August 12th, 2010



Korea's hottest K-pop stars will gather in the city of Gyeong Ju in the North Gyeongsang Province next month to perform at the Hallyu Dream Concert.

Close to two dozen artists including Super Junior, 2PM, Kangta, 2AM, 2NE1, Se7en, 4minute, BEAST, Son Dambi, Kara, After School, miss A, FT Island, Choshinsung, Davichi, T-ara, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, ZE:A, Secret, Flower and Seo In-guk will take to the stage of the concert to be held on September 12 at the Gyeong Ju Citizen's Stadium as part of the two-day Hallyu Dream Festival which begins on September 10.

"This will be a great opportunity for foreigners who plan on visiting Korea to experience the culture at the traditional city of Gyeong Ju and see the performances of the various Hallyu stars," Chairman Ahn Jung-dae of the Korea Entertainment Producer's Association (KEPA) was quoted as saying.

The concert will be organized by the Visit Korea Committee and the cities of Gyeongsangbuk-Do and Gyeong Ju and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCS), Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Korea Tourism Association (KTA) and Gyeongsangbuk-Do Tourism Association (GOGBTA).

Tickets for the Hallyu Dream Concert are available online on online shopping site Gmarket ( and further information about the festival is on the official website (

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[tiffany] like a stranger

SNSD debuts at #2 on Oricon DVD chart

As the girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation prepare for their Japanese debut on September 8th, the girls have released a special DVD in Japan.

The DVD is titled 少女時代到来~来日記念盤~ New Beginning of Girls' Generation(完全生産数量限定盤) / Girls’ Generation Arrival~Arrival in Japan~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation and it’s ranked number 2 on the Oricon DVD Daily Charts.

The DVD contains the MV’s of all their greatest hits along with a pink glow stick and a special pass to their upcoming showcase at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum on August 25th.

Many thanks to everyone who sent this in and congratulations to the girls!

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Source: allkpop, akikawaii3105@youtube

hell yeah.
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CUBE music now available in iTunes in America, Canada and Europe

Now there is a way to purchase Korean music in America, Canada, and Europe through iTunes.

The Universal Music company (Representative Yang Bumjoon) stated that Korean music will be available for purchase through the iTunes music store in America, Canada, and Europe where a lot of the overseas fans reside in.

So for K-POP, 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, Yoon Dohyun, YB (Yoon Dohyun Band), Hot Potato, and more then 200 other songs will be added along with Jo Soomi, Baek Guneoo, Yongjaeohnil, Shin Yongoak, and other classic artists in the overseas iTunes music store.

Universal Music had been continually adding Korean artists into the global market. This year, they had put out 4minute and BEAST not just in Japan, but also in other parts of Asia as well, helping the Korean culture grow.

iTunes Music store had been established in 2003 as a music site for the American Apple company and had made a big impact in the global digital music market.


finally I can support my favorite band Hot Potato!
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Doojoon: Kikwang's abs stopped me from being an MC

It had been revealed that Yoon Doojoon, from the same group as Lee Kikwang, had first received offers as the new MC for the show ‘Win Win’.

In the episode of ‘Kim Seungwoo’s Win Win’ broadcasted on the 10th, it had been a special episode to celebrate the welcoming of the new MC Kim Sungsoo, Jung Jaeyong (DJ DOC), and Lee Kikwang (BEAST).

BEAST members visited the filming as the surprise guests for Lee Kikwang and they discussed the matters regarding Lee Kikwang as a new variety program MC. In particular, Yoon Doojoon stated, “I had no idea that Kikwang was going to get popular in variety shows,” showing his jealousy for Kikwang.

In addition MC Kim Seungwoo stated, “I believe that Yoon Doojoon met up with the staff for the show much before.” Then Yoon Doojoon confessed, “I have met up with the staff a few months back.”

When he asked about the reason why he thinks he didn’t make it as an MC, Yoon Doojoon laughed off the matter by stating, “Probably because I don’t have any abs.”

