September 11th, 2010

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Jang Geun-seok plays another musician in new drama; panties drop

Jang Geun-seok will be returning to television in the KBS miniseries Mary Stayed Out All Night, which is based on a manhwa that was written by the same creator of the Full House manhwa.

Although the character was originally described as the vocalist of a death metal band, now he’s been tweaked to be a free-spirited hippie who’s the lead vocalist of an indie band. His rival in the love triangle is his complete opposite: a perfect type of guy with a good background and prestigious education. For 100 days, Mary will have an “imaginary marriage” (as in simulated) with both guys; the exact circumstances remain unclear but it intrigues me.

Jang Geun-seok said, “Because Mary Stayed Out All Night is about music, I felt more burden in choosing it. I thought that I might be fixing my image with musician roles. [But] I read the synopsis and script and found it so fun that I was strongly drawn to it. In particular, I grew more and more attached to the character of Mu-gyul, who lives a bohemian lifestyle. Living a non-mainstream life, he has pain from his childhood that he tries not to show on the outside, and I found him very human and appealing.”

For the lead role of Mary, rumors popped up recently that Moon Geun-young was considering it, but no decisions have been made. It would be lovely to see her in a romantic comedy, though.

Writing the drama will be Goong and Love & Marriage‘s In Eun-ah, while directing is Hong Seok-gu of last year’s lauded short drama Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook’s Father as well as the inaugural Drama Special episode, Red Candy.

Mary Stayed Out All Night is planning for a November premiere.

Source: osen
Via: dramabeans

lead singer in an indie band aka hipster would be played perfectly by kim jae wook too. prayer circle for kim jae wook to be in a drama soon
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Notice on YG-Life: Can't Nobody M/V Release Date Postponed to the 12th

Hello this is YG Entertainment.

2NE1's music video for 'Can't Nobody' was planned to be released today (the 11th) at 10AM however due to problems with production, we are letting you know that the release date has been changed in emergency to the 12th at 10AM.

In the case of 'Can't Nobody', compared to the two prevoiusly released music videos, preparations and the production period for it took almost twice as long. Although it can be said that it's a piece of work from YG that has had heart and soul poured into it as much as the time put into it, this work is one that requires a lot of editing for the second half of it. As a result, due to the director of the music video, Seo Hyunseung's earnest request, the release date of the music video has inevitably been postponed for one day.
In order to repay the fans for their very energetic support and anticipation, we do believe that it's fundamental to come through at the time that we had originally promised however

Rather than keeping our promise and pushing out an unfinished music video, we are preparing a more perfected appearance to be revealed, and this is a choice we made for 2NE1, who had worked hard to film it, and we are blindly hoping that what the fans want is the latter as well and postponed the release date by one day.

Regardless of the reason, because we could not release it on the promised date, we truly give our apologies, and we will take special care in the future to ensure that this doesn't happen again.
Tomorrow at 10AM, 2NE1's 'Can't Nobody' Music Video will be released, and it will also be their first comeback performance on SBS Inkigayo.

We hope that fans will anticipate it very much, and hope that everyone will watch them.

Thank you.

Translated by GEE @
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[100903-100909] Random Sukira Transcripts & [100906] Leeteuk's Cuts on Come to Play

Sukira Transcripts: 

 *E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

100903 When Eunhyuk grows old

T: Eunhyuk, when you reach your 40s or 50s, will you still be able to play energetically like now?
E: Sure, I'm still able to sing Super Junior's song.
T: What if your children tell you "dad, you're so outdated"?
E: Hey you kids really know nothing about music, this was once a popular song before. Listen carefully, "sorry sorry sorry sorry~"
T: Dad even know how to break dance.
E: And dad even role-played as an animal before.
T: Dad, you danced so good when you were young, but how come you're dancing so worse now?
E: At least I'm still better than you, little fella. (laugh) This is going to be interesting~
T: Are you guys going to fight?
E: Maybe, if he keeps on teasing me, I might fight with my son. Hey fella don't you know that I was once a dancing machine? (laugh)
T: What if your son suddenly tell you that he wants to become a singer like you?
E: You can't be a singer because you can't sing, just like your dad. (laugh)
T: But why still dad become a singer although dad can't sing?
E: Because dad was in a group with many members, so dad could just goof around. (laugh) I must explain to him clearly enough.

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the boss ☇ love bingo!

