August 6th, 2010


KARA's leader Park Gyuri's mom had cancer?

Hot girl group, Kara is promoting their single “Mister” in Japan and Kara’s leader, Park Gyuri recently guest starred on Korean talk show, SBS Star Junior Show with her mother, Park So Hyun.

In the recording, So Hyun told her story of how she had a scare from what she thought was cancer but in reality, was just stomach pains.

As she shared:

“During Gyuri’s trainee years, she went through a lot after the company (that she used to be in) went out of business. Adding onto her broken heart, I thought I contracted cancer”

“I was weak and in pain due to stomach pains, and I wasn’t able to fully express my feelings for her while she was busily preparing to become a singer. I eventually wrote a parting letter for her (filled with her last words for Gyuri for when she passes away)”

“It was essential for my family to get their hearts ready for the moment. But in the end, I was diagnosed to be suffering from stomach ulcers instead of cancer.”
Luckily, it was all a mistake and Gyuri can focus her energies on being a leader!

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credit: popseoul


MBLAQ to perform at concert for needy children

While the rest of us are excited for a fun and enjoyable summer break and vacation these days, chic-dol MBLAQ is giving a special memory to the needy children who are spending a lonely break.

100 children were invited through KBS Annual Project "Korea is One Family," and after many decisions, the program will start the "Finding the Second Family Camp" to give a one-day mentoring camp with their new family.

MBLAQ and other celebrities will come together to open a small concert, preparing a heart-warming time to have fun with all the citizens and kids from the town of Mulgeon-ri, border town of the southern sea.

MBLAQ told us, "We're really happy to be part of a meaningful work. Like our lyrics, we would like for it to be a time to plant dreams for bright futures, and further wish to actively participate in this kind of volunteer work.

More recently, MBLAQ continued activities with their next song [after "Y"] "One Better Day," singing for a better tomorrow, and has been endlessly requested for interviews and concerts in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and other parts of Asia.

MBLAQ's performance can be found on August 7th, at 6 o'clock evening, in KBS 1TV "Korea is One Family."

sauce: bntnews
translation: euna @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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U-KISS’ Dongho, Being Diagnosed With Hypochondria?

Multinational group, U-KISS went to the swimming pool to have some fun and showed their bodies.

On the July 30th broadcast of SBS E!TV real food variety "Chef's Kiss", the members visited a clinic as a preparation for the hot summer. They took this opportunity to do health checkup as well as finding out foods that are good for summer (to prevent heat exhaustion).

On this day, each member received a detailed medical diagnosis, including their exact health condition. Dongho was the member who had the worst physical condition due to his busy schedule. Kibum and he received acupuncture treatment as well as body treatment procedure.

Especially Dongho, who surprised everyone when he was diagnosed with Hypochondria illness at such a young age.

Meanwhile, U-KISS went to the swimming pool in order to find their cooking ingredients and exposed their bodies to the public, which was something that rarely happened.

Taekwondo grade-holder Eli's solid body shape and exercise-mania Kibum and Kiseop's sexy muscles were revealed, and these made the female staffs filled with happiness.

Mydaily (Source) + jaymie501@ ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans) + micsummer @ ROCKETBOXX.NET (Editor)

BoA shows off her sexy makeup and a fan gift!

BoA recently showed off a present from a fan on her Twitter.

She wrote about the gift, “Our lovely fans sent many gifts~~~ I was hungry, so thank you so much ^^ Photo with the gift first!! I’ll have fun eating ^^”

In the picture, she held up a water bottle that a fan gave her.  It had BoA’s face on it, and the water bottle was cute, but i’m not sure how that’s going to solve her hunger problem.

Fans commented,

“I can’t wait for your comeback.”
“Drink water and eat healthy things to keep your body healthy.”
“The eye makeup is amazing.”

Her comeback performance is not far away.

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a printed out black and white picture cut out and glued on a thermos? lol irl. girl looks STUNNING tho.


SHINee Reaches 100K Mark w/ Lucifer

second full length album, Lucifer, has already sold over 100,000 copies.

Not many singers in Korea ever sell this many copies of one album, so this is a big accomplishment for SHINee

The group sold 28,135 copies online, and they sold 80,131 copies in stores. That means they totaled 108,266 copies, which is amazing considering that the album was released on July 19th.

Their company sunbaes, Super Junior and SNSD, have already reached this point of success, so it must feel good for the boys to follow their sunbaes footsteps.

