August 4th, 2010

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Decision on Park Jae-beom drama casting yet to come

The decision on former boy band 2PM leader Park Jae-beom appearing in a drama tentatively titled "Secret Garden" has yet to be made, according to his agency on Wednesday.

SidusHQ stated through a press release that negotiations regarding Park's casting for the upcoming SBS TV series had been "going positively" and they are now waiting for a response from the show.

SidusHQ's remarks came after several local media outlets reported yesterday that Park would not be able to appear in the drama due to his busy schedule.

For weeks, Park has been talking to producers of the show who have him in mind for the role of new singer Sun, a gifted singer who has been hurt by the fact that the reason his father left his family is because of his mother's affair with another man.

Actor Jang Hyuk has been set to play the leading role in the fantasy melodrama by producer Shin Woo-cheol and scenarist Kim Eun-sook, the duo famous for creating smash hits "Lovers in Paris" and "On Air."

Park, 23, has been filming a b-boy pic titled "Hype Nation" since mid-June and released a solo single album a month later.

Starting August 28 in Korea, he will kick off his Asia fan tour where he will visit countries including Taiwan, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

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4minute does a photoshoot in the bathroom?

4minute sported their sponsored clothing in the bathroom? They sure did.

In Korea celebrities usually wear sponsored items for photoshoots, TV shows and more. They always make sure to take a separate photo of themselves to have it on record.

I guess 4minute’s photos had to be taken fast because they were taken in the bathroom.

Someone posted these on an online bulletin board and wrote, “The background is the bathroom. They usually pose at their company building or in front of their rooms but now the bathroom. Did they want the bathroom lighting?

Netizens wrote,

“Sponsored photos seem like a photoshoot.”
“Nice smelling bathroom scent.”
“The background is a fail.”

I don’t actually think they’re all in a bathroom. If they are, it is a funny thing to imagine.

Source: AllKpop

lol these girls... they can look glam even in a bathroom

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congregation of handsome men: First poster for action thriller "Invincible"

The first official poster is out for action-noir blockbuster Invincible, which stars Joo Jin-mo, Song Seung-heon, Kim Kang-woo, and Jo Han-seon. The tagline reads, “Brothers who meet as enemies, friends who team up through loyalty.” That refers to the fact that Joo and Song are partners involved in illegal arms trade, while Kim plays a cop who’s also Joo’s younger brother.

This A Better Tomorrow remake touts a 10 billion won production budget and includes involvement from four countries (Korea, Japan, Thailand, and China). It will release in theaters in September, in time for the busy Chuseok holiday.

Source: OSEN
Via: dramabeans

A Better Tomorrow is legit one of my favourite HK/John Woo movies. Cheesy character stills of the Korean remake here. I might skip this remake lol.

Gikwang and others chosen as recent eye-smile idols

Stars have many points of charm. However, there are especially charming stars who make people smile happily just by their eye smile.

We gathered some idols who have pretty eye smiles that make people smile along.

Following in the footsteps of TaeYang and Nichkhun, who are the representatives of male idol stars with pretty eye smiles, SHINee's Onew and BEAST's Lee KiKwang have recently been noticeable for their charming eye smiles.

BEAST's Lee KiKwang has been shaking the hearts of women with his bright smiles on variety programs. Loudly laughing with an eye smile has now become his trademark. On stage, he has a powerful charm with his heavy smoky eye make-up, but off stage, his eyes transform into angelic pureness.

Among the girl idols, SNSD's Tiffany and f(x)'s Sulli are picked for their eye smiles. Tiffany, who smiles brightly not just on stage but also off-stage as she talks, uplifts the moods of people watching her.


Baby Mason Meets After School

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cutie baby Moon Mason (aka little Nichkhun) encounters girl group After School!

During the recording of KBS 3 Suspicious Men, which is scheduled to air on the 5th, Mason followed Shin Jung Hwan into the KBS building. There, they had a special encounter with After School.

As soon as the After School girls laid their eyes upon Mason, they started to coo and aw at this adorable little boy.

