August 24th, 2010

MC Mong arrested

Rapper MC Mong has been going through some tough time lately, being accused of intentionally dodging military service. It appears that the authorities have finally decided to officially charge him. MBC radio news reported today at noon Korean time that MC Mong will be indicted without physical restraint by the Korean government. The rapper’s management company has cut all of its contact lines with the media after the news has been released, further adding to the suspicions.

Indicment without physical arrest means that MC Mong is under arrest and will be going through a trial to determine whether he really is guilty or not. However, he will not held in a cell due to his circumstances, such as low threat of running. He has been accused of intentionally removing all of his teeth but the front ones and canines, which would make him ineligible for full military service as a soldier if the lack of teeth was due to natural reasons.

It is odd to see that the news came out at noon, considering the fact that MC Mong was still being investigated by officials in an inquiry. However, if the news wasn’t true, then why has his company cut all contacts and gone silent, instead of explaining what is really going on? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to omonatheydidn't as the case progresses.

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does this mean we're not getting an Indian Boy part 2?

While we're still crying over Paradise Ranch, Changmin ~*might*~ be in a new drama!

Choi Soo Jong finished with the filming of "Comrades"

With the filming of "Comrades" closing to an end, Choi Soo Jong will take the lead role of upcoming KBS2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "President".

With the subject centering around politics, "President" will reveal the many strifes and intriguing conflicts that revolves around the presidential elections through the main character's step by step journey in achieving Presidency.

It has been said that "President" will be the sequel "Runaway", airing early December this year. Currently, actors for the drama are in the midst of being selected, with Korean female actor Shin Se Kyeong and TVXQ member Shim Changmin as popular candidates.

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Lee Soo-young gets married

Lee Soo-young, a 31-year-old Korean ballad singer, will marry a company worker in October, her agency said on Monday.

Although the couple met in church a year ago and dated for a year, as they had cautious relationship, only few people knew about it.

Their intimate and private wedding ceremony will be held in Villa de Bailey in Shinsa-dong on Oct. 5, the agency said.

Also, the bride will officially announce her wedding and reveal full story on her marriage in 'Lee Soo-young's Music Show' in the afternoon.

Lee made her debut in 1999 in Korea with the mega hit "I Believe."

She has released nine albums and five mini-albums, gaining huge popularity over Korea with her ballad songs.

source: The Korea Herald

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Sandara calls Cheondoong "Dog Poop"

Girl group 2NE1's Sandara Park revealed her nickname for her younger brother, MBLAQ's Chundoong, causing bursts of laughter.

Sandara Park along with the rest of the 2NE1 members filmed for KBS 2TV 'Engage in Live Broadcast' which airs on the 21st. On this day 2NE1 got to film a cosmetic CF which all girl celebrities dream about.

On the spot, Sandara Park in particular, when requested by the VJ to say something to Chundoong, opened her mouth with "Dog Poop~" causing bursts of laughter. Soon after she called grabbed attention with her request mixed in with aegyo (T/N: Aegyo is kind of a noun for cute? lol) "Ever since we were young I've called him Dog Poop" and "Dog Poop, don't chew up my texts and reply".

In addition, 2NE1's CL caused a burst of laughter again with the words "Because Sandara Park is always calling Chundoong Dog Poop we call him Dog Poop now too" .

S: Nate News
T: J00NiEx@AbsoluteMBLAQ
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4minute's Big Performance At Mnet 20's Choice Awards Is Anticipated By Male Fans

While 2010 particularly had a trend of having girl groups, 4minute (who came out as the best girl group in the first half of the year) will have a performance on August 26th at the Mnet 20's Choice Awards.

Although men and women of all ages like 4minute, they are popular for receiving complete support from men in their 20's due to their sexiness and maturity.

Since now, although they had various activities with their hit songs 'Hot Issue', 'Muzik', 'Huh', and 'I My Me Mine', it is expected that this will be their first performance at the Mnet 20's Choice Awards.

Mnet's production crew said, "Although 4minute recently swept high rankings with their hot popular songs, they can't enjoy a club-like environment due to the fact that Kim HyunAh and Kwon SoHyun are members who aren't in their 20's yet. In this year's Mnet 20's Choice Awards, it is expected that the performances that are emitting a club-like sense will display a different color as the audience (in their 20's) will stand on stage with them."

4minute's performance is gathering anticipation, knowing that it will be extraordinary. In the meantime, while the 20's Choice Award votes for 'the star with the most influence' is heating up with excitement in its last stage, the online voting will be available until August 24th through Daum.

