September 16th, 2010



Looks like our urgings a few days ago had the desired effect. 2NE1 is breaking both racial and gender boundaries. They just cracked the Top 20 on the Itunes US Hip-Hop Albums Chart. Not only are they within 19 spots of the rapping king Eminem, from what I can tell, they are THE ONE AND ONLY LADIES of any race in the TOP 200! They are the only non-black artists on the entire list, except for Eminem. Our girls are competing with the big boys of Hip-Hop and doing very well indeed.

It is only a matter of time before 'To Anyone' lands on the Top 200 Album Chart for all Itunes US albums. Rest assured, we will be stalking Itunes' charts for that information. Oh and they are also charting in other countries, #27 AUSTRALIA #43 CANADA #128 SWEDEN #61 NEW ZEALAND #137 ITALY #194 UNITED KINGDOM. Way to go girls!

Source: ITUNES USA Hip-Hop Album Chart
Credit: Black Stones @soompi for the screen cap
Written by tazanya @
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Dara's skin remains flawless, people still shocked.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sandara Park’s “absolutely young” skin is recently a hot topic of conversation among netizens.

On the September 14th airing of “2NE1 TV Season 2“, Sandara Park went shopping at Dongdaemun with fellow 2NE1 member, Park Bom. Although Sandara Park was wearing a black hoodie with no make-up, her clean and flawless skin attracted a lot of attention.

Netizens who watched the broadcast were rather surprised at Sandara Park’s “absolutely young” skin: “It’s absolutely young. Totally baby skin”, “It’s getting tiring to say she’s pretty after saying it so many times”, and “She’s an ‘84 and 27-years old, but she has better skin than me, a 17 year old”.

Don’t you wish you had young skin like Dara?

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Luna + Tofu = Trot singing Milk Couple?

f(x)’s Luna & SHINee’s Onew Transform Into The ‘Milk Couple’?
For MBC‘s Idol Star Trot Competition, two idols paired up and put on a spectacular performance for the audience!

In honor of Chuseok, MBC decided to film a special segment called Idol Star Trot Competition, in which members from all different groups joined together and showed off their trot-singing skills. Idols that participated include members from 4minute, miss A, BEAST, U-Kiss, Supernova, Lee Hyun, Eru, LPG, SHINee‘s Onew, and f(x)‘s Luna!

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That picture. LOL FOREVER. Does anyone have the hilarious macro of that?

Sorry mods, I didn't realize that the article didn't link directly to the source... fortunately I had luck and good instinct on my side and found it even with my lack of korean skills mwuhahahaa.

ATHENA reduces its GQMF-ness

Cha Seung Won pulls out of Athena’s Japan filming

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It has been revealed that actor Cha Seung Won has pulled out of filming in Japan for “Athena: Goddess of War” due to poor health. As a result, Cha’s involvement in the drama will now be drastically reduced.

Cha had departed with the production team to Japan last weekend for overseas filming, but his health began to deteriorate as the days went by, and it was suspected he had developed symptoms of sepsis from food poisoning. Taewon Entertainment officials decided to send Cha back home to Korea where he is now resting, and they will decide again on his involvement depending on his recovery.

With the drama debuting in December, the schedule is already very packed, and there’s simply no time to accomodate any re-filming for Cha in Japan. As a result, the screenwriter must modify the script drastically to reduce Cha’s involvement in the drama, since he originally had a large part.

An official said that they will do their best to minimize the possible impact to the drama.

“Athena” will be broadcast through SBS from December 13th.

SOURCE: allkpop

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Kim Jae Wook's "Heart of Gold" Is Finally Available

It's finally that time my Japanese speaking Omonaians. Kim Jae Wook's and Janice Man's special internet movie Heart of Gold is now available to be viewed. Chapter 1. pt 1 was released today with part 2 schedule to be released on 9/30.   KJW plays a Korean graphic artist who goes to Japan and falls for Janice's Man's character.

The movie is a three chapter storied movie which will run from 9/16-12/27. Each part per chapter is scheduled to be release weekly.

