July 10th, 2010

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Sidus HQ to Speak Up About Jay Park's Private Life Issues

Sidus HQ recently sat down with Newsway to clear up rumors about the most mysterious idol of them all, Jay Park. Throughout this interview, they attempted to clear up rumors regarding Jay’s upcoming album release and the personal life problem that his ex-entertainment company, JYP Entertainment, had spoken of several months ago when he left the company. Collapse )

Source: newsway + kpoplive
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This is a BoA post

BoA almost ready for her Korean comeback

BoA will finally be making her long awaited return to the motherland Korea as her new album is in it’s final stages. Her last album release in Korea was five years ago when she released her 5th album, Girls On Top, so everyone’s excited about her return.

SM Entertainment received tracks for BoA’s new album from top composers around the world, including European group DSIGN MUSIC, who composed SNSD’s Tell me your wish (Genie), Run Devil Run, as well as J-POP star Amuro Namie’s Past Future.

In addition there’s word that BoA’s new choreographer for this comeback will be Tessandra Chavez. Tessandra is a famous choreographer best known for her work on the hit FOX show So You Think You can Dance. Because Tessandra can’t be in Korea due to scheduling conflicts, her assistant Kevin Frey will teach Tessandra’s choreography to BoA.

BoA’s new album will be released in August and one of the producers of the album stated, “This album is more refined than any other before, it will be very trendy and fresh.”
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source: akp + @KevinFrey + SPN + BoA soompi thread
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Fans disappointed with Girl's Day debut stage

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Much anticipation were set on the debut performance of the 5 rookie girl group Girls Day. Although, their debut stage did not result as expected.

Girls Day had their debut stage on the 9th in KBS Music Bank, the members expressed after the debut stage, “We are humble about the criticism’s from debut stage at their wishes for us to do better, we will take their advice and do better live in the future. We will do our best to show the best we can”.

Even before debut, Girls Day already had fans waiting for them, with international forums and their title track’s music video reaching 300,000 views in one day, Although in their debut stage, they weren’t able to deliver the expectations their fans had for them.

The fans were disappointed and frustrated on the girl group as the member’s lacked preparation and stage presence. The member’s were out of breath during the performance, and they have not met the expectations their fans had for them.

Their agency responded to the criticism’s on the 10th saying, “The girls have practiced very much, they are young and they were very nervous on their first performance live on stage”.

He followed, “The members are appreciating the advice given by the fans, and they humbly accepted the criticism’s to do better in the future in terms of their singing and stage presence”.

source: starnews
via: dkpopnews
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SNSD & SM "Will Lead in Protecting Celebrity Rights"

SM Entertainment revealed plans of leading in protecting celebrity rights.

The Grand National Party's committee member, Jo Moonhwan, and SM's representative, Kim Youngmin, and SNSD held a 'proclamation to establish the development of celebrity contracts' on the 6th at 9AM in Room No. 128 at the Members' Office Building. The purpose of this proclamation is to promote wholesome contracts between celebrities and their management companies, protect celebrity rights, and to improve the entertainment industry. Also, it is known that SM and committee member Jo Moonhwan discussed several times about measures that could improve the entertainment industry.

Last year, since the government audit, committee member Jo criticized the problems of the practice of contracts between celebrities and their management company as well as the invasion of a celebrity's private life and he began to have a big interest for celebrity rights. At this, SM went through discussions with committee member Jo and drew a contract which included celebrity rights, having the company's celebrities and trainees sign it.

Commitee member Jo Moonhwan revealed, "Through a lot of interest and hard work, the entertainment industry's contract terms are slowly changing and improving. Through this proclamation, I hope more celebrities can find their rights and that management companies and celebrities can build mutual respect"
SM and committee member Jo Moonhwan promises continuous discussion about the establishment and various problems of contract terms in the future, in order for a quick and proper response to social and economic environment changes. It was a place to confirm the will of collaborating on the improvement of Korea's culture industry as well as the protection of celebrity rights.

SM representative, Kim Youngmin revealed, "This proclamation provides celebrities and their management companies with a win-win situation. We'll do our best to improve the culture industry, which causes Hanryu's expansion, and add national value to it."

SNSD's Sooyoung and Yuri, who participated in today's proclamation, revealed their feelings. Sooyoung and Yuri said, "SNSD is happy to be able to participate in this exemplary proclamation. We will do our best to spread Korea's pop culture worldwide and have it improve."

