August 13th, 2010


SHINee Reveals Their Bare Skin

While SHINee practiced passionately on the stage of Cable TV TrendE's real live music show "The Muzit". they took off their outer clothing and threw it.

SHINee, who shook the hearts of noonas with the fresh and cute image of "Noona, You're So Pretty", has come back as men and put on a passionate performance. They gave a fanastic live performance of the acoustic version of "Noona, You're So Pretty" as well as the tracks in their new album "Quasimodo" and "WOWOWOW". SHINee also sang an impromptu called "Charming SHINee" that the members personally wrote the lyrics to, completed by the live performance of "The Muzit"'s band Fifty Five.

Through a surprise piano performance, Maknae Taemin showed his upgraded skills. He said that "I practiced hard to put on a piano performance on tv for the first time in a year." He showed us a side of him that was mixed with shyness and pride. Onew, who will be in another musical in September, presented his greedy side by saying "I don't want to just do musicals, but I want to try operas as well." Jonghyun hinted at his powerful will as he said "I want to use my experience as a band's bassist in the past as a foundation to try rock vocals." Jonghyun did a perfect imiation of K.will and even made K.will surprised.

The 3rd episode SHINee special of "The Muzit" that SHINee will air on the 14th(Sat) at 10:30PM. Reruns will be on the 17th(Tues) at midnight. It will be available on VOD at the homepage(

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Misleading article title. T___T

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’s ratings are up

newest drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox is off to a good start.

The drama is going up against Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, the hottest drama these days, but the little fox seems to be doing okay.

It might not catch up to the average 34.3% ratings Baker King has been receiving but for its first episode, it came in at a healthy 10.2% rating.

The drama’s second episode aired on the 12th and AGB Media Research announced that it received a 10.8% rating.

Baker King received a 42.6% rating while being aired at the same time, which is a decrease from its record, 44%.


i love it so far! shin min-a is adorable.
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4minute's Sohyun was scared of HyunA?

had an interview in their practice room with Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning. During the interview, maknae Sohyun revealed that she used to be scared of member HyunA.

When asked who had the scariest first impression, she chose HyunA. She said, “HyunA was short compared to other people. She stood out. She didn’t talk much, and she wasn’t doing much, so I was more scared.”

It turns out that she took HyunA’s shyness in the wrong way. Sohyun also thought Gayoon was a worker at the company, because Gayoon would chat with workers there all the time.

In the same interview, leader Jihyun said that she wants to become a CF model for cosmetics, while Gayoon wants to endorse cell phones. Jiyoon wants to advertise cars, HyunA chose jeans, and Sohyun chose consumer products.

I always thought Sohyun was shorter than HyunA, but maybe HyunA uses the magic of killer heels.

Source: AKP

loving that new hair colour on HyunA btw
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Joon still exhausted, decides to take part in drama filming anyway

Hello this is J.TUNE CAMP.

Tomorrow on the 13th of August (Friday), the drama that member Lee Joon will be participating in will continue the filming.

(Please look towards the bottom of the post for details on the location and time)

Yesterday on the 11th, due to Lee Joon's exhausted condition, the fan meeting and the drama filming had been pushed back, however now, the schedule can no longer be postponed because of the tight schedule in the drama filming. Also, since the role Lee Joon will be playing is important in the drama, when the dates were pushed back, the earlier plans had to be pushed back as well, and if this continues, it is to leave a big damage to the other filming sunbaes schedules as well.

Realizing this situation, Lee Joon has stated that he will continue with the filming even though his condition isn't fully healed, because the load he has in his heart is too big already

From a company's point of view, we want to respect his decisions and we are trying our best to help him film with a light better condition.

Thank you.

Source: MBLAQ's Official Cafe
Translation: aoistars @AbsoluteMBLAQ
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Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star news

Why is U-Kiss starring in 'I Am Legend'?

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Source: Nate News + ilovepocky @

U-KISS' Official Japanese Fan Club Open

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U-KISS' SooHyun Quits Musical 'A Chorus Line'

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The Soohyun musical news is a follow-up to this. They weren't sure if he would be performing in the future but now it's confirmed he won't.
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Court invalidates 'slave-like contract' for entertainers

Woo Sung-hyun [Kevin] of U-Kiss

The Supreme Court upheld a ruling that long-term contracts between entertainers and their agencies are unfair and therefore invalid.

The top court Friday invalidated a contract putting an entertainer under the control of his agency for as long as a decade, saying the contract restricted freedom.

This verdict is expected to put the brakes on entertainment agencies' long-established practice of controlling its stars for as long as possible with slave-like contracts.

Woo Sung-hyun [Kevin], a 20-year-old member of popular boy band U-Kiss, filed a suit in 2008 challenging his contract, calling it "unfair."

In 2006, Woo signed with the agency, Xing Entertainment, a 10-year contract that stipulated if his performances were suspended due to health problems or mandatory military service, the inactive period would be added to the term.