To view the movie please click on the following link :

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ok back to work for me. I'm hopping this can be subbed soon ^_^
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Beige to duet with a male member of an idol group - mystery solved.

On September 14th’s radio broadcast of MBC FM4U ‘Hyun Young’s Music Party,’ Beige revealed that she will be collaborating with a male member of an idol group for a fresh and energetic track. Unfortunately, she did not reveal who the member is, so it has gotten the netizens very curious.

A hint was revealed by Beige, as she said that the member “Has a partner.” With the hint, the netizens have been throwing out the names of various male artists: 2PM’s Nichkhun, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Super Junior’s Ryeowook, and SHINee’s Minho and Jonghyun.

The mystery is now solved, 'cause the MV teaser is out.

It's our adorable Ryeowook!

Source: allkpop & ryeowookism

SNSD...still conquering Japan's Music Charts

SNSD has placed on Japan’s billboard chart.

On the 15th, SNSD’s debut song “GENIE” placed high on Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 Weekly Chart, Hot Top Airplay, and the Hot Single Chart.

This song ranked #4 on the comprehensive Hot 100 chart. They possessed rank #5 on the Hot Single Sales Chart.

This song particularly shined in the #1 spot on the airplay chart (Number of Times song was broadcasted). The airplay chart monitors 33 nationwide FM/AM radio stations. The result is computed by the amount of times the song was played on that given station as well as the population and listening ratio of that given area. They have received a lot of interest from the Japanese media.

Now, we can see that SNSD’s advance to Japan has had a favorable start. This song also was rank #4 on ORICON’s weekly chart.

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Source: Chosun Online

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S.Korea has more mobile phones than people: agency

Gadget-mad South Korea now has more mobile phones than people, with a growing number of users carrying multiple handsets for business purposes, telecoms authorities said on Wednesday.

The Korea Communications Commission said there were 50 million mobile service subscribers in the country as of this month, more than the population of 48.8 million.

"You may say there are 1.2 million people carrying two phones, but excluding children and those with no phones, the number of multiple-phone owners could be far higher," Choi Seong-Ho, the commission's communication service policy director, told AFP.

Now mobile phones are not simply a tool to make calls and send text messages but an essential part of everyday life encompassing business, shopping and Internet searches, he said.

South Korea launched its first mobile phone service in 1984 and the number of subscribers grew exponentially through the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The agency also said there are 3.67 million smartphone users in the country, 7.4 percent of the total.

Statistics Korea estimates the 2009 population at 49.30 million -- still fewer than the number of mobile phones.

Source: AFP
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South Korea's human rights watchdog has instructed two matchmaking agencies to stop height discrimin

South Korea's human rights watchdog on Wednesday told two matchmaking agencies to stop height discrimination when signing up men as members.

The National Human Rights Commission ruled in favour of a 39-year-old man who filed complaints against two agencies. They refused to accept him as a member due to his "short" height of 158 centimeters (5 feet two inches).

"The commission finds it an unreasonable act of discrimination for matchmaking agencies to reject male applicants because of their short height and urges their corrective action," it said in a statement.

The watchdog said it amounted to a "breach of human dignity" for the agencies to deny applicants on grounds of their physical characteristics.

"It is unreasonable for the agencies to reject male applicants only because they are short. Therefore, we have told the agencies to change their policies," a spokesman for the commission told AFP.

The agencies had refused membership to men shorter than 165 centimeters (5 feet, five inches) on the grounds that brides prefer taller men.

Source: AFP

BEAST will be revealing a ballad song on the 17th... comeback set for late September

Beast revealing ballad song on the 17th

The group BEAST has been confirmed for a comeback during late September.

BEAST's management, Cube Entertainment, stated, "The third mini album for BEAST and comeback has been decided for late September."

A song in the third mini album for BEAST, 'Clenching a Tight Fist' will be revealed on an online music site at 10AM KST on the 17th. This song will be an R&B track from the hit song maker Ahn Youngmin. It will be a new sound that harmonizes the traditional ballad with a new melody.