Mason’s cute encounter with After School will air on the 5th!

i love mason! i'm an big follower of his cyworld! the moon moorehouse brothers are so CUTE!!! ♥
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What's Up shoots in full swing!

It’s been a long while since we heard news of What’s Up, the campus drama centering around a university musical department that produced a lot of buzz because of its A-list scriptwriter, Song Ji-nah (Story of a Man, Sandglass). So it’s good to hear some news about it now, even if it’s just to say that filming is “proceeding smoothly.”

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my bb seo in gook

"Life is beautiful" to depict gay marriage on air for the first time?

SBS weekend drama "Life Is Beautiful" (written by Kim Soo Hyun, produced by Jung Eul Young) is garnering much attention for a possible depiction of a same-sex marriage.

On the 18th of last month, Lee Sang Woo's character proposed to his lover, portrayed by Song Chang Yi, on air. The viewers' opinions were clearly divided into two, one side saying that it's an "innovative attempt that has yet to be done on mainstream television", while the opposition claiming that "it's something that cannot be done on a drama that is seen with family".

As to address this conflict in views, on July 30th's broadcast, Song Chang Yi's parents were shown with colliding opinions of their own. Kim Hae Sook (in the role of the mother) showed her support by saying "even if it's not a big wedding, I hope we could gather the two families for a dinner at least", while Kim Young Chul (in the father's role) showed his uncertainty by saying "I accept your relationship but I'm not sure about a wedding".

However, on the broadcast of August 1st, Kim Young Chul called Song Chang Yi and Lee Sang Woo out for a drink and told them his true feelings, saying "if I told you guys I understand it would be a lie and I'd feel guilty. But the truth is that I really want you guys to be happy".

An insider at "Life is beautiful" stated that they think "it should be acknowledged as a true love between a person and a person, but it won't be easy to broadcast a wedding scene due to the immense opposition. Already, a group against acknowledging homosexuality has put out advertisements against the idea in a conservative newspaper in early June." The insider also said that "the fact that characters of the show seem to have different opinions on a wedding is reflecting the problem the production team is having on the issue as well. The only person that knows how this wedding issue will be taken care of is the writer Kim Soo Hyun".

source: Nate news
translation: gogoparty at omona_prection

Who watches this awesome drama?

Rain is embarrassingly desperate to prove his height is 185cm

Last week, accusations of being shorter than reported flew around the web pertaining international star Rain. A day later, his fan club, the Clouds, rebutted all accusations against him, giving proof for their stance. Now, the star, himself, speaks up.

Recently, Rain wrote on an internet community portal, “See! I’m taller than Lee Jung Jin!” Along with this message, he posted up a picture of himself standing next to the said actor, proving that he really is 185cm as was reported.

In response to Rain’s message, netizens commented, “I’m envious of him,” and “Only our country makes a big issue about heights. Rain sure did have a hard time.”

[Films] Scar - And So Forth~

Co.ed's 10th member, Choi Sungmin, accidentally revealed

Recently, Plug In Music posted a notice on their website that said the following,

"Plug In Music's very own, Choi Sungmin, has signed an exclusive with Core Contents Media to join: Co.ed.

He's also part of our sister academy, JOY DANCE Academy.

On July 23rd, 2010, Core Contents Media came in to sign and confirm the exclusive contract with Choi Sungmin.

He's currently a student at JOY DANCE Academy, and recently completed a one-year personal training course.

Choi Sungmin will debut after only two months of preparations in the 9-member mixed group, 'Co.ed'.

Please anticipate and support!"

The post made by Plug In Music will probably be removed within the next few hours because it's currently garnering a lot of attention amongst netizens, and it's not supposed to be revealed as of yet.

Previous students of Plug In Music consist of Minji of 2NE1, Seungri of Big Bang, Goo Hara of KARA and the new Jewelry member and Superstar K contestant, Park Se Mi.

Source: Core Clique.

