEx @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

lol you would Mir

and I am disappoint there was no answer from Seungho D:
Joon you like to be dominated, eh? I'm sure there are plenty of fans who would love to fulfill that dream.

Yoon Mirae is releasing her 4th album in August

The representative female rapper of Korea is finally coming back to the music scene after a long hiatus.

Yoon Mirae is set to drop her 4th album this August, and is currently at the peak of wrapping up the music-producing process. Nearing almost a 4 year long hiatus since the release of her 3rd album back in 2007, she will be making a dope comeback to the music scene.

Although she released Please Don’t Go earlier last year, it was only a digital single.

To further add onto the anticipation of her upcoming album is the fact that her talented rapper hubby Tiger JK has co-produced most if not several of the songs. Fans are on the edge of their seats as they wonder what kind of music color Tiger JK will incorporate into Yoon Mirae’s style.

This summer is just packed with talented comebacks.

Source: allkpop

Jay Park signs with Sidus HQ

Jay Park is really moving on to bigger things.

This multi-talented guy will sign with Sidus HQ to manage his domestic activities in Korea.

Sidus HQ is a major entertainment company in Korea and has big name stars such as Jang Hyuk, Jeon Ji Hyun, Jo In Sung, Han Ye Seul, Cha Tae Hyun, Sung Yuri, etc and in this company, he will work as an actor and a singer.

Jay’s reps said on the 8th, “We have decided to sign with Sidus HQ and we’re in the midst of looking over final details.”

With his new Nothin’ On You EP in Korean, he will move on to being a solo singer. He is currently working hard as an actor in his role in Hype Nation.

Source: allkpop

T-ara World forced off TV

Korea Communications Standards Commission had a meeting on the 7th where they discussed the new rules for the broadcasting provisions.

The reality tv show that T-ara stars in called T-ara World will be cancelled due to new regulations being passed. The show follows the girls as they go through the process of making an online shopping mall, T-ara dot com. It goes against the new rules because it excessively advertises the shopping website.

That’s kind of harsh since that is the whole purpose of the show.

source: allkpop
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Entertainers' yearly income averages 28.5 million won

Entertainers such as actors, musicians and models are often seen by the general public of enjoying feverish popularity and a luxurious life. But the reality is not always so.

According to the National Tax Service (NTS), the yearly income for actors, musicians and models averages 28.5 million won*, almost 10 million won less than normal office workers' 38.2 million won.

An NTS analysis of income of non-salaried people and services providers shows that movie and TV actors earn more than musicians or models

The NTS says 12,029 actors who are exempted from value added tax reported their combined total income as 463.7 billion won in 2008, averaging 38 million won a year.

It also says the income of 3,152 musicians averaged 26 million won in 2008, two thirds that of office workers, and 6,238 models earn 11 million won a year, less than 1 million won a month ― almost the legal minimum wage.

A total of 347 pro baduk players reported their average income as 24 million won a year and 1,103 pro sportspersons such as baseball or football players reported earning 3,300 million won.

"Since the reported income includes all expenses, most celebrities are sure to have a hard time living on their small income," said an NTS official.

Source: The Korea Times

*28.5 million won is about $23,400
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Kim Mi-hwa claims to be on 'KBS blacklist'

Comedienne-turned-TV hostess Kim Mi-hwa claimed Tuesday that she has been “blacklisted” by the state-run broadcaster KBS which has tacitly banned certain entertainers from appearing in its programs.

KBS denied the list existed and threatened to file a legal suit against Kim.

“I was told that I could not be in any KBS programs because my name was on the blacklist. If that is true, it is pity since I have worked with many of the staff there for over 20 years,” wrote Kim, one of the most notable liberal TV hostesses, on her twitter account Tuesday morning. She continued, “When someone came up with the blacklist theory sometime ago, I didn’t believe it. I hope some KBS insider would verify the rumor.”

This is not the first time KBS has been accused of blacklisting entertainers from its programs for political ideas or participation in social events. Singer Yoon Do-hyun, who used to host a nighttime talk show dubbed “Love Letter” and Kim Je-dong, who had led several highly-rated programs such as “Star Golden Bell,” were both dismissed from their programs after they paid tribute to the late former President Roh Moo-hyun and expressed opposition to recent governmental policies.

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Source: The Korea Times