August 18th, 2010


Jung Joori Wants to be a 4Minute Girl; Remains Un-Funny While Trying

Comedian Jung Joori has turned into 4minute girl!

Jung Joori joined 4minute's HyunA and Gayoon's on 8/17's episode of Strong Heart in a performance of "HuH."

Using her special choreography, Jung Joori's transformation into a 4minute member was perfectly done. HyunA even said, "Her dancing perfection was completely the same as that of a choreographer," she said while laughing as Jung Joori questioned her.

Referring to the 4minute-inspired sexy car mechanic outfit, Shin Jung-hwan said, "Go put oil in my car quickly!" causing the show's guests to erupt in laughter.

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Miss Korea Donates Winnings to Int'l Vaccine Institute

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Miss Korea 2010 Jung So-ra has pledged to donate all of her prize money of W20 million to the non-profit International Vaccine Institute (US$17,035).

"I made this decision to keep my promise to serve society when I was crowned Miss Korea," she said.

Established in 2003, the IVI is dedicated to developing and distributing vaccines to prevent infectious waterborne diseases such as malaria and typhoid.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

This is a very short news story, but a good deed such as this needs to be publicized.
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Marriage agencies in Korea

After Murder, South Korea Rethinks Marriage Brokers

South Korean Cha Jae Hyung and his Vietnamese wife, Phan Thi Ngoc Phwong, married in 2002 and have a 1-year-old boy. One of the biggest trends in South Korea is finding a foreign spouse.

Within three days, a man can meet and marry the Vietnamese bride of his dreams, one typical marriage agency claims. The Vietnamese woman will be faithful, submissive, between the ages of 18 and 25 and a virgin, the agency promises.

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YG to open a “YG-Life” blog about Big Bang, 2NE1, & YG Family

Last time I updated “From YG”, I said I will prepare a new communication system. That has been a while ago. Lack of my expressions made some misunderstandings with many fans. Whether it’s a misunderstanding or true, I think it’s my mistake that I failed to communicate with you, the fans.

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S: YG’s Message 2010.08.17

Yoo Nina at fault for using SHINee’s Jonghyun?

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Prior to what was reported earlier, more information regarding Yoo Nina’s incident with SHINee’s Jonghyun and fans have been revealed.

Yoo Nina is currently at fault for intentionally spreading false rumors in order to ride on Jonghyun’s fame. Although that still doesn’t justify what the fans did, she was the one who brought this incident upon herself.

Yoo Nina’s agency continues to state that it wasn’t her fault, and still believes that the fans have been causing chaos by spreading those rumors, and will continue to take legal action.

Some fans left a couple comments on a bulletin board stating their feelings, “Yoo Nina is trying to use SHINee’s Jonghyun, and now she’s making SHINee and their fans look terribly bad,” and “This all needs to stop. SHINee’s reputation is getting ruined.”

Proof that Yoo Nina indeed started the rumors herself have also been surfacing on two Naver blogs, viewable here and here. It shows her posts and how she intentionally used SHINee’s name for her own doing, which resulted in this chaos.

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4minute cries about being unpopular

On a recording of SBS E!TV’s 4minute All-In, there was a section which showed interviews with random people on the streets. The interviews asked questions about the group, and the answers given by the random people were quite shocking to the girls.

Many said that they knew the group and their songs very well, but did not recognize the faces of each member. These statements made the five girls burst into tears, which forced the filming to be stopped.

The girls later on released their feelings at that moment, stating, “We all knew about it, but since the comments were said directly to us, it felt like the sky was falling down.”

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Song JoongKi swill suggest Yoochun bed scene if ratings fall

Upcoming KBS TV series "Sungkyunkwan Scandal," set to premiere on August 30, has been garnering attention from viewers for a while now for two reasons. One, because it is based on hit romance novel, and two, because of its cast composed of stars Micky Yoochun (playing the role of Lee Seon-joon), Park Min-young (Kim Yoon-hee) and Song Joong-ki (Goo Yong-ha) - [ writter forgot Yoo Ah-In  as Moon Jae Shin ].   Below are excerpts from the press conference held at the W hotel on Tuesday.

Q: Do you think there have been any changes made to your character in the drama compared to the original novel?
Park Min-young: While my character was more of a lady of refined manner in the novel, she will be more of a playful and mischievous person in the drama. She has become someone who is more cheerful and lively although I don't know whether it's because I'm playing the role or because it's a historical drama with young characters. My character changes more toward the latter half of the show so I think her cute and loveable personality from the first half will have a dramatic effect on it.

