September 20th, 2010

T-ARA's Boram and her mother Lee Mi Young, "Everyone be happy and follow your dreams"

Actress Lee Mi Young (49) and her daughter, T-ara's Boram (24) posed in front of the cameras wearing hanboks. Lee Mi Young is still active being a TV actress while her daughter is part of the woman's pop group, T-ara, most famous for their hits "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "I Go Crazy Because of You."

In a special interview before Chuseok, Boram and SPN met up with her mother in Gangnam, Seoul. After becoming a part of T-ara, it's been hard for Boram to meet up with her mother as often, and it had been a while this they saw each other. Throughout the interview, the two bonded closely.

Lee Mi Young said on her daughter's success that "everything is good," and it makes her feel very proud when she sees Boram on stage, she said, with a heartwarming smile. Lee Mi Young also has her daughter's song, "I Go Crazy Because of You" as a cell phone ring-tone. "In the next month, when their album comes out, it's going to change again," she said laughing.

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Onew's infamous spicy fingers make another victim!

So who's the unlucky guy?

SIMON D of Supreme Team!

Other special guests: Hongki (FT Island) and Jo Sungmo (singer)... AKA 3 of the Chocoballs.

Obviously we need to remember the past victims too:
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Sources: weareshining4 1 2 3, yaymeirock, SHINeeOnewWorld 1 2

ONEW PWNS THEM ALL. I feel so bad for those guys and yet I'm sorry but ROTFL4EVA.

SISTAR’s Soyu puckers up for a kiss through her recent selca

’s Soyu recently uploaded cute photos of her puckering up for a kiss via Twitter. She also wrote a post regarding the release of her latest solo track for the ‘Playful Kiss‘ OST, “Should I Confess.” Soyu optimistically tweeted, “I hope that all of you will show a lot of interest toward my first solo track, ‘Should I Confess’.”

SISTAR’s company, Starship Entertainment, revealed:

“Soyu’s charming voice is nicely balanced in ‘Should I Confess’. She thoroughly prepared to best express the lyrics, and she did so as if she were in the shoes of the drama’s main female role.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR is currently busy with promotions for their latest track, “Shady Girl.”

source ~ akp

gorgeous girl is gorgeous

YG Entertainment slams all rumors about T.O.P’s ‘Turn It Up’ dissing MC Mong

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After rumors stirring recently about the possibility of T.O.P’s lyrics and music video of his single ‘Turn It Up’ dissing MC Mong’s draft-dodging controversy, YG Entertainment finally came forth to deny all rumors.

YG stated on the 20th,

“T.O.P’s ‘Turn it Up’ mocking MC Mong on purpose is absolutely nonsense. T.O.P’s ‘Turn it Up’ was released before MC Mong’s controversy even came about. Even with just that, isn’t it easy to understand how groundless those rumors are? It feels like people were just forcefully trying to match the two together.”

source: allkpop

Girl Group Union Chuseok Talk

A girl group union has been born. With the name UG (United Girlgroups). SNSD·After School·f(x)·Rainbow·4minute·T-ara·miss A· Secret etc. have joined together to celebrate Ilgan Sports’ 41st anniversary.

The Korean mass culture is the girl groups’ generation. In the past, girl groups like SES·Fin.K.L were active but the recent girl group trendhas more power than ever before. These girls not only take over the charts but also variety·dramas. Fashion·advertisement are also controlled by girl groups. What they were becomes the “it item”, and the war to recruit the girl groups is a bloody competition.

Ilgan Sports who has come with the mass culture over 41 years invited girl groups that are ‘2010’s Mass Culture Hot Trends’ to celebrate our 41st anniversary.

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G-Dragon's endorsement for LG mobile

Gdragon was selected by LG to be their spokeperson of their newest smart phone.

According to the spokesman of LG on 17th, GDragon has finished shooting 'Optimus One With Google' CF as the spokesperson of the new smart phone which will be only be sold in the second half of this year.

BIGBANG has shot CF for LG in the past, they have shot the CFs of 'Lollipop' and 'Crystal Phone'

'Optimus One with Google' will be sold in the beginning of the next month and it is said to designed to be one of the latest smartphone with very hi-tec functions. Since it is targeted at female buyers, pink would be the color of the phone.

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Kinda wish it had been all the boys cause I love their CF's but I wont complain too much about moar GD

Sources: iBigBang-1 and iBigBang-2

Did Lee Hyori manage to master the guitar in 15 days?

Lee Hyori’s guitar skills have been garnering interest among fans recently.

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On September 20th, Hyori reunited with her old Fin.K.L members for KBS FM’s Ok Juhyun’s Popular Song Plaza, and showed off the guitar skills she acquired in just 15 days.

Ex-Fin.K.L member Ok Juhyun is temporarily replacing the original DJ of the show, Hong Jin Kyung, as she is currently on maternity leave. As a way of commemorating Juhyun’s first radio broadcast, Fin.K.L reunited for the the first time in two years.

