September 7th, 2010

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Let me hear you say; Bow Wow Wow♪ Dalmatian gets their own reality show!

MNET Dalmatian’s Manager Goes on Strike is Dalmatian’s own reality show and will first broadcast on Sept 7th, 7PM KST. It will more or less follow the members’ journey of self-promoting their group without the help of a manager.
[omitted, basically "debuted 1 month ago, promoting "Round 1".]
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source: fuckyeahdalmatian @ tumblr

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They got their own reality~ So happy rn♪
you think

Sori reveals comeback MV teaser and album jackets

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Sori, who released her second mini-album in June, will be making a comeback with the album ‘Black Sun‘ on September 8th.

Through her official cafe, Sori released a MV teaser along with various album jackets. Sori’s management company, JS Prime Entertainment, revealed, ‘Sori’s last album, Hero, was the preparation for this new album. It has more of a hip-hop feel. Please anticipate her sexy and charismatic image.”

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Rain a no-show on press conference in Manila

Korean pop superstar Jung Ji-Hoon—known simply to music fans as Rain—failed to show up at his own press conference this afternoon, September 6, at the Manila Hotel in Manila.

The press engagement was originally called at 2 p.m., only to be canceled at the last minute by the organizers. A representative from Rain's management team later told the invited members of the press and guests that a "miscommunication" had transpired between them and the Philippine promoters concerning the date of the press conference.

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Source:  Philippine Entertainment Portal

Judging the haters whining, "Why is the concert promoted on TV5 and not ABS-CBN."  Like duh, TV5 brought Rain in Manila.

Park Bom's picture wrongly used

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s News Today, 2NE1’s Park Bom’s picture was wrongly presented as a photo of singer Dia.

During the broadcast, Dia’s new album was being introduced when the display image changed to a picture of Park Bom instead of Dia. MBC has revealed that it wasn’t a mistake but a simple misunderstanding.

This is not the first time Dia has been connected to Park Bom. Earlier in the year, fans have compared Dia’s looks and powerful vocals to Park Bom.

On the other hand, 2NE1 will be dropping their new album soon. Will there be further comparisons between Dia and Park Bom?

source ~ allkpop

dia >>>>>>

Dasom's high school photos revealed

’s Dasom recently had her graduation photo revealed online, and it has been garnering a lot of attention.

In the photo, she looks a little different than now with her bangs and smaller eyes. Netizens were envious of the fact that she keeps getting prettier and prettier.

These days, she is sporting platinum blonde hair so you can’t really recognize her from the past photos, but she still looks cute.

Netizens wrote,

“She looks different but cute.”
“I’m jealous that she keeps getting prettier.”

Does she look better now?

source ~ akp

adorable fierce diva is adorable, blonde or otherwise
____ JOO♥

4minute's SoHyun and Kara's Seungyeon compete in Japanese!

Which girl group between 4minute and Kara has the stronger Japanese speaker?

4minute's SoHyun and Kara's Seungyeon interacted in Japanese on the latest episode of MBC's Flower Bouquet (9/5). Kara, who recently enjoyed success in Japan, and 4minute, who earlier made their debut there met on the show, and the MCs of Flower Bouquet pitted the girls against each other in a Japanese battle.

4minute's strongest Japanese speaker, SoHyun, and Kara's Seungyeon held a dialogue. SoHyun asked "How are you?" among other simple phrases, but was unable to continue the conversation when asked "How are your Japanese activities for you?"

The episode featured a strong competition between the groups, who are very hot rivals. HyunA and Goo Hara competed in a vigorous cockfighting game, while Jiyoon won against Kara's Jiyoung while testing their leg strength. JiHyun also competed against a Kara member named Gyuri and won in a competition of looks.

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4minutes Forum
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Sunye & Ye Eun talk to Verve Girl

Sun and Yenny from the Wonder Girls talk to Vervegirl about their music, fans, and plans for the future!

The Wonder Girls are a South Korean pop group that have recently earned their first song on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart!

They have recently toured with the Jonas brothers and have had the chance to meet hundreds of their fans. During their North American tour, Canadian dates were added to the second leg in Toronto, Vancouver, and Mississauga last month.