BEAST had showed off their skills earlier by releasing a sincere version of the song 'Easy' during their past album promotions.


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Source: Poppin Dragon's twitter
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“I Saw the Devil” Nabbed by Magnet in Toronto

Magnet Releasing, the genre banner of Wagner/Cuban Company’s Magnolia Pictures has picked up North American rights to Korean director Kim Jeewoon’s “I Saw the Devil” at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Magnet’s Tom Quinn negotiated the deal with Youngjoo Suh from Finecut. Magnet will release the thriller in theaters in the first quarter of 2011.

In the film, “The Good, the Bad and the Weird”‘s Lee Byung-hyun stars as Dae-hoon, a special agent whose pregnant wife becomes the latest victim of a disturbed and brutal serial killer, played by Oldboy’s Choi Min-sik. Vowing revenge, Dae-hoon blurs the lines between hunter and hunted and good and evil, eventually becoming a monster himself in his twisted pursuit of revenge.

“‘I Saw the Devil’ is one of the most riveting and unrelenting films I’ve ever seen. It is an undisputable masterpiece,” commented Magnet SVP Tom Quinn in a statement. “Unparalleled in it’s brutality, Kim Jeewoon deftly takes the serial killer thriller to new, profoundly disturbing heights. It’s hard to imagine curating a genre label that didn’t include this remarkable achievement.”

Source: IndieWire

In other words, the movie now has an American distributor, and the movie can be seen in American theatres in 2011.
Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

Avex staff words about this mess

EDITED with clearer, more accurated translation.
[trans] 100916 chiba ryuuhei’s twitter update

I'm sorry for my lack of power. Moreover, I was thinking that I should give glimpses of this sad outcome first and then apologize to you, but then I thought that it would be even more rude to say something like that on Twitter so I stopped. This is not their fault. It's just that people whom they chose are people who we cannot associate with. And now, we are the people who were rejected, from them who we love so much.

When I was asked for the reason why I was rejected, it might be perplexing to hear this answer but I believe that it is because I am not appealing enough. Moreover, I guess it's Baek-san who is appealing. It is regrettable and painful, and I am sorry that I give an answer to your expectation. I try my best to do a better job to improve the company and the men.

As the person in charge of this case, I am reflecting on my great insufficiency and my naive opinion, as well as feeling helpless and miserable from being dejected. I am really, really sorry. However, as an insistent man, I will not give up on the comeback of Tohoshinki. I will continue working learning from this experience. See you then. I am sorry.

Source: [Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter]
Translation credits: linhkawaii @
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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OP Note: Someone in SYC commented "Actually, if you check the original Japanese, Chiba-san states that he was the one to be dumped by them, not the other way around (it was a translation mistake in the indirect object of the sentence). So I would take it the way that avex told them they needed to choose either CJeS or avex and boys did what they did." I don't know about this. Comments are comments.  

[trans] 100916 avex staff – shigeo’s twitter

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Source: [Shigeo’s Twitter]
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I don't really know anymore. I feel like someone stamped  'I so told you' on my forehead.......
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More adorkable OnDrew!stanning and Dana hitting the stage!

Onew’s Rock of Ages Debut
After months of hard training, SHINee’s leader Onew finally got to showcase his acting chops again as Rock of Ages opened yesterday.

Performed in Seoul at the Seoul Olympic Gardens’ Hall, the musical opened to a sold out show, standing ovation and positive reviews. The musical tells the story of Drew—played by Onew—a common bus boy who falls for a small town girl and aspires to be a rock star. His journey is told through some of the most famous rock songs of the ‘80s. The show also stars fellow SM Entertainment artists Jay of TRAX and Dana and Sunday of the Grace.

In a press conference for the show today, Onew reveals his feelings about celebrities branching out in their careers.

“I think that one person being able to do several things is an advantage. I used to feel distant about singers taking on acting but not anymore. I think a lot can be shown including singing, acting and musicals when one is given the chance.”