The BOSS' Jihwan and Co.Ed's Sungmin Dance Battle on Star King

[enchanteDNA] Jay CUT - Poppin' battle - Starking 100911

cr. enchanteDNA Dailymotion

GP Basic's Seungmi (Janey) was there too~ This happened on Daum:

#2 - Jay (Jihwan’s current stage name)
#4 - Janey (GP Basic's Seungmi's current stage name)
#5 - Kiparang (Jihwan’s old stage name)
#9 - Daeguk Nam Ah

This is because of his poppin’ battle on Star King today, and the mini-concert. :) It was Jihwan’s 3rd solo appearance on Star King. (not including the episodes on which he appeared with Hyunchul) He always seems to blow people away. :D

cr. fuckyeahdaeguknamah @ tumblr

Confirmed to be draft dodger. RIP MC Mong's career 1998-2010

Over the past few months, there have been speculations on whether or not singer/rapper MC Mong has been dodging his draft for 7 years by purposely taking out his teeth. As draft-dodging is considered a serious crime in Korea, an investigation was carried out to examine the accusations.

On the 10th, the Seoul Metropolitan police agency stated, “Using three reasons, which were: applying for the grade 7 civil service exam, occupational training, and overseas travels, MC Mong delayed his military enlistment 7 times between the years 1999 and 2006. During the two times he delayed his draft for his civil service exam application, he filmed a movie, released albums and participated in other vigorous activities.”

In regards to whether MC Mong deceitfully dodged his military service, the police responded, “We confirmed the truth behind the removal of his teeth”.

According to the police, when MC Mong received his first physical examination in August 1998, his teeth were reported to be in perfect condition. However back in 2007 when his exemption from military service was made due to the lacking of teeth, he had a total of 12 teeth missing. Although MC Mong is insistent that it was all due to tooth decay, it was confirmed that out of the 12 that were taken out, he purposely took out 4 extra in order to fail his teeth examination.

MC Mong claimed twice in the police investigation, “Because the enlistment/delay is done by my entertainment company I’m not too sure, but my teeth were never in good condition due to tooth decay.” However the police representative stated, “We have no plans to summon MC Mong a second time. He will soon be indicted without physical restraint.”

sauce: allkpoop

BEAST's Yoon Doojoon becomes a butler for actresses

From the MBC Chuseok special variety programs, the program winning the most attention is ‘Actress’ Butler’.

Centering on the topic that “it is hard to live as an actress in Korea” due to the scandals and other problems, it is a program that listens to the problems of the actresses and fulfills their wishes.

Protecting the actresses for 24 hours, the butlers who will appear on the show are Ryu Siwon, Ji Hyunwoo, Ha Sukjin, Jung Hyungdon, Marco, and Yoon Doojoon. Through this Chuseok special, Hyunyoung, Jo Yeojung, Yoon Saeha, Goh Junhee, and Seo Shinhae will be in the care of the butlers. The actresses who spent 1 night and 2 days with the butlers commented, “We can’t be happier than this.” 

The butlers of the actresses will be listening to the problems of the actresses, making them smile, playing music for them, and preparing a nice meal for them and more in the Fox House Estate for 1 night and 2 days.

After the actual filming of the show, the actresses commented, “It was such a happy and comfortable recording like a dream for two days,” “I was so satisfied that I wanted to take the butlers home,” “I was the best day of my life,” “I was happy to be with flower boys,” and more.

Meanwhile, “Actress’ Butler’ will be a pilot program and with positive feedback from the viewers, it will have the possibility of becoming a permanent show. Attentions are turned towards them with questions if this concept will be able to survive in the real variety world.

It will be broadcasted on the 21st of September at 6:10 PM KST.

[Newsen Bae Sunyoung Reporter]


Dalmatian as 'thieves' and Drama was a UCC star with Yoseob

The van of MC Mong was "stolen" by his juniors Dalmatian.

The event where the new idol group, Dalmatian, steals the van of senior MC Mong from the manager was on cable channel Mnet's "Dalmatian's Manager Goes on Strike".

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Source: Nate; Translations: BOSS! & Kassy@Six-sound

On the upcoming September 1st, member ‘DRAMA’ of new six-member male idol group ‘Dalmatian’ will be making his debut as his past UCC videos are resurfacing.

