September 8th, 2010

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Rainbow’s ab dance banned from public broadcast

The “ab dance” from girl group Rainbow has received a warning from broadcast companies for its sexually suggestive nature.

With the promotion of their new title track, “A”, Rainbow has showed off a new “ab dance” along with their performance in which the members slowly lift up their shirts to expose their stomach. Their choreography recently received a warning for its sexual nature from broadcast companies.

Rainbow’s agency spoke with Star News on the 8th and revealed, “We are no longer allowed to show this choreography on broadcasts. We will be making the appropriate changes.”

The banning of Rainbow’s choreography shows the recent stricter standards that are being placed by broadcast companies. Frequent checks and criticisms are being made about girl group outfits and any sexually suggestive material.

Representatives of SBS Inkigayo have been contacting agencies of girl groups and requesting that they limit excessive exposure.

Netizens left comments such as “Why is it okay for boys to rip shirts off? Don’t let male idols wear wife beaters as well then,” “They’ve been broadcast this whole time, why all of a sudden?” and “But that’s the reason I’ve been watching music programs lately...”

talking bout my girl [Sohee]

JYP reveals newcomer rapper San E!

JYP Entertainment has revealed the teaser to upcoming new rapper San E together with San E’s official homepage and Youtube channel on 7th September.

In the teaser video, San E has garnered much anticipation from fans and netizens to be labeled as the ‘Next big thing’ after JYP himself, Rain, WonderGirls, 2AM etc. San E was also featured at the end of the video with an awkward ‘Hwaiting’.

San E gives a different feeling from the usual newcomers. There is great interests regarding this rapper newcomer from JYP Ent and how he will be promoting for his singer activities.

Sources: San E; Sookyeong. bofb1 + JUL7EN + successfulfellow

YAY FINALLY SAN E TIME. This dude is great. Too bad his mainstream debut got pushed back by 2 years but glad it's finally happening, and that he's on the main label too. Ballad singers, idols and now a rapper. JYPE's becoming so well rounded. Now it just needs a trot singer.

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Wonder Girls "wants a chartered plane too"

Girl group WONDERGIRLS is envious of their rival SNSD. On September 4 (Korean time) at the NCsoft AION players' convention in Seattle, WONDERGIRLS agreed to a media interview & shared their thoughts aloud. They yearned to get off like SNSD, & also hoped to perform together with their company's other artistes.

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Source: WGSpectacle + Chinese JoongAng Daily
Credit: qoxie @ soompi (TRANS)

omg i would die for a jyp fam concert

4minute and KARA share their friendship

Representative idol girlgroups KARA and 4Minute show off their close friendship.

The 2 groups were guest appearances on MBC youth variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 5th September. On the show that day, the MCs asked 4Minute if they see KARA as their rivals since recently KARA has also joined the Kpop stars in their debut in the Japanese music scene. 4Minute youngest member SoHyun said, “We even went to eat ddeobboki with KARA. We frequent the ddeobboki village with KARA.”

HyunA also added, “Even though we advanced into the Japanese music scene first, but seeing KARA become famous in the Japanese music scene makes us happt too.”


Meanwhile, on the show, the 2 groups have a little showdown of their Japanese language which they are picking up for their Japanese promotions.


cute... although I don't believe it

2NE1 TV Season 2 Will Return Sept. 14 + Teaser!

On the 7th, in the afternoon, 2NE1’s agency, YG Entertainment reported to Money Today Star News, “The first episode of 2NE1 TV Season 2 will broadcast on September 14th at 6PM.”

YG stated, “Through this show, we are planning to reveal a side of 2NE1 that has not yet been exposed.”, “We believe that this year it will receive hot response equal to the amount of love that they received last year.”

With a total of 10 episodes this time, 2NE1 will meet their fans with a new side of themselves. Last year on 2NE1TV, the hidden characters of the 2NE1 members were showcased. The sense of humour of their company representative, Yang Hyunsuk, in addition to the footage of Teddy and Big Bang backstage were also revealed, and received much love from the public.

In addition, this was extremely rare situation for a cable program, recording viewer ratings of over 3%, and was a huge issue. Subsequently, a lot of interest is building over the viewership ratings for season 2 this time as well.

Translations by GEE @
YGLIFEofficial @ yt

Rain’s FUGITIVE Teaser!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Upcoming KBS2 drama, Domangja aka Fugitive: Plan B, has released an official teaser!

