July 12th, 2010


Son Dambi slammed with more plagiarism accusations

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After Son Dambi’s Queen music video was hit with obvious plagiarism allegations, the diva was even further put down with netizens disappointed in her live singing voice.

Well, it looks likes more plagiarism accusations are popping up, this time relating to her actual song. Many people feel that Queen is plagiarized from Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, and various videos that compare the songs’ instrumentals and voices have already been posted online.

Son Dambi’s song seems to accompany Tik Tok’s instrumental perfectly, and vice-versa. Have a listen yourself with the two clips below.

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sources: allkpop + Kuno2 + Yuhhhhhhhe

Se7en, Gummy, Teddy and YG get their own TV show

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If you couldn’t get enough of 2NE1 TV and Big Bang TV, then you’ll be happy to hear that YG Entertainment stars Se7en, Gummy, Teddy, and Yang Hyun Suk (aka YG, C.E.O of YG Entertainment) will all be getting their own show and will be broadcasted through Mnet.

The shows will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the stars attending music shows, variety programs, and even their personal lives!

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source: allkpop + Nolja21Subs

Pledis Entertainment to remove questionable scenes from Son Dambi’s Queen MV

Another case of plagiarism had surfaced in kpop, this time with Son Dambi’s MV for her comeback song Queen.

The netizens have once again went on a rampage towards the diva, and as we have seen before, it is usually the people who work behind-the-scenes that severely impacts the artists’ career.

In this case, the director of her MV was at fault, which made the company step up and release an official statement before things got worse.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “We did not know of the plagiarism issue at all before problems rose up. We consulted with the movie director and decided to delete the parts of the video where there were issues.”

source: allkpop
Lee Soo Hyuk -2

Big Bang, 4minute and BEAST to perform in Japan

From July 23rd through the 25th, the United Nations will hold a Friends of the UN Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010 concert series festival at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

It’s been reported that Big Bang, 4minute and BEAST will perform at this festival. 4minute and BEAST will perform on the 23rd while Big Bang will perform on the 24th.

This event is held to bring together artists from the Asian Pacific Rim to carry out a message of Peace as we all share the universal language of music.

It’s been also reported that both Big Bang and 4minute will also participate in the Odaiba Gasshuokoku 2010 – Mezamashi Live concerts. Big Bang will perform on July 26th while 4minute will perform on August 2nd.

Thanks to ayachu for sharing the information.

Source: allkpop

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Taeyang talks about album name and MV change as well as album delay

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Taeyang took longer than expected with his current album. Originally set to be released at the beginning of this year, the album got pushed back to the second half and pushed back again. The album’s title track got changed and the music video that had been released online got deleted soon after. Amongst fans there was worry about whether there was a problem.

About this, Taeyang expressed, “The album title ‘Real’ that was initially announced was one of many different versions,” and, “It was a strong contender for the title, but it was never set in stone. It was announced as if the album title we had decided on had been changed.”

He contined, “The word ‘Solar’ came up while we were working and it felt like a good fit, so we just changed the intro and title.”

Regarding the music video he says
, “There was an episode,” and, “After we finished filming the music video, I didn’t have a chance to view the finished product because of my schedule. The company had confidence and released it, but the reaction wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be. The day before it was released, I got back home at dawn because of my schedule so I went to sleep instead of watching the music video that was released online. I checked when I woke up and saw that the video went down. The reaction wasn’t good so everyone thought that we would have to refilm it.”

Also, “I still haven’t seen that music video,” and with a smile, expressed his gratitude towards YG Entertainment saying, “Where is there a company that immediately responds to fans’ opinions. It’s a huge deal to make plans to refilm a music video because of this reason.”

Regarding why his album release got delayed,
“I learned that not everything can go the way you plan,” and revealed, “I felt burdened. And so working on the songs got delayed. Each song took a long time. And I worried a lot.”

Also, “But still, I’m really satisfied now,” and added, “The thrill of wanting people to listen is greater.”

Korean source: newsen
Source & translation: seungie

First part of the interview under the cut, because it's the mostly same stuff he talked already in previous interview.
『오라』limp wrist

UV says, "I'm Sorry I'm Not Cool"

Let's take a moment and remember how glorious 90s Kpop was. Thanks to gagman Yoo Sae Yoon and Muzie and their new duo UV we can now revisit the glory days. With two MVs under their belt, 집행유애 (Probation) and 쿨하지못해 미안해 (I'm Sorry I'm Not Cool), and over half a million views on youtube they've proven that some things never go out of style.

