September 10th, 2010

taking jjang to new heights. [백경]

More San E news!!

San E, long-time underground rapper set to make his mainstream debut with JYP on September 13th, just revealed more info about his upcoming mini-album!

"San E Mini Album 'Everybody Ready?' featuring: JOO, Min of Miss A, Junsu of 2PM, Ye Eun of Wondergirls"

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Source: San E @ Twitter, Khun @ Twitter

ESPECIALLY essited for the Ye Eun collab. Hope it's something along the lines of the Ye Eun and Jaebeom collab a while back.

Wonder Girls attend ‘Concept Korea’ during NYC Fashion Week

The “New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” kicked off today and the Wonder Girls were there to support three Korean designers.

“Concept Korea Interactive Waves 2011″ featured three Korean designers’ collections: Kwak Hyun Joo [PUCCA], Lee Juyong [RESURRECTION], and Lee Jean Youn [LEE JEAN YOUN]. The Wonder Girls sat in the front row and enjoyed their time at the event.

I was there myself, and Yenny took lots of selcas with the members, which she uploaded on Twitter. At the end, all of them went backstage, most likely to meet the designers.

The girls will definitely attend more fashion shows throughout the week so stay tuned for more fabulous outfits.

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source: allkpop

Leader Min looking perfect!!!

Japanese netizen group attacks “Photoshop Generation”

While SNSD is showing signs of remarkable success in Japan with their entrance into the music market, a group of Japanese netizens have recently been showing a bit of hate. These netizens have been attacking the group not only through online posts, but also by protesting broadcast companies that air SNSD as well in an effort to put a stop to the ‘Hallyu Wave’.

Japan’s biggest community site, ‘2CH,’ made a post on the 9th titled “Don’t Be Fooled By the Fabrication of SNSD,” and is currently attracting high notoriety. The post put up various images of SNSD posters along with captions of SNSD on TV, claiming that the ‘beautiful legs’ shown on the posters are nothing but the work of photoshop, and that the legs in the posters are stretched by at least 10 cm.

Another netizen circulated pictures of SNSD that he photoshopped himself, purposely shortening their legs in a rather strange manner.

Other netizens that came across the pictures left comments such as, “The SNSD members were treated with photoshop so their entire image must be a lie.”

However, this was not the end of 2CH’s havoc. They went on to spam pictures comparing past and present photos of SNSD members on various internet portal sites, making claims like, “All of them have had plastic surgery.” They’ve been going above and beyond in order to make sure that their distaste for SNSD is heard.

They have also been making posts declaring a boycott against broadcast companies that air positive segments on SNSD. “We must spread the pictures proving that SNSD is actually ‘Photoshop Generation’ so that they can never come back and empty the wallets of us innocent Japanese.”

Despite the movement of such groups, SNSD’s Japanese debut single album has been taking Japan by storm, ranking first in various music portal sites, mobile sites, movie, and video club sites. “Genie” managed to rank top 5 on Oricon’s daily single chart and even recorded a surprising 80,000 pre-order.

New York Times also released an article on August 29th criticizing such behavior by stating, “The reason such hate is being drawn out is because of Japan’s economic recession and the side effect of their political decline. These netizens are mostly young adults that are low paid and use the internet to release their anger and disappointment in their own lives against foreigners.”

Korean netizens were rather highly amused with such reports, leaving comments such as, “What are they saying? I can’t understand monkey language,” “But you can’t really deny it either,” “So are they envious or what?” and “Looks like SONEs will be crashing 2CH soon.”

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original source: nate
v.i.a: allkpop
micheoga 」

Who whore it better : Fashionista vs. Casual Couple

You know it was coming. So tell me,

Who wore it better?

G-Dragon - cutie adding the pink
Jong - sexy unf in the black vers
Key - always sexy, always diva in the white
None - burn it
I just want the shirt
sources: 1 ; 2

whoo >_> 3rd time's the charm lol

music shows ban revealing clothing, I don't know what to do with my life.

 New regulation of outfits in music programs

It seems as if the Korean music industry has regressed 10 years with music programs introducing restrictions on the outfits of performing singers.

