August 29th, 2010


Fan mash-ups to encourage K-pop reception is only ‘Technologic’al

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Write it, cut it, paste it, save it // Load it, check it, quick – rewrite it// – Daft Punk, “Technologic”

These lyrics from Daft Punk couldn’t have described the up-and-coming genre for K-pop any better. Professional and hobbyist DJs are grabbing popular K-pop tracks, flipping them, rehashing them, and introducing their reinventions onto the net.

The fan reception to the remixes has been nothing short of explosive.

“I love the originals, but sometimes I play them out. So when I get to hear these remixes, I love the songs all over again!,” gushes a poster, “It’s pretty amazing.”

What are mash-ups? Take only the crème de la crème from the charts, the most popular and identifiable singles; snip and extract specific lyrics or harmonies; then weave these parts into a central track, which provides the main arrangement and beat.

With an infectious rhythm and smoothly interjecting vocals surprising the listener at every literal second, even those new to K-pop have voiced their approval for the mashups – especially when a remixer uses a beloved American pop song as the foundational melody.

A particular remixer is brought to mind when K-pop digital samplers are discussed: DJ Masa, a self-professed K-pop lover from Brazil, has consistently delivered crisp mash-ups for even the most jaded K-pop fan. With over a million views for his most popular tracks and almost 10,000 hits overall on his Youtube page, DJ Masa’s projects are showing the world that K-pop is more sophisticated and pleasing than they’re given credit for.

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sources: allkpop + mmixes + EssenceOLO
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After School member Nana’s social security number leaked

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After School member, Nana’s Korean social security number was leaked to the public.

In a preview for the MBC variety show Bouquet, Nana is shown receiving her makeup artist license, but the problem is that her social security number was shown on the card! To prevent further damage, her management will file a report with the cyber investigation bureau.

According to Pledis management, “The images of the license have been deleted, but now netizens are pasting the pictures on various websites and spreading the information. Because the leaked social security number may be misused, we are planning to report this to the police.“

Sistar Hyorin Herp Derp

Sistar's Bora Suffers Minor Injury. Further Proof There Is No God.

Though it has not been long since they have debuted, member of girl group SISTAR, Bora, had to go through the embarrassment of falling on stage.

The group performed their comeback song (which is doing fabulous on the charts), “Shady Girl,” at the Let’s Start Sharing Concert on the 28th. However, the group had to withstand the pouring rain during the performance, eventually leading Bora to fall flat on her face. From the fall, Bora injured her finger, causing the performance to stop; however, the group bravely performed again after checking her injury.

A representative of SISTAR’s company stated, “After the performance, Bora had serious pain and had to go to the hospital. The X-Ray results showed that her thumb was fractured. She will need to be treated for three weeks.”

Let’s all wish Bora a speedy recovery.

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Source:AKP & thericardomontez @ YT

... NGL though I did lol at the picture of her flat on her face.
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Stanford University vouches for Tablo (again)

Rapper-poet DANIEL LEE returns to Stanford to clear his name

DANIEL LEE, better known as the rapper-poet “Tablo” of the Asian hip-hop group Epik High, was on campus last week with a crew from the public broadcasting corporation MBC in Seoul, South Korea. The visit is part of Lee’s continuing effort to prove that he attended the university and to clear his name.

Lee, who graduated from Stanford in 2002 with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, has been the subject of Internet rumors among so-called netizens who accuse him of lying about his Stanford degree. (Stanford magazine wrote about Lee and his soaring career in the July/August 2009 issue.)

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Source: Stanford University's The Dish

Let's see doubters try to brush this off now...

Hope he had a nice homecoming (albeit short and for business) anyway.
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Amber alert: where in the world is she?