Sun and Yenny took some time out of their busy schedules to speak to Vervegirl about their music, fans, self-esteem and their future.

VerveGirl: What does it feel like to have this much success at a young age?
Yenny: I feel so grateful for what I’m doing now, and I am so happy for being able to do what I’ve been dreaming of for my entire life. Of course sometimes it becomes so much pressure because of a lot of responsibilities as a role model. I try to accept the fact that there will always be ups and downs in my life and also try to stay strong by believing in myself and to not lose focus.

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Source: VerveGirl

Good interview :') And idk how Ye Eun can be called talentless when she can sing like this...
kikwang hearts

SMTOWN '10 in LA to be released as a 3D movie

The SM TOWN Live ’10 World Tour in L.A. performance is set to show in cinemas as a 3D movie.

The concert, held on September 4th at the L.A. Staples Center, was filmed by PACE which was founded by ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron and specializes in 3D movie production. Not only will the footage be used in promotions for sponsor Samsung Electronics’ 3D display products, it will also be created into a movie and shown in theaters.

A representative of SM stated, “The movie will probably be released in theaters between the end of this year and the beginning of next year. We believe it will be popular, not only in Korea, but also in China and Southeast Asia.”

Girls’ Generation and BoA have already filmed music videos with PACE, but this will be the first time that a Korean concert has been filmed in 3D. The PACE team and Samsung have already worked with hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas in their Manhattan, New York performance in March.

source + original star today

-side eying..JYP, where is my 2PM? TT __ TT
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After witty!Yesung, reappearance of witty!Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun Pushes Fans to Have More Hope

Said like a future leader of the free world, but that’s just Super Junior’s Kyuhyun proving the noticeable observation that most idol maknaes tend to be the serious brooding kinds. Or, it maybe just him goofing around with a fan.

In the evil maknae’s recent UFO posts, he gives deadpan replies to fans’ messages, quote:
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Source: UFOTown (Korea)
translation by: 小果, muffin4kyu@princekyu
Written by:

LOLing at original title (bolded under the picture), I was expecting something entirely different.
onew - behind you

Super Junior's Eunhyuk/Donghae has MORE love for LA

SM Town LA absolutely burned the house down, because Eunhyuk and Donghae have MORE things to say about you lovely Americans (edit: concertgoers), complete with photos.

"Ahhhhhhhhh really wish to go to the United States again ㅜ ㅜ"
19:43 KST via Twitter For iPhone

Source: @AllRiseSilver
Chinese Translation: 百度李东海吧&
English Translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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Source: @donghae861015
Chinese Translation: 百度李东海吧&
English Translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

If you love it so much, COME BACK! and lol, Eunhyuk. I miss SM Town so much, Omona ;_;

My future husband and his friend's ratings rise after their flop beginning

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
and Playful Kiss both premiered last week to lower-than-expected ratings. Both were highly anticipated dramas starring idols with big fanbases, so it came as a disappointment when both were dealt low single-digit ratings.

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Via IS Plus, Sports Chosun

Park Bom / G-Dragon, couple red heads "YG Family look-alikes"

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While G-Dragon’s red hair is all the rage, 2NE1′s Park Bom, also a part of the YG Family, is receiving attention with her red hair as well.

A picture of Park Bom in preparation for 2NE1′s comeback with their first full-length album was released by her company. Park Bom showed off her own unique charisma with red hair and smoky makeup that emphasized her strong sexiness.

Park Bom, who successfully lost weight through her ‘lettuce diet,’ had her red hair in an up-style to show off her sharp jawline.

Previously on the 7th, a forum on a portal site released screen captures of G-Dragon with the title, “G-Dragon, who recently changed his style to red head.” The photos were of G-Dragon on a Japanese TV program with the other members of Big Bang.

In the screen captures, G-Dragon, like the fashionista he is, was wearing a sleeveless shirt matched with a pink scarf, and elicited a hot reaction from netizens with his stylish red hair.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will make their comeback through SBS Inkigayo on the 12th. They will release their first full-length album ‘To Anyone’ not only in Korea but abroad through Apple iTunes on the 9th.