Clothing censorship first began in 2000 with the three major broadcast companies imposing them. Now, 10 years later, the ‘checks’ have returned once more in an effort to reduce the amount of sexually-suggestive clothing and performances that are broadcasted.

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source: my friend who has a bike
allkpop too i guess

Personally, I'm a fan of their bodies, so I can dig the outfits.

And I think my icon is actually relevant! Short shorts are always in, natch.

4Minute have recorded their first cosmetic CF

has been garnering a lot of interests since they started storming their respective net accounts with their selca photos showing off their Pretty Natural and Fresh Faces. This only proves how they could be the BEST choice for Ariul's cosmetic advertisements.

As part of their activities for promoting the cosmetic brand, the beautiful girls of 4Minute had a very interesting photoshoot without their heavy make-up on, but instead, they showed their youthfulness and freshness through wearing simple dresses showing their beautiful and porcelain-like skin from head to toe.

The girls themselves said that they enjoyed and felt privileged on doing the photoshoot and shared their personal thoughts on how they keep their skin beautiful and healthy. Kim HyunA also talked about her recent selcas from Japan that topped net search rankings which shows off her beautiful white skin.

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Source: nguyenmt1401 YT Channel
Reporting + Translating:

lol Ariul's ~blingdew technology~ just makes them look sweaty but whatever, Nam Jihyun looks fine, fresh, fierce, etc.

Infinite's Fanmeeting Sells Out in 8 Minutes

Rookie group Infinite's first fanmeeting sold out in the first 8minutes as soon as the bookings opened.

A spokesperson for Woollim Entertainment stated "Infinite's fanmeeting tickets bookings started at 8pm on the 8th and got sold out in 8minutes"

This upcoming fanmeeting is known to be for their debut anniversary and for the fans who gave them much love and support after the release of their mini album. At this fanmeeting they will be performing all the songs in their album and will be doing special stages of legend groups such as H.O.T, DBSK and others.

Infinite stated "We will let the fans have fun by preparing lots of events. After the fanmeeting we will try really hard so we can have a first solo concert".

Infinite's first fanmeeting will be held on the 19th at 6PM at CGV yongdengpo times square. The MC for this event will be comedian Park Hwisoon.

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Full 10Asia interview with Taeyang (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

A song is the language through which a singer expresses his emotions. Or at least 20 years ago, this was such a natural thing that it was embarrassing to say so. But these days, this is embarrassing in a different sense. Nobody is sincere when it comes to singing these days. When a certain tone of vocals becomes popular, that immediately becomes the trend, and numerous business-related issues will be linked to a single song. Even when the press spoke of 'four-second singer' or 'removing the MR,' the focus of the debate was on how well the singer sings, not what those songs are trying to deliver.

In the midst of that, Taeyang says his songs are his way of speaking his heart. This singer, currently one of the most successful idol singers, convinced the interviewee that singing is the way he delivers his emotions rather than it being his job or something that he likes to do. And it did not come from the fact that he was an idol who wanted to be acknowledged as a musician or an artist. Rather than considering music a noble ideal or something difficult, he regarded it as his way of communicating with the world. So how did he come to accept music as his language? 10Asia spoke to Taeyang who said he found his confidence through his first full-length studio release "Solar."

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S: 10Asia 1, 2, 3

Hyuna reveals funny picture of fellow member Sohyun

revealed a comical photo of the youngest 4minute member, Sohyun, today. She wrote on her personal homepage, “The youngest unconscious at the hair salon.”

The picture showed an amused Hyuna making a peace sign as Sohyun lay asleep with her mouth wide open. It seems Hyuna felt a pinch of guilt for posting the picture for all the internet to see however, as she added “I’m sorry” to her post.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Sohyun must be extremely tired,” and “Sohyun, you look like you’re going to fall over.” It’s actually quite adorable. Don’t you think?

source ~ akp

Onkey nylon

Shinee BTS pictures from H2 (with f(x) & ZLY) and Night Star stuff and etc

H2 behind the scene pictures - CF & photoshoot

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Source: H2 via WRS, weareshining 1 2 3, SHINeeOnewWorld, xxxTouchtheSHinexxx,weareshining

Lol at he way Key's sitting in the H2 CF and urg, Onew's 50:50 hair is dnw.

