August 23rd, 2010

SHINee Swear They Never Dated.

Idol Group SHINee attracted attention of their fans and viewers by confessing that they haven’t dated anyone before.

The group starred on the show on KBS 2TV Night Star and the group was asked if any of the members in SHINee had experience in dating a girlfriend.

Onew answered “I have had no experience” and received some suspicions from the MCs of the show. The MCs then asked “who has the most experience within the group?” trying to draw a confession out of the group.

Key then confessed “I’m serious, none of us has dated anyone before” and added “Our management told us not to date anyone during our trainee days and it was even harder to date anyone after debut.”

Key then continued to say “dating includes talking to the person and seeing the person often but all we have is a mobile phone.”

Are the SHINee’s fans glad to hear about SHINee’s innocence? Some comments indicated that they would be happy dating any of the members with just a mobile phone between them.

sources ll original source: [i tried looking for the original source but couldn't find it @ the site] ll kpoplive ll translated by netizensusadae @

video source ll kpopanon1

all i can say after watching the video is that they are bad liars.

Super Junior Heechul’s past photos garner interest

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Super Junior Heechul’s past photos have been garnering a lot of interest amongst netizens.

As seen above, the photos from left to right show Heechul in elementary school, middle school and finally high school.

Heechul, known for his pretty boy image, showcases his cuteness in elementary school and he gradually becomes more mature as seen in his high school photo.

Netizens have enjoyed Heechul’s past photos, as they commented things such as, “Very cute,” “He looks the same as now” and “He definitely looks like a member from an idol group back then as well.“

source: allkpop

Wonderfuls demand apology from Entertainment Tonight for Wonder Girls’ MR report

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Wonder Girls‘ fans, the Wonderfuls, have been demanding an apology from KBS Entertainment Tonight regarding their MR report.

On the August 21st episode of Entertainment Tonight, the show talked about the recent popularity of netizens removing the MR from artists’ performance videos and criticizing them on their live vocal abilities.

Note: MR removed videos: When the music and instruments are minimized, resulting in a maximization of the artist vocals.

What the Wonderfuls are angry at is that the show offended Wonder Girls member Sohee, by making the viewers believe that her live vocal ablities during her performances in “2 Different Tears,“ were a “lip sync.”

On Entertainment Tonight’s message board, the Wonderfuls have left lots of comments such as, “We demand an apology on next week’s episode because the contents of the show can be mistaken as ’she [Sohee] did not do enough live singing‘,” “Why are you claiming that she lip synced when she actually sang it live?” and “The Wonder Girls’ reputation has been falling because of this, and they have been criticized. I’m very disappointed.”

source: allkpop

T-ara's official fancafe, "Citrine" forced to shut down

T-ara's official fan cafe, "Citrine" has been forced to shut down after it's been revealed that the operator was revealed to have embezzled over 10 million KRW (8470 USD) from cafe members.

"Citrine" had disappeared recently by being shut down, but no news or reason why were announce. The almost 30,000 fan cafe members took to various portal sites wondering why the withdrawal took place.

In fact, if you go to the cafe's address ( it reveals that it's been set to private for the operator only and you're not able to apply to join the membership.

Fans found out today the real reason why it was forced to shut down. The operator had been stealing money from fan cafe members that had donated towards gift and presents for T-ara. They money that she embezzled she kept to herself.

More information is developing, but it's been revealed there was three people operating the cafe, all of which were forced to withdrawal from maintaining. According to netizens, the main operator was only in high school causing a more serious impact to the situation.

Many netizens and fans are mad that the operator degraded the members and T-ara like this. They're all also confused what'll happen next and they are also criticizing T-ara's agency saying that they don't care for fans by letting this happen.

Netizens said, "For now we can look at T-ara's official website until their agency provides support," "The OFFICIAL fan cafe, what do you mean it will be closed?" "High school makes this even worse TT__TT" "Now where do we go?"

source: nate
translated by: nathaniel @ diadem
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Everyone's Favorite SM Choreographer Takes You on a Tour of Seoul

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Source: Rino's Twitter and YouTube Channel

No actual SM artist cameos, but we do see some of BoA's dancers, some other choreographers (Jay of YG and Jae Won of SM), Rino's lookalike sister, and other related people. Can we have a Rino Nakasone tag on here, please? Maybe one for all the big name k-pop choreographers.