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Source: Park Si-soo @ The Korea Times

ETA: Note that those FTC guidelines are just recommendations, so getting an actual supreme court ruling that can be used as an example case and which cannot be appealed for any further is really important for similar court cases.
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MBLAQ Interview for Hallyu Wave Magazine

MBLAQ are a five member group who debuted in October of last year. The dance group managed by Rain received attention from the beginning, and have come to Japan to perform as the opening act for "Rain Love Tour 2010" at Saitama Super Arena. We talked to them in their dressing room.

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Source: Hallyu Wave Magazine
Translation: lnw1984@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Photoshoot here.
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JYP to debut officially as an actor in upcoming drama ‘Dream High’ also starring Bae YongJoon

Multitainer Park JinYoung will take up the challenge and debut as an actor.

Park JinYoung will star in upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High’ together with Hallyu actor Bae YongJoon which is set to air from 3rd January 2011. The drama is a 16-episode collaborate production by Key East, JYP Entertainment and CJ Media. Earlier there were reports that Bae YongJoon will act and Park JinYoung will produce the music the drama, but now it is confirmed that Park JinYoung will also star in the drama.

A staff revealed that both Park JinYoung and Bae YongJoon are 72-ers and are experienced in their field in the show biz. And in the drama, they play the roles of teachers discovering the next world stars, set in the GiRin Arts High School in Seoul. There will also be a love story between 2 female students and 2 male students. And one of them named Kay in the drama will win the 2017 ‘Album Of The Year’ award.

The staff also revealed, “We are currently doing the auditions to cast the other main characters like the students. And if fast enough, the filming will kick in in autumn.”

Currently, there are speculations that singers like WonderGirls and 2PM members from JYP Entertainment will star in the drama. But nothing has been confirmed as yet.

S: SportsChosun, KBites



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FFA brought to you by Kibum's cameo appearance to the public

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Have a Charming Friday Free For All

these fab gifs made by the one and only shanny_w~
2PM {Nichkhun cat}

Mnet Media & JYP joins forces to take on Asian music market,

Major talenthouse JYP Entertainment (JYPE) and music cable unit Mnet Media have come together to expand Korea's music business and talent into the Asian music market.

On Thursday, JYPE and Mnet Media announced that they have formed a partnership through which they will jointly work toward expanding the influence of Korean music content in Asia.

The two companies are expecting to create a synergy effect by combining Mnet's network in China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, their understanding in the music industry as well as their technology, with JYPE's popular artists including Park Jin-young, the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM and miss A.

They will collaborate in various ways including holding concerts starring JYPE's artists.

"Through this partnership with JYPE, we hope to become a role model in producing distinguished contents in the entertainment business. This is an opportunity for the Hallyu wave to expand into China, Thailand and other Asian countries," Antonio Park, CEO of Mnet Media Corp. was quoted as saying.

"The new business model will allow our artists to lead the Hallyu craze through their activities overseas," explained president of JYPE Jung Wook.

Mnet Media is a subsidiary of CJ Media and dedicated to broadcasting and producing music-related entertainment programs.

JYPE focuses its business on music production, new artist recruitment, training and management. They have discovered and trained popular K-pop artists including the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM and miss A.

source: Asiae
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The Best Five Important News Updates! Just In!

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Males are not the only ones who are concerned about getting firm abs.

The admirable, firm abs of girl group idols are lifting the desires of young females to exercise more this summer.

After School's Gahee, 4minute's HyunAh, and f(x)'s Krystal are members who are bragging about their charming abs.

Whenever HyunAh dances to her strong dance, her firm abs are exposed, making males awe in wonder. Although she is young, her developing abs are exhibiting vitality.

While showing off her athletic skills through TV programs, Krystal was nicknamed 'Exercise-dol' and is currently an idol who is showing off her healthy abs. If you just look at her appearance, it may be hard to believe that she has abs, but the truth is that she has healthier abs than any other idol. As expected, these kinds of abs were made from constant exercising and dance.

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i don't and refuse to use profanity to attract attention~
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8. Star Today
Jared - Thank You

Changmin’s Ultimate Choice Part 4

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Q: Which punishment game is more cruel to you,
completing a full marathon or have head shaved?

A: To have head shaved.
Full marathon is about 42.195 km, you think you really can complete it? The staff asked Changmin. But he showed a relax expression and said “I like sweating while running.” It’s nice to see Changmin sings or dances but it’s also nice to see a fresh appearance of him running a marathon!?

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Source: Ellegirl Blog

The pictures that were included in this translation were the same pictures from this post.

Kim Kibum is alive and well... but kind of fat.

It's been a long time Super Junior seen as complete as 13 on stage. After uncertain circumstances, the boys still manage to pull out a success 4jib promotion and now preparing for highly anticipated Super Show 3 starting tomorrow in Seoul.

10 boys are actively carrying Super Junior's name while we know where Kangin and Hangeng are, but how about Kibum?

Recently, official photos of Kibum released delivering shocked to Super Junior fans, based from the photos he seemed that he attended Jecheon International Music Film Festival on August 12, 2010, yesterday.

It's been months since we haven't heard anything from him, he obviously gained weight, grew his hair but still looking good with that bright smile on his face.

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Source: DKP
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Japan's Internet toilet to get shit on by Korean netizens?