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Will TVXQ members collaborate on SungKyunKwan Scandal OST?

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This is an announcement from Yoochun made yesterday at SungKyunKwan Scandal press conference.

Micky Yoochun said about SungKyunKwan Scandal OST: “The OST recording is in progress. TVXQ members, and other artists will diversely work.”

At the end, to the fans who waited for so long, he said: “In the future, you maybe have more days to wait” and then “I hope you don’t think of the fact of waiting and want you to enjoy the current wait. Everyone, Thanks for cheering, let be strong.”


Sunkyu <3

Japanese Genie Cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As we await for SNSD’s Japanese debut single Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) scheduled for release on September 8th, the album covers of their single have been recently revealed!

The first album cover photo (above) is the ‘first press edition’ version while the second photo (below) is the ‘limited edition’ version. The two album covers are exactly the same except for the ‘GENIE’ text that is placed in different places.

Meanwhile, SNSD debuted at #2 on Oricon’s DVD chart with their special DVD titled 少女時代到来~来日記念盤~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation(完全生産数量限定盤) / Girls’ Generation Arrival~Arrival in Japan~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation .

i expect 100+k copies to be sold
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Korea's population to decline from 2018

By Lee Hyo-sik

Korea’s population is projected to peak in 2017 and then decline the following year as women are having fewer children, raising concerns that the low birthrate and the rapidly aging population will weaken economic viability.

The nation has and will continue to become an increasingly multiracial, multicultural society, with more foreign women coming here, mostly from China and Southeast Asian countries, to marry Korean men.

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It has been revealed that veteran solo singer Park Hyo Shin will be the first one to sing an OST song (soundtrack) for the spin off drama, IRIS, Athena: Goddess of War.

Park Hyo Shin’s track is titled I Love You, and it is composed by Kang Eun Kyung. With his husky powerful vocals, Park Hyo Shin’s I Love You will help express the heartbreaking love story of the drama’s characters. The MV for I Love You will contain scenes from Athena that have been filmed in Italy, with some action and love scenes.

Park Hyo Shin has had hits with OSTs before such as in the dramas I’m Sorry, I Love You and Iljimae so he is considered to be a hit maker when it comes to this.

Meanwhile, Park Hyo Shin is currently preparing for his Gift – Part.2 album that will be released on September, and he will meet his fans through ‘2010 Gift X2 LIVE‘ concert that’ll be held on September 25th-26th at Olympic Park’s gymnasium stadium


/prays to her personal PHS shrine.

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SHINee:Almighty Key

SHINee - Daum Interview

Question: Oppas, your styles changed… who had the hardest time adjusting to the new style?
1. JH: Member who was most awkward with new hairstyle after seeing himself in the mirror?
2. ON: Key came back to the dorm with very unique hair cut… When I saw him, I went wow, what is this?
3. Key: It’s not very surprising now after seeing it so much.
4. ON: Key is a type who likes to often change his style drastically… I think my hair was more awkward. It was the first time I had a 5:5 part (center part)… (laugh)
5. JH: When Taemin came back to the dorm with his new hair, it was so long, “Huh! Are we going with this hair?” It was so long. I thought he was a woman. He is pretty… Hair was even swinging in the back… It was beautiful. (kind of laugh!)
6. MH: True, true, I was very surprised, really.
(left out some part).

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Translation by: ny111
Source: SHINee's thread @ Soompi

Buyers respond enthusiastically to iPhone 4 debut

By Cho Jin-seo

It’s not their home turf but then again, to Apple, its iPhone knows no borders. More than 120,000 Koreans struggled on jammed Internet servers to place orders for the iPhone4 through its Korean vendor KT on the first day of sales Wednesday.

Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom have used a lull caused by Apple’s quirky marketing tactic of delaying the iPhone4’s Korean debut, to sell the former’s Galaxy S in large numbers.

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BEG News: Narusha the Next Kobayashi + GaIn for Nylon

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Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha showed off her tornado like eating skills.

On a recent episode of the KBS variety show Invincible Youth, the G7 members held a “Corn King Contest”, eating the corn they grew themselves.

The G7 and Gag Concert members worked hard to plant the corn, and it finally matured enough to be entered in such a contest. For this contest, each of the G7 girls read out a corn poem they wrote. Han Sun Hwa cleverly wrote a poem about corn bread, while Narsha wrote about white corn ears and how they appear after continuously removing the corn’s outer covers.

