September 9th, 2010


SNSD's first Japanese interview with Nikkei Entertainment Magazine

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Source: Nikkei Entertainment Magazine

I tried bolding the good/important parts, but for the tl;dr crew:

1. SNSD is like a dessert; the ingredients are good by themselves, but together they are gorgeous and flawless.
2. Hyoyeon wants to challenge herself more in dancing.
3. SOOYOUNG IS LEARNING ENGLISH OMG. Also, she wants to perfect her Japanese along with her members.
4. Yoona said that she knew that they don't have good Japanese at the moment, and it's "mortifying" for them because of it.
5. They want to stay in Japan as long as possible.
6. SNSD isn't just a group, they are a ~*family*~ and have been since pre-debut. Power of nine, yo.
7. Seohyun has eight lovely sisters.
8. The girls would like to perform in Tokyo Dome/Osaka Dome one day, and also have a country-wide concert.
9. SNSD is just amazing.
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Wheesung and Jonghyun are BFFs

Wheesung Talking about Jonghyun at Kim Sun Hee Love FM

DJ: Which hoobae do you have a close relationship with?

Wheesung: Jonghyun. SHINee’s Jonghyun. I always have thoughts like “Is…Is this little kid going out with me?”, because we contact each other so often~

DJ: So even between guys, there can also exists friends who nag at each other like this~

Wheesung: Putting the fact he also speaks the same kind of nonsense as well, the point is the age difference between him and me…It’s about 10 years… “Ah~ It’s really strange. I am really…” Thoughts like this! What is this considered, a connection of hearts between guys? I have thoughts like these but between the two of us, we really do have a lot in common in terms of our hobbies and opinions in music. Oh, and he likes to joke around~ At me.

DJ: Oh, really? What does he say~?

Wheesung: Erm… “Hyung, I pray that your voice will crack today~” Ah, it should be “Hyung, I pray that you will go off-tune today~”, things like that. Basically…Just always bringing up the mistakes which I have made in the past…

DJ: That’s cute! Especially since he is a hoobae, to have a hoobae with such a huge age gap get along so playfully with you must feel really good.

Wheesung: I won’t get angry for that. So I…Always joke around like this till wee hours before sleeping..

DJ: Oh~ Feel that you have become younger again?

Wheesung: Yes.

DJ: Because of such a friend.

Wheesung: Indeed.

source: shineeshawols

cannot handle all the cute kljflkfjdksfdl


2NE1 received special gifts from designer Jeremy Scott

It was recently revealed that girl group 2NE1 received presents from famous designer Jeremy Scott.

During an interview between YG Entertainment and MoneyToday, YG revealed, “After the famous Hollywood designer Jeremy Scott heard the news from CL that they were releasing their first full album, he made clothes specifically for 2NE1 as a gift.”

The associate continued, “Out of the clothes that the 2NE1 members wore for the upcoming music video, ‘Can’t Nobody’, maknae Gong Minji wore one of them. Gong Minji’s training gear has already been revealed to the fans, but the rest of the outfits worn by the other members have not been made public. Of course, none of the outfits 2NE1 received from Scott are currently out on the market.”

Jeremy Scott is a famous designer who has received love calls from top artists such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham.

When Scott visited Korea during the first half of the year, he met with 2NE1 for a photo shoot, and they even had dinner together. As a result, he eventually grew to have a liking for the group.

It has also been reported that 2NE1 had meals together with both Scott and Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am during their time in LA around 2 months ago.

The music video for title track ‘Can’t Nobody’, is scheduled for release at 10AM KST.

source: akp

Taeyeon and Leeteuk have the same earrings and iTouch case. They are clearly fucking.

The dating speculations continue to build, as Super Junior’s Leeteuk and SNSD’s Taeyeon were seen sporting matching accessories once again.

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Source: AKP

omg ew, I see Taeyeon and Leeteuk as brother/sister so this is like incest.
Although Taeng looks 10 years old, so maybe Leeteuk likes that.

Korea and Japan start girl group exchange

With Girls’ Generation, 4minute, KARA, and Brown Eyed Girls, Korean girl groups seem to be storming Japan. While Japanese K-pop fans are delighted, there are others who criticize this phenomenon, saying that this influx of translated K-pop tunes in Japan is lowering the quality of the Japanese music market*.

