September 18th, 2010

SKE48 hopes to promote in Korea

An unfamiliar Japanese girl group made an appearance on September 10th at KBS’s Seoul Drama Awards. SKE48 is a popular girl group in Japan, and it consists of a unique system that divides their group into teams according to popularity. In total, they have over 30 members in the final group.

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"Korean netizens weren’t so welcoming"
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Changmin's NON-NO interview. Dying.

Gif dedicated to czarny

Q: It seems as though the filming for your debut television drama has been completed, what did you find most difficult?

Since the production for the drama lasted all the way from January to June this year, I honestly felt like it took forever. In Korea, dramas are usually broadcasted as they are being filmed, but since mine is being produced before its broadcast, things are a little out of the ordinary. However, because I had to film practically every day, it was tough managing my physical condition. In contrast to life as a singer, it demanded a lot more self-control. Also, since this was my first time, I wasn't really able to get a good grasp on my own lifestyle. Even though the filming took place at Jeju Island, in the southern parts of Korea, I had to fly back and forth from Seoul to Jeju all the time, and sometimes even Japan. Having to travel around like that was actually quite exhausting.

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Full photoshoot here

Cliffnotesnotes for the NON-NO interview
1. Changmin thought that filming for Paradise Ranch took like, forever. NO SHIT SHERLOCK MTE.
2. Changmin is a shy person.
3. Changmin feels lonely because of his less packed schedule. I think he's just missing JYJ :(
4. His muscles have gotten harder.
5. Obviously a fan of Haruki Murakami.
6. Is into Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.
7. More capable of devoting himself to friendships and romantic relationships
8. Wants to go to the US. You just went to LA, fool.

This is A Pretty, Hot, and Talented GQMFS Mega Post

So since I decided to stay in this Friday night (yes I know a shocker.....I'm trying to tame my self now that I'm in my ripe "old" age now. I figured I'd past time by bringing you Omonanians some presents, in the form of a Pretty Hot and Talented GQMFS mega post. 

This really is a barely camouflaged excuse to post about my extreme biases in one post but I digress.

Alex and former Jewerly Member Park Jung Ah are set to star in the new KBS drama "Laugh/Smile Donghae"

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Sources: HanCinema , TodayKorea, & AKP
Alex being back on my regular computer screen?.....Total squeal worthy

Narsha confesses her love for Won Bin on radio

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Kim Jae Wook and Kim Joon's "Pygmalion no Koi" DVD is OUT!
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Gong Yoo to hold a mini concert in Japan this December.

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Koreas discuss reuniting families.

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- Representatives for North and South Korea agreed Friday to hold another round of reunions next month for families separated by the Korean war more than 50 years ago, the South Korean Unification Ministry said.
The two sides agreed to hold the reunions on October 21 and 22. They could not agree on how many families to include in the reunion, and where it should be held, the ministry said.
The North had proposed resuming the reunions, which traditionally happen around the Koreas' autumn harvest holiday. It falls on September 22 this year.
Two Red Cross officials and 14 delegates from South Korea crossed the armed border into North Korea on Friday morning to meet with counterparts, according to the Yonhap news agency.
Millions of families were separated by the Korean War, which ended in 1953 with a cease-fire, but no formal peace treaty.
About 10,000 people applied to take part in a similar reunion last year, but fewer than 200 families were allowed to participate.
Family members wept as they saw one another for the first time in decades. No mail, telephone or e-mail exchanges exist between ordinary citizens across the Korean border.
Yoon Ki-Dal, 88, of South Korea thought such a moment would never come. After leaving his son and daughters when they were babies during the Korean War, he was able to hold the hands of his North Korean children last September.
"Father, we thought you were dead," his daughter, who was in her 60s, told him, her face trembling.
The families were allowed to spend a few days together before the South Koreans had to return home.

Source : CNNI
Penelope is pretty.
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Why Japanese Girls Go Mad for Korean Girl Bands

Girls' Generation perform at their first showcase in Japan on Aug. 25

Korean girl groups are attracting more fervent admirers among their own sex in Japan than from the young men they are ostensibly manufactured to appeal to. About 80 percent of the audience at the debut showcase of Girls' Generation at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo on Aug. 25 were female, from teenagers to women in their 30s. Plenty of them even sported Girls' Generation outfits.

Things are much the same with other Korean girl groups like 4 Minute, Kara and Brown Eyed Girls. Management agencies admit that even though the bands were meant to target male fans, more than half of the fans are young girls. In Korea, girl bands have traditionally been popular among men of all ages, from teens to those in their 50s.

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Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Comeback is nearing... lotsa Beast news!!

BEAST gains explosive feedback after revealing their new song from their album!

The group BEAST had revealed one of the songs from their 3rd album, ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ on the 17th on various music sites.