Meanwhile in the episode, Lee Kikwang showed tears while confessing his thankful heart to Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung, and Yang Yoseob, who had been his backdancers when he was a solo artist AJ.


it's okay bb, stone thighs >>> chocolate abs
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Kara's street live event in Shibuya stopped after just 3 minutes!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On August 11, the popular Korean girl group KARA held a street live event in front of Shibuya 109 in Tokyo to celebrate their debut in Japan. The event had to be stopped after just three minutes as about 3000 people rushed towards the stage and things became dangerous.

The event wasn't announced beforehand but as soon as the 5 girls arrived, the situation got out of hand as people started to flood even the surrounding roads and the Shibuya police station had to send several policemen to the place of the event.

When the girls appeared onstage, people rushed towards the front of the stage and about 20 security guards had to support the safety barriers.

Originally, the event was supposed to consist of live & talk sections and last about 30 minutes, but after Kara performed "Mister", their Japanese debut song they released on that very same day, the organizers decided to stop the whole event.

Commenting on their success in Japan, Jiyoung said: "I'm surprised so many people showed up!" Seungyeon added: "The event was so short but we gave our best!"

KARA will be holding a handshake event at Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo on August 14.

Source: Yahoo Japan News
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Jejung and his sidekicks leave handwritten messages for A-nation

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Source: JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN official website
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f(x) and SHINee Hold A Surprise Birthday Party For Luna

f(x)’s Luna has been met with her 17th birthday.

f(x)’s main vocalist Luna had her 17th birthday on the 12th. This birthday is her first since their debut. On the 11th, Luna had a small surprise birthday party with f(x) and SHINee members that had the same schedule.

SM Entertainment told Newsen, “As they had the same schedule as SHINee on the the 11th, she had a small birthday party. They will have another birthday party on the 12th after the recording for MBC Music Core.”

Source: Kim Hyung Woo
Translation: ch0sshi

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Source: Rino's twitter 1 2 3
Video: sment

Does anyone know whose twitter this is? I'm guessing it might be Jae Won, the main choreographer of Lucifer (among others). He's got a few SMTowners on his flist and he's tweeted with Rino... and I think he tweeted Henry with a "don't make me call you a bastard!" lmao.
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super cute post!: Cyrano Dating Agency releases additional posters

Not long ago the first teaser poster was released for the movie. This time we see more of the main characters, namely Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof) as a shy guy in love with Lee Min-jung (Smile). He hires an agency with a 99% success rate to help in his courtship; the team is led by Uhm Tae-woong (Queen Seon-deok) and employs Park Shin-hye (You’re Beautiful). Per the Cyrano tale, Uhm falls for Lee when he’s supposed to be helping his client win her over.

We’d seen a number of stills and behind-the-scenes shots of the main three leads (Uhm, Lee, Choi), but not much of Park Shin-hye. Her role is only a supporting one, but I hold out hope that she’ll have a fair number of scenes as a key strategist. In any case, she looks adorable.

Cyrano; Dating Agency will release over the busy Chuseok holiday weekend, which is in September.

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Source: chosun
Via: dramabeans
Jared - Thank You

Experts Predict Power Struggle When Kim Jong-il Dies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kim Jong-il's death will result in a power struggle among various factions of the ruling clique in North Korea rather than a smooth succession for his designated heir Kim Jong-un, experts predict. The experts were responding to a survey by a group calling itself the World Futures Forum on prospects for North Korea and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Some 52.3 percent of respondents predicted a power struggle if Kim dies in the near future. A mere 30 percent said his third son and heir apparent Jong-un will succeed his father, while 18.2 percent predicted that a third powerful person will take power.

The experts believed even if he succeeds his father, Kim junior will find it difficult to concentrate all the power in his hands. Some 71.7 percent said he will share power with other figures, and 23.9 percent said he will be overthrown as the power struggle intensifies.

"Kim Jong-un's associates will eventually hold more power as he will have to rely on them because he is young and lacking in political and government experience," the group said.

As for reunification, half of the respondents predicted the nation will not be reunified in the next 20 years. Some 36.4 percent said reunification is possible within a decade, and 9.1 percent within five or even three years.

Most or 62.2 percent of respondents said the North will collapse and be absorbed by the South. A whopping 87 percent even believed that the reunification will benefit South Korea to a great extent.