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sources: SuperRoozen and BESTofASIAN @ youtube

Isak is a cool cat and says that Tiffany didn't get plastic surgery

When SNSD’s Tiffany made her return to MBC Music Core a couple weeks ago, netizens noticed that her cheeks were puffed up and that she looked different.

Many netizens also started to accuse the singer right away, claiming that she got plastic surgery done.

Tiffany’s close friend Isak tweeted the following message to help defend her from these outrageous accusations and said,

Netizens responded to Isak’s message with, “Tiffany didn’t have plastic surgery done!” “Isak is a true friend to defend Tiffany like that,” and “Tiffany just isn’t the same, she’s different.”

Source: TV ReportIsak's twitter
Translation: AKP

w/e she might be plastic as hell, but i still love you tiffany hwang


Time to Reap the Rewards

Positive thinking pays off for South Korean boyband 2AM in their new mini album I Did Wrong


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"Jo, who tweets several times a day, says he tweets in English more often for the sake of his international fans." aww..why you so sweet Kwon~

Chilli crab FTW! Durians next! =D

Reported by Jocelyn Lee for the Straits Time (Singapore) [accessible to paying subscribers only]
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Korean horror back in season

In Korea, when summer sweeps around the bend, it means horror is afoot.

Blood-curdling tales of restless specters and trips to haunted house-attractions send chills down the spine and bring out the goose bumps; a more than welcome reaction to a hot, sticky day.

So where should one go for some bone-chilling fun?

Here’s a look at the latest thrills, along with new small screen twists to the classic genre and an exploration of why Korean ghosts tend to be single women.
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Shinhwa’s Eric, Dongwan and Andy show support for Teen Top

After watching the debut performance of Teen Top with “Clap”, for Shinhwa members Eric, Kim Dongwan and Andy it was a case of “it feels like we’re watching ourselves from 10 years ago.”

Before their debut performance, Eric and Andy, who have been monitoring their practice, said that it felt like looking at Shinhwa preparing for their debut back then. Kim Dongwan also posted a photo of Teen Top on his personal blog, describing them as “Andy’s ambitious project” and helping to promote them.

Teen Top is a new group from Andy’s management company, and the group consists of members that Andy picked out from an open audition. The Shinhwa members are all helping to monitor their activities and putting all their support behind them.

After watching Teen Top’s debut performance, the Shinhwa members have apparently expressed their wish for Teen Top to perform Shinhwa’s songs on stage. “They’re the new group that can best pull off Shinhwa’s songs and stage performances.”

After releasing their debut track “Clap” last week, Teen Top have started sales of their single album on 12 July and will be kickstarting their broadcast activities.

source: OSEN + Absolut Shinhwa

I like their eusha eusha and T.O.P covers :D

Sulli’s smile is the factor to breaking 11 years of age diff and forging close relationship with Kim

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f(x) Sulli talks about the thing which had her and Super Junior Kim HeeChul have such great brother-sister relationship.

It has been known that Sulli has been close with Kim HeeChul since she was young. Sulli had talked about her close relatioship with Kim HeeChul through a ‘Star Call’ video phonecall to fans.

She said, “Everyone knows that HeeChul seonbaenim always supports us? I’ve always been someone who smiles very often, and HeeChul seonbaenim was shocked that, ‘Ah! There is a child whom I can make her smile so much’.”

And because of this, the 2 were able to break the 11 years in age difference and continue to maintain a close relationship until now.

Sulli said, “I’m always thankful. And I want to say thank-you to him too. I hope HeeChul seonbaenim as well as Super Junior will continue to do well in the future.”

source: kbites

‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon to debut in mixed 9-member group in September

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Another member to Core Contents upcoming 9-member group has been revealed.

Earlier, ‘Goo Hara alooklike’ Jin HyeWon from the upcoming mixed 9-member group from Core Contents was revealed, which garnered much interests from fans and netizens. And according to Core Contents, the group will be made up of 4 female members with an average height of 180cm and 5 male members.