The R&B track ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’, which was released ahead of time despite their comeback coming up in late September, had successfully made it had the top searched song on portal sites and music sites. BEAST was able to experience the popularity as it seemed like the song wasn’t moving from first place.

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aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

The situation of Yoon Doojoon becoming a butler for Seo Shinae?
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seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

BEAST's Son Dongwoon, "In case he falls behind, Doojoon hyung came to practice.."
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seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

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Legendary Seoul restaurant makes way for hotel

For decades, the sprawling, stately restaurant in one of Seoul's oldest neighborhoods was the place where South Korea's politically powerful brokered backroom deals while being served and serenaded by female entertainers.

South Korea's spy chief made history there when he chose Ojinam as the venue for a secret meeting with North Koreans at the height of the Cold War.
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Source: The Associated Press
They seem to care more about money then their history. Seems like The Netherlands
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Kyubaby on his Tokyo Trip's 3rd day after a year.

Super Junior's maknae finally decides to write about his trip in Japan last year.
He wrote in his twitter yesterday:
"Finally finished the 3 days of diaries/ accounts for Japan trip… The interesting accounts for up to 6 months"
referring to his CY's diary update.

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Credits. Kyuhyun's twitter and CY
photos by muffin4kyu @princekyu
twitter trans by minoko2440
1st entry by Gaia @SJ-WORLD.NET
2nd entry by pinkorean★

He finally finished writing this? Oh well, he sounds happy ^.^ makes me happy :D
Those yukata photos look hilarious!

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SNSD, Girls' Award Performance Overwhelms the Venue

Asia’s representative girl-group SNSD performed at the National Yoyogi Stadium on the 18th for a fashion event called “Girls Award JAPAN 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER” (Girls Award).

SNSD did their arrival to Japan commemoration live at Ariake Coliseum on August 25th. This is their first live in front of Japanese fans since the release of their Japanese debut single “GENIE”.

The 9 girls’ fashion on stage was of a military rock taste. They had black military-like jackets that were open. Inside was a Lamé tank. [Note: lame is a cloth made from gold or silver thread, in this case gold.] For bottoms they had black short pants and for shoes they had enamel knee high boots.

Their first song was “Run Devil Run” and while the girls were dancing and singing, the audience which was filled with girls shrieked out cheers of joy.

Following that was “Gee” with a catchy phrase and cute choreography which overwhelmed the venue at once.

During the music break they MC’d and broke out into smiles. They greeted the venue with lovely Japanese, “Good evening, everyone!”

Last, they performed their Japanese debut single that was released September 8th and became a big hit, “GENIE”. The 9 members fascinated the audience with their sexy choreography, doing steps with their great legs.

One member said after the performance had finished, “We’re happy to be able to participate in the fun Girls Award, which focuses on fashion and music. We also love fashion.”, They then sent a message to their Japanese fans, “We will be releasing our 2nd single on October 20th. Please give it a lot of love and listen to it, okay?”

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Source: Model Press
Translation: Kanki @ SSF
Videos: soneno9527, hirolunatic
dubu ^^

2NE1 receives criticism for questionable first place ranking

Girl group 2NE1 rose to first place in various music charts soon after their comeback. The public is giving great attention towards this group who is sweeping charts right after they came back to the music scene, but what is the real meaning behind “first place?”

On various music charts dated September 16th and 17th, it is readily apparent that 2NE1 is not first place. In numerous music charts, including Melon, Dosirak and Soribada, the first place song was J Lim and Jo Kwon’s “On the Way to Breakup” while 2NE1 placed first. According to Mnet, 2NE1’s favored music website, on September 16th, 2NE1 placed first, while on the 17th, J Lim and Jo Kwon placed first. Currently,the first place position is taken by J Lim and Jo Kwon.


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North Korea leans on its major ally to dodge world's arms-trade ban

China's interest in promoting resolution of nuclear weapons impasse with U.S., UN and Asian nations in question

Performers from Pyongyang Art Troupe, dressed in traditional costumes, pose neat the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing during their tour of China. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il recently finished a visit aimed at bolstering ties with his isolated country's sole major supporter. China's main interest appears to be preventing the reunification of the two Koreas.

North Korea is using China as a transit route as it attempts to dodge international sanctions on its trade in arms and nuclear technology, according to reports in South Korea.

Media reports confirmed by South Korean National Intelligence Service officials say North Korea has changed the names of some of its weapons trading companies and is sending shipments through China using forged invoices in order to evade sanctions ordered by the United Nations Security Council.
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SISTAR Hyorin’s past photos shock netizens

SISTAR’s Hyorin has impressed many with her pretty looks and unique voice, but she’s recently become a target for nefarious netizens. They’ve managed to dig up her past photos and poke fun at her transformation.

The first row of photos are of Hyorin in her school uniform, while the second row reveals her auditioning during her middle school days. Her most recent audition pictures show a glamorous, yet altered appearance.

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