August 21st, 2010

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Why Lee Hyori never takes off her high heels

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On the August 20th broadcast of MBC’s Section TV, Lee Hyori openly admitted that she never takes her high heels off because of her “Asian-like lower half.”

Lee Hyori said, “Although I have a more western type of upper body, my lower half is very Asian-like. That is why I never take off my high heels. High heels are as important as my life.”

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Rainbow 'A', dizzy leg lines charm blast, boys shake

Group Rainbow has shown giddy charms with military affairs.

On the 20th of August, in the KBS Hall, Rainbow (Kim Jaekyung, Oh SeungA, Jung Yoonhye, Noeul, Kim Jisook, Jo Hyunyoung, Go Woori) was on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'(MC Song JoongKi, Seo Hyorim) live

Through 'Gossip Girl', Rainbow had shown a cute charm. But in 'A' we could see a higher mature appearance. Rainbow was wearing tank tops with hot pants; to go together they put their hair into ponytails to show more sweetness.

Rainbow said to the reporters backstage after recording that "Although we are wearing the same clothes and hairstyle, there are different feelings" and "We were more nervous for the comeback stage than the debut stage but we were happy about the fans reactions".

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After School Nana, “4Minute HyunA is my rival”

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After School Nana garners interests by saying that 4Minute Hyun is her rival.

Nana had pointed to 4Minute HyunA during the filming of MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ set to air on 22nd August when asked who her rival is.

Nana said, “I think 4Minute’s HyunA is the coolest,” and added that she is always watching HyunA and her charisma features.

Meanwhile, on the show both After School and 4Minute put up powerful dance performances, showing their own unique charms.

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Kim Jeong-hoon's 9th Japanese single enters Oricon chart

Korean singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoons' ninth Japanese single has placed within the top 10 slots of the prestigious Oricon daily music chart.

According to his agency Mersenne Entertainment on Friday, Kim's latest single titled "Ardente," which entered the charts at No. 13 spot when it went on sale on August 18, came in at ninth place on Oricon's daily music chart yesterday.

"It is amazing to see his single rise up the chart even while he is in the military," an official from Mersenne told 10Asia over the phone.

Kim, 30, made his debut in 2000 as one of the vocalists in the duo UN. The group disbanded in 2005 and he branched out into acting, starring in several movies and TV series, most notably in MBC's hit TV series "Goong."

He then resumed his music career in Japan, releasing his seventh single "Blue Moon" which debuted at No. 7 on Oricon's singles daily chart in July.

Kim entered the army in April 2009 to fulfill his two-year mandatory military duties, where he is serving as a DJ on military radio show "Kim Jeong-hoon's Voice Mail" at Korea's Defense Media Agency. He will be discharged in February 2011.

He will be making an appearance at the Dream Concert, hosted by the Defense Media Agency, on August 28 in Seoul Plaza.

source: 10Asia
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This is a Shinee + SMtown post

SHINee’s leader Onew recently revealed his ability to drink on the variety show he stars in as one of the hosts.

SHINee, who is currently gaining popularity through their latest album ‘Lucifer‘, starred as a guest on KBS 2TV Night Star.

The MCs of the show asked the group who could drink the most alcohol, all of the members did not hesitate in picking their leader Onew.

Key then explained “Onew was not good at drinking at first, but all of a sudden his amount increased.”

The members also revealed that “Onew does not drink with SHINee members, so I am curious as to who he is always drinking with” cornering Onew into a nervous and awkward situation on the show.

Onew was asked what his maximum limit in drinking was and he answered “I’ve drank 5 and a half bottles of Soju before” surprising the rest of the members and the MC.

You can catch this episode of Night Star at 11:15PM (Korean Standard Time) on the 22nd of August 2010.

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Key still rattling on his leader:
"On YHS/Night Star, (Onew) acts more like a role model, is more kind, listens well to the hyungs; but in fact, it’s not like that. That smile you see on TV? I’ve never seen it before."

