September 14th, 2010

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Joon wants as many babies as his strength allows him, Hongki would rather choose the army

Group MBLAQ's Lee Joon revealed his plans for kids.

To the question about his plans for children, he commented, "I'll just have whatever amount" and showed his strong will (?) on the 13th episode of KBS 2TV birth encouragement variety "Happy Birthday." He plans to have as much as his strength allows him.

He added, "[Fecundity] is a good thing, isn't it? This is a country shortage of babies!" and hinted his desire for babies. But instead of a country with 'low fertility rate,' he said a country with 'shortage of babies,' making the set roar with laughter with his quirky answer.

Lee Kyung Shil commented, "I've heard of a country with shortage of water, but never a country with shortage of babies," and made everyone giggle. Lee Joon, who saw the process of childbirth for the first time, said, "I think tears might come out," and confessed how moved he was.

FT Island's Lee Hong Ki, who was also on the show this day, said, "the mother looked very much in pain. I'd rather choose the army. I think the army would be much more comfortable," and also couldn't hide his amazement about the life of a new born.

On this episode of "Happy Birthday," artists Tae Jin Ah, Song Dae Gwan, FT Island's Lee Hong Ki, f(x)'s Luna, and MBLAQ's Lee Joon made an appearance as the congratulating delegation. ZE:A's Gwang Hee took on a role as an MC and flaunted his humor.

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Yoon Doojoon faces embarrassment thinking another star had a crush on him

Yoon Doojoon from the male group BEAST has revealed a situation in which he was embarrassed because he thought a female star had a crush on him.

In the recent filming of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Yoon Doojoon caused laughter in the crowd when he started to reveal the reasons about how he is popular in between the female stars and has so many charms.

However on the other hand, Yoon Doojoon also revealed an episode in which he “thought another female star had a crush on him, but ended up facing embarrassment instead.”

The reason why the ‘boyfriends idol’ Yoon Doojoon ended up becoming an ‘embarrassment idol’ will be broadcasted on the 14th at 11:05 KST.

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Bahnus Vacuum arrested for fraud

Composer Bahnus Vacuum has been arrested for providing Lee Hyori with plagiarized tracks.

On the 14th, YTN Newsreported,

“The Seoul District Public Prosectuor’s Office has arrested the 36 year old composer, Lee, for intentionally giving Lee Hyori plagiarized songs and earning thousands of dollars in profit.”

Bahnus Vacuum had fooled Lee Hyori and Mnet Media into thinking he composed songs written by other American and Canadian artists when he heard she was looking for songs for her 4th album. He earned $25,021 USD in profit.

Lee Hyori already acknowledged the plagiarism accusations on her personal fancafe on the 20th of June and put a halt to her promotion cycle. In July, Mnet Media, Lee Hyori’s former agency, also charged Lee for obstruction of work. Lee was subsequently investigated and will now face the charges

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Miss $ is NOT miss A... how people get confused, I'll never know

Female hip hop duo Miss $ sent a message to their fans asking that they don’t get confused with rookie girl group, miss A.

Miss $ spoke through their agency and stated,

“After miss A debuted, whenever we would search for ‘Miss $’ on portal sites, miss A pictures came up instead. When we searched ‘miss $’, miss A information came up. Even the journalists became confused and wrote us down as ‘miss A’. A lot of broadcast, performance, and event representatives also thought we were ‘miss A’ and tried to invite us. It’s gotten to the point where miss A fans come up to us and ask us to change our name since it’s confusing. We debuted in 2007 with ‘Don’t Cheat’ and had this name for three years. Our love for the name is just as big. It’s a good feeling being compared to our juniors since they are now one of the best girl groups, but we will never be changing our name.“

They went on to state, “We, too, were quite surprised when miss A debuted because of how similar their name was to ours. However, we both have very different music styles.”

Miss $’s Tae Hyeyoung further revealed, “There’s a lot of people that became our fans after searching miss A and randomly coming across our music. I personally enjoy miss A’s music so I hope our Miss $ fans listen to miss A’s music as well. Thanks to our impressive juniors, we have a lot of episodes to share!“

source; allkpop

For those who don't know who Miss $ is, you should check their songs on YouTube. I like their song, "What is Love" (although their 3rd member is no longer in the group). I still don't understand where the confusion comes from. Miss $ debuted awhile before miss A, lol.
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F.Cuz at Rainbow FM in Japan [Eng sub]

On the 3rd of September F.CUZ stopped by Rainbow Town FM.

