August 8th, 2010

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Big 4minute Update!

Far Eastern Tribe Records has confirmed that 4minute will be in two new publications coming up in August.

The girls will first be featured in TV Guide Japan's next issue. The magazine will feature photos from their latest live performances across Japan, as well as an interview with the girls. The issue hits newsstands August 11.

4minute will also appear in AERA Mook in an issue entitled "KPOP GIRLS." There will be an interview with 4minute. The publication is called a "mook," as it is a thick glossy journal, somewhere between a magazine and a book, that dedicates one issue to a single topic. "KPOP GIRLS" will be released on August 20.

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Key rejects Chae Yeon as his ideal girl

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On August 7th’s airing of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, SHINee member Key and the recently returned sexy queen Chae Yeon both made an appearance as this week’s special guests.

Chae Yeon was partnered with Super Junior’s Shindong, whereas Key was coupled with his fellow group-mate Jonghyun. Chaeyeon described Shindong’s charms by saying, “He’s a fresh man that smells like toothpaste. When we talk closely, I get attracted by the scent of his toothpaste. I don’t like bad boys, I like guys with a pure heart.”

After, the host Ji Suk Jin tossed a question to Key, asking how he thinks of Chae Yeon as a woman. Key then replied, “Well, I like girls that are of my age…” This is obviously referring to Chae Yeon’s old age (ajuhmah status), since she’s almost 13 years his senior.


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Doojoon calls Gikwang "baby"!

BEAST's Yoon DooJoon posted up a picture of member Lee KiKwang with the caption "DJ Baby Kwang" on his Twitter on the 7th.

On August 1st, Yoon DooJoon and Lee KiKwang participated in SBS Power FM 'Cool Music' as DJs. In the picture, Lee KiKwang is wearing black-rimmed glasses and a black military cap with a natural look. Lee KiKwang's cute expression while he holds his glasses is impressive.

People commented on the picture, saying, "Baby Kwang is cute~", "DooJoon, upload your pictures too", "Warm male idol", "Do you have pictures you guys took together?", showing their hot interest.


i have a ~hot interest~ in this if you know what I mean... shipping right now

Park JaeBum, “Please wait a bit more for reveal of ‘Bestie’!”

Park JaeBum relays his latest news to fans through Twitter.

Park JaeBum posted news about his new song together with news of his event the previous day on his Twitter account on 8th August. He wrote, “When the bestie will come out? Please wait a little while more ㅋㅋ just wait a little bit more for bestie lol, I’m very excited now. I’m doing rap on stage -_- The song…ㅋㅋ haha luckily I didn’t cough. Does this all make sense? ㅋㅋ”

It was planned initially for Park JaeBum to release his bestie song on 7th August, but until it was not released even until 8th August, and there was no explanation released on it. Meanwhile, JaeBum had his first solo stage after returning to Korea for ‘Summer Week & T’ on 7th August.


Meanwhile, there is great anticipation from fans that JaeBum will release his solo song ‘Bestie’ which means best friend.

Source: K-Bites

Sookyeong, your Peabody is in the mail

Se7en tops stranger bitch chart "Dosirak"

Se7en who recently made his return to the k-pop industry after three years and eight months has dominated Dosirak’s music chart for the first week of August (1st – 7th).

According to Dosirak’s weekly chart, Se7en was on top (Better Together), followed by miss A (2nd) (Bad Girl Good Girl) and SHINee (3rd) (Lucifer).

Park Myung Soo and KARA’s Nicole (Whale), who were 15th place last week jumped up 11 places to 4th place.

Following the top four artists were G.NA (5th) (I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better), Son Dambi (6th) (Queen) and IU (7th) (Because I’m A Woman) who topped last week’s chart.

The rest of the top 10 were MC Mong (8th) (Hurts As Much As Dying), 4minute (9th) (I My Me Mine) and Monday Kiz (Going Crazy).

A music representative stated, “Various dance songs that are electronic have made it to the top 10. Summer dance songs are currently receiving more popularity.“

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KARA's Goo Hara suffers from tragic NoBoobsAtAll

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Goo Hara compares her body to a mannequin and seems to be embarrassed about it.

Recently on their online shopping mall "Karaya" photo's were posted with Goo Hara posing next to a mannequin.

