July 9th, 2010

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MC Mong climbs to No. 1 with new single on Gaon chart

Korean rapper MC Mong has climbed to the No. 1 spot on Gaon's singles chart with his latest song "Hurts Like Death" featuring female singer Mellow.

According to data released by Gaon on Thursday, he took the title of best-selling single during the week of June 27 to July 3, pushing three-week winner IU and Seulong down the chart.

The latest collaboration is a track featured in album "Blue Brand; Trauma" which includes various tracks from different recording artists. "Hurts Like Death" has fared well on other web-based music charts as well since its release on June 24.

"Nagging," a duet by songstress IU and 2AM member Seulong dropped one slot to No. 2 and the latest single "The Day I Confessed My Love" by 2AM leader Jo Kwon made its debut in third place.

Meanwhile, boy band Super Junior's repackaged fourth album "BONAMANA" bowed into the top spot on the albums chart, scoring its first win for the first week of July.

"Solar," the first studio release by Big Bang member Taeyang, bowed into second place and reentering the top 3 was veteran singer Lee Seung-chul's special "25th Anniversary" record.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3

SISTAR’s Hyorin was taken to the emergency room

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It was reported that rookie group SISTAR’s lead vocal, Hyorin, had fainted after the filming of their M! Countdown performance and was taken to the emergency room!

On the 9th, SISTAR’s entertainment company, Starship Entertaiment, stated, “After the filming of ther M! Countdown performance on the 8th, Hyorin got ill and showed signs of a high fever and deteriorated strength. Hyorin was immediately taken to A-hospital in Seoul’s Kangnam for treatment.”

A representative of the show stated, “None of the staff members were able to see that she wasn’t feeling well because she was giving the performance her all. It’s nice to see her professionalism and sense of responsibility even at such a young age.”

Starship Entertainment stated, “Their schedule is very packed these days and the members all wanted to do their best so even after their schedules they went straight to more practice, and it seems as if that was all too much for them to handle. We are planning to return to their schedule after they have had enough rest so this doesn’t happen again. We apologize for making everyone worried.”

SISTAR is currently receiving much love for their debut song, Push Push.

source: allkpop
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Finally, the time has come for Se7en’s comeback into the K-pop scene. YG Entertainment released a short teaser of Se7en’s comeback on the YG family website.

The teaser image shows a mysterious yet strong image of Se7en with his name and the number 20100721.

We reported last month that Se7en would be releasing his comeback album on July 21st, looks like everything is going as planned.

Although we don’t get to hear Se7en’s voice in this 30 second teaser, we get a taste of the electronic feel of one of the songs that will be included in his upcoming album.

A YG representative confirmed,

“The song playing on Se7en’s teaser page is a song from the new album scheduled to be released on the 21st… As you can feel with this song, Se7en will be making big changes in his music for his comeback from his 3 year absence.“
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IU accidentally drops Music Bank trophy and kisses Taeyang!

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Talented cutie singer IU recently dropped her Music Bank trophy by mistake after claiming her first K-Chart victory back on July 2nd with Seulong.

She posted up the photos back on the 7th to her minihompy and stated the following for the first picture, “Oh, I dropped it ㅠ. ㅠ.” She continued to comment her second picture with, “Yes, yes! I’ll paste it together keke.”

Netizens commented on her cuteness overload with, “The first time you get a Music Bank trophy and it broke, sad to hear,” “It’s not fair this happened to you,” and “That’s sad but you’re so cute!”

It’s quite a common mistake for the top part of the trophy to fall off due to its’ awkward design. If you recall, the same thing happened to 2NE1’s Sandara Park while she was performing her encore and accidentally kicked the trophy.

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she's so cute :)

Big Bang SeungRi diagnosed with acute appendicitis, plans for operation on 9th July

Big Bang member SeungRi (20) is said to have acute appendicitis.