.gif unrelated.

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'Shag bands' craze causes concern

Shag bands, known here as “eoljjang paljji” (bracelet for pretty faces)

They may look like simple bracelets with fancy colors and jelly-like texture, but could implicate much more ― an invitation to sexual exploitation.

The latest children’s craze, “eoljjang paljji” (bracelet for pretty faces) are warned of its sexual connotations that had already swept the Western hemisphere.

The education authorities are considering warning the parents of its “side effects” and restricting children from wearing them as some others did a couple of years ago.

The bracelets are the latest fashion statements among elementary school girls. They twist those pretty color bracelets wristfully as they had seen it done by pop stars and other celebrities on TV. On Internet shopping malls, the accessories are sold for less than 1,000 won and sellers said a person buys many at a time.

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Source: Bae Ji-sook @ The Korea Times

Good News for Fans: C.N. Blue Boys are Open to Dating Fans

CN Blue's most touching present was from a fan who attended all 100 of their gigs


New Korean boyband CN Blue have received many gifts from thousands of fans over the past year, but one present stood out and touched their hearts.

Band leader Jung Yong Hwa, 21, tells Life! in an interview via a translator: 'There is a fan who attended all 100 of our gigs in Japan when we were performing in clubs and bars.

'She collected all the ticket stubs and gave them to us as a present. We were so touched, knowing that there is someone who gives us so much support.'

The quartet were in town over the weekend for a showcase for fans who bought tickets between $68 and $168.

They debuted in Japan last August, before returning to Korea to release their first five-track mini- album, Bluetory, early this year.

They also released another six-track mini- album, Blue Love, in May. A mini-album usually contains fewer tracks and is released more frequently than a full album.

It was the band's first visit to Singapore and the members - Jung, Lee Jong Hyun, 20, Kang Min Hyuk, 19, and Lee Jung Shin, 19 - were shy and polite at the press conference.

Unlike members of a typical Korean boyband who sing and dance in synchronised moves, CN Blue play their own musical instruments.

They have been compared to another Korean boyband, FT Island, who debuted in 2007 and who also play their own instruments.

Brushing off the comparisons, Jung says: 'It is a good thing to get compared because it motivates us to work harder for fans. We treat them as good friends, and not rivals.'

Becoming famous at such a young age has its inconveniences, he says. 'It's great that people recognise us now. But we have to be polite and look beautiful whenever we are dining in restaurants as there would always be people taking photos of us.'

But the young men seem to lap up the attention as well, with Lee Jong Hyun adding: 'When people recognise us, it means that they know who we are. It feels good and I don't see any disadvantage with that.'

Inevitably, they are asked about the girls they would date. Lee replies: 'We want to date someone we can feel comfortable with, and can communicate with.'

But Lee Jung Shin gives an unexpected answer: 'I am the youngest in my family and also the youngest in my group. I don't mind dating a girl who is older than me because I want someone who can lead me and take care of me.'

Would they date their fans?

Jung smiles and gives an answer that will certainly make all the young girls sigh: 'We came all the way from Korea to Singapore because we want to date the fans here. We can't wait to see them.'

Source: Jocelyn Lee for The Straits Times (Singapore) [accessible to paying subscribers only]

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Will college life be romantic and full of hopes for MBLAQ?

"I think I'd place first in the entire school, no in the whole universe, if Girls' Generation member Taeyeon taught me," boy band MBLAQ member Mir said quite seriously during an interview with the show's writer. That is when Seung-ho, who had ended his interview with the writer without any particular request, said if he could go on a group blind date in college, he would like to do one with rhythm gymnastics majors. It is uncertain whether their dreams will come true but the boy band, the main cast to the last series of music cable channel Mnet's program on sending celebrities to college, were brimming with the excitment of romance and fantasy about college campus life.

