July 14th, 2010

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Kim Yuna appointed as international UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

International skating sensation Yuna Kim becomes international UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

— UNICEF is delighted to announce the appointment of the international skating sensation Yuna Kim as its newest Goodwill Ambassador.

The 2010 Olympic gold winner, who has long been supportive of UNICEF’s work on behalf of the world’s children, was motivated to step up her engagement following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

“I am honored to be chosen as an international UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador,” said Yuna Kim, who is currently training in Toronto. “I want to use my own positive experience to help the children of Haiti and the millions of vulnerable children around the world. Even in the hardest circumstances, dreams can give you the courage to live, and I hope I can share that message with children in need."

Ms. Kim, 19, was born in South Korea and began skating at the age of five. She won a gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver in women’s single skating and is ranked number one in the world by the International Skating Union (ISU). She is also the first female skater to pass the 200-point mark under the ISU judging system.

“Yuna Kim is not just a figure skating champion, she is a wonderful champion for children,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake.

Ms. Kim has lent her voice to help raise awareness about the world’s most vulnerable children. She has recorded a special television plea for additional help for Haiti’s children, six months after the devastating earthquake – reminding the world that Haiti’s problems are far from over and that its children continue to be in serious need.

“We are excited that Yuna Kim is joining us as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and look forward to her inspiring support for children just as she inspired the world at the Olympics,” said Mr. Lake.

Source: UNICEF
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Kim So-yeon takes on Dr. Champ

Prosecutor Princess’s Kim So-yeon has lined up her new drama series, and it’s SBS’s Dr. Champ, which is a title that just makes me laugh. I suspect that’s not the intended effect.

Dr. Champ is a “sports medical drama” that is set at Taereung National Village, which is the Olympic training ground for national athletes. Kim So-yeon plays an orthopedic doctor who transfers to Taereung after she’s kicked out from her job at a hospital for divulging her supervisor’s malpractice case. There, she meets up with a reckless judo athlete, with whom she naturally falls into a romantic entanglement. Which, then, is complicated further by a third leg to this triangle, a director at Taereung.

Jung Kyeo-woon (Loving You A Thousand Times) plays the judo athlete.Dr. Champ will follow I Am Legend and airs in October.

Source: Now News
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2PM Taecyeon’s bike accident

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2PM’s Taecyeon updated his Twitter today with a picture of his injured wrist from a recent bike accident.

Taecyeon tweeted,

“Fell over while riding my bike -__-;; adding in the wrist injury, what a show k k k sigh~ I need to pray so that it’ll heal faster~“

Fans have commented their support saying, “Be careful while riding next time~ and get well soon!!” “get well soon oppa.. n be careful.. :)” “Sending you healing power, get well soon and be careful.”

2PM has been busy preparing for their upcoming first concert.

Hopefully Taecyeon’s wrist will heal soon so that he can be perfect condition for the concert at the end of the month!


M! Countdown's 200th episode lineup

To heat things up, 2AM will be performing various ballad tracks with their spectacular vocals sure to get fans emotional yet excited at the same time.

Although CNBLUE recently ended their promotions for Love on Inkigayo, they’ll be making a special appearance by holding a few special stages and covering songs such as: Rain’s It’s Raining, 2NE1’s I Don’t Care, G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker, and Taeyang’s Look At Me

MBLAQ will be performing songs from popular male groups TVXQ, Super Junior, and Big Bang with songs such as Mirotic, Sorry Sorry, and Lies.

Furthermore, miss A who is currently dominating the Mnet music charts will be performing special stages of Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls, and T-ara.

4minute’s Hyuna will be heating up the stage once again with her solo song Change featuring BEAST’s Junhyung who will join her and G.NA for her debut performance. Taeyang will also be continuing promotions for I Need a Girl and is only adding to the already big list of hot performances.

CP Kim Ki Woong of M! Countdown stated, “M! Countdown is currently being broadcasted in countries like Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and other various places in Asia. We’re currently trying to strengthen the show by introducing it to the entire world, and will try to expand to the United States. With guests including Lady Gaga and KAT-TUN, our popularity has only been on the rise.”

Source: AKP

To be honest, I'm only interested in MBLAQ doing a Mirotic cover.
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LeeTeuk’s Sister Assigned Under Mask Entertainment

Park InYoung, sister of Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, has signed under Mask Entertainment.

A representative of Mask Entertainment said, “We signed an exclusive contract with Park last month. We are confident that she will become a great actress.”

Several well known actors are also working under Mask Entertainment including Lee BeomSoo, Park SungWoong and Kim KwangYoung.

