August 9th, 2010

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10Asia Interview with Jay Park

10:Why did you decide to do your concert hip-hop festival instead of a stage?
J:Today, is Lupe fiasco's concert and Tiger JK's. I wanted to be together with them on that kind of stage. But for one month, I've had a cough so I'm kind of nervous about that. Because even though I'll only sing and wont dance, I'm still afraid I might cough...I wen to the hospital but they said it was probaby due to the smog used in the movie. They just said to drink a lot of water (laughs) But it's not getting better.

"If it weren't for the fans, I wouldn't have had the heart to come back"

10: its your first solo stage, how is it different than being with a group?
J: This time, I won't dance as I sing. when I sing "count on me"i think it'll be weird if I dance along to it. And there is a song that I wrote and my friend produced called "bestie". I'm going ot sing that. And I thought it wouldn't be right if I didn't do a dance, so I'm going to bboy for a little bit with some of my hyungs.

10: after you presented BOB's "nothing on you" remix(?) "count on me, you started to become more active, there must have been burdens on you because of peopl'es expectations.
J: honestly I didn't have any expectations. nor any burdens. I uploaded NOY on YT and people seemed to really like it, so Warner bro's Asia contacted me and asked if I wanted to do it. I like BOB so of course that is why I accepted and I'm just so thankful that the fans really like it.
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a really great read on what kind of person jay is. sorry it's a bit raw but it's directly from the translator. :)

"I want to do music that many can sympathize to."

 "I want to do music that many can sympathize to."
part 1 of the interview

-A word on having domestic activities in a while?
I'm anticipating it and I'm nervous. Since I had continuous activities in Japan and America I don't feel gap of not doing any activities.

-Is there a reason why you decided to come back now?
On August 25th, it will be my 10th anniversary. We finished recording the album early to match this date.

-What does this album feature?
We pre-released 'Yeob Saram' composed by Kim Dong Ryul sunbae. Even until now the image of being a dancing singer was strong but now I'm in my twenties. I was able to sing a ballad that women can relate to. It is an advantage for me in my twenties to be able to sing a song that many people can relate to.

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original article : part 1
translations by : suejinners @ soompi
please do not take this out of soompi without my permission!
thank you =]
my one and only goddess

7size, another upcoming girlgroup, yay! ... Sike!

For the ones who dislike new groups popping up everywhere, don't worry. They already debuted (in September '09? *shrug* Though some places say they released stuff in '08, idk, this might be the second generation of 7size since I see 7 ex-members).  They are practically unknown to the international k-pop audience and there's no news of them making a comeback or anything (most recent article talking about them dates from April, so... ). Just think of this as an awareness post.

The reason why I wanted to share this is because they happen to be in the same company as 20star (TGN Entertainment) and I'm wondering how in the world are they managing them? ... Anyways, these girls be cute. I like their style. This is from one of their recent trips to the beach (like, a week ago?) without Monica. Their age range is 89'-92'

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credits: yunhye1 @ YouTube; nate; re-upped by me; blahblah by me

Nine Muses Receives Coaching

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Jewelry’s old members, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah, have been teaching the upcoming supermodel girl group Nine Muses. Jewelry’s company, Star Empire, is the same company that is releasing this new group, so you can look at it as a sunbae-hubae relationship.

Star Empire said, “Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young have been watching these girls since their trainee days, so they’ve stepped up to be their teachers. They’ve been helping with training and monitoring their videos.”

The girls of Nine Muses have been training for 13-15 hours daily since their debut is coming up.

Park Jung Ah said, “Their debut is right around the corner. You can achieve your dreams in a little bit, so let’s stay strong.”

Seo In Young said, “Anyone can debut. The important part comes after.”

They both added, “All nine of them have a lot of talent. They’re going to keep working hard after their debut. Please look forward to them.”

Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young are trustworthy sunbaes, so I’m sure these girls have what it takes.

never heard of these coaches but that's great that sunbaes are looking out for them!