Starting with "Seo In-young's KAIST," the desire that supported the series of this show was the involved celebrity's yearning for experiencing campus life. A discussion-based curriculum, club activities and group blind dates. Or rather blind dates, blind dates and more blind dates. Although the true nature of campus life may not be as great as one thinks, it cannot help being a space of dreams and romance for Sejong University Film Art major Seung-ho who is on a leave from school, Lee Joon, G.O. and Mir who have studied at colleges that provide Internet education instead of going to class. That is why none of the boys were able to hide the smile that is spread upon their faces as they shoot the title clip for the show in front of nothing but a blue screen. And as they finish taking their group shots, their mentor for the show walks in. It is not Tae-yeon. And it is not a beautiful female college student either. It is none other than actor Kim Su-ro who played the role of a teacher in TV series "Master of Study." One can almost hear the dreams of the five boys getting shattered to pieces. Yes, college was a place for studying.

source: mblaq lj community

CNBLUE starts off their Asian Tour in Singapore!

Apart from playing and creating their own music, the charismatic and humble quartet from Korean boyband CNBlue do possess certain qualities that are strikingly different from their fellow Korean counterparts.

With an average height of 1.83m, the strapping-tall lads (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin) made quite an impression when they arrived at the Conrad Hotel for their first official press conference in Singapore, looking dapper as ever in their crisp and white matching suits (read: Prince Charming!) and ankle boots.

Sharing on the pros and cons of their meteoric rise in the music industry, band leader Yong Hwa, 22, tickled his bandmates’ funnybone with his frank reply of having to “eat in a beautiful manner” when they have meals at restaurants.

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Text and photos:
Joanna Goh@xinmsn
Tay Yixuan@xinmsn + sweethwa@youtube

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Text and photo: Scanation SG
Additional photos:
Fancams: CNBLUE SG Showcase; sayursai(mine :D)

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Boys were such awkward turtles at the presscon vid idek XD It's endearing though.
They're so adorbs and amazing, I want a full live next~ Keep your promise and come back to Singapore!

20Ten Census

Poll #1609852 Gender

Are you female or male?


Poll #1609853 Sexual orientation

What do you identify yourself as?

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How old are you?

13 or under D:

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Poll #1609856 Scale of 1 to 10 charms

How surprised are you by the census results?

Mean: 4.12 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.78

Stats and facts gathered from & OmonaTheyDidn't! archives.
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Rainbow JiSook Graduation Photo Revealed

'Taeyeon's look alike' Kim Jisook's graduation photo got revealed.

Recently on an internet community site, Kim Jisook from 7 member girl group Rainbow (Kim Jaekyung, Oh SeungA, Jung Yoonhye, Noeul, Kim Jisook, Jo Hyunyoung, Go Woori) has got her graduation photo printed.

Kim Jisook who has garnered interest for being SNSD Taeyeon's look alike has a wavy fringe. Jisook's innocent appearance stood out from her happiness and her clothing.

People who has seen this photo said "She looks like comedian Jung Kyung Mi", and "During her high school years she looks so cute", "There are still a lot of similarities to now", "Her happy self hasn't changed" and posted comments.

On the past 12th, Rainbow has presented their digital single 'A' with a see through look and has been gaining attention for their sexy choreography.

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Kwon Sohyun Reveals Her Vacation Spot

Singers, who are not able to enjoy vacations due to their busy schedules, personally drew the vacation spot that they wanted to visit.

4minute, Sistar, Child of Empire, Narsha, Kan Miyeon, December, etc. revealed their way of spending a sweltering summer day through the August issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine 'TAKE7'.

First, 4minute's Kwon SoHyun drew her vacation spot by saying, "Since Middle School, I never visited the amusement park," and explained, "I think I will be able to have a great time while relieving stress and overcoming the heat." Also, she recommended to munch on ice to avoid the heat.

SoHyun definitely showed her cuteness through this perfect drawing!