According to an official from YG Entertainment on 9th July, SeungRi had complained of acute abdominal pain after a sleep after his filming session with member TaeYang for SBS Strong Heart on 8th July.

Following that, on the morning of 9th July, SeungRi was sent to the hospital. However the pain did not subside, and SeungRi was transferred to Seoul General Hospital where he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

YG also added, “SeungRi will undergo an operation during the night time on 9th July. He will concentrate on just recuperating after the operation.”

Source: Kbites

get well soon strong baby :(
윤아 ■ agent yoong

T-ara - Absolutely No Break Up

6-member girl group, T-ara, is gaining very hot and big interest from fans.

The president from Core Contents Media said this morning, "There will be big changes with T-ara soon," he said, "The problem will be officially assessed on the 23rd, and before that we won't say anything else."

"This will not be regarding T-ara's personal problems, but it will be regarding changes that will apply to T-ara as a group."

Some fans who heard the news said, "they will not be dismantling, "are they opting to replace members?" which caused much worrisome.

But a representative for T-ara has declared, "absolutely no break-up."

They officially told Star News today that, "The group activities and personal activites by T-ara members are loved by fans," he said, "T-ara is too good for the members to break-up," he said, emphasizing that the group will NOT be dismantled.

The official also said, "the changes will take T-ara a step further, the changes will not be disappointing to fans," he explained. When asked about the specifics of the transformation/change, "wait until the official announcement."

Recently fans also became worried over Hyomin and Jiyeon's "stressed" Twitter posts saying, "T-ara members are complaining because there is too much for them to handle in their busy schedules."

source: starnews
translated by: nathaniel @diadem

yay! for no disbandment
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Musical Goong to be Shown in Other Countries Next Year

The show hasn’t officially started yet, but guess what? The musical is going global!

The cast of the musical adaptation of the hit TV series Goong will be stepping out of South Korea to perform a live stage musical in other countries. So look out folks; they might be coming to a city near you.

Park RaeHyun, an official PR of Group Eight, revealed on a phone call with 10Asia on the 7th, stating that the musical Goong will be shown not just in Asia, but countries outside of Asia as well. The musical will kick off their overseas run starting with Japan in January 2011.

He added that the producers of the musical have yet to decide on the official dates and locations for its overseas show.

Meanwhile, the musical Goong will take place at the National Museum of Korea for 6 weeks, beginning on September 8 to October 24 and will continue to other provinces in South Korea until the end of the year.

If the musical Goong comes to perform in your country, will you buy the tickets?

Source: Lucia Hong @asiae.co.kr
via kpoplive

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Seungri’s surgery has been completed safely

Big Bang member, Seungri, was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and surgery has been completed safely.

Big Bang’s official agency, YG Entertainment said in a phone interview conducted on 9 July that, “Seungri’s surgery began at 10pm and lasted for about 1 hour. The surgery went well .”

source: newsen
translations: xiao_de@ibig bang


Son Dambi’s Queen MV hit with plagiarism allegations

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Singer Son Dambi released her music video for title song Queen back on the 7th where we got to see a fresh new video featuring the diva that was enjoyed by most.

Well, it turns out her music video director decided to take an easy way out according to some netizens.

On the 8th, netizens noticed the similarity in both Son Dambi’s Queen music video and Syfy’s TV miniseries, Alice which aired in America last year.

The photos above show the scenes that were clearly plagiarized with Queen to the left and Alice to the right.

Pledis Entertainment agency officials stated, “We did not think this would start a plagiarism controversy. We will speak with the music video director who will then release an official statement.”

It seems that the plagiarism accusations haven’t been slowing down lately . It’s just too bad that Son Dambi was the target and she was probably unaware.

source: allkpop

Nichkhun did the splits for Victoria?

While filming for We Got Married, the newly married couple 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria performed each other’s dance moves for each other. Nichkhun decided to go all out by doing Victoria’s trademark splits.