Check out pictures of Onew taking full grasp of this chance below, clad in full rocker garb, and also a short video of the ending. SHINee’s dubu leader seems unrecognizable under all the studs and leather, doesn’t he?

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Source: ghdpssk, jesskim@10Asia
Video: WRS
Written by: aetria@kpoplive

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Source: 10asia

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Many Normal Korean Children Consider Themselves Too Fat

Six in 10 children who consider themselves fat actually have normal weight, an extensive survey suggests. The Korea Food and Drug Administration surveyed about 6,600 children from age one to 19 across the country between late 2007 and late 2008.

This suggests that even children can suffer a false body image, a phenomenon that typically occurs among young women with eating disorders.

In the survey, 30.5 percent of girls and 22.1 percent of boys said they were fat, but 63.1 percent of them had normal weight. The problem was more serious among girls, some 46.5 percent of whom said they were overweight while the weight of 75.4 percent was in fact normal.

"A wrong body image can lead to wrong eating patterns, which could hamper their growth," warned Moon Gwi-im, a researcher at the KFDA.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Rookie group Dalmatian's 'six-pack abs'

Rookie group Dalmatian showed off their 'six-pack abs' all they wanted through their reality program. Recently having made their debut, they showed their hidden body full of muscle on the 14th in the aired episode of cable channel M.Net's "Dalmatian's Manager Goes on Strike." The problematic 'shower scene' showed the lead vocalist Drama's soft skin as he put his face right at the camera and rapper Day Day's chocolate abs in which he poised jokingly.

With his perfect abs, Day Day was known as a JYP expert rap trainer in which he received attention before his own debut for training groups like Wonder Girls and 2PM. On the broadcasting episode, Secret's Song Jieun chose him as her ideal in which she was one of his rap students as she said, "I had feelings for Day Day's past."

Meanwhile, 'Dalmatian's Manager Goes on Strike' is the 'reality PR hell' in which rookie group Dalmatian promotes themselves without a mangaer filled with promotion missions in which they have to fulfill. Known as 'bad boy idols,' Dalmatian has stepped foot into the 'putting my life on the line in getting our name known project' in being able to survive the cold world of broadcasting stations as they will be showing their unique promotion ideas. This airs every Tuesday at 7PM.

Source: Nate
Translation: BOSS! @ DALMINATION

Watch ep 2 here!

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Best fucking five gets best fucking number on online reservation charts

KARA's Japan Best Album Online Reservation Sales was ranked at position #1.

KARA's Best Album which includes 'Wanna' 'Pretty Girl' 'Lupin' which is scheduled to be released on 29 Sept. The album comes in two editions: Normal edition and limited edition. On 11th Sept this album's online reservation sales was ranked at #1 on Japanese Tower Record. Online Reservation sales have already started for about 4 weeks. Despite many Japanese popular artists such as Nakashima Mika,etc have also released a lot of new songs which made the rank drop on the 5 Sept to 7 Sept, but it climbed back up again on 11 Sept and maintained at #1 on 12 Sept as well. There's slight drop on 13 Sept as Kanjani∞ new album was released pushing the sales down to #4 but it's expected to bounce back up the chart again based on the above analysis.

Not only that, on last 1st Sept KARA VACATION which was released in Japan also gained so much popularity. 'KARA VACATION' on Oricon weekly Blue-ray total ranking was at #11, which is by far the highest and newest record for asia division ever since the record achieved by Haramiki Mekumi's Album (Beach Angels in Maui - released 2008) at #13.

Kara will be releasing the second single album on early November in Japan, and is scheduled to release new album in Korea mid-November.
Sports Chosun
Translated by aank1

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Supreme Team and Young-jun score first win on Gaon chart

Korean rapping duo Supreme Team and Brown Eyed Soul's Young-jun scored their first win on Gaon's singles chart during the week of September 5 to 11.

The latest duet "Why" by the singers bowed into the No. 1 spot, while previous winner "Love, love, love" by FT Island dropped a notch to second place and entering the top three was the new song "Can't Nobody" by four-member girl group 2NE1.

