September 22nd, 2010

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Late Autumn: A magical realist ballet — Movie Review

Late Autumn begins with a badly beaten woman named Anna wandering through the streets of a quiet Seattle suburb, immediately after having murdered her abusive husband in self-defence. Flash forward seven years and we find Anna serving out her sentence in an American prison, until a phone call with news of her mother's death gives her forty-eight hours leave to attend the funeral. During her bus ride back, Anna encounters a rakish, pompadour-sporting gigolo named Hoon, and the two spend the days of her freedom together wandering through the recognizable landmarks of the Emerald City.

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Source: Torontoist

This review is generous. If you like 'entrenched silences', then this is your movie, but if not, it's boring. I do agree with the review about Hyun Bin though. His acting would be better if it didn't feel like he was overacting (because it seemed like he was incredibly uncomfortable with the English script). As for Tang Wei, she was flawless.

BEAST's Yoon Doojoon reveals his behind story of becoming a singer

It has been revealed that BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon had grown his dreams to be a singer by watching Big Bang.

On the episode of SBS Chuseok special ‘Strong Heart’, Yoon Doojoon stated, “I was a soccer player until I was in middle school, but I started wanting to be a singer when I was in high school.”

He also added, “In 2007, when I was in my 3rd year of high school, I got to watch the Big Bang debut documentary. I was eating the pork cutlet in my house with my tired body after practice.”

Yoon Doojoon had been eating the pork cutlet slouched down in underwear. He revealed, “Seeing myself like that was really sad. After that moment, I started to convince my parents more directly.”

He is the type of person who can’t stick to a certain thing for a long time. Even his mother decided that he was going to give up some time. However, Yoon Doojoon had auditioned for the first open audition in JYP and had won third place out of the 5~6 thousand participants. The first place then was 2PM’s Wooyoung.

Yoon Doojoon stated, “Three months later I got to film a documentary with 2PM and 2AM. Jokwon, who had been a trainee for 7 years, really hated me.”

He was crushed that he was eliminated off 2AM and 2PM, however through this chance, he was able to debut as a BEAST member. Yoon Doojoon stated, “A while back, when we placed first, our friends in 2AM congratulated us the most. We all really cried a lot.”

[Newsen Lee Uhnhyunk Reporter]

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I want to see Doojoon eating pork cutlet in his underwear
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Various Shinee cuts with appearances of a buckload of other idols

Onew's cuts @ HighKick

Don't freak out guys, if you watch him carefully enough, you'll know he's doing it on purpose.

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Pictures: as tagged via WRS, Hongki's yfrog 1 2 3, Sangchu's twitpic 1 2, Shindong's spic/twitter
Video: WRS4 1 2 3, shineelucifer2000 1 2 3, CHANNEL4SUPERJUNIOR 1 2 TouchTheSHINe001

Onew in full body gag mode lol! But really, don't hurt yourself just to make people laugh, Dubu.
____ JOO♥

4minute & Moe Oshikiri

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Korean girl group 4Minute will make an appearance in a Japanese MC, Moe Oshikiri's program. Shizuka Kondo will also appear in the program. The title for the program is "Seoul of Love". Moe Oshikiri will talk with 4Minute about Seoul and ask 4Minute about their experiences and feelings in Japan besides only promoting their newest Japanese single.

The program will start on Sunday (26th September) at 10:00 a.m. The 4Minute girls will also make a performance of "Muzik" and "I My Me Mine".

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4minutes Forum


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Korean girl groups have jumped over the Korean market to take over Japan, China, Taiwan, and other foreign countires around the world.

Along with their pretty and cute appearance, the groups have captured the hearts of Asian fans with their addictive songs that are easy to sing and dance along to. Many groups have been able to lead successful debuts in foreign countries recently, while those who have not begun overseas activities yet, have been taking over music charts in Korea.

With their great popularity in mind, there have been memebers in these various groups that were focused on due to their looks. Not only do these memebers who handle the ‘visuals‘ in the groups increase their own popularity, but they raise the group’s popularity in general.

One of these noted members is KARA‘s GOO HARA. Goo Hara is well-known by many as it was also revealed that she looks very similar to the top japanese singer Namie Amuro. It would not be much of a problem if one were to say that Goo Hara was the one that helped KARA get to where they are now by being active by appearing on various shows.

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source: osen


CNBLUE focus on live perfs + Tower Records (Japan) Impressions

CNBLUE focusing on live performances

“We were so surprised by the news that “I Don’t Know Why” was at #7 in the Oricon (chart). We appreciate all the fans who love our music and will put our effort to do the best.”

CNBLUE went to Japan in 2008 to study music without any particular plan and performed on streets and in small live halls so that they could improve their live performance. As a result, here come 4 members of CNLBUE who sparkle with their passion and effort at this stage.

CNBLUE released their 2nd Japanese single “I Don’t Know Why” on 16th September and performed live at a concert in Osaka, followed by Nagoya. The 3rd and last performance for Japan’s “Listen to the CNBLUE” live tour was at Shibuya-ax, Tokyo on 20th.