Here's the show subbed (by yours truly);

Part 1

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Disclaimer: I subbed these based on what the translator was saying. If she missed something, so will I. Also my Japanese isn't perfect so I'm not promising 100% accuracy. Please understand~ (My English is also sort of crappy recently... )

Other news is that the show case (that they're talking about in this clip) is going to be released as a DVD. The date for the official release date is still unknown but the Japanese fanclub members have been promised to be able to pre-order the limited edition before it opens up to the public.

Vids: My youtube channel
News about DVD;
C h a n Y e o l ( b u i n g  b u i n g )

Idol Sports Day twitter updates + photos from event

Within the past few hours, 8 different photos have been tweeted from 7 different people of 7 different idol groups and all relating to the same thing.

They were having Idol Sports Day on September 14th, 2010.

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Sources for twitters: Mir, DongHae, HongKi, ShinDong, JongHun, SeulOng, TaecYeon & JoKwon

Sources for pics: Endless Limits, ShiningShineeWorld & twicsy

my bb seo in gook

Special interview with Lee Sang Woo about his role in the awesome drama Life Is Beautiful

Special Interview - Lee Sang Woo
"Whether your lover is a guy or a girl, there's no difference in love"

Q: Did you hesitate at all when you were offered to play Kyungsoo who would have been getting much attention?
A: It was easy for me to accept the part because I think this love story is only different in terms of whether my partner is a guy or a girl, and gender is the only difference. I was more worried about accepting a role from famous Kim Soo Hyun writer than anything else.

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source: Some Japanese magazine, (Korean translation)
translation: a13xl @ Soompi
T/N: This interview was first in Japanese and someone translated it to Korean. I translated to English from Korean. So it's inevitable that the meanings and feelings of this interview may change slightly due to language differences.

- Actor Song Chang-ui finds empathy in homosexual role
- "Life is beautiful" to depict gay marriage on air for the first time?

Mods: This is not a new interview (it's from late June), but it hasn't been posted before, and Life Is Beautiful is still airing.

Minzy thanks IU, Luna, SNSD members in 2NE1’s new album

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2NE1’s Minzy thanked SNSD members in the “Thanks to” portion of their full-length album, catching the attention of many netizens. In particular, Minzy thanked SNSD’s Sooyoung, Tiffany, YoonA, and Hyoyeon.

Even though 2NE1 and SNSD are rivals under different labels, the fact that they share such good friendships is very heartwarming.

Minzy, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and YoonA are members of 문미엔 (Moonmien), which stands for “Christian meeting for culture media entertainment workers”. It has small scale worships and prayer meetings, and other talents who attend are Jungjoon, Kim Junghwa, Yang Donggeun, Kim Soohyun, Ryu Won, and Choi Siwon.

Netizens showed positive response to this news, saying:

‘This is so unexpected coming from two competing groups’.
‘I am anticipating the friendly competition between the two groups’.
‘It’s so heartwarming to hear about the two group’s good friendship’.
‘Let us fans be on good terms just like the two teams’.

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source: allkpop

First episode of 2NE1 TV Season 2 has aired! 2NE1: the night before comeback revealed!

preview for next week's episode

The first episode of 2NE1TV Season 2, featuring 2NE1 has been broadcasted.

On this episode, they revealed themselves practising for their comeback.

Aside from that, we were also able to see 2NE1 shopping for presents to give to their manager for his birthday. In addition several others made an appearance starting with their president, Yang Hyunsuk, in addition to producer Teddy, and Big Bang's members Taeyang and Seungri.

The charm of 2NE1 TV that allows the 2NE1 members' characters to shine through is still as ever. Park Bom lifted a large-sized Tam-Tam doll and carried it on her back saying , "He's my substitute boyfriend", showing her over-expressiveness. Sandara Park put on headphones and used them like a headband, displaying her cute charm.

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Translated by GEE @
Video: bangie89 @ yt

you can watch episode 1 raw on yt here: 1, 2, 3, 4
dorky girls are back in action xD so happy~

Korean Paris Hilton’ discloses on ’scripted’ allegations

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A recent episode of Mnet’s ”Tent in the City” has caused a sensational controversy. Kim Kyeonga, or the “Korean Paris Hilton”, was featured on the show boasting about her beyond-expensive collection of designer bags and other luxury items.

She claimed that she had “bought brand name items using hundreds of millions of won (roughly tens of thousands in dollars) that I received from my parents as allowance.”

