September 19th, 2010

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4minute Big News Updates of The Day

Lately there have been rumors claiming that 4Minute will be releasing a Japanese album this year.

According to Far Eastern Tribe Records, 4Minute will be releasing their 3rd Japanese Single on October 27. While the title track has not been revealed, FET has announced that a Japanese version of "Dreams Come True", which 4Minute sang for the Korean drama "God of Study", which originally was based on a Japanese manga. It was also announced that a documentary film of 4Minute's previous activities in Tokyo and Nagoya, Osaka will be included in the DVD being released with the single.

Limited Edition ◆ A (CD + DVD): 1,500 (tax in)
Award DVD: Events in Japan (Tokyo) recorded a documentary film
Limited Edition ◆ B (CD + DVD): 1,500 (tax in)
Award DVD: Event Japan (Nagoya, Osaka), a documentary film recording
Regular Edition ◆ (CD): 1,000 (tax in)

Member shot trading cards will be included on the limited editions of the single.

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Jang Geun Suk has a separate hard disk for p0rnz.

Being good friends and the two main characters in the SBS drama “You’re Beautiful“, Jang Geun Suk recently revealed that he was jealous of CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa.

The most recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV“ showed footage from Jang Geun Suk’s Asian Tour, which ended in Seoul on the 4th.

Section TV got a chance to interview him backstage. He revealed, “There was a time when I couldn’t eat due to a large group of people gathering around. The police told me to get out, so I left without finishing the dessert.”

He then revealed what he always carried around on vacations. “I have a slightly perverted personality. I carry around four laptops, one for internet, one for watching movies, one for editing, and another as a backup.” A reporter then asked him, “Is the backup laptop for porn?”, which he answered, “I keep all my porn on a separate hard drive…”, bringing laughter amongst his fans.

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Source: AKP
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Another Shin- oops not wait, it's Zhang ZiYi in omona!

Chinese actress, Zhang ZiYi, talks about Rain and Wonder Girls on a recent interview in Korea.

Zhang ZiYi recently visited Korea to attend a press conference as the Global Ambassador of the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games.

On an interview which aired on September 19th, she was asked if there were any Kpop songs she knew and she answered if Rain counted and commented that she didn’t know him personally but knew his name.

But since the question was about a Kpop song, Wonder Girls name came into the conversation and ZiYi started singing the famous “nobody nobody but you” chorus line and said, “I watched the video clip on internet, because I have a friend’s daughter who is three years old and can sing ‘nobody nobody’”. She also commented on how cool it was for the song to be known everywhere.

Watch the clip below for Zhang ZiYi’s short rendition of Nobody.

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LMAO she can't sing at all. XD And woah, now that I think of it, I've never seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and damn, it's been 10 years since she debuted with that movie. o_o
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SHINee's interview with Y. Generation ( aka too tired to come up with a witty title)

SHINee Official Start! Strong Come Back!
September 2010 Issue

Our shining boys SHINee are finally back. This time they have transformed from their cutey image to a more glamourous macho image! They have retained their passion, innocence, straight-forwardess, charming and gentle attributes, only this time they are becoming more mature and revealed that they want to give out a more manly charm for everyone! Plus their out-of-the-box image this time is a "visual shock", charming all their fans! This 5 lads just give off a strong and lethal seductive performance when on stage, no wonder they are "branded idol", only SHINee can achieve that!

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Source: Y. Generation Magazine
Translation: veyonce@soompi

"Even though Onew hyung is a model student and kind hyung, but in reality he's very comical and four dimension. He will suddenly burst out into laughter in the car followed by shouting "bat" and begin to imitate a bat..."

ParK Bom: juice addict?

’s cute yet quirky member Park Bom revealed her love for juice.