On the albums chart, 2NE1's first full-length album "To Anyone" took the title as the best-selling record during the second week of September and FT Island's second mini-album "beautiful journey" positioned itself in the runner-up spot.

Part two of the soundtrack of the hit TV series "Minamishineyo," featuring songs from various artists, came in at No. 3, jumping up two slots from last week.

2NE1, who recently returned to the music scene with their first full-length release "To Anyone," have been promoting three title tracks "Can't Nobody," "Go Away" and "Clap Your Hands" simultaneously since its release on sale on September 9.

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Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3

Critics Rank Top 5 Best & Worst Idols // Puts Much Hurt In Many Butts

Korean website 100Beat is receiving a lot of attention for their recent article on the “5 Best and Worst Idols over the past 10 years”.

The hottest topic of the Korean music industry over the past few years has been none other than the ‘idol fever’ sweeping the market. With previous years being taken over by boy bands, the past 10 years of the music market have been dominated by both group and soloist idols.

Which idols are the best? Which idols are the worst? With the emergence of H.O.T as the initial marking point of the trend, five individual teams were chosen to compile entries for both the best and the worst categories.

Those that participated in the survey include 20 professional critics, such as music magazine editor-in-chiefs, journalists, and broadcast writers. All of them participated in a discussion meeting with ‘100 BEAT‘ in order to come up with the following list.

<"BEST 5">
1. BoA
3. Big Bang
4. S.E.S

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<”WORST 5″>
1. CNBlue
2. ZE:A
3. Super Junior
4. H.O.T
5. Rain

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Netizens commented on DAUM’s BBS board with comments such as , “I agree overall with the list,” “Maybe the journalist is a male, there are no girl groups in the worst list,” “I don’t care that they chose those groups as the worst, but I think a better explanation is needed,” and “Where is 2PM in the worst?”.

Translated: Akp


2NE1 - Dara Me2's, Making of Go Away MV Subbed, Album Scans, Thanks To & Vanness Wu

Dara's Me2day
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Source: Dara's Me2day // Translated by: Gee @ YGLadies 1 // 2
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Source: Album Scans & Thanks To - YGLadies // Translated by GEE & 21kristine @ YGLadies
I love Minzy's handwriting <3

Making of Go Away MV - Subbed
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Source: YGSRASubs

Vanness Wu Talks About Clap Your Hands & Random Things
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100916 Avex's Official Statement: JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN to Suspend Their Activities in Japan

September 16, 2010

Avex Group Holdings
Representative CEO Masato Matsuura
(Code Number: 7860 Tokyo Stock Exchange, First section)

Contact: Representative Director CFO Kazunari Takeuchi
TEL: 03-5413-8550

To whom it may concern:

Suspension of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN's Activities in Japan

We would like to inform you that the Japanese activities of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN, exclusive artists of Avex Entertainment Inc. (100% subsidiary of our company, head office in Minato district, Tokyo), will be suspended for the time being.

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Source: Avex Co. Jp
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
TOP &amp; YB
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2NE1: ‘We Want to Become Icon’

Three songs among the title songs included in 2NE1's first album have brought about a sensation on the music charts.

People in the music industry recently have been keeping a close watch on 2NE1’s (CL 19, Sandara 26, Park Bom 26, and Kong Min Ji 16) first album release. Because of word-of-mouth saying their songs included in their first regular album are very good, some music management companies even rescheduled the release of new albums for their singers. As anticipated, 2NE1’s first album, which was released on September 9, has received an enthusiastic response. They adopted a strategy to advertise the three title songs “Can’t Nobody,” ”Clap Your Hands” and “Go Away,” and those three songs all ranked from first to third on various music charts. In addition, other songs included in the album such as “Slow,” ”I’m Busy” and “Love is Ouch” are all ranked in the top 10.

In a recent interview with Yonhap news, members of 2NE1 said confidently, “The first order for the first album reached 120,000 copies. We had been raring to get back to the stage. We wanted to show that our music and style have evolved.”