This offhand statement sparked a flurry of negative responses, from simple criticisms of her arrogance to a full-out demand for a tax investigation. Ms. Kim later argued that, “All the comments about 4 hundred million won (roughly 40 thousand dollars) worth of brand name items, etc. were lines I simply read from the script I was given by the writer on-set during the filming of the program.“

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source: chosun
v.i.a: allkpop
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

The nation's actress does the nation's dance: Kim Taehee dancing to "Tell Me" on Come to Play

Kim Taehee (featuring Ha Neul and Gil in the beginning LOL) dances to "Tell Me" on a recent episode of MBC's Come to Play (at 1:55):

Broadcasted on the 13th, Kim Taehee’s hidden dancing skills were revealed as she danced to Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” on MBC’s Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Wonhee’s Come to play.

The guests also playfully modified the lyrics to “Taehee Taehee Tae-tae-tae-tae-tae Taehee”. It’s nice to see that the “Tell Me” virus is still going strong after 3 years.

Source: Nate News; WonderfulsWorld; sunmikingwangjang @ youtube
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Cube Family Show Their Close Bonds during the Chuseok Athletic Special

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4Minute, together with their brother group - BEAST and their soloist unnie -, joined the recent recording of the Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special. On this special program, 4Minute united with their "sister and brothers" from their agency, CUBE Entertainment to win various sports challenges.

They were given a chance to have some fun together while doing sports activities with other KPOP Idols from different groups and labels. Some of them were 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, f(x), Shinee, Super Junior, After School, Trax, Rainbow, INFINITE, Secret, SISTAR (with ex 4minute member, Soyu), MBLAQ, T-ara, Supernova and many more.

Some of the members of BEAST and 4Minute even updated their Cyworld, YOZM and Twitter accounts in order to express their happiness to all their fans.

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SBS being a little bitch ... Youtube helps them.

Illegally uploaded Youtube videos containing content from the broadcast company SBS will now be deleted.

On the 14th, Youtube joined forces with the Korea Copyrights Commision and SBS Contents Hub to revitalize the protection of TV broadcast shows being uploaded onto Youtube.

With this collaboration, Youtube will use its content verification technology (CID, Contents Identification) to delete any videos containing content related to SBS broadcasts.

This is the first time a Korean broadcast company has taken the action of filtering out videos in order to regulate violations and protect their company’s copyrights.

Youtube and SBS are also making plans to review how they apply their advertising models in their contents.

The president of Google Korea and Managing Director of Google Asia stated,

“This new collaboration is to contribute to the healthy distribution of online contents. In the future, we will establish a proper awareness of copyright in the online world, and create an environment where internet users can enjoy the quality of content without having to fear copyright infringements.”

Source: AKPoo

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This is a JYJ and... ehm, I mean DBSK post

Updated with blossom Short Ver. PV

'The...' debuts at first place in weekly ranking
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Source: ORICON style + SYC

Short ver. of blossom PV
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Credit: uploader

SungKyunKwan and Scandal Shooting Photos
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Source: Kapsoo Kim's Twitter

Pics from making Haru - Yunho's part
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Credits: as tagged + soompi: 1 & 2
it will be released on 24th, woohoo.

Goong Rehearsal + 3 badass pics from musical
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Credit: as tagged + Hoodwinker@soompi

Heaven’s Postman to Broadcast on SBS
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Source: SBS + dnbn
Translation and sharing: SYC

Changmin for SWAK magazine - preview
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Credit: baidu + SYC + TVXQPowerfulGods

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Goo Hara to speak up about handshake controversy with Wooyoung?

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Remember the mini-controversy that erupted back when April when it was discovered that Kara’s Goo Hara was rejected 2PM’s Wooyoung when she reached out to shake hands?

In case you don’t remember, a pre-debut video of Wooyoung and Hara in a singing contest caught much attention due to the interesting interaction between the two would-be idols. At the time, Wooyoung had just won 1st place for the contest, and Hara held out her hand to congratulate him. From the video, Wooyoung seemingly walked right past her and and did not even acknowledge her.

Although this issue blew over in the spring, it looks like SBS is digging it up again for an upcoming episode of Hallyu Girl Group on E1 News Korea-StarQ10 which will unearth Kara’s past. It was revealed that this broadcast would show pre-debut images of the group, which are highly anticipated by many fans. Since the topic of Wooyoung and Hara’s handshake (or lack thereof) will be included in the episode, many have been wondering whether Hara will give her side of the story.

The episode will be broadcast on the 15th at 8PM KST.

source: allkpop
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BoA's Repackaged Album to be Released on Sept. 24th

The day after the SMTown Live Concert in Los Angeles, BoA tweeted that she was headed back to Korea to prepare for her Hurricane Venus repackaged album. Ever since she dropped a hint about the repackaged album at her 10th Anniversary fanmeet at Hottracks, fans have been anticipating for the release. BoA gave a hint that the new song added to the repackage starts with a "C" and even mentioned the choreography at the fanmeet.