Before Hyori started to play the guitar, she said it was dedicated to Ok Juhyun’s radio DJ debut, and added, “Please don’t get your hopes up for this (her guitar skills)“. Hyori played and sang along to Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

The other members complimented her and said, “Hyori put in a lot of effort for this, she came in an hour early just to adjust the tune. She said she spent 15 days practicing, doesn’t that make her a guitar genius?”

Listeners who tuned in to the show commented on her skills, saying, “Exactly how far can Lee Hyori’s charms reach?” and “She said she practiced by herself for 15 days… that requires a lot of effort”.

Hyori said she was influenced to start playing by the people around her, and that she will keep on practicing.

sources: allkpop

BoA wants to be taller

Singer BoA expressed her regret over her short height.

BoA revealed through her Twitter on September 18th, "If I could go back to my teens…I would drink so much milk…I want to return :’("

BoA also wrote, "I’m going to listen to Eun Ji Won’s ‘160′* while sleeping ^^ good night ^^"

*(160 cm is about 5.25 ft)

Fans who visited BoA’s Twitter responded with comments like, "Honest national singer", "You’re still pretty even if you’re small", and "If you’re tall also, you’d be too perfect~".

Meanwhile, BoA will reveal her repackage album, "Copy & Paste", through KBS Music Bank on the 24th.


She never fails to make me go "awww" ♥

and hmmm I don't think she means she's 160 cm tall... she's way smaller.
my one and only goddess

SNSD lands a spot on FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World

With their Japanese debut being a great success, SNSD / Girls’ Generation has taken a step toward international fame. However, it seems like the girls are already being recognized all over the world, as they managed to get a spot on FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Although nothing is found about the group on FHM’s official site, a video recently surfaced on the web from XIN MSN that proved they were a new entry (#99) on the list.

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Super Junior Heechul misses Kangin

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A real man of course...drinks soju alone and reminiscence about the past in this hour.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ahssi Today's a night that I miss YoungChoon*

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As the president of Chocoball really.. even if I drink alone I choose an imaginary partner... Today, it's YoungChooㅋ This punk... He was a person who was always on my side.. He had good social skills.. Even though you had a big body, when I would piggyback you... I wasn't that badㅡㅡ^ I should have taken care of you....

sources: heechul twitter: 1 & 2
v.i.a: dkpopnews


Note: These subs are kind of sketchy and missing big gaps, in the first 2 parts mostly, but after that it's smooth sailing.
Subs are subs! The RDR&SNJ collaboration is going to take god knows how long.

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Okay so technically this is a whole episode sub and it's past #3.
but I ask the Mods to just think of this as cuts that were all meshed together and made whole again ^_^
omona needs its weekly dose of WGM.

YG family family! News

Beast’s Yoon Doo Joon, ‘I became a singer for I was inspired by BigBang.’
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English source:ibigbang

Why Se7en inspected the phones of G-Dragon and Taeyang.
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Korean Source: Newsen
English sources: bigbanghaven + miseremeiYT07@yt

Bom, "When Dara eats meat, she takes me with her"
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Korean source: Newsen
English sources: letsplay2ne1 + YGSRASubs2@yt

T-ara Jiyeon to release solo song for "Jungle Fish 2" OST

The KBS teen drama, "Jungle Fish 2" will have a wide number of idols participating in it's OST, making fans anticipated.

The OST features Jiyeon of T-ara, who appears in the drama, Girl's Day Minah and Supernova. Minah's "Just Once" and Jiyeon's "More" both feature great themes to them that are age appropriate which is attracting attention.

The publisher said that, "This season of 'Jungle Fish 2' is like a stepping stone featuring various big stars. It's unlike the typical teen dramas and with the prepared OST, we are expecting to be receiving lots of love."

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50 Most Influential Koreans on Twitter aka the biggest K-twitterwhores

Top 50 Most Influential Korean Stars on Twitter
Twitter stalkers—ehem, followers—would be quick to attest the perks of the networking site.

Like a live channel, fans get fresh updates on their favorite people, from politicians to actors and artists. On the flipside, Twitter is also a good measure of a celebrity’s popularity.

Website Koreantweeters recently pulled out a top 50 ranking titled Power Tweeter List, arranging your favorite Korean stars in terms of number of followers, number of responses, number of lists they are in, number of re-tweets, and number of mentions of that account.
Scroll down on the list below and check if your Twitter bias is there.

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Source: Koreantwitters (idk the direct link/source), ebuzz (Ty toomanysides)
Written by:

2/3 of the Bbong Brothers are in the top 2. Wer arr yeh, U-no? and Shinee! And d'aaaw, no Yesung? (Kyuhyun and Henry don't tweet enough.)
N I C U BEING SNARKY, KPOPLIVE. Aw, they just grow up so fast.
mori kanna → i can't breathe
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Soo Ae and Yoo Ji Tae at Midnight FM Press Event

Recently, a PR event was held for the upcoming thriller Midnight FM at Lotte Cinema's Kunkook University branch. During the event, Soo Ae admitted that filming scenes in which she had to swear and use harsh language was difficult, and Yoo Ji Tae talked about his two "killer" roles.

