September 13th, 2010


Lee Min-ho cast in City Hunter

WHAT?! I won’t believe this until it’s on the air, but Lee Min-ho has reportedly been selected to headline a Korean drama adaptation of City Hunter, the popular 1980s manga and anime about a womanizing detective.

The lead character is Saeba Ryo, who runs the City Hunter business with his partner, Kaori Makimura, and is a bit of a perv. (He almost exclusively takes cases from pretty women.) He also fights crime with the help of his trusty partner (some might call her his Girl Friday [Swoon. -GF]), who secretly loves him.
I wrote about City Hunter back in 2008 when a Korean-Japanese production was being planned starring Jung Woo-sung. I’m going to guess that fell through. This version is slated for SBS and sounds like it might actually make it.
City Hunter was created by Hojo Tsukasa in 1985. There have been a few live-action adaptations attempted in the past, but none seemed to be that successful. According to one rep from the production company, the series has received numerous requests for drama adaptations, but those hadn’t come into fruition because they didn’t satisfy the creator’s requests. However, Hojo Tsuaka was reportedly satisfied with Lee Min-ho as the lead — no doubt thanks to his star-making role in last year’s uber-hit Boys Before Flowers.
The original was set against 1980s Tokyo; this version will take place in 2011 in Seoul. The Ryo character has been renamed “Kang Jin.”

OMFG. I may love this, or love to hate it. Either way, love.

source: Dramabeans via Hankyung

Crossing my fingers this works out. Lee Minho as a sexy detective? Sign me the hell up!

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Lee Kikwang will be performing an abs show on a chuseok special

For the SBS Chuseok special ‘Fantasy Star Couple Finals’ (MC Park Myungsoo Hyunyoung), Nichkhun will be pairing up with team member Junho, and 2009 Miss Korea Kim Juri. Meanwhile, Victoria will be pairing up with the ‘variety idol’ Hwang Gwanghee from ZE:A.

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Source: Newsen
Trans: aoistars@B2STRISING

this whole episode sounds so epic. and i'm looking forward to some jinwoon abs.

sorry about that, mods! all fixed!
Lip Pout Junsu (JYJ)

Rain, Daniel Henney, and Drama Cast Interview at the “Runaway”/Intensity Press Conference

Last September 9, members of the media gathered at the Manila Hotel for the press conference of the upcoming Korean drama Runaway (also known as Fugitive). This also served as Korean superstar Rain’s press conference for his music gig Intensity held last September 11 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds, which featured Pinoy crooner Christian Bautista and k-pop boy band U-Kiss. Director Kwak Jung Han attended the conference along with the members of the cast: Rain, Daniel Henney, Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin, and Yoon Jin Seo. The cast members have been in the Philippines since September 4, shooting significant scenes for the drama.

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Source: Female Network (photos+article+interview)

More photos at the source article. Other than that, Daniel Henney's accent is delicious irl, hngh. 8D That is all.

Mir dyes hair. No1currs. Mir tweets for attention.

MBLAQ Mir says that he has not been shown enough attention.

On 13th September Mir wrote on his Twitter, “I dyed my hair but why does no one know about that. Whyyㅠㅠ I made a big decision to dye my hair. The others, SeungHo hyung with his pantie, G.O hyung with his hair, Joonie hyung with his body and CheonDoongie hyung with his charms. I just hope that even for a short while I will get some attention and concern. I dyed my hair.”

It seems that Mir is sad that no one showed interests about his newly dyed hair even though it was a hard decision to him. Fans who saw the tweet commented, “Who is the one who made our Mir sad?”, “The hyungs, please show some concern to Mir” etc.

Source: Newsen
Translation: KBites
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Flawless trio to be the new face of Nature Republic

Becoming established March of last year, Natural Republic choose TVXQ, who is not only popular in Japan but has super strong influence on all of Asia, to be their representatives, using Korean and hallyu stars for their marketing activities.

Under strong competition in the cosmetics market and the the increasing tourists situation, Natural Republic choose TVXQ 3 members for their model. The 3 members of TVXQ along with the longtime representative Rain will be the Nature Republic representative.