KARA’s Jiyoung see-through top draws controversy

Earlier, we ran a story about how KARA’s maknae, Kang Jiyoung had gotten the attention of fans after she was photographed at the airport with casual fashion and make-up free face.
Hours later, a portion of netizens have started to turn against Jiyoung, claiming that her outfit was inappropriate for someone her age. Jiyoung had sported a thin see-through top, where her black undergarment was visible, coupled with denim shorts. Jiyoung whose Korean age is 17 (born January 1994), is a high school sophomore and still considered as a minor now.
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source: AKP
one direction | louis

Eru's new album "Got to Be" coming August 23rd

After two years of military service, Eru makes his comeback with his fourth album Got to Be. Known for hit ballads like "White Snow" and "Black Glasses", Eru sticks with the heartmelting love song for his album's main track, the ballad "White Tears". He also teams up with hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth's Shorry J for Time, and duets with 8eight's Joo Hee for "Think About It". Two of Eru's songs for the popular drama The Sons of Sol Pharmacy, "Believe in Love" and "Love Melody", are included in Got to Be.

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Taekey being presh bbs

SHINee's thank you message for Mutizen win.

[From SHINee] Thank You~♥
< 2010.08.08. – SBS Inkigayo 1st! >
[From. ONEW]

일등입니다..^^ 여러분과 함께 해낸 일등입니다.
이번에 샤이니 월드 팬미팅도 여러분 덕에 성황리에 마쳤구요,
점점 여러분과 함께라는 게 실감이 나고 있어요~
항상 즐거운 일만 가득하기로 해요…
자신의 운명을 자기가 정하는 것처럼^^

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Source/translation: weareshining

idk if this has been posted, it's my first post, go easy on me ;~;


Wonder Girls Makes Debut On China Television

    With tremendous success from their hit single “Nobody”, on the 8th of August South Korean quintets made their China television debut on a variety show – “Happy Camp”.  Receiving huge response with just one song, the girls laughed and said that they didn’t expected it to turn out that way, and the girls left uncommented when asked about their new single “2 Different Tears” whether will it overtake their previous single “Nobody”

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Source: cnwest, translation:

Nichkhun is on a beach in Busan

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After spending some time in Busan for 2PM’s concerts, member Nichkhun said goodbye to the city.

Nichkhun updated his Twitter and wrote,

“Goodbye Busan. See you next time. Who do you think is next to me?”

In the picture, you can see Nichkhun in front of the beach looking pretty pleased with the scenery.

Netizens wrote,

“I like his facial hair.”
“Take me on vacation.”
“Who is next to him?”

I can not tell who’s next to him either. That’s a mystery.

(source: allkpop)

It's probably Junho since they've all but killed Khunyoung. FML.

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Hyun Bin’s film Late Autumn heads to Toronto

Late Autumn is the Korean classic whose upcoming remake stars Hyun Bin and Tang Wei, which wrapped filming in Seattle earlier this year. Now it’s been officially invited to the 35th Toronto International Film Festival, which opens next month.

The story depicts a short but intense love affair between a woman, a prisoner on leave, and a man who is running from something. This will be the first official outing for the film — which isn’t even completed yet. According to Boram Entertainment, the producers of the film, work is still in the post-production stage.

Late Autumn falls into the Contemporary World Cinema category at the film festival. Previous Korean films that have been invited to Toronto include Kim Ki-duk’s Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring, Lee Jun-ik’s The King and the Clown, Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine, and Im Sang-soo’s A Good Lawyer’s Wife.

Late Autumn is directed by Kim Tae-yong of 2006′s Family Ties. It doesn’t yet have a release date, although the production company is aiming for the end of the year.

Source: Joy News
Via: dramabeans

I want to watch this. Tang Wei ♥

Inkigayo Apologizes for Its Dangerous Mistake

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On August 8th, 4minute performed their hit song "I My Me Mine" on Inkigayo with their powerful dance and outstanding singing ability. However, an accident occurred during the girls' performance as the stage sank under them. Luckily, the girls were able to handle the situation with such ease.