On this day, Narsha, who entered an official corn eating contest, caused great laughter because of her great corn eating skills.

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Source(s): AKP 1 + 2 & LOVEISBEG

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Love these two...
i love my vagina x)

Idols Attack the Market With Their Bold Hairstyles


With an influx of new idol groups arriving almost every week, idols seem to have taken new means to get noticed in the music industry.

Some may think it’s only rookies who worry about standing out during their debuts, but it has been revealed that some veteran idols have now really started to take notice and change their hairstyles to show their individuality during promotions.

What’s the newest marketing technique for rookie groups? According to marketing and promotions staff, it’s a shocking hairstyle that will get a group noticed. For rookie singers it’s essential to have at least one member donning a bold style to make the group identifiable.

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son yejin vacationing in the netherlands

Sohn Ye-jin recently traveled to the Netherlands for a photo shoot/working vacation, and the following images, which were uploaded to her official website on the 9th, were taken during her trip. They are mostly casual shots taken as she toured around, although one was taken while Sohn was working on her shoot (it’s the one where she’s made up and holding the camera).

We’ll be able to see the results of the official shoot soon enough; they were taken for the September issue of fashion magazine Singles. The vibe of the set was reportedly relaxed and casual, as everyone on the staff has been working with Sohn for the past ten years.

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MBLAQ's G.O is known to have been a part of the 3-member group Tykeys back in 2007.

On the August 17th episode of Mnet's 'WIDE Ranking 2030', a ranking of 30 idols who are known to have solid skills and vocals will be revealed.

About idols who have a basic training period of 2 years, and 7-8 years at most, WIDE MC Park Youngrin explained, "When you watch the harsh audition footage and other videos of these idols, you can see that their vocals are serious business."

In this ranking, 30 idol stars known for their vocals, including C.N. Blue's Jung Yonghwa, SNSD's Taeyeon, Secret's Song Jieun, Kara's Park Gyuri, Wonder Girls' Yeeun, 2AM's Jokwon, SHINee's Jonghyun, and 2PM's Junsu, will be shown.

MBLAQ's G.O, who is ranked at 26th, was revealed to have been a part of a 3-member group called Tykeys in 2007. His stage name was JangGoon. G.O stated, "I wanted promotions to end. I had the feeling that I wanted to hide in a mouse hole", "On the other hand, because of Tykeys, I could become a part of MBLAQ, and it helped me grow", talking about its importance.

On this episode, G.O's vocal skills will be revealed through a UCC video of G.O (then JangGoon) when he was in Tykeys. The footage has G.O, who says that he enjoys emotional ballads, showcasing his hidden ballad-singing skills. Even then, he was growing a mustache, and the video confirmed his history as 'Mustache G.O'.

The episode will air on August 17th at 8PM.

Original: Nate News
Translation Source: ilovepocky@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Se7en’s name was chosen due to radish kimchi?

On August 18th, Se7en made an appearance on the newest episode of MBC Golden Fishery’s Knee-Drop Guru.

During the show, Se7en revealed a story of how his name (Se7en) was chosen.

He explained:

Back then, I realized that using my real name, Choi Dong Wook, as a solo artist was weak. So YG Entertainment’s president Yang Hyun Suk recommended me to use Se7en, but I didn’t quite like it. One day, I went to eat seolleongtang with him, and the dish only came with seven radish kimchis. Yang Hyun Suk then told me, ‘Look at that, even the amount of radish kimchi is seven. Let’s just do Se7en.’ So I just decided to use Se7en.”

Quite a unique way to stumble upon a name, don’t you think?



Se7en's fan cafe numbers dropped by 100k after relationship reveal

Singer Se7en talks about his feelings regarding coming clean with his love relationship with Park HanByul of 8 years.

Se7en on was MBC Golden Fishery – The Knee-Drop Guru aired on 18th August. And talked about his coming clean with his love relationship with Park HanByul on his minihompy last June.

Se7en said, “Fans’ responses were split. Half of them were like ‘Thank you for telling us even though it came late. It is better than meeting this girl and that girl’. While another half were like ‘I’m disappointed in you'. This is similar to Kwon SangWoo when he revealed on this show previously when he was here. He said his fanbase count dropped in just one morning. For me, my fan count dropped from 260K to 160K.”

“Yang HyunSeok hyung thought positively about my coming clean with a post online. He also confessed about his love relationship on our official homepage in March.”

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be honest, if your bias came out with a relationship would you drop they ass or...