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Philtrum-obsessed turtle-boy's birthday, Shinee@SBStomorrow concert, etc - IMAGE HEAVY POST

It's/was our philtrum-loving-turtle-master-Super-Junior's-adorable-fail's 26th (international) birthday!
His brother tweeted with some family pictures:
형 생일 완전 축하해!! ㅎㅎㅎ

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Source: Jongjin's twitter

Speaking of twitter, guess who was the next Shinee member after OnTae to pop up in Mighty Mouth's Sangchu's tweets?
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Source: Sangchu's twitter

Shinee on upcoming tv shows
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Shinee at SBS Tomorrow Concert, 2010-08-20 WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY
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And Yesung, you adorable fool, happy (belated or not) birthday!

Sorry mods, resizing all those pictures made me lose a few brain cells. T_T
And I may not understand Korean, but I think Sangchu basically translated his own tweet already.
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Teen entertainers suffer infrigement on human rights

Six in 10 teenage female entertainers said young people in the industry have been forced by their agencies to reveal certain parts of their bodies to sexually appeal to viewers during their performances, according to a survey by the Ministry of Gender and Family.

The ministry said 56.1 percent of the surveyed actresses and female singers were asked to lose weight. At the same time, nearly 15 percent of them were encouraged to have plastic surgery.

The ministry sampled a total of 88 male and teenager female entertainers or hopefuls and held one-on-one interviews with them between July 21 and Aug. 5.

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Source: Kang Shin-who @ The Korea Times

Video source:KyuleeKPOP119
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7 members, 7 colors ' Cute+lively+leg illusion' Mood UP

7 member girl group Rainbow has shown their sexy charm.

In the afternoon of the 22nd at 4pm on SBS TV 'Inkigayo', Rainbow has caught the eyes of fans with their mature and polished style. With a strong melody and sexy choreography, each member has shown their charm.

The title song a is made by Han Jaeho and Kim Seung Soo. It has a hip hop beat and a rock feeling to it, it also is a intense dance pop number. DSP and Sweetune have gathered for numbers of hours to make this song complete.

And also, a song where you can distinguish that Rainbow can do the song with an intense and charmful colors. Rainbow members fresh voice and smooth rapping, with a superb chorus which has upgraded this song 'A'. Like the lyrics: 'Although it is small, I want to save you in your little world' the 7 members of Rainbow show that they have someone held in their heart.

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Lady HeeHee is boss and sticks up for BoA against antis and Elfs

Super Junior’s Heechul has given a warning towards anti’s and possibly even ELF (Super Junior’s fan club) through his Twitter.

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Source: AKP

So basically, BoA  was joking on twitter and "blamed" Leeteuk and Minho for smashing the cake in her face but loljk she was just trolling. Either way, some Elfs were being whiny bitches and attacked her. Heechul is awesome and stood up for her like how he stood up for Yunho when he got poisoned by that anti and Geng when had to wear that mask and Heechul tore it off on live television. If you don't understand the translations, he said that you're not a real fan if you attack others in order to "protect" your bias.


I love how this can pretty much apply to any anti tbh.
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Modesty is unbecoming of Gyuri Goddess

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Girl Group Kara's Leader Park Gyuri revealed her after promotions feelings. They just came back from Japan for their debut single release promotion from 8 August onwards for 8 days and 7 nights. On 19 August at one broadcaster waiting room they were asked several questions about their promotions in Japan.

Park Gyuri said,"I thought it was a joke when I first heard about us at Oricon Weekly Chart. Actually, even now I (we) still cannot believe it. We are not even Japanese group but yet we are able to receive such love which also worries us at the same time. Of course we are happy and proud. However, just like how we're so shocked at the same time we are confused too.

Gyuri responded to questions asked about their popularity in Japan. She said, "Rather than expressing how we felt, it seems like we are more of shocked and surprised." When asked about factors that make them so well received and popular in Japan, Gyuri said "Many said that they can't find any other groups that look like us. We've also heard people like us because they feel like we are just like their sisters or friends next door. Looks like we have to work harder to show our very best and prettily no matter which stage performance we are in." Gyuri added, "We are glad and happy to have fans from another (foreign) place to love us but we have yet to work even harder just as much as how much we are being loved. We will do our very best and definitely will not let down both our Korean and Japanese fans for our upcoming album in September."

Kara's single debut in Japan "Mister" was ranked at #5 on Oricon weekly chart (based on August 17). Kara is the first foreign girl group to be on Oricon weekly Chart top 5 with their debut single.

