August 15th, 2010

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Why does Nam Jihyun want to do makeup CFs?

4minute's Nam JiHyun expressed her greed for a makeup commercial. She surprisingly confessed, "Everyone in 4minute is a '90er. It would be nice if I had the opportunity to brag about my soft face."

On the broadcast of SBS's 'Bae KiWan Choi YoungAh Jo HyungKi's Good Morning' that was aired on June 13th, 4minute's greed for commercials was revealed. Among them, Nam JiHyun chose a makeup commercial.

At this, the members confessed that Nam JiHyun was a no-makeup beauty. Nan JiHyun said, "I ask for an opportunity to show it," and "Please give me many calls," as she gave a big laugh.

In the meantime, Heo GaYon chose a phone CF, Jeon JiYoon chose a car CF, Kim HyunAh chose a CF for pants, and Kwon SoHyun chose a home appliances CF, each with a meaning behind them.

Source: Newsen
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[ENG SUB] 100814 Super Junior Super Show 3 in Seoul Entertainment Weekly

Source: bofrox96 @

- They danced to Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, and Poker Face complete with costumes and all. Heechul with red heels and idkwhatelse as Lady Gaga?
- They wore vegetable costumes! And have trouble walking around with it lmao. SD: Mushroom, SW: Carrot, HC: Chilli, DH: Onion, RW: Tomato, SM: Pumpkin, LT: Cabbage, YS: Cauliflower, EH: Beansprout, KH: Green Pepper.
- Heechul performed with f(x)'s Sulli
- Kibum is NOT in the VIP section in audience, and he did NOT perform, just to clear some rumours out.
- Some SHINee members, f(x)members, Nickhun, One Way's Chance, and Brian Joo went, I think?

There's a lot more, I can't remember what I read and I'm lazy and sleepy. :P So just party on and get excited! xD


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Andre Kim's wake

World known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam), who passed away on 12th August at the age of 75 has left many of his friends in tears and that includes his celebrity friends.

Famous faces were spotted attending Andre Kim’s wake at Seoul University Hospital.

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Choi Ji-woo looks exhausted. One too many funerals to go between such a short time... :(
don't leave my hyper heart alone {CL}

KARA shake almost 5000 hands in Japan

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Gekidan Hitori wishes KARA good luck at handshake event celebrating the group's Japan debut

On August 14, the Korean five-member girl group KARA held their largest handshake event so far at Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo. 20 minutes before the event Gekidan Hitori who confessed to being a huge KARA fan and has been been spreading the word about the girls' charm in Japan, appeared as a fan and wished them the best of luck with their debut in Japan.

KARA are currently enjoying such tremendous popularity that when they held a live event to commemorate their debut in Japan in front of Shibuya 109 on August 11, the crowd literally flooded the streets and the event had to be brought to a halt after just three minutes. Looking back on that day Seungyeon (22) tells us in Japanese, still deeply impressed, "So many people came, much more than we could have hoped for. We were happy when some newspapers and TV stations, and even the Korean news covered the event." "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pictures of Shibuya. I really want to keep on giving my best," Nicole (18) said with determination.

The aforementioned event was held for buyers of KARA's Japanese debut single "Mister" (released on August 11). The live hall can hold up to about 2,400 people, so arrangements were made to hold the same event twice. Long lines of young fans formed because it's summer holiday season in Japan.

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Other sources report that the mini live and handshake event went on for about 5 hours because they had to do everything twice. Gekidan Hitori was also seen wearing a "I ♥ KARA" T-shirt.

Sources: Oricon Style, Sanspo, Sponichi Annex, Nikkan Sports
Translation: fabledlamb @ omona_prection

2PM On HahaMong, being all sorts of prection

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Earlier this week we reported that 2PM’s new dorm would be revealed through the SBS HahaMong Show.

On August 15th, Haha and MC Mong raided 2PM’s new dorm for the HahaMong Show corner, Mother’s Favor.

The beastly idols were caught off-guard, in their natural habitats. From Chansung and Wooyoung who were found sleeping in the living room, to Nichkhun who looked like a sleeping angel, and the wild Taecyeon, the temporary mothers Haha and MC Mong went around to wake each of the 2PM members and helped them wash up.

In particular, 2PM’s half-awake attempt to dance to their hit songs Again & Again and Heartbeat brought about much laugher.