Well at least we know this one is talented in something cause ... yeah, he's clearly not getting by on his looks. Ahem. CCM, release the rest now prz, still missing 3 of them.

Shin Bongsun & Yoon Doojoon share a bed?

[Max Movie = Reporter Park Yooyoung] Entertainer Shin Bongsun is the first woman to share a bed with BEAST.

In MBC every1’s <Idol Maid>, Shin Bongsun is currently appearing as a maid for BEAST and in the recent recording, she invaded BEAST’s bedroom as she laid down on the bed, shocking BEAST.

On this day, Shin Bongsun and BEAST played a game in which they fought for a bunk amongst the beds and ended up snagging a bed next to her ideal Yoon Doojoon as she had the honor of laying next to Doojoon on the beds.

BEAST said, “Laying down on the bed and even coming inside our dorm, Bongsun nuna is the first” as they revealed their history of their dorm.

Meanwhile, the episode in which Shin Bongsun invades BEAST’s bed will air on the 4th at 6PM on MBC every1’s <Idol Maid>.

Picture credits: On Style (Left) / CUBE Entertainment (Right)

CREDITS: Maxmovie (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

I want to share a bed with Yoon leadah too ;_;
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Se7en backstage with Sandara, Minzy and T.O.P

Image Hosted by

Having made his long awaited comeback last week, Se7en has also got himself restarted on his official Twitter account with updates after more than a year of not posting.
On August 4th, Se7en tweeted a photo update of him posing with Big Bang’s T.O.P and 2NE1’s Minzy and Sandara Park. He wrote, “Last week backstage, Dara, Minzy and T.O.P who showed their support!!Thank u so much~!! love yall~~~

Fans commented, “YG FAMILY ☆ you looks so cool together ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥,” “can you please bring the whole YG family over here on Twitter,” “You guys are one big happy family~(^^)v,” etc.



ღ ღ ღ

YG Family rocks ♥

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'Korea' a large part of Obama's vocabulary

By Lee Tae-hoon

US President mentions Korea twice as many as Japan

It seems that “Korea” is a large part of President Barack Obama’s vocabulary and frequently used as a synonym as a prime example for success.

Korea has appeared in more than one in 10 key speeches that he has delivered since taking office in January 2009, much more frequently than many of his country’s key allies.

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S: Korea Times

It's Girls' Generation 3 anniversary! That calls for electronic billboards.


SNSD fans will be posting a billboard advertisement in celebration of SNSD's 3rd anniversary.

SNSD's fan club will be releasing a video that they produced through the billboards in Kwanghamoon and Nonhyun-dong on August 5th. According to the representatives, the advertisement will be played throughout the whole day, over 100 times.

The fan club has always released newspaper advertisements and charity works for every members' birthdays, and they will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary through the electronic billboard this time.

On a side note, SNSD is currently busy preparing for their Japan debut in September. They will be showing the power of Korea's best girl group during the Tokyo showcase late August.

Credit: Newsen

Congratulations ~ Congratulations ~
:3 Happy 3rd aniiversary! 

Shin MinAh confesses, “My body in photoshoot is photo-shopped”, while Narsha’s is 100%?

Actress Shin MinAh reveals the secret of her body in photoshoots.

Shin MinAh was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 3rd August when she revealed, “My body featured in photoshoots are photoshopped.”

Shin MinAh who was picked as the entertainer with the best body said, “In jeans CF, there is a need to emphasize on the hip line.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha added, “Even though Shin MinAh did a little phoshop in her photoshoot, mine is 100%.” Lee SeungGi then joked, “That degree is considered as CG,” which had the other guest appearances in laughter.

Source: Sookyeong

Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

lee yeon hee reveals probable airing date of paradise meadow

"Today was such a tiring day~~ ㅠㅠ lol I can't tell you why it was such a tiring day; it's a secret ^^ Everyone, the filming for Paradise Meadow has already been completed and I think it will be aired next February. Please wait for it~"

Source: [Lee Yeon Hee's Twitter]
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No way... February? *Facepalm forever*
SUJU: KyuHug

Super Junior Kyuhyun transforms into Dracula causes outburst laughter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior Kyuhyun, causes a burst of laughter by perfectly transforming into Dracula with his white face
Super Junior Kyuhyun made one summer night chilling by having the same appearance as Dracula.