Netizens quickly captured interest on this picture also because Goo Hara seems to be as thin as the mannequin. Goo Hara is famously known for having an "ant waist" having a 21 inch waist.

Netizens commented, "She has a child's body", "Im very concerned with her body", "Dont worry, your still beautiful!", "She looks so cute".

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brand new information.

MBLAQ's Lee Joon confirmed to be as dirty as he looks

Comedian Jung Ju Ri revealed the dirty truth about MBLAQ on Star Golden Bell.

In this most recent episode, she said, “Lee Joon dries off his sweat with the air conditioner instead of showering.”

I know fangirls like his sweaty body on stage but shouldn’t he clean himself up afterwards?

Lee Joon added proudly, “Our dorm is a garbage area. I’m the dirtiest. But you feel more masculine when you’re dirty.”

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xxxholic / Moonlight

When will Birdie Buddy air?

UEE was supposed to debut in her first starring role this summer. But summer’s going by and Birdie Buddy is nowhere to be found. What gives? Looks like Group 8′s playing favorites, and Birdie Buddy is coming up with the short straw. It’s been six months since production began on the drama, but it hasn’t quite found its direction, and the production is continuing to go adrift.

Birdie Buddy, starring UEE, Lee Da-hee, and Lee Yong-woo, drew some interest after its initial press conference in February, and has been in production for the past six months. The show has been plagued with problems from the get-go, but seemed to be moving along. Stills are being released, as all productions do, but since entering principal photography four months ago, they have yet to produce any substantial footage.

The show reportedly only has the equivalent of seven episodes in the can, which if you’re familiar with the Korean production system, is ridiculously under par. Most 20-episode dramas complete all of principal photography AND air its complete run in six months’ time. Only the most big-budget productions spend a few extra months shooting in advance, and even then, the shooting ratio is nowhere near as slow because there are large action sequences to be covered.

It looks like the budget is a problem, although production house Group 8 is releasing announcements that things are fine. It’s not hard to see that they’re focusing more of their efforts (read: time, money) on Playful Kiss, which already has a broadcaster (MBC) and an airdate, and is set to be their next Boys Before Flowers.

Personally I never saw the draw for Birdie Buddy, but it does have its manhwa fanbase, as well as those of its stars, so there’s a chance that if it can pull something together for a less competitive season, it might fare reasonably well. Whether or not the production can turn itself around is another question entirely.

Source: Dramabeans

MC Mong threatened by 4minute's fanclub?

In MBC 'Kkuldanji-Mongi' that was aired on the 8th, this episode was about how MC Mong was bullied by 4minute's fan club even though he was 4minute's wild fan.

In this episode, Sung In Chae, who wasn't fond with the fact that Mong was 4minute's wild fan, impersonated Mong's ID 'MONG29' and left the hate comment "4minute is unlucky." 4minute's fan club saw this comment, and they started to send threatening letters to Mong, dug up unwanted pictures of Mong, and they used other various methods to bully him.

At the end, 'Betrayal Tinkerbell' Sung In Chae revealed the true story and even left a written apology to 4minute fans. But, Mong made an even bigger mistake. When he was drunk, he yelled, "I hate 4minute and all their fans. I like Girls' Generation more!"

The bar's owner (who is also a member of 4minute's fan club) heard Mong's thoughtless words and recorded Mong on CCTV. This caused another stir among the fans. The fans came to where he lived and protested, demanding him for an apology.

Mong, who experienced trouble because of 4minute, chose an extreme method. He directly went to 4minute's broadcast and he suddenly invaded their camera, yelling, "4minute jjang!" He explained that everything was a misunderstanding and that he didn't mean what he said.

Watchers gave Mong high praise after they watched his face acting and the scenes that he aroused laughter in.

Source: Newsen
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lol don't mess with 4nia.

IU, “Simon D did not reply to my texts”

Singer IU expressed disappointment towards Simon D of Supreme Team, garnering interest.

IU had everyone curious when she said on MBC “Quiz To Change The World,” aired on the 7th, “I’m sad because of Simon D oppa.” She confessed, “I had a fixed appearance on the same radio program as Simon D oppa. I thought that we got to be really close so on the last airing date, I asked him for his number.”

Continuing, she expressed her disappointment, saying, “As he gave me his number, oppa said, ‘Let’s contact each other frequently,’ but when I sent him about 3 text messages, he never replied back.