The boyish charisma of Amber has been acutely missed by f(x) fans, many of whom have started to become inquisitive about her absence from the group’s public appearances.  Amber was forced to withdraw prematurely from the NU ABO promotions due to an injury, yet she was scheduled to return in time for the SMTOWN LIVE ’10 event on the 21st. The event came and went, as did a promotional photoshoot with f(x) fans, but Amber was nowhere to be found.

Last month, an official SM Entertainment press release was quick to assure fans that Amber’s continued absence was the result of receiving treatment back in the United States, but some fans remain skeptical.

The apprehension about Amber’s status recently escalated into resentful fury when the September issue of ‘W’ magazine featured only three out of the five f(x) members. f(x) lead vocalist Krystal was quoted as saying, “(T)he members are concentrating on solo activities. We are preparing for a new album, so please look out for us.

Netizens dissatisfied with SM Entertainment’s continued silence on Amber’s status has left them fearing the worst:  “Did Amber leave f(x)?”

For now, concerned supporters can savor a little drop of comfort. Running into Amber in Los Angeles, a fan timidly asked her if she was returning to Korea soon. Reassuringly, Amber confirmed yes. It’s been said that she is currently enjoying an extended personal vacation back home.  We can only hope to hear from our favorite tomboy soon.

Source: AKP

RIP sweet prince


Will miss A surpass the Wonder Girls?

Seoul, Korea – August 19, NCsoft (CEO Kim, Taek Jin) and omni-entertainment group JYP Entertainment (CEO Jung, Wook) have signed a Global Creative Partnership Agreement whereby parties, including board members of both companies, producer Park Jin Young, and the “idol” group missA.

The two companies cooperated this May when Wonder Girls debuted a new song and the online game AION presented some new background music, in-game dance moves, and character outfits. Customers and users created some catchy UCC videos, an extension of online-gaming culture.

With the agreement signed by both parties, miss A now holds the baton passed on from the Wonder Girls and will soon begin promotions, pending preparations.

Source: Betagame (Original article in Korean)
Translated by Abe Jung /
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Huge gap between Koreas

Right now, some 20,000 North Korean refugees are residing in South Korea. This is not a big group if one compares them with 670,000 defectors who fled from East Germany in 1961-1989. However, merely a decade ago, in 2000, the number of defectors barely exceeded 1,000.

Few people doubt that the fate of refugees can help us to predict what will happen to Korea after its unification.

Unfortunately, the recent news and statistics do not bode well for the future of a unified Korean state.
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Source: koreatimes

SS501 Kim HyungJoon for his solo activities in Singapore after moving to new agency

SS501 Kim HyungJoon will have his first official solo activities in Singapore after moving to a new agency.

Kim HyungJoon’s new agency S-Plus entertainment revealed, “Kim HyungJoon has received heated lovecalls from Singapore and is invited down for a fanmeeting and showcase event. He will be in Singapore from 28th August and will be back on the 30th.”

The fanmeeting organised by Warner Music will see the attendance of 3000 fans. Kim HyungJoon also said, “I’m really nervous and excited since this is my first time going to Singapore. Even though it will only be for a short period of time, I hope to spend some enjoyable time with the fans.”


News came that Kim HyungJoon has signed up officially with S-Plus Entertainment which manages stars like Kang JiHwan and Jo SungMo on 27th August.

Source: Sookyeong


Big Bang SeungRi meets with big embarrassment on his first blind date, “I like GDragon more”

Big Bang SeungRi meets with an embarrassment on his first blind date.

On MBC ‘Enjoy Today’ on ‘Sunday Night’ corner aired on 29th August, SeungRi was featured for his first blind date ever. On the show that day, SeungRi had told Jung HyungDon and Seo JiSeok that he wants to get a girlfriend.

And the 2 had driven around in a convertible in KangNam asking for female’s phone numbers. SeungRi also revealed that his ideal is someone who is cute. However, the females whom Seo JiSeok brought along for the blind date are not locals but foreigners like Singaporean. And SeungRi was not able to communicate well on his first ever blind date.