CNBLUE performed 23 pieces including ‘Love Revolution’ ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Love’. The 2nd single title song, “I Don’t Know Why” composed and written by CNBLUE leader, Jung Yong Hwa and “Lie” composed by Lee Jung Hyun captivated all the fans.

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Tower Records Tweets Impressions of CNBLUE

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ヨンファ君も凄いけれど、ジョンヒョン君の真摯で伸びやかな歌声も何度聞いても素晴らしいです。2人の声が重なった時、本当にこの2人が同じバンドにいることが奇跡みたいだと思いました。 (よ)

Yong Hwa is great, and Jong Hyun’s sincere voice is also awesome, no matter how many times i listen to it. When those two voices overlap with each other, i think it’s really a miracle that these two can be in one band.

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sources:, Tower Records twitter

Ratings for “Playful Kiss” double

Revealing that there’s indeed potential for the romantic comedy, MBC’s ”Playful Kiss” doubled its ratings for today’s episode.

On the 23rd, it was announced that the seventh episode of this drama got a viewer rating of 6.3%. The last episode got a 3.0% rating, so it rose by a substantial 3.3%.

The boost could be because “Playful Kiss” is not up against any other dramas. “Baker King” has come to an end, and a movie was broadcasted instead of a new episode for “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.”

Unfortunately, even though it were only films that filled the usual time slots for “My Girl is a Nine-Tailed Fox” and “Baker King”, they still scored double the ratings than “Playful Kiss”.

original source; Nate + TV Daily
translation source; allkpop

I believe the ratings will improve as the drama goes on~ I hope MBC can just make it 20 episodes instead of that cut they made it to 16 episodes...

Suju Leeteuk expressed his wish "wants to be ambassador for shoe lifts

Super Junior Leeteuk who is a regular user of shoe lifts expressed his unique relationship with shoe lifts.

On the 21th broadcast of SBS Chuseok Special "Star Real Video", Leeteuk made a shocking confession "Wants to have the identity of the shoe lifts ambassador".

When the question was posted to Leeteuk: "Do you wish to become the ambassador for shoe lifts?" He replied: "I'm definitely qualified as an ambassador for shoe lifts." He continued: "In the company, I'm an old face as a regular user of shoe lifts, actually in my inner heart (;) I've already treated myself as the ambassador for shoe lifts." His words aroused laughter among the audience.

In actual fact, Leeteuk has proven himself by removing his shoe lifts directly out of his shoes for more than once in programs broadcasting. In addition, he has also been promoting the theory of "Insoles are a form of respect" Therefore, "Ambassador of shoe lifts" this is a really deserved title.

Korean to chinese translation: 嘉敏 @ SJF
Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Shindong apologizes to Lee Min Ho, why?

Super Junior’s Shin Dong tested the celebrity look alike, and the result stated that he looks like Lee Min Ho by 23%.
On Shin Dong’s Twitter posted on September 13th, he posted the image along with a “Sorry” message.
The #1 celebrity look alike for Shin Dong came out to be the 24 year old actor, Lee Min Ho. The match came out to be 23% alike, and it even said, “Don’t really look alike, but if one had to be chosen…”
Shin Dong posted a cute “Sorry” message for looking like flower boy Lee Min Ho.
Netizens who saw the image stated, “It’s entertaining! There’s no need to say sorry. Oppa is a unique star,” “How can this happen? Oppa, I think you’re more handsome!”, and “Haha, this is very cute. Thank you for the laugh to start off my day.”

Original Source: (can't find it)
v.i.a:  Lee Min Ho’s World

Dr. Who - Lost

KARA remains modest about their success and dreams big in Japan

[#8000 Special Edition] KARA “Dream to take part in “Red & White Festival” and top Oricon Chart #1”

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KARA, who was doing well on Oricon Chart and had just returned home, was invited by Sports Seoul for their special edition #8000 interview. This is the first interview after it was announced in Japan that KARA is the first Korean Girl Group to make such a remarkable result on Oricon Chart. Last Month (11 August), Kara made debut with single ‘Mister’, on the released day, it was ranked at #5 on Oricon Chart which surprised the Japan music world. Even after one week, KARA maintained at #5 on Oricon Weekly Chart. Excluding Japan, KARA is Asia’s First Girl Group to be on top 10 for their first week of album release on Oricon Weekly Chart. Interview was conducted at DSP entertainment new office which KARA said it‘s cozy. “It’s like a dream”, said KARA about their success in Japan. During this interview, they were asked about their testimonies about Japan debut and Oricon chart record as well as their future plans. Han Seungyeon was absent for this interview due to her spinal cord injury.

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Translated by aank1 @
Source: Sports Seoul

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t-ara's prettiest member to make acting debut

Soyeon of the girl group T-ara will be the final member to make her big screen acting debut.

