July 8th, 2010

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What was that nonsense about Taeyang flopping?

Taeyang’s solo album SOLAR solidly ranks high on the world’s best digital music jukebox, iTunes.

These are the results of Taeyang’s SOLAR album rankings on various iTunes R&B charts as of late:

* On the Canadian iTunes, the album ranks a staggering 2nd place on the R&B chart. According to the results on the 8th from the R&B chart, SOLAR follows 2nd right behind Usher’s album.

* Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks an impressive 16th place on the American iTunes R&B chart as well.

* 17th on the German iTunes R&B chart.

* 8th on the Japanese iTunes R&B chart.

YG Entertainment expressed their reactions, “The album was revealed on iTunes on the 7th. We were extremely surprised at the unexpected results.”

With a loving and supportive fan-base worldwide as well as his sweet and powerful vocals showcased in his new solo album, it’s no surprise that Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks prominently on the iTunes’ R&B charts.

If you haven’t purchased the album yet, make sure to buy the album on YesAsia, iTunes, etc to support the artist!

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Hi haters! Allow Jensen Ackles to tell you where you can go! :D


Kim Bum joins twitter

That’s right! The actor has finally succumbed to the temptations of Twitter!
Along with adding an adorable photo of himself, Kim Bum has written a few tweets in Korean to signify his newly opened account on the microblog website. If you didn’t have a Twitter before, I’m sure that this will be reason enough to create one now!

After only a day or so of having a Twitter page, Kim Bum’s already received more than 5,600 followers! Care to join them? Click here, and tweet away!

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Lee Hyori to take a break after Running Man

Lee Hyori will be taking a break for awhile.

Her appearance on Running Man, the upcoming variety show, will be the last thing she does for now. The episode she appears in will air on the 11th and on the 18th, then she will be gone from the spotlight for a bit. After the controversy over her plagiarized album, she feels that continuing to be in TV shows would be inappropriate.

She already stopped her album promotions so to keep being on TV wouldn’t really make sense. One rep said, “She’s not working right now. After Running Man, she doesn’t have anything on her schedule. She will take a break and let her mind rest.”

It’s sad that we won’t see Hyori for awhile when it’s not her fault. She had been heavily criticized after appearing on HahaMong Show last Sunday.

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Kangta - “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention”

H.O.T member Kangta who was on MBC TV’s “GoldFish” attracted attention after he mentioned “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention“. Kangta who has re-appeared on TV after being away for two years was afraid of being awkward.

Kangta talked about his activities with H.O.T, his military life, his solo career, etc. He frankly confessed many stories and attracted the attention of the public.

In addition to this MC Kang Ho Dong asked Kangta, "What idol singer has attracted your attention the most nowadays?"

Kangta replied, "When I was an idol there was a dilemma of limited genres, so it would seem that all the idols [attract attention nowadays], but Big Bang is a group that can digest [do] all kind of genres and each member of the group is also able to do their own solo activities."


SHINee’s Minho injured during Dream Team Season 2 filming again

SHINee’s very own Minho who just released his new concept photo is now headed for the emergency room.

The idol was taken to a general hospital in Seoul on the 8th around 1PM due to major pain in his calves (bottom area of leg) while filming for KBS’s Dream Team Season 2.

Production officials stated, “From the morning, Minho wasn’t in a good condition. After filming a scene where Minho had to come down a water slide, he fell and had major pains, thus was sent to the hospital.

The official continued, “He was filming for the pre-game, and will be absent from this specific game.”

We hope Minho recovers quickly because SHINee needs him for their comeback next week.

Stay tuned to allkpop for further news regarding his injury.


Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu thanks 2NE1’s Park Bom

Mighty Mouth’s very own Sangchu has thanked 2NE1’s Park Bom for a rather hilarious reason.

Through his mini homepage, he left these words, “Park Bom, thank you for the continuous interest.”

Still confused?

Remember Park Bom’s infamous and successful lettuce diet? Sangchu means lettuce in Korean, which also happens to be the name of the Mighty Mouth member. He posted this onto his minihompy due to her unending love for sangchu.

Netizens said, “I burst into laughter from Sangchu’s sense”, “His wit is perfect.”