On the 4th in SBS E!TV ‘Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World’ Kyuhyun became Dracula in the spur of the moment in the middle of a new game called ‘Comfortably lay on top of the blanket SHOW’. The survival type game is to wear the thick sleeping back up to the head and run to the blankets to claim the set pillow.
As the round slow down, the members being to get tired among them with his exceptionally white and small face, Kyuhyun’s form reminds us of Dracula.

There's a rumor that Shin Jeongwan who was looking at him said “Kyuhyun always looks like Dracula” which made the set burst into laughter.

On the day, Kyuhyun and his team members Shindong, Yesung with go against Mblaq’s Lee Joon, Thunder, and Seungho on 3:3 match.
‘Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World’ with Super Junior and Mblaq’s 2nd episode will air on the 4th at 12 o’clock on SBS E!TV.

translated by cookiemonkey @princekyu

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DraKYUla  it is then..! I wanna see this!!

Gikwang is under the spotlight as a 'new face' in the entertainment industry

These days, there are the ‘new faces’ in the entertainment industry who sport their strange character and unique humor.

Those who used to be familiar through dramas or the music industry now play the main role of helping the program get well known in the starting of the show with their different activities.

Lee Kikwang, who is a member in the idol group BEAST, is currently adding his character influence on Park Myungsoo, Tak Jaehoon, Kim Koora, and other member through his loose, but firm character on MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night ‘s Hot Brotheres’.

On the episode that aired on the 4th of July, Lee Kikwang delivered big laughter while acting as Kim Koora’s avatar and showing off a side other than his cuteness.

The height battle between Park Myungsoo and Lee Kikwang became such big deal that the keywords “Lee Kikwang’s Height Embarrassment” comes up as the related topics when you search for his name.

Even after it had been reveled that he was shorter than Park Myungsoo, he even showed the comfortableness of using his small height for laughter by stating, “My height just ended up disappearing on portal sites.

On the discussion board for ‘Hot Brothers’, viewer commented, “He has an idol image, but he still makes funny remarks without much thought about it” and “At first he didn’t stand out for me, but suddenly I started to see Kikwang as the center.”


o Geekwang... I'm too proud of you <3

jaysus poses; looks omnipotent while doing so

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Having recently become part of the big Sidus HQ family and having his own official website, Jay Park has now graced the cover of Sidus HQ’s online magazine to announce his arrival.

Besides recording his first personal video message to fans, a couple of new profile pictures were also released through this online magazine, showing the different sides of Jay Park.
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sources: sidushq & allkpop

These pictures are for audiences 1 day old and up.

Kim Heechul filming for “Youth Melody” with Zhoumi in China

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[Sport Chosun T-News Reporter Baek Ji Eun]

Super Junior Kim Heechul filming for CCTV Drama ‘Youth Melody’ with Zhoumi in

Kim Heechul went to China at the end of this July and did the filming in a rush.
His flight was delayed for 2 hours and yet there were still many fans crowded at
the airport just to welcome Kim Heechul’s arrival. Because Kim Heechul did not
have the chance to greet back his fans at the airport, he gave a friendly
greeting in front of his hotel and even took pictures together and so on, giving
a fan service.

Kim Heechul will play the role as a 24 years old university student who is
engaged in a love quarrel with 2nd generation chaebol* Zhoumi and will show off
his improved acting.