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source: pop
credit: Xiahking
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Brought to you by ~*~Natural~*~ Rain


2NE1 Comeback Raises Inkigayo Ratings By A Stunning 0.1%

Girl group 2NE1 recently had an 11-minute long comeback stage through the latest episode of SBS Inkigayo. Despite their great stage, the viewer ratings did not seem to be as great. Inkigayo‘s production crew was expecting a leap in the viewer ratings with the 11-minute comeback stage. However, it seemed like the viewers did not want to comply.

Something that has become the subject of talk amongst viewers and netizens is their thoughts that they spent a lot of time on one singer by giving them 11-minutes of screen time.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the viewer ratings for the episode of Inkigayo that aired on the 12th recorded at 7.2% (Korea-wide). The episode that aired on the 5th received 7.1% Korea-wide, showing a 0.1% increase.

On the recent episode, 2NE1 held their comeback stage by performing Clap Your Hands, Go Away, and Can’t Nobody.

Unlike regular comeback stages with 2 songs being performed, 2NE1 performed three in its entirety.

On this, netizens pointed out, “SBS is being biased.” However, fans commented, “There was not enough time for them to put on such a passionate performance.” Despite all these comments, this is hard for SBS to come back at, as they allowed 11 minutes for 2NE1 to perform their full songs, where other singers have to perform edited versions of their original songs, due to their length.

Source: Lee Jae Hwan @ newsen
Translation: ch0sshi @ kpoplive

praise kpoplive for going through the extremely difficult task of linking to the original korean source and refraining from adding personal commentary within the article!
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Time for more Onew!stanning; in which Onew gets another hyung to dote on him

SHINee’s Onew Bought His Dad a Car with His Own Money
On the latest broadcast of KBS 2TV Nocturnal, the variety show members played a round of the “Dracula Game,” where they confessed both their good and bad actions.

SHINee‘s Onew showed off his filial side through this game by revealing, “With the money that I first earned, I bought my father a car. After I did that, my uncle called me. He complimented me by saying, ‘You’re a good son.’”

After this confession, the other MCs took it upon themselves to ask him, “Could you imagine your uncle’s feelings? Your cousins must have been angry,” to which Onew laughed. Se7en put in his two cents by nodding, “I don’t even want to imagine your cousins’ stances on this.”

Onew then responded, “It was a 2700cc midsize car. My dad hadn’t had a car in over ten years, and I bought it for him to do my part as a filial son.”

Raise your hand if you want Onew as a son!

Source: Baek JiHyun (someone tell me if I linked to the wrong article, I can't read/speak korean)
Translation: mocha

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Source: Night Star PD and DJ Doc's twitters (linked directly in post)
Translation credit: kpopkrazy@OWF
Videos: xxxTouchTheShineexxx 1 2 3

More Onew pictures from Rock of Ages live rehearsal 2010-09-10
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Videos: ShineeOneWorldForum vivoncifer
Pictures: as tagged via WRS, newsen 1 2

Onew? As a son? Yeah... no, how about as something else? *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*
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Sorry Mir, your fail is more interesting than your hair getting dyed :|

Mir & G.O, Frustrated from Not Passing the Qualifying Exam to Seoul National University
MBLAQ’s Mir and G.O couldn’t climb up the doors of Seoul National U after all.

To be qualified to be a part-time clothing major student, MBLAQ had to take an exam in the September 9th episode of Mnet “Kim Soo Ro’s Elite University Class.”

For this exam, MBLAQ had to study extremely hard through the dormitory training, while doing their busy schedules for this goal of Seoul University. Even though Mir and Lee Joon were often in the last place and didn’t show enough concentration on their academic work, all five members had great passion for Seoul National U.

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Source: Newsen (can't find)
Translations: euna @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

Sorry Mir, I dun curr if your hairstylist also tweeted about your hair dye, this is more interesting.

Big Bang’s Seungri Humiliated By TVXQ In The Countryside?

Idol star Big Bang’s Seungri was humiliated multiple times.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Seungri appeared on MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ program ‘Enjoy Today’ and had to sell products from the city in the countryside.

