August 16th, 2010

Onkey nylon

Amazing voice and Taec's noona!friend joins twitter!

That's right omona, it's the gorgeous singer

Baek Ji Young

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Sources: twitter - jiyoungbaek seominjae86

Ngl, I hated "My Ear's Candy" but I think her voice is incredible and the few ballads I've heard from her are absolutely lovely. "Like Being Hit By a Bullet" is beautiful to the ear. :)

Seungri Quits !!

A few hours after confirming that Seungri had a Twitter account, the singer already said his farewells.

Seungri opened his Twitter account earlier this month under the user name sexybackv1, but it looks as though he has already decided to say goodbye.

His last two tweets were “트위터의 매력은 충분히 맛보았다 ^^ 그럼 모듀들 바이바이~~ ( have fully enjoyed the charm of Twitter ^^ so I’ll leave, bye bye~~),” and his last tweet “byebye^^!!! sayonara ja nai yo~~~~ matta aeru kkara!!”

After news spread that Seungri has a Twitter account, the singer had gained over 8,700 followers. Perhaps he wanted to keep his account a secret, but whatever the reason it’s a shame to see him leave so soon.

translation: ibigbang
credit: omgkpop

guess he wasn't ~strong~ enough ahahahahahaaaaaaaah!
yeah, i'm sorry :(

JYP awarded at World Leadership Award

Earlier this month on the 6th, Park Jin Young (JYP) received a Global Ambassador Award at the World Leadership Awards in Atlanta.

The World Leadership Awards was founded in 1999 by Usher’s New Look Foundation and gives out awards to individuals who direct and help leadership, business, and education to the youth.

Former President Bill Clinton, pro-golfer Michelle Wie, and artists Justin Bieber and Ciara were also present at this awards ceremony. Bill Clinton received a Service Legacy Award, Justin Bieber received a Global Youth Leadership Award, and Park Jin Young received the Global Ambassador Award. Park Jin Young was given this award for his ability to give hope and dream to the youth internationally. His skill and talent to make superstars have also been acknowledged, making him a more than suitable receiver for this award.

JYP Entertainment stated, “ This award is a special one due to the inspiration he has found in being able to provide to the publicly known artists such as Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A; having conducted various audition and entertainment programs to spread hope and dreams for both the fans and the next generation.”

Park Jin Young stated, “I am very thankful and honored to receive such a huge award at a huge event. Iwork to the fullest to improve JYPE’s U.S.-proven systematic management system on seeking new trainees, so we could find and support even more talents from all over the world. Thank you.“

Source: akp

bill clinton, ciara, and jyp all in one place? i would seriously kill to be there

The poster for Sungkyunkwan Scandal AKA Yoochun's drama

The poster’s out for “campus romance youth sageuk drama” Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and the image basically tells us what we need to know: It’s comedic, romantic, and definitely not your parents’ sageuk.

The photo features Micky Yoochun with Park Min-young, with the word “Shh!” written between them. He plays lead character Sun-joon — rich, talented, smart — while she plays Yoon-hee, a girl who dresses as a boy to enter the school at Sungkyunkwan. S/he falls in with Sun-joon’s crowd, which is rounded out by rebellious Jae-shin (Yoo Ah-in) and playboy Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki). Naturally hormones get involved, some wires get crossed, and hijinks ensue.

The production team also opened up an official Twitter account to open up more lines of communication with its viewing public.

The KBS Monday-Tuesday drama will premiere on August 30.

Source: OSEN
Translation: dramabeans

/butthurt Changmin stan

Rain’s online clothing mall gets store clearance, 90% off

It’s been reported that Rain’s not-so-successful online clothing brand Six to Five is having a huge sale at the moment, in attempt to get rid of all their merchandise as the site will no longer be in business. In other words, the site’s having its closing down clearance sale.

Six to Five gained great deal of attention since its launch in 2008, as superstar Rain announced to be the main designer for the brand’s merchandise. 6to5 even showed their confidence in success by guaranteeing that the site will be raising more than a million dollars a year during its launching event.

However, the clothing mall miserably failed to succeed in the competitive market.

Recently, the ownership of the site was shifted to SungJoo DND, resulting the website to close after its short two-year-long run.

Currently, the website is having a store clearance sale, lowering all the price of all items up to 90%; a Rain’s personally designed T-shirt now costs only $4. This is no doubt a huge humiliation for big star Rain. Due to such heavy load of traffic at the moment, the site has not been accessible for a while.

Well, $4 for a shirt is a pretty good deal.

