August 2nd, 2010

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Onew to be casted in "fairly risque musical" Rock of Ages

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After making his musical debut earlier this year in Hey Bro!, SHINee’s leader Onew will be playing the principal lead, “Drew,” in the musical Rock of Ages. He will be sharing the role with Ahn Jae-wook and TRAX’s Jay. The leading female principal, “Sherrie,” will be shared by fellow SM labelmates Dana and Sunday of CSJH The Grace, as well as veteran singer-actress Moon Hyewon. Here’s a brief video teaser featuring the Korean cast of Rock Of Ages.

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SOURCE: Korean Top News

HMMMM...... NGL. I kinda wanna see this musical nao....


Kevin and Alexander will host the M-Wave

After 4 months on the job as hosts of The M-Wave, which was Arirang’s TV one and only music chart program, MBLAQ’s Thunder and f(x)’s Krystal have stepped down and left the program.

It was revealed through Twitter that Alexander and Kevin from U-Kiss will be the new hosts of the program which will bring live performances to viewers in 188 countries outside of Korea.

They will record their first show on August 3rd.

credit toallkpop

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4minute Looks Better Than The Aquarium

4minute was the next celebrity to sing the Road Safety Song on this week's Inkigayo. They look so happy and are still having fun despite their super busy schedule in Japan. Here we have some photos from the shoot itself for all the fans that want to see a little more of the girls having fun at the aquarium.

Netizens were really happy to see these photos, seeing how the girls get a little time off even if they were there for work.

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Sources: 4minutes Forum

miss A dominates Monkey3 music chart for July

Having topped the Monkey3 music chart for 3 weeks running, the miss A girls have completed their dominance with a clean sweep in the month of July.

From the latest chart ranking by Monkey3 which ranked songs from July 26th – August 1st, miss A has once again dominated with their Bad Girl Good Song by placing first for the 4th week in a row. SHINee moved up a slot to 2nd with Lucifer while the Homme collaboration between 8Eight’s Lee Hyun and 2AM’s Changmin occupied 3rd as a new entry with I Was Able To Eat Well.

A Monkey3 representative expressed, “With BoA’s imminent comeback and DJ DOC’s strong showing since their comeback, the charts in August are likely to see some changes at the top.”

Source: allkpop

get it girls!

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DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul rants about Inkigayo backstage politics


Veteran Korean hip hop group DJ Doc made their comeback this past week with their new album. After appearing on M! Countdown, Music Bank and Music Core in succession, one would expect to see DJ DOC perform their final comeback stage on Inkigayo this afternoon.

But it did not happen and one of the members, Lee Ha Neul has put out an angry rant through his Twitter in the aftermath about the politics behind the scenes,

“Filthy Inkigayo!!! Just who does the stage belong to?? We had the weekend off thanks to them cancelling our performance, because apparently if you refuse to show up on Strong Heart, you don’t get to perform ^^ These days, the number of chances to perform are decreasing and that is really hard for us artists. Learning that artists, not only us but others as well, have to perform while having to endure threats like that just makes me feel bitter.

Without artists, program will disappear; but even without Inkigayo, us artists will live on!!! If it is a program that is there because we need and want each other, then why don’t we respect each other a little more??? The one-sided love that management companies show to the music program producers is certainly a problem, but the authoritative producers who like to show off and only think of artists as disposable products for their programs!! They make me sick.

Us DOC decided not to go on Inkigayo because of that!!! We gently decline!! Music chart shouldn’t get distorted. They were cowards today!!! The live chart they showed on air T_T Cowardly Inkigayo!!! The program that sucks up to the artists from major management companies, and the stage where those that suck up to the producer get to perform on T_T Fuck, just who am I supposed to suck up to, and how much~ T_T”

With regards to Lee Ha Neul’s tweet, SBS responded,

“They are unfounded claims. There were a lot of singers scheduled for this afternoon. DJ DOC are scheduled to appear on Inkigayo next week.”

s : musicbean , allkpop 


"In the last few sentences, he’s not saying “suck up to” he’s saying “suck.” He’s insinuating that you have to suck the PD in order to get anywhere in the business.