The HahaMong mothers prepared a special summer camp for the 2PM members who were too busy this summer to have any summer vacation. At the camp site, the HahaMong mothers prepared dinner for 2PM as they shared stories about their families.

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sources: allkpop & tkhuntk01


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Rainbow's comeback 'Girl?' Huge transformation, intense sexiness!

7 member girl group Rainbow has transformed into sexy warriors.
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On the 13th, Rainbow had their comeback stage with their new album title song 'A' on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'.

Through this stage, Rainbow has thrown away their active and girly image and showed a mature yet exceptional appearance, they have caught the attention of the fans.

Especially, during this time we saw see through clothes and sexy dances and movements. The fans who have seen the teaser video expressed themselves "Visual explosion, they're refined", "Their transformation from Gossip Girl is surprising", "I am looking forward to the album song 'A'".

This digital single 'A' was made by Han Jaeho and Kim SeungSoo who even made KARA's 'Pretty Girl', 'Honey', 'Wanna', 'Mister', 'Lupin' etc... This song has a hip hop beat and a rock feeling which also gives a strong dance pop number.

For this song to be complete, DSP and Sweetune members gathered to complete this song for many hours.

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ZE:A's Dongjun, popular with transgender Thai

ZE:A's Dongjun is gaining tremendous popularity among Thais transgenders.

Dongjun said, "We've returned from promotion in Thailand. If I were to say the differences between Thais and Korean fans, there are many transgender fans there." "They are so pretty and very girlish. They called me 'Oppa', then they told me they are transgenders" he added, smiling.

On the other hand, he revealed "There is this Chinese fan boy, he sends me a frog as a present everyday." "Of course they are not living frogs but they are pens, spoons and other things, all frog-shaped. He sends it everyday", he conveyed. "Of course I'm thankful because he thinks of me, but receiving a frog everyday makes me curious what's the meaning behind those presents."

ZE:A is in the middle of promoting their song 'Bad talk sad' and 'Kkap Kwanghee' Hwang Kwanghee are topping the entertainment lists.

source: Sports Chosun; Credit: akucun@EC for translation

Indie band Bye Bye Sea in Playful Kiss

After just finishing a guest spot on I Am Legend, indie band Bye Bye Sea [안녕바다] has been cast in the upcoming drama Playful Kiss, where they will play classmates to Jung So-min and Lee Tae-sung’s characters in the third-rate class full of delinquents.

Playful Kiss director Hwang In-roi was working on the music selection for the drama, when an acquaintance introduced him to Bye Bye Sea. He met with them and loved their unique tone and energy so much that he cast them on the spot.

Bye Bye Sea has inhabited the indie scene for a few years, but popped onto people’s radars with the release of their first mini album in December of last year. They played a great band-in-training on SBS’s I Am Legend, but this time they’ll get to stretch their acting abilities, playing something other than a version of their own band.

Members Namu (vocal, guitar), Joon-hyuk (drums), Myung-jae (bass), and Dae-hyun (programming, keyboard) will hopefully get to have some fun and give some attitude as the slacker contingent in the high school’s last-place classroom.

The unorthodox method of casting turned a lot of heads in the industry, but once the guys got on set for the poster shoot and the drama, everyone praised Director Hwang for finding such untainted actors with fresh charm. Here’s hoping that Hwang’s deft hand as a director can mold ALL of the cast, and that he makes good use of quirky side characters like these.

Production is full steam ahead on the drama, and it airs September 1 on MBC.

Sources: & Dramabeans


Professional asshole Wang Biho calls Nine Muses cheap knockoffs of SNSD

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On the 15th, Wang Biho stated, “Who’s Nine Muses? Oh LPG,” on KBS‘ Gag Concert.

He had left the girls speechless with that statement.

He continued, “I did a background check on Nine Muses. There are 9 members but I feel like I’ve seen them somewhere. Aren’t they the knockoffs of the Chinese version of SNSD? The knockoff SNSD who copied the Chinese-version of SNSD who copied SNSD.”

He again continued, “I heard that Park Jin Young gave you your debut song, but do you think he gave you all a good song? He probably gave you the leftover after giving all the good ones to his company artists.”

omitted standard allkpoop commentary throughout article.
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Chun Jung Myung speaks up about kissing Moon Geun Young

Remember the hit drama Cinderella’s Sister from several months back? Well, it appears as if the kiss scene between actor Chun Jung Myung and actress Moon Geun Young is still a hot issue!