There has been rumours and speculations of Jin HyeWon replacing a member in T-ara, but after images of Jin HyeWon with upcoming group members JungWoo, KwangHaeng and InOh were revealed, the speculations and rumours were proven groundless.

The group is set for debut in September.

source: kbites
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Park Jae-beom fan meeting sold out in HK and Taiwan

Korean singer Park Jae-beom’s fan meetings have sold out in Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to event promoter MC Culturepia on Monday.

MC announced in a press release that tickets for his fan event in Hong Kong and Taiwan sold out three days ago, on the first day of going on sale over the weekend.

"We were happy to have heard the news [of the tickets selling out],"
said Tinzar Sherman, Vice President of Marketing & Events at Digital Media who manages Park. "The fans have always been supportive of him and we are planning on scheduling more dates in other Asian countries as well as North America."

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Source: asiae.co.kr

Sori ends promotions for Hero after just 3 weeks

In some shocking and upsetting piece of news, it has been revealed that singer Sori will be ending promotions for Hero after just three weeks. This is a move that is not seen much in the Korean industry as artists will usually promote songs for as long as they stay super popular.

Her company said of this move, “We prepared a lot so it’s sad that she has to end promotions. She will continue being on TV shows. The album hasn’t been well-received fast enough. We thought about it and decided we’re going to reveal better music later. If this was the album stepping into hip hop, the next one will definitely be fully hip hop.”

The song Hero in question is from her new Hip Girl mini album so hopefully the next time she releases a song for promotion it will be received better from fans and critics.

In Korea the image of artists and singers are paramount to the companies. Instead of releasing an album of singles and filler songs, Korean artists hold high standards as they attempt to release constant hits, this is why people will stop promotions early, or release a mini album as opposed to a full length album. Due to the disappointing lack of success for Hero this would mean that the company who represent her have decided to stop promoting to try again with another single.

She will next release her next digital single in early August, hopefully this one will be more of a success.

sauce: hellokpop

feel bad for her...

KARA’s Nicole & 2AM’s Jinwoon suspicious behaviour

On the Haha Mong Show that showed on Saturday the 11th, Haha and MC Mong transformed into mothers for their “daughters” Kara. They woke up each of the members, helped them wash up, and made sure everything was in order.

While everything was being taken care of, 2AM‘s JinWoon, who is known to be on friendly terms with Kara, suddenly showed up and surprised the girls at their new dorm. Haha asked “Did you help the Kara members move to their new dorm?” and kept trying to find out if there was something going on. As they were all laughing, Nicole laughed particularly loudly. Haha mentioned that he thought something was going on between the two and placed Nicole next to Jinwoon.

When they went to clean Nicole‘s room, they discovered a refrigerator full of chocolates that Jinwoon had brought back for her which brought about more suspicion. Seungyeon also revealed “Nicole and Jinwoon talk all the time on the phone and have cutesy conversations. Nicole even mentioned that Jinwoon is a charming guy that you can’t help but fall into” causing Nicole to embarrassed.

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talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Interview with Canadian Wonderfuls + Wonder Girls take EXR to the US

Interview with Wonder Girls fans at the Vancouver show
All of the WG tour dates in Canada have been sold out.

Wonder Girls to Take EXR to the US

While promoting in the U.S, Wonder Girls are the models for EXR in Korea. It looks like EXR will be taking this opportunity to expand their brand in the States, but Wonder Girls will not be doing it alone. Dare take a guess at who will be their little helper?

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Sources: 969Media (video); WonderfulsWorld

Lol @ those fanboys in the video XD I wish someone mentioned Lim as their favorite WG though :(

Also, EXR is a pretty famous clothing brand in SK; they generally gear towards sports/casual attire. 2PM has also modeled for them in the past. ^^

4minute’s Gayoon and BEAST’s Yoseob cover G.NA’s debut track

A recent video of 4minute’s Gayoon and BEAST’s Yoseob was recently uploaded on YouTube, featuring the two Cube Entertainment family members performing a cover of newbie singer G.NA’s duet with Rain, What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover.

It’s a simple video of the two artists just singing in the recording studio, but the vocal chemistry between them is just wonderful! It’s always great to see members from the same company do collaborations of this sort, especially since it also helps promote the song of new kpop talent. Check it out below!

Source: allkpop, gnaofficial
Download HQ rip: Mediafire