Netizens gave encouragement to 4minute by saying, "It's a relief that they didn't fall down and hurt themselves. They handled the situation like such pros", "It's good to see them keeping calm", and "Although it was an embarrassing moment, they can laugh it off comfortably." Also, Inkigayo is currently investigating who was responsible for this situation.

Through their program's homepage at 6PM, Inkigayo's production crew uploaded an apology note saying, "In today's broadcast, a situation occurred where a part of the glass floor boards pushed out. We are truly sorry for causing everyone to worry about this situation, and from now on, we will promise that 'Inkigayo' will aim to keep everything secured."

Let's hope that Inkigayo will keep their promise and will avoid dangerous situations from now on!

Source: DC News
Reporting + Editing + Translating: kiwiannabear @
thank the LORD
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Taemin temporarily replaces Minho on Dream Team

maknae, Taemin, replaced Minho on Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2, since Minho is still recovering from an injury.

The team headed to Hong Kong for a summer special which aired on the 8th.

In one game, they had to climb a fishnet and Taemin took first place.  Minho is known for being really athletic on the show, so Taemin is quite a good substitute.

Taemin also sent a message to Minho on the show, “Minho hyung, what’s that facial expression you have on when you’re on Dream Team? Stop acting!”

Even though Taemin is a good filler, hopefully Minho will be back soon.


Drunken Tiger and Tasha Perform at Summer Week & T 2010

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Finally, the much anticipated Summer & T Week 2010 was carried out on August 7 on the beach in the town of Naksan Kangwondo. With over 30,000 visitors, this was the first Summer Week & T has a concept of Hip Hop and Electronic Music. The event drew media attention, because this was the first time in Korea a festival was held on the beach. On the second day of the event the main couple in Hip Hop, Tiger JK and YoonMirae visited the place and presented the public with the best of Korean Hip Hop.

Summer & T Week 2010 was held by SKTelecom during two days (6 and August 7) on the beach of Naksan from 14:00 to 23:00 Other participating artists included Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Calvin Harris, Two Door Cinema Club, DJ DOC, Supreme Team, Jay Park and many other famous musicians of the country.

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Drunken Tiger's Brazilian Fanclub

Best couple ever. omg I need Tasha's new album to be released like... now.

Gikwang mistaken for 2PM member?

Song Daekwan, the forever trot rival with Tae Jinah, didn’t recognize Lee Kikwang from the idol group BEAST.

In the episode of MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers’ broad casted on the 8th, Tak Jaehoon, Kim Goora, Park Myungsoo, Simon D, Lee Kikwang, Park Hwisoon, and Han Sangjin have left for a ‘fake’ vacation mission to ‘Heowoondae’.

The members couldn’t hold back their anxiousness getting on the fake train to ‘Heowoondae’. Then suddenly Song Daekwan surprised all the members by appearing in the scene with a snack car.

Song Daekwan continued to add in more fun with him distinct speech. However when he tried to feed Lee Kikwang he the boiled egg that he peeled himself, Kim Goora asked him, “Do you even know his name?”

Then Song Daekwan answered back, “Who is this kid? Is he 2PM?” causing laughter to the viewers.

Meanwhile on this episode, the members of ‘Hot Brothers’ had gone out into the streets to invite people to the fake ‘summer vacation’.

CREDITS: ReviewStar1 (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

lol irl oh Kiki. upgrade from the days people would mistake them for U-KISS tho.

Inkigayo continues to bring the fail .. sort of

Is Inkigayo cursed?

No matter how much entertainers can practice, be it in the theatre, movies, or singing, sometimes things go wrong that you could never anticipate. On this week’s Inkigayo, there were two problems that the groups faced entirely unbeknown to them.

First a section of the stage broke during a performance by 4minute, and then D-NA’s Jay had to employ some very quick thinking in a very awkward situation, impressing many (including myself) at his level of concentration and professionalism.

During their performance of “No one…anyone,” Jay must have been horrified to find that, during a section where they perform part of the song with chairs to sit on, he had no chair! Despite his likely horror his quick thinking mind kicked into action and he continued the song acting as a chair was there, done so well that many people do not even notice until it is pointed out!
Comments from fans include,

“I didn’t even realize he was pretending.”
“He seems like a professional, not a rookie.”
“He has skills.”