Park spent her high school and college years in New Zealand before going back to Korea to major in acting at Chung-ang University. Since then, she has acted in numerous plays, musicals and short films. Recently, she just finished shooting for movies named “Ballons” and “Yoido”.

Park expressed her passion in acting by saying, “I feel that I have prepared a lot. I want to be a great actress doing my best in dramas, movies and other aspects of acting.”

We wish all the best for the two talented siblings.

Source: luciahong @asiae.co.kr
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Does this mean she speaks english fairly well? Probably better than her little brother at least, lmao. Teuk's pronunciation is pretty good but... yeah. ^__^'
Mods: idk what is the link to the original article is - because I can't read korean. :\ If anyone can help me out, I'd be grateful.
girls; to me you are perfect.

snsd lend their voices to despicable me

Producers came together and created a unique 3D animation with good characters and a spectacular and touching adventure that brings laughter. “Super Bad” (Despicable Me) opened last week in the United States, throwing a big difference with “Eclipse” in the American box office as #1.

“Super Bad” is about a bad guy “Gru” who wants to steal the moon as part of ambitious plans, in which along the way he adopts three girls, as they plan a fantastic adventure and heartwarming 3D animation.

[Omitted extraneous information]

Meanwhile, in Korea, one of the adopted girls, the oldest who has sense and is smart, is acted by SNSD Taeyeon, and the playful second oldest girl is acted by SNSD Seohyun, in which they appear with their voices. Many Korean fans have been waiting for the movie.

Source: Yahoo! Korea
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The article is worded weirdly, but I'm so excited for them! Especially Seobaby. She's always said she wants to do voiceover acting. :)

Hangeng speaks out on SM Entertainment human rights violations

In a recent interview on a BTV program on July 12th, Hangeng gave some chilling answers as to why he eventually decided to leave SM Entertainment last year.

Apparently, the decision to leave came after a series of incidents which piled up and made it impossible for Hangeng to stay on.

Hangeng stated that it was true he couldn’t take sick leave nor return to China to visit his family. Even more astounding was the treatment given to him and fellow Super Junior member, Choi Siwon by a SM Entertainment manager after they fell sick two hours before an awards ceremony last year. Check out the excerpt below.

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sources: allkpop + 81726263 + sheracheung

MBLAQ'S mir: new album in production?

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MBLAQ's maknae Mir, posted a cyword post that caused many readers to raise their eyebrows in curiosity.

The post read "Next album's quality is jjang,," JJang usually means best(or any positive adjectives) in the korean slang.

Well, this definitely has got to mean that MBLAQ's next album is already in the talks. Don't you guys wonder what fireworks Rain and JTunes will bring us again after chart toppers like Y and Oh Yeah?

sources: Mir's cyworld + dkpopnews
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KBS reveals "blacklist" of 18 banned entertainers

Was comedian Kim Mi-hwa on to something when she accused KBS of "blacklisting" certain people for political reasons?

According to KBS, there is no such thing as a political blacklist. However, the network revealed that it indeed bans a number of people who are deemed "unethical."

As of July this year, there are a total of 18 people who are prohibited from appearing on the network for various reasons ranging from using drugs to gambling, KBS announced Monday.

Among the names on the list are comedian Kwak Han-gu, who was convicted of vehicle theft in 2009 and singer Lee Sang-min, who was found running an illegal gambling website.

Illegal drug use is the most common reason for imposing the ban. Actor Ju Ji-hoon, actress Go Ho-kyung and model Ye Hak-young are among those who have been banned for being arrested for drug use.

Some of the unexpected names on the list include actors Lee Kyeong-yeong and Song Yeong-chang.

Lee was arrested for underage sex trafficking but was cleared of the charge in 2002. Song has appeared in several movies after serving a prison sentence for statutory rape.

Source: The Korea Times
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BEAST to become protagonists for variety show 'Idol Maid'

Idol group BEAST has become the protagonist of the upcoming variety show 'Idol Maid'.

On MBC's Every1 cable channel, BEAST will be the focus of the variety program 'Idol Maid', in which they will begin life in their dormitory with Shin BongSun and Jung GaEun.

'Idol Maid' is a reality show in which female stars become idol groups' housekeeping maids. They will take care of and oversee the members' personal and social lives that their managers cannot help with.

Shin BongSun and Jung GaEun, who finished the first day of filming at BEAST's dormitory, are said to have felt new feelings while filming at a male idol's dorm.

These two women will be transformed into BEAST's maids and will take care of their breaks and games, showing BEAST's regular image. It will be broadcast on July 21st at 6PM.

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Comedian Jung Myung-hoon to donate bone marrow to a five-year-old

Comedian Jung Myung-hoon, 31, is about to donate bone marrow to a five-year-old child. Jung had previously signed himself up for a bone marrow donation.

