July 18th, 2010

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Netizens Angry Over Gahee's Statement. Water Wet. Pope Catholic.

The topic of height is a sensitive topic amongst Korean celebrities, as well as for people in general.

On the recent episode of Quiz That Changes the World that aired on July 18th, After School’s Kahi was asked about her ideal guy, and she confessed:

“I dislike guys who are shorter than me”

“He has to be at least 183 cm (about 6 feet)…”

Although she gave an honest confession, many viewers showed cold and upset reactions toward her personal statement.

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Seriously Netizens? Attacking her minihompy? She did a sexy dance for you. What more could you possibly need?
xxxholic / Moonlight

Park MyungSoo and Nicole to sing the new version of ‘NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’

A new version of song ‘NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’, which took the Korean music scene by storm last Summer, will be released. The first version of the song was sang by SNSD Jessica and Park MyungSoo, and for this new version KARA Nicole and Park MyungSoo will be singing it.

An official announced on 13th July, “Park MyungSoo and Nicole did recordings for the new version of song ‘NaengMyeon’ on 14th July. Rather than calling it the followup song to ‘NaengMyeon’, this is a new version and a lighthearted song ideal for summer.”

The first version released last year was written by ETribe. And this time ETribe is roped in for the new version of the song. The song is also set for reveal on 20th July. It will not have any relation to MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ like the previous version did last year.

Source: KBites

Wonder Girls On Sunrise Hawaii News Now

The Wonder Girls are ready to wow audiences in Hawaii.

The Korean teenage sensations are wrapping up the second leg of their U.S. tour here in the islands.

Making a short appearance on Sunrise Hawaii News Now to promote their last 2 concerts of their headlining summer tour,Wonder World Tour.

Of course, after short segment of interview and performance, Wonder Girls joined the rest of the newscaster back on set for another round of interview/closing.

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Sources: wondergirlsworld.com + pipelinecafe@youtube, 2
SHINee:Almighty Key

100719 Taemin's message

저 는 SHINee 막둥이 태민이에요~!!^^

여 러분!
~ 정말 꿈 같은 생일이 지나갔네요.. ㅎㅎ
저는 사실 연습생 때는 생일을 별로 챙기진 않았는데,
팬 여러분께서 이렇게 항상 챙겨 주셔서 너무 감사 드리고 있어요 ㅠㅠ
여러분의 사랑 늘 감동이에요 ㅎㅎ

.. 이제 컴백도 얼마 남지 않았으니 많이 기대해주시구요~
23일 부터 쭈~욱~~~ SHINee 만나러 와주세요! ^^

그럼 이제 밤이 깊었으니,
안녕히 주무시고 재미있는 꿈도 많이 꾸세요 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Source: shakizi | SHINee's thread @ soompi

T-ara JiYeon’s first impression on BoRam, “What’s this elementary kid doing here?”

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T-ara members revealed their first impressions of one another through their recent interview.

On KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 17th July, the girls get together to spend some fun time together ahead of their debut 1st anniversary. Except for SoYeon, the girls went to a theme park for a guerrilla date with the show MC.

And through questions and answers, it was found out that JiYeon is the member who gave the best first impression and HyoMin was the one who gave the worst for EunJung. EunJung said, “When I first saw JiYeon when she was in high school 3 year, she had long eyebrows and she was pretty like a child. The first impression was good.” And on HyoMin, “Her first impressions and usual features are different. I thought she was a fierce unnie at first impression.”

For Boram, the member with best impression is JiYeon and the one with worst impression was also JiYeon. Boram said, “Her first impression was really good but after a few seconds, she turned cold and greeted ‘Hi I’m JiYeon. I’m 17.’ I still cannot forget that scene.”

JiYeon then responded, “Boram was so small and cute. And I thought ‘Why is an elementary school kid here’,” laughing.

For Q.Ri, the member with the best impression is HyoMin and the worst is EunJung, “The first few members I saw was HyoMin and EunJung. HyoMin was being very friendly to me that day while EunJung kept a distance from me and we didn’t talk much.”

Youngest member JiYeon picked HyoMin as the member who gave the best impression, “HyoMin unnie was really pretty when I first met her. She was prettier then than now”

source: kbites

Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone regrets for not doing a movie with rain

Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone has expressed his regret in a recent interview recently of not being able to cast RAIN in his latest flick. On a report release on the 17th of July, he revealed that he was about to cast Rain in his new movie, The Expendables, but was unable to do so because of conflicting schedules.

KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment News’, aired on Jul.17th, had an exclusive interview with ‘Sylvester Stallone’.

“I’ve not visited Korea, but I know the country’s people. I’ve almost featured Rain in this movie.”

“I think he knows that. I was going to cast him as actor ‘Jet Li’s son or brother in this movie, but he was scheduled to hold a concert tour at the same time as the shooting of the movie, so I couldn’t help it.” he felt deep regret about not working with Rain.

source: Money Today’s Star News
via: dkpopnews
Trans: rain bird
Yoon Eun Hye | Pucker Up!

JoKwon and GaIn Tease Us with a Look At Their Wedding Photoshoot!

JoKwon and GaIn are known as the Adam Couple on MBC's We Got Married. They finally had their photoshoot but instead of the photos being through MBC's WGM it's through InStyle and Singles Magazines.

This is just a sneak peak at what's to come!

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source: HypnoticAsia

They are so precious omg ♥

G.NA’s stage accident on Inkigayo

G.NA ended her series of debut stages for her title track, I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better, on today’s Inkigayo.

As she was carrying out an impressive and powerful performance on stage, an unexpected accident unfolded.

G.NA’s microphone pack fell loose and she caught it just in time before it hit the floor. She struggled to set her microphone pack in place, but it was a difficult task for her since she was singing, dancing and giving it her all on stage. Eventually, she carried out the rest of her performance clutching onto the microphone pack.

Although an unexpected accident unfolded, G.NA definitely handled it well and stood strong throughout the performance.

Immediately after the broadcast, a representative from Cube Entertainment expressed:

“The accident was unexpected, but G.NA ended her performance well. G.NA cried right after she came off the stage because she vigorously prepared to showcase a perfect debut stage, which she felt like she didn’t do.”

G.NA notices something was wrong at 0:54 and later takes a hold of the dangling microphone pack at 0:58. Check out her performance below.

sources: allkpop + CrazyCarrot350
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Hostages of the Hermit Kingdom

Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two American journalists released last month after being imprisoned in North Korea, tell their story -- and remind people of the story they wanted to cover.

We arrived at the frozen river separating China and North Korea at 5 o'clock on the morning of March 17. The air was crisp and still, and there was no one else in sight. As the sun appeared over the horizon, our guide stepped onto the ice. We followed him.
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Source: latimes

Jerry goes into hiding after receiving military notice?

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After receiving his military enlistment notice to be enlisted on the 20th, rookie artist Jerry has suddenly blocked any form of contact with his company. This has gotten people to speculate why Jerry has lurked away without a trace.

There has been no contact with Jerry and company in the past 10 days and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

During Jerry’s past interview with TV Daily, he revealed, “Because I wanted to enlist in the army, I purposely gave up my American citizenship.” Jerry’s past confession has been confusing many people because it doesn’t coincide with the recent rumors that he’s hiding because he doesn’t want to enlist in the army.

This has left many people to carefully speculate that there may be problems between Jerry and his company.

All of these speculations are rumors until the truth gets revealed.

Hopefully soon.

Oh God... :(