Big Bang is also preparing a full-length album with a target release date of this year.

source: nate
trans: seungie
v.i.a: dkpopnews

Shin Jung Hwan detained in the Philippines for gambling debts

Remember Shin Jung Hwan going AWOL for the last three variety program recordings he was supposed to be part of. Well, it turns out that he was detained in the Philippines!

SBS Evening News reported, “Shin Jung Hwan is in detention in the Philippines because of gambling debts. He has been gone for four days without any explanation. After checking with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was revealed that he is residing in a casino hotel in the Philippines.”

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source: allkpop

SM Entertainment to take action against copycat SHINee group in Cambodia

Recently surfacing through YouTube, a video titled ‘KH Stars – Ring Ding Dong‘ has been gaining the interest of netizens.

The video reveals a 5-member Cambodian group performing a song very similar to SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. From the song to the choreography, the Cambodian group is seen trying their best to copy SHINee, but one can notice right away that the quality isn’t as great as the real version.

Netizens have shown their opinions, commenting things such as, “Their group’s name is even ‘Ring Ding Dong’,” “If you’re going to copy, at least do it well” and “In 2009, they copied Wonder Girls. Now it’s SHINee.”

Regarding this issue, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 7th:

We have never received any notice from them asking if they can use the song. This is definitely an illegal action. After confirming the details, we will take appropriate legal action.

Furthermore, SHINee in the past on February of 2010 performed in Cambodia. It was their first time visiting the place, and the country’s reaction was great.

Meanwhile, SHINee recently finished their SM Town’s Live Tour 2010 in L.A, and they returned to Korea on the 6th.

source: allkpop + monoritharun
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Onew using those spicy fingers to tackle the guitar?

Onew Tries a Guitar on For Size

Between promoting a hit album, going round the other end of the world for concerts, and attending to the needs of his dongsaengs, Onew has yet another gig.

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Source: shaziki, via chocolatheia@weareshining
Written by:

Jay, Onew, Dana's pictures/screencaps on k-RoA's twitter
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Expecting "Dubu, you can strum me anytime with those spicy fingers of yours" and/or
"Jay, we can practice together whenever you want" comments.
*cackles... and gets bricked*
the lorde
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'Global Group' SNSD, After America, They'll go for Japan, and China "Go Around All Over the World'


Girls' Generation will be going over to Japan after the U.S.

Girls' Generation will be leaving to Japan on 7th or 8th as soon as possible. It is because of their promotion schedule of their first Japanese Single "Genie", which will be released on 9th.

They are heading to Japan right after returning back from SM Town U.S. performance, which was held on 6th in Staples Center, Los Angeles. In addition to that, they will be leaving to China on this weekend for the concert in China, so basically they are exposing their power of a 'Global Group'. It's a part of the proof that shows the Girls' Generation's popularity spreading all over the Asia and North American continents.

Reactions about the Girls' Generation inside Japan is explosive. On their three showcase of 25th, 22,000 audiences has gathered up and confirmed the popularity of the Girls' Generation inside Japan. Also, even though they haven't officially debuted in Japan, Girls' Generation's DVD was nominated as the first place in Japan Oricon Chart of DVD.

The local Japanese media are broadcasting everyday about Girls' Generation's debuting news, raising up a feeling of expectancy. Also, on the streets of Japan, many advertisements of the album on electronic display and posters of advertising has appeared, catching the attention of people.

Translated By:
cr: Kim Hyungwoo Reporter (,

Brian apologizes for his frozen online shopping mall site

Singer Brian Joo, who recently launched an online male clothes shopping mall (, apologized regarding the site being frozen.

According to “Story Man“, “The online site for male clothing brand ‘Story Man’ suddenly became frozen on the 7th at around 5pm, so many customers and fans had to face inconveniences. We shut out the site for approximately 30 minutes and then successfully restored the site.“ The main cause of the crash was due to overlaps in customer orders for a special grand opening present event.