On the 18th, girl idol group 2NE1 recently held their first fan signing event after their comeback at Seoul Yeong Deung Po’s Time Square. During this event, singer Park Bom was photographed showing a special affection for her smoothie juice as she deliciously drinks it with a look of satisfaction.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is currently receiving a lot of love with their new songs “Can’t Nobody” and “Clap Your Hands” as they’re placing top spots in various online music charts. Be sure to check out photos of the other 2NE1 girls too during the signing event below!

source ~ akp

i love her but she needs to stop drinkin the stuff so much... i quit altogether when I heard that juice is pretty much as bad for you as soda... tons of sugar and makes you pack on the lbs!

Secret's Zinger reveals the story behind her name

Secret’s Zinger recently revealed how she came up with the unique stage name “Zinger.”

On the 18th, Zinger made a guest appearance for popular SBS variety show Quiz to Change the World. During her appearance the MCs commented, “The name is unique. There was some talk that your surname is Mara.” Zinger responded with a smile, “My nickname is Mazingah (old cartoon name where the main character is a robot).” The singer then continued, “The truth is that I admire Pussycat Doll’s Nicole Scherzingerexplaining the origin of her name.

Meanwhile, during this filming Zinger along with fellow member Han Sunhwa performed their new song “Madonna.” Furthermore, the dance was spiced up with the appearance of Lee Kyung Shil’s daughter Son Soo Ah where the three then danced together to Madonna.

source ~ akp

wow am I the only one who thought Nicole's last name was Schwarzenegger??

Child psychic knew that MC Mong had committed a crime!

Two years ago on “Star King“, a child psychic came on and surprised the audience with her powers. She is currently being brought up again. Why? The day that she was on “Star King,” she told MC Mong that he had committed a serious crime and that he must beg for forgiveness.

Lee So Bin, the child clairvoyant, was nine-years-old at the time when she came on “Star King” on June 14th of 2008. It’s as if she knew about him dodging his military duty.

She said to MC Mong on this episode, “You committed a serious crime. You have done many wrong things to the people around you, so ask for forgiveness. Especially your family.” MC Mong joked about the incident at the time saying, “I had a fight with my mother yesterday. I think she’s friends with my mom.”

He said to her, “That’s not a serious crime.” She replied, “You did commit a crime.” People laughed at her reply then but are marvelling at her abilities now.

Netizens wrote,

“He’ll probably go to jail, then the military.”
“This made me have goosebumps.”
“Let’s try to understand MC Mong! You all don’t want to go to the army.”

Netizens are freaked out by her clairvoyant insight from two years ago. If he has been dodging his military duty for seven years, this could be the crime the psychic was talking about. It’s a little eerie, right?

source ~ akp

this is SO creepy!


Korea Music Copyright Association list 20 plagiarized songs

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A total of 20 songs have been swept up in legitimate plagiarism controversies since 2000, and it has recently been revealed by the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications that the royalties earned by these songs total to $1,724,138 USD.

Jin Sungho of the Committee revealed a series of documents submitted by the Korea Music Copyright Association describing the situation behind royalties received by composers that have plagiarized. According to the document, the court has found a total of 20 songs to be plagiarized, some including MC Mong’s “Letter to You,” Hyori’s “I’m Back” and “Swing,” Lee Seung Ki’s “Mask,” Son Dambi’s “Saturday Night,” Lee Seung Chul’s “Scream,” CNBlue’s “Loner,” and GDragon’s “Heartbreaker.” The problem lies in the fact that royalty payments of nearly $250,000 USD per song were paid without any clear standards, totaling nearly 2 million USD.

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source: Everyday Economy ( can't find it, sorry)
v.i.a: allkpop Coverage of SM Town in LA

Some really good footage from the SM Town event in LA plus Tiffany + BoA speaking English at the press conference (which I went to! -- NOTE! -- Leeteuk's skin is flawless and shiny and his nose is ridiculously small). Enjoy!! And if you didn't go this year HAVE HOPE! (No seriously, they're thinking of doing this again next year!)

source: MYX TV
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4minute: "representatives of Korea" at Girls Award in Japan

Girl group 4minute have participated as representatives for South Korea at Japan's largest fashion show, "Girls Award."