Vulgar, I know, but by translating it incorrectly, you’re diminishing the force of Le Haneul’s argument. Allkpop, are you telling me you don’t have ONE person who can translate Korean to English appropriately?" wiggitywack001 @allkpop

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the boss ☇ love bingo!

Shinhwa's Junjin and Lee Minwoo united again to Choreograph for Daeguk Nam Ah

Recently Junjin and Minwoo who are in the middle of their mandatory military service stopped by their hubaes Dae Guk Nam Ah's rehearsal and came up with an unusual idea for Dae Guk Nam Ah's follow-up song's choreography.

How did they come up with the proposal of using a chair in the dance for Dae Guk Nam Ah's follow-up song "Nobody, Anybody"?

During Shinhwa's reign their song "Wild Eyes" included a short chair dance which was completed by Lee Min Woo. With that same passion, he made a chair dance especially for Dae Guk Nam Ah.

Dae Guk Nam Ah's agency official said "Dae Guk Nam Ah were extremely excited to accept Shinhwa sunbae's advice on how to complete the choreography. In order not to damage the reputations of their sunbaes, they try even harder in practise and go all out" and "fitting the song that the songwriting team created, a cool dance was born. It seems you can have expectations," thus, the expectations for the choreography have stepped up even more.

The composer Kim Se Jin who created the song "Nobody, Anybody," along with Lyn's "It was love" and Wheesung's "One year" amongst other hit songs, incorporated into the song an intense, powerful beat with a sad melody and harmony.

Dae Guk Nam Ah will start their follow-up song promotions on the 6th this month on KBS Music Bank.

cr. sports chosun (article) | enchanteDNA (trans)

You can see a few small snippets of the dance here. Just look for the chairs, lol.
려욱 → I'll give you a show

Super Junior’s Donghae in support of Super Junior K.R.Y

Super Junior’s Donghae recently updated his Twitter with photos from before and after the August 1st Super Junior K.R.Y concert in Japan.

Donghae tweeted,

“I’m currently in Japan^^Super Junior K.R.Y Concert ! Please give them the strength to do well! Japanese ELFs see you later ^^“

After the concert he posted,

“Just arrived in Korea from Japan ^^ Thank you Japanese ELFs. I once again felt that we are really loved! I love you ^^ See you at Super Show 3!! ^^“

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Source: allkpop Donghae's Twitter Donghae's Twitter

Sungmin was also there. You can see him in Donghae's second picture XD

taec cute

Big Bang Possibly Filming for New MV?

The boys of Big Bang are scheduled to release their 5th Japanese singles album titled Beautiful Hangover on August 25th. Well it seems filming for the Music Video of Beautiful Hangover may already be underway.

신진오 Shin Jin Oh, Managing Director of SBIC recently tweeted:

태웅과 파주로 출장을 나왔음. 밥 먹으러 들른 출판단지에 빅뱅 승리가 떴네 ㅋ. 뮤비 촬영중인듯. 바빠서 자세히 보지는 못했음. 인증샷

Went on a business trip to Paju and stopped by a restaurant to get something to eat and spotted Big Bang’s Seungri but I couldn’t see him for long because of the filming.
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source: allkpop
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Kim Sungsoo, Jung Jaeyong, and Lee Kikwang chosen as the new Win Win MCs

For the reformation of the KBS 2TV talk program ‘Kim Seungwoo’s Win Win’, the program will be getting new MCs consisting of four men including Kim Seungwoo himself.

The 3 new chosen MCs will be actor Kim Sungsoo, DJ DOC’s Jung Jaeyong, and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang.

Lee Kikwang who joined the team as the maknae MC is from the popular idol group BEAST, and had received a lot of love from the viewers through the sitcom ‘High Kick Through the Roof’. Recently he had been showing high activity through the MBC show, ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers’, Attentions are coming towards him as netizens are wondering what kind of role he would play out.

Overall, with the new change in the MCs for ‘Win Win’ with Kim Sungsoo, Jung Jaeyong, and Lee Kikwang, viewers are questioning if they will be able to pull it off.