I personally have to add that this is a sign of a true professional. A spoiled diva type would have ranted and raved about it or shown anger but Jay just continued the performance as if it was supposed to happen. Rolling with the punches is the sign of a true professional so kudos to you Jay!

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Source: hellokpop
video source: CrazyCarrot350

lolz the chair was there it was just in the wrong place
Dancers fail not Inki's
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Secret’s Hyosung takes over Starry Night radio

Secret’s leader Hyosung will be the main DJ for Starry Night radio, replacing Park Kyung Lim.

For one whole week, this idol girl will substitute her sunbae and lead this popular radio show. She’s had experience in hosting things from being on Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso, GomTV Gom Music Chart and MBC every1 Star Errand.

Park Kyung Lim herself recommended Hyosung herself. Hyosung said, “I’m so happy since it’s been a wish of mine to be a radio DJ. I will work hard to please the listeners.”

source: allkpop

cool. i've always loved pkl. also, now zinger's tweet makes sense.

T-ara talks about their love for their company's CEO

A representative from CCM (Core Content Media) Entertainment called Kim Kwangsu (49) is known as "The Hand of Midas of Entertainment World".

We could see his impact through stars these days. Lee Hyori, SG Wannabe, T-ara, Cho Sinsung, FT Island, CN Blue, Davichi, Yangpha, Hwang JungEum, Lee BumSoo, Han Eunjung, etc. He started his career by being a manager before he owns his own company. He's known as a legendary in entertainment. Those who knows him are people who works with full enthusiasm and excellent sense, and succeed in that area. So what kind of person he is, in T-ara's eyes? Since T-ara is part of CCM (Core Content Media) and one of the group that he's taking care of. So how "The Hand of Midas of Entertainment World" took care of his management.

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Source: Nate
Translation: dianapetrina @ Diadem

lovely girls

Beast's Comeback Pushed Back to September

Beast has been announced to comeback in September.

Although originally planned to make a comeback in August, while adjusting the title song and album songs, BEAST's comeback has been postponed. The reason for insistingly taking over the producers' job was in order to establish a kind of album that belongs to them alone.

BEAST's company, Cube Entertainment representatives told T-News "We carefully selected good songs to put into the album. However it didn't feel like Beast's personal style, and has a scattered feeling with a combination of several different styles. As a result, we are reworking the title song, etc. to make it represent Beast's colours, completely."

For this album, several songs of different genres have been compiled ranging from ballads to dance tunes. In particular, it has been revealed that the title song is a song that exceeds the level of their previous hit songs, 'Shock', 'Mystery', etc and will be a song that can clearly reveal Beast's colours. Anticipation over the song is extremely high. In addition, the ballad song, of course, has been described as a song that reflects the singing skills of the members who remain strong even in MR (music removed) videos.

A lot of attention is focusing on BEAST who will be returning with improved abilities and high-quality music.


There goes my hopes that Beast would be back before school starts.
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SE7EN to appear on Strong Heart + More pictures of Se7en with YG family

Se7en is to make his first appearance on a talk show after 3 years and 8 months on SBS’ Strong Heart.

Se7en took part in the recording of Strong Heart on the 5th August. A related person from SBS said that on the show, Se7en reveals how he feels making a comeback after so long and shows that how good he is at talking. On the show, he also grabbed the producers and audience’s attention by showing off his dancing skills.

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Coming back to the Kpop scene after 5 years, singer BoA will not be appearing on variety shows.

BoA said in a recent interview, “There are no plans for appearance on variety shows. Fans do not want it too. The reason is because I don’t have the confidence to give laughter if I appear on variety shows.”

SBS Strong Heart PD also talked about this through Twitter, “I met her as a reporter. Honestly she has no plans to appear on variety show with the fear that she will not do well.”

BoA said, “The BoA that the masses want is not the BoA on variety shows but the BoA who presents a good performance. It is priority that I work on showing good performances.”