Sorry about the edit mods but it seems like TINYPIC IS PLAYING TRICKS AGAIN so I apologize to any of you who are getting any disturbing pictures. Keep refreshing, you might get some funny crap... or you might eventually finally get the original pictures. :|

Secret escape their basement dorm

Secret escaped from their basement dormitory and enjoys more personal space now.

The girls appeared on Mnet ‘Beatles’ Code’ aired on 9th September and said on the show, “Finally we get to escape and move out from the dormitory located in the basement.”

They added, “Finally on 21st May, we moved a new house of our dreams. The apartment is on ground level and there is good lighting exposure. Even though there are only 2 rooms, we had bunk beds in the rooms hence giving us more personal space.”

The girls explained that back in their old dormitory, the girls would get into one another’s way since there is limited space. And when they do, comments like “Can you just excuse me?” are common. But now in their new dormitory, having more personal space is an exciting change for them.

source ~ sookyeong

thank god! I guess they'll have to drop the basement-dol moniker now tho

Goddess Yenny's Diary Entry, “It’s Yenny’s September Day! Keke”

It’s Yenny’s September Day! keke | 03 September 2010

Right now we are in Seattle!
The cool thing is that we’ve never had Yenny’s Day written at the same place… Haha ke
I think October’s Yenny Day will be written in the city of another country. Does anyone know where it will be?! keke
I wanted to write as soon as we got off, but I was so tired and slept a little bit…then we had a meeting and ate…
It’s 8:30 PM here~ 11:30 in Korea?
I decided not to receive questions, so I don’t know what to write ke

First, we spent most of this past August in Korea and other areas of Asia!
We went to our Taiwan and China schedule..We spent our time in Korea leisurely ke
I met up with friends and family~ and enjoyed my hobbies ke
As you may all know, lately I’ve been really into baking^^;;
Every time I see malicious comments about my work tears fill my eyesㅠㅠ
But everyone who’s tasted it said that it’s delicious! So I’m very happy Haha kekekeke

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source: Wonderfulsworld
Onkey nylon

Onew Playdb+RoA rehearsal pics, Jjong,Jungmo&FTI in Nassun's twitter, H2 pics with ZLY&f(x)

Onew Impresses PlayDB Reporter
Dubu leader or not, SHINee’s Onew is undeniably talented. He is one of the lead vocalists and a powerful dancer to one of the popular boy groups today, and he is establishing his acting chops in musicals too. It easy to notice, as a PlayDB reporter surely has.

In a Twitter post, the reporter says: “These days idols.. they’re really incredible. Even though the system is like that, this is called the will and spirit that way exceeds others’ expectations! Expectedly, Onew-sshi whom I met in his busy time, surprised me. ^^;”

The young leader surely works hard! Catch Onew with SHINee today as they give another powerful performance of Lucifer in KBS Music Bank.

Source: shiningdream@shineee
Written by: aetria@kpoplive

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Source: via WRS 1 2, k-RoA's twitpic 1 2, Nassun's twitter, WRS, H2 via WRS

Some of those RoA's rehearsal are so unflattering and derpy they're hilarious. And uuurg, his hairstyle in those H2 pics. D: Why, Dubu? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I kinda want him back to his shorter hair. :|

Sorry about the edit mods but it seems like TINYPIC IS PLAYING TRICKS AGAIN so I apologize to any of you who are getting any disturbing pictures. Keep refreshing, you might get some funny crap... or you might eventually finally get the original picture.
____ JOO♥

Goddess JiHyun Received a Love Confession Too!

After a competition between the goddesses of 4Minute and Kara, 4minute's leader Nam Jihyun had to face another surprise encounter with an Idol. But now, she does not need to compete nor try to impress, for on the recent recording of Bouquet, she won the heart of Teen Top's leader and charismatic rapper, popularly known as CAP.