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Sources: MoneyTodayStarNews & Erobroms@youtube via Sookyeong

KARA Han SeungYeon takes a fall again during Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010

KARA Han SeungYeon earns herself the nickname of ‘kkwa-dang girl’.

KARA was present for Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 event on 29th August at InCheon MoonHak World Cup Staidum. And during the photowall event, Han SeungYeon had taken a fall after she tripped in her kill-heels.

The other KARA members have seemed shocked and member Park GyuRi and Goo Hara had asked “Are you alright?” One could see the close friendship in the team. Even though by the look of her fall it should be very painful, Han SeungYeon was seen looking bright and alright after a while.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Han SeungYeon has tripped and fall on stage. Previously in March, she has also fallen down during a live performance and she had hurt her arm back then, but continued to perform in a cast.

source: kbites

。together → gaelio/ein

Kangin talks about his recent life and thoughts

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Recent footage of Super Junior’s Kangin, at the army training center has been revealed through a community site on the 26th and has been attracting much attention amongst fans. The video shows snippets of his every day life, such as him eating bread with friends, sewing, and even a bit of a reveal on his thoughts regarding his sudden army enlistment.

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Jo Kwon and Narsha’s surprise kiss, “How will GaIn respond?”

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Jo Kwon and his make-believe wife GaIn’s groupmate Narsha for a surprise kiss.

The 2 were on MBC SeBaKwi aired on 28th August when the 2 had to act out a scenario given to them by the MCs. Jo Kwon acted as a ‘crown prince’ who settles everything with money while Narsha plays his domestic helper.

Jo Kwon had put up a tough image and asked, “How much do you need?” and Narsha gave a funny response, “147,000 KRW.” Jo Kwon then caught Narsha by her wrist and said, “But I can’t buy you with money” and he pulled her close for a surprise kiss.
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Source: Newsen & snjeung1@YT via sookyeong
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After School chosen as #1 band who seems ignorant

After School has been picked as the #1 girlgroup which has the image of being ‘the most ignorant’.

The girls have appeared on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 29th August when they tried to break the prejudice by the masses that ‘idols seems to look ignorant’ by showing the various academic achievements they received during their schooldays.

The MCs on the show Kim YongMan and Shin JungHwan then revealed that before the show, they also did a survey to find which idol group seems to be the most ignorant amongst the other idol groups. And coming in #1 on the survey After School and followed by LPG at #2. The girls had then seemed embarrassed.

The MCs then said, “We will give you a chance to refute such an image. Please show your academic achievements during your schooldays.”


Member Lizzy revealed, “I received an award during my schooldays because I write in my diary well.” Raina also added, “I’ve received an achievement award before.”

Member Joo Yeon also revealed, “I received a grand prize because I do well in Maths,” while Nan said, “I also have membership at the makeup association.”

Source: K-Bites


Hwanhee reveals his best trainee

Hwanhee recently revealed the trainee he has been teaching.

On the 27th, Hwanhee appeared on KBS 2TV Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook, where he introduced a trainee under the same management as himself. Hwanhee’s student stood in the back as a member of the chorus, making Hwanhee’s performance shine even more.

Many viewers have been gaining interest in his student, as he looks and sings just as well as his mentor.
On the 28th, their management, H-entercom, told Newsen through a phone call, “Hwanhee’s student is Oh ChangGyun, and has been a trainee for 7 years. He is good friends with 2AM‘s Changmin.” It has become known that Oh ChangGyun will be a talented singer, following his long training period.

Their management added, “We are currently choosing songs, and are planning on having him debut as a ballad singer sometime in June next year.

Check out Oh ChangGyun’s singing below.

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source; kpoplive + 79798282@youtube
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Onew's spicy fingers strike again!

The music industry’s ‘best fighter’, Kim ChangRyul, got into a heated battle of forehead flicking with SHINee‘s Onew.