The MCs asked Simon D, “Why didn’t you reply,” and Simon D said jokingly, “It’s because I’m not easy.”

On the other hand, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, who also appeared on the show, said “I also asked IU for her number but she said ‘I don’t have a phone,’” putting IU in a difficult situation. She explained, saying, “When I was close with Lee Hyun oppa, I didn’t have a cellphone. To tell the truth, I like nice Lee Hyun oppa over Simon D oppa.”


i still ship this couple
Candy Butterflies

South Korean Fishing Vessel Held by North: Coast Guard

SEOUL — A South Korean fishing vessel with seven people aboard is being held by North Korea after sailing into the North's exclusive economic waters off the east coast, the South Korean coast guard said on Sunday.

Simmering tensions between the two Koreas have risen a notch in recent days with the staging of military drills by the South off the west coast, infuriating Pyongyang which threatened "physical retaliation" for the exercise.

"We have found out that our fishing vessel is being investigated by North Korean officials in the presumed North Korea exclusive economic waters in northern East Sea," the South Korean coast guard said in a statement.

"The South Korean government, according to international law, wants the swift resolution to the matter and the safe return of its vessel and its fisherman."

Yonhap news agency reported the vessel had advised the coast guard it was being taken by a North Korean patrol to a port in the communist country.

The two sides are still technically at war after their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

South Korea is due to complete a five-day exercise on Monday near a tense maritime border off the west coast, the site of the sinking of one of the South's warships in March.

Tensions heightened on the peninsula following the torpedoing of the Cheonan corvette, which killed 46 sailors. The South, with the backing of Washington, blamed the North for the sinking.

North Korea has repeatedly denied any involvement.

China's Xinhua news agency said the boat carried a crew of four South Koreans and three Chinese, which may have a bearing on North Korea's response to the latest territorial spat.

China is North Korea's only major ally and host of six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Source: MSNBC via Reuters

The crazy formatting is from the original article (apparently every sentence is its on paragraph) & the important parts are bolded for the tl;dr crowd

Photo Of The Day: After 2NE1 Park Bom, T-ara girls show some sweet corn love!

T-ara members show their love for sweet corns.

T-ara attended the premiere event for movie ‘GoSa 2′ on 8th August in at 8 cinemas including Busan CGV Phantom City, DaeYeong cinema etc.

And the girls started their schedule that day at 9am, and while in the waiting room, the ywere spotted eating sweet corns.

More love for sweet corn from girlgroups after 2NE1 Park Bom?

source (sookyeong)

Fans knickers in a twist because of Inkigayo's collapsing stage

Even though SBS Inkigayo production team has apologised about our collapsing stage, the unhappiness of the TV viewers did not simmer.

Inkigayo staff has posted up an apology through their site forum regarding the incident. The production team, “Part of the front glass stage platforms have collapsed today during the show. We apologise for the worry caused to TV viewers, we promised to be an Inkigayo who take safety as priority in the future.”

But criticisms against the show continues even after the apology. Netizens commented on the forum, “How did they set up the stage?”, “Luckily no one was injured, I cannot imagine if any singer would get injured”, “Inkigayo disappoints”, “When I watched 4Minute perform, I was so anxious for them”, “I don’t know how to trust Inkigayo” etc.

Meanwhile, during 4Minute’s performance of ‘I My Me Mine’ on the show that day, the stage platform had collapsed in in great degree and member HyunA and SoHyun were seen shocked. Even though the 2 had appeared flustered at first, the group continued through their performance.


Source: KBites

Edit: While HwanHee was performing his comeback stage for "While Doing..." the stage also collapsed underneath his feet, confusing the dancers and making the performance slightly weary.
It didn't seem to bother HwanHee if anything it amused him quite a bit. He specifically pranced around on the broken stage making sure that the camera had no choice but to film Inikgayo's poor set production.

thankfully nobody was hurt from either performances but still this isn't the standard we have come to expect from Inkigayo.

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Videos: CrazyCarrot350 youtube

1: 25 - 1: 27 in the performance.
GaYoon ILU

EDIT: Added HwanHee's stage fuckery aswell.
Buck Swagga Jackin Selleck

Narsha and SHINee: Illuminati Infiltration of K-Pop

Illuminati symbolism is not only present in American pop culture, it is also heavily referenced in Korean pop (K-Pop), a multi-billion industry that reaches millions of young fans. We’ll look at the occult symbolism found in Narsha’s “Bbi-Ri-Bop-A” and SHINee’s “Lucifer” to see how the same hidden force that rules the American music industry also rules K-Pop.