Soyeon will appear in the movie, "Mama, Don't Cry" and will begin filming full-time later this year. In the movie, "Mama, Don't Cry", Soyeon be a high school student who's mother attempts to make amends for the regrets her teenage daughter had in the past. Soyeon will be playing a teenager for this role.

Core Contents Media stated, "Soyeon will be making her first appearance in movies following after Jiyeon and Eunjung. Soyeon now will be a singer and an actor, so please anticipate." T-ara's member Jiyeon has appeared in the drama "God of Study" and the movie "Death Bell 2" and Eunjung has appeared in the drama "Coffee House" and will be appearing in the movie "White". Hyomin just recently finished filming for her acting debut in the drama "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho."

In addition, Soyeon will be resuming singing activities with T-ara's second album coming soon.

The full cast of "Mama, Don't Cry" will be revealed soon and is scheduled to go into shooting this winter.

source: star news
credit: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem

Park Bom: Addicted to corn

2NE1’s Park Bom has been praised for losing weight for the group’s comeback, which was all due to her various diet plans that happened over the year.

Going against the grain, eating corn was something that her trainer at YG Entertainment got angry over and now it seems like she is now addicted to the food.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s 2NE1 TV Season 2, Park Bom was shown eating corn. While eating, she stated, “Yesterday, the store that sold corn in front of my house didn’t have any, so I couldn’t eat it. I’m addicted to corn again, what should I do?”

This goes against what she said on the first season of 2NE1 TV. In the first season Park Bom stated, “I hate corn!”

Her “corn craze” has been garnering much attention on the web, as “Park Bom Corn” is currently one of the most searched on portal sites.

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source ~ allkpop + adehMarie @ Youtube

wow, she needs to stop. corn is terrible to try to lose weight, it's just lots calories without much nutritional value.
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Ok, so maybe Kyuhyun doesn't fail at twitter as much as we thought

Kyuhyun’s Special Award
“This award,” writes Kyuhyun in his Twitter mere minutesseveral hours ago. Super Junior’s maknae posted a picture of himself lugging a giant bottle of wine and a mischievous grin to match.

Rarely the Twitter enthusiast, as his frustrated followers would admit, Kyuhyun seems to be in a socializing mood today, also posting two more pictures with his Super Junior hyungs. One shows them all dressed up in their white Super Show 3 outfits, the other showing the idols in a more playful mood.

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Source: gaemgyu@Twitter 1 2 3
Written by:

Does he drink wine a lot? Girl, he's Sungmin wine-drinking buddy. What do you think?

Kangta on Golden Fishery 20100707

It's been a little while since the release of Kangta's episode on Golden Fishery, but finally the whole episode has been subbed! Kangta, ex-member/lead vocalist of iconic 90's k-pop idol group H.O.T appeared on Golden Fishery to talk about the entertainment industry.

Being one of the older idols and one of the ones to have stuck around longest with SM Entertainment, he has quite a few stories to tell about H.O.T,  Shinhwa, idol groups that are popular these days... we also get an insight into the very strict training of SM Entertainment the way it was back then, thoughts and feelings about crazy stalker fans, acting in dramas, dating in the entertainment industry and how tough life can get for everyone involved.

He also opens up a little about the circumstances surrounding the H.O.T's sudden split. A very interesting look into the idol world from the view of one of the veteran idols, complete with embarrassing photos and stories.

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Credit: The (very new) Dedicated to H.O.T subbing team DTHAngelSubs; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Written by: me; and I just can't wait until Tony's episode comes out to see if their stories match up...!

Moon Ji Eun passed up T-ara’s ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’

After a two year hiatus, Moon Ji Eun has made a comeback with her title track ‘Hibiye Hibiyo‘ while making headlines for her 7 kg weight loss and her $85,386USD diamond stockings.

Anyone else would’ve felt pressured to make headlines with gossip as opposed to music, but Moon Ji Eun felt rather thankful: “I thought that it helped me look not so forced. It’s just one of the ways to get out there.”

When asked what she did over the two years, she answered, “I prepared for my album. I was left with a lot of disappointment after my first album was released. I wanted to do so well, but I didn’t live up to my expectations. I think I went through at least 100 different songs, constantly recording and re-recording. I looked up and realized two years passed just like that.”

“Hibiye Hibiyo” by Bang Shihyuk is said to be a song she actually received a year ago when Baek Ji Young and 2PM Taecyeon were promoting “My Ear’s Candy“. Moon Ji Eun reflected, ”When I first heard the song, I didn’t think it’d be a hit, but the song itself called out to me. I was afraid that it’d sound too similar to ‘My Ear’s Candy’ but it has its differences. The same choreographer worked with me as well.”

During the two years, hundreds of songs have slipped through her hands. Some have already met their rightful owners and shined on the charts. “One of the songs I was offered was T-ara’s ‘I Go Crazy Because of You.’ Many people ask me whether I regret passing it up, but I feel like that song was able to do well because T-ara sang it.”

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source: allkpop

your loss girl