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Source: UFO Town
Chinese Translation: bobohero @ sm shinee
English Translation: vivz & vicky @ soompi
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Rookie hybrid group F1rst set to make debut

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8 membered rookie hybrid group F1rst with their 8 different kinds of charisma is becoming a hot issue among the public.

After previous singer groups such as Jam, Koyote and Cool, it has been a long time since a new hybrid group consisting of both male and female members appeared.

However, group F1rst is said to be a hybrid group with 4 males and 4 females. Among the recent trend of boy idol groups and girl idol groups being formed, F1rst has the advantage as fans can like both the girl and boy members within the group.

F1rst’s first digital single You Do You Like Me? Me I Like You is a remake of the 1980s hit song sung by male singers Hyun Lee and Duck Lee. This song expresses the honest emotions between lovers and is a very catchy song.

Furthermore, You Do You Like Me? Me I Like You will be available through online music chart Melon on the 27th. The group F1rst itself plans to start promotions for this song soon after, look forward to this talented new group!

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Fancam of SNSD’s Genie 3D MV revealed at SMTown Live 10

With fans still excited over the MV teaser for the Japanese version of Genie, fans of SNSD were in for another surprise at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium this afternoon.

Fans who were attending the currently ongoing SMTown Live 10 were delighted to find a Samsung 3D televison booth, which apparently showed a new 3D version of SNSD’s Genie MV. The footage (not in full) was recorded by a SNSDCHINA fan and it spread like wildfire on the internet, with many liking it compared to the original version. You don’t need 3D glasses for this.

Meanwhile, there was some issues at the ongoing SMTown Live 10 after the sound system broke down due to the extreme heat, and interrupting the concert flow. But it has now resumed normal service.

source: allkpop + TheShiOH1
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Jessica-Krystal Sisters, Had First Duet Stage Since their Debut, 'Marvelous'

[AsiaKyungjae Jo Bumja Reporter] Jessica from SNSD and Krystal from f(x) have shown a brilliant duet performance since their debut, and received many cheers from their fans.

Jessica and Krystal sang pop star Ke$ha's song 'Tik Tok' together at SMTown Live '10 World Tour in Seoul', which was held on 21st afternoon, at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

These sisters grabbed about 35000 fans' attention from their similar voice colors and charming dances.

A laughter and a round of applause that would've blown the whole stadium away came out from the audiences from their choreography, where Jessica bowed down and begged in front of her sister Krystal by rubbing her both hands, while Krystal seemed like as if she was scolding her own sister,

Prior to this, Jessica stated on the press conference before the concert, "We had many fun episodes from preparing a stage with my sister Krystal.". "It was so funny especially when we were practicing this one part of the choreography where I had to bow down to her"

Fans who have seen Jessica and Krystal's shining duet performance cheered by saying "Their visual and voice colors are very alike since they're sisters.", "It'll be awesome if they promote together as a separate unit".

Meanwhile, SMTown Live World Tour, which is second time being held, began from the Seoul concert, and will be continuing on September 4th Los Angeles, USA Staples Center, September 11th Shanghai, China, and next year's January in Tokyo,Japan and will be seducing many fans around the world.

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Credits to: Jo Bumja Reporter
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why did they pick that song ide. but lol @ that part of the choreo

SM artists celebrate with BoA

SM Family celebrates BoA's 10th Anniversary after debut at SM town concert

BoA was surprised by the SM Entertainment artists in the middle of the concert.

Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, U-Know Yunho, Changmin, and the rest of the SM Town family performed at the 2010 SM Town Live Concert on the 21st of August at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

BoA performed a total of four songs which are "My Name", "Energetic", "I did it for love" and sung in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans. (She sung 'Number 1' too)

After her performance, a video appeared on the large screen showing her memories from her debut stage until, after that, SNSD, SHINee and Super Junior members went on stage with presents for BoA.

BoA will be having her 10th Year Anniversary after debut on the 25th of August, and SM Entertainment family prepared a special event to celebrate BoA's 10th Anniversary.

Super Junior's Eunhyuk went directly and celebrated with BoA and Minho of SHINee gave her a message and afterwards burried BoA's face in the cake causing laughter from the audience.