A second cyber battle may be brewing this weekend between Korean and Japanese Internet users, following on the first round of volleys in March, according to recent posts on popular community boards in both countries.

Netizens on certain Korean Internet clubs and cafes are calling for attacks on one of Japan’s most popular Web forums, 2channel, tomorrow, when Koreans will celebrate the anniversary of their liberation from Japan in 1945. Users on 2channel are also expected to retaliate.

On March 1, the anniversary of the Korean independence movement, Korean Internet users flooded the site with data requests, eventually forcing it offline temporarily.

The action is known as a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack, because it relies on a large number of attackers to overload 2channel by any means they could.

Not all Korean netizens approve of the attacks. One anonymous user on a popular discussion board in Korea wrote, “Are all your heads empty? The attack will humiliate our country.”

The second round may not be as damaging because there has been no outright provocation by Japanese netizens, as there was at the beginning of the year. Preceding the March attack, 2channel users started threads sympathizing with Russians after a Korean college student was violently attacked in the street by three Russian youths and died from his wounds in February. The tension escalated after another Japanese 2channel user accused figure skater Kim Yu-na of bribing judges to get her Olympic gold medal, beating Japanese silver medalist Mao Asada.

Source: Christine Kim @ JoongAng Daily

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In life after K-pop, Son seeks new niche

‘To be honest, if I sing a couple of songs at a nightclub I can earn 20 times more than in a small concert hall. But I prefer to sing in concert halls while interacting with my fans.’

Singer Son Ho-young was a member of g.o.d. but went solo in 2006 after the group broke up. Son said he has tried hard to shed his image as a former teen idol and earn recognition as a musician.

The Korean pop scene has long been dominated by “idol groups,” those ever-present bands that churn out bubblegum music and consist of members in their teens or early 20s.

But these idols have to grow up at some point. As they age, members of K-pop groups must prepare for life on their own. It’s a daunting task fraught with emotional hurdles and professional challenges, as these former teen stars often find themselves performing in front of much smaller crowds and struggling to gain a following.

Only a few, Lee Hyo-ri and Yoon Eun-hye among them, have succeeded in surviving after the K-pop light fades. Lee once led the four-member girl group Fin.K.L., while Yoon was a member of the girl group Babyvox. Both have managed to handle the transition extraordinarily well, with Lee enhancing her singing career and Yoon carving a niche in the world of acting.

Among the nation’s many former idols, Son Ho-young is one of the few who continues to pursue a singing career, as most try their hand at acting or professional dancing.

Leaving behind his glamorous days, the 31-year-old - who recently wrapped up a concert at a small hall - is striving to shed his idol image and earn recognition as a genuine musician.

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Source: Lee Byung-goo @ JoongAng Daily
Lee Soo Hyuk -2

YG Clears Rumours.- GD ain't dating

Local media reporters in Japan has reported that G-Dragon of big bang is in a relationship with a famous Japanese Model.

On the 14th of August, Sankei Sports in Japan reported that G-Dragon has been dating famous Vivi Model Mizuhara Kiko who is a half american and korean-Japanese. She is a fashion model for the magazine "Vivi" and she has an American father and a korean mother, she was born in Texas but raised in Kobe showing an exotic beauty with a mix of American and Asian blood.

Also, she is fluent in Korean, English and Japanese.

According to reporters, the two have been dating since June last Year when Japan debuted in Japan. Sankei Sports said that because of G-dragons busy schedule of going back and forth to Japan and South Korea they have been maintaining a long distance relationship.

However, G-Dragon's company has spoken about this saying in an entry, "The two share a close relationship however these rumors about them dating is incorrect".

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews

Japan debuted in Japan -----> Big Bang debuted in Japan XD

Pink Queen Jia's Black Hair is a Hot Issue

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Through a portal site’s community board, a photo of miss A’s Jia with black hair was been recently revealed, and it is currently a hot issue amongst the netizens and her fans.

Jia is usually known for her bright pink dyed hair, as it stands out during miss A’s performances. But looking at the photo above, her black hair certainly gives off a whole different image of Jia, as she looks more mature while she also carries a bit of a sexy atmosphere.

Netizens who have seen the photo gave their opinions, commenting things such as, “Her pink hair is pretty, but black hair really looks good on her as well,” and, “She must’ve had hard time always dyeing her hair pink. I think having black hair would look good as well.”

What do you guys think?

I honestly think she's perfect in every which way.
종대 » tyvm
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F.CUZ in Japan. Fan sign + event + video to fans [sub]

F.CUZ holds an event [F.CUZ in USJ] for their Japanese fans

On the 3rd, in Osaka Universal Studio Japan's STAGE33,
F.CUZ held an opening event [F.CUZ in USJ] for the opening of their Japanese

For the first event since their fanclub opened lots of fans
gathered at Universal studios. F.CUZ sang their Korean debut song
"JIGGY", "No One" among others. They also played games and held
a dance lesson to get closer to the fans.

After having completed this first fan event, F.CUZ are scheduled
to hold a Show Case in Tokyo on the 4th of September
called "1st Showcase Hug My Heart".

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Praying that this turned out alright ~_~