September 15th, 2010

Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

The meaning behind JYJ's "W" & "Itsudatte kimini"

The Thoughts of Lyricist for “Itsudatte Kimi ni”

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Source: Matsui Goro’s Official Website
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Shinjiroh Inoue's Blog, "keep in mind that i love you"

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Source: Shinjiroh Inoue’s Blog
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Someday, somewhere~

Tony An new digital single!

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Although Tony's new digital single was set to be released tomorrow, it looks like it's early! Tony was only officially released from his military service this morning, but his new single 지금 만나러 갑니다 (Going To Meet Her Now) is already available online.

Source: and me@Youtube

Still coming down off my Breaka Shaka high so the song is kind of ordinary but YAY TONY, GETTING CLOSER TO COMPLETE H.O.T.
I took the translation of the song title from another song of the same name, I hope it's right!

Supernova's upcoming Japanese releases

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Source: Yesasia 1, 2, CDJapan 1, 2

Looks like they'll be headed back to Japan already. T^T I was hoping they would go on Star Golden Bell TT^TT I guess at least they were in the Chuseok Special. Also, I don't want to post them here since they're kind of old by now, but you can check out scans of Supernova's summer releases at my journal.  And for your troubles, here's Kwangsu, Jihyuk and Sungmo in dresses.

Yoon Eun Hye | Pucker Up!

Loveholics 1st Single 'Butterfly' MV

From 'Loveholic' to 'Loveholics' became Hyun Min Kang and Jae Hak Lee with their first digital single album! 'Butterfly' is a vintage pop that sings about hope and courage of these days.

Loveholics has changed to multi vocal session system and for their first single album artists such as Alex, Horan, Kiyoung Park, Whale, Yi Sung Yol, Soon Yong Jung, Hyewon gathered together and made a whole reunion of FLUXUS family.

Also this single album was composed by Jae Hak Lee, the music director of 'Pounds Beauty' which was very popular with it's OST and the lyrics were written by Jae Hak Lee and Hyun Min Kang together.

source: fluxus

beautiful ♥
edit: both the song and mv are old news, but fluxus only just put it on their channel... strange, lol.

This is a "Playful Kiss" K-drama post~

‘Playful Kiss’ YouTube Special Edition “on TV and other content creation” Agreement Finalized
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original source; computertimes
translation source; ss501ode @ blogspot

Playful Kiss OST sold to many countries
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original source; startoday
translation source; ss501ode @ blogspot

Kim Hyun-joong series "Playful Kiss" sold to 12 countries
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original source; 10asia
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4Minute With a Total of 0 Plastic Surgeries: The Perfect Choice for a Cosmetic Endorsement

4Minute was just announced to be chosen as the endorser of a new cosmetic brand known as Ariul. They just finished their most-awaited pictorial as part of their promotional activities for the said brand and as early as now, people are getting excited on what their upcoming activities would be, something that will be expected to show their natural beauty.

They're very much known for their provocative and powerful image on stage. However, on the said photoshoot, the girls were able to prove that they are much more wonderful and attractive because of their youthful skin, enriched with the help of the new cosmetic brand.

From the usual heavy makeup, gorgeous hair and glowing skin, the staff decided to have the girls wear pure white costumes to show how these girls can show off their elegant and youthful looks. A staff even stated "Ariul is a cosmetic product that aims to keep forever young skin." The photographer also stated that the theme of the photoshoot aims to "make a brilliant debut through the girls' stylish, clean and pure image and fans should expect another interesting charm from the girls."

It was also said that from the past few days that the girls appeared on the rising TV Program, "Bouquet", the girls had become hot issues all over various net sites because of their bare faces and their confession of having a total of "0" plastic surgeries amongst its members which definitely proves how these girls deserve to be chosen as endorsers of such good cosmetic product.

4Minute IF
Reporting + Editing + Translating:

Flawless nam goddess approves">

Co-Ed releases more concept photos of Hye Won and Hyo Young

Having previously released the names and teaser concept photos for their upcoming 10 member group, Co-Ed, Core Contents Media has today released additional photos for two of the group members.

The additional photos feature two of the more well-known members, One Light Hyo Young and One Star Hye Won. Hyo Young is known to have a twin sister, Hwa Young, who will link up with T-ara when they make their comeback.

The group is currently rehearsing hard ahead of their debut later this month, and they will begin promotions with the airing of their 3D debut music video in cinemas on September 27th.

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Source: coreclique, allkpop

Hyewon is just too gorgeous...
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Police bust syndicate that smuggled Chinese workers into South Korea

Public security authorities in East China's Shandong Province recently smashed a transnational criminal group that transported illegal immigrants into South Korea, the Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.