On a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, Chun Jung Myung dished out all the behind-the-scenes goodies on his kiss scene with the nation’s little sister actress. In an interview with the show, he said, “For two days, Moon Geun Young and I filmed the kiss scene. The director didn’t say anything except, ‘Just kiss,’ so I was flustered…After we shot the kiss scene, the staff members said they were envious.” Can’t you just imagine the staff members staring at the two in awe?

Apart from discussing the kiss scene, he later also admitted, “Because I’m a good guy, I like bad girls.”

Source: akp
all the love inside ceases to exist
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BoA on DJ DOC’s apology, “I didn’t misunderstand oppas”

BoA reveals her gratitude towards DJ DOC’s apology.

BoA revealed a photo of herself posing with flowers given to her after her filming on SBS Inkigayo on 15th August. BoA also wrote about it, “DOC oppas’ surprise flower girl. Even though they were busy… Oppas, I did not misunderstand you. Let’s all promote our music together happily.”

DJ DOC had appeared on the show that day for a surprise appearance to apologise to BoA. DJ DOC has received criticisms from fans after member Lee HaNeul was seen throwing the flower bouquet given to him by BoA during their appearance on KBS Music Bank on 13th August . On the show that day, and BoA had won #1 on the show that day with DJ DOC next up for the #1 spot.

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source: sookyeong

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Omnibus film Acoustic showcases young talent

Shin Se-kyung, 2AM’s Im Seulong, Baek Jin-hee, and two members of CN Blue are starring in a three-part omnibus film about youth, wandering, passion and music, called Acoustic.

Directed by Yoo Sang-hun, the film will be divided into three parts: Part 1 stars Shin Se-kyung, Part 2 stars CN Blue’s Lee Jong-hyun and Kang Min-hyuk, and Part 3 stars Im Seulong and Baek Jin-hee.

It looks like Shin Se-kyung is the big name star, cast to drum up interest in the indie film, but the focus may be more on Part 3′s Im Seulong and Baek Jin-hee, as theirs is the love story. Baek is gaining a lot of traction in supporting roles, with projects like The Naked Kitchen, Loving You a Thousand Times, and the drama special Secret Garden under her belt. This year she’ll be in two other films, Hoya and Festival, both currently in production.

Shin Se-kyung is at work on her big film Blue Salt with Song Kang-ho and Chun Jung-myung, a thriller due out later this year. Im Seulong played a supporting role in Personal Taste, and this will be the acting debut for CN Blue’s Lee Jong-hyun and Kang Min-hyuk.

Omnibus films are a great breeding ground for new talent, rising stars, and especially great for crossover singers who are pretty green when it comes to acting. The short-film compilation feel of it will probably help to counterbalance it too, if any of the stories start to lag. With the right soundtrack and a loose, indie sensibility, this could become a film to look out for.

Acoustic is currently in principle photography, and is aiming for an October release at the Busan International Film Festival.

Source: Naver
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Actor Song Chang-ui finds empathy in homosexual role

Lee Sang Woo and Song Chang Ui because this picture is better than the source picture.

"If I had been worried about my image I wouldn't have taken this role. I hope that the lives of homosexuals will be acknowledged and be a little bit happier through this drama of ours."

The 31-year-old Song Chang-ui, who plays the gay character of Yang Tae-sub in the weekend drama "Life is Beautiful" (SBS), told about his latest small-screen role in an interview with Yonhap News Agency Thursday in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.

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source: Korea Times

Everyone and their mother should watch Life Is Beautiful.

Craving for Chocolate?

Chocolate is a 5-member girlgroup that consists members from Korea, China and the States and is said to be a global girlgroup. Their agency H Line Entertainment revealed that the group is set for debut in mid August.

It has also been reported that the new girlgroup with fashion town Nuzzon before their debut.

A staff from Nuzzon revealed, “Chocolate has the bright and cute image, which matches that of Nuzzon. As the new faces of fashion town Nuzzon, the girls will also be performing in the performing theatre in front of the fashion town and fans will be able to see them more upclose and personal.


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c:chocovids@ youtube + chocolatekiss

I think the song is their upcoming song.. what do you guys think?
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Kangin makes a surprise appearance at Super Show 3

Kangin, who is currently serving the Korean military, has made a surprise appearance on Super Junior’s concert through a video.