Source: akp

super embarrassing but i'm honestly not surprised since the clothes are overpriced and ugly as hale

Rainbow member NoEul, 'The only White one'

Noeul a member from girl group Rainbow has gotten a nick name called 'The only White one' because of her eye catching white skin.

Rainbow go their comeback stage for their new album title song 'A' on the 15th in SBS 'Inkigayo'. During this time Rainbow has thrown away their sexy and youthful image for a more funky charm which has grabbed the audiences eyes.

With the unique dance which lifts the T-shirts and fresh body dances using the long arms and legs which was enough to make the guy fans hearts flutter. After the broadcast, the fans have taken captures of the broadcast and has given nickname 'Noeul alone white'. This was expressed since Noeul had eye catching white skin to the other members.

With the present capture screens, the fans laughed because of Noeul showing off her 'Tofu Skin, whilst the other members had chocolate skin.

Some of the comments were: "Alone with fluorescent skin, the leg color is so different", "Every time I see the broadcast it stood out to me, but I am not the only one to think that", "Even looking at the title, I though it would be about Noeul". "It's like looking at Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In".

Some netizens have compared Noeul and Woori's skin tone and though that Noeul needed to do 'Tanning'.

Meanwhile, Rainbow's digital single album, title song 'A' was made by Han Jaeho and Kim Seung Soo who has made lot's of hit song for KARA.

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source: Yahoo News, translation: Seungeun Lee@Prismatic7
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HyunA sports a wedding dress for MNET 20’s Choice

Previously, mysterious photos of HyunA in a wedding dress and Goo Hara in a suit were revealed. At that time, the purpose for those photos were not revealed, but we have finally gotten answers!

On the 16th, MNET revealed their official posters for the Mnet 20’s Choice, tagged with the Break Yourself concept. The first official poster was of a blonde Hyuna sporting a tiara and a wedding dress.

A production crew member stated, “At the young age of 19 and a sexy icon on stage, no one would have been able to imagine Hyuna wearing a white wedding dress, transformed into a nice bride. You may look forward to another one of 4minute Hyuna’s performances at the awards ceremony stage.”

The 20’s Choice Awards which is celebrating its 4th anniversary will be held on the 26th in Seoul at the Gwangjangdong Sheraton Grand Walker-Hill River Park’s swimming pool.

Source: All Kpop

f(x)’s Luna unveils her identical twin sister

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We’ve had quite few pairs of twins in K-pop industry, but never an identical one! f(x)’s dancing queen Luna revealed that she has an identical and biological twin sister, by posting a photo of both posing in front of camera to celebrate their birthday. Both Luna and her sister turned 17 on August 12th.

Netizens had quite a hard time differentiating the two in the photo.

Which one is Luna, do you think? The sporty one, or the lady-like one?

『오라』MAGIC hair

Korean metal.

True Heavy Metal veterans don't really die. They become gnarly and mean. They don't cut their hair (or most of them don't). They actually lose weight. And they never give up the fight.

Just look at Korea's CRASH. Ask any true Korean metalhead: who changed the face of Korean heavy metal forever? Which band has been flying the flag for pure, unadulterated Thrash Metal for twenty or so years? The answer will most surely be CRASH. Always lurking around, somewhere in the underground. Once deemed to be The Next Big Thing, on the verge of commercial breakthrough -- but no. Not them. Too much integrity, son.

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The Paragon of Animals sounds just like its creators -- gnarly, lean and mean. But it also sounds confident. As if they know who they are. What they're here for. What time it is. Every wanna-be evil/melo-death/emo/metalcore/whatever-band better watch out. Cause now it's on.

source: crash, article credited to SonicPrism (unable to find source link :( )

SM Entertainment Hits Jackpot in Sales

With K-pop’s biggest celebrities working daily for the company, there’s no doubt in the fact that SM Entertainment probably has the largest income in the industry.

Behold. It has been calculated by Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service that SM Entertainment has made around 47.5 trillion Korean won during the first six months of year 2010, which roughly converts to 40 million dollars in USD. This is about 59% larger than what they’ve made last year.

Also, it’s been revealed that SM Entertainment has earned over 18.6 trillion Korean won, over 3 times as much as last year. SM stated, “This achievement was possible due to increasing overseas income made by our artists like Super Junior, BoA, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).”

SM Entertainment believes their income will increase even more, as they’ve been slowly entering the application market for various smartphones. Also, SNSD’s overseas activities are expected to bring [in] even more money for the company.