Editor’s Note: Before anybody flips out about this comment, it’s not meant to suggest that Korean pop is of less quality than Japanese pop.  It’s saying that transporting previously released music by simply translating it to Japanese with little to no effort does nothing to further the quality or originality of the music produced. Feel free to predictably fight about whatever below, but not this.  Thanks.

Now though, it looks like it’s also going to be happening the other way around too. Popular Japanese female idol group SKE48 will make its first appearance on the 10th in Korea as guests at the KBS Seoul National Drama Awards 2010, marking the first export of Japanese idols to Korea.

SKE48’s Matsui Rena visited the Embassy of Korea in Japan’s Korean Cultural Center and stated, “We are nervous and excited as this is our first visit and performance in Korea, but we have prepared a lot for this. I’m looking forward to tasting all the different types of kimchi.” She also ambitiously added, “We want to visit Korea often after this and meet a lot of fans through good performances.

Director of the Korean Cultural Center, Kang Ki Hong explained, “Hallyu (The Korean Wave) has come to Japan, and K-pop girl groups are becoming very popular recently, so it is a very meaningful occasion that Japanese girl groups can perform in Korea.” He added, “Rather than a one-sided investment, a balanced unilateral cross-cultural exchange, and cooperation such as this, will close the gap between Korea and Japan.

source ~ akp

can we get perfume over there to show em how it's done?

Playful Kiss will be producing a special Online-edition for the Drama

MBC Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss will be producing a special Online-edition for the drama.

According to Playful Kiss production company Group Eight, they have signed on with video-sharing site Youtube as a form of partnership. This special edition will be produced in the form of a mini-drama with a total of 7 episodes, and will be introduced to not just Korea but international-wide.

In particular for this special edition, it will feature brand new contents that will differ from the current Playful Kiss that is in midst of telecast.

Group Eight personnel has said, "Though it will be the same casts and same basic settings, it will be a different writer and will portray new scenarios", "It's not a re-composition of the drama, it's like a kind of spin-off".

-last paragraph omit, introduction of Playful Kiss-

original source;
translation source; ss501ode@blogspot
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King Of R&B responds to praise from music experts

When I entered Mnet's Standby Room (on the afternoon of September 2), I saw BIGBANG's Taeyang, who just woke up from his nap. Taeyang, who has just finished the recording for Cable Chanel Mnet's "M! Count Down" is waiting for the live show to start. After releasing his first solo mini album in 2008, Taeyang revealed his first album 'SOLAR'.

Taeyang said, "This period is the busiest since BIGBANG's debut (in 2006)". Additional tracks such as 'I'll Be There' are included in his 'SOLAR International Release Album' and it was released on Apple iTunes where it is climbing the R&B charts - number 1 in Canada, number 4 and 5 in Japan and America respectively. On the 25th and 26th, Taeyang is holding his solo concert at the Hall Of Peace, Kyung Hee University, located in Seoul.

From the survey, the 21 music experts from DongA Journal agreed that Taeyang is the number 1 idol from an idol group who will have a succesful solo career. He is also the best dancer as well as vocal singer.

When asked what he thinks about this, Taeyang revealed his trademark eye smile, "I'm a bit embarrassed, but of course I am thankful too. This makes me think that the effort I put into the album, as well as the stage performances, did not go to waste."

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Source: bigbangupdates via DongA Journal
Chinese Translation: losssanctuary @ BBChina
English Translation: J-Lene @
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Halloween at Everland, time for 2PM and SNSD to dress up!

SNSD & 2PM Dress Up For Everland’s Halloween Celebrations!

After shocking us with their first sexy CF for Everland‘s water park, Caribbean Bay, and then goofing off in their Caribbean Bay Summer Splash spread, these idols are back and this time the concept is none other than Halloween!

From September 10 to Halloween (October 31), Everland will be hosting special Happy Halloween and Horror Night events at their theme park in honor of this spooky holiday. And to help advertise this special occasion, 2PM‘s TaecYeon, NichKhun, and ChanSung, and SNSD‘s YoonA, Yuri, and SeoHyun have teamed up once again! In these latest advertisements, the idols put on some classic costumes to show off their true Halloween spirit. Whether they were dressed up as a skeleton, a cat, or a witch, these six idols definitely put us in the Halloween mood! Check out the latest advertisements below!