Article by: Lee Hyunkyung
Translated by: Hyunjin808@soshified.com/forums
Original link: [Click]

SM finally cleaning up and turning things around for the better? We'll see. And of course, SNSD is there to look pretty.

Infinite Newsen Interview: "Perfect Choreography, 20 Hours of Practice"

Infinite has just reached a month since their debut. Although they are brand new rookies, they are receiving a lot of love from their debut song, “Come Back Again”. The refined guitar riff and angled choreography will catch attention from fans who are sick of the monotonous music from other idols.

In the recent interview with Newsen, Infinite said, “We get so shocked when our song comes out in the streets. We feel like we really debuted.” They also added, “On our first stage, there were mistakes like our pants ripping. Because we felt it wasn’t the best we could give, we thought over it a couple of times. Although there were many trials, we feel that we don’t have a lot of tension and that we can enjoy it now.”

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Source: Lee Unhyuk & Bae Junghan @Newsen (1,2) ;
Hyejin (crazeecores) @ Endless Limits (Translations) (1, 2)

Lee Min Ho against women wearing short skirts

Recently named one of Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs by CNN, actor Lee Min Ho was interviewed by MBC’s Section TV on the set of a photoshoot.

During this interview, he revealed that he was rather conservative. He stated, “I have an older sister and I don’t really like it when she wears short skirts. Even with any girls that have some sort of relation with me, even though they are my friends, I nag at them if they wear short skirts.“

Section TV asked Lee Min Ho what he wanted for his birthday present and he confessed that he wanted a girlfriend. They also asked him if he would date one of his fans if he found that she was his ideal type. He responded, “Of course, because when it comes to love you never know where or how it’ll happen.” Section TV then went on to recap from Lee Min Ho’s birthday fan meeting from last month.

source: allkpop, pucgacaru

KARA's Seungyeon turns down role in drama "Playful Kiss"

It will be hard for Han Seungyeon to participate in the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss'.

Management for KARA stated on the 6th that "KARA will be debuting in Japan this coming August. Because of this, joining 'Playful Kiss' will be hard in reality because of the conflicting schedules. Although it is a good opportunity, it is really not probable at this time for her to join the drama. We have already told them that her joining the drama will not be possible because of this conflict."

They added "Although being included in a drama is a good opportunity, the debut of KARA had already been promised to their fans in Japan and they do not want to break their promise. Debuting abroad is about good timing, and we have been preparing hard for their debut in Japan for a long time."

There had been a lot of interest among netizens about the cast of the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss', and the casting has been a hot topic as well. Among the strong contenders are Park Bo Young, Han Seungyeon and Park Shin Hye.

source: newsen
thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

Actor Choi Chul Ho caught hitting a woman on CCTV

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Actor Choi Chul Ho (40) who had vehemently denied earlier through media outlets that he had hit a woman in public, has now found himself in deeper controversy after it was revealed through CCTV that the incident did happen.

A Yongin police station spokesperson revealed, “Choi Chul Ho had pushed a woman to the ground at around 2.30am on July 8th near the street of Pungdeokcheon-dong, Yongin. After pushing her to the ground, he then kicked her body from behind. His violent act was caught on a CCTV at a nearby store.”

It was revealed that Choi had just completed filming a scene for Dong Yi and had been drinking with a fellow entertainer, Sun and the female victim. Choi and the victim ended up quarreling before the former inflicted violence on her.

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sources: allkpop + yoonjihun

Omona - it's a YG secret!

Guess who dropped by at a TaeYang international fansite to drop some love (& juicy news)?

One of YG's choreographers, Qui, of Kanauru Productions, stopped by & posted a message on the fansite.

Dude… dara is hot and sexy with her movement in this video -_-;……
I think she did damn goood because i saw her practice with young bae and shaun evaristo to prepare for it but considering she learned it in a short period of time where she practiced the dance for like a few hours for two days, all the while learning her new dance with 2ne1, which I have to say is freaking awesome and Mari Martin choreographed it. I think she was uber tired after practice but I got to eat korean bbq with her and Se7en =D

I was in the room when YG took down the music video the day it premiered and I was like why?! in my head…all teddy said was he didn’t like the shots and what nots and not enough dancing, I was also in the room with the director who shot this music video and he was talking to YG but i didn’t understand korean ahaha.
but I don’t know… i like it.

True, or false, only time would tell.

click, click for more!