BoA ended with, “Instead of doing variety, I will work hard on Twitter. I will communicate with fans through Twitter.”


Source: KBites

Twitter > variety shows
ILU but I don't have the patience to stalk your twitter.
dubu ^^

Park Jung Min officially goes solo, but is still part of SS501

SS501’s ex-member Park Jung Min has officially joined a new company and is going solo. On SS501’s official website, Park Jung Min wrote an entry to his fans to explain and inform them of his situation.


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 source: AKP & Quainte, their fan forum. i don't know them like that, but i wish him the best
, but

Photos of Kanye West dining at Korean restaurant revealed

Photos of U.S. hip-hop star Kanye West dining at a Korean restaurant during his visit to Korea over the weekend to perform at a music festival, is causing a stir among his fans.

Three pictures of West, who took part in the "Summer Week&T" festival held at Naksan Beach on August 6 and 7, having a meal with his accompanying peers have been posted on various Internet community sites under the title 'Kanye West's Travels to Delicious Restaurants.'

In the photos, the singer and his entourage are all seen wearing identical black suits despite the hot summer weather while sitting cross-legged on the floor with a pink dishcloth placed on their knees.

Fans who have seen the pics have left various responses such as "What hardship in mid-summer", "Everyone went color-coordinated in black suits and they are drinking cider and coke, kk" and "I can't believe a foreigner, a global star no less, is sitting cross-legged like that."

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Source: AsiaE
Firefly - death

This is a post about the duo Blacklist

So most of you haven't heard of the Korean, female hip-hop Duo Blacklist, which is not surprising. This post is here to catch you up. Don't get too excited now.

Blacklist comprises of Cheetah (Real name Kim Eun Young, 20) and Lucy (Park So Hyun, 18). After one year, six months they have formally debuted. Blacklist was inspired by the 1999 female hip hop duo “Tashannie” (Yoon Mi Rae, Annie). The 2nd Tashannie is what they are determined to be.

They both say “We will give 100% to the group” and also said “To be great like Yoon Mi Rae is hard but we will try.”

More under the cut.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Sources: MardiLuminosity2 Nate 6theory--allkpop thread Also, one of the excerpts I posted is from Newsen, but I can't find the exact link anymore :( can anyone else?

Mods: Sorry about the errors!

I'm totally impressed with them, and they picked an amazing woman to learn from without a doubt!
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Part 2 of BoA's interview

I'll decline offers to be on variety shows, I'll twitter instead."

-There is a 5 year gap from your last domestic activities.
During that time I've been doing activites in Japan and America. I've also participated in OSTs. As I've done activities as a singer for 10 years, challenging yourself is important as well as trying something new. But first I have to do well myself. I found that it's more important to do things that you know how to do well. For me, my weapon is performance. Solving that skillfully is the best I can do to make a stage that my fans will like.

-In Japan you've appeared on variety shows, but you haven't appeared on variety shows in Korea. Do you not have plans to appear on them again?
No, but I will twitter diligently.

-The PD for the SBS variety show 'Strong Heart' asked for you to appear on the show through twitter.
I saw it in an article. I'm not confident that I'll be able to be fun through what I say. I think I'll cause damage to the show. My fans didn't want me to do variety shows. For now, I want to try leading the stage well.

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original article : part 2
translations by : suejinners @ soompi
please do not take this out of soompi without my permission!
thank you =]

Jay Reveals a Photo From the Set of Demon

Information regarding Jay Park’s single, Demon, a track written by famous American producer Teddy Riley, was first reported back in April 2010.

Back then, Jason Lee, an executive producer of Jay Park’s movie, Hype Nation, stated that three additional tracks would be revealed on top of Demon, as all four will be used as Hype Nation’s soundtrack. One of the four songs will be titled Fame, which will feature famous American rapper Snoop Dogg. Other famous American artists, such as singer Brandon and rapper T-Pain, have also joined in this project, a collaboration that has generated immense anticipation from many fans around the world.

Source: Jay's Twitter, Allkpop