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Source: SNSDBaidu, tetecaca@soshified, Jerry@wild2day, Everland Official Website via kpoplive
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Um... yeah omona, I think tinypic's having some dumb issues again so you might occasionally see completely random pictures instead of what I initially intended to post (last time I was asked to resize a Jay pic down to 700px in width in the Rock of Ages post - except all the Jay pics were around 600 to start with and under a cut so I was beyond confused).
Try refreshing the post if it happens. Who knows, you might even end up with some pretty hilarious crap.
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『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

Korean rock on Music Bank? Say it ain't so!

3 Member band Galaxy Express will perform on Music Bank coming September 10 100% live.

For all the musicians who appeared on Music Bank, it was difficult to play 100% live due equipment and system problems. That’s why most performers used MR (Music Recorded) and had just to sing. Galaxy Express are the first ones in the last 5~6 years to play 100% live.

Searching for bands that can play well live, Galaxy Express has been discovered. They impressed with their outstanding abilities, and for their high musical level. But the problem was the live, as Galaxy Express’ music wouldn’t come out well using MR. It has been decided that Galaxy Express will record their live performance in a prerecording September 10 in the afternoon.

This week’s concept is ‘Autumn Band Special’ and also features bands like Boo Hwal, Rumble Fish, FT Island, Trax, Shinee etc.

sources: Violet Sweets, galaxy30

Junho twitvids, 10 seconds of lolok2pmisawesome.

At around 2:00 AM this morning, Junho from 2PM tweeted this 10-second video of him and Chansung doing something really awesome and that would be awesomer if the video were longer. Basically, Chansung is shirtless, Junho is doing some cool-ass flip, and he runs into the wall and then gets down on his knees and does something weird. I don't know.

Alternate interpretation provided by peachmacaroons.

Source: Mr. Lee Junho
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TV Guide Japan Magazine Translation; in a rare showing, Kara praises each other

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Korean leading girl group, KARA, who debuted in 2007 and became a new phenomenon with the charming Butt Dance of Mister in 2009, finally debuted in Japan on August 11, 2010.
The full 100% of their loveliness through dance movement and cute songs will surely be conveyed to you through us

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Source: T-Master @ kara-t
Translation: hasomy & Yoo @ karaholic

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the boss ☇ love bingo!

DGNA, holding their first mini-concert on the 11th

Dae Guk Nam Ah, holding their first mini-concert on the 11th…Shinhwa's stage replayed

5-member boy group Dae Guk Nam Ah's fanmeeting and mini-concert will be

held simultaneously this year.

Dae Guk Nam Ah will, on the 11th of this month at 5pm, meet fans at Seoul's Soweol Art Hall in Haengdang-dong.

The arrangement of the mini-concert in this event will include all member's solo stages, duet stages, playing instruments etc., presenting a visage which has not been shown on programs.

Fully supported by military servicemen Shinhwa, Dae Guk Nam Ah is expected to rekindle on stage the image of Shinhwa during the time when they were active.

Dae Guk Nam Ah said "To hold the mini-concert and fanmeeting at the same time, we prepared a wide range of things. Because we prepared a full public performance we hope the fans won't be let down." Expectations have been raised.

Dae Guk Nam Ah debuted in March this year as the nation's youngest boy group.

cr. translations: | source:

we already knew about this but omg ~*~solo stages~*~
all the love inside ceases to exist
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Kwon Soonhwon expresses his admiration for his younger sister, BoA

“Little sister BoA, a dancer like none other since she was young.”

(^ BoA linking arms with her older brother Soonwook at their older brother Soonhwon's wedding back in early May 2009)

The story of 3 siblings strongly united by music.

Singer BoA has made her comeback to the Korean music industry after 5 years. After having debuted at a young age, in the blink of an eye she has become a musician who is in her 10th year, and after taking a venture with an extreme transformation she has once again lived up to her fans’ expectations and is receiving passionate love. In particular, this album is drawing more attention with the participation of her older brothers, pianist Kwon Soonhwon and music video director Kwon Soonwook. I am curious about the 3 siblings, who are each spreading music appreciation in their individual paths.