Source: Hankooki

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It is known that BoA has had an allergic reaction from the cake that was thrown onto her face by SHINee member Minho.

BoA performed at the SM TOWN LIVE ‘10 WORLDTOUR in Seoul on the 21st of August. The concert also marked a celebration for BoA’s 10th year since debut. The other singers under the same management company also congratulated her on her 10th year anniversary.

SHINee member MinHo jokingly squashed the cake in BoA’s face, surprising the fans. However, this has caused controversy after the concert as a video was passed around amongst the fans.

BoA updated her twitter on the morning of the 23rd and said “My skin has turned inside out because of the cake massage, I need to sleep early. My last performance is next week, I’ll meet you with my following tracks.”
She asked her fans about the skin allergy saying “is there anything good for allergic reactions of the skin? It’s itchy, inflammatory and hurts too. If there’s a good cure for this, please tell me.”

BoA gave a live update of her skin condition by saying that her skin was very dry and that her face felt like it was going to explode.

Fans who visited BoA’s twitter showed their concern by saying “how can he cream your face with such an oily cake” “It was just for fun, didn’t know it would cause such a reaction” and “next week is your last performance, what’s going to happen?"

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Source: kpoplive
Video Source: FxFanCam

I'LL take MinHo's creamy cake anyday... o.o


2NE1 boosts Bean Pole Jean sales by 30% + CL & DARA for etude house

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Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, Louis Deruson (?), Gemma Ward….

These top models who can be recognized simply just from saying their name all have a common denominator. That is, they’ve all at some point been models for famous brand name jeans such as Guess, Levi’s, etc. In this way, overseas brand names prefer that they be represented by actual models. However what is Korean jean brand marketing like?

On the 22nd, the results after examining 10 of the current Korean jean brands were that almost all of the brands used famous actors, or artists as their models. Brands that had utilized artists included Guess (Lee Hyori), Bean Pole Jean (2NE1), Clride (SHINee), GET USED (Brown Eyed Girls), and Evisu (U-Know Yunho). Brands that preferred to use actors include Calvin Klein (Shin Mina), Tommy Hilfiger (Kim Minhee), Buckaroo (Shin Sekyung), Jambaeng-i (Han Hyoju).

One representative from the fashion industry stated “The trends in the jean market were originally always changing, in particular, it would be strongly influenced by the fashion style of celebrities”, “As a result, a condition has developed where ‘if you don’t use celebrities, you will fail.’ “

An example of a brand that has experienced sales increases due to the use of celebrity models would be Bean Pole Jeans. In order to create the atmosphere of a top jean brand from the moment they launched in 2003, Bean Pole jeans utilized foreign models. However in the early part of last year, they used artist Son Dambi and starting from the summer, idol group 2NE1 became the models for Bean Pole. In particular, 2NE1′s style matches well with Bean Pole Jean’s target market of 18-24 year olds, and helped increase last year’s sales as well as last season’s sale by 30%.

Marketing team head Lee Hyewon had explained “Rather than the height or body of models, consumers in Korea are concerned with what type of clothes they coordinate them with, or whether those however famous celebrities wore those clothes”, “Because of this effect, two months ago, we even beat the growth of authentic jean brand, Levi’s.

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sources: nate + : 1 / 2
Translated by GEE @

SNSD’s arrival in Japan

SNSD / Girls’ Generation debut Japanese single, Genie, is scheduled to be released on September 8th. Before that happens, the girls are holding promotional campaigns and are scheduled to hold 3 showcases in one day on August 25th at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum. Earlier today, the girls made their arrival to Japan through the Haneda Airport. Reportedly, around 200 fans patiently waited for the girls.

Personal fan account courtesy of sayapime @ ameblo blog:

“Received news that SNSD was arriving at the Haneda airport around 2PM, so decided to get there a little early around 11AM. While waiting for SNSD (soshi), a group called BIGBANG also came out of the airport. Since everyone was waiting for SNSD no one was really screaming for BIGBANG. After BIGBANG, some Korean group named SMASH came out but unfortunately no one knew who they were… but I have to say that there were some good looking guys in the group.