On the 18th, the girls attended the event, which is the largest of its kind and offers a night for a mix of music and fashion, serving as representative artists for South Korea. 4minute, who are quickly rising to the surface as part of the neo-Hallyu wave, have done promotions in Japan before, and through their singles, have garnered a hot response. The girls were invited as Korean representatives due to their position as leaders in fashion and music.

Before their entry onto the stage, the girls received wild applause and cheering from the audience when a video of them began to play, showing their great popularity. During the 10 minutes they were on stage in their powerful performance, the girls looked like fashion icons, and their promising charms caused fans to go crazy. Immediately following their performance of "I My Me Mine," they greeted the crowd in skilled Japanese, following up with "Hot Issue" and "Muzik."

4minute are currently preparing for the release of their 3rd album to be launched next month, and will concurrently be doing overseas promotions.

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its_matteo @ 4minute Forums
{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

Sukira Transcripts, Eunhyuk's 'Happy Birthday' Cuts and OH LOOK, Someone Got Treated To Food!

[100918] Sukira Transcripts

 *E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

The talkative Siwon

E: On our way back to hostel, Leeteuk and I usually don't talk to each other, right?
T: Yea, we seldom talk to each other in the car.
E: In the car, either we're too tired and take a nap, or just listening to the mp3.
T: We only talk when there's something important to discuss. Normally we don't chit-chat with each other.
E: Yea, that's true.
T: Among the members, I think the most talkative one should be...Siwon. He always has a lot of topics to talk about. He's curious about every little things. (laugh)
E: (laugh) He loves to ask and wants to know about everything.
T: Because he is '말' Siwon. (laugh)  (*말 is referred as 'horse' in korean; it can also be referred as 'word' or 'speech')
E: Although we seem like not caring about each others, but if we face any obstacles, we will unite together. I think this is the way we sustain our teamwork for so many years. No matter 10 years or 20 years in the future, let us get along well with each other, Leeteuk.
T: We'd known each other for 10 years...oh time flies really fast...

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Daesung rocks out for What’s Up

Jaws dropped when Big Bang member Daesung first revealed his ripped shirtless body a few days ago. These photos were for Daesung’s upcoming new drama titled, “What’s Up“. Now even more photos from the drama have been released.

Daesung is said to assume the role of a student pursuing musical studies, but it seems like this “student” may be living a double life as an idol under the stage name Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. In one of the photos, a fan is holding up a sign that reads “take off your mask” in Korean, while another fan is holding up the same message but in English.

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S: bbupdates + Song Jina's Me2Day via DCDS + 캅훼 @ DCDS (sorry mods I can't find those) + commentary by akp


Lee Seo Jin and G-Dragon would like to marry Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na was overwhelmed with blush-inducing compliments on the September 19th episode of SBS’ “Heroes”. Not one, but two handsome celebrities selected her as the ‘woman they would like to marry.’

The theme of the recent “Heroes” episode was ‘the member who would make a fine daughter-in-law.’ The “Heroes” cast dialed their close male acquaintances and asked them which cast member they would want to marry.

Lee Jin contacted actor Lee Seo Jin, who responded, “I want to marry Shin Bong Sun.” However, after MC Lee Hwi Jae persistently pressured him to give an honest answer, Lee Seo Jin eventually answered, “Truthfully, I would like to marry Yoo In Na. She’s so beautiful.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon was dialed next, and he picked up the phone in the midst of his CF filming. He expressed, “Yoo In Na. I personally really adore her.”

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T.O.P’s “Turn It Up” predicted MC Mong’s controversy?

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Did someone know about MC Mong’s offense?

With MC Mong being charged for disturbing the execution of government affairs and for violation of military service laws, netizens have been putting the spotlight on a few celebrities that have seemed to have predicted the unfolding of the debacle.

The front-runner of the rumors is Big Bang’s T.O.P. In June, he released a self-written song titled “Turn It Up,” and netizens have noticed that a portion of the song and MV coincidentally match up to the MC Mong case extremely well.