Meanwhile Super Junior has ended their activities and they will hold their 3rd
Asia Tour “Super Show 3″ on August 14 and 15 at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

*Chaebol is conglomerate

Original Source : SPORT CHOSUN
Translated by ☆★
Via: dkpopnews

Engaged in a love quarrel eh? I see.
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TOP &amp; YB
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Lee Jun-ki says "I was depressed since this morning because Joo Ji-hoon became a first-class private

The cast of military musical "Voyage of Life": From left, actors Moon Jong-won, Yoon Gong-joo, Lee Jun-ki, Son Hyun-jung, Kim Da-hyun, Joo Ji-hoon

Press conference for military musical "Voyage of Life" [tentative title]

With the increasing number of celebrity officers serving in the military compared to previous years, the quantity and quality of military-produced contents have been changing. Musical productions in particular have become one of the most representative military contents ever since Kangta and Yang Dong-geun performed in musical "Mine" in 2008. And two years later, the Korean military is producing musical "Voyage of Life" [tentative title] with Lee Jun-ki and Joo Ji-hoon playing the lead roles. If 2008's production 'Mine" was a story about a father and a son, "Voyage of Life" -- produced in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War -- focuses on the "communication between the war generation and the post-war generation."

The story of musical "Voyage of Life" begins on Jangjin Reservoir, an intense and cruel battlefield. After General MacArthur made a successful landing at Incheon in 1950, the United Nations Allied Forces are overpowered by the Chinese military defense and decide to retreat to Port Heungnam. With 14,000 refugees, the United Nations Allied Forces board the ship Meredith, which set a new world record and was registered in 2004 as 'the single boat which saved the most number of lives.'

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Source: - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Why is T-ara's Boram always sweating?

Girl group T-ara reveals the secrets of which happen in their dorm.

On a recent episode of "E! News," T-ara were the guests for a short interview. Hyomin revealed that, "When Jiyeon comes home, the first thing she does is just take off her clothes," she revealed. In which Jiyeon went on to say, "Whenever Hyomin sleeps, she is so serious. Her nose will be dripping and will be drooling everywhere."

T-ara's recent leader was also a victim of confessions. Qri said, "Boram will always be wearing sweats and long sleeves, even if it's at the beach on a hot summer day. She's always complaining about it's too hot, but won't change out of her sweats ever!"

source: Todaykorea
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ Diadem

i think she might have body image issues.
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Call for search for Korea MIAs

THE discovery of human remains has spurred calls to resolve the fate of the 44 servicemen listed as missing in action in the Korean War.

On February 10, South Korean military investigators confirmed the discovery of a set of human remains, five buttons from a tunic worn by Australian servicemen, and 23 other artefacts in Hyengsung region northeast of Kapyong, the site of a major engagement involving Australian forces.

It was initially thought the remains could be those of Corporal William Murphy of the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment who was listed as missing on April 24, 1951.

South Korean army investigators advised the Australian authorities in an email also sent to The Australian that in February a resident of the Hyengsung region at Gapyeong-gun said he had seen a foreign serviceman buried in the area.

That had led to the excavation of one set of human remains with coat and hat decorations, the message said.

But the excavation area was 68km northeast of Corporal Murphy's last known location -- a site identified as Mokdong-lee.

Veterans Affairs Minister Alan Griffin told The Australian he would support any investigation where there was prima facie evidence of servicemen missing in action.

"Where there is evidence warranting further investigation, Defence would obviously support taking further action to ensure that information is properly tested," Mr Griffin said yesterday.

He said an army investigation unit did visit South Korea to examine the remains and the artefacts and the work was continuing.

Korean War veterans and their supporters said more work would need to be carried out to plot the last known location of missing pilots.

The RAAF lost 18 pilots, most of them flying high-risk close support missions.

Jim Bourke of Operation Aussies Home, the group responsible for successfully locating and repatriating the remains of missing Australian servicemen from Vietnam and the Indonesian Confrontation, said it was time for more practical steps to help Korean War families.

The ADF lists 44 personnel missing in action in Korea -- 22 soldiers, 18 RAAF airmen, three navy air crew and a transport specialist. Of the 22 soldiers, only one, Corporal Murphy, went missing in South Korea.

Source: theaustralian
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Rain fails to convince netizens about his height with recent photo revealed

Despite a recent photo released to clarify previous  height criticisms, it seems that singer Rain fails to convince netizens.