Seungri sang Big Bang’s hit songs for a grandmother working in the field but she didn’t know who he was. In a phone conversation with her granddaughter, Seungri asked the question, “Which singer do you like the most?” but received the answer “TVXQ.”


Source: [newsen+Yuaerubi] SYC
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LOL, typical. It's okay Seungri - "you're still the best!"

With Yang Yoseob recovered, BEAST is getting ready for comeback

Fuck yea Beast!!!1

The group BEAST that had been pushing back the comeback this year due to the surgery that the lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, had gone through, has concluded that they will be coming to the fans with early October being their latest date.

A BEAST acquaintance who met up with Sports Today stated, “BEAST is planning to make their comeback later this month being the earliest and early October being the latest.”

In addition he stated, “We are on our last stage in making the album and we are currently choosing the title song. In this mini album there are ballad songs, dance songs, and other songs in different genres so that everyone would be able to feel the charms of the BEAST members,” causing anticipation.

Yang Yoseob, who had recently gone through the surgery for his conditions, has been recovered and he had stated that Yang Yoseob is preparing for the comeback with his fullest extent.

Meanwhile, BEAST, who had debuted last year, rose up to the Korean male idol group position through the songs ‘Mystery’ and ‘Shock’.

Attentions are turned towards them as others wonder what kind of new air they will bring in this current state with girl groups dominating.

[Sports Today Park Gunwook Reporter]

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HahaMong Show on hiatus!

SBS has decided to pull the plug on the “HahaMong Show” starting on the 19th of September, due to the controversies of MC Mong’s ongoing military scandal.

SBS opted to air “Strong Heart” as a replacement for the show today, and have not made yet made a final decision to cancel the show altogther. As of now, however, the show is officially on hiatus and will be until further notice. With charges against MC Mong are still unclear, SBS has decided to take a wait-and-see approach to determine the best course of action.

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This makes me sad, MC Mong always made me laugh, especially with crazy stuff like this:

Edit: added in picture
Article: Allkpop
YT: qwi09

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RUMORS: Gee craze re-invading Japan?!

There’s rumors floating around that Shoujo Jidai (SNSD / Girls’ Generation) is scheduled to release a Japanese version of their hit Korean single ‘Gee’ on October 20th. As many of you know, the girls released the Japanese version of ‘Genie’ last week and achieved second place on the Oricon Daily Charts.
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I can't even imagine how Gee would sound like in Japanese - it just seems like the quintessential Korean song that random people know to me.

Source: allkpop

YT: amakara2sa

Interpark sues Lee Hyori for 500 million Won

Singer Lee Hyori is under fire again, but this time she gets hit with a lawsuit by online shopping mall, Interpark, for damaging their image caused by her music plagiarism.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Newspaper, Interpark, a company Hyori once modeled for, filed in a lawsuit through her entertainment company, Mnet Media, demanding 490 million Won ($422,000 USD) worth of damage compensation.

Interpark stated, “Lee Hyori admitted to the media and her fan cafe that her 4th album did contain plagiarism, and stated she will cease her activities as a singer, which resulted in her to stop modeling for us as well. The broken image of Lee Hyori’s bright and healthy image has caused our company a huge financial loss to a degree that one cannot imagine.”

They continued, “The image of an advertising model has a direct connection with not only the brand’s image, but also the corporate image. It is not right to damage the company’s image, product sales, credibility, and reputation in the middle of a contract.

“Because of Lee Hyori’s breach of contract, we were forced to suspend the filming of her advertisement and stop using her as our model all together. The total cost of damages came to exactly 492,880,000 Won ($424,862.56 USD). Our claim is requesting for this specific amount for damage compensation.”

Back on August 18th, 2009, Lee Hyori contracted with Interpark as their model, and received a total of 715 million won ($616,000 USD) in return. However, she suddenly decided to cut her contract short on August 20th after admitting to the plagiarism that was contained in her 4th album, ‘H. Logic’.

source: allkpop


9-member Korean group SNSD’s Japanese debut single GENIE (released on the 8th) has sold 45,000 copies in its first week. It will enter the 9/20 Single Ranking at rank #4. It exceeded the previous record holder of “debut single for foreign female artists including solo singers”, which was previously held by KARA who placed #5 with their debut single “Mister” (In the first week ‘Mister’ sold 29,000 copies and has sold an accumulation of 63,000 copies).