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Source: Vigilant Citizen, AznSamManTV @ YT & KyuleeKPOPMV @ YT

Bolded for the TL;DR crowd. I always knew SHInee had Illuminati connections... idk something about Taemin always gave it away


2PM: K-pop's Boys of the Hour, 2PM


By David Yi

Thrusting their pelvic muscles while their bulging biceps glisten with sweat in the blinding white-hot lights, the boys of 2PM are smoldering on stage at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. They dance with military-like precision to their first single, “Without U”—a catchy summer anthem filled with teen angst set behind a dissonant piano melody. More 1990s Chippendale dancers than K-pop princes (lol), they exude budding sexuality, which they undoubtedly acquired from their CEO and mentor Jin Young Park. At this point, the entire stadium has been completely saturated with freshly squeezed pheromones, and it doesn’t help that Taecyeon Ok, the band’s resident shirt shredder, is getting ready to destroy his tight black threads onstage.

“Taec it off!” a fan poster cleverly reads while fans chant, “Take it off! Take it off!” The music blasts, and he places two hands on his chest, then grabs the ribbed cotton cloth of his form-fitting shirt. Near the climax of the track, he’s ready to bare it all, fans screaming in ecstasy. But just when he’s about to disrobe, the tweens let out a whimper of disappointment as the heartthrob coyly smirks, looks to the crowd and opts not to slough his uniform after all.

What a tease.

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Source: iamkoream
Dr. Who - Lost

Close-ups of Kara’s butts causes some fans to be butt hurt

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There is currently a hot issue brewing amongst netizens and fans of Kara, because of a Japanese broadcast.

On the August 6th episode of channel Asahi’s morning show, called Super Morning, they interviewed the girls of Kara who are currently making their entry into the Japanese market.

A reporter from the show described Kara as a popular Korean idol group who’s butt dance moves were very popular, while also saying that the girls received a lot of attention in the past due to famous Japanese comedian Gekidan Hitori who is a fan of Kara. The reporter also revealed that Kara’s debut Japanese single album, Mister, would be released on the 11th.

The reporter also talked about Kara’s success in Japan so far, such as when their tickets for a showcase fanmeeting soldout in five minutes.

What the Kara fans were interested in though, was not the interview itself but the way they shot the show. When the girls were showcasing their butt dance during the interview, camera zoomed in and slow motion effects of the girls’ butts were included.
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Source: Allkpop
Video Source: RWLeader

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No wai, the butt isn't the main part of the butt dance?

lol but for reals the slo-mo was unnecessary.

Eunhyuk ♥'s Zinger ... but we know in reality that he doesn't.

Secret’s Zinger & Super Junior’s Eunhyuk have both pointed out that each other is their ideal type.
On MBC’s youth variety program which was broadcasted on the 8th August, Secret, Miss A, Girl’s Day, LPG, Cool RooRa, other girls’ group etc and also special guest Super Junior (Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kyuhyun) each showed off their talk charisma.

That day, MC gave members of Suju a piece of suggestion, “Now (I’ll) give you guys some time, please walk to your usual ideal type, and then deliver the bouquet of flowers to her.”
Thus, Kyuhyun sang a sweet love song for his ideal type – Cool RooRa’s Kim Ji Hyun, and attracted the views of everybody.

On the other hand, Eunhyuk presented the bouquet to Secret’s Zinger, “(I) was mesmerized by Zinger’s pelvic dance in “, stating the reason for liking (her) straightforwardly.

Zinger who received the bouquet replied, “Till yesterday, Leeteuk sunbaenim has always been in the first place (among the male celebrities) that I liked, but today Eunhyuk sunbaenim has become the first place (among the male celebrities) that I liked”, therefore confirmed as the final candidate for Eunhyuk’s ideal type.

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BoA Brings Boys Backstage

To support BoA’s comeback in Korea after 5 years, SJ’s Kim Heechul, TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho, actress Lee Yeonhee and other artists from the same company visited the recording site to show their support.