A photo was posted up on a portal site on 3rd August under a post titled "2 photos of Rain and Lee JungJin in China, fishy~”.  In the photo, the 2 guys were seen standing side by side and their height had seemed similar.

The recent criticisms started when a photo featuring Rain and Lee JungJin standing by the road in Japan was released last month and in the photo, Rain had appeared shorter than Lee JungJin even though his height is stated as 185cm in his profile, while for Lee JungJin, his height is stated as 183cm in his profile.

Netizens commented on the most recent photo, “But still, Lee JungJin is taller”, “I don’t care who is taller. Rain is not short anyway”, “Rain is standing upright and at a higher place”, “Please take a photo where you guys are standing without the shoes on” etc.

S: K Bites

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After 2PM and MBLAQ, Teen Top is next idol group featured on GomTV ‘Making The Artist’

Teen Top, who became hot issue after debuting with the title song ‘Clap’, will show their daily lives.

Teen Top will be featured in GomTV reality program ‘Making The Artist’. And more about their daily lives and behind the scenes features will be shown from the 2nd week of August for 5 weeks consecutively on GomTV.

Before Teen Top, other idols featured on the reality program include 2PM, MBLAQ and C.N Blue, and they had received positive response appearing on the show. A GomTV staff revealed that they had decided to release Teen Top’s edition of ‘Making The Artist’ as there are many requests from fans and the group has garnered great interests, hits and views for their debut song MV ‘Clap’.

Not only will the Teen Top boys be featured during their preparations for their performances, the innocence of these youths behind the camera are also captured.

S: K Bites

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Tablo threatens legal action

Tablo, a member of the hiphop trio Epik High, is threatening to take legal action against people who continue to claim that his degree from Stanford University was falsified.

His academic records were confirmed by Stanford officials in an article printed in this newspaper on June 11.

“We will not take this to court right away, but people who posted rude and libelous comments should delete them within a week in order to avoid facing charges,” Kang Ho, Tablo’s legal representative, said in a press release on Monday.

Tablo has refuted allegations that his degree from the American university is fake since rumors to that effect began circulating in November.

“There is no doubt that Tablo received a degree from Stanford University,” Kang said. “Some are maliciously trying to make the truth seem false, which has lead to significant material and psychological damage to my client.”

Source: JoongAng Daily

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun releases “Hope is a dream that doesn’t Sleep” for King of Baking

Last week there were rumors floating around that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun would sing on an OST (soundtrack) for KBS2’s relatively new drama, King of Baking. Well, those rumors can be put to rest, as the track titled 희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈 / Hope is a dream that doesn’t Sleep has been released!

Kyuhyun shows off his superior vocals in this track. Thanks to everyone who sent this in and check out the track below.

Credit: RaiBaka

Source: Allkpop


Secret’s Hyosung reveals her comeback photo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The last photo is here.

Secret’s Hyosung has finally revealed her album jacket photo from the group’s upcoming album.

On the fifth, the last photo was available for fans to gawk at. In her photo, Hyosung looks innocent yet sexy with her shy smile.

She posed with a hot topless male just like Zinger and followed the theme of wearing all white.

Their company said, “You will find all kinds of new sides of the Secret members this time. Please look forward to their comeback.”

credit: AllKpop

"SMTOWN LIVE" concert to be six hours long

The upcoming "SMTOWN LIVE '10 World Tour In Seoul" concert featuring numerous SM artists including BoA, Girls' Generation and Super Junior will be one of great scale and length.

Agency SM Entertainment (SM) announced in a press release on Thursday that the joint world tour, which includes stops in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and other major Asian cities, will be about six hours long and feature a total of some 80 songs by the artists.

"SMTOWN LIVE" boasts a line-up of the biggest stars in the Korean pop scene who are represented by major talenthouse SM including Kangta, U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin, SHINee, f(x) and TRAX.