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{beast;yoseob} ☆ umbrella

BEAST's Mini-Album Tracklist, Appropriately Titled "Mastermind"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


01. Mastermind
02. 숨 (Breath)
03. V.I.U (Very Important U)
04. Break Down
05. 주먹을 꽉 쥐고(Clenching a Tight Fist)

Composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu Sung, “Breath” was selected to be the title track. The lyrics were written by fellow BEAST member Yong Junhyung, and the song contains strong drum beats. Things to note for this track are the powerful vocals of Yoseob, as well as its unique ending.

Source: allkpop

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Supernova on their limp Korean debut and success in Japan

“First place? I’d rather have people know that we exist.”

Such a statement was surely not expected from a star that has been sweeping Japan’s Oricon chart. However, Supernova was not just being humble but actually expressing their one true wish in a recent interview with Donga News.

They returned to the Korean music industry with “Time To Shine” after a two years and six months hiatus. Having arrived in Japan last September, they’ve managed to land each of their nine singles into Oricon’s top 5 chart after only a year of promotion.

Supernova’s leader, Yoon Hak, stated, “It was hard to believe (our popularity) at first because there was such a large difference between Japan and Korea. Still, it was because of our Japanese promotions that we were able to return to Korea.”

Before their debut in 2007, Supernova garnered interest by being dubbed the ‘model group,’ and sometimes even being called “six Rains in one group.” Unfortunately, such attention was short-lived as the interest dropped soon after their debut.
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source; allkpop
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miss A reveals Step Up comeback photo

Though it hasn’t been long since they’ve finished “Bad Girl Good Girl” promotions, miss A is already preparing to make a comeback with a brand new track!

On the 17th, they revealed their first teaser photo and in true teaser fashion, we can’t really see anything.

But from what we can make out, their outfits definitely look more quirky this time around. The single cover also says “Step Up,” so we’re guessing it’s safe to assume that it’s probably their title track.

AQ Entertainment said, ”This is miss A’s comeback teaser photo. Please cheer on miss A since they will be back with a shocking new look.”

I wonder what their new concept will be.

Source: allkpop

T-ara's Eunjung Reveals Her 'Cool Hat Charm'

T-ara's Eunjung revealed her "Cool Hat Charm' through a picture.

On the 17th, Eunjung posted selcas on her Twitter and captioned it as: "Being cool twice (?). Having the feeling of not being revealed is good. It's like that". Eunjung shows off her cool and chic style with her head tilted to the side. The fans have made comments such as: "You're showing off a different kind of charm, it's attractive," "You're so cute and sexy at the same time!" "The way your hair looks here looks as if it's being blown by the wind~".

T-ara's Eunjung will be participating in MBC's Thanksgiving Special Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Source: Sports Chosun
Twitter: taraeunjung1212
Written by: Cheong Haewook
Translated by: Elly @ Diadem

Taeyang will end solo activities after his concert

It was revealed today that Big Bang’s Taeyang will be focusing on Big Bang promotions after his solo concert. His solo activities will also come to an end.

Last year he revealed “Where U At” and promoted “Wedding Dress” right after. Then months later he came back with “I Need A Girl” and finally impressed his fans with “I’ll Be There.”

On the 18th, he will perform on “Music Core” and that will be his last music program stage. After that, he’s going to concentrate on his solo concerts which will be held on the 25th and 26th.

He will be performing things that his fans haven’t had a chance to see live.

YG said,

“This concert will reach a higher level than his first solo concert in 2008. The one on the 25th is for all ages and the one on the 26th is for people older than the age of 18. After his concerts end, he will return to Big Bang and work hard on their upcoming Korean album.”

S: akp

rest up yb!! 
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[10.09.11] Eric in discussions for drama comeback

Singer/actor Eric will be marking his return with a primetime drama at the end of the year. Currently serving as a public service officer, Eric will be discharged from military service on 22 October, and prior to his discharge he has already been receiving love calls from drama productions. According to an insider, Eric has received 7-8 offers from drama productions with broadcast dates ranging from the end of this year to early next year, proving that his popularity from before his enlistment has remained fairly intact.

