August 25th, 2010

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What was Jinwoon Doing Inside Gahee and Son Dambi’s Old Dorm?

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2AM’s Jinwoon confessed to having a special kind of relationship to Son Dambi and Afterschool’s Gahee during the episode of ‘Strong Heart’ that was broadcast on the 24th.

“I know the exact structure of their old dorms,” stated Jinwoon. “Their dorm is on the first floor and has a rehearsal room in the basement [and there is] a total of 5 rooms.”

However, the youngest member of 2AM has a legitimate reason for knowing this information: his parents are actually currently living in the dorm! “My family was looking around for a place to buy and discovered the house,” stated Jinwoon in an attempt to explain how his parents acquired the place. “They loved it a lot but the owner said it’s propitious and refused to sell it. We had to reveal that I was a singer and [so we] finally bought it and found out that it was actually the home of Son Dambi and Park Gahee.”

Jinwoon also stated that the dorm is currently being used through the following manner: “Son Dambi’s old room is being used by my hyung and grandmother. Park Gahee’s room is the biggest so my mom uses it.”

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Long post of CNBLUE in Singapore

Up and coming Korean boy band CN Blue seem to find fame a little daunting

By Charlene Chua

THE boys in indie rock band CN Blue (Code Name Blue) may be as good-looking as Korean idols come but they are surprisingly shy.

At a press conference yesterday, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jung Shin couldn't even talk about the kind of girls they liked without blushing. Guitarist Jong Hyun, 20, said through a Korean interpreter: 'Looks and age don't matter. The most important thing is that we're comfortable with each other.'

His other band members agreed. Nineteen-year-old drummer Min Hyuk said he has a soft spot for girls with whom he can get along well, while bassist Jung Shin said he wants someone who can understand him.

The band - which has differentiated itself from other bubblegum pop offerings from Korea with its live music performance - was in town for an autograph session yesterday. Its showcase-cum-fan meeting will be held today at the National University Of Singapore's University Cultural Centre.

International influences

Fans in Singapore will get to enjoy their unique brand of music, which CN Blue said was inspired by international acts such as Jason Mraz and Maroon 5.

Perhaps the showbiz newbies - the boys made their debut last year - have big shoes to fill, considering they are here after recent visits by popular Korean actors such as Lee Min Ho and Jang Keun Suk. Lee Min Ho and Jang Keun Suk had charmed their female fans here with invitations to visit them in Korea after lamenting how single and lonely they were.

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Source: The New Paper

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Sources: CNBLUESGFC 1 + 2 + cnbluesgfc2 @ youtube

Teen Top transform into popular “hot” male characters

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Rookie idol group Teen Top showed six different kinds of charisma through each of the six members.

Through the September edition of teenage fashion magazine Suffy, Teen Top transformed into recent male main drama characters that created a hot issue or trend this year.

Teen Top’s main vocal Niell took on the role of Jang Geun Suk’s character from You’re Beautiful while member L.Joe became Yoo Seung Ho’s character from God of Study. Furthermore, the leader C.A.P took on Jacob from popular vampire novel series Eclipse, Chun Ji became Chiaki from popular Japanese drama Nodame Cantabille, Chang Jo became “Ottoman” hero Okada Masaki and youngest member Ricky became Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass.

With the concept of transforming into East and West hot drama characters, Teen Top showed great skills that are hard to see in rookie groups, causing the public to awe in praise.

Meanwhile, last week at Seoul Teen Top had a signing event and plan to hold another signing event at Busan’s main music store on the 26th.

source: allkpop

SMTOWN Artists Will Fly With Private Chartered Boeing 747 to LA

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A private plane will be chartered for “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA” performance.

In upcoming November 4th, SMTOWN LIVE performance, the same as one held in Seoul on last August 21th, will be held in Staples Center, LA, United States. Line up SM artists such as Kang Ta, BoA, Yunho, Changmin, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Kim Min Jong, Yeon-hee, and Ara will unite to do the concert performance together for all fans in LA. For this purpose, a Korean Air Boeing 747-400 that has capacity of 300 people is specially chartered to fly all the artists and staff members.

“SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” is not only a massive world tour that mobilize a lot of top artists, but it will also become a show of many exceptional performances that ever seen, meanwhile using a chartered flight for a tour to move all the artists and staffs together is still very rare especially in Korea. Therefore, with this announcement of the upcoming excellence performances from a lot of top Korean pop stars is expected to grow many interests from fans.

“SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA” began to sell tickets on last May 24th, and there was a huge responses for the tickets that 15,000 seats were quickly sold out as soon as it opened. In fact only top American artists could sell out all seats in Staples Center, thus according to insiders, this SMTOWN LIVE high ticket sales surprised even the local industry officials.

SM official said, “70% of the ticket buyers are non-Koreans from Vancouver, Canada including Toronto, New York, Washington DC, South Carolina, and Georgia. By looking at this, it’s proven that SM Entertainment’s attempt to advance the global competitiveness and popularity of its artists has finally realized.”

“SMTOWN LIVE’10 WORLD TOUR’ just finished its performance in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in great success last August 21st, and is planned to fly to LA to take another stage that will draw audiences’ breath with even more passionate performances.

source: Asian Economics

I tried to find the original source but I can't find it anywhere
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HyunA’s gyaru makeup garners interest

Recently via HyunA of 4minute’s mini-hompy, photos of her visit to Japan were revealed, and they have been garnering interest amongst her fans and netizens.

Amongst the photos that were revealed, photos of HyunA with gyaru makeup have been specifically garnering interest.

Gyaru makeup is a Japanese type of makeup that involves unique hairstyle with thick eye and face makeup that is popular amongst the younger groups in Japan. This type of makeup has been recently gaining popularity in Korea as it has first garnered interest with BoA.

Netizens and fans who have seen HyunA’s photos commented things such as, “It looks better than BoA’s gyaru makeup,” “Very pretty” and “You look like a Barbie doll.

Source: AKP

can't wait for 4minute's ganguro concept comeback stage!

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North Korean football NT humility reports are "baseless"

Following a request for information sent by FIFA to the Korea DPR Football Association on 11 August, FIFA can now confirm that it has received a letter from the Korea DPR Football Association as a reply to that request for information.

In the letter, the Korea DPR FA assures FIFA that Mr Kim Jong Hun, head coach of the national team, and all the other members of the national team are training as usual and that the members of the team will soon take part in the 16th Asian Games. The association also indicates that there were no sanctions to the coach and that the reports on this matter were baseless.

Furthermore, the Korea DPR FA clarified that the election of the president of the association held on 19 June was held in accordance with the statutes of the association and were not affected by any result of the team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, recalling that at the time of the election the team had only played one match against Brazil and had shown a good level of play.

With all of the information at hand, and having checked all of its sources, FIFA has decided to close the matter.

Source: FIFA
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Jiyoon reveals her long wavy hair

Jeon JiYoon's girlish image was revealed.

On August 23rd through her Minihompy, HyunAh published a picture of JiYoon wearing a wig.

Because JiYoon had long and wavy brown-hair in the picture, she captured the attention of many fans. In the past, JiYoon emphasized her boyish charm with her short cut, but this time, she presented a fresh feeling with her long hair.

Netizens who saw the picture praised JiYoon by saying, "Although you're charming right now, you're prettier with long hair," and "Your long hair is really pretty. The more I see and understand your appearance and personality, you have a more charming style."

I like.

Nicole - Wet

Nicole refuses to proofread anything KARA does in English

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English lyrics: "show me, teach me ...Kiss me, Touch me!"
This is as bad as the lyrics "Come Call on me now, Come Call on me now" in Tasty Love. They look fantastic though. The song has the typical Kara feel.

