September 6th, 2010

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SM Town charms L.A.

K-pop singers, actors and actresses from the SM Entertainment agency in Korea captivated more than 15,000 fans at the “SM Town Live World Tour” concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The blockbuster concert featured some 40 of Korea’s biggest stars, including BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee, Kangta, Ara, Kim Min-jong and Lee Yeon-hee, who showcased 56 numbers.

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Source: Korea Herald
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Goodbye Beast Men, hello Candy Men?

Are choco abs a thing of the past? Probably not, but there does seem to be a new wave of heroes making a comeback, and sweeping the ‘Beast Men’ under the rug.

For a while now, the so-called Beast Men have cropped up and taken center stage, as a reaction against the ‘Flower Pretty Boy’ trend that piqued with dramas like Coffee Prince and made metrosexual pretty boys a pan-Asian phenomenon.

But it looks like the pretty boys are making a comeback, this time in the guise of ‘Candy Men’, as in the cartoon, Candy. To be more specific, they’re being described as ‘Terius Men,’ named for Candy‘s leading male character, the ever-so-pretty boy of flowing locks and perfect complexion.

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Source: Osen, Dramabeans
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

2010.09.04 ‘Star Golden Bell’ FT Island’s Choi Jong Hun, “I’ve received a life-size doll of a female

[ArtsNews Beauty Star journalist Kim Pul Ip]

On KBS2 show, ‘Star Golden Bell Class 1 Grade 1” (MC’s Ji Seok Jin, Jung Da Eun, Shin Jung Hwan, Eun Ji Won, Kim Tae Hyun, Jung Joo Ri), FT Island, who had come back from a successful debut in Japan, shared some interesting laughs.

As they were sharing stories of their activities in Japan, MC Ji Seok Jin threw out the question, “What was the most interesting gift you received from a Japanese fan?”

To this, Jonghun’s shocking confession of, “We’ve gotten a life-size mannequin doll of a female. Though it may have probably been given with good intentions, it was awkward to figure out how to deal with the gift,” brought everyone laughter.

Afterwards, though Hong Ki reacted outrageously flustered to the statement “Now that doll is in Hong Ki’s room,” it was revealed that “Hong Ki once even brushed the doll’s hair,” and Eun Ji Won’s statement “Lend it to Seok Jin hyung!” brought even more laughter to the studio.

Also, Jong Hun and Seung Hyun revealed, “Hong Ki often threatens to blackmail us with videos of us showering,” to which MC Shin Jung Hwan casually joked, “FT Island has a lot of time.”

In addition, pictures of Hong Ki’s “homeless” lifestyle in Japan were shown, and also many other FT Island episodes during their Japanese activities, B2ST’s Yong Hun Hyung identified fellow member Ki Kwang’s most celebrity-like moment, Shin Jung Hwan and Han Ji Woo’s pink-light love mode, comedian Jang Dong Min pointing out actor Bae Yong Jun’s hairstyle’s unfair(?) sparks are all revealed.

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Source: Artsnews + hyunjung61293 @ Silh0uette
Video source: asianpopmusic@youtube
Onkey nylon

Which Hollywood Actor is a K-Pop Fan and Attended SM Town LA?

We all know that SM Town Live in LA was attended by thousands of fans from different parts of United States and even neighboring countries...

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Can "Little Goo Hara" Jin Hye Won really sing?

Co.ed's Jin Hye Won's singing issues recently became a hot issue.

Recently released through an online bulletin were videos of Jin Hye Won singing in the past. In the video she sings alongside a friend. At a young age, she still needs technique training, but doesn't lack a voice, which garnered attention.

The netizen's thought on the videos were that, "she has a good voice, but lacks talent," "I hope she improved while being a trainee."

Core Contents Media released a statement saying, "Co.ed is currently preparing hard for their debut. Originally, co.ed was scheduled to be eight members but we recruited two members along the way. Their debut is a month away, so please express interest in them."