CAP was initially shy and embarrassed with the delivery of his confession, yet he got bravely enough to announce publicly his feelings towards his Jihyun noona. This lead to making everyone in the studio shocked and envious of Jihyun.

Joins News
4minutes Forum

DSP, SME, others in trouble for illegally employing minors

With more and more celebrities debuting at young ages, it has recently been revealed that any company employing a child under the age of 15 must now be issued a document authorizing the employment to make it legal.

According to the National Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications, “There is a Labor Standards Act that forces any company that employs a child younger than 13~15 in their girl group to be issued a document that authorizes the employment but some girl groups are currently promoting without such authorizations.

According to GNP (Grand National Party) spokesperson Ahn Hyung Hwan, f(x)’s Sulli, KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, both born in 1994, and GP Basic’s Hannah, born in 1996, and Janey, born in 1998, all performed on stage without the proper authorizations.

The Labor Standards Act states, “Any one under the age of 15 cannot be employed as a worker unless certain standards are met as set by the president and an authorization document issued by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.”

A representative of the Ministry of Employment and Labor spoke with Newsen on the 10th and stated, “Any job that requires the employment and paying of a person under the age of 15 must be authorized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Should this be violated, they will be met with the appropriate penalties and/or imprisonment.”

According to the Ministry, after the law was enacted in 2007, only three authorizations were given in 2008, 14 in 2009, and only one as of July 2010.

But this applies to not only girl groups but child actors as well. Why is Ahn Hyung Hwan criticizing girl groups only? Ahn Hyung Hwan answered through Newsen and stated, “Despite the law being enacted in 2007, there are not a lot of people that know about it because of the lack of promotions. With sexually suggestive controversies surrounding girl groups these days, we are attempting to bring the issue to spotlight in order to raise the alarm.”

source ~ akp

____ JOO♥

JiYoon Received a Love Confession Too!

4minute's Jiyoon received a surprise proposal from Infinite.

On MBC’s Youth Variety ‘Bouquet’ 4minute>'s Jeon Jiyoon showed off her cute charms which captured Infinite’s leader Sunggyu’s heart who was also present that day.

Whilst singing a soft ballad, Infinite’s leader Sunggyu gave a bouquet to his ideal type Jiyoon which made the whole studio jealous. Jiyoon looked really surprised at Sunggyu’s brave confession as she didn’t think he would come to her. But she showed off her cute charms and showed a little bit of her heart too.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nate News

Hey errybody, get ready to FFA, tonight!

Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All (Omona does it like nobody does). This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Friday FFA will be posted at approximately 4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

NEW RULE: Because the spam is preventing some people from taking part in ffa we ask that you post only 1 .gif per comment to cut down on the load time of each page and spread everything out a bit more. Thank you.

-ps: inside of collapsed threads it's ok to post more than one. So feel free.

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Have a Charming Friday Free For All
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KSW's management agency ruled to compensate W350 mil

The management agency of top star Kwon Sang-woo, 34, has been ordered to compensate for damage it generated due to failure in publishing photo albums as contracted.

The Seoul Central District Court Friday ruled in favor of ContentsLab and ordered Kwon’s agency Goldensome to pay 350 million won* to the plaintiff.

“Kwon’s management agency failed to pay the total amount equivalent to spending on production of photo albums as it published a smaller number of copies than the contract,” the ruling panel said. “As a result, the defendant should pay the remainder of the spending.”

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Source: The Korea Times

*W350,000,000 is about $300,290
Onkey nylon

Sung Si Kyung aka the Prince of Ballad, is back

Singer Sung ShiKyung’s First Performance After Military Discharge
Ballad singer Sung ShiKyung has made his first comeback after returning from his 2-year mandatory military service earlier this year. Appearing on MBC‘s Bae ChulSoo’s Music Camp, the singer was able to showcase his unforgettable talent once again.

Many missed Sung ShiKyung’s voice after he began his military service in 2008. The ballad singer was able to release Volume 6 before leaving to complete his service. Although there’s no official news of a comeback planned for him, Sung ShiKyung was still delighted to be able to sing once again.