KARA We Online OST2 Teaser MV
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rechecked all the links sorry about that mods

Translated by aank1 @
Video Source: KamiliaJapan | Original source: Weonline

Lee Min Jung Makeup Pictorial 'The Luster of Goddess' Boasts an Elegant Charm

Actress Lee Min-jung has turned into a charismatic goddess of autumn. In the pictorial of fall make-up, ‘The Luster of Goddess’, unveiled by Lollynne, Lee Min-jung boasted her graceful yet charismatic charm.

Lee Min-jung’s ‘The Luster of Goddess’ will be available at 11th Street and Olive Young. Meanwhile, ‘Cyrano Agency’ starring Lee Min-jung will be released shortly.

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Source: sportsworldi, Joins, Naver
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10th Anniversary~?!?!
2010-08-25 11:21:00pm

Jumping BoA whom I love~~~
Thank you so much for congratulating me on my 10 year anniversary~~~

If you cheat... you know what happens, right? ^^

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source: official website + BoA's twitter
yt: Bokachu3r + megastepable
all translations: live laugh love @ soompi

keep them away from the cake gurl.

G.NA to begin follow-up promotions with Super Solo

G.NA has decided her follow up song and will be beginning a true, full-fledged activity in the entertainment industry from this week.

G.NA, who received a lot of love from her fans for her debut song, I’ll Back off So You Can Live Better, plans on doing a complete 180 transformation to show the sexy charisma that she has been hiding, with her follow up song, Super Solo.

The new song describes an individual who, rather than cling forever on to love, would strongly live as a ‘Super Solo’ and develop oneself, by oneself, into a person of good character.

With the composition of Kim Do Hoon, lyrics of Wheesung and the trendy beats of Shinsa-dong Tiger, the song is deemed to fit G.NA’s enchanting voice very well. The rap featuring was done by the talented rapper Swings.

A representative of Cube Entertainment has revealed that “After G.NA is done with her transformation, she will start her on-air activities by performing on the stage of Music Bank on the 27th.”

Source: GNA-Superstar

OMGGG!! im excited!! >.<

and i just had to put this gif :p
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MBLAQ @ MBC Starry Night Radio [Pics+Trans] The last episode of MBLAQ on Starry Night

An MBC Starry Night's staff said that MBLAQ needs time for their new album recording ^__^ So it's all good, right?

MBLAQ's first radio appearance was Starry Night,
MBLAQ's first fixed radio was Starry Night,
MBLAQ's longest running radio appearance was also Starry Night.

However now... It's time for us to separate.

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S: AbsoluteMBLAQ, MBC Radio

Bonus: Thunder & Waldo Seungho @ Sukira

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S: AbsoluteMBLAQ , KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss the Radio Homepage

"The last episode of MBLAQ on Starry Night."

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KARA, Hyori and BEAST to be in New York for music festival

The New York Chuseok Festival 2010 will start October 9th - 10th and from 7-10PM a concert will be held, ft. Kara, Hyori Lee, B2ST & More!

The full artist lineup is: Kara, Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Jong Kook, Jeong, Beast, Hyun Sook, Kim Bu Ja, Jang Mi Hwa, and Tae Ji Na.

Source: Koreaboo 1, Koreaboo 2, MediaKoreaTV

Unconfirmed guest list.

Edit: Seems like it's been confirmed!
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Asian Spice Girls Wannabe Group Is Going to Be "Different"

From left to right: “Project Lotus” creative director-producer Eliot Kennedy, producer-television director Brian Grant, judge-mentor and rock vocalist Yoon Do-hyun and FarWest Entertainment CEO Jon Niermann speak at a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

The Korean press  got the latest on pan-Asian girl group enterprise “Project Lotus” at a press conference on Wednesday, where they were promised a televised documentary and album on a five-member posse the likes of which they had never seen before.

“This is not an Asian girl group that is just about following Westerners,” said rock celebrity Yoon Do-hyun as he explained why he signed on to be a mentor-judge for the project. “They want to make an unusual girl group. And I think they will be very different from existing girl and boy bands.”