Jin Hye Won is a 15-year old student currently studying dance and who has been dancing for seven years. When Jin Hye Won attended the World Cup game on the 17th of June, she garnered attention and gained the nickname as "Little Goo Hara." She'll debut in a 10-member mixed group with six males and four females which includes SeeYa's Soomi and Miss Cheonhyung 2010. On the 27th, the MV for the title track is scheduled to be previewed in 3D at the Samsung Megabox.

Source: Nate, coreclique@youtube
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique

shes improved so much u go girl!!!
mika telephone

D-NA (The Boss) headed off to Japan under Sony Music


D-NA recently signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment, the biggest record label in Japan and will be heading to Japan on the 23rd.

Representatives of Sony Japan have been watching D-NA closely, and finally made a visit to their agency, Open World Entertainment, for an on-the-spot audition, testing the members’ dancing and singing. They commented, “More so than anything else, we’re extremely satisfied with their singing talent. Especially Jay, he’s a rapper but he’s got exceptional vocal talent as well. We’ll be aiding D-NA’s entrance into Japan’s music market.”

Open World Entertainment stated, “After their audition, the representatives seemed very satisfied. Despite the young ages of the members, they showed off their singing and dancing skills. Their live performance earned them many points. D-NA also has a member fluent in Japanese so we think that everything went well.”

D-NA is currently preparing for their Japanese debut album along with promoting No One, Any One. A Japanese composer has taken over the entire production of their Japanese album and is planning to compose the album of J-pop style songs.

D-NA confessed, “The hardest part is recording in Japanese. It’s difficult to find the right emotions compared to singing in Korean. However, we’re excited being able to sing in another country. We’ll try our hardest to get our name, D-NA, known and to help the Hallyu Wave. There’s about six months of Japanese promotions scheduled but we hope that people will still remember us when we return.

Translations: Allkpop

;______; I'll miss them in Korea but best of luck in Japan (and Singapore!)

Rain wants to be fighter pilot

South Korea's top star Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) was originally called to enlist for military service on 28 September 2010. However, the celebrity has requested to postpone his enlistment to next year (2011).

Rain has also stated his preference in serving in the Air Force during his 2-year service. According to a report on Newsen, Rain has a high chance serving in the Air Force, much like fellow celeb Jo In-sung.

So Rain wants to become a fighter pilot! Rain's reason for postponement is that he is busy shooting his latest drama Fugitive and is also in the midst of pursuing his graduate degree at Dankook University. It is reported that his postponement has been accepted by the MMA (Military Manpower Administration).

source: newsen
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talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Who whore it better: fierce maknae edition

Wonder Girls' Ahn Sohee (right) rocked these crazy pigtails back in May for Wonder Girls' 2 Different Tears comeback, a concept designed by WG's Yoobin and Sohee herself; 2NE1's Gong Minzy (left) worked similar pigtails in 2NE1's recently released comeback teasers. 2NE1 is now under stylist Seo Han Young of viva.H.

So, Omona....

Who whore it better?

Call me M-I-N-Z-Y
Omona! mascot Ahn Sohee

Sources: dkpopnews; WonderfulsWorld

jsyk this was hard as hale for me because I love both of them equally. Sohee wins by a slight hair (harhar get it) though, because I like that her look is a combination of natural and fake hair.
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Super Junior/BoA expresses their love about SM Town '10 in LA

Our favorite boys (sorry, not SHINee) and resident SM HBIC have some pleasant things to say about their time in LA! It's the only twitters I've heard so far regarding how they felt about the concert, so I wanted to share with you, Omona.


This concert comes in best 3 as one of the best concerts in my life...I thought I was going to die from happiness^^ Thanks to SM who allowed me to perform at this great place!! To all those who came, thank u so much!!!^^  

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Omg, please do come baaack~

Hwanhee: "There are no plans for Fly to the Sky activities for 3 years."

Hwanhee (age 28) has received an enthusiastic cheers after his b-boy performance.

Hwanhee has made a comeback with the song '...While Doing' which is a sad ballad and it is a 180 degree turn from his Fly to the Sky style.

The song '...While Doing is about lovers who feel the sad emotion about break-up and the song is set at a medium tempo. The choreography paired with the sad and excitement goes well together. Hwanhee has done breakdancing with his dancers and got the reviews 'The skills of a former idol singer' and 'Singing, Dancing, What can't he do?'. Hwanhee said, "I like to dance. I have been dancing since middle school and wanted to approach the fans with something new."

