September 4th, 2010


SBS PD calls 2PM, 2AM, and SHINee “pieces of trash”

A tweet left on an SBS variety show PD’s Twitter has recently sparked a controversy, as he called 2PM, 2AM, and SHINee ‘pieces of trash’.

On the 4th, the PD wrote, “I’m just roughly working on a special episode with 2PM, SHINee and 2AM, those pieces of trash haha.

The fans who read this caused an outrage saying, “He thinks they’re a joke, and he intended to diss them” and “How can he say that so calmly?

On the flip side, there is also another response from fans and netizens, saying they should calm down. They left comments such as, “Putting the term ‘trash’ aside, the fact that he is only just ‘roughly’ making a special episode is something SBS could potentially fire him for, do you really think he could be telling the truth? It sounds like he is just ironically showing his close friendship with them” and “People need to remind themselves that he said it in his own personal space.

This just goes to show that these days, in a world where social communication has become a major factor in society, saying just one sentence has the potential to turn an innocuous comment into a full blown issue.

source; allkpop

all about sm's chartered flight

SMTOWN’s chartered plane to LA totaled $851,000 USD

A couple of days ago, the SM family boarded their plane at Incheon Airport for their next stop of SMTOWN Live ‘10 World Tour in Los Angeles, which will be taking place on September 4th.

For the very first time, SM Entertainment raked up a whopping 1 billion won for the expenses of their own chartered plane, a Boeing 747-400, which calculates to $851,000 USD. A total of 250 people, including staff, bodyguards, press reporters and 40 of SM artists, were all on board to LA.

The first artist to step foot on the chartered plane was Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk. Through the in-flight mic, Lee Teuk said, “When you talk loudly in public places, people glare at you and say, “Do you guys think you own this place?” Why yes, we really do own this!”, which made everyone laugh.

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okay i really like this article because i love airplanes/airports
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2PM Does encore concert, blows other concert away

Tonight me and hyperballad went to the first of two encore concerts for their first solo concert, Don't Stop Can't Stop, and jfc, this was even better than the first set of concerts. The venue was more smaller, making everyone much more closer, and the boys were BEYOND spot on.

Some changes in the set list included:
- No opening acts
- Cutting out My Colour and Tic Tok, but added in the Seoul Song
- Nichkhun and Taec doing their solo together and singing Maroon 5's Sunday Morning and the ever famous Sexy Back
- Junsu singing his Empire State of Mind again, but then remixing it afterwards at a turn table
- Chansung singing JT's Love Stoned
- Junho singing a really old Usher song
- A video of them acting out what happened AFTER the end of Cinderella's Sister (Junsu makes a hilarious pregnant woman)
- The groups split into Magic Girl team and the Trot team switched
- A video of them stripping out of their trot/Orange Caramel costumes, and undies being blurred
- Everyone picking up bottles of water and not even splashing it over the crowd, but dumping it on people.

Before the concert they were giving out free packs of the ramyeon Nichkhun did the commercial for.

Kim Shinyoung was in the audience as well, sitting very off to the side. She was a sweetheart and took pictures with all the girls who ran over (us included) and very graciously took pictures with everyone who came up until the security told people to back off.

I was blessed with Taec loving our side of the stage, as he kept jumping up onto the slight platform near the railings and making the whole section flip. He also saw my "Taec me now!" sign, and then dumped two bottles of water on me from only about a foot away.

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Kiseop derp Neverland

K-Pop brothers, HyungJun & Kibum, open business!

Hello everyone~ It's the d-day, Sep 4th, 2010. We finally opened our website HnBcompany(standing for Hyungjun and Kibum) will focus on Character Development and Entertainment Business in Korea. Not only focusing on Piro Piro, the character business, the HnBcompany will also act as the global agency for the singers and entertainers. We promise you that we will provide you pleasure and happiness with lots of upcoming events. on Sep 4th! The opening of on Sep 5th! Furthermore, you will get the chance to experience characterized fancy goods at the end of September. You won't be disappointed! Thank you.

Source: Content from Kibum's tweets and images from HnBcompany site.

Piro Piro is cute.

Hope their business work out well.
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Movie, drama and CF offers are flooding in for soon-to-be-discharged Eric

‘The imminent return of the king, catch hold of Eric!’

With his discharge date set for 22 Oct this year, Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) has already been receiving love calls to appear in movies, dramas and CFs for the second half of the year, a clear sign of his undiminished popularity.

With many ‘flower boy’ actors still enlisted in the army, Eric’s discharge seems to be a welcome rain for companies in this state of ‘drought’.

Currently still serving as a public service officer, Eric has been involved in dramas and movies, and also established his top star power in various CFs. With his imminent return, companies are all eager to extend invitations to Eric and get him busy.

A rep from Eric’s management company told Star News, “Eric has already received several drama offers before he has even been discharged, and on top of that he has also received some CF offers. Upon his discharge, Eric plans to meet his fans via an acting project first.”