Indeed, “Project Lotus” is unusual ― be it good or bad. While Korean entertainment companies and agencies like JYP Entertainment and S.M. Entertainment have brought in talent from China and Thailand to round out their bands, rarely, it seems, has anyone put members from five different Asian countries into one group. Furthermore, this group will not be restricted to an Asian audience. Its target is global.

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Source: Jean Oh @ The Korea Herald

Son DamBi to do ‘cat woman’ concept for followup hit ‘dB Rider’ promotions

Singer Son DamBi will move on to promote her followup hit.

Son DamBi’s agency has recently revealed that she will be moving on to promote the song ‘dB Rider’ off her latest minialbum ‘The Queen’ after promotions for title song ‘The Queen’ come to an end.

It is known that Son DamBi will go for the sexy image for the followup song and doing the concept of ‘cat woman’. Her agency voiced, “Even though we have not confirmed the performing costumes, it will not be revealing but will be something fitting to give the cat woman feel’.

Son DamBi will start promoting the song ‘dB Rider’ on 10th September on KBS Music Bank.

source: kbites + GummyBearsTakeOver02
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Tablo returns to Stanford to clear his name

DANIEL LEE, better known as the rapper-poet “Tablo” of the Asian hip-hop group Epik High, was on campus last week with a crew from the public broadcasting corporation MBC in Seoul, South Korea. The visit is part of Lee’s continuing effort to prove that he attended the university and to clear his name.

Lee, who graduated from Stanford in 2002 with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, has been the subject of Internet rumors among so-called netizens who accuse him of lying about his Stanford degree. (Stanford magazine wrote about Lee and his soaring career in the July/August 2009 issue.)

The rumors continue despite the efforts of TOM BLACK, university registrar, and TOBIAS WOLFF, the Ward W. and Priscilla B. Woods Professor in English and Lee’s former teacher. Both Black and Wolff released letters in early June verifying that Lee was, indeed, a Stanford graduate.

Black expressed his frustration with the rumors and the volume of email his office received from Korean netizens in an interview with the English-language JoongAng Daily in June.

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Source: Stanford  University - The Dish

Kpop night in Singapore.

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The news has been officially confirmed! There will be 6 kpop bands making their way down to Singapore on the 23 October 2010. The 5 bands that have been revealed are Big Bang, FT Island, SNSD, SHinee and Infinite. The last band has not been revealed and more details will be released on end-Aug.

Source: Proof Label@facebook

//All hyped up and spazzing right now.
winnie the pooh, eeyore

Music Bank goes live worldwide

Popular music show KBS’s Music Bank will be shown live across 54 countries on the 27th.

“Live Music Bank K-POP Special” that has the concept of seeing Music Bank together with people all over the world, will prepare a variety of different programs so that K-Pop lovers from all over the world can enjoy the show. On this day, the show will directly connect to Singapore so that fans in that location can sing along with SHINee to their new song Lucifer. In addition, request videos from viewers in America, Canada, Poland, Netherland, China, India and Indonesia via Youtube and Twitter will be aired.

Aside from these new features, there will also be a corner where overseas fans will be able to request encore performances from first place candidates and send cheer messages to favorite singers. Meanwhile, for this spectacular and highly anticipated special top Korean stars including BoA, SHINee, DJ Doc, Se7en, Homme (Changmin and Lee Hyun), FT Island, Narsha, Secret, Chaeyeon, Jo Sung Mo, Eru, Hwanhee, Sistar, Rainbow, Nine Muses, Cho Shin Sung, G.NA, Navi, Ahn Jin Kyung, JQT and Goofy will perform.

Source: AKP

sounds really cool, specially the "send messages to idols" part!