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Source: Oricon

COOL’s Kim Sung Soo Divorcing From Wife of 6 Years


It has been announced that singer Kim Sung Soo (42) of the old school k-pop trio COOL will be divorcing his wife of 6 years.

If you’re an old school k-pop fan, you’ll definitely remember COOL. They started their journey back in 1993 and then broke up in 2005 – only to get back together 3 years later. Since they’ve reunited, however, they’ve released two albums that have yet to bring back the heat they once had.

Kim Sung Soo’s aide reported, “On the 13th, Kim Sung Soo and his wife Ms. Kang Mo both visited Seoul and went to the Seochongdo Seoul court and applied for a divorce.”

When asked why the couple were splitting up, the only answer was that it was due to “character differences”.

The couple wedded in February of 2004.

Source: AllKPop

Awww, I don't like seeing marriages come to an end. Wish him all the best though...
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SM wants China, SHINee now Animal-style

How popular is Hallyu in Shanghai? Just take a look at SM TOWN LIVE concert and you will know. Last Saturday, SM TOWN LIVE concert was held in Shanghai. On that day, DBSK members Yunho and Changmin, Super Junior, SHINee, F(X), SNSD and many top stars and idols made their appearance, making the crowds go wild. SM also took the chance and signed endorsements with various China brands for SHINee and F(X) during their visit.

SHINee is the second boy group introduced by SM Entertainment following Super Junior’s success, with Leader Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin and Minho. Recently they came back with their new album ‘Lucifer’ and had achieved excellent results in Korea. Currently, they have set breaking into the Chinese market as their number 1 goal. In our short interview with them, they revealed that they once went to Beijing to study the Chinese language, and even had lessons on Wushu as well.

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Source: Yangtse Daily
Reporter: Zhang Yi
Translated by Kylene@WRS

What I want to know is, where's all the SHINee fanart of this? And why isn't Jjong a dinosaur?
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The Heroes cast are looking for jobs too in the economic downturn

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The cast of SBS’s Heroes have discarded their sweat and pajamas and have traded them in for full blown business attires!

The show has taken a turn of events and will be sending the girls to go get interviewed! They will be conducting self introductions and will be holding interviews that will include sharp questions that will definitely keep them on their toes.

Producer Park Sung Hoon stated, “The girls were worried that since business attire were common, they would be wearing the same clothes. However, they all had different outfits and worn it with their own style, just like true fashionistas.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You will able to catch this episode when it airs on September 26th.

Source: allkpoop

lmao I am trying to imagine Inyoung getting interviewed for a job rn
... love this show so much (though last episode not so much)
. I love the cast and interactions, idc what they do.

Yoon Gun: “Shinee’s Lucifer is like a clothes line.”


Yesterday, Yoon Gun (of R&B duo Brown Eyes) revealed an interesting sentiment about idol group Shinee’s recent single, “Lucifer“. He wrote, “These days Shinee’s ‘Lucifer’ has been constantly buzzing in my head. The melody is really like a clothes line.”
The singer is reported to be resting right now, and just recently began tweeting with his newly found time. His comment is receiving a lot of attention from netizens, but I’m wondering if any of them have ideas on what he means by “clothes line.” What do you readers think it means?

Source: AllKPop
Original Source: Newsen

Lawlz, I do not understand this "clothes line" metaphor.
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Tony An is back! New single out tomorrow

Tony has stated that it feels like he is "debuting again".

Today he received claps, cheers & flowers from his juniors in the army (such as Boom & Lee Jun Ki) and went out the doors of the army!

Tony An said goodbye to his former comrades in the army with a brief ceremony and hugs.

He stated to the fans who were waiting for him, "Thank you for waiting for me for 1 year and 10 months. I am so happy to be able to stand as Tony An, no longer Soldier An Seung Ho."

Tony will be releasing his single, "Now Going to Meet You" tomorrow. Tony has announced that the song is a present for the fans who have waited patiently for his departure from the army. He says the song is kind of "ridiculous". He also said that his album has a song featuring the singer Cy, who was released from the army earlier this year and has spent time with Tony in the army together.

