September 5th, 2010

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More on Cray Cray Netizens VS Tablo

Korean Internet users refuse to let go of their doubts about Korean hip-hop singer Tablo’s academic degrees, even after over half a year has passed since questions were raised and the singer has produced proof of his achievements and his former classmates rallied around him.

The situation has only gotten worse after Tablo and netizens have recently opted to take legal action; Tablo filed a lawsuit in mid-August against 22 netizens for defamation while members of two Internet clubs filed charges against the singer, of which one was made yesterday, for illegal fabrication of certifications.

Both cases are under the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office, but both are progressing slowly and prosecutor and police sources are complaining that the cases are like “bombshells that won’t produce results but will be criticized.’”

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Source: Christine Kim & Song Ji-hye @ JoongAng Daily
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SHINee’s Jonghyun: ‘The #1 member who you do not wish to introduce to your younger sister’

On September 4th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, one of their reporters got to do a street interview with the boys of SHINee.

They discussed a variety of things, including Key accepting the fact that Wang Biho had his hairstyle before him, but denying that he plagiarized.

The interview also contained some eye-candy, as Jonghyun revealed his built body after confessing, “I exercised a lot. I built back muscle.”

The members also had some semi-serious discussions as they revealed their true feelings about each other. Regarding which member is the most handsome, all the members, except Taemin (who picked himself), pointed towards Minho.

The discussion continued with the question, “#1 member who you do not wish to introduce to, if you had a younger sister” in which all the members picked Jonghyun. Jonghyun, taken back by this, asked “Why?” to which Key answered, “I just get this ‘feeling’,” while Minho added, “For some reason, if it’s about your precious younger sister, Jonghyun does not seem to attract me.”

Meanwhile, the interview also included leader Onew flaunting, “Because our group has an odd number of members, I always get a hotel room to myself, when our group travels to foreign countries,” while Minho revealed that he feels sorry for Taemin who could not watch a movie alongside the SHINee members due to his age.

Source: akp

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MBLAQ members are being treated as fools

With MBLAQ currently participating on an Mnet reality program titled, Kim Suro’s Prestigious University Class, the members have confessed their feelings of hardships regarding the views around them, as they all study in an effort to become accepted at the highly regarded Seoul University.

On the 4th, member Mir spoke for the first time since the show began, revealing his disappointments and mental hardships, “The students that were accepted by Seoul University study hard, as if 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for them. They think that we’re going to be able to get in so easily, so they look at us in a bad light, which we completely understand.”

He went on to confess, “The MBLAQ members are also under a lot of stress and pressure since we have to get into one of the greatest universities ever. It’s hard for us.”

One student at Seoul University that appeared on the episode, also revealed that the MBLAQ members are being treated as if they are ‘fools.’

Netizens left comments such as, “The students that are aiming for Seoul University must study until their brains explode. What about those students? These types of TV programs need to be gotten rid of,” “It’s hard enough for the students that practically lived in high school to get into Seoul University, why would the show even aim for that school with MBLAQ? They should change it to something easier and more realistic, like MBLAQ studying for a city college,” and “They should quit the show if they’re getting in the way of the students. Not just Seoul University students, but in the way of any one that is truly there to learn.”

source ~ allkpop

BEAST's Yang Yoseob shows off a perfect live at the 'Hallyu Concert' despite his surgery

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob showed off a pro mentality.

On MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ that was broadcasted on the 4th, the cuts from the ‘2010 Incheon Hallyu Concert’ that occurred on the 29th of August in Incheon Moonhak Worldcup Stadium was displayed. On that day, Yang Yoseob had gone on stage and had sung ‘Special’ and ‘Shock’ live and won a round of applause from the fans with his safe vocal ranges. However attentions turn toward him once again after that it had been revealed that Yang Yoseob was not in his regular condition. He had gone on the stage even though he wasn’t perfectly recovered from the surgery he had taken to remove the infection in his nose.