During the latest episode of KBS 2TV Nocturnal, after Yoon JongShin experienced Kim ChangRyul’s finger flicking, he asked him if he had ever gotten hit by Onew. Kim ChangRyul, who became curious about this, stated that he would get hit by him. However, as Onew began refusing due to fear, Kim ChangRyul voluntarily stated that he’d put his promise in writing, to ensure his safety.

While watching Kim ChangRyul write, Yoon JongShin commented, “As expected, you can tell this isn’t the first time he’s written something like this.” After he finished writing this note, Onew proceeded to delivering his blow to Kim ChangRyul’s forehead. Onew was able to finish recording the episode without any problems, thanks to Kim ChangRyul’s note.

This episode is scheduled to air on the 29th at 11:15 PM (KST).

Source: Lee Da Jung
Translation: ch0sshi

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Source: shineelucifer100, MayKyNim 1 & 2, shineeegal, weareshining4, yaymeirock 1 & 2

I still believe that Onew could give Minho a run for his money if they had to compete against each other in any athletic activities, or at least rival him in strength.
By the way, there's a group that's currently subbing the first episode with Shinee as guests. Idk when they'll be done though.

Ideal College Student Lee Seung Gi

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Is there anything that Lee Seung Gi can’t do? A lot of A grades… Admired also by fellow college classmates.

“The celebrity that people want to take home and introduce to their parents, #1.” “The celebrity that seems like he would be good to their parents, #1.” “The celebrity that probably didn’t cheat during his school days, #1.”

When one thinks of singer turned actor Lee Seung Gi, the first image that pops into one’s mind is “upright life.” And like those surveys/polls, the Lee Seung Gi that we think of is an “upright, sincere, smart, and nice” guy. If that’s the case, is that the type of image that Lee Seung Gi portrays outside of what we see on tv?

The people who have been closely by his side for a long time indicate that it is true. In particular, the many students that got to see Lee Seung Gi at DongGuk University also nod their heads in agreement.

As if to confirm this, there was tremendous online buzz when photos of Lee Seung Gi who had temporarily returned for classes were uploaded online and titled “Ordinary student at Dongguk University Graduate School.”

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Source(s): Donga & lsgfanwordpress.

Ngl he's my role model. |:

Super Junior Kim Heechul, "Become Universe’s ★" Received special star present from fans

In the universe, the birth of a star is named after Kim Heechul.

On Kim Heechul's birthday on the 10th last month, he received a special present from the Spanish president of his International Fanclub (

Presented on Kim Heechul's birthday, the planet/star on Cancer was registered as '희님 (Heenim)' in the International Astronomical Organization.

Although the possession of a star doesn't belong to anyone, through registration of the naming rights, it cannot be registered with another name next time. Kim Heechul's owns a star is formed.

Already, the Chinese fans was delighted that the news "Always referring himself as the Universal star, Kim Heechul really became a star" had created topics.

Meanwhile, Korea's star Lee Seung Gi also received star from his Japan fans as a present.

[TVdaily= reporter Kim Hye Jeong]

Original source: TVdaily
Translated by: chullie @ (@evie_hwang)

Actually the reporter made a mistake, the gift (along with more presents) are from the whole fanclub, not only the president but still *_*
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Perfect queens SiStar praised for their impeccable vocals

Coming back with the song ‘Shady Girl’, girlgroup SISTAR gets praised for their great live performance with MR-removed videos of their performances posted up.

SISTAR had their comeback stage with the song on KBS Music Bank on 27thAugust. After the comeback stage, the MR-removed videos of their performance were posted up by fans and netizens on various entertainment-related forums online. In the video, the girls were featured doing their performance without much help of the music accompany.

Especially when the girls are also doing the song with a cute and sporty choreography, their live performance still came out very well. Meanwhile, member Bora injured her finger in a fall recently and is currently promoting with a cast.

Source: K-Biteswinterm3lon2 @ Youtube

love these girls, they are such stunning legends!