On the 15th, Super Junior held their concert, Super Show 3, at Seoul’s Olympic Park. Before their concert, the active members held a press interview and revealed, “Even though Kangin is serving in the military, he will be making a surprise appearance. It has been planned for Kangin to perform Handel’s opera, Rinaldo, with us, but our hearts still ache. We wish he were there instead of just his voice.”

As revealed, Kangin joined the members during their opera performance of Handel’s Rinaldo and performed an orchestra version of Lascia ch’io pianga. Since he couldn’t personally be there for the concert, Kangin made an appearance through a pre-recorded video and made a heartwarming performance which delighted the 10,000 fans who were present.
This Seoul concert marked the official beginning of their Asia tour.

On another note, fellow member Kangin was not the only special guest at this concert. Although he wasn’t there to perform, 2PM’s Nichkhun was at the concert to cheer on his buddies.

Source: allkpop

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BEAST chosen as the new model for a young casual brand

[Newsen Kim Hyungwoon Reporter]

The popular idol group BEAST has been chosen as the new models for the Young TD Casual ‘CLRIDE.N (’.

For all of the BEAST members, who have risen to the top star position in 300 days of their debut in music and variety MC positions, this will be their first time being clothes models from the 2010 F/W collection from CLRIDE.N.

A staff commented that the strong, but cute and modern image of BEAST will match well with the trendy and casual brand concept of CLRIDE.N which led to the decision of choosing them as the models.

For the CLRIDE.N photo shoot with the BEAST members who are currently getting love calls from different advertisements, it had proceeded in a mood with more heaviness and edge.

BEAST had successfully digested the modern British vintage style, showing off their charm not only to the teenagers, but also to the other age groups as well. Getting attention with their perfect bodyline and face, the BEAST members showed off a new level of chicness along with a modern feel.

Being chosen as the new CLRIDE.N models, BEAST has been gaining attention as they have been the next ones in CLRIDE.N’s line of popular idol groups.

BEAST stated, “This has more meaning for us because it has been the first clothes advertisement that we got to film with all of the members. We are thankful and happy with the fact that we can show off a different charm and a new style of BEAST through this opportunity.”


I remember the SHINee one being very cute :D lol at Doojoon's gaze.
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TaeYang’s backdancer Kim JiHye closes minihompy

Big Bang TaeYang and his backdancer, whom he had kiss performances with, Kim JiHye make topic.

Kim JiHye’s minihompy was recently closed down, but even so some of the posts she posted up on the minihompy were revealed by fans. There were netizens who posted up encouragement saying that she and TaeYang look good together while there were also netizens who commented that they wish she don’t debut as an entertainer.

Not only so, some netizens also left comments “(nickname: Dong YongBae) You really like it that much to kiss Dong YongBae?”. Even there were fans who commented like “If you are a fan, do not disrespect”, with other anti-fans’ comments posted up, Kim JiHye has closed her minihompy.

S: K Bites

YG, the lady from G-Dragon’s relationship rumors ··· “Friends with all the Big Bang members” (August

Big Bang’s company YG Entertainment officially denied the rumors that G-Dragon and Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko were in a relationship.

An official from YG Entertainment spoke to Edaily SPN on the phone the morning of the 14th and revealed, “They met when Big Bang began their activities in Japan last year, and G-Dragon would meet up with her whenever he was in Japan. They are friendly, but they are not dating.”

Furthermore, “Mizuhara Kiko is not only friendly with G-Dragon but with the other Big Bang members also,” and added laughing, “It seems Big Bang has gotten famous seeing as such scandals are popping up locally (in Japan).”

Sanskei Sports in Japan had received lots of attention with their report claiming that Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko were dating, and that the two were maintaining a long-distance relationship even amidst G-Dragon’s busy schedule that brought him back and forth between Korea and Japan.

S: edaily
TRANS: seungie @ tumblr
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Fat Girls, Stay Fat. Shindong Does It Better.

ShinDong reveals a photo of himself dressed as a female for Super Junior’s concert.

Super Junior had their 3rd concert tour ‘Super Junior THE 3RD ASIA TOUR : SUPER SHOW 3′ on 14th and 15th August at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

And on the 14th, Shindong revealed a photo on his Twitter “I will upload a photo before I go to sleep”. In the photo uploaded, ShinDong was seen dressed up as a female, looking pretty and feminine.