A total of 46 North Korean affairs and unification experts from 23 universities, think tanks and media companies took part in the survey.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Secret-Nine Muses-Rainbow for a ‘showdown of the girlgroups’ with new music releases on the same day

Girlgroups Secret, Rainbow and Nine Muses come together for a showdown with their new album released on the same day.

Amidst the absence of strong girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA etc, the 3 girlgroups released their new albums on 12th August. We first had Secret releasing their 2nd minialbum ‘Madonna’ – the minialbum and MV was released at 12 midnight and it went up to the #1 spot on GomTV MV chart.

And there is also 7-member girlgroup Rainbow releasing their new song ‘A’ and the MV to the song on 12th August. The girls are back since their debut song ‘Gossip Girl’ with improved and more charming features. We also have rookie girlgroup Nine Muses releasing their debut single on 12th August. The group has garnered much interests even before their debut for their modeling background and are given the nickname of ‘model-dols’.

Nine Muses released their debut title song ‘No Playboy’. The song is said to have its lyrics written by Park JinYoung.

With so many girlgroups already out there, much attention is on whether Secret, Rainbow and Nine Muses will be able to have breakthroughs or write a new history in the Kpop scene.

Source: sookyeong

secret & rainbow FTW! i can't see nine muses ever having a hit, sadly

Fasion designer Andre Kim passed away at the age of 75, netizens: “Another star has left us”

World known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam) passed away on 12th August at the age of 75.

He was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia after being down with flu and on 12th August at 7.25pm he was announced dead. Even though there were reports recently about his health recovering for the better, his health was known to be deteriorating and he had to rely on a respirator. There were also speculations that the main cause of his health deterioration is colorectal cancer.
With news of his passing on, many netizens commented, “He had made many big achievement in the fashion arena. He will not be forgotten”, “I was worried about him since we did not get to see him recently, and knowing that he has passed away is just sad”, “Another star has left us” etc.

News of Andre Kim’s health deteriorating surfaced a month back in June. An official said back then, “Teacher has been hospitalised because of health issues”.

His wake will be held at Seoul University Hospital.

Source: KBites

rest in peace.
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Go Eun Ah returns to screen aware that haters gonna hate

"Struggling with the kiss controversy? I am even closer with my brother Mir."

Like this, actress Go Eun Ah displayed unchanging brotherly-sisterly affection towards her younger brother Mir.

On the 9th, Go Eun Ah attended the Mnet "Tent in the City" Production Conference In Seoul Plaza, located in Jung-Gu, Seoul, and commented, "From that experience, I am even closer with my younger brother. We are dependent on each other, and cheering for each other.

Go Eun Ah made the headlines when the June 30th episode of Mnet "Scandal" viewed a scene of her kissing her younger brother Mir. It was so controversial that siblings Go Eun Ah and Mir became the "hot potatoes," as many netizens were arguing for and against the situation.

To the question asking her relationship with her brother, Go Eun Ah replied, "Being in the same industry, we both know it's hard, so we're each other's best strength, and we're on each other side. It's true that we're even closer through working in the same industry."

There was a lot of controversy commenting about their sibling affection, and many disapproved their expression. The issue might have hurt the sibling relationship. But Go Eun Ah showed their sibling love by saying, "We're even closer."

Go Eun Ah told us, "Because I set off first in the industry, my brother relied on me in the beginning. Now, we are dependent on each other and cheering each other on."

Go Eun Ah will come to the audience on the coming 17th's episode of Mnet "Tent in the City." It's her first return to the screen since her assault controversy last month.

Translations: euna@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Jewelry Is Ready To Return But As Generation 2.0

It seems Jewelry fans will be excited to know that Jewelry will soon be making a comeback the bad news is that its basically one brand new group.