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

October.... Hyesung's new album & Eric's discharge *O*
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4minute models for Shoe Marker

After a short hiatus, the 4minute girls will show their bright faces again through an endorsement.

The Shoe Marker brand revealed on the 3rd, that they finished the filming of their commercial with 4minute.

The commercial will air mid-September, and the shoes will also be showcased at Shoe Marker retail stores.

Even though the 4minute members had to make numerous trips from Seoul to MooAhn and film until the break of dawn, they did not complain. Instead, they always smiled and even danced for the tired staff, creating a fun and cheerful work environment.

The representative for the brand expressed, “4minute’s uniqueness since their debut and Shoe Marker’s trendiness coordinated very well, leading to the extension of our contract“. He also added, “This was the perfect occasion to reveal fresh styles from Shoe Marker”.

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‘GENIE’ the theme song for ‘Girls Award Japan A/W 2010’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) fans will need no further evidence that their idols have become a smash sensation in Japan – their debut song, ‘GENIE’, was selected to be the official theme song for the Autumn/Winter Girls Award Japan 2010 show!

‘Girls Award’ is the largest fashion show in Japan, attended by many famous fashion models and designers. Yet the show also attracts many musical artists, as there are performances laced intermittently throughout. Immensely popular, the event is held in Yoyogi Stadium, which houses a massive 10,000 seats. The purpose of the event is to spread Japanese pop culture to the rest of the world.

Artists attending the event this year include Koda Kumi, Korea’s 4minute, w-inds, and many more. FOREVER21 and Armani Exchange are two of the many fashion brands to be showcased this season.

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CSJH’s Dana shows off her flawless skin

CSJH The Grace member Dana recently revealed a beautiful selca of herself.

On the 4th, Dana uploaded the picture onto her Twitter and wrote, “How I looked when I went to the party yesterday. Thank you to all the fans who came to the airport.”

In the photo, Dana shows off her modest smile and her white, flawless skin.

Netizens who have seen the photo showed their interest with replies including, “Your skin is really clear. Skin beauty”, “You’re lovable and full of charm,” and “Really beautiful, please make a comeback soon!”

CSJH’s Dana is currently in Los Angeles with the rest of the SM family for the upcoming SMTOWN Live ‘10 event.

Source: allkpop

Relive Jay Park’s Live Video Chat!

Nearly 10,000 fans tuned in this morning to watch Jay Park’s live video broadcast on allkpop, but for those of you who missed it, here’s another chance!

Actually, for those of you who tuned in as well, just go watch it over and over!

Many thanks to Jay Park, for coming in to do the broadcast for his fans and readers on allkpop, despite being sick and pulling an all-nighter playing Starcraft 2!

sources: allkpop +

Sohee calls Seulong unnie

Wonder Girls’ Sohee teased 2AM’s Seulong through Twitter the other day, making fans very curious.

Sohee replied to Seulong’s Twitter on the 4th and said, “It’s Seulong’s Twitter. Seulong unnie-,” Seulong replied, “Don’t call me unnie.

Sohee replied again, “I like Seulong unnie lol.” (Unnie is what a girl calls an older girl/older sister)

Seulong wrote on his Twitter, “I heard why I’m an unnie. Wah.”

Source: allkpop

Sohee is so cute ^^ it's a shame all the jealous freaks can't see it and think she's a bitch

Infinite to Partner MC with Comedian Kim Gura

 'Hot Topic' Infinite, Perfect Partner MC with Kim Gura 2 Months After Debuting

Newcomer 7 membered boy group, Infinite, has stirred a topic for becoming MCs for a entertainment program only 2 months after their debut.

A survival program to pick Nongshim's raccoon product model. The show airing on cable channels KBS DRAMA and KBS JOY, 'I Wish It Were You', had an open audition to pick Nongshim's 'Raccoon' advertising model and the 9 who were picked from this will have a series survival that's processed over a couple of weeks, and will pick the final 1 raccoon girl.

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Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

"Impossible" has become real: Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu to make a comeback in Korea

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TVXQ Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun (hereafter TVXQ trio) established a new group and their comeback in music industry in mid-October is finally official. It’s been 1 year and 2 months since their lawsuit problem with label SM Entertainment. Currently the matter of TVXQ trio is going to have comeback under cooperation with Warner Music Korea has reached final decision.

A specific showcase schedule is being coordinated, also plan to do tour to 10 countries in Asia including South Korea. This album is stressed to focus for activities in entire Asia rather than just South Korea, therefore, it’s expected that there are not many South Korea broadcast activities will happen in the future.

In the album hip-hop star Kanye West and USA AV producer Dark Child (T/N: Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins) were involved, the TVXQ trio returned to finish audio recording in United States in last summer. Members’ self composition songs are also planned to be recorded in this album."
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Source: OSEN
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SOOO.... It's the "worldwide" album, FINALLY.