The 2010 Mnet Choice Awards will kick off on August 26th at Sheraton Grand Walker Hill River Park Poolside in Seoul, Gwangjang-dong.

4minutes Forum
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BEAST’s Lee Kikwang collaborates with Ahn Jinkyung… “We will be anticipating the avatar rap”

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang, who is already popular from ‘avatar dating’ on ‘Sunday Sunday Night - Hot Brothers’, has been currently attracting attention as he collaborated with the singer Ahn Jinkyung.

Lee Kikwang has contributed in the featuring of Ahn Jinkyung’s title song ‘Love is Pathetic’ off of her second mini album ‘BE THE VOICE’ that will be released on the 26th.

Especially since Lee Kikwang is in charge of the vocals in BEAST, this will be his first project that he will be rapping in, surprising the listeners with his attractive voice in a melody line instead of just a regular rap.

Supposedly Lee Kikwang showed off amazing rap skills so that the staff working on the album commented, “Is there someone controlling Lee Kikwang’s rap in the back,” giving the rap the nickname “Lee Ki Kwang Avatar Rap.

The title song ‘Love is Pathetic’ has been composed by the composer/ex-bboy Oh Sunghoon, who has composed ‘Bad Person’ on Ahn Jinkyung’s first solo album, ‘Learned my lesson in love’ and ‘I came alone’ sung by December, and ‘Not until love’ sung by K.Will. The title song is an emotional dance song that shows off a fresh beat along with Ahn Jinkyung’s husky, but thick voice.

She is also being envied by many fans as Mir from MBLAQ had featured in the title song off her first solo album, ‘Bad Person’, and now on her second album title song, she will be having Lee Kikwang from BEAST featuring in her song.

Ahn Jinkyung stated, “I’m thankful that even more of an attractive song was born thanks to Lee Kikwang’s rap featuring, and I think this will be a big support for me as I promote.” She added, “Please show a lot of attention and love towards the title song ‘Love is Pathetic’."

Meanwhile, the teaser clip for the music video ‘Love is Pathetic’ that Ahn Jinkyung and Park Jaejung will be showing off their acting skills in will be released on the 23rd on various video sites like GomTV and MGoon.

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Lee Hongki To Appear on Running Man

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FT Island’s cute member Lee Hong Ki recently stepped into the variety world after a long time through his appearance on SBS Running Man.

During his interview with Newsen the idol revealed, “I spent the night August 23rd filming for SBS Running Man.” Hong Ki’s group FT Island will temporarily stop their promotions in Japan and start promotions in their home country Korea. Although FT Island’s official comeback stage is on the 27th through KBS Music Bank, they will film a variety program first.

Regarding his feelings about appearing in a variety program after a long time, Lee Hong Ki said, “Rather than being nervous it was awkward. Thankfully Yoo Jae Suk hyung relieves a lot of the awkwardness. In terms of physical strength it was hard but I had a fun time filming.” Actor Kim Soo Ro and comedian Shin Bong Sun will also appear alongside Lee Hong Ki in this episode.

Meanwhile, FT Island who is coming back with their new song Love Love Love after 1 year also finished filming KBS’s Star Golden Bell and made an appearance in the show as guests.

Source: allkpop

Eff yeah comeback this Friday! I'm spazzing rn.

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 Korea's hottest K-pop stars will gather in the city of Gyeong Ju in the North Gyeongsang Province next month to perform at the Hallyu Dream Concert. 

Close to two dozen artists including Super Junior, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, 2NE1, Se7en, 4minute, BEAST, Son Dambi, Kara, After School, Miss A, FT Island, Supernova, Davichi, T-ara, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, Secret, Flower, Seo In Kook, Eru and Nine Muses will take to the stage of the concert to be held on September 12 at the Gyeong Ju Citizen's Stadium as part of the two-day Hallyu Dream Festival which begins on September 10. 

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hope this is allowed. thought I should update this since the previous post had lots of "nooooo, no SHINee?!!!!" replies. i removed Kangta and ze:a from the artists list (since I didn't see them on the site) and added SHINee, Eru and Nine Muses. 

cr: commentary/text from previous Omona article (check the sources there), artists from hallyudream's official site.
Thanks ♥Jessi -Tuchung bear lollipop

Big Bang's HBIC got angry with his seniors in the 1st episode of ‘Enjoy Today’?