The Weihai border detachment was informed by Shandong provincial border police in August that a Chinese surnamed Zhou and a Korean surnamed Gang were arranging a ship in Weihai to bring Chinese workers into South Korea to work illegally.

The Weihai border detachment established a special investigation group that arrested 41 people, including seven organizers, in Weihai and Qingdao on September 4, when the criminal group was arranging for workers to board the boat to South Korea.

An official surnamed Li from the Weihai border detachment said the syndicate was headed by two Koreans and two Chinese. An investigation revealed that the syndicate had arranged the transportation of illegal workers more than once.

The border detachment has made cracking down on illegal immigration their top priority in recent years. Officers patrol the 986-kilometer coast for signs of illegal immigration activities every month.

On February 5, police officers arrested 49 people, including 16 organizers.
Li said such activities caused significant harm to Weihai.

"Some poor citizens from other provinces were cheated and sent to other countries to work as illegal cheap laborers. Their rights and security are at risk when they journey and work abroad," Li said.

Source: globaltimes
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How North Korea was lost - to China

Who lost North Korea? The question may sound odd, even impertinent. It carries echoes of a similar question that was bruited next door, 60 years ago, when North Korea was new.

Then, the question was: Who lost China? That was how some in the United States put it. They were anguished and angry that their man, Chiang Kai-shek, had unaccountably been chased off the mainland by an unknown communist upstart called Mao Zedong. In the emerging Cold War, which rapidly dissolved the pre-1945 anti-fascist global alliance, the world's most populous nation had in this view fallen on the wrong side of the fence. USSR 1, USA 0 - or so it seemed.
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Source: Asia Times

No idea what to tag this with

Gangnam Girl Gayoon asks fans to call her "kind girl" instead

4minute member Heo Gayoon, who has been lauded as "Gangnam Girl" by netizens, has asked fans to call her "kind girl" instead.

On the 14th, Sunnyside members Master Chang and MJ posted a video featuring Heo Gayoon in which she said this, referring to her song with the rap duo, "Bad Guy, Kind Girl."

In the video, Heo Gayoon said, "My nickname now is 'Gangnam Girl,' but I think it should become 'Kind Girl'" and also "Please give Sunny Side's new song, 'Bad Guy, Kind Girl," a lot of love!"

Gayoon continued, saying "As I'm usually doing promotions with my girls in 4minute, I've never worked with Sunnyside oppas before this, but the love between us now is really big! The result has been very good, and I wish I can work with them again in the future," to which one Sunnyside member jokingly replied, "Don't wish for that, wish that we get #1 on the music charts!"

Sunnyside will be performing on the 17th and 18th on KBS's "Music Bank" as well as MBC's "Music Core."

source ~ Nate + (trans)

Sistar head to Japan!

The girls of SISTAR are packing up and flying across the sea, as they perform for the Hallyu Music Festival (also known as the “Korean Music Festival”) 2010 in Shibuya, Japan!

Held at the CC Lemon Hall on the 20th, it’s a night dedicated to highlighting Korean music in Japan. This year, the concert has attracted quite the gathering of major Japanese agencies and companies. These include: Sony Music, Pony Canyon, FujiTV, NHK (broadcasting corporation), and many others. The estimated number of VIPs and agencies are to be in the hundreds.

It’s certainly an exciting opportunity for SISTAR, as they’ve been selected as the sole Korean girl-group performer of the night. 

SISTAR’s agency, Starship Entertainment stated, “The KMF 2010 will be the stepping stone in SISTAR’s oversea activities. As their first international appearance, the girls are busy preparing and fine-tuning their performances”.

2AM, MBLAQ, and D-NA will also be performing at the event. The festival plans to donate proceeds to the “Good Friend! Save the Child” charitable organization.

source ~ akp

can't wait for them to start overseas promotions.

Doojoon thought Miss A's Min had a crush on him!

Recently, we reported that Doojoon was humiliated because he thought a female celebrity had a crush on him. During the broadcast of “Strong Heart“, it was revealed that the woman in question is miss A’s Min!

Doojoon revealed, “During miss A’s award acceptance speech, she mentioned my name, and thus a scandal was born. I don’t have that kind of a relationship with Min. We only met twice as trainees…I asked Min later on, Min had referred to a representative and revealed that saying my name was a mistake.”

MC Kang Hodong said, “In reality people say this when they can’t confess to the person they like”, to which Doojoon replied with, “Truthfully, I’m only half-convinced. I want to know their real intentions.”