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[Korean] MBLAQ - Seungho

‘Chic-dol’ MBLAQ Chosen as ‘Best Rookie Group of the first half of the year’ by Bugs

The five-membered male group MBLAQ has been chosen as the best rookie group of the first half of 2010.

Bugs had posted a survey poll on June 29th to July 5th asking, ‘Who is the best rookie group of the first half of 2010?’, and it posted its results on the 8th of July.

First place went to MBLAQ, who received 3459 of 7626 votes (46%). f(x) received 3170 votes (42%), narrowly getting second place, and third place went to BEAST, with 539 votes (8%). C.N Blue followed with 404 votes (6%), and Secret and ZE:A each 36 votes (1%) and 18 votes (1%), in fifth and sixth place.

Bugs is currently having a poll called, “Which singer would be a good lawyer?”.

Source: Nate News
Translation: ilovepocky @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
Lee Soo Hyuk -2

3 Tae Yang Articles: Usher, G-Dragon, & Strong Baby

Taeyang “Usher, I didn’t copy him, I am just influenced by him"

He’s like the hot sun on a summer day when he’s expressionless, and when he smiles he’s like warm sunlight on a cold winter’s day.

Looking at Taeyang of Big Bang, his name fits him so well. The sight of him as solo artist Taeyang rather than as a member of idol group Big Bang was especially Taeyang-like. Known for being unable even to make eye contact with women outside of his company, he was quite a shy young man. But when he spoke about music he became sincere and sure of himself. 

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So Ji-sub - Strong, Silent and Addicted to Action

I’m not interested in playing a ‘nice guy.’

Every Wednesday and Thursday night there is a war of sorts - between three of the hottest actors on television.

Kim Nam-gil plays a bad guy on SBS and Yoon Si-yoon steals the hearts of women who are addicted to pretty boys on KBS.

So Ji-sub, the most popular of the three, has returned to the screen after a yearlong absence and is currently playing a soldier longing for his first love in the war drama “Road No. 1” on MBC.

So says he was attracted to this role because of the similarities between himself and his character, Lee Jang-woo.

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Source: JoongAng Daily
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T-ara Hyomin’s emotional tweet gets fans worried


First, there was news about T-ara’s World being forced off TV and then there was Jiyeon’s tweet that got fans worried. Now, following those two debbie-downers comes Hyomin’s tweet that gets fans really worried.

As a recap, on the 7th, Jiyeon had tweeted, “I’ve been running while looking forward for too long. I need to stop now.”

Following suit, the usual bright and cheerful Hyomin had tweeted, “Why aren’t they not leaving us alone..Did I do something seriously wrong..I don’t have the energy to live life diligently,” invoking worried emotions from fans and curiosity all around.

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poor girls. :(
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Kim Hyun-joong cast in Playful Kiss

Kim Hyun-joong of SS501 has beaten out fellow contenders Jung Yong-hwa and DBSK’s Chang-min for the lead role in Playful Kiss, aka the It Started With a Kiss / Itazura na Kiss remake.

With those options, it seems they were determined to cast an idol-star-turned-newbie-actor, which just confuses me when you’ve got such an open field of talented actors. (Kim Soo-hyun? Ji Chang-wook? Im Joo-hwan?) Aie, what a waste of a director.

According to a rep from Keyeast, Kim’s new management, the contract hasn’t been signed yet, but they’ve made their final decision. The character he plays is “Baek Seung-jo,” who’s the best at everything at his school. There’s nothing he can’t do, and he’s a perfect example of the “eomchinah” — the boy next door all mothers love. He falls for a scatterbrained “Moon Ha-ni,” who has yet to be cast. Top contenders right now are Park Shin-hye, Kara’s Han Seung-yeon, and f(x)’s Sulli. (Man, if they make this an all-idol newbie cast, this may just turn into incredible snark fodder.)

Playful Kiss will air on MBC on Wednesdays and Thursday, and follows the current war drama Road No. 1.

So….. pretty much all of my legitimate interest in this drama is dead. Since the news is apparently final there’s no use crying over it, I suppose, and I’ll try to be open-minded enough to the possibility that Kim has improved since he made his debut role in Boys Before Flowers and murdered the Rui character with his disconnected acting. Hey, Park Shi-yeon started out pretty bad in My Girl and has recently won me over in Coffee House with a much improved performance. (Then again, she has been steadily improving for years, and has taken on many film and drama roles since My Girl five years ago. And even if I can wish for improvement from Kim, I can’t wish him into another person. Booooo.)