The first interaction between the four men can be found on broadcast on the 10th at 11:50pm KST.

S: Osen,  aoistars @ B2STRISING
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The next generation to be South Korea’s faces

Big Bang – Yunho – Park Shi Hoo – Kim Bum, Han Chae Yeong, Lee Da Hae.

The “Korea National Tourism” Organization will create promotional videos to promote South Korea worldwide as an attractive destination through video promotions with the people mentioned above chosen as their main characters.

Bae Yong Joon, Lee Young Ae, and many more, the next generation of Hallyu stars are rising out and following the steps of the existing stars and are ready to promote the new South Korea just like they did it in the past.

Yunho and Big Bang have often placed our name [south korea] on the Japanese Oricon charts which earned the singers yen (Japanese money).

Kim Bum starred in last year’s drama “Boys Over Flowers”, Park Shi Hoo starred in drama “Inspection Princess” that aired from March to April this year, now from ahjumma (older women) fans in Japan the attention is beginning.

Han Chae Young and Lee Da Hae, are emerging as the new female stars, “advertising killers” that followed Song Hye Kyo – Kim Hee Seon – Chae Lim.

S: ISplus, Jaein @ ibigbang

'Large-chested kid' Gikwang is officially confirmed by BEAST as ‘glamorous’

Rising talent star, Lee Kikwang receives recognition from his own group BEAST, as having a 'glamour body'.

Lee Kikwang made an appearance on the 30th's episode of MBC Section TV Celebrity Talk, and was asked the question "There's a rumour going around that people are seeing more of Lee Kikwang with his shirt off than with his shirt on". He replied to this, "I've heard that I've risen up in ranking as an idol who often takes off his shirt."

Following this, the reporter asked, "Even if it isn't so, we've heard you're continuously training your chest muscles". He replied, "People say that compared to my body, my chest is really large". On top of this, BEAST members call him "glamourous", causing laughter.

Lee Kikwang is a permanent guest on the popular corner in MBC's Sunday Sunday night, 'Hot Brothers' and occasionally shows off his sturdy upper body on the show, shaking up the hearts of several females.

Meanwhile, on the broadcast of 'Section TV Celebrity Talk", 2AM's Jo Kwon makes an appearance revealing that he is willing to work off the entire cost of the trip he took with his wife on the show, Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in, generating a lot of interest.

Source: TV report
Translation: GEE @ B2ST Rising

Boram; Like Mother, Like Daughter


T-ara's Leader Boram will now be making her acting debut as the lead female in the KBS2TV drama special "Purple Heeled Grim Reaper is Coming".

Previously, T-ara's Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and followed by Qri all debuted in dramas, making Boram the fifth actress. She'll follow in her mother's, Lee Mi Young, footsteps.

Boram's drama will air on the 7th on KBS2TV where she plays Woo Ah Mi, a unidentified 19-year old girl who enjoys ridiculous costumes. Jun Hye Bin, who's known for her musical dramas, also stars alongside her.

On the other hand, T-ara are all busy preparing for their 2nd album along with personal activities. Jiyeon is in the movie "Death Bell 2", Eunjung for "Coffee House" drama, Hyomin for "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and Qri in the one-act drama "Spy Trader Kim Chulsoo's Recent Updates".

Meanwhile, T-ara has been greeting the audiences at "Death Bell 2" screenings with other cast members.

Sources: Diadem
Nate News

Gain's Solo Activities

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn will have her solo debut after member Narsha.
According to the group’s agency, “GaIn will start her solo album activities in September. And currently she is doing the preparations for the album.”
It is known that GaIn is currently collecting the songs to be included in her upcoming solo album. With Narsha’s success in her solo activities, the other members have also plans for their solo activities. And this Autumn, GaIn will release her solo album.
The rep told the press, “Even with her solo activities, it will not affect her on MBC We Got Married as part of Adam couple with Jo Kwon. She will also continue to do her best in WGM.”
Meanwhile, Narsha is promoting her solo song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’.

credits: sookyeong

4minute's 3-city tour declared a huge success


Girl group 4minute's 3-city tour in Japan is a hit!