After making a careful decision to appear on the radio show, the singer shared, “I’m really happy to be promoting my comeback through Bae ChulSoo’s Music Camp. This place is comfortable to talk openly and sing. Also I’m a fan of Bae ChulSoo, and maybe it’s because I had been a MBC Radio DJ but this place is comfortable for me.”

Check out Sung ShiKyung’s powerful Break Up One More Time music video:
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Source: Baek
Translated by Julez@kpoplive
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive
Video: aca6nisa

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Source: koreapop9

HE WAS RELEASED IN MAY. HOW THE FUCK DID I NOT KNOW THIS? I totally fell in love with him when I got into k-pop and was heartbroken to find out that he was in the army at that time. :_:
For you Kyu!fans, he's one of Kyuhyun's favorite singers. He's also imitated SSK often with his singing and the famous "sleep well~" quote that SSK always ended his nighttime radio show with (I think the two of them have quite similar voices).

Sorry about the edit mods but it seems like TINYPIC IS PLAYING TRICKS AGAIN so I apologize to any of you who are getting any disturbing pictures. Keep refreshing, you might get some funny crap... or you might eventually finally get the original picture. :|Changed host for now.
Nicole - Wet

Heroes' Nicole and Lee Jin ... will adapt like Lee Seung-gi?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Heroes have been aired for about 2 months now, the ratings were a mix of highs and lows, even amongst the 12 members have been slowly replaced.

Na SaeYoon, Yoo Inna, and Seo InYeong are amongst the members that first joined as casts and played center roles. With being a bit weak in Korean, Nicole who has not been on entertainment show for awhile including Lee Jin have found difficulty to adapt the show as well.

However, ‘Heroes’ PD Park Song Hun had a different view. He (PD) thinks it was hard to see the soft, tender, and gentle characters that these people have shown throughout the first part of the episodes. Park PD said, “Nicole appeared to be a pure innocent look and Lee Jin is very well prepared for the juniors, I think, rather than trying to be comedic (funny), showing these kind of heart-melting characters are more important.” Nicole’s Korean may not be very good and not quite suitable for variety show but that can be of interest for the episode as well. Just like Lee Seungi on ‘2 Days 1 Night’ he appeared to be ordinary during earlier stage of the show but he grew upon it after wards and both Nicole & Lee Jin appeared to be like this kind of character.

Park PD said, “At this sensitive moment, seems like it (the show) will undergo some changes.” ‘Heroes’ aimed to give a glimpse of the popularity of women artists, this was set as the early concept of Heroes, we are preparing for a new one (concept) for the long run.

Source: SPN
Translated by: aank1 @ Karaholic

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I think this show is the closest thing to Family Outing rn <3
라이언〖 獅 〗
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Apparent heir to North Korea leader Kim hard to picture

What Kim Jong Eun looks like is one of many mysteries. Even by the standards of the aptly named Hermit Kingdom, the youngest Kim is a cipher, a figure so intangible that he sometimes seems a phantom.
By Barbara Demick

Reporting from Beijing — He's thought to be 27 years old. Or maybe it's 28. He may or may not have gone to school in Switzerland. And although the ruling Korean Workers' Party has been lecturing North Koreans about him in ideological training sessions for more than a year, few dare mention his name in public.

Even as the party convenes, and is expected to elevate the youngest son of 68-year-old Kim Jong Il to the Politburo as a step toward taking over from his father, Kim Jong Eun is so unknown that he probably could walk through the streets of Pyongyang without anyone looking twice. Only one confirmed photograph has been released, in which he appears to be about 12 years old.

That has left the world's news media scrambling for an updated image.

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Source: LA Times

Yesung is mentioned in the list of people wrongly identified as Kim Jong Eun. Sucks for them.
TOP &amp; YB
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FT Island and Wheesung rejoice atop Gaon charts

Korean rock band FT Island and R&B singer Wheesung claimed the No. 1 spot on the charts of Gaon during the first week of September.

