July 23rd, 2010

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Is Taeyeon Seeing Someone?

SNSD recently appeared on the latest episode of the ‘HaHa Mong Show’ was given the chance to reveal what every kpop fan wants to hear from the largest, most idolized girl group in Korea – their secrets.
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Source: Lee Dajung@reviewstar.net
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ngl wouldn't be surprised if she was - who wouldn't want to snag such a beautiful girl?
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

Lee Joon responds to Hyuna’s “love” for him

Quite a while ago, 4minute’s Hyuna picked MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as her ideal type. She was seen giggling after admitting it, which might mean that she is serious, but it could always be because she is shy.

On the most recent recording of KBS2TV’s Star Golden Bell 1st Grade 1st Class, Lee Joon finally talked about this matter, as it has almost been a month since it was revealed by Hyuna herself on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio show.

One of the MC’s, Shin Jung Hwan, asked him, “How do you feel about Hyuna picking you as her ideal type?” Lee Joon responded by saying, “It’s an honor. Though I really don’t know why she picked me out of all people.”

He was then asked about how he thinks about Hyuna, which he stated, “I think out of all girl groups, Hyuna is the best dancer.”

Do you think these two would make a good couple?

Source: Allkpop

I knew they would bring it up on the show \o/
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Zhang Liyin and Kangta in Beijing for concert

Starting tomorrow, July 24th, the Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium will hold the first comeback concert for popular Pan-Asian artist, Kangta. This afternoon, he arrived in Beijing, beginning a three-day-two-night stay. Hundreds of fans awaited for him at the airport. Concert rehearsal is expected to begin in the afternoon.

According to live reports from the airport, because of local weather in South Korea, the flight Kangta and one of the concert guests, Zhang Li Yin, were on was delayed nearly an hour - arriving only at 11am this morning. Two hundred of Kangta fans waited patiently - holding white balloons and giant posters, waiting patiently and quietly in an orderly manner for their idol to appear. In order to give to such fans who have waited so patiently for his comeback, Kangta specficially asked organziers to arrange for him to use the general public exit. When Kangta and his party finally appeared before fans, the atmosphere (at the airport) was very friendly - some fans could barely hold back the tears.

Kangta will be staying in the Pullman Beijing West Wanda Hotel, where many fans were already waiting. Kangta and his group went to the hotel directly from the airport for a brief stop before heading to the concert venue. According to reports, famous Korean pianist Song Kwang Sik among background dancers were also aboard this flight. Dress rehearsals will happen this afternoon.

Source: Xinmin
Translation: Wendy @ Chocolyn

Also confirmed to attend are: Leeteuk, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Shin Seung Hun. Pretty epic, but I heard tickets weren't selling well...

Lee Seung Gi Saem CF Interview and Preview

Having recently signed on as a cosmetics model, nation’s uhm-chin-ah Lee Seung Gi said, “These days, I have been using an umbrella daily so as to to take care of my skin and keep it from getting too tan.”

Lee Seung Gi made an appearance at The Saem cosmetics brand launching show on the 21st saying “I’m a bit worried as to whether I can still show a disheveled image now that I have become a cosmetics model” and added “I will work hard to take care of myself and show forth an image that is like that of a cosmetics model.

He said, “I recently finished filming a CF for The Saem and I think that this may be perhaps one of the most awesome ones among the CFs that I have filmed.” He added “As The Saem is looking to expand their presence, I hope to be able to contribute to that as their model.”

The Saem is a Korean cosmetics company that was founded 48 years ago, and having recently put all their efforts into revamping and launching this cosmetics brand shop, the plan to open their first shop on August 1st and are planning to open 50 more shops in the coming future.

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He should always wear a suit.

4mintue voted #1 girl group on MBC's new show, Flower Bouquet

Charismatic idol group 4Minute has won first place against other girlbands guesting on MBC's new variety show, Flower Bouquet.  The program is about revealing the guests' (here called "flowers") inner talents, with the purpose to give the opportunity to girl group members to showcase skills through various challenges, such as dance battles, where members compete with each other.

4Minute's members showed their charms and started off strong. They have been praised for unique style and their charisma. HyunA, 4Minute's sexy dance machine, gave a powerful hot performance and the audience was eager for more.

A poll was conducted with over a thousand voters to find the Flower Girl group and the nation's "sisters" among idol girl bands. 4Minute was voted #1 by viewers, and they won the title of the Nation's idol sisters.

Originally known as a Chuseok Special show called Sweet Girl, Bouquet looks very promising.

The episode is set to air on July 25 on MBC.