The girl group recently released their 2nd single, "I My Me Mine," and from July 31 through August 1, the girls made three stops in just two days, hitting Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, capturing the hearts of their Japanese fans.

Already through their large-scale promotions in March and May of this year, the girls have caught the attention of influential media throughout Japan, and have seen all of the tickets to their concerts sell out. This time, the girls have selected a 3-part attack plan, trying to charm people from deep inside, using live concerts in the three cities.

The result has been a massive success for the girls. Beginning with LaQua Gardens at Tokyo Dome, and following with Nagoya and Osaka, a huge number of people gathered at the concerts. Having just debuted two months ago, this has been an exceptional result.

One reason for this has been that 4minute, unlike other girl groups, has garnered mostly female fans ages 10 to 20. At the three concerts, a great number of young female fans showed up, making the crowd look more like a male idol group's fan club due to the wild screaming and enthusiasm with which the young women showed.

Sources: 4minutes

Set for Japanese debut, KARA receives overwhelming response after appearing on local music program

Ahead of their first Japanese single release on 11th August, KARA had left for Japan on 29th July and is currently doing promotions there.

Greeted warmly by over 100 fans at the airport when they reached Japan, the girls did not take a moment to rest and went straight to NihonTV music variety TV program ‘Happy Music’ where they performed together with other local stars like AKB48, Chemistry etc. And their performance had received overwhelming response.

As soon as the reservation sales for the girls’ upcoming album opened on 15th July, all 3 versions of the album were up #1,2,3 on the local daily album sales chart Tower record.

Other than that, the girls’ Japanese version of ‘Mister’ MV was played on all 8 large screen LCD screens in Shibuya. There are also plans for the girls’ posters to be put at 1800 various famous convenient stores (ampm, Family mart, Lawson).

The girls’ appearance on ‘Happy Music’ is set to air on 13th August.

source: kbites

Watch 2PM ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transform as Orange Caramel

2PM members ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transformed as Orange Caramel for their first independent concert.

The photo of the 3 members dressed up as Nana, Raina and Lizzy in After School unique group Orange Caramel during the concert last weekend was posted up on a fan cafe. Fan accounts stated that, “Their costumes and choreography were perfect, but they gave a different feeling as compared to Orange Caramel.”

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Oh gosh cute”, “This is really funny” etc.

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source: kbites + HUAYful
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Leeteuk Reveals His Ideal Type

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk recently revealed his current ideal type.

On the 2nd, guests Kim JiSun, Shin BongSun, and Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Shindong appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Happy Birthday‘.

On the show, Lee Teuk revealed how his ideal type has changed from before he was in his 20s until now. Some that surprised guests was the transformation from actress Shim EunHa to Jeon JiHyun.

When asked who his ideal type was at the moment, he stated SNSD. He then caused laughter amongst the guests by saying, “I’m not saying I want all 9 of them.”

Lee Teuk explained, “I’ve known SNSD members since they were little. They entered their 20s all of a sudden, and the girls that I always looked as little became beautiful.”

He grabbed the attention of viewers with his specific ideal type by saying, “I think a mixture of Yoona, Taeyeon, and Seohyun would be closest to my ideal type.”

Also on this episode, Shindong revealed how he was born at 4.3kg. Noh SaYeon beat Shindong by revealing that she was born at 4.8kg, causing laughter on the set.

Source: Lee Eun Ji
Translation: ch0sshi

wait so what is that exactly... a sweet potato-eating byuntae with a girl-next-door face?
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SE7EN's and Shinee's new songs deemed inappropriate for broadcast by MBC

Singers Se7en and SHINee’s new songs have been deemed as inappropriate for broadcast by MBC.

MBC evaluation department has announced that Se7en ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’ and SHINee ‘Love Still Goes On’ are inappropriate for broadcast.

The reason for doing so is because in Se7en’s ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’, brand names like ‘Prada’, ‘Guess’ and ‘Gucci’ were mentioned. Same goes for SHINee ‘Love Goes On’ where ‘Facebook’ was mentioned in the song. The evaluation department consider this as indirect marketing for the brands.