JYJ is Coming for 2010 Shanghai East Asia Flying Up Concert


2010 Shanghai East Asia Flying Up Concert is a charity concert.

The proceeds from the concert will be donated through Shanghai World Expo Love Group to people in affected area in Gansu Province, who are victimized from the massive land slide occurred at Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

2010 Fall this year, all East Asia Stars will gather up in Shanghai.

Line up stars to perform:

Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Leon Lai, Wei Lan (Janice), Josie Ho, Richie Ren, Andy Hui, Daniel Wu, Terence Yin, Shawn Yu, Dennis Ho, Michelle Ye, Edison Chen, Han Hong, etc

JYJ (3 members: Xiah, Yuchun, Jejung)

EXILE (14 members)

2010 Shanghai East Asia Flying Up Concert
Performance Date: October 23rd, 2010 (Sat)
Time: 19:45 ~
Venue: HongKou Football Stadium

Tickets price:
- Arena: 1280, 780 yuan
- Standing: 580, 380, 280 yuan; Buy 2 tickets: 650 yuan (disc off the orginal price 380 yuan x 2)

※ Please note that performance time, line up artists, and venue are subject to change.

Official Website

Sharing Yoochun
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BoA takes a temprorary break from twitter

잘 하고못하는걸떠나서.. 사람들앞에선다는게 쉬운일이 아녔을텐데.. 이런게진정한 사랑인거같아요.. 너무나 큰 감동과 선물 주셔서 감사합니다.. 그리고 너무 잘해주셨어요.. 아마 이 트윗이 마지막이 될듯.... 여러분들이 햄볶아요^^ 사랑하구요..

"Thank you for all the support.. I think this will be my last twit for a while. Hope everyone will be happy^^ Love you all too.."

좀 더 있다 다시 트위터로 찾아뵐께요. 당분간 휴업하는 보아트윗... 오랫동안 공백은 안둘테지만, 항상 너무 감사합니다^^ 우리 팬들은 까리해^^ 히힛!! 굿밤되세욤^^

I'll see you guys on Twitter again in a while.. I will take a break from Twitter..Thanks again and good night^^ hehe!

source: BoA's twitter
translations: 1, 2 @ BoAsHouse

At the moment, it isn't clarified as to why she's taking a temporary leave, it may be because of work and the fact that she's preparing for her follow up song + repackage album. However there is the possibility that the Eeteuk/Heechul/antis incident is somehow tied into this as well.

but dw her derp will be back on your timeline soon enough.
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Changmin's W Korea interview

It can be said that most men of around 23 years old carry the following characteristics: they act as though there is no tomorrow (irresponsible), they're arrogant and think that the world revolves around them, and when you're near them, their immaturity chills you to the bone. Most men in their early twenties are like that.

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Credits: TVXQBaidu + W Korea September Issue
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights


1. Changmin wore a grey shirt that showed off his muscular body.
2. Changmin likes to box. Till he's drenched in sweat.
3. Changmin is a MASOCHIST.
4. Changmin finds it hard to express his emotions, hereby confirming rumours that he's a robot.
5. Changmin is "kind of indecisive".
6. Changmin would like to grow out facial hair, but now is not the time.
7. Changmin would like a girl with a kind heart.
8. Even better if she drinks beer and watches basketball BASEBALL GDI with him.
10. Changmin feels weird that there's no "official activities" but is happy because he can #dowhathewants


2NE1's CL and Dara Interview With Allure Magazine

After a long day of shooting, the girls sat down with the editors of Allure Korea and talked about beauty, make-up tips and their plans for their comeback.

Did you girls like the concept for the photo shoot?
Sandara Park:
It was fun because it’s still summer and we’re shooting a winter-like concept. Gold and brown make-up shows me as a true autumn girl, it made me feel good everytime I posed for the camera.
CL: I like photo shoots better because it gives us more freedom to express ourselves instead of being strict to guidelines, as is the case with shooting an advertisement. I really like brown and khaki colours so the two colors included in the make-up were very nice.

You are currently a the face of a cosmetics brand, do you have a lot of interest in that area?
Sandara Park:
We’re currently models for Etude, I really liked that brand since I was so young, I don’t usually put make up on but I like putting bb cream on.
CL: It’s amazing, how could I become a model for a makeup company? I usually go around with no make-up on but I like drawing on my eyeline to increase the tails of my eyes. It’s not easy to put the eyeliner on.

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Source: Allure Korea
Translated by
Written by