TV Report via dramabeans

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Kangta says H.O.T. broke up over "small misunderstanding"

Korean singer Kangta (right) makes a guest appearance on celebrity talk show "Golden Fishery"

Korean singer Kangta confessed that the real reason behind the break-up of H.O.T., one of hottest boy bands during the late 1990s, was over a "small misunderstanding."

During a guest appearance on MBC celebrity talk show "Golden Fishery," which aired Wednesday evening, the singer spoke about why he and his bandmates called it quits in 2001.

"H.O.T. broke up over a small misunderstanding," the singer said on the show. "At the time, Moon Hee-jun and I signed the contract at a later time [than other three members.] I think the parents of the remaining three members thought that there could be things they do not know about. It was really a minor misunderstanding.. But we were so young and those misunderstanding made us close our hearts."

Kangta explained that the only reason Moon and he signed the contract with agency SM Entertainment at a later time was because they were the last two members to originally join the group.

About a year after the group split, the members got together and worked out their misunderstandings "in just two words," the singer added.

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C.N. Blue don't have cell phones

Popular Korean band CNBLUE revealed on Mnet cable show M Rookies that not one of the band members carries around a cell phone. They revealed, "Since we don't have cell phones, we've never went on a late night out before."

This is something 99.9% of people nowadays would not be able to handle as most people consider their cell phones as part of them as an arm. The fact none of them carry around cell phones also carries a trace of irony due to the fact that leader Jung Yonghwa recently endorsed the Sony Ericcson phone Xperia X10.

The co-host of the show Son Ho Young empathized with the boys as he had once been a member of an old boy group g.o.d. Having been in a similar situation as the group he shared his experience saying, I know about about the lifestyle because I've also lived in a dorm before. The question that newly debuted artists are often asked is about their dorm life."

The group were also asked to identify "which member is complete opposite when compare to their celebrity life and their ordinary life" and "the member who doesn't come to the dorms often." The group seemed to be at a consensus as the majority of the group pointed to the maknae Jungshin. Some Korean groups have members that are young enough to still be living at home with parents, Big Bang's Daesung for example was still in school just before the groups debut.

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[10.07.08] Kangta: I’m most envious of the fighting Shinhwa

On the 7th July episode of MBC variety show “Golden Fishery – Mureuppak Dosa”, Kangta expressed his envy for the Shinhwa members who always fight among themselves.

Kangta shared details of how H.O.T split up, and expressed his regret about the minor misunderstandings in the past that can no longer be reversed. “One year after we split, all the misunderstandings between the members were resolved after just two sentences. That’s why I’m most envious of the Shinhwa that always fight.”

Kangta said the Shinhwa members “quarrel whenever they get together, but it’s because of these frequent arguments that problems can resolved very quickly, and that’s why they’re still together as a group after 10 years.”

He added, “If the H.O.T members could have resolved problems at any moment without ‘excessive worries’, we could have still be together as a group until now.”

When Kang Ho Dong asked him, “Which Shinhwa members argue the most?” Kangta replied, much to the laughter of those present at the studio, “Junjin and Eric”.

Credits: SSTV Freechal + Absolut Shinhwa

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Park ShinHye, SeungYeon and Sulli – interests as to who will be the female lead to Mischievous Kiss

f(x) Sulli has been added to the list of possible candidates for the female lead to upcoming drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

Ahead of that, it has been revealed that SS501 Kim HyunJoong has been confirmed as male lead for the drama, Sulli is amongst the possible female lead for the drama apart from Park ShinHye and KARA Han SeungYeon.

Kim HyunJoong will play the role of Baek SeungJo who excels in everything he does. Kim HyunJoong has been chosen over Dong Bang Shin Ki ChangMin and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa for the role.

Netizens’ comment to the casting are, “The sync rate for Kim HyunJoong for this role is 100%”, “The key is who is going to be the female lead” etc.

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sulli is too young, imo. idk maybe seungyeon is a hidden gem?
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Big changes expected within T-ara?

With the blocked show and emotional tweets from both members Jiyeon and Hyomin, fans and netizens are on their toes on what’s going to happen with T-ara next.