Fugitive stars Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung Jin. As you can see in the teaser below, the drama boasts many international stars that are also set to appear on the highly anticipated drama.

The story is about a large sum of money that has been lost during the Korean War and suddenly reappears after 60 years causing a fugitive chase across Asia. Filming took place in several different countries, including Thailand, Japan, and China.

Based on the preview, we get a glimpse of what we can expect from the drama, a bit of what each character’s roles are, a whole lot of action packed chase scenes and some nice eye candy as well!

Fugitive: Plan B is scheduled to air on the 29th of September after the mega popular drama Baker King / Kim Tak Gu.

Thanks to Queenhy for the tip!

Fugitive: Plan B Teaser:

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:D [insert "I'm so essited gif"]

New ‘gorilla teaser photo’ for JYP newcomer rapper San E revealed!

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The veil to ‘JYP’s new weapon’ rap genius San E has been lifted.

After the teaser video release for San E, who is known by many for his unique rapping and also called by the name of ‘Teacher San’ in the music scene, a gorilla teaser photo was revealed on his official homepage on 8th September.

The photo revealed on featured San E laughing at a gorilla doll wearing a tee with the initials ‘JYP’ printed on it, unaware that Park JinYoung is standing behind watching him. Park JinYoung is known to have the nickname of a ‘sexy gorilla’.

Meanwhile, there has been great interests garnered on his upcoming rap singer since his reveal on 7th September.

source: kbites 

Epik High hit with plagiarism lawsuit!

While still battling accusations against his education, Epik High’s Tablo has been hit with yet another controversy, and this time regarding plagiarism.

On the afternoon of the 6th, a community cafe named We Request the Truth From Tablo (TaJinYo) put up a post titled ‘Plagiarism report to the US Copyright Office’.

The members of the cafe brought up the argument that Epik High’s songs are similar to that of other international artists, accusing the group of plagiarizing. The songs in question are Third Party Barbecue, Alone, One, Still Life, and 36 other songs.  Two music videos were also listed, one being Fly, for a total of 38 different plagiarism accusations.

One of the cafe staff members, Hong2 (rmqwhehls), posted up links to Epik High’s songs along with what he claims are the originals.

The netizens even went as far as to research on how to report plagiarism to the US copyright office, and encouraged other cafe members to do the same. The post already has thousands of replies saying that they’ve followed instructions and have reported Epik High.

TaJinYo currently exceeds 130,000 members, and they are concurrently attempting to show their power through their charges against Tablo for what they claim is a suspicious education history.

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source ~ akp

whoa, tablo wtf?

J-Pop Legend Suzuki Ami supports labelmate BoA at SMTOWN LA

Legendary J-Pop singer, Suzuki Ami, recently attended SMTOWN '10 in Los Angeles to support labelmate BoA.

The sultry singer updated her Ameblo with photos from the event which drew thousands. She wrote, "I have jetlag! But the music here is so good," after returning home after watching the concert in her VIP seat. Suzuki Ami is known to be a big fan of Korean idols, often playing DBSK and Super Junior remixes at her DJ gigs.

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Source: Ami's Ameblo
translation: me

love this girl! last pic is so cute... i totally love her and BoA's friendship btw. 
my one and only goddess

SNSD Aims To Be the Best Fuckin' Five at #5; Prepared to Ditch Four Members to Claim Title


SNSD are storming their way into the Japanese market.

Recently on the 8th, SNSD released their debut single ‘Genie‘ in Japan. On the same day, their debut single placed 5th in the daily Oricon charts, making it in the top five immediately after their debut.

Meanwhile, girl group KARA, who also entered the Japanese market last month on the 11th with their debut single ‘Mister‘, was also ranked 5th place on the daily Oricon charts on the day of release.

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pominit, let the big girls play

credit: allkpop
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MC Mong has "given up" on Dalmatian + his letter to their fans before debut

 News-EN Reporter Lee Uhn Hyuk

As the producer of the new idol group, MC Mong (real name Shin Dong Hyun), has raised a white flag in surrender to the uncontrollable mischievous Dalmatians.

On the 7th, the first airing of M.Net's "Dalmatian's Manager Goes on Strike" will reveal deep meaningful stories about how MC Mong has "given up" on Dalmatian.

MC Mong has provided Dalmatian with an outdoor terrace in addition to their expensively furnished 5-star accommodation, and has even served meat dishes everyday. However, due to Dalmatian's out of control nature, MC Mong decided to harden his heart and gave up the role of being Dalmatian's producer, let alone their manager.