In the new TV programme ofMBC which is broad casted every Sunday night, ‘Enjoy Today’, Seungri is given a chance to be one of the regular MCs of the variety show but he got angry when having the first meeting with the veteran entertainers, Hyeong-jun Shin, Jung Joon Ho, etc. In the first episode of ‘Enjoy Today’, the group of MCs met in an embarrassing atmosphere. The first arrive was Saori, then Seungri also arrived. Saori expressed that he had never met with Seo Ji Seo and Seungri which reflected his worries and anxiety and at the same time great expectation about their first encounter.

Exactly as what Saori expected, he met Seungri quite awkwardly. The two people switched their conversation to the topic of ‘how to punish the latecomers’. They,together with Seo Ji Seo and Kim Hyun-Chul who arrived a little bit later also discussed the ‘gang of actors’- Jung Joon Ho, Kong Hyung Jin and Shin Hyun Joon. ‘Why little brothers always have to arrive earlier?’ They were so discontented that they decided each of them should mumble one sentence when the latecomers arrived.On the other hand, ‘the gang of actors’ arrived with no hints of what was going to happen on them. On that day, Seo Ji Seo came out to complain first; however, the veteran ‘gang of actors’ was not scared a bit. Then , the little brother, Seungri stood out and shouted to the seniors ,’Being an actor does not mean you are the king!’

Having a four-year difference with Seungri’s father, Shin Hyun Joon said ‘If I had not been careful enough, I would have had a son now too!’ which caused great laughter’s. In the first episode of “Enjoy Today’, the MCs tried to make fun of each other and found out the characteristics of one another, the result are: Shin Hyun Joon is ‘careless incident’, Kong Hyung Jin is ‘ YEAHS’, Seungri is ‘the burning youth’, Seo Ji Seo is ‘MUTE’ and Saori is ‘ Korea Dolphin’. All of these titles generalize the features of them.

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[Bands] Rainbow - EYESEYESEYES

This is a DoubleB21 Post

How The Group Works

DoubleB21 is under Golden Goose Entertainment from XING. Right now I don't have much information, but we do know that there are 21 members.

Having the average of 185cm in height. The group is divided into 4 subgroups. The units go a little like this:
* DoubleB21 Unit Sky
* DoubleB21 Unit Earth
* DoubleB21 Unit River
* DoubleB21 Unit Burning

The first group (DoubleB21 Unit Sky) contains seven members all from the One MV and the others will soon be known.

The group is expected to debut next month.

Shared By: Ivyy @ DoubleB21Forum

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Source: DoubleB21's International Forum: 1, 2, 3, 4

Only paying attention because they're under Xing, and Xing scouted the amazing voices that are DGNA, so whatever about their fail promotion skills, at least these boys are likely to have talent.
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Donghae Visits his Father ಥ_ಥ

Fans of Super Junior’s Donghae are well aware that the popular idol lost his father at a young age, soon after the group debuted in 2006. But on August 24, Donghae posted on Twitter saying that he saw his father.

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Reminds me of when Teuk revealed that Hae's father had pulled him aside and told him he was fully entrusting his son to Teuk - barely months before he was hospitalized and then passed away. Ok, tearing up now.

Miss A appreciates their Starcraft fanboys?

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Popular girl group Miss A from JYP Entertainment had a few thanks to give to Doh Jae Wook, a professional Starcraft player also known as SK Telecom T1’s Best (Protoss).

“Thank you so much for giving us free publicity with your ceremony.”

In the Proleague, after turning some heads by doing the choreography for Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl, Best received an autographed copy of Miss A’s album along with a note from the girls themselves!

On the 12th of July, during a ceremony for the Shinhan Bank’s Proleague, Best plopped down right on the floor and went into the signature move for the hit single, shaking his legs back and forth, losing all dignity that had been gained through countless beastly performances that had made Aiur proud.

The ceremony has sparked a new nickname for Doh Jae Wook, who is now rather infamously known as “Miss Doh” (Dohsuh A). Because E-sports has such a big following in Korea with many players making six figure salaries, Miss A wanted to sincerely thank Doh Jae Wook for introducing them into the progame community.

“We saw the ceremony and loved it. If the opportunity arises, we would like to teach you the dance.”

An anonymous member of the SK team said, “Even though Best and I are on the same team, I’ve never seen him this happy.”

Doh Jae Wook’s response?

“I don’t have too much interest in meeting Miss A to learn the dance because I’m very shy and I would feel extremely embarrassed dancing for them. Just the handwritten note and CD alone makes me completely happy.”