Brian, who heard of the crash, commented, “Right after launching, I felt sorry for fans who had to face this problem of not being able to access the site. Next time I will supplement in order to make sure the site navigation is easier.” He then continued, “Although the site was frozen, I am very thankful to those who understood the situation with an open mind. I will definitely repay that heart of mind with great style.

Meanwhile, Brian plans to release his third solo album in October. In addition, he is also looking at various scenarios for current dramas in order to transform from singer to actor in the future.

source; allkpop
SNSD: Tiffany

Leeteuk, took the role of the pilot and did the broadcasting in the plane

Super Junior leader Leeteuk has suddenly transformed into a pilot.

Super Junior boarded the plane to LA on the 2nd(September) in the afternoon for the “SMTown Live 2010 world tour”. SM Entertainment has spent near 1billion(korean won) for the aeroplane, to allow SM artistes, together with the staffs to travel to America.

Not long after the plane took off, it was not the pilot who did the broadcasting, instead, it was Leeteuk.

Leeteuk said “I am the official SM representative, Leeteuk” After he has introduced himself, he sounded like a real pilot by thanking everyone for boarding the plane.

After hearing Leeteuk voice, everyone in the plane became more focused when listening to the broadcast. Leeteuk expressed “If everything is done according to what the pilot says, the time spent on the plane will pass by really fast”, “The food will be served soon, there are 2 choices, thus it would be better if you think of what you would like to eat beforehand” and the information were conveyed properly.

Lastly, Leeteuk said “This is Super Junior Leeteuk” and ended his broadcast happily. Leeteuk’s bubbly character and his ability to speak had made the people on the plane smile.

Also, Super Junior has safely arrived in LA on the 3rd(September) in the noon. Super Junior will be attending “SMTown live 2010 world tour” on the 4th September, at 7pm, together with the other SM artistes such as, Kangta, BoA, Yunho, Changmin, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, f(x) etc.

Source: mydaily
Translated by: (via dkp)

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"The Man From Nowhere" to be released in the US in Oct.? + Won Bin's new CFs

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'Man from Nowhere' is a thriller coming to U.S.

[29/08/2010] Actor Won Bin ("Mother," "My Brother" and "Taegukki") stars in a new Korean blockbuster,"The Man from Nowhere,"scheduled for U.S. release in October. He plays ex-special agent Cha Tae-sik, who tries to save a young girl, So-mi, from drug dealers who also trade in human organs.

The traffickers kidnap the girl and her drug-smuggler mother, promising to release them if Tae-sik makes a delivery for them, according to a plot synopsis from film distributor CJ Entertainment.

Source Videos : coolguywb
Source news : WB Thailand , staradvertiser
izjjhqidkjjsqhdikqjdi @ CFs, now hopefully we will announce that this film will be released in Europe :D
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Leeteuk's Proposal to Park Shin Hye, "Let's work as Radio DJs Together"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior member Leeteuk suggested to actress Park Shin Hye that they work as radio DJs together.

Leeteuk and Park Shin Hye appeared alongside Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Min Jung on the recent filming of MBC 'Come to play-Fall special 1st series We have no lover.'

Park Shin revealed that her dream is to become a radio DJ. She commented, "I worked as a DJ temporarily and it was hard. I heard Leeteuk's radio and he's really good. I want to know his know how." Leeteuk who has been a radio DJ for 5 years replied, "if you do it with me, it won't be hard" which made everyone laugh.

Also, when asked about Eunhyuk who is currently working as a DJ with him, Leeteuk said, "it's time for him to quit" which made everyone in the studio burst out laughing.

Park Shin Hye's answer to Leeteuk's couple DJ proposal and her feelings about Leeteuk will be aired on the 6th.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Poor Hyukie is being kicked out LOL. Apparently Teukie doesn't believe in bros first before girls.

"if you do it with me, it won't be hard"
Oh really? Wouldn't that be a major disappointment??
/mind in the gutter
SHINee:Almighty Key

SHINee Key, “Grandmother’s clumsy note showed me that I was a bad grandson,” Tearful Confession.

SHINee member Key (real name Kim Kibum) revealed his deep love for, as well as a fun episode of, his grandmother.