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CREDITS: Sports Joseon (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS), xiaoyunification@youtube

Netizens uncover an actress with a bad attitude

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The netizen squad has done it again, and this time they’ve discovered a celebrity that did charity work overseas with a rotten attitude.

On the 5th, Chosun Journal released a special article titled “he Lights and Shadows of Celebrity Charity Wor and reported that a female actress named ‘A’ went on a 5-night, 6-day relief effort overseas in central Asia earlier this year by suggestion of a magazine company.

She flew in on business class and stayed inside a hotel upon arrival, only going out to visit the poverty-stricken children when cameras were rolling. An associate of someone at the scene revealed, “A-ssi brought her manager, stylist, as well as makeup and hair artists, who also arrived on business seats. She refused to come out of her hotel and ate only food that she brought from Korea, separate from everyone else. On the last day, her manager came down and asked us to find sashimi sushi for her.”

One of the scheduled plans was to create a meal for the children herself. Unfortunately, she cut her finger in the middle of cooking, forcing her stylists to step forward and heat up instant rice packages. They ended up feeding the children instant rice with curry on top.

‘A’ also smoked around the kids frequently. “Someone at the scene had to ask her to smoke elsewhere, that’s how bad it got. I think that she mistook the charity work for some kind of fashion photoshoot.”

The actress soon returned home to Korea and the segment was released the next month in the magazine with her statement, “I shared the pain of the children as we fed each other.” Pictures of ‘A’ caressing the children were on the next page.

Netizens immediately set out to find the name of the actress in question by searching key phrases and criticizing the journal for not releasing the actress’s name. The keys that the netizens used to unlock the mystery were the time frame, the schedule, the fact that she has an upcoming drama, and a photoshoot by a famous photographer named B.

Netizens quickly narrowed it down to one actress that released a photo spread in a famous fashion magazine of her charity work in central Asia earlier this year. The actress in question? Netizens believe that she is Lee Mi Yeon, of ‘Addicted‘ fame.

The netizens have proven once again that nothing can be hidden from them. They concluded the search by expressing their disappointment with Lee in ruining the heartfelt images of charity work that other stars worked so hard to build up.

source: Chosun, Newsen, Osen
v.i.a: allkpop

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4Minute's official fanclub colour is no longer pearl purple

We have announced that 4Minute's official colour will be Pearl Purple. Recently, SES fans, due to the clash in colour with their very own SES fanclub colour, had a discussion with Cube. In fear of arousing troubles after seeing pearl purple on use on broadcast, Cube has decided to change the official fan colour.

The new colour will supposedly bring about 4Minute's unique tagline "best boda only" which refers to 4Minute being the "only" instead of "best"

The new colour will be announced before the Gyeongju Hanryu Dream Festival (12th September).

Sources: Fancafe + Baidu
Traslation + reporting:
v.ia: dkpopnews
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Jiyeon's Oppa Wants HyoMin

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T-ara's Jiyeon talked about her twin-like older brother.
On the upcoming broadcast shown on the 4th, during SBS 'HahaMongShow''s corner 'Umma is asking', T-ara's dorm was revealed. They had also went to Kangreung as a vacation with Haha and MC Mong, where the T-ara members had an enjoyable time reading the letters of their close family members' requests.

Jiyeon received a request letter from her older brother, then revealing "Oppa keeps asking me to introduce him to Hyomin unni", causing Hyomin to show an awkward smile to the sudden confession.

The members mentioned "Jiyeonnie has video calls with her brother over 10 times a day" to which Haha jokingly commented "He's doing that to get to see Hyomin".

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SMTown Live '10 Concert Photos

I had fairly good seats with a decent camera, so I got some nice shots during the concert. I thought I'd share my photos and my sister's videos with those who couldn't attend... hope you enjoy!

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source : me, my camera, my sister ^_^

The Korean Idols Who Took Over the "City of Angels"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At the LA Staples Center in USA on Sept. 4th, during the SM Town Live World Tour. SNSD, Super Junior, and other SM Entertainment artists are seen here singing their last song, "Light", receiving cheers from the audience.