The latest single "Love, love, love" by FT Island came in first place, shooting up seven slots from its previous week while knocking down former winner "They Live Well" by 2AM's Changmin and 8eight's Lee Hyun to fifth place.

Entering the top three at No. 2 was the new song "U" by trio 4Men and making an incredible 17-slot jump to third place was "Even Thought of Marriage" by singer Wheesung.

Five-member band FT Island recently returned to the local music with their second mini-album "beautiful journey," featuring the title track "Love, love, love." They celebrated their first Mutizen Award in three years on SBS' Sunday music show "Inkigayo."

On the albums chart, Wheesung's newly released single "RealSlow is Back" maintained the top spot , while the soundtrack for hit TV series Minamishineyo made an enormous 132-spot climb to second place and dropping a notch to No. 3 was FT Island's album "beautiful journey."

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Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3

The Korean Education System and its Consequences for Adults


If you hadn’t noticed already, one theme that crops up again and again in my posts on this blog is how I consider many 20-something Koreans to be much more childish than their Western counterparts. It’s a generalization of course, but I also think that it is objectively true, and so blatantly obvious to anyone that’s been here more than 3 months, that I’m tempted to take it as a given and not explain why I have it at all. However, to those of you who’ve never been to Korea, or even those newbies amongst you that are here, it may sound like a big generalization at best and completely racist at worst, and my little caveat that I don’t consider any of my Korean friends childish probably won’t quite get me off the hook.

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T-ara's "little giant," Boram, and her thoughts on becoming leader

T-ara's new leader, Boram (24) experienced hard times while being made the new leader.

In a recent interview with SPN, "In July, our agency decided to reorganize T-ara and we were all upset over it," Boram said, "but not now. I definitely am looking forward to the changes to take place officially." In July, Core Contents Media said that "the existing six-members of T-ara will be reinforced with a new seven-member image and a new leader will replace Eunjung."

Boram said, "T-ara has only gotten better since our debut and we've had any problems before within the group. I hope that I can keep this up and be as good as a leader as Eunjung. After becoming the leader, I had to take us on as a team and accept and understand everything." Boram said her first thought on being leader was "bad" and "asked them if it was a mistake."

"I have to play the role of the elderly mom and dad to the T-ara members I thought at first, which lowered my motivation, but after preparing to be leader for a month I realized I was natural at being a leader and that the future would be good." After becoming leader, her look has changed as well. During "I Go Crazy Because of You" she weighed 46kg (101lbs) and at the moment she currently is 40kg (88lbs). Since she is only 155cm, it's important to align the balance of her body. She plans to get to 38kg (83lbs) before their comeback.

Boram said, "It's not easy to subtract weight, I should have done it sooner since it's harder than I thought."

T-ara is scheduled for an October comeback with a brand new album tentatively titled, "T-ara". They'll be doing activities with the new member, Ryu Hwayoung as well. Boram said on this, "fans will see quite a different look" and encouraged anticipation.

source: edaily
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ Diadem

Rumour has it their new song is produced by E-TRIBE! Excited :)

2NE1’s promotion expenses for “To Anyone” totals $850,195 ... o.o

It has recently been revealed that YG Entertainment spent $850,195 USD on “To Anyone” album promotions alone, the biggest any singer or group has ever had spent on them in promotion expenses.

A representative of YG Entertainment spoke on the 10th with Osen and stated, “The total production costs for their three music videos is $425,097 USD. Adding up their outfit costs, it comes out to about $595,136 USD. Then once you add bus advertisements, movie advertisements, and other expenses, it totals to $850,195 USD.”

He went on to reveal, “Once you also consider the amount each member gets paid every time they make an appearance, the promotion expenses for this album exceeds $1,275,293 USD. That’s how much effort we spent on their first official album.”

The cost of 2NE1’s first album is similar to the production cost of most movies, and the sheer total is definitely a risk with the current recession in the Korean music market. Not only that, but attempting to succeed with a triple title is not only unconventional, but surprising as well.