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sources: allkpop + apupu123 + sayapime @ ameblo blog
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Athena at SM Town Concert

Actor Jung Woo Sung recently watched SM Town’s concert (SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 WORLD TOUR) and also met with the boys of Super Junior. 

On the 23rd, Taewon Entertainment, the producers of Athena: Goddess of War, revealed that Jung Woo Sung’s surprise visit was because they were filming a scene for Athena during the concert.

Jung Woo Sung acted as a bodyguard to aid BoA, who plays a top female singer in Athena. Along with Jaehee (played by actress Lee Ji Ah), the two disguised themselves as part of the concert staff.

They needed a place to film a big ongoing concert so they chose SM Town’s concert. The filming crew made sure not to disrupt the concert, which made the overall shooting of the scene 100% real.

Meanwhile, Athena is currently busy shooting in Korea and will soon head to Japan on September for their next shooting location.

Source: AKP

awesome. and I wonder if Siwon was involved too...

Due to Yang Yoseob's surgery, BEAST's comeback is pushed back

It has been revealed that Yang Yoseob, the lead vocal of BEAST, has gone through surgery to remove chronic rhinitis infections.

Due to this, the BEAST’s comeback that has been planned for the end of August has been pushed back.

Yang Yoseob has suffered from light rhinitis symptoms, but recently the situation had gotten worse that he had to go through surgery to remove the small infection in his nose. It was a hard decision because it was at a point they were preparing for the 3rd album, but because it could have affected his throat condition, the surgery couldn’t have been pushed back.

On the 24th, the management stated, “It was a simple surgery for Yang Yoseob, however since it could worry the fans we were hesistant on releasing the information about his surgery. However we couldn’t have the fans waiting especially with the comeback coming close.” They added, “We will try our best to help him get well through plenty of rest and relaxation.”

The BEAST members added, “If you wait longer, we will be able to make a comeback with even a better condition,” asking for support and cheer from the fans.

Meanwhile, BEAST members are showing off active activities in variety programs despite preparing for their next albums.

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Korean missionary shot dead in predawn holdup in the Phillipines

A Korean missionary was shot dead while two Korean nationals were briefly taken as human
shields in a predawn robbery in Pasig City on Monday.

Radio dzBB's Sam Nielsen reported that the missionary, identified as Cho Tai Wan, died after sustaining at least two gunshot wounds in the shoulder.

The fatality reportedly just fetched at least seven Korean nationals from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and was driving them to Cainta, Rizal.

However, the unidentified robbers reportedly blocked their path at the eastbound part of Ortigas Extension.

The unidentified robbers divested the passengers of their valuables and took as human shields Kim Yang Gan and Kim Jung Suk, but eventually released them.

Police are now looking into the possibility the gang may have followed the victims from NAIA, and struck in eastern Metro Manila.

Initial investigation showed the suspects reportedly blocked the path of the Chevrolet van (XEV-328) but fired at it repeatedly when the driver refused to get down.

Metro Manila deputy chief for administration Chief Superintendent Roberto Rongavilla said they already have mobile random checkpoints to stop such holdups.

"Ang ating pulis nandoon naman at siguro medyo ... di sila natsatsambahan ng ating kapulisan. Sinisiguro natin ang ating running checkpoint nariyan at mabulaga sila (We have police roving the area.

They may have slipped past our checkpoints. We have to be stricter in our checkpoint operations)," he said in an interview on dzBB radio. –VVP, GMANews.TV

Source: gmanews

mods i'm not sure if this is relevant, but just in conjunction with what's happening about the Hong Kong tourists being held hostage there... DDD:

SNSD’s Tiffany injures her ankle

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s been recently revealed that SNSD’s Tiffany injured her right ankle during SM Town’s concert that was held in Seoul on August 21st. She is currently wearing a cast, and according to SM Entertainment, her injury fortunately is not serious.

Through a phone call with Newsen, a representative of SME stated:

To protect her ankle, she had to wear a cast. She injured her ankle during SNSD’s performance during the concert. Due to the upcoming Japanese showcase, we thought it was the best choice to make her wear a cast. … Her injury will not affect SNSD’s upcoming showcase. … The girls on the 23rd left to Japan to prepare for their Japanese promotional activities.

