August 22nd, 2010

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Has HyunA's hair turned to straw?

4minute's HyunA's history of hair dying has become a hot topic.

Concern throughout the Internet is growing over the texture and health of HyunA's hair, which has been dyed so many times.

The concern stems from photos of HyunA's hair, which shows visible damage due to incessant dying. Talk of her hair being damaged grew considerably when she dyed her hair bright blonde.

Netizens have left comments like, "Please allow your hair to rest," "Your blonde hair makes you look as white as a white person," and "It's time for you to take control of your hair's health."

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right side wants to give YOU free tickets to SMtown in LA 2010!

I'm posting on behalf of who wanted to let all of the members of Omona know about their contest. :)

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Source:'s Facebook Contest Page, YesStyle's Official FB

The contest ends tomorrow night, so I was asked to let the Omona members know about this awesome contest. :) So I hope its okay to post this! :) Oh and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask the Mod over at YesStyle's FB page, they're really nice and friendly! :D
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Mnet's 30 best voices in K-Pop!

Mnet has ranked a list of 30 idols who have beautiful voices. The best voice turns out to be SG Wannabe's JinHo while 4Minute's power vocal GaYoon has taken the 8th spot. Here is the list:

1. SG Wannabe's JinHo
2. 2NE1's Park Bom
3. SS501's YoungSaeng
4. DBSK's JunSu
5. 2PM's JunSu
6. SHINee's JongHyun
7. 2AM's JoKwon
8. 4Minute's GaYoon
9. Super Junior K.R.Y.
10. f(x)'s Luna
11. BEAST's YoSeob
12. Wonder Girls' SunYe
13. 2AM's ChangMin
14. Miss A's Suzy
15. Davichi's HaeRi
16. Sistar's HyoRin
17. Brown Eyed Girls' GaIn
18. SeeYa's YeonJi
19. 2PM's JunHo
20. Kara's GyuRi
21. Secret's JiEun
22. SNSD's TaeYeon
23. Brown Eyed Girls' JeA
24. FT Island's HongKi
25. T-ara's SoYeon
26. MBLAQ's G.O
27. Big Bang's TaeYang
28. ZE:A's Kevin
29. SNSD's Jessica
30. C.N.Blue's YongHwa

Source: Baidu

wow, Gayoon as the 2nd best female? I totally agree!
Penelope is pretty.
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Taiwanese singer claims sex trade in Korea’s show biz circle

Estrella Lin, a former member of girl group 3EP Beauties from Taiwan, has claimed that she was being asked to ‘sexually’ entertain investors in exchange of her first debut album in Korea, according to news reports.

Lin also said that the majority of South Korean actors, actresses and singers are forced to trade their bodies
to gain opportunities to enter show business in Korea and that is an unspoken rule in the country’s entertainment industry.

Estrella left for Korea three years ago to develop her singing career but returned to Taiwan in December last year, saying she couldn’t bear with being frequently asked to sleep with Korean investors any more.

The 30-year-old singer published a new book that details her experiences in Korea.

Lin detailed the tough times she had in Korea. She practiced dancing five hours a day and had to have painkilling shots every two weeks to relieve the pain in her worn knees.

She was also asked to change her birth year from 1980 to 1985, Lin said.

Source: The Korea Herald
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Se7en and Taeyang enjoys lunch made by V.I.P’s

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Se7en and Big Bang’s Taeyang have both made their comebacks this month and have been doing very well, causing quite a stir in the k-pop industry.

A picture of the two eating together was uploaded on Se7en’s twitter, with a message stating, “Thank you to Youngbae’s fans who sent us delicious lunches. We were excited to eat it all. Thank you V.I.P’s (The picture will also be uploaded on Youngbae’s twitter soon as proof !!^^)!”

Fans and netizens had nothing but positive comments for the two, such as, “The two of you are too cute. Have a great lunch”, “It seems really good. Let me eat with you guys”, and “It’s great to see such a great relationship between the two of you.”

V.I.P’s seem to have amazing cooking skills! Just looking at the picture makes me hungry….

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4minute to attend Japan's Girls Award 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER!

As part of the group's overseas promotion, 4Minute will be attending Japan's Girls Award 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER on 18th September 2010 (Saturday) at Yoyogi First National Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo. 4Minute will showcase a cool side of themselves by performing a few songs at the event.

Girls Award is the biggest fashion show in Japan, well-liked by many teenagers and young adults. It is also a fusion with music, thus attended by many famous models and artists. The purpose of this event is to spread Japanese pop culture to Asia, then make an impact on the world. Artists attending the event this year include ISSA×SoulJa, W-inds, Kumi Koda and many more. Fashion brands like Forever21 and Armani Exchange will also be present.