Little sister BoA of whom he’s proud, was a dancer like none other since she was young. He has two younger siblings. Music video director Kwon Soonwook (30) and BoA. They are for certain living through music. In particular, BoA has now become a top star who has moved beyond Asia and is garnering worldwide attention. Older brother Kwon Soonhwon is incredibly proud and boastful of that little sister.

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Important parts bolded for the tl;dr crowd, but in general a must-read for anyone who wants to know a lot more about her. And lol it's clarified now that Soonwook wasn't rejected by SME when they took BoA instead 12 years ago during the audition. #alittletoolate.

original article: 레이디경향 ( + uriboa
translations: live laugh love @ soompi
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Sunhwa, HyunA and Hong Ki to host Music Core this week

Special guest MCs will continue on Music Core in the absence of permanent ones and it was revealed that Secret’s Sunhwa, 4minute’s HyunA and F.T Island’s Lee Hong Ki will be hosting this week.

Sunhwa expressed ahead of this week’s broadcast, “I’m happy that I’m able to MC with Lee Hong Ki and HyunA. I will fully show all the skills that I’ve polished up until now.”

So stay tuned for the trio on Music Core this Saturday, September 11th.

Source: allkpop

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Park Shi-hoo joins cast of Queen of Reversals

Park Shi-hoo, most recently of SBS’s trendy romance drama Prosecutor Princess, has been added to the cast of Queen of Reversals, which is the second season of MBC’s hit Queen of Housewives. (Although it’s called Season 2, the drama features a completely different story and a mostly-new cast, with the exception of returning star Kim Nam-joo in the lead.)

Queen of Reversals has already signed Jung Jun-ho and Chae Jung-ahn on to join Kim, the former as her love interest and the latter as her rival. Park Shi-hoo completes the main cast in the role of an “indifferent and uninterested” second-generation chaebol. Looks like he shares some traits with Tae-bong of the first series; he works as the department director of the company where the main characters work, and as he works with Kim, he develops into a genuine leader.

The drama will hold its first script reading on the 9th, and is set to premiere on October 18. It’ll follow Dong Yi, which ends at Episode 60 after a ten-episode extension.


The Clothes, Wallpapers, Album, Me2day & Messages from 2NE1 & YG Family


ALBUM & YG Family Cards

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Album Source: NE-People
YG Family Card Source: YGLadies // Cyworld

Messages from 2NE1 & YG Family

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Source: 이정재 @baidu // Translated: orangie @ YGLadies

Well-Dressed Girl Group '2NE1' sporting a Rock-Chic Look

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Source: nate // Translated by orangie @ YGLadies

Daum Interview

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Source: Daum // Translated by GEE & elise @ YGLadies

YG-2NE1 Wallpapers & Pictures

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1980 x 1280 // 1280 x 1024 // 1024 x 768 versions of the wallpapers are available at the source.
I would have liked these Dara & Bom wallpapers as their YGFamily Cards...

Source: YG-2ne1

Dara's Me2day Update:

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Source: 2NE1 me2day // Translated by GEE (Can't Nobody) @ YGLadies

More info on Kangta's upcoming EP

Today SME uploaded the new teaser for Kangta's Chinese EP which will be released digitally on the 13th. Although Kangta is well-known for his soulful ballads, it looks like he's turning to a more electro-pop sound for his new music, at least for the title-track 'Breaka Shaka'.

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Dedicated to H.O.T 1, 2
Additional commentary by me.

Still not sure how I feel about my sexy ballad-singer taking on pop again... but it's Kangta, he's still looking DAMN FINE and I know I'll love it regardless.
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot


Popular idol group 2AM will be holding their first ever solo concert this December, as announced earlier today by producer and promotion agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

A representative from the company stated through a phone interview with 10Asia, “The group will take the stage for their first ever solo concert around late December. The concert will happen around that time and will act as a nationwide tour, however exact dates are yet to be decided.”

The official continued to state that the nationwide tour is expected to end in late February or early March. Their promotional tour in Asia is also currently being planned for next year.