Spread amongst netizens are the UCC videos in which Dalmatian’s member DRAMA had filmed ‘Seducing Mr. Daniel’ with idol group BEAST’s Yoseob . Here, Daniel, which is DRAMA’s real name, had created the title of the UCC in a parody of the movie title ‘Seducing Mr. Robin’ (Film with Daniel Henney).

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Source: EGN; Translations: BOSS!@Dalmatian; Video: b2stlysubz@youtube

Can we get a Dalmatian tag please?
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SM acknowledges that the Internet is important, finally.

Following a successful concert in Los Angeles over the weekend, SM Entertainment had an interview with KBS GLOBAL emphasizing how the Internet plays a vital role in the spreading of the KPOP wave. Aside from being impressed with the great turnout, they stated that Youtube played a good engine in attracting new fans all over the world for their talents.

"YouTube plays an important role in attracting fans from all around the world.” -A representative of SM Entertainment

A representative of SM Entertainment (hereafter refers to SM), Kim Young Min (I thought he was the president?), said, “The world’s famous video-sharing website, YouTube, has played the role of an engine to attract fans from all around the world.”

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Source: KBS Global
Credit: DK Kpopnews
Picture: 2uangels

SM, you'd be stupid to not come back, you didn't get to 4+ million views on Lucifer just from South Korea!
Also, still suffering from SM Town withdrawal, egh.

f(x) Luna, “I want to marry Lee Joon,” and for Maldives for honeymoon?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

f(x) Luna chooses MBLAQ Lee Joon as the guy she wants to marry the most.

Luna appeared on KBS 2TV Happy Birthday recently where she revealed, “I wish to marry someone who is manly and cool,” and shyly picked Lee Joon.

Luna said, “And in the future for my honeymoon I want to go to Maldives,” and Lee Joon who was also present responded, “I want to visit Maldives one day.”

He continued, “I saw photos of clear beaches in a magazine one day while at the hair salon. It is so beautiful I told myself I want to go there one day.” MC Lee KyeongKyu then commented, “Are you 2 going to go together?” which had Luna and Lee Joon flustered.

The show is set to air on 13th September on 11.05pm.

source: kbites

Hyomin reveals nasty habits of Jiyeon!

The youngest member of the girl group T-ara, Jiyeon, has her nasty habit of life revealed.

SBS's Haha Mong Show which aired on the 4th featured MC Mong and the MCs visiting T-ara's dorm. During the broadcast, member Hyomin said, "Some nights I can not sleep because of Jiyeon's FEET. They still smell," she said unveiling Jiyeon's secret.

She also said, "One day I fell asleep and when I woke up I thought there were bugs or worms in my face, but it was one of Jiyeon's fake eyelashes that she forgot to take off and it came unattached." Since then, Hyomin has never slept in the same bed as Jiyeon, she revealed.

source ~ nate
translation ~ diadem

SNSD having female fans is news now apparently.

SNSD who has advanced to Japan’s music market discloses that, “here are more female fans than male fans”.

On the morning of the 10th, SNSD performed on Japan’s FujiTV’s public entertainment program “Tokudane!”. The host introduced the group by saying, “In Korea they placed first on the a music chart for 9 consecutive weeks, they’re the best girl group”.

After singing their Japanese debut song “GENIE”, SNSD members had a conversation with the host. When asked what the differences were between Korea and Japan activities they said, “In Korea there are more male fans, but in Japan there are more female fans. We think it’s interesting that people cosplay us.” [Note: Cosplay stands for “costume” and “play” it is when someone dresses up like someone/thing.] They were also asked how they maintain their figures and disclosed that “In the morning and evening we stretch for 10 minutes. We also do hip baths.” [Note: Hip baths are when you bathe with half of your body.]

After the release of SNSD’s Japanese debut single “GENIE” on the 8th, they entered the ORICON daily ranking charts at #5 and are putting up a good fight.

Translated by:

a deal with father sky.
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American AltRock Band's Vocalist Pimps 2NE1 on Tumblr

Florida-based alternative rock group VersaEmerge of Fueled By Ramen Records is well known for being on Vans' Warped Tour. They also have long-since the collaboration itself unreleased song with the likes of Three 6 Mafia; there was a video on YouTube featuring the band with Three 6 Mafia and a brief clip of the collaborative song. Vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck, a confirmed fan of rap, hip hop and R&B, blogged on her Tumblr 2 hours ago about loving 2NE1 by posting their "Clap Your Hands" video.

Sierra's Tumblr Post

Source: Me (commentary)


VersaEmerge is one of my favorite rock groups right now, so color me hyped to hear she likes them.