KARA's Gyuri & Jiyoung scouted in Japan + Thanks Japanese fans + Herp derp DSP surprised by success

Girl idol group Kara, who achieved great popularity in Japan after their official debut on the 11th, held a hand shake event at Tokyo’s Shinkiba Studio Coast.

Japanese online media YomiWoori introduced the event with a picture of the girls kneeling down and posing with fans. On this day, member Gyuri revealed a surprising behind-the-scenes story during their stay in Japan. In Japanese, the singer said, “Jiyoung and I were walking in Harajuku eating crepes when we were suddenly scouted (streetcasted). A magazine reporter asked to take pictures of us, but we said, ‘Sorry, Japanese is very hard for us,’ and escaped.”

In addition to talking about the occurrence, Kara did not forget to thank their fans. Each member expressed their thanks to fans and revealed their future plans. The youngest member, Jiyoung, expressed, “From now on, let’s not be apart and meet frequently.” Nicole said, “We won’t lose sight of our goals and will always work hard so please cheer for us.” ‘Goddess’ Gyuri, “Thank you for coming out to see us in such hot weather. Please enjoy the event." Lastly Seungyeon, “We didn’t think that we could come this far. Please take care of us.”

sauce: allkpoop


Kara's Agency DSP Media expressed, "We were surprised" they couldn't believe they'd do so well. In addition DSP reps also said, "We thought it would be great if we could slowly climb up step by step to be Top 10 on the Oricon Chart but Mister ranked 5 instead and even maintained that position for quite some time. It's an unexpected result, we and Universal are all very surprised."

sauce: chosun
translated: aank1 @ karaholic

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Ricky Martin wishes G Dragon a Happy Birthday!

G-Dragon’s fans were able to spread his birthday celebration through the world yesterday by making him a trending topic. After rapper Flo Rida wished him a happy birthday, it looks like the topic caught the eyes of another fellow world idol. “[What] is #happygday?…happy gangster day?” The Puerto Rican singer asked his followers after watching the trending topic reach the top spots worldwide. After a Korean VIP explains the trending topic to Ricky Martin, he posted the following:

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via: dkpopnews

SNSD on the cover of Cosmopolitan September issue!

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Nine beautiful girls on one cover? That would be some wonderful eye-candy to many…
SNSD is currently busy preparing for their Japanese debut, but they took time to show some of themselves for Korea Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue!
They will be releasing the Japanese version of “Tell Me Your Wish” as their debut single in September. Best of luck to these girls and their debut in Japan!

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source: PeteSamchon @twitter
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Se7en talks about his ‘rivalry’ with Rain

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During the first segment titled Knee-Drop Guru on the August 18th episode of MBC Golden Fishery, singer Se7en made an appearance as the main guest.

During the show, Se7en revealed his competitiveness with world star Rain. He began, “When I was in America, I enjoyed watching Knee-Drop Guru. My favorite episode was the one where Rain made an appearance.

He then continued, “I was close to making my American debut at the time of the airing of that particular broadcast featuring Rain. Back then, I thought to myself, ‘Just you wait. I will hit success in America as well.’ … When I returned to Korea, I expected a lot of fans and reporters to await me at the airport. But when I returned, the only person waiting for me was my manager.

Unfortunately, his American debut wasn’t quite the success he had hoped for, but he’s doing fine back home now. I wish him the best of luck next time he steps into America!

source: allkpop

SECRET becomes special MCs for M! Countdown

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The ladies of SECRET will be transforming into MCs for the August 19th episode of M! Countdown where we’ll get to see the cute and dorky sides to each member.

The episode is a Summer Special with a great lineup of performers as usual.

TS Entertainment stated, “All 4 members of SECRET will come together on the stage of M! Countdown to serve as special MCs. Hopefully fans will enjoy seeing them interact on the stage.”

Source: AKP

Kim Tae Woo has surgery

Ever wondered why Kim Tae Woo left Invincible Youth so suddenly?

It was recently revealed through Money Today Star News that the singer received laryngeal polyps surgery on the 18th. Affiliated individuals of Kim Tae Woo stated, “Kim Tae Woo received laryngeal polyps surgery today and left the hospital shortly after the procedure. It was not a serious matter so he was quietly treated and did not inform his condition to others.”

Also called vocal cord polyp, laryngeal polyps is a condition where a person has growth on his or her vocal cord and is caused by those who overuse their voice. The polyp is typically non-cancerous and the condition is usually non life threatening.