SOURCE: allkpop

Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

Three flawless knights in a shining armour and their Cinderella might appear next May

Located in Toyohashi between March to June, the famous “All In” actress, Song Hye Kyo, will play a major role in Korean drama, “Cinderella”. Hereafter, the exact location will be determined.

To improve the promotion activity that is focused in Hamamatsu Mikkabichou Hotel’s “Hamana Lakeside Plaza”, it has been decided to set the film around Hamana Lake and Toyohashi.

The casting has not been finalised yet, but it is predicted that ex-DBSK member Kim Jae Joong, Jung Yong Hwa, and Kim Hyun Joong will cast in this drama.

The story is about a 30-year-old money-oriented woman who “attacks” the son of a conglomerate that is visiting South Korea.

The location will take place in South Korea from December 2010 to February 2011, then in Japan from March to June 2011. The exact location in Toyohashi has not been determined yet, but it is predicted that they will choose trams and other locations. The broadcast will start on May 2011 in Korea, then in Japan and Asia.

source: kawa-lily2@blog.oricon
translated by: AzureAoi@CodeAzzurro
thanks to: 2kiko@twitter for the tips
re-posted by: omonOona@cnbluestorm +

JYPE Artists Comeback in October

The artists of JYP Entertainment are all set for comebacks in October.

According to an industry representative, 2PM, 2AM, and miss A are set to release new albums within weeks of one another, making many wonder how the competition will unfold.

miss A debuted in July with their title track “Bad Girl Good Girl” ranking high on the charts. They are said to be releasing a new mini-album by the end of September or early October with a more powerful and stylish performance and musical style that will set them apart from other girl groups in the market.

The second week of October also marks the comeback of 2PM, their first in 6 months after releasing “Without You” last April. Although the details of the album have yet to be finalized, the possibilities of it being a mini-album are high.

2AM, the group that took the first half of 2010 by storm with their hit tracks “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die” and “I Did Wrong,” will be coming back on the last week of October with their first official album since their debut in 2007. Bang Shihyuk is currently finalizing their title track.
Industry representatives commented, “It seems like it will be a competition worth watching.”

S: news.sportsseoul.commakp


2NE1: Most anticipated fall comeback (+ 1TYM News)

2NE1 has surfaced as the most anticipated artist to be making a fall comeback.

On music specialty site, Monkey3, a survey was put up with the question 'The artist you're waiting to make a fall comeback in 2010 is?'. Out of a total of 1076 votes, 2NE1 won first place, scoring a total of 336 votes (31%).

Before their comeback performance, their three title songs, 'Go Away', 'Can't Nobody', and 'Clap Your Hands' swept up the positions 1st-3rd on various online music real time charts, including Monkey3.

BEAST placed 2nd place with 155 votes (14%) . With their subsequent hit songs, 'Shock' and 'Mystery', they are a rapidly rising idol group. The lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, received surgery due to rhinitis, and BEAST is scheduled to make a comeback when he is fully recovered.

1TYM's name rose to third place, who will be resuming activities with their 6th album with 155 votes (14%).

Following them, Sung Shikyung took 4th place (131 votes, 12%), Park Hyoshin at 5th (108 votes, 10%), and Yang Donggeun won 6th place (77 votes, 7%).

S: nate

resuming activities with their 6th album
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Flawless & Perfect Nine get 1st on Rekochoku Video Rankings; Best Fucking Five get 2nd


Rekochoku announced their “Video Clip Daily Ranking” and “Incoming Movie Daily Ranking” on September 9th and SNSD’s “GENIE” and KARA’s “Mister” took first and second place respectively.

Beautiful legged girl group SNSD’s Japanese debut single “GENIE”’s CD release was on September 8th and was also distributed on that same day in Video Clips and Incoming Movie. It’s splendid that they achieved 1st place in both categories on their first day of release.

The other one is the 5 member girl group KARA who has created a hot topic with their sexy butt dance. In August they had their Japanese debut and since then have been doing arrival in Japan events as well as performing on Japanese variety programs which has made their popularity increase. “Mister” is ranked 2nd. Even though they debuted around a month ago, they have continuously ranked in the TOP3 for 4 weeks.

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