The concert will feature exclusive duet performances that will only be shown at "SMTOWN LIVE"; a joint performance by TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, BoA and Key (of boy band SHINEE), Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Seohyun (Girls' Generation), and sisters Jessica (Girls' Generation) and Krystal of f(x).

In addition, actors Kim Min-jong, Ara and Lee Yeon-hee will also be performing at the event.

"SMTOWN LIVE" concert kicks off in Seoul on August 21, at 4 p.m., at Olympic Stadium.

Source: 10Asia

Kim C complains about Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

Singer Kim C has expressed his disappointment towards SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

Kim C wrote on his Twitter on the fourth, “I feel like complaining. You tell us to sing only 2 songs because there are too many artists making appearances due to the World Cup, but you let the ‘Queen of Ice’ sing three… amazing. Hahaha

Everyone in Korea knows that the ‘Queen of Ice’ is Kim Yuna, and even though he wasn’t being direct in his complaint, it was clear that he was speaking to the staff of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, because Kim Yuna hasn’t been on any other show recently.

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Why is he so mad? it's just one song. and it's yuna!! she's a lot more popular so why wouldn't she get more time?
Oh pain!
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NK being bitter bitch - DMZ mosquitoes spreading malaria

Mosquitoes from the demilitarized zone are crossing into South Korea and spreading malaria to populations on the southern side. The reason: due to the chill in inter-Korean relations, yearly spraying on the Northern side has been halted.

According to the 2nd Provincial Office of Gyeonggi Province and the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention yesterday, there have been a total of 286 malaria patients in the province this year as of yesterday, a 27.7 percent increase compared to last year.

Most patients were found in Paju, Yeoncheon and Goyang, all near the demilitarized zone.

The government explained that the rise is due to poor preventive measures against disease-carrying mosquitoes on the northern side. In years past, the South and North agreed to spray insecticides during the summer season.

But because of tense relations between the two countries after the sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan in March, the North hasn't been doing its part.

As the number of malaria patients started to increase in May, the provincial office requested to the North in early July to participate in joint spraying. There was no response.

The provincial office had budgeted 3.2 billion won for malaria spraying this year, and it has been used for the spraying and for medicine for people infected.

The malaria parasite is plasmodium vivax, which is carried by the female Anopheles mosquito. That strain is less virulent than others and seldom kills but can result in severe fever and other cold-like symptoms.

Source: JoongAng Daily

Biological warfare? Classy.
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Secret's second mini-album tracklist + cover

With the release of a photo for Sunhwa’s comeback, fellow Secret members Jieun and Zinger’s comeback photos were all unveiled the following days.

As we await for the release of the final and leader member Hyosung’s comeback photos, Secret’s comeback album tracklist was revealed!

Recently revealed through YesAsia, Secret will be releasing their second mini-album titled Madonna.

1. Madonna (Title Track)
2. 랄랄라/ Lal Lal La
3. 잘해 더! (Feat. 백찬 of 8eight) / Do Better! (Feat. Baek Chan of 8Eight)
4. 줄듯말듯 / Hesitant
5. 자리비움 / Empty Space

Hit composers Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum composed the title track Madonna, and the song is about living with confidence by becoming an icon in this generation like the American star Madonna. The song’s genre will be electronic pop dance.

Lal Lal La is a medium tempo song composed by hip hop musician Naco and Kim Soo Bin, and Secret member Zinger participated in writing the song’s lyrics.

Do Better! features the strong vocals of 8Eight’s Baek Chan, who also participated in writing the song’s lyrics.

Hesitant is a song made by singer Mario, Lee Sang Min, Hwang Sung Jin and Secret’s Zinger.

Empty Space will be a ballad track that’s composed by Kang Ji Won, Lim Sang Hyuk and Kim Ki Bum. The song will express the feeling of having a hard time forgetting the lover that left, leaving one with an ‘empty space’. This track will be unique as it is composed of only piano sounds and vocals.