The 56th song on this night, HOT's "Light", rang throughout the stadium to all the seats in the audience which were all filled even up to the topmost floor. All the members in the audience got up and sang along in Korean to the 43 singers with beautiful harmony on stage. The Korean singers, who were all on the stage of their dreams, cried tears.

This was all at the Staples Center in LA, where the Grammy awards are held. This concert venue was where Michael Jackson's memorial concert was held, and also where Beyonce, Madonna, and other super stars have performed before. On September 4th, K-pop had made history at the very same place.

The SM Town Live World Tour LA concert was held, and BoA, SNSD, Super Junior, Shinee, f(x), Uknow Yunho, and other SM Entertainment singers were in attendance. The fans cheered with all their might during the 4 hours of Korean music.

3 hours before the concert started, fans of many background and colors started to gather. 50% of the tickets for this concert were sold to non-Asian fans, and besides fans from the obvious countries like USA and Canada, there were many fans that came to see from Spain, Denmark, and other countries.

Trevor Phillis(18), who came with SNSD face paint, said, "I learned of Korean singers through Youtube this past May, and SNSD's dances and songs were enough to make my eyes go wide."
Stephanie Innis(20) said, "I came to know about K-pop through a friend, and I'm enjoying and listening to it through the internet."

During the afternoon of the concert date, around 2000 American fans held a voluntary fanmeet at the LA Convention Center near the concert venue. It was a fanmeet that formed by one American fan gathering other Korean music fans on facebook. [they are probably talking about the SM Town fanmeet, not the SSF fanmeet]

This concert of hallyu idol stars in America was being prepared since over a year ago, but it has been a rather easy entry from the beginning. Although tt was being prepared for with half doubt, 15,000 tickets were all sold out within a week this past July. Tickets were on average $120 each, and a total of $1,800,000 was made just from ticket sales. From the confidence from the ticket sales, a total of 250 people, including all the singers and staff, were flown to LA on a chartered plane. It was the first time Korean singers were every flown to America on a chartered plane for a performance. .

Each group showed off their hit songs and dances, solo performances, and drama OSTs. Jessica and Krystal, and few others went beyond their group performances and did a duet piece.

There was nothing different about the enthusiastic atmosphere in this place than the concerts in Asia. The fans dressed in colors to support SNSD or Super Junior or others, and waved balloons and light sticks. The long concert came to a close when fans' cheers were loud enough to make people to go deaf.

Idols, who have represented the Korean music industry for the past 10 or so years, are finally ready to stand on international stages. The concert was able to run smoothly thanks to members of f(x) who are able to communicate in Mandarin and English, and other members in each of the groups that are able to speak foreign languages.

Source: mk news
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Brian Joo to join the list of celebrity CEOs

Brian Joo will be next on the list of celebrity CEOs because he will be launching his own fashion shopping mall (

According to Jellyfish Entertainment, they stated:

Brian will be opening his male clothing shopping mall on the 6th. His fans have already begun to search for the site once they heard the news about his online shopping mall.

Brian has been absent from the kpop scene for quite some time now, and he plans on releasing his 3rd solo album soon – yay!

source; allkpop
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F.cuz to release their 3rd single + other F.cuz news

 F.CUZ are releasing their 3rd single in October which will be followed by a mini album in November!

They held a showcase yesterday at Roppongi in Tokyo, have some pics;

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source: yonhapnews
translation: me

Jinon and Yejun also updated their blogs on the Japanese official homepage.

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source: (you have to be a member at the site to access the blogs)
translation: me

LeeU posted pics of when they went out after the showcase to eat/drink with SuG'S Takeru after the event.

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source: LeeU's Twitter

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2NE1’s upcoming album ‘TO ANYONE’ ranks #5 & #12 on HMV Japan!

2NE1’s upcoming album ‘TO ANYONE’ ranks #5 & #12 on HMV Japan!