Their first full length album sold 113,690 copies, and they’re already about to pass that record with this new one.

source: allkpop

Good job guys, noonas all around the world are proud of you!

Fluxus does it again.

"Our night is more beautiful than your day" was a hit song when W&Whale's leader, Bae Youngjun, used to work as Kona. After 14 years, now this song will reborn by Fluxus Voices and introduce to music fans.

"Our night is more beautiful than your day" 2010 version includes Ukulele sound, which makes a feeling of refreshment, played by Ex-Kona's leader and now W&Whale's leader Bae Youngjun. Also, one of W&Whale's member Han Jaewon edited this song with a cappella and changed it to 'High Quality Summer Mood Song' which gives a great sensation of sea wind and sound of waves.

Alex, Horan, Yi Sung Yol, Park Ki Young, Whale(W&Whale), Haewon(Winterplay), Namu(Bye Bye Sea), Urban Zakapa, etc. 10 talented artists' 'Fluxus Voices vol. 3 -- Our night is more beautiful than your day' has been introduced to fans only through ucc clips, but now it will be published as digital single which increases more expectation from music fans.

source: fluxus

Cube trainees in a 'silent battle' to debut

It has already been revealed that CUBE Entertainment, the home of newly arising Idols like 4Minute, BEAST, Mario and G.Na, will be holding a special event for their fans on the 10th of August and was then officially entitled: 2010 Summer Cube Stars Party.

Besides of awaited performances from their "already-popular" artists, another segment of the event is being much anticipated by fans who will attend the show. It has just been announced by one of the company's staff that at the same event, they'll also showcase their Idol Trainees by showing a competition between the 8 teams they made in preparation for the event.

They stated, “The team that receives the best assessment at the 2010 Summer Cube Stars Party will become the ‘Next Cube Star’.”

Another Cube Entertainment representative explained, “After the first Cube Star Party held back in January, teams have been in a silent battle for the past 7 months. They will show off their polished skills on the 10th.”

A lot of people are looking forward to seeing these new talents most especially because a lot of CUBE fans had much idea now on how good their trainees are. It's undeniable that G.Na Choi who was just a former back-up dancer of HyunA in CHANGE is now gaining so much love and interest from KPOP Fans all over the world.

Many fans are also anticipating the appearance of the "infamous" back-up dancer of 4Minute in "I My Me Mine" known as Kim Seobang.

Reporting + Editing:

hoping the tattoo IMMM dancer is one of them!

BEAST was originally supposed to be called BEST?

It's true that it's hard to name idols with the influx of new groups appearing each day. So, at least having a unique and interesting name gives the groups hope and a better chance that the group might just be able to survive in the industry.

That is why there had been an increase in more complex and different group names. If you are a fan of an idol group, you should be able to know some. However many don’t know how that name came to be. So how exactly are the idol group’s names created?

The ‘boyfriend-idol’ group BEAST is one of the groups with an interesting behind story for their name. According to Cube Entertainment, the name for the group BEAST was supposed to be BEST, meaning that they will be the best. However one day, AJ, a famous choreographer from America, commented “So Beast!” after watching the members. But of course as the final decision, it was the President of the company who decided to adopt the name.

The promotion team revealed that the group name was going to be B2ST before as well, however they had decided to go with BEAST in the end for the fans overseas.

CREDITS: hankyung (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)
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Super Junior’s Donghae, Siwon, and Yesung get topless for BoA

The hot trio of Super Junior, Donghae, Siwon, and Yesung weren’t able to support their senior singer BoA in person for her comeback stage… but I’m sure this tasty photo is enough to make up for it!

On Donghae’s Twitter, the boy tweeted a picture of the trio topless, all sticking their thumbs out to show their respect toward BoA. Donghae left a caption,

“Star of Asia BoA sunbae, we are Sorry Sorry that we couldn’t be there for you when others did!! Sorry!! Show us the best stage ever!! Be the best our BOA!!”

What a treat that is.

source: allkpop


Mnet M! Countdown’s ranking system raises eyebrows

Another K-pop controversy alert: Mnet Countdown is rigging their chart ranks?

A large portion of netizens has begun to bring out various fishy elements on Mnet Countdown’s ranking system, suspecting that the program is not being completely honest with their results.

Many believe that artist Seven claiming the #1 spot on August 5th’s airing is not right and fair, as Mnet’s close relationship with YG Entertainment might have resulted in possible ranking manipulation.