In attempt to make it less awkward for the newly married couple, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Junho were invited to their first date. Victoria was able to ask Wooyoung and Junho anything about Nichkhun and they did their job by answering away, not hiding a single thing. Great friends, eh?

As a way of saying thanks, their new sister-in-law Victoria held a mini performance of their song Without U that she had practiced with her husband earlier. In return, 2PM performed f(x)’s Nu ABO and lightened up the mood. It was during this performance that Nichkhun went down for the splits, but while he managed to perfect the move, he left his fellow members in astonishment.

This episode airs on the 10th!

source: akp
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US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking

South Korean Internet-savvy citizens, such as bloggers, Twitter users and online media reporters, who are invited by the Defense Ministry, visit the wreckage of a warship that the government claims was sunk by a North Korean torpedo in March, at the Second Fleet Command of Navy in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul.

A new study by U.S. researchers raises questions about the investigation into the sinking of a South Korean navy ship. International investigators blamed a North Korean torpedo, raising tensions on the Korean peninsula.
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SG Wannabe Kim Jin-ho receives honor for capturing mugger

SG Wannabe singer Kim Jin-ho, 24, will receive an official commendation for catching a mugger on July 9.

According to his company IS Entermedia, Kim and his two friends observed a man and woman struggling as they were on their way home, Wednesday.

Kim allegedly ran to the scene after hearing the woman scream, to find the man had already run off. He and his friends pursued him after confirming that he was trying to rob the woman.

Kim then reportedly caught the thief and reported the incident to a nearby police station, helping in their investigation.

"Kim has always had a strong sense of duty; he can never hold back when he sees injustice. I am glad that he was able to catch the thief without any injury," said an associate of Kim.

Source: The Korea Times


Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All (Omona does it like nobody does). This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

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On the set of SBS variety segment "Hero Girls"

From left, TV personality No Hong-chul, veteran singer No Sa-yeon, comedienne Shin Bong-sun, TV personality Jung Ka-eun, actress Hong Soo-ah, girl group Kara member Nicole, girl group After School member Kahi, girl group Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha, solo female artist IU, girl group T-ara member Jiyeon and comedian Lee Hwi-jae take part in a shoot for a new SBS variety show tentatively titled "Hero Girls" at a sports center in Songdo of the city of Incheon, South Korea on July 6, 2010.

"Hero Girls"[tentative title] - We should have learned how to play rugby

"Everyone! Which singer are you expecting to see?" the show's emcee No Hong-chul asked Korea's national women's rugby team with an air of triumph, as if he has a joker up his sleeve as a hidden card. With boy band MBLAQ already having heated up the atmosphere with their performance, it would have been difficult to create a bigger impact on the set with just a so-and-so singer. But No's confidence was actually worth a nod of understanding. For it was none other than Big Bang member Taeyang who got called into Incheon's Songdo district on an already dark night. The problem was, the nodding reporter as well as the national women's rugby team were already looking at him. "Taeyang!", "Ah, how did you know that? Ah, you can see him." However, knowing about Taeyang's appearance beforehand does not mean that his performance would shine any less. Moreover, it surely does not pale the efforts made by the "Hero Girls" team of SBS variety show "Happy Sunday," who rushed to get Taeyang to perform on the show for the national women's rugby team.

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Source: asiae.co.kr
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Seo Hyo-rim joins Sungkyunkwan Scandal

It’s interesting to see that the bright and lively Seo Hyo-rim (The World They Live In) will be joining the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, because her name was one of the main contenders for the female lead role back in earlier casting days, before Jung Da-young signed on, then signed off, then was replaced by current actress Park Min-young.

Seo’s character “Ha Hyo-eun” is the daughter to a prominent government minister, and her marriage has been arranged with the young nobleman played by Micky Yoochun. I’m enjoying the description of her character, which notes that “nobody who meets her could forget her” due to the contrast between her “elegant appearance, her cheap way of speaking, and superficial intelligence.”