Stay tuned to their mini-album release on August 12th and make sure to support Secret by buying their album!

source: allkpop

i can feel your excitement all the way over here, omona.
Purple Forest

the result of park bom's lettuce diet

2NE1’s Park Bom suffered through her lettuce diet, but it all paid off in the end.

As a result of her hard work, she has gained a perfect V-line on her face. While filming for a CF, she posed by a random guy, and her V-line face caught everyone’s eyes.

Netizens commented,

“The lettuce diet worked really perfectly!”
“She got even prettier.”
“I hope they make a comeback soon.”

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Heechul; TADA

Bitchul Strikes Again

Park SooJin, “I had cried on 2 occasions because of Super Junior Kim HeeChul”

Park SooJin reveals an episode where she had cried because of Kim HeeChul.

Park SooJin had revealed during her guest appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 3rd August, “I acted as couple with Kim HeeChul in drama ‘I love you 10 million times’. And I became very close with Kim HeeChul and we were like siblings when we were filming the drama.”

She then added, “Kim HeeChul is someone who is very particular about cleanliness. We were filming this scene where we were on our newly wed vacation. He had taken my hand held it to his face. He looked at my fingernails (which were soiled), and pushed me away saying ‘I am not able to garner any emotions, I can’t act this scene’. Even after I apologised, he had put up a face all the way till the end, and I was angry myself too.”

Park SooJin added, “There was also once where there was only 2 of us in the car and I cried because Kim HeeChul was singing a song.”

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LOL he would
sohn yejin+jung woosung

Han Ji-Hye Announces Engagement

Whoa, congrats to Han Ji-hye! The actress (Like the Moon Escaping From Clouds, My Boyfriend Is Type B) has revealed that she will marry next month in Hawaii with her boyfriend, identified only as Mr. A.

The relationship was made public in 2009, but Han has done a pretty good job of keeping her private life quiet. Her fiancé is six years older than her and works as a public prosecutor in a district office. The two met at a church gathering in January of 2009 (Han is reportedly a devout Christian).

Han said, “After living only for myself, living together and for another person is what marriage is about. I’ve met a partner that I can share my life with. As we live, we’ll encounter days that are rainy and windy. We’ll need umbrellas and coats — that’s what we will be to each other. No matter what unpaved roads we encounter in life, I will not let go of this hand, I vow to you all. I ask for lots of encouragement that I may live a happy life.”

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MBLAQ Mir cuts in Strong Heart

Mblaq Mir appeared in Strong heart last week. I know this is a week old but the video with sub is only released today with the help of ambsubs.

Mir confessed that he and Big bang Seungri who is also one of the guest has a peculiar relationship. He also told his story about the featuring with Kan Mi Yeon who is also there.

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i want to see mir and kan miyeon do seungri's version
Junhyung The Fact

Netizens trying to "kill G-Dragon." Why?

Fed up with the killing of Big Bang’s G-Dragon

As much as many people have acknowledged the ability of G-Dragon, leader of popular idol group Big Bang, he stands out that much farther from other singers. But the truth is that his exceptional talent is not being properly acknowledged. Though famous pop artists who have high credentials internationally cannot hide their admiration for G-Dragon’s talent, it is true that he is being severely underestimated within his own country.

If that’s the case, why exactly is G-Dragon’s ability being underestimated? The reason lies with negative controversies related to G-Dragon, which always seem to re-explode as soon as things seem to calm down. Starting last summer with the plagiarism allegations around his solo track ‘Heartbreaker,’ he has continually been caught up in controversies to this day. And so, G-Dragon’s image has become worse.

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this really is sad for GD. I hope he realizes that not everyone is against him and that he has more fans than haters.

SHINee completes pictorial for Star Hwabo

The boys of idol group SHINee (Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin) recently participated in a special pictorial for Star Hwabo entitled SHINee’s One Fine Day.

The pictorial focuses on SHINee’s theme of their new song Lucifer, showing off a more mature and radiant side. The shoot also focuses on the hot summer season, so we’ll see the boys sporting some fancy and attractive clothing.

You can check out a preview of what is to come on Star Hwabo’s official website.