Soon to be returning in September Jewelry’s company  Star Empire stated, “There will be two new members of Jewelry. One is Park Se Mi , a top 10 contestant from last year’s Superstar K. The other is a rookie trainee that has been picked through an audition. … Therefore, Jewelry is now a four member group. Because there are new members, the group will have a new image than before.

source: asiaholics

yay my queens!! i want to see more of this

xxxholic / Moonlight

miss A’s Fei shows her tears during ‘Bouquet’ recording

During a recent recording for the MBC show called Bouquet, tears streamed down miss A’s Fei’s cheeks as she expressed her sorrows.

All of the miss A members unleashed their specialties during the recording, as well as their natural variety skills. As the recording proceeded, the MCs later asked miss A, “You ladies are receiving lots of love and support in Korea. Are your parents aware of it as well?”

Suddenly, tears started to well in Fei’s eyes. miss A has recently been snagging #1 spots on various music charts, but due to their packed schedules, Fei still hasn’t been able to meet her parents, who reside in China. As Fei started to cry silently, the fellow miss A members shared:

“Fei usually starts to tear even after hearing/seeing the letters ‘Pa..’ in ‘parents’.”

Meanwhile, U-Kiss members will also appear on the upcoming episode of Bouquet. The girls of miss A and the boys of U-Kiss will hold a flexibility contest.

This episode will air on the 15th.

Source: AKP
one direction | louis

Eru releases comeback MV teaser for ‘White Tears’

Soon after returning from military service, singer Eru announced that he would make a comeback with his 4th album, Got To Be!, after a long 2 years and 6 months away from the industry.

Earlier today, the singer released a 30 second MV teaser for his title track song, White Tears, via Internet Gom TV to further increase our interest in what the song will be like. In the teaser, After School’s Nana makes an appearance as Eru’s lover. This album is planned to be officially released sometime next week, after which Eru should make a comeback on television.

In the meantime, watch the teaser for this anticipated track below!

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sounds amazing.  can't wait.

100507 Disruptions in Activities and Lawsuits With SM Entertainment and Previously Associated Artist


The Creation of the Modern day Entertainment Industry’s “Slave Contract”…Disciplinary Action from the Agency.

According to statements from insiders, SM Entertainment had been ordered to change its policies due to abusing their power to include conditions that were one-sidedly unfair to the artists in their contracts. Examples include H.O.T.’s previous members Moon Heejun and An Seungho.
In addition, SM Entertainment’s main shareholder, Lee Sooman, along with Yedang Entertainment, Giant A&V, and 4 other like companies to form a total of eight, cofounded the Record Label company iKpop. It was revealed that because it had been made so that songs and albums could only be released through this one company, it had dominated 53.9% of the entire music industry at the time. In increasing the surcharge on their company to approximately a million dollars USD, its founders made it so that it was impossible for artists to release music independently.

(Slave contracts, Monopolization)
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Sources: Ohmynews, Osen News, Hani News, Newsen, fnnews (Note: This is not an exhaustive list)
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It's bassically about SM, but, please, read it thinking about the general context of the Korean music industry, I just thought it was something interesting to share, please, dont kill the messenger xD.
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Park Jaebeom (peacefully) returns to the U.S.

Singer and actor Park Jae-beom left for the United States today (2010.08.11) after wrapping up filming of b-boy pic "Hype Nation."

Park had been in Korea since mid-June to shoot the Korea and U.S. joint production about a dance contest between Western and Eastern b-boys.

While in the country, he carried out a variety of other activities as well, including signing with major talenthouse SidusHQ, releasing his solo debut single "Count on Me" and performing at an annual two-day music fest.

He will return to Korea on August 24, in time to take part in his Asia fan tour which kicks off in Seoul four days later. He will then visit several countries in Asia including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Park, 23, made his debut as the leader of the popular K-pop band 2PM but left the group and the country last September when controversy fired up over remarks he wrote on his MySpace account while a trainee at agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

He had been staying in the U.S. since, dancing with his b-boy crew Art of Movement and signing with American online media company Digital Media Wire (DMW) to manage his global career in the entertainment business.

Reporter : Lee Jong-gil leemean@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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too good not to be posted: someone talks about Changmin's "extremely muscular" body

Celeb watcher Yoshihiro Masamichi-san’s popular column.

This time, Changmin whom we even interviewed in Korea. We will tell you the secret of the very popular Changmin’s body.