Hwanhee released his first solo last year and had to stop promotions early due to a vocal cord problem. Hwanhee said, "I rushed the production of the album because I wanted to comeback sooner. Brian who I have been working with for 10 years has been a big support and strength. There is some burden going solo after the duo but I am glad that I get to do the music that I want."

Hwanhee does not have plans to do Fly to the Sky activities for 3 years. He said, "I have made a promise with Brian to do a special project album when we are in a better position."

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Original Source; isplus
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3 years? Reading that hurt more than I thought it would, but I'll wait. And lol at 'We Are Dating'.

KARA re-enters top 10 rankings on Japanese Oricon chart with ‘Mister’

Girlgroup KARA is doing well up Japanese music chart Oricon chart and gaining popularity in Japan.

KARA’s first Japanese single title song ‘Mister’ is ranked #10 on Oricon daily chart on 5th September. It is just 5 days after the song first entered the chart top 10 rankings on 31st August. The girls have been climbing up the chart at a steady rate for about 1 month.

The girls were already given the green lights when they first entered the chart at #5 on the day ‘Mister’ was released which was on the 11th. Even though they had fallen down to the #29 rankings, with the great interests of Korean girlgroups, they have started climbing up the charts again.

Meanwhile, KARA has set a new record as a Korean girlgroup on Oricon charts. They had entered the weekly chart at #5 on the day of their single release as a foreign girlgroup, the last time another foreign girlgroup had entered at top 10 rankings was 30 years ago.

source: kbites

2pm moved to tears by fans!

Following their successful concert, Don’t Stop Can’t Stop, 2PM launched a series of encore concerts for the 4th and the 5th at the Jamshil Sports Arena in Seoul . As the final encore concert began to draw to a close, the group received a surprising gift – a stadium full of fans, singing ‘Thank You’ to express their love and appreciation.

The fans were in complete harmony and almost seemed to pledge their continued support for 2PM. Overcome by their swelling sincerity, the members shed tears, one by one.

Shouting ‘2PM! 2PM!’ at the end of the song, the boys gathered for a final bow.

‘ Thank You’ was written and composed by 2PM for their loyal fanbase, Hottest, to thank them for their encouragement.

Isn’t it sweet, this demonstration of devotion between the artists and their fans?

source: allkpop + HUAYful

So Nyeo Shi Dae with their individualistic airport fashion returning to Korea after SMTown LA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So Nyeo Shi Dae members show off 9 different charms through each of the 9 members’ unique ‘airport fashion’.

So Nyeo Shi Dae ended their SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in L.A. concert performance and had returned to Korea on 6th September at 5.50pm.

Seen in different fashion, the 9 members were in hot pants, jeans, training suit etc. Since it was a long flight home from the States, the girls were seen in their fresh faces and sunglasses on. Seeing this, fans have commented, “Can’t hide their beauty”, “They are individualistic even in their airport fashion” etc.

Meanwhile, following up, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be focusing on their Japanese debut.

source: kbites
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

FT Island, “Fought for Screentime When Hongki’s Captured on Camera”

Group FT Island’s truth talks gained viewers’ attention.

FT Island, who had recently made a comeback with their title song “Love Love Love”, appeared on tvN music show “Newton” and shared their thoughts on the show.

FT Island’s undisclosed stories were revealed in the segment “Newton Secret”. Members’ secrets as well as other interesting episodes from their Japan activities were also revealed in the show.

When asked which member is the most popular in Japan, Hongki answered, “The one who has the most screentime, which is me.” The members revealed their displeasure by saying, “Whenever Hongki is being captured on camera, we tried our best to make ourselves shown too, even if it’s just our feet.”

Minhwan followed by saying, “I can’t even move from where I am, as I’m the drummer”. Everyone laughed.

Jaejin commented on Hongki’s self-confidence by saying, “Hongki-hyung is ranked 3rd in terms of looks in our group. I want 2PM’s Nickhun to join our group so that we can destroy Hongki-hyung’s arrogance.” Everyone laughed again. Hongki also revealed that he would like After School’s Lizzy to join their band.