The MCs asked him, “How would you feel if you openly talked about the person you liked?”  Doojoon answered, “My heart would be racing, but saying her name alone would become the death of me,” which aroused much laughter in the studio.

source ~ akp

omg... I totally hope it's Jiyoon. his stone thighs plus her boulder face would be a match made in heaven *o*

J Lim and Jo Kwon topple 2NE1 in Soribada’s music chart

Veteran vocalist J Lim (Lim Jung Hee) recently made her comeback to the K-pop industry with the release of her single "On The Way To Break Up", featuring Jo Kwon of 2AM.

The song became an instant hit as soon as it was released, beating out all of 2NE1’s tracks on ‘Soribada’s real time music chart’, and claiming the #1 spot.

Fans of J Lim have showed their joy, leaving comments like: “I waited 3 years to listen to this song,” “The color of the two people match very well” and “The song expresses the bittersweet feeling quite emotionally.

Meanwhile, J Lim’s full mini-album is scheduled to be released on September 30th.

source ~ allkpop

congrats! tough competition but she deserves it. love the song.

2NE1 talks about their true image, creative input, and recording with

2NE1 has made an impressive comeback with the release of their first official album, “To Anyone.” Staying true to their unique and powerful energy, they’ve revealed a variety of concepts through their music videos, making sure to differentiate themselves from the other girl groups on the market.

However, in an interview with OSEN on September 15th, 2NE1 showed a different side to their standard image. Despite being confident, they were also humble, and despite being outgoing, they were serious as well. They shyly laughed while commenting, “Meeting us in person, we’re less scary than you thought, right?

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Sources: Nate 1, 2
Translations: AKP, GEE@YGladies
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

2AM reveals LOVE MV for Acoustic OST

2AM recently revealed the full track and MV titled ‘Love' for Omnibus film Acoustic. Acoustic is broken down into three parts. The first part stars actress Shin Se Kyung, the second part stars CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jonghyun, and the third part stars 2AM’s Im Seulong and Baek Jinhee.

Remember to support 2AM by purchasing the OST!

Check out the MV below:

source: AKP ; KyuleeKPOPMV
onew - behind you

[100915] - Onew at Rock of Ages musical, first performance

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Source: Onew's Me2day,WRS, 2
Pictures: as tagged by WRS
reupload at WRS : chocolatheia + shinhoshinho
YT: HeroineeTaemin, FAPjinkibear, vivioncifer, PMINHOKEYBUM1
Translation: @vivinjolian

Yay, Onew! I do want to see a fancam of him singing Don't Stop Believing though. Contributed to as well by childishgrin <3. Edited in more fanphotos + rehearsal photos.
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Key reveals the “91-line” from Athletics Championships

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Following in other idol stars’ footsteps, SHINee’s Key revealed his own picture from MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special“.

Key participated in the event with BEAST’s Dongwoon, MBLAQ’s Mir, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and F.T. Island’s Lee Jaejin, and said that they shared a very good talk that day. The picture Key uploaded shows Dongwoon, Jinwoon, and himself smiling happily for the camera. You can see how Key expressed his regret when Mir and Jaejin couldn’t get together to take a picture.

Fans have commented, “The 91-line is really cute and heartwarming” and “I’m envious of the 91-er’s get-together”.

S: akp

91 line represent~
Lee Jong Hyuk; sing
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Kim Jong Kook, a mini theatre concert for the first time ever 'My Special Memory'

 Singer Kim Jong Kook is to hold his first mini-theatre concert.

'2010 Kim Jong Kook's concert My Special Memory' will be held on 15, 16, 17 October in Seoul Ehwa University Samsung Hall. It is drawing the attention of the public since it is Kim Jong Kook's first time ever to hold a mini-theatre concert since his debut.

Kim Jong Kook has said, "I wanted to provide a meeting where I could be comfortable and honest to my fans who has been with me for over 10 years. This upcoming concert is dedicated for the songs and stories of KJK and his fans more than anything"

Kim Jong Kook will showcase his calm and delicate vocal abilities through this concert. Also, he will be performing the songs from his upcoming remake album which is being released this month.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook is now making a regular appearance on SBS Good Sunday's 'Running Man'.

Source: Star Today
Translated by: jklove_07 at Soompi Forums
Where's all the Jongkook lovers? ;_;

Koreans up in arms over draft dodging stars

Some feigned insanity. Others dislocated their own shoulder joints.

And some even drank lots of coffee to instantly raise blood pressure. These are just some of the creepy methods some young Koreans have been caught using to dodge mandatory military service in Korea.

Recently, another weird method was used to dodge the draft: tooth extraction. Shin Dong-hyun, a hip-hop artist better known as M.C. Mong, who made it big with his improvisational flair and high-energy singing, faces charges that he intentionally had healthy teeth removed to make himself ineligible for the draft in 2007. Army doctors found in 2007 that Shin, now 31, had 12 molars missing, which disqualified him for military service, according to the military. But after months of investigation, police said last week that at least four of those missing teeth were intentionally pulled out, even though they were healthy.