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Source: GoKpop
Am I the only one excited for this film? I think it might actually be good.
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October Issue of Junior Magazine; Colorful Infinite

Infinite who is diverse and is rich in color. The colors that each member carries intensely stands out.

These 7 males have unknowingly passed their 100th day since their debut and like their name, they are verifying their endless possibilities and are becoming a new standard for idols.

Over the viewable pleasure, the best word to fit these 7 males, who verify their star quality and real musical talent, would probably be ‘colorful’.

Before standing on their first stage, Infinite shot a lot of sincere and non-made up charms on the cable channel,’s real documentary program, ‘Infinite, You Are My Oppa’. As they revealed their endless possibilities, they showed off their versatility. Following that, they refused to simple idols, so they released their debut album ‘First Invasion’. Fierce beats and choreography, and with their powerful voices, they try out various music types; Infinite, who has invaded the music industry

The infinite-dols that Junior endlessly has affection for, Infinite, met again after 100 days.

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CREDITS: (Korean Typed+scans) ; Hyejin[crazeecores] @ Endless Limits / Over Zero (Translations)
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Star Dance Battle 2010 Lineup

Every Chuseok, idol members and stars get together to perform special stages at the “Star Dance Battle“. This year, many idol groups and comedians will collaborate to bring some hot and hilarious dance performances for the viewers.

We’ve got the 2010 line-up below:
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source: allkpop
miss a's probably gonna take the whole thing, next to after school

Kim Jae-wook joins Mary Stayed Out All Night...

…which will now be known as The Greatest Trendy Drama Casting EVAR. Okay, maybe just this year. But oh, happy day!

Jang Geun-seok AND Moon Geun-young AND Kim Jae-wook, together in a love triangle?? Where are you, November?

Mary Stayed Out All Night is the manhwa-adapted KBS drama that gets the heroine tangled up in not one but TWO contract marriages. Writing is In Eun-ah (Goong); directing is Hong Seok-gu (Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook’s Father).

Kim’s Jung-in character is a “perfect” guy with the kdrama triple threat of brains, beauty, and money, with whom Mary has been betrothed since childhood. Complications arise when she meets Mu-gyul, Jang Geun-seok’s free-spirited hippie/indie rock singer character. Yes, Kim is technically the second lead, but I’m expecting this to be an epic love triangle — at least I hope so. (The best love triangles are the ones that give me the most trouble deciding who to root for, because I like that angst to be as organic as possible.)

Kim Jae-wook made an impression with his pretty face in 2007′s Coffee Prince as “Waffle Sun-ki,” but has been, in my mind, just another beautiful celeb who had yet to prove any acting talent. That was until he took on the nuanced, volatile, and vulnerable character of the damaged chaebol in this year’s Bad Guy, and knocked that role out of the park. I was thrilled to see him break out and show real charisma and acting talent, which may have not been polished but was all the more compelling for its raw intensity.

I can’t WAIT to see this drama now!

Mary Stayed Out All Night airs in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday slot following Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and premieres November 8.

source: Dramabeans via E Daily

Excuse me while I faint.

{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

Selected Heechul, Yesung & Ryeowook Twitter Updates: Bromance.

[100919] Ryeowook's & Yesung's Twitter Conversation

It started when Yesung updated his twitter, one fine day...

Translation: Even when it's raining hard on a Sunday, Spamalot team is is practicing hard~~ With Sir Bedevere & Sir Lancelot^^
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Rain Storm(ed) Manila… and No One is Evacuating

Perhaps if precipitation was as hot as Rain, no one will complain.

The fans of this Korean international superstar very well know what we mean—and the “Intensity” of Jung Ji-Hoon was very well felt in his first-ever concert in the Philippines last Sept. 11 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, together with fellow Korean act U-Kiss and our very own Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista.

Prior to his pretty intense show, Bulletin Entertainment caught up with some of Rain’s fans in the venue to find out how he has stormed their lives… in a good way, of course.

Fan signal number one: Drooling over a drool-worthy physique

For the fans, Rain is a total eye candy. All of them (at least those we interviewed) experienced crush at first sight when they saw him in the Koreanovela hit “Full House,” where he starred with the very beautiful Song Hye Kyo. “Si Rain sexy ‘yun, grabe! (Rain is sexy, so great!)” “Ang ganda ng abs niya! (His abs are beautiful!)” “Ang guwapo niya! Ang cute ng mata niya, ang liit-liit! (He's so handsome! His eyes are cute, so tiny!)” were some of the descriptions of a high school and college group of friends. But another student from University of the East in Manila says she loves Rain’s “character and talent.” Yum-o.

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Source:  Manila Bulletin

I'm just LOLing at how the article misspelled the Korean phrases.

2NE1 in a fierce battle for SBS' Take 7 with themselves and four other artists

2NE1's three title songs are going head to head battle for last week's Inki award. As you know, due to SBS' broadcast of the Hallyu Dream Concert, the popular Music Show Inkigayo did not air. Instead, the winner of last Sunday's (September 20th) Mutizen will be announced on the September 26th show. SBS' PD has released the songs in the running for last week's mutizen.

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