According to HMV Japan’s online ranking, 2NE1’s upcoming album ranked #5 in the Daily Chart & #12 on the Weekly Chart for total amount of sales (pre-orders). The album is yet to be released and they’re already in the Top Charts. What amazes me the most is…2NE1 has’nt even officially had their debut in Japan.

Let’s just hope they don’t cancel their orders ^^ other than that I am happy & proud.

2NE1 first full album, “TO ANYONE” is set to drop by September 9th in Korea.

Source: HMV Online (Japan)


*NOTE: HMV Japan is an entertainment retail chain founded by the british global company, HMV Group but was sold to DSM Investment Catorce in 2007. HMV operates 62 stores in Japan.

Jin Hye Won vs. Goo Hara, "sexy vs. innocent," which is more attractive?

To be debuted as 'Little Goo Hara,' and receive that kind of attention is considered customary pre-debut. In recent time, tens and hundreds of articles about Kara's Goo Hara, and Jin Hye Won, 'Little Goo Hara' has attracted attention.

Jin Hye Won and Goo Hara, lookalikes. For the most part. The overall atmosphere of both of the girls is similar, but upon closer examination it seems they do have distinct looks such as Goo Hara having the "littler" face.

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Source: Nate
Translated by: nathaniel @ Core Clique
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SM Town Live '10 in LA - Yunho/Changmin fancams

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EDIT: Now with Changmin ripping his shirt off! Credit to jasminhd.

Uuugh, too much perfection! I now fully understand why DBSK is so unbelievable after being there to see them in person, so I tried finding the best fancams possible to share with you, Omona. Also, these fancams are actually real mild when it comes to the crowd - you can't hear it that well, but they were screaming like the apocalypse was coming, and HoMin were the ethereal gods that were gonna save ALL of us. (saw a few Cassies in Floor 1 almost faint too.) Also, first post, yay!

source: threefangirls at YT, TheAsianaddicts at YT, OshareStrife at YT, iiperplexedii at YT, jasminjh at YT
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Plan Korea clarifies actress A’s bad attitude

Representatives of International NGO Plan Korea clarified on behalf of actress ‘A,’ Lee Mi Yeon, who is currently under controversy for her bad attitude on a children’s rights campaign in Nepal last January.

On the 5th, Chosun Journal released an article titled “The Lights and Shadows of Celebrity Charity Work,” detailing an actress with irresponsible actions such as asking for sushi and bathing in mineral water while working with charity.

Park Jaehong, department head of Plan Korea, spoke in an interview with Star News and angrily expressed, “I think it’s easy for everyone to completely kill the career of one person like this. If such claims actually happened, I don’t think even I would have stayed calm about it.” Park Jaehong accompanied the actress on her 4 night 5 day stay.

According to Park, she arrived at Nepal on the 18th of January with her stylist and managers along with three staff members of a fashion magazine. “She arrived on Monday at the capital, Kathmandu, and moved to Sun sari. She rested for a day and participated in the campaign on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, she returned to Kathmandu and rested a day and returned to Korea Friday morning.”

He went on to point out the difference in her stay, “‘A’ did not go there to do charity work. She was there to shoot a fashion spread with the campaign as its topic. There was no need for ‘A’ to play with the children at all. She visited a rescue location for female children that were sold as dowries and suffered from sexual abuse. ‘A’ decided to join the campaign in order to fight for their rights.”
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source: allkpop

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Jay Park Performance & Interview at 4C The Power Workshop held at the Long Beach Marketplace in Long Beach, CA this past Saturday, Septermber 4, 2010. Jay "Jaybumaom" Park took some time off his busy schedule along with Andrew Baterina of SoReal Cru to teach a workshop on hip hop dancing. These lucky kids were taught by Andrew and Jay Park a performance piece.

Jay Park will also be performing at the ISA "International Secret Agents" concert held by Far East Movement, WongFu Productions and sponsored by JC Penney.

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CREDITS: jayparkislove@tumblr (main pic), PacificRimVideoPress (article text), PacificRimVideoPress (videos), msun922@youtube (videos)

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