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sources: allkpop + wisdomocto

Co.ed's debut music video to be in 3D and released on September 27th

10-member hybrid group revealed that their debut music video for their title track was produced in 3D.

Core Contents Media revealed on the 25th, "the debut music video for Co.ed is made in 3D. On the 27th of September, we'll hold a special premiere event for Co.ed where we debut their music video."

The music video will be 8 minutes long and Core Contents has worked with Korea's best 3D directors and artists for the first video appearance of Co.ed

Co.ed is a 10-member group consisting of 6 men and 4 female. Only 6 names have been revealed and it's already gained great expectations.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique
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So Ji Sub to give visual sex with new photo book

Korean actor So Ji-sub will be releasing a photo essay about his travels during the summer of 2010, according to his agency 51K Entertainment on Tuesday.

51K announced that the book titled "The Journey of So Ji-sub" will feature photographs and stories from his summer trip to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and various regions in the Gangwon Province, the eastern region of Korea.

The stories will be of So's past, present and future based on his experiences as an individual rather than an actor under the categories such as 'Rest and Travels,' 'Freedom,' 'Dreams,' 'Pain and Remedies,' 'Youth and Passion,' 'Memories and Deep Thoughts,' 'Ours and Mine' and 'Peace and Love.'

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I want him in my pants.


UEE To Make Cameo Appearance On ‘My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox’

After School
’s UEE will be making a surprise appearance on the SBS drama My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox.

UEE will be making her cameo appearance on the 5th episode of the drama, which is sc to air on the 25th. She will be playing the role of an art student that gets surprised by Miho’s, played by Shin MinAh, charisma.

A member of the drama’s staff stated, “UEE has a special connection with writer Hong Ja Mae and the drama’s  company. As she had starred in You’re Beautiful, she did not hesitate when asked to appear as a cameo.”

UEE stated, “I have been looking foward to this drama after I learned it was being written by Hong Ja Mae. I have been watching it and as expected, I think it is a fresh and fun drama. I’m  happy to be able to make a cameo appearance because of good ties.”

This episode of My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox will be aired on the 25th at 9:55 PM (KST).

Source: Lee Uhn Hyuk
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BEAST gets a new idol maid and attempt to drive

[Oh Narea Reporter] The group BEAST greeted a new maid full with variety talents on the show ‘Idol Maid’.

Maid Jung Gaeun had wasn’t able to attend the filming for the sixth episode of ‘Idol Maid’, and because only Maid Shin Bongsun was left to care for the BEAST boys in need of taking care of, she left with the hint that the daily maid is an actress in her mid-20s.

BEAST members started to grow their anticipation toward the new maid after hearing the hint that she was ‘an actress in her 20s with an idol appearance’.

Also, BEAST members and Bongsun have decided that if they like the new maid, they will offer her the rice drink and if they don’t like her, they were offer her the coca cola.

Also on this episode, the new maid showed off exceptional variety skills and charms compared to the older maid Shin Bongseun, even endangering the BongDong line (Bongseun – Dongwoon).

BEAST getting their driver license and the appearance of the new maid will be broadcasted on the 25th of August at 6PM KST on MBC every1 channel’s ‘Idol Maid’.


[Newsen Baek Jihyun Reporter]

The idol group BEAST has challenged the written portion of the driving license test.

BEAST had revealed on the last episode of MBC every1 ‘Idol Maid’ that all they had to use a lot of money of riding the taxi even during their break time because all of them didn’t have a license.

Because the person who places last on the test was punished to put up an embarrassing picture of themselves on their mini homepage, twitter, or other social networking sites, all the members showed themselves studying intensely.

Most of the BEAST members challenged themselves for a regular license with 60 points as their goal, however Yang Yoseob was the only one who challenged himself for a higher license requiring 70 or more points.

The sixth episode of ‘Idol Maid’ with BEAST studying intensely for their driver license will be broadcasted on the 25th of August at 6PM KST.


Younha album 'Under a Single Sky' to be released Sept 22nd

Lion Media announces the release of Younha’s second full length album in Japan.

On August 25th, Younha’s agency, Lion Media, revealed that the singer will have a new album in Japan named Under a Single Sky on September 22nd. They also said the album will be released in Korea a week after and it will contain 12 songs; eight new tracks and four previously released singles.

There also seem to be plans to release a limited edition of the album with five music videos.

One of the songs included in the record will be Look Up Into the Sky which has become a supporting song for the world’s largest private weather service company based in Japan, Weather News Inc.

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