The lyrics state, “It’s a monkey magic that you can’t see with your eyes open. Listen well, this is a message meant to anger you.” In the music video, an actual monkey appears while T.O.P intentionally rips out the teeth of a replica.

Netizens were amazed with the discovery, commenting, “It lines up a bit too perfectly to call it merely coincidental,” and “Did T.O.P diss MC Mong?” Other netizens have been rejecting the speculation, commenting, “This song was created before MC Mong’s controversy blew up. There’s no connection,” and “This song was first revealed in January of 2010 at Big Bang’s concert. How can this be related to MC Mong?”

One netizen refuted, “T.O.P’s MV cannot be called just a coincidence. The industry shares information amongst themselves, you can’t compare the speed of info delivery to the mass public. What we think is a hot issue was already a hot issue months before to industry insiders. People knew of Jaebeom’s withdrawal months in advance to the reports. The press just acts like it’s breaking news, when in reality, it’s just manipulative timing. Rumors about MC Mong’s teeth extractions circulated years before already.”

Previously, a child psychic that appeared on SBS’s “Star King” was put in the spotlight as well for her comments regarding MC Mong’s ‘crimes.’ MBC’s “Fast Person In the Know” also reported on the ‘Go Hyun Jung‘ jinx, where all male celebrities that have worked with her end up serving in the army in some way or the other.

source: sports seoul
v.i.a: allkpop

Kim Jong-il's sister may harbor crown ambition

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Amid speculation of power struggle inside North Korea, caused by the delay of the Workers Party conference, a Japanese analyst now believes Kim Jong-il’s sister may be jockeying for the ultimate leadership in the world’s most secretive country.

“Not only is (Kim Jong-un) young and inexperienced, but his aunt, Kim Kyung-hee, Kim Jong-il's sister and the wife of the second-ranking figure in North Korea's hierarchy, Jang Song-taek, may balk at power slipping through her fingers,” said Yuriko Koike, Japan's former minister of defense and national security adviser, in a piece she contributed to South China Morning Post.

Koike backs her claim, by pointing out that Kim Kyung-hee has served in a range of key Workers' Party positions and has been a member of the all-powerful Central Committee.

Her power partly comes from Kim Jong-il’s trust on her as well. Kim Jong-il has described his sister as "my only blood family whom I was asked to take care of by my mother till the moment she died," the Japanese observer said.

“Indeed, in a country where trust rarely exists, Kim Kyung-hee is the only blood relation whom Kim Jong-il has ever fully trusted,” she said.

Kim Kyung-hee's intent to exercise power after her brother's death is supported by rumors she helped arrange a traffic accident in June that killed Ri Je-gang, a senior party official and perceived guardian of Kim Jong-un who reportedly attempted to oust Kim Kyung-hee and her allies from power, Koike said.

“There is a growing belief that Kim Jong-il might at any moment designate Kim Kyung-hee to serve as a caretaker for the third-generation successor after his death. But Kim Kyung-hee may have other plans, such as becoming Kim Jong-il's successor herself,” she argued.

source: koreatimes
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Heechul has a tomato brother roaming the airport.

Kim Heechul and his doppelganger Kim Kyungjin have the similar 'passionate red' airport fashion

Gagman Kim Kyungjin revealed he has something in common with Super Junior Kim Heechul.

In the 19th afternoon, Kim Kyungjin wrote on his twitter, "red is the airport fashion trend", together he uploaded a photo.

In the photo, one side is Kim Heechul and the other side is Kim Kyungjin. The two men dressed funnily in bright red, causing the netizens to burst into laughter.

After seeing Kim Kyungjin's twitter entry, Kim Heechul replied amusingly with the word "doppelganger".

Fans who see the photo commented, "daebak.. it's gonna be a big deal if these two people meet", "tomato duo", "look like brothers", "truly real doppelgangers", etc.

*doppelganger = ghostly counterpart or double of a living person, can also referred to look-alike of a person.

Source: Newsen
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Seriously guys, Teuk = angel in white, Chul = devil in red. Y/y?