It is known that the 2 singers will be editing the songs and resubmitting it for reevaluation by MBC.

Similar case happened for Big Bang TOP ‘Turn It Up’ where the brand names ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Dolce’ were mentioned in the song.


taec cute

Hyomin's Apparently Not Part of T-Ara

On August 2nd, T-ara’s Hyomin uploaded a couple of photos through her Twitter. The photos, as seen below, revealed fan letters sent to the members of T-ara. Along with the photos, Hyomin commented, “I almost cried after receiving the letters. T_T~ I want to be a T-ara… too… From now on, I will work even harder!!!”

At first, people who saw Hyomin’s update thought that she was crying with joy about the fan letters, but it turns out that wasn’t the case.
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source: allkpop

it's okay bb, you deserve a letter all for yourself
all the love inside ceases to exist
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BoA cast as main lead for a Hollywood Dance Movie

BoA will be transforming as an actress through appearing in an upcoming major Hollywood movie.

The movie is set in New York and is a dance movie directed by Duane Adler, who also did movies like ‘Step Up’ and ‘Save The Last Dance’. It is known that while he was writing the movie scenario, Duane Adler had already written with BoA in mind as one of the cast to the movie.

The producer to the movie will famous producer Robert Cort who produced over 55 movies which include ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Runaway Bride’. Cort and Adler are known to have worked together before in ‘Save The Last Dance’.

BoA will be the main female lead to the movie, showing off various new and powerful dance performances.

Meanwhile, the filming of the movie will kick in early next year in the States. And for the time being, BoA will be coming back with her 6th Korean album ‘Hurricane Venus’ and promoting the album in Korea.

newsen + sookyeong


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Junsu visits Yoochun at his drama set

TVXQ’s Junsu visited Yoochun on the set of his new and upcoming drama SungKyunKwan Scandal.

On the first, Junsu came to support Yoochun on set and gave out 100 fried chickens to the staff.

Kang Sung Pil, an actor that stars in the drama and was present when Jusu visited, said, “Junsu showed up with no notice so Yoochun was really surprised. I think he was really touched.”

He continued, “I even suggested he make a cameo appearance and he said he would love to if he had the chance.”

It’s sad to think that Yunho and Changmin will probably not visit him on the set anytime soon.

Source: allkpop

Show of hands, who would love to see a Junsu cameo?
taec cute

Kim Seung Woo and Kim So Yeon might star in Athena?

Kim Seung Woo and Kim So Yeon won viewers over when they starred together in the drama IRIS, and news was released today that they might both be returning to the sequel, Athena. It looks like Kim Seung Woo’s return is confirmed, but Kim So Yeon’s role is yet to be finalized.

The drama’s production company said, “Kim So Yeon’s role is still in discussion.”

The company said earlier today that her role was confirmed. Then, her company announced, “We never confirmed anything.”

There is a clear divide between the two companies, so let’s hope it gets solved soon.

source: allkpop

my favorites from iris. hopefully so yeon returns.

T-ara's Boram almost completely edited out of "Death Bell 2"

Was Boram humiliated being edited out of "Death Bell 2"? No. Then what is the reason why Boram doesn't appear in the movie?

The movie was released 3 days ago, and Boram was originally supposed to appear in the movie. She had filmed 7 minutes and 30 seconds of screen time for her solely, but in the end, most of it was decided to be irrelevant and completed edited out.

"Death Bell 2" features Kim Suro, Hwang Jeong Eum, Yoon Si Yoon and fellow T-ara member Jiyeon, who plays a big role in the movie.

An official said, "Her scenes for the movie were decided not worthwhile for the movie, in the movie if you look hard, you'll be able to see Boram hidden in the backgrounds and throughout scenes, though," he hinted.

That didn't make Boram demotivated though, because she will be turning into an actress for the KBS 2TV drama special, "Purple Heeled Grim Reaper is Coming."

cr: nathaniel (trans) @ Diadem