BoA through KBS 2TV “Music Bank’ broadcast on the 6th, performed her first performance for her comeback. This day, BoA performed two hit songs from her 6th album “Hurricane Venus” and “Dangerous”

On the same day, Yunho who was busy with “Goong” musical practice couldn’t even shoot for the poster, yet he still found time to come to the KBS filming site, to show support for BoA, a senior from the same company.

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ChaeYeon wears her provocative outfit to bed

ChaeYeon reveals an outfit which she is not allowed to wear on broadcast.

ChaeYeon posted a photo of herself wearing the outfit on her Twitter on 8th August, “This outfit which was not allowed on broadcast.. I like it very much .. ^^ No choice.. I’ll wear it when I go to sleep kyaaa~~~”

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Pretty and sexy” etc. Meanwhile, ChaeYeon is recently back with her 2nd minialbum ‘Look At’ and is promoting the title song ‘Look Look Look’.


Original Tweet:
공중파에선 입을수 없었던 요 의상.. 난 참 좋은데.. ^^ 어쩔수 없쿤.. 잘때 입어야겠다 끼야악~~~

Source: KBites
Source: ChaeYeon's Twitter

stop your bitching... she's hot get over it.
we needed a break from SHINee
Onkey nylon

It's Shi- oh, it's Chansung! 2PM talks about maknae's sleeping habits.

During a recent interview, the members of 2PM revealed the weird sleeping habits of their youngest member, Chansung. Not only were the habits revealed to fans but to Chansung himself who had no previous recollection of them.

“Chansungie talks a lot in his sleep,” Taecyeon began. “And there’s also a lot of things he can’t remember afterwards. For example, Chansung usually sleeps on the floor, so sometimes, when I wake up and go get some water, he suddenly opens his eyes and gets up…he just wakes up and stares at me, I’m like, ‘What?’ When I’m done drinking, he just goes back to sleep.”

Already surprised by the revelation, Chansung was surprised when the other members added similar experiences with the unconscious maknae. Also having a scary experience was Junho. “Sometimes when I open our door at night and see Chansung sleeping he suddenly sits up, opens his laptop and says ‘Ah~’ then goes back to sleep. When he was if he remembers it the next day, he says he can’t remember a thing.”

“Even the way Chansungie sleeps is hilarious. I went out of my room one night becase it was really hot and…you know how there’s a sofa on the floor so, he was sleeping neither on the sofa or on the floor. He was sleeping in between.” Chansung laughed at Junsu’s words, even demonstrating the way he slept, “Like this, diagonally.”

The revelations didn’t stop there as Nichkhun put in his own word, “He puts food next to him before going to sleep. And then suddenly in the middle of the night, he wakes up, eats a cookie and goes back to sleep immediately.” Astounded, Chansung asked if that was true. Both Junho and Nichkhun agreed, having both seen him do that in the past. “He does a lot of weird things when he’s unconscious.” Junsu added.

“I used to sleepwalk when I was younger,” Chansung admitted in a shy voice. “Like leaving the house and even going outside was a normal thing.”

[kpl article actually has the video below placed here]

It seems member Wooyoung has lucked out from having any weird experiences with Chansung. Meanwhile, the 2PM members will be seen in an upcoming episode of the HaHaMong Show and will show their dorm rooms to the audience.

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Video: kassumass@youtube

Lol, they obviously haven't seen Star Golden Bell - Chansung confessed to groping Wooyoung in his sleep.
all the love inside ceases to exist
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BoA got scouted on the streets

You’re probably wondering why Korea’s biggest pop star would get street cast after 10 years of working as a singer. Well it turns out, there are people out there who can’t recognize BoA.

In an interview with OSEN, BoA revealed, “I’ve been street cast recently.”

With the release of her sixth album Hurricane Venus around the corner, she visited Seoul Shinsadong with her staff members to take a break. While walking, someone approached her and asked if she was a model. They then asked her if she would be interested in becoming a celebrity.

BoA was too embarrassed to say that she was BoA so she just told the person that she was a celebrity that’s not that famous. BoA added, “I think they thought I was a model because it was late at night and they couldn’t see my killer heels.”

BoA left the scene shortly after but one of her staff members told her that someone informed the person that she was BoA and the person responded, “That’s what BoA looks like?”

That guy needs to keep up.

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aource: akp

lol I don't blame the guy tbh, she's always been really simple looking to begin with, that and the blonde hair is capable of making a person do a double take.