Changmin who was a hot topic for being in magazine “elle japon”.

Everyone loves him~! During his Tohoshinki years I interviewed him and
was personally attracted to Changmin~. Currently he is
working as an actor too and seems like we’ll be able to see him more. He also appeared at the Chanel show and showed us his stylish side.

He has a very cute looks so it’s maybe surprising but when he takes his
clothes off he is extremely muscular~
. From what we heard, he exercises even when he already has hard dance lessons. That is why he is able to keep his body.

Also, his favorite sports is baseball. Mainly he only watches and he
never misses to watch the professional Korean baseball (when the team he cheers for loses he becomes moody).

Source: SYC

omg I'm laughing so hard and I'm just hysterical atm. what is this, i don't even.........
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DJ DOC takes crown from miss A on Gaon chart

Korean hip-hop trio DJ DOC has scored their first win on Gaon's single chart, taking the crown from one month winner miss A with their latest single "I'm a Guy Like This."

Data released by Gaon on Thursday indicated that the group stepped up to the No. 1 spot on the chart during the week of August 1 to 7, pushing down miss A's debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl” by four slots.

DJ DOC, composed of members Kim Chang-ryul, Kim Ha-neul and Jung Jae-yong, was one of the most popular hip-hop groups in Korea in the late 1990s. They returned to the music scene for the first time in six years with their seventh full-length album released on July 29.

"They Live Well" by Homme, a collaboration group of 8eight's Lee Hyun and 2AM's Changmin, climbed up six spots to second place and placing in the top tier of Gaon’s single chart was the new song "From Me To You" by female duo Davichi.

Meanwhile, K-pop princess BoA's sixth studio release "Hurricane Venus" made its debut atop the albums chart and SHINee's second full-length record "LUCIFER" and DJ DOC's seventh album "風流" dropped a notch each to second and third place, respectively.

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S: 10Asia 1, 2, 3
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Because today is full of Minho's Boyfriend

Elle Girl Blog Update 
Elle loves him, really <3

EDITED with Interview

Image Hosted by

Q: With regard to trends… Would you fly towards it immediately or would you just take a look?

Ah have to be careful about this. For example with the iPhone, it was a product that people kept promoting, and just as I was feeling lost and unsure, iPhone 4 came out (laughts). Just like this, as I'm looking at one thing, a new product comes out, and then I kind of go back and forth. But this time I think I'll be buying it!
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Source: Elle Girl Blog
Credits: JaeJoongie Lover@OneTVXQ + TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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Lucifer, the demo

**Edited with a comment by a very bitter person on the vid**

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Source: DC Gallery (the post that had the songs got deleted though, it always happens there) + siahtatae (me) @ YT

I wonder if anyone gets my attempt at a pun in the title. And by the way, it's Yoo Young Jin singing the Lucifer demo, the author of Lucifer's Korean lyrics.
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MBLAQ post of fun, adorable and random radio pictures (with translations)

100808 - G.O, Thunder & Mir @ PKL's Starry Night

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Credits to MBC Starry Night Official Homepage
Translated by euna @
Absolute MBLAQ

100811 - Mir, Joon & G.O @ PKL's Starry Night

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Credits: MBC Starry Night Official Homepage & Bestiz
Translations: euna @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

100812 - Seungho & Thunder @ Sukira

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Source: Sukira Kiss the Radio Website, ABM
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Is that a Moon? No! It's Evisu newest shoot!

U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) took part in a 'Asian casual-wear' themed photoshoot for Evisu on July 15th.

U-Know Yunho will be working with model Kim Mi Jung once again to showcase this season's trends.

The photoshoot U-Know Yunho will be participating in has a mysterious 'Solar-Eclipse' theme, taking away Evisu's normal feel as an Asian brand and giving it a more elegant, high-class flare.

Evisu worked with U-Know for our Fall and Winter collection in 2009. U-Know Yunho is extremely familiar with Evisu as a brand and the product of our collaboration was of exceedingly high quality.