The management continued, “The surgery was simpler than expected and the results are good. Although Kim Tae Woo was told that he cannot use his voice for a while, his health will fully recover with plenty of rest.” At the time of Kim Tae Woo’s leave from Invincible Youth, it was known that he was leaving in order to prepare for a new album. However, it is now confirmed that part of the reason why he decided to leave was due to this surgery as well.

Hope he recovers quickly!

Source: akp
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Yoo JaeSeok and Tiger JK for Future Liga special stage again after 1 year

Source: frnds4eva

Yoo JaeSeok and Tiger JK will come together again after 1 year as Future Liga.

The 2 will be coming together for a congratulatory performance on 19th August for MBC ‘Infinite Challenge WM7 Wrestling’ competition in Seoul JangChoong Stadium.

The 2 last performed last year also for the same TV program singing a duet for ‘Infinite Challenge Olympic Special’. Back then, Tiger JK’s wife Yoon MiRae also performed with them on stage. And their song ‘Let’s Dance’ even went up to the #1 spot on music charts. This time Tiger JK-Yoon Mirae couple will show off their great live performance with Yoo JaeSeok once again for the wrestling competition.

Source: sookyeong

mega love that mucore perf

G-Dragon’s fans donate over $18,000 to a hospital under his name

G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday seems to be getting wilder every second! We have already seen the mighty Flo Rida congratulate the superstar personally through twitter, but it now seems like it’s his fans’ turn to join the party.
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Source: AKP

lol allkpoop with their commentary but aww that's so sweet of them to do! I also think it's better than buying him heaps of expensive shit (which I'm sure they also did)

Son Dambi Interview + discusses flop comeback (flopback?)

Singer Son Dam-bi returned to the music scene with her new song “The Queen” earlier last month, but her transition from her previous two hit albums to this new mini-album has been rocky.
By Kim Min-kyu

Rocky road for solo artist
Third time’s a challenge for Son Dam-bi’s comeback
August 19, 2010

In the flood of carefully manufactured idol groups on the nation’s K-pop scene, it takes serious talent for solo singers to get noticed. But Son Dam-bi is one of the lucky few.

After debuting in 2007, her two songs “Crazy” and “Saturday Night” became huge hits, and the 27-year-old singer soared to instant stardom.

With the release of her new mini-album “The Queen” earlier last month, however, she became embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, and the title song received a lukewarm responses from the public. A clip surfaced online of her singing with all mixing effects removed, and her vocals were criticized.

She sat down for an interview on these issues and her plans for her future with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the JoongAng Daily.

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sauce: Kim In-koo [] @ joongang daily

Jiyeon scores another lead role

On the 19th, a represenative for CCM announced that Jiyeon will be playing a grade 2 high school student (11th grade western) in the drama "Jungle Fish 2" which debuts it's first episode on the 26th.

She plays a student in the top 3% of grades in Korea but is also very beautiful in the KBS drama aimed towards youth.

The singer Kim Jang Hun also will be part of the drama.

Jiyeon previously starred in the dramas, "Soul" and "God of Study" along with the movie "Death Bell 2".

T-ara is preparing for their 2nd album due to be released in October.

source: naver
cr: nathaniel @ Diadem

T-ara WILL advance overseas for 2nd album promotion

T-ara talks about making their overseas expansion and main focuses for album activities in 2010.

T-ara's agency said on the 19th, "We've had love calls from 8 different countries including Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, but we've refused them all. Although T-ara members were busy acting in Korea during last years album and currently are, when the new album is released during the second half of the year we expected to advance overseas but stick mainly to Korean promotions for the time being," he said.

T-ara's former songs were popular with all kinds of audiences (ages, races). Boram, the current leader of T-ara recently appeared in "Purple Heeled Grim Reaper is Coming," Eunjung in the drama "Coffee House" and the movie "White", Jiyeon in the dramas "Soul", "God of Study" and the upcoming "Jungle Fish 2" along with the movie "Death Bell 2", Hyomin in the drama "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and Qri in the drama special "Spy Trader Kim Chulsoo". The member Soyeon is expected to debut in an upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, T-ara's 2nd album will be released in October.

source: nate
translated by: nathaniel @ diadem

the akp/other article posted here is inaccurate and incorrect. :|
they WILL head overseas this year. they're planned to go to japan in october, singapore in december and also plan to go to taiwan sometime this year for album promotions. those are the only 3 countries announced but they'll probably head to more since their fanbase in china is really, really big.
also, soyeon's role in the movie hasn't been announced, so it's not a lead role like akp said, most likely a secondary character.