According to Bugs Music, the repackaged album will be released on September 24th. Prepare your credit cards or cash! The second wave of Hurricane Venus BoA is about to hit!

BoA will be competing with many other idols on the charts with her repackaged album. 2NE1 has just made their comeback last weekend, and other groups like Big Bang, T-ara, 2AM, 2PM, and Miss A are said to be making a comeback in October. Son Dam Bi and SE7EN are also preparing to make their second comeback wave like BoA.

source: + uriboa
translations: boajjang

she gave us a hint last month on twitter: her title track starts with a 'c'~

2NE1 to perform only two songs each for Music Bank, Music Core

The girls of 2NE1 recently made their anticipated comeback, as they delivered three unique stages for their three title tracks on last week’s SBS ‘Inkigayo‘.

According to YG Entertainment, the girls will be making their comeback on ‘Music Bank‘ and ‘Music Core‘ later this week by performing only two out of the three tracks.

On September 17th’s episode of ‘Music Bank’, 2NE1 will perform “Go Away” and “Can’t Nobody”; on ‘Music Core’ the day after, they will be performing “Can’t Nobody” and “Clap Your Hands”.

S: akp


Lee Seung Gi’s “deep” kiss

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Lee Seung Gi caused a spark on today’s episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ as he revealed that he has indeed experienced a “deep” kiss, otherwise known as a “french” kiss.

The topic came up as veteran actor Ryu Si Won stated, “During the past 16 years of acting, I’ve finished filming 200 projects, and most have had kiss scenes. However, I’ve always faked the kiss scene, and have never done a deep kiss.”

After hearing Ryu Si Won’s confession, co-host Kang Ho Dong turned to Lee Seung Gi and asked, “Seung Gi, have you perhaps had a deep kiss?” The singer is said to have responded shyly that he had, surprising everyone in the studio.

Though Lee Seung Gi is 23 years old, his mild-mannered and “goody two shoes” image probably made his confession all the more shocking.

Source: allk-pop

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Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

Shining trio sets another record in Japan.

[TRANS] 100915 Tohoshinki’s Trio Sets A New Record for Foreign Artist, W (Double) Achievements

The first live DVD of Tohoshinki’s members JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN “THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” (rhymthzone, released on 9/8) sold a total of 119,000 copies in the first week, snatching the top spot of Oricon DVD Weekly Chart.

Their album “The…” which was released on the same day also ranks first on the Oricon Album Weekly Chart, selling 140,000 copies. The last artist who held a record of having both album and DVD ranked first on both charts was ZARD with their album “Golden Best ~15th Anniversary~” and DVD “ZARD Le Portfolio 1991-2006″, which were released on 11/6/2006. The record was made 3 years and 10 months ago, with ZARD being the 6th artist to do so. For a foreign artist, this is the first time one has made such a brilliant achievement.

Moreover, they are the second foreign artist to sell more than 100,000 copies of a music DVD. The first artist to hold that record was Tohoshinki with “4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME” (released on 10/12/2009) with 171,000 copies and “TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-” (released on 3/29/2010) with 109,000 copies.

-Omitted information on the album and DVD-

Source: meVIEWsa radio
Translation:linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

BRB, being proud and laughing my ass off at "The first artist to hold that record was Tohoshinki".

2NE1 has sold 100,000 copies of ‘To Anyone’ in just 5 days

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Girl group 2NE1 has sold 100,000 copies of their first full album in just 5 days.

On the 14th, YG Entertainment stated, “After confirming with Mnet Media, the distributors of 2NE1’s first full album, they stated today (14th) that we have sold over 100,000 copies. If this trend continues, we will have sold well over 150,000 copies by the end of the month.”

In regards to the Hanteo Charts reporting that 2NE1’s album has sold only 21000 copies as of the 12th, YG responded, “We have sold a lot of albums through our own online store ‘YG e-Shop‘. In regards to the difference in methods of counting sale aggregates, we did nothing more or less than to fully state our distributor’s total aggregate of album sales.

While Hanteo charts collect 85% of their information from nationwide music sales and 15% from accumulations in their information database and national sale estimations, entertainment companies sum up their album sales from directly checking the number of shipments and calling up music stores.

As of the 14th at 3:20PM, all three of 2NE1’s title tracks are ranked in the top 3 on the popular music portal site, Melon.

source: AKP