Seo is currently acting in the KBS daily drama Fine Windy Day (aka Good Day for the Wind to Blow) and is the host of the variety program Music Bank. This is her first sageuk attempt (although you can’t really call the historical rom-com a straight sageuk), and Sungkyunkwan Scandal will air in September.

Source: Star MT
Via: dramabeans

this woman needs no introduction. this is the woman who held Seungho's hand.

Onew’s warning to YongHwa,”be good to Seohyun”

SHINee Onew gives a word of warning to C.N Blue Jung YongHwa.

Recently on KBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’, C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and Lee JungShin were guest appearances. And it was revealed that Jung YongHwa and Onew are close friends of the same age.

Onew is also close friends to SeoHyun, make-believe wife of Jung YongHwa on MBC We Got Married. On the show that day, Onew said, “Don’t you dare hurt SeoHyun’s heart.”

Gil then said to Onew, “It seems like a scene where friends fight over girls at drinking places,” causing laughter during the filming.

The show is set to air on 11th July at 11.15pm.

source: sookyeong
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[10.07.10] BEG will debut in Japan on August

Brown Eyed Girls will debut with their album 'Sound-G' on the 25th of next month in Japan.

Brown Eyed Girls will hold a showcase on August 6th in Harajuku, Tokyo at Astro Hall. They will open their showcase with a mini live of 'Sound-G' and reveal their charm and maturity to fans.

Brown Eyed Girls opened their new Japanese homepage (http://www.browneyedgirls.jp) on the 9th and will advance into Japan with their hit song Abracadabra in Japanese.
They said that they are working hard in order to show fans a better image of themselves and told Japanese fans to look forward to their debut.

Brown Eyed Girls debuted back in 2006 and made consecutive hit songs gaining immense popularity such as '다가와서', 'Hold The Line', 'L.O.V.E', '어쩌다', 'You', 'My Style', 'Abracadabra', and the latest hit, 'Sign' and '잠에 취해'.

source. gounworld@yna.co.kr
translations. snjeung@4-everlastings
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Asia Economic Daily Interviews Miss A

Before their debut, they were better known as the 'Chinese version' or 'second version' of female idol group the Wonder Girls, the Korean pop sensation from their agency JYP Entertainment who late last year became the first local talent to break into Billboard's Hot100 chart.

They proved they were actually quite different from their predecessor in terms of style of music and group image but the first week of their singing career has proven they could be headed toward winning the same reputation.

miss A, composed of Chinese members Fei and Jia, and Koreans Suzy and Min, strutted into the local music scene last Thursday with "Bad Girl, Good Girl" which had secured the top spot on numerous web-based music charts including MelOn, social networking site Cyworld, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Hanteo, Monkey 3, in just five days of its release.

The powerful vocals and dance moves the quartet has revealed to the public while singing of a strong-minded and confident woman who wants a man that likes her for who she is, has done little to remind fans that they are a newcomer group.

The quartet sat down with Asia Economic Daily for an interview on Wednesday, speaking of their hopes and aspirations for becoming the next big name in Asia.

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3, 4

Narsha’s BBI RI BOP A music video hit by religious controversy

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha’s music video of her solo debut track BBI RI BOP A has been hit with religious controversy. These accusations stem from the provocative and sacrilegious uses of the laurels and the shawl being drenched in blood, etc.

Narsha’s company defended these accusations by stating:

“The religious controversy that arose from the music video is due to over-excessive interpretations”

“We weren’t abusing or belittling religious subject matter. Instead, it was a production implying the symbolism in the lyrics and overall story”

Director Hwang Soo Ah, who produced the music video, also expressed:

“The laurel that Narsha was wearing on her head was used to bring out her feelings of penance. The blood-drenched shawl was to imply the meaning of her painful past”

I can see why these religious allegations arose, but at the same time, the music video nicely incorporated these religious materials to bring out the symbolism of the story. Check out the BBI RI BOP A music video again below and share your thoughts on the issue.

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sources: allkpop + LOVEISBEG