Fans commented, “Who is this? She is totally glowing. From now on, I will call you unnie”, “Oppa looks really pretty. Even prettier than I am” etc. It is known that ShinDong had performed Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ in the dress up.

S:Newsen & K Bites

MBLAQ chosen as protagonists of 'Celebrity Goes to School'..shows off their drawing skills

Pictures of five-member idol group MBLAQ sitting in a cafe drawing in sketchbooks with 4B pencils has drawn attention among the netizens.

The pictures are garnering attention, because the MBLAQ members, who are famous for being clowns, look quite serious. Their surprising drawing skills, which were hard to see on TV, also has fans interested.

Netizens commented, 'this is a different side of MBLAQ', 'they draw well', 'What university are they attending for the show 'Celebrity Goes to School'? Art school?', 'G.O's surprised expression is cute'.

It has been confirmed that the first episode of Mnet's 'Celebrity Goes to School' will be aired on August 19th. The pictures are of the members preparing to go to the most prestigious university in the nation.

Director Lee Sunyoung PD said, "Although they've been busy with their many schedules, MBLAQ has been sweating and studying hard to show everyone a new image as the protagonists of the show. Please anticipate what school they will go to with Kim Suro, what major they will choose, and what kind of a university lifestyle they have".

Kim Suro and MBLAQ have been chosen as protagonists for the final series of 'Celebrity Goes to School', following in the footsteps of Seo Inyoung, MC Mong, and Kara's Nicole. Fans are anticipating how they will rewrite the history of school reality shows.

'Celebrity Goes to School, Finale Series' has the largest cast thus far, with Kim Suro and all members of MBLAQ, and the fact that they are attempting to go to the best university in Korea is gathering a lot of attention even before its start.

boys, take a break. ;~;
Source: ilovepocky @ Absolute MBLAQ
Original Source: Nate News
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Behind the scenes of Beast's new MV?

We recently reported that 6-member idol group BEAST would be making their long awaited comeback next month.
To further spice things up, it looks like a behind the scenes photo of BEAST’s new music video was released online. Whether the photo was taken at the actual music video set or for something else is still yet to be known, but from the looks it can be assumed it’s for their new video.
In the picture, all of the members are sporting black clothing revealing their dark sides. Their upcoming album will contain a variety of genres, and their title track may just be an upbeat track.

Are you ready for some BEASTly action next month?

source: allkpop


ok apparently it's for their BBQ CF, but whatever. STILL EXCITED.


Preview: Wonder Girls on “Happy Camp” in Hunan, China

As reported earlier, Wonder Girls was in Changsha, Hunan from 7-8 August for the recording of “快乐大本营” (Happy Camp).

During this episode, Wonder Girls also took to chance to teach the hosts the “Nobody” dance. They also got to show their individual talents as Sunye danced to an English song, Lim danced to a retro 80s style, Sohee performed 《Single Ladies》, Yeeun performed to 《可惜不是你 Too Bad It Is Not You》 by Liang JingRu, lastly Yubin performed to 《Boom Boom Pow》.

This episode will be broadcasted on 21st August (Saturday) on Hunan Tv.

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Source: Wonderfuls World, HunanTV
Pictures: *bluebutterfly* @ wgspectacle + as tagged
Video: gino19882000f

Narsha and an orangutan dance to ‘Abracadabra’

On the most recent episode of SBS Heroes, the members were given the task of taking a special photo with an animal at the amusement park.
While IU simply posed in front of a chimpanzee cage, Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha decided to do something different. She met up with an orangutan to dance the ’saucy hip move’ from one of 2009’s biggest hits, Abracadabra. With a little help from its trainer, the orangutan caught on fast and Narsha was able to get her photo. Be sure to check out the hilarious clip below.

Source: AKP, AdamWGM1

Miryo likes Janey omg

Brown Eyed Girls’ charismatic rapper, Miryo, praised maknae Janey from the young rookie girl group, GP Basic.

A representative from Brown Eyed Girls’ company shared:

“Miryo, after watching GP Basic’s first performance, showed immense interest towards Janey. Miryo praised Janey for her powerful rap and confident stage presence despite her young age”

Watching this hard-working junior, striving for her dreams at such a young age, left a deep impression on Miryo.

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Source: AKP + winterm3lon2

Ngl, the MR is pretty good for a group that just debuted and is half the age of other girl groups promoting right now.