All sorts of accusations and rumors are flying around, but President Kim Kwang Su of Core Contents Media has finally decided to step it up and released the statement, “There will be big changes in T-ara soon.”

On the 9th, President Kim released an official statement stating, “We will be releasing an official statement regarding the new changes on the morning of the 23rd, and until then we will not be saying anything.”

They also explained both Jiyeon and Hyomin’s tweet, “The T-ara members were just expressing their complaints about their busy schedules,” and “We are not going to change the problems of each of the members but T-ara as a whole.”

As of now, there are possibilities that this new change might either be a change in a member or a disbandment of the group.

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omg noooo. i don't think they'll disband, but member changes. hyomin and jiyeon D:
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The boys (and girl) of Sungkyunkwan Scandal

this deserves to be macro-ed. Seriously. Look at this.

Here we get a look at the first stills of the four leads of the upcoming “campus historical drama” Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which is set in a Joseon-era school that is attended by the scholars and noble young sons of the day — and one young woman who sneaks in posing as her brother and subsequently finds herself in romantic entanglements with her fellow students.

This is the drama debut for DBSK idol singer Micky Yoochun (above), whose casting at best is a big ol’ question mark. I’ve seen a handful of idols make impressive acting debuts so there’s always hope, but the numbers aren’t in the idols’ favor. We’ll see if he’s up to the task, which is no small feat: not only is it a debut role, he’s playing the primary lead, plus it’s a sageuk.

In conjunction with the opening of the drama’s official website on the 12th, there will be special events held on the site that includes the giving out of VIP invitations to the production pres conference, T-shirts, and other paraphernalia.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal attracted interest right from the get-go, having been adapted from a popular novel. Anticipation grew with the casting of each of its hot young leads and the promise of a “Joseon-era F4.” The drama will air in September on KBS.

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Joseon F4 lol tmth.

Teen Top reveals MV teaser starring After School’s Lizzy

Ahead of their impending debut next week, rookie 6-member boy group, Teen Top has now revealed their two MV teaser videos on the 8th to create more anticipation.

And apart from the six members comprising of Cap, Niel, Riki, L.Joe, ChangJi and ChunJi, the MV also stars Lizzy from After School and it looks like there will be some dramatic storyline incorporated.

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2NE1 misses their fans, Sandara Park is bored

2NE1’s spunky member Sandara Park is known to be an avid user of Korean micro blogging site me2day. She recently posted 2 updates which includes videos that’s getting the attention of Korean netizens.

The first entry shows Sandara Park saying wassup to the camera and waving along with fellow 2NE1 member Park Bom:

그냥…ㅋㅋㅋ 심심해서…ㅋㅋㅋ / Just Cause…ㅋㅋㅋ We’re Bored… ㅋㅋㅋ

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Taeyang Confesses to a Blind Date with SNSD's Yuri

Big Band member Taeyang made a surprise confession on the SBS show Strong Heart today saying that "Last winter, I went on a blind date with SNSD member Yuri. Even now we stay in touch and are doing well."

Taeyang recently released his first full solo album, Solar, which contains a song titled "I Need a Girl" - was this song a true expression of his feelings?

During the taping of the show, Taeyang stated, "I have never dated. But, this year, I would really like to meet a girl that I like and try dating." This then caused Big Bang member Seungri, who was seated next to Taeyang, to make this surprise announcement. "It seems that Taeyang-hyung really wants to have a girlfriend. He even went to a SNSD concert without telling any of us other members," Seungri said.

An embarassed Taeyang explained how the blind date was set up saying, "During the past year, I was working so hard on my album I didn't even go outside and only focused on making music.  It was so hard on me then that a friend of mine told me, 'I'll introduce you to someone so go and meet her. She has a good personality and if it goes well, then it would be a good thing.' So I went to the meeting place. And that person turned out to be SNSD's Yuri." 

He continued, "I went to the SNSD concert by invitation of Yuri.  Even after that concert, we would call each other and get along well. But this year, Seungri entered Chungang University this year, in the same major and class as Yuri! So I became worried that Seungri would find out about the relationship between Yuri and myself."

How serious are they? Well, Taeyang went on to say, "If I was in a really deep relationship with Yuri, I would not be able to make this kind of confession here.  We talk often and talk a lot about music.  We have become really good colleagues."

This episode of Strong Heart will air on July 20th.

Source: Soompi News