On the question, "What do you want to do the most right now?" he answered, "I want to date", which provoked jealousy among the female fans present at the event.

On the question concerning the reunion of H.O.T. he stated, "I've heard about it. In the army, Jaewon and I talked about it. I think it is something that we all will have to talk about together once everyone is out of the army".
Tony will also be filming Golden Fishery in the next few days.

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North Korean capital has a night life - minus the dazzle

Life in Pyongyang, capital city of North Korea, is boisterous and fun-filled even as the country is threatened with military action from the West due to its nuclear programme, reports Xinhua.

Screams from roller coaster rides, karaoke and clink of beer glasses at night clubs seem to be quite a picture of metropolitan areas like New York, Tokyo or Beijing.

Well, make no mistake. This is what actually happens at night in Pyongyang.
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Source: sify

2NE1 to be hosting the world's first 4D music video screening on the 16th

On the 16th at 8:30PM, 2NE1 will be hosting the world's first music video 4D plex showcase at the Seoul Yongsan CGV.

On this day, 2NE1 will be showing the music videos of the 3 title songs on their first full length album, Can't Nobody', 'Go Away', and 'Clap Your Hands'.

One company representative reported on the 14th, " This event is the first showcase in the world to be done in 4D.", "The 2NE1 members, of course, currently cannot conceal their excitement."

In addition, YG Entertainment stated "Being 4D, it is a video that is one level higher than 3D. This technique is an attempt to stimulate the 5 senses and a vivid, clear video will be delivered."

This screening is a promotion at a theatre in the metropolitan district, and is one of the variety of album promotion strategies they are using. Much interest is building over this new technique.

S: nate


[Harry Potter] Draco HBP2

2NE1 Assigns a Title Song to Each Music Show

2NE1 is embarking in a new unique type of activities.

On the 1st, 2NE1 released their first album "To Anyone". They are now scheduling to fix one title song to each of the music shows. This is risk is one of the new challenges that these girls are taking. For example, if "Can't Nobody" is chosen for KBS, "Go Away" and "Clap Your Hands" will be performed on MBC and SBS.

2NE1's company, YG stated, "From the beginning, we've planned to do activities without any regards to rankings. All three songs have a different feel to them. This plan was devised in order to have distinct and unique performances for each broadcast."

2NE1's representatives still have not confirmed the title songs with the broadcasting company. Starting on the 17th, with KBS 2TV Music Bank, after going through every single music show once, each broadcast will have a 'fixed' title song.

YG stated, "We have a rough outline but we still haven't confirmed it yet. We are fine-tuning our understanding about each of the music shows, and we will fully prepare in order to come up with great performances."

Up till the 13th, the 5th day since their comeback 2NE1's force is already as fierce as ever. They have created an unusual sight on all the online music charts, such as Melon, Cyworld, Dosirak, MNET, Bugs, etc. with the three of their title songs all fighting for first to third place. The concern surrounding the fact that it may be difficult to score first place on the online charts with three different songs is being extinguished. The situation for offline albums is the same. In only 5 days, 19 000 copies of their album has been sold. In addition, they have risen to 1st place on Hanteo Information System's weekly chart.

Meanwhile, on the 13th, due to overwork while preparing for the comeback, Park Bom collapsed and was admitted into the hospital. It seems like she will returning to regular schedules starting on the 14th.

Source: Nate News &
Translated by GEE @
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Jo Kwon uploads a sexy image

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jo Kwon has been posting adorable photos on his Twitter lately. This time, he’s presenting his female fans with some serious eye candy.

The photo above is of Jo Kwon wearing lowrise jeans and showing off his defined abs and pelvic lines. His caption reads, “I’m finally finished^^ I need to wake up at 5, so gotta zZz. Oh ya! Something to anticipate for this month~! BahBAM!“

The photo appears to be from either a clothing photo shoot, or possibly an indication of the return of 2AM.

Fans wrote either worried comments, “I fear Ga-In’s ferocious revenge“, or showed complete love, “Even chic Ga-In will fall for this“.

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