Source: Newsen
Translation: yoobin @ 4-minute.com

okay, I love these girls but who were they competing against exactly? I can't even recognize a single other girl group in that picture, lol. congrats tho~

SME's queen is returning sooner than you think.

BoA’s official Korean website recently updated itself to let her fans know that she will drop her sixth album on August 2nd instead of the 5th.

The album carries the title Hurricane Venus and I’m sure the album will work like a hurricane; come fast and leave a devastating impact on the competition. The name Venus was most likely named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty. (lol wtf AKP)

August 25th will mark the 10th year anniversary since her debut, so the album will be dropping right around then to celebrate her 10-year anniversary.

Source: AKP

She has a new twitter too!
Onkey nylon

Boa's got a new twitter account!

I know it was mentioned in a previous post but I figured omona would still need a proper "OMG THEY GOT A TWITTER!" post for everyone to spazz in - it's tradition here after all. ;)

That and because almost no one seemed to notice when I went through the comments. T_T

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Source: Boa's twitter, Heechul's twitter, Boa's twitter for US promos/activities

LOL, her userpic. Now they need to convince Yunho to get twitter (and the rest of SMTown).
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Lee Young-ae to be a mother

Top star Lee Young-ae (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Dae Jang Geum) has announced her pregnancy, which comes one year after she quietly married a Korean-American businessman.

A rep with her management company gave the statement that she is treading carefully at this stage and didn’t confirm how far along she is, although her father reportedly said that she is four months along. The rep also stated that contrary to some reports, she will not stop her studies. (Lee is currently working on her doctorate degree at Hanyang University.)

Lee, now 39, has kept her personal life quite private and married in secret in August 2009, in a ceremony that took place in Hawaii. She has been quietly attending school in the meantime, and the last time she popped up in the public eye was when she attended a basketball game with her husband in April.

Source: Star News
Via: dramabeans

Eeeee! Congrats! :D

Cube Family Unites for G.NA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super rookie singer, G.NA - who debuted with her very first single "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" a few days ago - invited her fellow Cube artists on stage for special appearances.

The MV for "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" featured Beast's Yoon Doojoon as her boyfriend and Beast's rapper,Yong Junhyung who also performed live on music broadcasts.

For the sake of variety and to thank her fellow Cube friends, G.Na will be performing her title song respectively with Mario on this week's Music Core, BEAST's Doojoon and 4Minute's HyunAh this week and upcoming weeks.

These special performances are something to look forward to, especially with 4Minute's HyunAh special appearance, who left a vivid memory of her energetic performances as a solo artist when she was promoting her first single, "Change" which featured G.NA as a backup dancer.

This is a heartwarming sight for new singer, G.Na who will be sharing the stage with her friends whom she had a strong friendship since her trainee days.

Source: Nate News
Translation: Yoobin on 4minutes International Forum
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Shindong to Appear on SBS Drama Doctor Champ

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Super Junior's member Shindong will become an actor.

Shindong will play the role of a judo player on SBS new Monday Tuesday miniseries Doctor Champ(directed by Park Hyunggi). Doctor Champ's representative said, "Shindong will meet TV viewers as an actor Shin Donghee and not as a member of Super Junior. He will play a judo player, a lifelike character that will make the drama more energetic."

Super Junior has already expanded their field of activity with member Choi Siwon, Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum appearing in dramas and movies. Shindong has worked as a singer and a variety show MC. He will expand his field of work by working as an actor. Doctor Champ is a drama set in Taereung Training Center where it will show the love and the friendship between the members of the national team and their physicians. Lee Soyeon and Jung Kyeowoon have been cast as the main leads. Shindong is expected to work with Jung Kyeowoon.

Doctor Champ will air on October after I am a Legend ends.

Source: Sports Korea
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
it me


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Have a wonderful FFA ♥

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xxxholic / Moonlight

KBS 2TV Music Bank changes its age rating from 12 years and over to 15 years and above

KBS 2TV Music Bank changes its viewer age rating.

This was revealed through the show’s official site on 21st July, “We have changed the age rating of Music Bank from 12 years and above to 15 years and above. With that, we will also allowing only those who are 15 years old and above into the filming set for the show from 23rd July.”

This come as a response to the rising number of cases of performances being criticized for over revealing clothes and adult concepts

Source: K Bites
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Se7en up #1 on music chart after 3 years with ‘Better Together’

The title song ‘Better Together’ off Se7en’s comeback new minialbum is up #1 on music chart after his blank period of 3 years.

The song ‘Better Together’ is up #1 on Bugs and Mnet music charts currently and is moving up charts like Dosirak, Daum, Naver, Soribada at a fierce rate. Not only is the minialbum doing well in music charts in Korea, it is also up #12 on American iTunes R&B chart after it entered at #19 when it was first released.