Consisting of 6 members, Dalmtian has recklessly surged forward with their motto "Let's create our own path our own way!", going against all common sense public relations practices, and has plunged into their own method of PR.

As their first mission, they decided to personally hand a flower to AV star, Aoi Sora, who has recently visited Korea, in order to create a topic for discussion. When Aoi Sora arrived at the airport, they bum-rushed her like a human-bomb. They even ended up wrestling aggressively with Aoi Sora's bodyguards who sensed that something was wrong.

This day, Aoi Sora has ignored the disapproval of her bodyguards, and although Dalmatian's aggressive/scary bum-rush surprised her, she has shown interest in Dalmatian by asking "Who is Dalmatian" through her personal Twitter.

09/07, 7pm news.

Lee Uhn Hyuk
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Sources : Aoi Sora's tweetter , Newsen , DALMATIANMF
Source Video : BigBangSHINeeWorld4

I watched some parts of their show and DAMN MC MONG FREAKED ME OUT, he was so angry they were so scared and he did this to Janggeun?  almost made me tear up . Those boys are crazy i swear! love them =), Day Day ftw ^^ You can watch it here w/o subs btw. MC Mong's letter is cute  ^_^

Wonder Girls for ‘EXR Loves PUCCA’

Wonder Girls member Sohee has transformed into the global character, Pucca!

Clothing brand EXR is collaborating with the Pucca franchise to release a new line called ‘EXR Loves PUCCA’. The designs will be colorful with a vintage touch, focusing on customers in their 20’s.

Wonder Girls was recently appointed as models for the collection, and participated in a photoshoot to showcase the articles. The innocent and spunky Sohee took the main role, with the rest of the members supporting for a ‘Funny Love Story’ storyline. The members transformed into gangsters and posed with very comical expressions, showing yet another delightful side of the group.

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Source: allkpop
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North Korean Delegates Gather to Anoint Kim Jong Un His Father's Heir

This undated file picture believed to show North Korean leader's son Kim Jong-Un in the Swiss city of Berne where he attended school for two years. But the secretive North Korean regime has never verified any photos of Kim Jong-Un.

Regional party delegates from all corners of North Korea have completed their travel to Pyongyang on Wednesday and standing by for their landmark political convention to convene anytime soon.
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Source: abcnews

2NE1; Album cover, release changes, broadcast schedule & jealoushatefulhaters crying

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Source: YGLife

[10/09/08] NOTE FROM YG

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Source: YGLife // Translated by GEE @ YGLadies

▶ 2NE1, First Broadcast Schedule

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Source: YGLadies


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Source: Newsen // Translator: GEE & orangie @ YGLadies

the fact they they are promoting 3 songs simultaneously - SBS wants in on being the first to air the live performances of all the songs...

third time lucky?
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Se7en asks Song Baek Kyoung not to quit the entertainment industry

Recently returned singer Se7en is asking Song Baek Kyoung of legendary former Korean hip hop group 1TYM of YG Entertainment to stay in the entertainment business. Se7en twittered, “Baek Kyoung, don’t say you’re going to quit the entertainment industry. Do you know how many people including myself were inspired by 1TYM to become singers when we were young?”

Se7en brought up other 1TYM members as well writing, “Teddy’s rap and Jin Hwan’s awesome dancing, Danny’s sweet vocals, and your… I’m not sure. Sorry! Keke.” Member Teddy is known to have produced many tracks for YG group 2NE1.

Song Baek Kyoung is reported to be opening a Japanese curry restaurant in Seoul.'

Yoseob diagnosed with more illnesses and is the champion of "horse" riding game

BEAST's Yang Yoseob is diagnosed with more illnesses? Everyone is surprised

The lead vocal of BEAST, Yang Yoseob, had been diagnosed with laryngitis, vocal nodules, and reflux esophagitis.

In the recent episode of MBC every1 ‘Idol Maid’, Yang Yoseob and the members had visited the clinic for their skin and throat examinations due to the recommendations maid Shin Bongsun gave.

Before the examination of the throat, Yang Yoseob stated, “I’m worried about the results because my voice doesn’t come out well in the recording for the new album.” He and everyone else were surprised when the results showed that he was diagnosed with laryngitis, vocal nodules, and reflux esophagitis.
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CREDITS: Enternews(SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

Get well soon bb, and keep riding those "horses"