On the 7th Key was a guest on SBS‘s “Strong Heart” and unveiled the story of the times with his grandmother who raised him since he was young.

Key said “My mother was in poor health right after I was born and my father was busy with work so my grandmother raised me,” and showed tears of regret as he added “But I was a disobedient grandson who caused my grandmother much heartache. I even once said ‘I never asked you to raise me, so why did you raise me and suffer.’”

Key, who says he was a rebellious grandchild, confessed that “When I came up to Seoul in order to walk the path of a singer, my grandmother gave me a note and allowance money. As I read the short note saying she loves me, my tears couldn’t stop while I was on the train.”

On this day Key brought his grandmother's note. In clumsy writing the note reads “Grandma loves Kibum.” Key said “I still carry it around with me every day. As she is a source of great strength to me, I will love her all the more,” and delivered his love.

In addition, Key revealed that his grandmother, who is very proud of him, has a hit sense regarding songs.

Key boasted of the sense his grandmother, who is over eighty, possesses as he said “During ‘Juliette’ promotions my grandmother said that the song is difficult and that ‘it is the age of hook songs.’ On top of that she even said that if you want to rise you need songs like Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Son Dambi’s ‘Saturday Night.’

Key added, “During ‘Ring Ding Dong’ grandmother said, ‘Hey, this will work’ and it really did become a big hit. This time I also asked her about ‘Lucifer’ and she said ‘I’lll have to see further’ and gave a cool answer.” He revealed the fact that he talks to her on the phone every day and that for several years his grandmother’s ringback tone has been Hyunyoung’s “Nuna’s Dream,” giving the audience laughter.

Meanwhile on this day Key recorded a video message for his grandmother who raised him. Key said, “Grandma, Kibummie has grown a lot so you don’t have to worry. I work hard and I take good care of my health too. You’re always a source of strength and I love you,” and expressed the warm heart of a grandson.

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Source: Newsen | nhiphupmg @ YouTube
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi


"Girls' Generation Will Not Follow In TVXQ's Footsteps"

"Girls' Generation will not follow in TVXQ's footsteps."

At a press conference in Beverly Hills, L.A., Kim Young Min (40) of SM Entertainment stated that, "Contrary to what is expected, Girls' Generation's future plans in Asia will not focus solely on Japan." He implied that Girls' Generation would take the complete opposite road to carve a place for themselves in Japan from TVXQ, who he pointed out had focused completely on Japanese activities after their debut there and had then become the top of Asia.

He emphasized that, "Girls' Generation's primary goal is to become 'No.1 in Asia', so it is essential that we construct a system for them where their popularity and talents are verified in other Asian countries so that they naturally become popular in Japan. They will not follow the footsteps of TVXQ, who began to focus on gaining awareness in Asia only after their success in Japan."

Source: [munhwa ilbo]
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All of this is translated in the same post in tohosomnia, so I linked all the credits to the same post.

Taeyang to duet with Solar concert guest IU

Taeyang, who is currently preparing for his concert Solar - set for the 25th and 26th of this month - stated in an interview today that IU would be a musical guest at his concert. He stated, “The only concert guest is IU. I invited her as a guest because I always appreciated her sincere approach to music.”

IU, a huge fan of Taeyang, is said to be preparing a special song for the concert, nothing from any of her own albums. She plans to perform live with a guitar, showing a side of herself that she’s unable to reveal regularly during broadcasts. The two are also said to be practicing for a duet. Fans of the two performers are probably curious about the outcome of their practice, as well as exactly how much Taeyang appreciates IU’s “sincere approach to music.”

source: BigBangUpdates
               Hankooki + elliefilet at AKP
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Sweaty trio trying to pull off a concert + I have nothing ~Fail Engrish Mix~ Cut

JYJ Concert Rehearsal + I have nothing Cut from TGL in Dome's DVD



Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Thanks to crazykaiyi for the links

[DVD] JJY - I Have Nothing

Credits: X1ahJunsoo@youtube + 3plus2only5@youtube
Shared by: DBSKnights
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