Netizens also believe that with Mnet’s chart system being divided into: 50% Sales Count, 30% Online Voting, 10% Mnet’s Judging, and 10% Live Text Voting, Seven’s track Better Together should be placed around 9th place in the chart. So how could it have been #1 this week?

It is true that close affiliation between the program and the entertainment companies may affect the outcome. But do you think Mnet is really manipulating their results?

For the record, Se7en’s Better Together was ranked No.10 on the August 6th episode of Music Bank.

Source: Allkpop & Newsen

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HELLOtv’s Magazine Interview with Infinite


Infinite’s endless charms.

The time where the sun is the hottest.

There’s mumbling sounds from the stairs leading to the entrance of the studio.

Infinite, who came in with faces full of playfulness, look exactly like that age group of boys.

However, the seven members who stood in a line yelled loudly enough to flip over the building.

“Hello. We are Infinite.”

There was a young liveliness in what seems could be a plain greeting phrase.

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CREDITS: HELLOtv Magazine; (Korean Text Typed) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

Take out with full credits!!

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mommy dongwoo and daddy sunggyu~

i feel so bad for hoya though :(

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Happy shark week to ban_shark !!
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SHINee’s Jonghyun’s graduation photos garner interest

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SHINee’s member Jonghyun has always been the “hot” one in the group, with his masculine yet adorable appearance. The question is, has he gone through any surgery?

Based on a couple photos revealed recently, it seems like the answer is a big fat no. A couple photos were posted on a celebrity bulletin, with an explanation revealing they are graduation photos from Jonghyun’s school’s yearbook. The boy in the photos do not look any different than how he looks now.

Netizens commented, “Wow, he doesn’t look any different,” “He hasn’t changed at all,” “He’s naturally handsome,” etc.

Meanwhile, Jonghyun’s group SHINee has recently reached the 100K mark for album sales.


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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

Kim Jong Kook, Eru as Fashion Brand "Faddy Robot" Model

The selection of singers for the photoshoot of 'Faddy Robot' which is part of Jun Company, the global character contents media group, is a hot topic.

Kim Jong Kook, Mighty Mouth (Sangchu, Shorry), Eru, JJ, and Soya were involved in a photoshoot at a studio at Seoul Shinsadong for the fashion brand 'Faddy Robot' S/S Look Book. Koyote's Bbaek Ga, who is also a singer, participated as a stylist here.

A marleting representative for Jun Company revealed the reason "Kim Jong Kook, Mighty Mouth, JJ, Soya and Eru's personalities and lively character match well with the target market of Faddy Robot. We feel they are able to be good representations."

From early hours of the photoshoot they have been wearing the casual clothing and despite their busy schedules were able to do the shoot happily.

Kim Jong Kook recently participates in SBS Weekend variety program 'Running Man', Mighty Mouth are preparing their new album as well as appearing in various variety programs. What drew attention specifically is the uncle-niece Kim Jong Kook and Soya shooting as a couple.

Source: Nate & o-cha@soompi
 & guess which stars wore the same t-shirt too? I'd do a "Who Wore It Better", but I'm not good at that >_<


Jiyeon, "I didn't know my pants were torn, I just kept dancing"

T-ara's Jiyeon confessed about dancing on stage without noticing her torn trousers.

During the broadcast of the third season of reality talk show "Happy Together" on the 5th of august on KBS2, Jiyeon said, "It happened when we were on an event promoting Crazy Because of You.".

She also stated that, "When I was dancing, I suddenly saw our manager gesturing to me, I thought he wanted me to dance more seriously, so then I danced with even more enthusiasm", "The trousers were skin tight, I only found out later that I had a split in the middle of my trousers", which made everyone who was listening dumbfounded.

Translation : luvHM @ Diadem

T-ara looking cute and doing more death bell stuff!

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Source: Nate

I worked hard on this so enjoy!
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Korea's Lost Children

"I was abandoned in a public market in the beginning of winter", claims one Korean adoptee.

Every year, around 1,000 South Korean children are given up for adoption in Western countries. The overseas adoption programme began in the 1950s as the impoverished government's answer to the masses of mixed-race orphans from the Korean War.

All told, around 200,000 Korean children have been adopted overseas over the past 60 years. About 300 of them have since returned to live in Korea – and many are now involved in trying to change the adoption laws.

In this programme, BBC journalist Ellen Otzen meets Jane Trenka and Suki Leith, both of whom were adopted by American families, to explore the impact foreign adoption has had on them.

Successive governments have pledged to end the practice of trans-national adoption. South Korea is now one of the world's most developed countries, and has one of the lowest birth rates globally, so why are Korean children still being sent away?