Shin was unreachable for comment, but he previously denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he had chronic gum problems from his childhood.

Shin’s case has rekindled a heated debate about draft dodging by TV and sports stars who make more money and wield more influence than people in any other profession, but for these stars job security is always in jeopardy.

In Korea, all able-bodied men age 20 or older are required to serve in the armed forces or do civil service for nearly two years

Controversy over celebrities’ draft dodging has been an ongoing issue, with huge public uproars ensuing after every case.

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Source(s): joongangdaily and 1n2dfansubs.
my bb seo in gook

Miss Shin doesn't want to return to Korea. Shit just got real.

Troubled singer and entertainer Shin Jung-hwan does not wish to return to Korea, his agency announced Wednesday.

IS Enter Media Group said that Shin's manager visited the 35-year-old Shin in Cebu, Philippines and asked him to explain what has been going on but Shin did not answer. Shin's final decision, however, was that he presently has no desire to return to Korea, according to the manager.

"After confirming that Shin had his passport with him, the manager tried to persuade him to return to Korea but Shin said that he wants to take some time off, away from everything. It was difficult to figure out what exactly had happened because he kept silent, but there appeared to be no risk to his safety or health," said the agency.

"The manager informed Shin that suspicions will heat up if he does not apologize and explain to the public in person, but Shin left the hotel with his acquaintances there on Sunday morning and is no longer in contact," added the agency.

Shin left for Hong Kong on Monday morning, according to reports.

Shin's agency told MBC's "Radio Star" and "Flower Bouquet" on Tuesday that Shin is dropping out from the programs and MBC accepted the withdrawal.

Shin flew to Cebu on Aug. 27 and stayed at a resort casino hotel, missing the taping of TV programs in Seoul without prior notice, evoking rumors that his stay there was linked to his gambling debt.

He claimed last Wednesday that he had been hospitalized with dengue fever the whole time after simply visiting the casinos as a part of sightseeing. However, a doctor at the Cebu Hospital was quoted as saying by local media that Shin was currently well.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office on Tuesday began an investigation into Shin's alleged illegal overseas gambling in the Philippines.

The entertainer was banned from TV appearances in 2005 when he was charged with illegal gambling. Last year, he was sued by one of his acquaintances for taking 180 million won fraudulently.

source: The Korea Herald

T-ara post!

T-ara to release a project song for Lee Kyungsup Project part.1 album

T-ara [Lee Kyungsup Project part.1]
September 29th, 2010

Lee Kyungsup is a famous composer/singer/songwriter from the mid-1990s and early 2000s. He has previously won numerous awards for the songs he's composed in the past and has composed songs for other CCM artists such as SG Wannabe.

Latest T-ara selcas from Twitter!!

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Sources: T-arafan, Diadem (2), taraeunjung1212 (2), sohotmelody (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7),

Jay Park is coming to Manila

Maslow Korea Philippines Office and JayEffect Philippines invites you to Jay Park's Fan Meeting in Manila on October 3, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia SMX Center Hall 1 at 6PM.

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Source:  Philippine KPop Convention on Facebook, Jay Park Live in Manila on Facebook

I know, I am also confused between the conflicting phone numbers on the text and the poster.  Try dialing both of them. 

Nassun and G.O end ‘O-IWI-O’ promotions due to lack of public interest

On September 15th through the recording of a live show “The Muzit,” MBLAQ’s G.O and Nassun ended their promotions of their duet track “O-IWI-O” as they performed their last stage together.

Nassun revealed his thoughts about the short-lived promotions, as he commented after the recording, “I had fun performing with G.O. It’s sad to see our promotions end compared to how long we’ve prepared for our duet, but I think it was time for us to go back to our respective places again. … Everyone please keep loving G.O, and look foward to my first album that will be released soon.”

Meanwhile, G.O and Nassun started their promotions back in September 5th, and they have performed once on each of the three music shows, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo.

All K-Pop
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BoA reveals a teaser photo, leaves Hurricane Venus makeup behind

Korean superstar BoA celebrated her 10th anniversary as a musician with her comeback album, ‘Hurricane Venus‘. It’s just been released that she will undergo a radical transformation to accompany her re-packaged 6th album.

‘Hurricane Venus’ is BoA’s first Korean promotion in five years, as she took a hiatus to pursue her activities in Japan and the U.S. The re-packaged album is said to include two new tracks, though which you will truly feel the color and charisma of BoA’s music once again.

BoA’s re-packaged album will be released on the 27th, and promotions begin on the 24th with a performance on KBS’ “Music Bank“.

source: akp


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