Many industry representatives have expressed their concern over such tactics, claiming that it’s hard enough to push artists to success while focusing on just one title track, much less with three. Not only that, but confusion on the music charts is being prognosticated as well, due to the attention being spread out over three song.

YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyunsuk, knows of such concerns, commenting, “I, too, as a music producer, have heard of double titles, but this is the first time I’m hearing of a triple title track attempt. Despite it all, the reason behind our choice is not because we want to be #1, but because we want 2NE1 to show off a bigger variety of music styles.”

Regardless of the concern and skepticism from outsiders, 2NE1 seems to be doing quite well with the tactic thus far, dominating major music charts such as Monkey3, Melon, Mnet, and Cyworld.

Business is a constant game of risk and reward, so you think the risk is too much in these tough times or do you think their innovative tactics will be successful?

Source: Osen

Article Source: AKPoo

2010 Seoul Drama Awards

It’s that time of the year again – last night, successful dramas and respected actors and actresses of 2009-2010 competed for top prizes at the 5th Annual Seoul Drama Awards.

Before we move into award winners, it is almost impossible to ignore the luxurious red carpet photos, where celebrities have their fun showcasing their carefully-chosen dresses and suits in front of the flashing cameras.

There were a vast amount of celebrity attendees, including 2AM, Baek Ji Young, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Hyun Woo, Nam Gyuri, and Oh Ji Eun. However, no one could keep their eyes off of Star Golden Bell’s MC Lee Chae Young, who wore a white, above knee-length halter neck dress which put very strong emphasis on her gorgeous figure. Meanwhile, 2AM arrived neatly synchronized in black and white, and Lee Seung Gi looked sharp with his all-black suit, complemented with a black bow tie.

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Source(s): allkpop tryp93 tumblr sbschadaewoong AFSC5 (All videos will be deleted in 24 hours) 2IIAM rapport2011

I wonder if I can post this to arama and aiya too, because of the international thing. Unless it's already there?

Yoochun's interview with KBS2

'Please take a look~ My forehead has a different colour compare to my face right? This is the medal I received after wearing headgear during shooting.'

He was once a singer being described to have 'milky, elastic skin' and a bright smile, who sang
"I want to be your room and bed one day" (Yoochun's part in HUG), and has captured the hearts of women. However, now he has become a man with sun-kissed tanned skin. His tan is still acceptable, what is unexpected is that he wears a pair of shoes similar to ballet shoes. "I feel more comfortable in them compared to rubber shoes." He wears those shoes in his daily life too. Walking on the street in a pair of skinny jeans and with his hands on the back... This is Micky Yoochun.

Collapse )

Source: Credits: TVXQBaidu + 天下米仓
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSknights
Shared by: DBSKnights

-Yoochun is sad he doesn't have muscles and everyone pokes fun at him
-Both him and his character in the drama are lonely/sensitive/hide their feelings
-SSK may cause people to have *~*special feelings*~*(aka inconvenient feelings)
-He was freaked out about having to act like he ~loved a man~, but after he thought about it, he's totally cool with it
-If he were to have a kiss scene, he'd want it to be a ~morning after~ kiss scene in bed like in 'IRIS' (YES PLZ)
-Jaejoong is an irl troll and pretty much trashed Chun, jokingly ofc
-In the future, Yoochun wants to compose music, gain some muscle, grow a mustache and break from his idol image (AKA try and be more manly)

xxxholic / Moonlight

Son Anna Releases Debut Single

SM Entertainment's newest talent, Son Anna, otherwise known as Anna, unleashed her debut single!

Anna's first single, Just 5 Minutes, consists of two tracks - Just 5 Minutes and I Live Because I Can't Die. While Just 5 Minutes is more of an upbeat and catchy song, I Live Because I Can't Die is a ballad that showcases Anna's powerful voice.

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Source: Kpoplive, 79798282 @ youtube: One, Two.

She has a really pretty voice but I'm confused as to why her debut has been so low-key. Is she under one of SME's subsidiary company's (if they even have any)? ETA: she's not under SME, her new company is Nine Media Group. Thanks to everyone who cleared that up in the comments. :)