The girls of SNSD, who are making their Japanese debut with their single Genie on September 8th, will have a showcase in Tokyo, Japan’s Ariake Colosseum on the upcoming 25th.

Someone was able to take a photo of Tiffany at the airport, and here is a fancam that caught the scene of Tiffany’s injury.

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sources: allkpop + sonefancamReturn

Park Hyo Shin’s Athena OST sweeps first place on music charts

Athena’s OST song, “I Love You“, sung by talented singer Park Hyo Shin, is receiving a positive response on various online music chart sites.

After the song was revealed on the 23rd, it placed first on various online music charts. The music video that was released alongside the song received great praises for its strong passionate scenes between Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won, and Soo Ae.

Additionally, Park Hyo Shin, who is approaching his comeback date, is currently finishing up the last minute touches before releasing his album, Gift Part. 2, in September.

source; allkpop
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Rock star Yoon Do-hyun marches forward

Still going strong: rock vocalist Yoon Do-hyun at the band’s studio

At 37, rock celebrity Yoon Do-hyun meshes boyish swagger with sagacious certitude.

Easing his feet into a pair of Crocs, doling out cans of coffee and zipping a windbreaker over a T-shirt, Yoon tugs a bit at his navy blue sweats while leaning forward to intercept questions, eyes wide open and ready, mouth pursed in anticipation for, well, anything, including talk of the scandalous termination of his KBS show and of his band’s break-up. All of which he knows is coming, as it must.

Since he debuted in 1994, Yoon has suffered his fair share of hardships; some blatantly laid out to dry by the press, others endured in relative silence. Yet none of it seems to have rocked his confidence. His voice runs low and raspy, edged with something akin to sleep -- a near emblem of laidback assurance -- as he lays out his history, from his beginnings as part of a high school copy band to his rise to fame as the lead vocalist of a 13-year-old rock posse first known as Yoon Do Hyun Band then as YB in 2005.

Now he is back in full force, having ended his year and four month absence from KBS with a guest appearance on “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook” in August.

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Source: The Korea Herald
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Estrella Lin's sex trade story makes an impact in Korea

In 1937, Korea’s legendary actor and filmmaker Na Woon-kyu was quoted by the local daily Chosun Ilbo as saying that movie directors should “become like pimps to treat actresses as if they are prostitutes.”

This perception of female entertainers in the male-dominated Korean society has changed little, critics here said.

Their comments came after news reports said a Taiwanese singer named Estrella Lin, a former member of girl group 3EP Beauties, claimed she was asked to sell sex to Korean investors in the entertainment industry during her stay in Korea.

The details about the name of the management company she was working for and the alleged situation have not been revealed.

“I was forced to ‘sexually’ entertain investors but I never allowed myself to do so. I’m not afraid of Koreans protesting because what I said is so true,” she was quoted as saying by multiple news reports.

The reopening of the sensitive issue of the coerced sex trade for work and benefits in the entertainment world brought back the question of why police and prosecutors have not got to the bottom of the sex trade issue, despite the suicide of Korean actress Jang Ja-yeon in March 2009. Jang left a note saying she suffered forced “sponsorship” by her agency owner.

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Source: Kim Yoon-mi @ The Korea Herald

Big Bang's Seungri Douches Daesung

Big Bang’s Seungri said he has declared war to same group member, Daesung.

On the first ever aired episode of MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night” ‘Enjoy Today’. Seungri said, “I will never lose to Daesung hyung“.

Kim Gu Ra held mock interviews during the press conference for “Enjoy Today” in which he asked Seungri. “Having Daesung be a hit in a weekend variety program (FO). Wasn’t that a burden to you?“.

To this Seungri answered, “Just like my name (victory), I have not once lost“. Then Kim Gu Ra said, “Isn’t Daesungie, a daesung?” (daesung literally means success). He replied sharply and baffled Seungri.

Seungri then while staring at the camera, stated “I will not lose to Daesung hyung!“, he stated confidently.

sauce: newsen
translated: Jae In @ ibigbang fansite