Meanwhile, Se7en will have his comeback stage on KBS Music Bank from 29th July performing ‘Better Together’ and ‘Digital Bounce’ with Big Bang TOP.

source: kbites

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HyunA, “Lee Joon is actually not my ideal guy. I just thought he dances well”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4Minute HyunA explains that MBLAQ Lee Joon is actually not her ideal guy.

HyunA was on KBS Star GoldenBell when she said, “Actually as compared to saying that he is my ideal guy, I only said that I like his performance but such news reports came out.”

News reports have surfaced saying quoting HyunA saying that Lee Joon is her ideal guy. And on Star GoldenBell, Shin JungHwan has asked, “Awhile back, HyunA had said that Lee Joon is her ideal guy and it had made topics. How do you feel?” And Lee Joon replied, “Really honoured. I don’t know why she think of me as her ideal guy.” But HyunA had explained that he is actually not her ideal guy.

MC Ji SeokJin also asked Lee Joon, “How do you find HyunA?” and Lee Joong answered, “Of all the girlgroup members, HyunA is the one who dances the best.”

The show is set to air on 24th July at 5.15pm.

source: kbites

Filipino singer and songwriter Ogie Alcasid's song plagiarized

“Parang anak ko na kinidnap, (It's like my child was kidnapped.)” Ogie Alcasid described how he felt when his song “Pangako” was plagiarized by a female Korean singer during the launch of his Ngayon At Kailanman CD: A Tribute to George Canseco CD at th Eastwood Mall Atrium.”He added, “Kuhang-kuha ang song ko. Pareho ang tono at arrangement, yun nga lang in Korean. (The tone and arrangement were the same. Only, it was in Korean.)”

Initially amazed when he first saw it in YouTube, he realized he had been robbed, “My honest feeling, I felt honored and flattered but I felt bad.” He confirmed that GMA7 had already taken action on the problem, “It’s an ongoing thing. Basta kung makakatanggap ako ng pera galing sa mga Koreano sasabihin ko agad sa inyo. (*If ever I get the money from the Koreans, I will tell you immediately.)”

On other hand, Ogie who is an big supporter of P-Noy, confirmed that he had never talked to the newly elected President since his oath-taking. But he said that he as its President and officers of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit is scheduled to be sworn in and have a dialogue with P-Noy to improve the Filipino music industry especially the OPM this August 13.

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Source: STIR, Youtube [Lois0718, XtinaMaria]

*Fellow Filipinos, lol can you give a better translation? I feel so stupid rn, ngl.
____ JOO♥

2PM Nich Khun, “Our miss A is #1! I’m so proud of you”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2PM Nich Khun posts up encouraging messages to juniors miss A.

He wrote on his Twitter on 22nd July, “Our miss A is #1! I’m so proud that they are doingso well!ㅋ Fighting! Win #1 for tomorrow and Sunday go go!”

2PM and miss A are from the same company. Netizens commented, “Nich Khun and miss A fighting!”, “Nich Khun who loves his juniors have such a pretty heart”, “Manner-Khun after all” etc.


Meanwhile, miss A won #1 on Mnet M!Countdown and KBS Music Bank for this week on 22nd and 23rd July with their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ and is hailed as ‘scary rookie’ for winning #1 in such a short time after their debut.

Source: KBites
SNSD: Tiffany

miss A after three weeks after debut claims number 1 in Music Bank

Rookie group Miss A which is from JYP Entertainment's sister company AQ Entertainment, just after three week's of debut has climbed the top spot and won number 1 in "Music Bank".

On the 23rd, Miss A performed their title song "Bad girl, good girl" on KBS "Music Bank" and for the fourth week of July they have risen as the number 1 in the K-Chart.

Miss A who debuted last July 1 has started promoting their debut album, it's remarkable that they have risen on top of charts just within three weeks from their debut.

Also, They won recently in mnet's "M!COuntdown" where tears spilled from the member's upon the announcement of their victory. On their speech they said, "We are so grateful to be on top" showing their happy and bright reaction to their victory.

Source: Starnews
Translation: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews
sica // glasses

Sidus HQ explains Jay Park’s exclusion from Music Bank K-Chart

There were many angry Jaywalkers after the conclusion of this evening’s KBS2TV’s Music Bank on July 23rd after it was revealed that Jay Park’s latest single, Count on Me had been excluded from the K-Chart rankings.

Fans were furious and after the show, it was revealed that it was Sidus HQ themselves who had pulled Jay Park’s song off the chart. Shortly afterwards, they released an official statement through their website to clarify this issue.
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Source: allkpop