He was contacted later when a matching patient was found, though the exact date of the surgery is yet to be determined.

"It really isn't that big of a deal. Donating bone marrow doesn't even cost that much. I'm just doing what's right," said Jung, bashful.

Whereas Jung and the young patient are perfect matches, the actual donation date is not yet fixed because of the patient's bad health condition. "The child's just gone through a heavy treatment for cancer. The operation will begin once the kid recovers a little," said the comedian.

"I'm very glad I'm a match. It feels really nice that I can help a sick child in need, you know?" When the patient improves in health, the comedian will undergo a three-day-long surgery to donate his bone marrow.

Jung made his debut in 2001 as a KBS comedian. He has been steadily gaining popularity for his appearance as "Goltong 24" in feminine getup in the "I'm a Cyborg but it's alright" section of a KBS2 gag program "Gag Concert."

Source: The Korea Times
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WonderGirls HyeRim’s most recent features garner interests.

WonderGirls HyeRim shows off her pretty chin line.

HyeRim posted up a photo of herself on her Twitter on 12th July and wrote, “this was before the show in….uhm….uh….^^;;;;;;;”

In the photo, HyeRim look slimmer than she had when she first joined WonderGirls. Some of the comments from netizens on the photo include, “She looks prettier than before”, “Cute” etc.

Meanwhile, the WonderGirls made it to the Billboard charts for the 2nd time with ’2DT’ on ‘Heatseekers Albums’ chart on 21st June.

source: kbites

guys, where is your Hae Lim love? ♥ i'm not a hardcore WG stan, but I love this girl.

After School Nana’s surprising confession, “I like Nich Khun”

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After School Nana expresses her interests towards 2PM Nich Khun.

Nana was one of the guest appearances on MBC Golden Fishery show’s corner Radio Star aired on 14th July.

On the show, Nana said, “I have interests towards Nich Khun,” and she made cute expressions as presents to Nich Khun. And regarding MBLAQ Mir who had expressed interests in her, Nana said, “Thank you,” and gave a smiling expression on the show.

source: kbites

SHINee's comeback date is set for July 23

The date for SHINee’s comeback has been set as 23rd July.

According to SM Entertainment on 15th July, “SHINee who will be releasing their 2nd album on 19th July will be having their comeback stage on 23rd July on KBS Music Bank.”

Initially the boys are set for comeback on 16th July, but member MinHo has injured himself during a filming on 8th July, and the comeback was pushed back.

This will be the group’s comeback after 9 months. Meanwhile, a medley of the 9 songs highlights from the boys’ upcoming album will be released on 15th July.

source: kbites
original article: newsen
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Lee Byung-hun testifies at Kang Byung-kyu trial

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun testified at TV personality Kang Byung-kyu's hearing today, the two confronting each other for the first time since being embroiled in a legal battle also involving Lee's former girlfriend.

The trial took place behind closed doors as requested in advance by Lee, commencing a little past 4 p.m. at the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office.

"I had kept quiet till now because I thought I had been set up in a ridiculous conspiracy," a calm-looking Lee told reporters after stepping out of court about an hour and a half later. "I thought this incident would be resolved quickly by taking legal action but it has somehow dragged on till now."

Lee also said he "gave an honest testimony about the facts the way they are," adding that the truth will soon be revealed.

Kang has been standing trial on two charges;' defaming and attempting blackmail against Lee, and his alleged involvement in an assault case on the set of last year's hit TV series "Iris."

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2, 3, 4
the lorde

Ryu Hwayoung joins T-ARA as new maknae; Leader changes from Eunjung to Boram

In a surprise event, Ryu Hwayoung has joined the girl group T-ara.

T-ara is a 6 member girl group, now being reborn into 7 members is quite a surprise.

On hte 16th, according to officials, the 17 year-old high school girl is becoming a new part of T-ara has been finalized. She will be joining the six existing members, Hyomin, Soyeon, Boram, Eunjung, Qri and Jiyeon to be reborn into a 7-member girl group. Ryu Hwayoung is the same age as Jiyeon, the youngest, but was born later, making her the new maknae.

Core Contents Media said to Star News today, "to advance T-ara further to show a new appearance, Ryu Hwayoung has decided to join."

As a new member of T-ara, Ryu Hwayoung's hometown is in Gwangju where she is currently in high school. This spring, her and her twin sister participated in several different pageants/contests.

Back in May, Ryu Hwayoung had an appearance in an SBS variety show with garnered viewers' attention.

cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + starnews

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wtf ccm!? the best we can do is support them i guess.