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Fake Ga-In Appears On Star King

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Earlier today on Star King, a fake Ga-in was a featured performer as the real Ga-in was in attendance as a special celebrity guest. This fake Ga-in came in with some attitude and wowed everyone in the audience, including Ga-in.

Ga-in was quick to compliment fake Ga-in saying that when fake Ga-in performs Abracadabra, she performs it even better than herself. She even said the fake Ga-in had the same trademark eyes as her, although she was quick to retort that her nose and mouth was better in a joking matter.

MC Kang Ho Dong then gave a challenge to the celebrity guests, presenting a chart with 6 photos and asking to pick the real Ga-in from the photo lineup. The celebrity guests then started comparing each other to other celebrities that look similar to themselves.

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Source: AKP + AdamWGM2

LOL no.
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SHINee's Onew finally confesses his ideal type

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Shinee’s Onew has pointed out After School’s Jungah as his ideal type.

During KBS Cool FM 89.1 ‘Lee Sooyoung’s Music show-ripple show idol’ broadcasted on August 21st, Onew revealed his honest thoughts on his ideal type.

Usually without saying anything specific about his ideal type, but with a consistent ambiguous answer of ‘SNSD’s Yoona from the makeup CF’, ‘Voice and girls with pretty hands’. However, Onew has stirred admiration today after choosing After School’s Jungah.

Followed by DJ Lee Sooyoung’s continuing questions, Onew said “Without knowing her exact age, I only know that she is a nuna.”

But DJ Lee Sooyoung who usually originally liked Onew, acted upset by the fact that she was not Onew’s ideal type which shocked him. At this, Onew said Lee Sooyoung’s voice was his ideal type with a distinctive killer smile and fixed up the awkward situation.

dkpopnews, Newsen

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HyunA, “My ideal guy is 170cm”

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4Minute HyunA confesses, “My ideal type if someone who is 170cm.”

HyunA was on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 22nd August when she and the other 4Minute members who were present talked about their ideal type of girls.”

SoHyun was asked “Do you like guys who are tall?” and she said, “HyunA unnie like short guys. Her ideal is 170cm.”

HyunA was then asked, “So someone of Haha’s height is okay?” And HyunA’s answer was, “That is the best height.” She was then asked again, “Have you dated any guy who are tall?” and she avoided the question with, “Aei, why ask that.”

source: kbites
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LeeJoon looks like... (aka Uwere2lazy to check the Gain post) and Yesung meets his childhood idol

We’ll give you a hint: He’s the one and only charismatic leader of Super Junior.

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Video Source: MAEBM2011 @youtube
Translation: J00NiEx @AbsoluteMBLAQ
Written by: tiffieLALA
Click on the absolutemblaq link if you want to know who the other lookalikes were in the cut.

Super Junior’s YeSung Gets Surprise Visit from His Childhood Idol

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Source: ppbn
Translation: LaCrymaMosa
Written by: rose1363

I am amused at the title of Yesung's newsen article: "Actor Jung Woosung and SuJu revealed intimate photos". And wow, I never noticed that TeukJoon kinda do look alike... the smiles/eyesmiles are similar. o_o

Hyomin sings Bad Girl Good Girl

Having entertained many with her practice room mini concert earlier in June, T-ara’s Hyomin is back again with another performance! This time, she covers Bad Girl Good Girl by miss A.

She does a pretty decent job, just like what Kim Shin Young did earlier, although she also goes breathless at times complete with dance cheoreography. Later on, fellow members, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Soyeon also joined in for the dance. Enjoy this performance below!

Source: allkpop, KromyAsianDisuko
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Western Schools Sprout in S. Korea

By Choe Sang-hun

SEOGWIPO, South Korea — Here on Jeju Island, famous for its tangerine groves, pearly beaches and honeymoon resorts, South Korea is conducting a bold educational experiment, one intended to bolster opportunity at home and attract investment from abroad.

By 2015, if all goes according to plan, 12 prestigious Western schools will have opened branch campuses in a government-financed, 940-acre Jeju Global Education City, a self-contained community within Seogwipo, where everyone — students, teachers, administrators, doctors, store clerks — will speak only English. The first school, North London Collegiate, broke ground for its campus this month.

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Source: New York Times

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Actresses Lee Yeon Hee & Go Ah Ra Sing at SM Concert

Lee Yeon Hee and Go Ah Ra are actresses under SM Entertainment, but they also prepared special stages to showcase their singing at the SM Concert! Lee Yeon Hee sang "Slow Motion" by Karina Pasian, with Shinee's Taemin on the piano. Go Ah Ra sang a duet with Kangta in his song "7989," with a special mic delivery by Shinee's Onew.

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Sources: LYH thread@soompi, Ara thread@soompi, kinokoa@youtube, sassyd0rk@youtube