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Source(s): AlwaysTaeYang / Kanauru Prod. / supermariel @YT

& let the speculations, spazzings et cetera begin!

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Taeyang on why he got a beard and not changing his hairstyle

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Big Bang’s Taeyang had received a lot of attention about his facial hair. With a recent interview with Newsen, he gave us an answer to this hot topic.

Taeyang smiled and said, “I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio, so there is no need to take care of my appearance. Every time I go through this kind of lifestyle, facial hair will grow out naturally.”

Then he said, “ The responses I’ve got from the people around me were pretty good, so I decided to let it grow out. I didn’t think too much about it and just walked out like that. I didn’t think it would cause such a reaction.” Then, he smiled again.

In addition, he said, ” To see such a big response, I thought I should shave the beard. The facial hair has no special meaning.”

Taeyang also has something to say about himself not changing his hairstyle. He said, “ If I’m on break for 1 to 2 years then I might want to change my hairstyle, but right now I’ve been extremely busy, so I don’t have the extra energy to consider it. Plus, I am not concerned about my appearance and do not want to change my hairstyle in the near future.For me, if it’s not a really cool/ handsome hairstyle, I will not consider changing it.”

On the other side, the recent return of Taeyang as a solo artist with title song I NEED A GIRL has been getting good responses.

Source: Newsen
Translated: Maggie@ibigbang
Shared by: vic@bigbangupdates 
Re-uploaded by: Nathasha♥ @BBVIP.net
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SHINee:Almighty Key

[News] SHINee, Minho, Onew and Taemin concept photo revealed, what is their concept?

SHINee members, Minho, Taemin and Onew's concept photo's for their comeback has been revealed.

SM Entertainment released their concept photo's on the 8th, 9th and 10th. The member's were seen bearing a little more skin that usual. Minho bared his abs, Taemin being the youngest had long hair and dark make up and Onew shoving off his gentle charisma.

But What really is their concept?

Their concept is a "Bad Guy". They will break out from their cute and gentle image to an intense and tough image for their 2nd full album.

"Ring Ding Dong" was much loved by the fans, and they are once again ready to take on the music industry with their 2nd full length album. Fan's have been waiting for the comeback of the 5 young men.

Although, their comeback date was July 16, but it will be delayed a bit due to SHINee Minho's calf injury.

Source: Dkpopnews

Bad guy? I'm terrified by Onew, but I don't think it's in the way SM wanted to.

The beautiful, sexy and amazing Hyun Joong will release a Spain photobook.

Back in April, Kim Hyun Joong was spotted in Spain. He originally said he was go there to study but later revealed that it was a April Fool’s joke and the real reason for going to Spain was for a photo shoot. It’s been many months since then and now more information pertaining to this photo shoot has been revealed.

The Spain photo shoot will be released as a Japanese photo book titled Ready, Action! The photo book will contain more than 200 pages. As a special gift the package will also include a DVD which will highlight his activities in Spain. The photo book is scheduled for release on August 10th.

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Source: AKP


Taeyang’s mysterious back-dancer is garnering hot attention

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Taeyang’s pretty female back-dancer who shyly and mysteriously pecks Taeyang’s right cheek during his I Need A Girl performances is garnering hot attention!

This female back-dancer who has become a hot topic for her sizzling stage presence is named Kim Ji Hye and was born in 1987. Having been Big Bang’s back dancer for some time now and being featured in one of their music videos, Kim Ji Hye is quite a familiar face amongst the Big Bang fan base – VIP.

She is a member of a female back-up dance team called Crazy, with the stage name of OL. Kim Ji Hye is actively partaking as a back dancer for many other popular singers such as BoA, Se7en, MC Mong, Um Jung Hwa, Lexy, IU and more.

Due to the sudden flock of curious fans flooding and congesting her mini-homepage, her once ‘public’ photos have all been changed to the ‘private’ setting.

Meanwhile, with Taeyang and Kang Ji Hye mysterious eye gazes, their cute chemistry on the stage, and the peck on Taeyang’s cheek all sum up the feelings of envy for fans who have been curious of the female back-dancer’s identity.

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source: allkpop
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Korean War Panel Finds U.S. Attacks on Civilians

South Korean refugees in 1950. According to declassified American documents, the military fired on anyone approaching its lines to deter infiltrators.

A commission charged with investigating wartime atrocities has found that American troops killed groups of South Korean civilians on 138 separate occasions during the Korean War.
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Source: nytimes