Among these drama productions, there are about two in particular with a greater chance of him appearing in. One of them is apparently a drama written by a popular writer, and has become a hot topic for discussion even before it’s aired. The insider said, “He’ll make a decision soon as to whether or not he will take up the role in the drama, as filming is scheduled to start upon his discharge. Eric may be able to greet the viewers in a role very well-suited to him by the end of November.”

Eric will resume acting activities as well as music activities upon his discharge. During this period of time while he has been serving his military duty, he has been working on materials for his album. As fellow Shinhwa members Lee Minwoo, Junjin, Kim Dongwan and Andy are still in military service now, group activities seem unlikely for now thus he has plans to work on his solo album first.

The insider elaborated, “He often meets up with the Shinhwa members to talk about his solo album and they talk a lot about Shinhwa as well. Eric has been rapping for Shinhwa, and his solo album will also have a hip-hop feel and a strong character to it.”

Prior to his enlistment in October 2008, Eric had established himself as an actor with dramas such as “Phoenix”, “Que Sera Sera” and “Super Rookie”.

Credits: Sports Donga + Absolut Shinhwa

Kim Hyun Joong's tired face surprises

Although Kim Hyun Joong has a busy schedule, fans were surprised to see him with a very tired face, especially on television!

Netizens have been going crazy over several snapshots from a recent episode of MBC’s Playful Kiss. In the snapshots, the usually glowing face of Hyun Joong has been replaced by dull eyes, dark circles and a slight mustache.

A few comments that were made about his “changed appearance” stated, “The drama recording must be very hard. You even grew a mustache.”, “He seems sleepy and super tired.”, and “Kim Hyun Joong fighting!”

On another note, don’t the pictures make him look like a total copy of Bae Yong Jun?

source ~ akp

simple remedy: moar shirtless scenes

____ JOO♥

Colleagues 4minute and BEAST always together in photos!,

HyunA has uploaded photos quickly depicting Cube family love.

HyunA's photo was uploaded to Twitter, and the superstar diva wrote, "1, 2, 3... say kimchi! I'm moving a little but I have no energy... I'm tired. I want to sleep."

4minute's Heo Gayoon took the photo of the Cube trio, and BEAST member Junhyung gave the camera a blank stare as the shutter closed.

The stars were wearing their uniforms for a recent athletic meet put together by MBC. The photo depicted a moment when the stars had a much needed break to goof around with each other.

Fans who saw the photos wrote, "They seem to have a lot of hardships," "It looks like Junhyung didn't realize they were taking a picture. He's motionless," and "A nice photo of coworkers."

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MC Mong, once famous in Korea for his charm and musical talent, has now become a name synonymous with the words, “coward” and “contemptible”. The artist was slammed with the accusation that he intentionally extracted a sizeable amount of teeth in order to be exempt from mandatory military service. Even the police became involved when they launched their own investigation to examine the matter. And now, there’s a new chapter to this controversial saga – based on their findings, Korean law enforcement agents have declared that they will book MC Mong.

Leading the investigation, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated on the 17th, “For his career in the entertainment business, Shin Dong Hyun (MC Mong) falsified reports and removed four teeth to qualify for the dental disability exemption from the military draft. Shin Dong Hyun, his agency’s CEO, and his military broker will be brought into police custody“.

The SMP Agency revealed, “Shin Dong Hyun received qualifying examinations on August 1998 but paid the military enlistment broker approximately twenty two thousand dollars to accept his illegitimate “W Engineer School” certificate. He also incorporated various excuses, such as oversea activities and civilian tests to avoid the draft 5 times, for a total of 422 days of military exemption.”

Following up, “Because he scored above the necessary minimum score of 63 for the dental disability, he removed two extra molars in CheongNamDong Mo Dentistry. By holding out on dental treatment until the reexamination of disability test, he deteriorated his gum and dentals“.

The  investigation was litigated by leaked information on MC Mong’s falsified records. MC Mong recently denied all allegations and proclaiming that his name is free of scandal.

this sucks.