Source: allkpop

Super Junior Releases New Trot Single, ‘Knocking’


Following their huge success with Super Show 3, Super Junior recently made a surprise announcement that they would be officially releasing a trot single entitled, Knocking.

Their new single was revealed on the 16th through various music websites such as MelOn, Cyworld, and more.

The members had sang Knocking at Super Show 3, and they received an overwhelming response to the song due to its catchy lyrics and fun melody. As a result, it was decided to make it an official release for fans.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be returning to the Seoul Olympic Stadium to perform at the first stop for the SM TOWN LIVE '10 event on the 21st.

Source: allkpop it a SuJu or SJ-T song?
Dr. Who - Lost

What has BEST FUCKIN FIVE accomplished today?

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First-ever Asia girl-group with a TOP10 debut.

5 member South Korean girl group, KARA, debuted in Japan with their single 「ミスター」 [MISTER] and within the first week, 29 thousand copies were sold after its release and appeared at 5th place on the weekly single ranking chart. The last international girl group to debut in the TOP10 chart was on December 15, 1980 by the 5 member British girl group "The Nolans/The Nolan Sisters" with their song 「ダンシング・シスター」 [DANCING SISTER] that ranked 7th.

They [KARA] are one of the first Asia girl groups to debut at TOP10 in 37 years and 4 months, among others, including solo artist OuYang FeiFei and her song 「雨の御堂筋」 [Midosuji in the Rain] (in 1971) and Agnes Chan and her song 「ひなげしの花」 [Poppy Flower] (in 1972).

KARA, girl group of the K-POP SCENE, boasts great popularity. They debuted in March 2007 in Korea with their 1st album 『The First Bloooooming』. As of February 2008 KARA becomes a group with 5 members - the current members are Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara and Jiyoung. In February this year, they held their first live showcase in Japan. They debuted in Japan on August 11th and released their single 「ミスター」 [MISTER].

Following their Japan debut, they appeared in Tokyo, Shibuya fashion station 109 as a surprise event for their special stage where nearly 3,000 fans gathered. And on August 14th, in Tokyo, at the Shin-Kiba Studio, they held a mini-live event where they shook hands and met fans. The [KARA人気] "POPULAR KARA/KARA POPULARITY" is definitely rising.

Credits: Oricon Style (article) + heaven-sent @ soompi (translations)

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Yeah whats up Japan?
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It's Kim Dong Wan Diary Update

[10.08.16][Diary] Dongwan's memolog: Just leave them be~
Why do you care so much about
those who couldn't even unify their color?...ㅋ

[10.08.16][Diary] Dongwan's blog: 2010
You should never go to a doctor whose plants are dying in the waiting room.- erma bombeck

[10.08.15][Diary] Dongwan's blog: 2010
Today is Gwangbokjul! (*Independence Day)

On August 15th, 1945, with the surrender of Japan the second World War came to an end. Korea gained its independence, and the government of the Republic of Korea was established on August 15th, 1948. In order to commemorate the day the country was freed from Japan rule and the day that a government as an independent country was established, the government of the Republic of Korea legislated on October 1st, 1949 the 'Laws on National Holidays,' and designated August 15th of every year the national holiday 'Gwangbokjul' (*Independence Day). 'Gwangbok' (*Chinese characters: 光復) means 'to reclaim light,' and signifies the recovery of national sovereignty.

Source : Dongwan's Naver Blog
Credits : orisic @
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Hong Soo Ah with her younger Heroes members

Hong Soo Ah posed with the younger Heroes members IU, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and KARA’s Nicole for several cute selcas.

Ji Yeon updated her Twitter with three photos saying,

Our cute Soo Ah unni and cute IU, I love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

KARA’s Nicole also updated her Twitter with a photo of herself with Hong Soo Ah.

Nicole tweeted,

Soo Ah unni who I love ~ Oh hoo hoot peace baby ~~~

Fans commented, “Pretty unnies :DDD” “You guys are all lovely!!” and “aww heroes love! (:

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Source: akp

Fans want miss A Jia to return to her black hairstyle

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Photos of miss A member Jia in her black hairstyle uploaded online have been the hot topic amongst netizens of late.

Jia is known to have promoted in her black hairstyle in China before she had her singer debut in Korea, and photos from her photoshoot back then were being uploaded by netizens online recently. Fans commented that she gives a different feel in her black hairstyle as compared to her current unique pink hair, “She suits the black hair better”, “I want to see her in black hair again” etc.

Meanwhile, miss A ended their promotions for their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ on 14th August and is currently taking a break.

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sources: kbites + KPopFascination