Credits: Newsen + Evisu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

SNSD’s Japan debut DVD pre-orders are sold out

cr: graphy777@Twitter

9 member Korean girl group SNSD has stepped in Japan with their DVD “SNSD Arrival~Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc~” which was released on the 11th. The Limited Edition DVD, with tickets to their first Japan event enclosed, was limited to 10,000 copies and has sold out. It’s strange to not see this DVD lined up in shops. It already seems they’re very popular.

They have popularity throughout every country in Asia due to their model-like looks and their high quality leg performance (in Genie). On the 25th, 10,000 Limited Edition DVD purchasers will be invited free of charge to Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum premium concert. The Japan arrival of these 9 beautiful women who are known as K-POP’s big favorite has become a huge topic of discussion.
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Translated by:
Source: Chunichi Sports

hip hip hurray!
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Rookie Idol Infinite's first CF filming

Infinite, who is among the most-anticipated groups in the entertainment industry, filmed their first CF since debuting.

Daum Communication's social networking service 'Yozm' has chosen Infinite as its model, and their bright and talented image was shown in the CF.

'Yozm' is a social networking service from Daum that is focused on 10-20 year-olds.

'Yozm' opened in February, and within half a year has gained over 300,000 users. Along with Infinite, 4minute, UV, BEAST, T-ara, and other popular celebrities have been using the service to communicate with fans.

Infinite's 'Yozm' CF will be in three episodes, composed of introducing searching, time signals, and Yozm applications. Each member's different personalities will be put into play in the creation of each part.

In the 'search' episode, the Daum search bar is said to have been melted by Infinite's powerful dance, and the 'time signal' and 'Yozm application' parts are also gaining high interest.

A Daum representative stated, "Infinite's freshness, along with the members' powerful personalities, matches well with 'Yozm', so we picked them as our CF models", "We feel that both 'Yozm' and Infinite have been receiving a lot of love from young people, so it will be appealing".

Infinite released their first mini album 'First Invasion' and promoted their title track 'Come Back Again', and is now promoting their follow-up song 'She's Back'.

Matsuzaka Tori
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Code-V becomes 4?

100711 Taemin's Diary Update

'I'm both sorry and thankful to everyone who supported me until now!
I will be leaving Code V after the end of schedules on August 21st. Although the happiness of TaeMin of Code V has ended!
The regular 28-year-old TaeMin will work hard to be happy!
The cry of Code V will not stop!
Thank you and I'm sorry!
Be happy everywhere!


What?! No!!!!!!! DDDDDD:

no more of this? ;___________;

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More Japanese BSNS: KARA Oricon Special Interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KARA Oricon Special Interview

KARA are enjoying immense popularity in the KPop scene and a lot of people are already calling them the no. 1 girl group. Now they are finally debuting in Japan. With the appearance of this superstar group, could this be the beginning of an actual KPop girl group movement in Japan?!

We interviewed Jiyoung, Seungyeon, Gyuri, Hara and Nicole to ask them about their thoughts on their Japan debut.

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For the TL;DR crowd:
- female fans cried during Kara's first fanclub event
- 'Mister' gives a lot of energy to everyone, not just to pedo middle-aged businessmen
- Nicole likes to cook for the group, they all get along fine and treat everyone with a lot of respect (just like dear Krystal und Sulli)
- they're learning Japanese and will come to Japan more often in the future
- fanboy no. 1 Gekidan Hitori avoids them every time the girls try to finally meet him

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Source: Oricon
Translation: fabledlamb
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I swear I'm no Kara stan. It's just that with their promotional activities in Japan there's this sudden influx of Kara articles in Japanese. And now: the obligatory omona_prection plug for everyone lost in translation ;)
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"Ten Years Passed by Like a Bullet."

Part 3 of BoA's interview, previous parts: 1, 2

-You've hit 10 years since your debut. How do you feel?
It hasn't sunk in yet. Ten years passed by like a bullet. Looking back, I did do a lot. I released many albums. I've learned languages to the point of being sick of it. I think there will be more days in the future. I'll be 35 years old for my 20th anniversary. Right now there isn't a big difference from Hyori unnie (BoA laughs). I think I'd be a dance singer then too.