Fans showed their love for BoA as well chanting, and showing slogans celebrating her 10th year anniversary.

It has been 10 impressive years BoA has been in SM Entertainment and she celebrated with her loving SM family. BoA said, "I debuted in 2010, and 10 years passed by so quickly, I will work harder to move steadily in the next 20 and 30 years".

On stage, the singers sung "Number 1" to celebrate BoA's anniversary.

Source: SPN
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews, photo: hyu_m (source unknown) + `pine nut@soompi
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MNET: "'MBLAQ goes to school' to proceed as planned", official announcement

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Cable TV music channel Mnet on it's program 'Kim So Roo's special class- MBLAQ' revealed an official statement regarding the controversy that surfaced.

Mnet through a press release on the 20th revealed "'MBLAQ's challenge to be admissioned to Seoul National University will proceed as scheduled" and said "31 days after today, its scheduled for them to take the actual entrance exam to Seoul National University."

Although they are planning to act as actual college students in "Kim So Roo's special class', some media assume that during the filiming the plans of having the shoot will be cancelled because of the protests of the actual students from Seoul University.

Following that, Mnet said "Before the shooting, they will follow all the formal procedures with the rest of the students at Seoul University," and "MBLAQ will take the the three major subjects and will only start when they pass the exams."

And announced that, "When the MBLAQ members recently went to Seoul National Unversity to get permission, there was a happening due to the large amount of people that gathered" and "It would be best to get an acception from all of the students but it's not an easy thing to do in reality."

And finally they stated, "We will do all our best to make sure the shooting goes smoothly."


Yunho and Changmin at SMTOWN Live in Seoul

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Yunho and Changmin, who have not been seen on stage for quite some time now, finally made an appearance and met with their fans.

At the second last part of the concert, Yunho and Changmin descended onto the stage from above. Suspended by wires, they flew towards the stage from 50 metres away (2 storeys high). At that moment, the entire stadium heated up.

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Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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Note: Article doesn't mention about 2 other new songs - Why and Big Time. It seems it still has to be confirmed.

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f(x) sulli defends krystal when asked about rude behavior by reporters

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f(x) member Sulli defends fellow member Krystal from a question from a reporter, Netizens however are frowning about Krystal's rude attitude.

MBC Entertainment program "Section TV" that aired on the 20th, f(x) members were on a shooting for a clothing CF.

The reporter asked f(x) Krystal during an interview, "Being one of the most stylish members, why do you look at the mirror by yourself while the other members are preparing?".

Sulli however answered the question and said, "Looking at the mirror is part of the concept and preparation" and dismissed the question with her answer.

Netizens on the other hand have commented, "Sulli, we can see it", "In the interview, her attitude is very arrogant", "It did not seem to be part of the concept to me".

source: starnews
v.i.a: dkpopnews
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10Asia Interviews the Waffle Boy

"I don't know where he went. Whether he went to the countryside by himself, whether he went to meet his mother, or he might have been on his way to commit suicide." This was Kim Jae-wook's explanation of his character Hong Jae-wook from SBS TV series "Bad Boy" who left alone, leaving everything behind. This man who had always been the first to take on the most 'hot' and trendy roles as proven in MBC drama "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" and film "Antique," always turned his back on the spotlight headed towards him. And he then showed a new side to him through "Bad Boy" by playing an heir of a conglomerate who is temperamental and acts the way he pleases, yet on the inside is actually craving for affection. But despite his jobs as being a model, actor and musician, the most attractive aspect to Kim is Kim Jae-wook himself. 10Asia took a peak into the interesting world that this 27-year-old man lives in.

10: It's been about two weeks since shooting for "Bad Boy" has ended. How have you been since then?
Kim Jae-wook: It feels like it's been more than a month. I did nothing but sleep. I'm tired no matter how much I sleep and the fatigue won't go away. When I'm working on a drama or movie, the thought that I'll get to meet so and so and do this and that when I'm done, is in a way sort of the hope and drive that keeps you going but now that I'm actually done, my body can't keep up. I feel lethargic about everything right now.

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Source: 10Asia - 1, 2, 3