Today, 89% of Korean children sent overseas for adoption are born to unwed mothers, who say they are approached by private adoption agencies during their pregnancies and urged to give their children up for adoption.

One of the major players, Holt International Adoption Agency, has often been criticized by Korean adoptees for disregarding the rights of unwed mothers and setting up a system that made Korean "mail-order babies" possible.

Agency head, Molly Holt, argues that the organisation's main goal is simply to give "unwanted" Korean babies "a permanent, loving family."

The adoptees say it is time the Korean government makes laws that promote family preservation instead of international adoption.

listen to the documentary on their website since I can't embed it

Source: bbc

G.NA Calls Cube President Hong "Father"

Gina started her trainee life under JYP Entertainment back in Korea.

Although she was called the 'second Park Jiyoon taken care of by Park Jinyoung', her future looked uneasy.

An opportunity came to Gina. As a company that knew her potentials, they sent Gina to JYP USA in New York with individuals like Im Junghui. Min, who was living her trainee life in the US under JYP Entertainment, lived with Gina at that time.

But, another misfortunate event occurred. After 5 months, Gina had to receive surgery because a knot formed in her vocal cords from the rough treatment of her neck. Gina, who returned to Korea, was resting while she appeared in 2PM's music video.

Also, she had to make an important decision. When Gina found out that Representative Hong Seungsung left JYP Entertainment and moved to CUBE Entertainment, she also followed him and changed companies.

Hong Seungsung is the most thankful person to Gina. Gina calls him 'father' instead of 'president.' "He told me to just call him 'father'. He said it was too strange to call him 'president'."

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CREDITS: Herald Media (SOURCE); kiwiannabear@ROYALGNA(TRANS)

Simon D's past styles revealed!

Hip hop group Supreme Team’s Simon D recently caught various netizen’s interest with his past photos.

On the 6th, portal site Daum’s “Tell Zone” message board revealed 10 photos of Simon D that showed his past to present self. With a screen name called Friends, the person who posted these photos wrote, “Supreme Team’s Simon D, who is recently gaining great popularity, this is a picture of his past that shocked me.”

So what was surprising about these pictures? Well, in the pictures Simon D is shown with various hairstyles including an afro and a crew cut. Along with the pictures were these words: “While trying to find Simon D in the picture, I thought that this person possibly couldn’t be Simon D, but it was!”

Netizens who viewed these pictures commented that he looks exactly the same as he is now.  With his thick eyebrows and defined chin line, netizens guessed that the singer must have been popular during his childhood. Along with these speculations were comments such as, “Elementary Simon D, High School Simon D is really cute. He looks the best now” and “My belief that Simon D would match any look has just been shattered.”

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Source: AKP

Simon D oppa is UNF no matter what he looks like. love the 'fro lol.
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Big Bang...too good to be called IDOLS?

Say what? Most people would believe the group Big Bang would easily qualify as idol stars since the group is arguably the epitome of all successful idol groups these days.  However, famous music critic Yim Jin Mo doesn’t believe so, as he thinks the group is “too good” to be called idols at all!
The man appeared on MBC FM4U’s Date in Two O’Clock, and revealed, G-Dragon brought undivided attention with his solo album he produced himself last year. Technically, if one member in a group is able to actually write his own song, we can’t call the group ‘idols.’
Like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, they were able to break the idols barrier and began to write songs on their own. This is the biggest success point of Big Bang.”
He also gave his criticism, “I hope he puts more effort on songwriting and widens his creativity.”

Surce: allkpop

what do you think?

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WG in Msia - Who's the naughtiest?, Interview with the WG in Malaysia

Malaysian Today interview with the Wonder Girls when they came down to Malaysia for the MTV World Stage 2010

THEY have been topping the Korean charts with hits like ‘Irony’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘So Hot’ and even entered the US Billboard Top 100 with ‘Nobody’ and ‘2 Different Tears’. Their dance moves have started a craze and now they want global domination. Malaysian Today managed to hook up with Wonder Girls’ Min Seon Yeh (SunYe), Park Yeh Eun (YeEun/Yenny), Ahn So Hee (SoHee), Kim Yubin (YuBin) and Woo Hye Rim (Hye Rim/Lim) as they came down for the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia recently. We were pleasantly surprised to find them a rather bubbly bunch.

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Malaysian Today (a Malaysian Youth Publication)
raptorclans@MyWonderfuls or raptorclans@WGSPECTACLE