2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands” backup dancers were Big Bang?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The rumor mill has been spinning, spinning, spinning about the male backup dancers for 2NE1’s music video, “Clap Your Hands”. Dissecting, freezing, screen-capping, and contributing to the 1,000,000+ viewer statistics on the official “Clap Your Hands” Youtube video, suspicious fans are insisting that 2NE1’s backup dancers are none other than their YG brothers, Big Bang!

Claiming to be able to recognize the boys by their hands, necks, body postures, and even by their eyebrows, a flurry of ID’d screenshots have been making their way through Big Bang and 2NE1 fansites alike. The bond between YG Entertainment artists are known to be quite strong, so it’s entirely possible that Big Bang has got 2NE1’s back. As it remains rough speculation at this point, fans are hoping for some confirmation when 2NE1 hits the comeback stage.

We’ve attached a fan-ID’d still, a few high-quality screenshots from the video, as well as a reference photo of Big Bang for your comparison.

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source: allkpop

What is 2NE1’s secret weapon for the global market?

The four unique girls of 2NE1 are targeting the world market.

Fans are looking forward to seeing if 2NE1 will be able to become world stars with their first official album, “To Anyone“, as the group is looking to build up an international fanbase before starting promotions in Japan next year.

2NE1 launched their album not only in Korea, but also on Apple’s iTunes. YG Entertainment has already successfully launched and marketed Taeyang’s first solo album “Solar” internationally through iTunes.

Although there were no promotions in America, this album became the first Asian artist’s album to climb to 2nd place on U.S. iTunes’ R&B sales and even 1st place in Canada. Considering that the album was produced in Korean, this was a very surprising result. Taeyang even responded with surprise, “At first, I couldn’t even believe that I had fans in such a far place.”

2NE1 is also releasing their music videos globally through its Youtube channel. YG Entertainment plans to use Youtube to introduce 2NE1 to the global music market. Recently, social media such as Youtube and Twitter have become important tools for breaking into the initially difficult to approach American and European music markets.

One of 2NE1’s new album’s title tracks, “Can’t Nobody“, was produced in both Korean and English. Three of the four members are fluent in English, which helps in preparation for foreign markets.

2NE1 has already collaborated with famous American pop group Black Eyed Peas‘ leader and producer, was intrigued after watching 2NE1’s music video, expressing that he wanted to try producing 2NE1 himself, and that he would actively assist the group’s advance into the American music industry. He is confident that 2NE1 would be able to appeal to the global market.

A YG representative stated, “When foreigners listen to 2NE1 for the first time, they enjoy the music without any cultural distance or strangeness. Many respond in surprise, saying, ‘Asian girls sing this kind of song?’ To them, 2NE1’s songs are beyond Asian, Korean, or foreign. Their songs sound familiar and have a global feel. This is 2NE1’s appeal in the global market.”

Nothing is official about 2NE1’s international promotions, as specific details are yet to be discussed, but YG stressed that 2NE1 has not forgotten that their most important priority lies in domestic promotions.

Source: Sports Chosun
v.i.a: allkpop

A Reminder

One of the things the mods learned from Wang Face 2010 is that we need to trust you. So far it's been going well, and yes the layout hasn't changed yet, but the dust has settled a bit.

No one needs to be reminded that we are an international community but it does need to be mentioned that not everyone is going to have the same opinions or reactions to some of the meatier topics.

When threads blow up the mods read them and we will see if efforts are made to reach an understanding or even get to the "agree to disagree" point. But if you come to us and complain about something you started or helped instigate then don't be surprised if we don't jump to your aid.

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Finally, if shit gets real and people aren't agreeing with what you said don't start deleting your comments. We can't stand that and it just makes you look suspect.
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YG Delays Release of "Can't Nobody" MV...What Else is New?

Message from YG:

I'm sorry.

Thinking vaguely about the fans that are sitting in front of their computers, waiting.
I, of course, am feeling very anxious, and so there's nothing that I can do.

Director Seo Hyunseung just reported that the "CAN'T NOBODY" editing has been completed now.

Now the video director at YG needs approximately 2 hours to convert the file so
The "CAN'T NOBODY" Music Video will be released at 2PM.

I apologize once again.

Source: & YGLadies Forum
Translated by GEE at

Which means 3 hours from now since YG takes forever to upload it onto YouTube.