FT Island also did a powerful stage of their new title song “Love Love Love” on the show.

This episode of tvN Newton will be aired on 6th September, at 7pm.

Source: thestar + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)

lol these boys.
I wonder how they rank themselves. I've always thought they rank either Hongki or Jonghun 1st

2AM's Jokwon Duet Challenge

Jo Kwon of 2AM is singing a duet song again.

On a video clip on portal site Daum, Jo Kwon said he has recorded a duet song. Jo Kwon remarked, “I am honored to sing a duet. I wanted to ask her first, but I am even happier that she offered to participate in the album.” The name of his duet partner was beeped out when he mentioned it, and it provoked fans’ curiosity.

A concerned person of his agency said, “Jo Kwon’s interview clip is a part of the ‘Mystery UCC’ event of guessing the name of this ‘woman’, who is about to make a comeback during September. The interview clips of nine domestic and foreign stars including Baek Ji-young, Miss A, Jin-woon of 2AM, Kim Tae-woo and Leehom Wang will be unveiled one after another.”

source: sportsworldi, LOVEISBEG @ yt

D-NA’s Garam a K-1 fighter?

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, Garam of boy group D-NA revealed that he has experience with MMA (mixed martial arts), or better known in Korea as K-1.

In his interview, he said, “Honestly, I’ve done K-1 for about 6 months. I really enjoy sports.”

When asked about his skill level, he stated, “I’m not that experienced and am not on the level of even an amateur. It took 3 months to master the form, and it took another 3 months to perfect a punch.”

With looks compared to T-ara’s Boram and DBSK’s Jaejoong, he’s considered as one of the pretty idols – it is almost unbelievable that he has such a masculine side to him. In the same interview, he states that even though he may look pretty, his personality is really manly and he’s been active in sports all his life, even playing on the soccer team during school.

With that said, we can guess that the saying ‘looks can be deceiving’ is really true!

source: akp

get it hyunch.

Moon Ji Eun's New Mini Album + MV

Sexy singer, Moon Ji Eun, will be making a comeback with a new single album set to release on the 7th. This will be her first comeback in 2 years and 4 months and she is said to be working with producer Bang Shi Hyuk.

When Moon Ji Eun debuted in 2008 with her album, “Vivid,” she received the song “I Don’t Know,” as a gift from Bang Shi Hyuk. Moon Ji Eun says that she’s been studying music techniques and know-hows, to sing with emotion, through the help of Bang Shi Hyuk.

The title track for her comeback went through a strenuous ten rounds of recordings in order to perfect it. And although Moon Ji Eun teared up during the process, she and Bang Shi Hyuk couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy after hearing the final product.

A representative of her agency revealed, “We’re anticipating a lot of things with her comeback since she’s working with hitmaker Bang Shi Hyuk. During her Fox promotions, she received the support of Eun Jiwon’s featuring but having Bang Shi Hyuk as her producer this time gives us a sense of reassurance.”

The teaser for her new title track is set to be released on the 6th.

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Sources:, KyuleeKPOPMV on Youtube, sweety555288 on Youtube

FT Island ‘Love Love Love’ up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart just 1 week into comeback

FT Island is up #1 on music site Monkey3 weekly chart just 1 week into their comeback.

Their comeback song ‘Love Love Love’ is up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 1st week of September (30th August~5th September). At #2 is SISTAR with the song ‘Shady Girl’ which has been climbing steadily up the top 10 rankings since it first entered the charts.

And at #3 is WheeSung with the song ‘I Even Thought of Marriage’ which jumped from #20 to #3 for this week.

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source: sookyeong

Se7en to promote ‘I’m Going Crazy’ after ‘Digital Bounce’

Singer Se7en will be promoting another song after ‘Digital Bounce’.

Se7en revealed through his Twitter on 5th SEptember, “SBS Inkigayo in a while!! This is the last broadcast for Digital Bounce~ I hope many will watch it!! I will rest for a week next week and after that I will be promoting a followup hit, and I hope everyone will look forward to that!!”

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source: sookyeong + jenningyou@YT