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original article: part 3
translations by: suejinners @ soompi
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Move aside, beastly men! Lee KiKwang…the age of 'Flower Beasts'

It is not the flower boys or the beasts' age anymore. It is the age of the 'flower beasts'.

The 'flower boys', who made women want to protect them with their feminine looks, and the 'beastly men', who captured the industry with their wild charm, have both gone. Instead, the 'flower beasts', who are both beautiful and powerful, have come.

Lee KiKwang - with a child-like smile and a hidden beastly body.

Idol group BEAST's Lee KiKwang has captured the hearts of women fans with his white skin and cute eyes that become moon-shaped with a smile.

Thanks to his 'flower boy' looks, he was cast in a supporting role on the MBC sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof' as a rookie and made his face known as the innocent student Kang Saeho who liked Shin SaeKyung.

Afterwards, he promoted with BEAST and began showing his masculine side. He is also active in MBC's 'Hot Brothers', where he has upped his variety skills and brought out his charm.

20-year-old Lee KiKwang made everyone surprised and impressed by having a hard-muscled body, opposite from his boyish and young face.


so perfect in every single way... my floral beast
。together → gaelio/ein

Rainbow's JiSook looks like Taeyeon?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rainbow member JiSook garners interests with her resemblance to So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.
Both TaeYeon and JiSook are known for their fair complexion, and they have similar facial features. And there are even some who questioned, “Are they twins by any chance?”. Many netizens have also posted up photos of comparison for the 2 idol singers.

JiSook has garnered much popularity even when she first debut. JiSook herself also revealed during a broadcast program, “When I saw TaeYeon on TV, I myself was so shocked how alike we look.”
Meanwhile, Rainbow is recently back with the new song ‘A’.

source: newsen (no linkback), sookyeong"
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Jewelry confirms 2 new members; New album in September

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With the joining of 2 new member, Jewelry will have their comeback in September.
According to Star Empire on 13th August, “We have recently confirmed the addition of 2 new members. The group is currently working with the aim to release the new album in September.”

It is known that the 2 new members are SuperStarK Park SaeMi and another newcomer in the showbiz. The 2 new members will join Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung after Park JungAh and Seo InYoung left the group previously. The group will remain as a 4-member group.

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Minho is regretful

“It’s like the world has lost a huge star, it’s so sad and my heart hurts.”

Idol group SHINee’s Minho could not hide his sadness upon hearing the news of Andre Kim’s (real name Kim Bongnam) death on the 12th. Back in 2008, Minho established a friendship with Andre Kim after becoming the main male model for ‘Andre Kim’s Fashion Show for World Knowledge Forum.’

Minho beat himself up, stating through his company’s representative, “I resent myself so much and became regretful for not being able to give him a simple greeting.”

Minho’s company representative stated Minho, who was scheduled to go to Kangwon-do and Sokcho for a broadcast, dropped out after receiving the sad news.

Meanwhile Andre Kim was hospitalized at Seoul National University Hospital receiving treatment for pneumonia and died of colorectal cancer on the 12th at 7:25 PM at the age of 75. The deceased has been placed in the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital.

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Poor guy's beating himself up about it :(

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Sulli's diary regains interest due to recent attitude issue

Remember f(x) member, Sulli’s childhood diary, that was revealed back in January of 2010?

Well, her diary is regaining a lot of interest amongst netizens, due to the recent ongoing issue of Krystal and Sulli’s possible attitude problems.

Her diary read:

I think I’m pretty but I don’t get why other people think so too. Aren’t people like singers really pretty? At my church, there are so many people prettier than me but why do they think I’m the only cute one? When I tell them my name, they even think my name is pretty. Am I actually pretty?

Netizens are now tying this diary to the recent “attitude” issue, stating, “She was always like this” and “Ever since she was young, she grew up being spoiled.

Meanwhile, the CF staff member erased the comments written about the girls previously, and explained, “f(x) worked overnight for a shooting the day before.  During the interview that was held early in the morning, they weren’t in good condition as they didn’t even eat their breakfast.

Looks like someone’s going to be in a lot of trouble.

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not sure how I feel about her anymore tbh