September 26th, 2010

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QMi!fans start spazzing, Heechul tweets cute pictures + seems lonely

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It's ok Minnie, you're still his only drinking buddy and roommate.
{태양} love is killing us

18+ Solar Concert is filthy, Taeyang still a sweetheart

After a successful all-ages concert last night, a few minor changes to the show for the 18+ crowd for Taeyang's Solar concert.

Most notable being during I Need A Girl, where he brought a girl on stage, but this time gave her a bra and panty set, danced all up on her, lay his head on her lap, then kissed her on the lips. He also continuously stripped his shirts off and threw them into the audience. There were more pelvic thrust than I could even try to count. This boy knows how to put on a concert.

Another thing that I don't believe happened last night, was after the encore, he came BACK and sang a couple more songs, just because he was sad he won't be back with another solo in the near future.

Here's my fancam for 나만 바리봐, though it gets cut because I squished my way up to about 4 people away from the stage and some girl (not staff) busted through, smacking down peoples hands if there was a phone/camera.

And then his final bow and goodbye of the evening.

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Kim Jae Wook is iPhone Hot

I'm starting to think that 2010 is the year of my bb Kim Jae Wook. 2 dramas, 1 internet movie, 1 mobile drama and now a iPhone short film? Yay!

My bb is staring in iPhone 4 mobile short film "Blue Gene" (working title) for the iPhone4 Film Festival being held in Seoul during the month of October. The short film will have 26 days of public filming in a building in the Gangnam area in Seoul. This new concept was born era of smartphone film festivals which will be held from October 6-31. The movie will be screened through 4 dedicated applications for the iPhone4.

ok.. enough about the film. you know you're here just for the pics.

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 have a good sunday/monday people..

ok if it looks funky I had to edit this through my phone.

Is 2PM’s Taecyeon evading the military like MC Mong?

With MC Mong awaiting trial on charges of military duty evasion, the public have turned their gaze towards 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon and the rumors of him avoiding military service.

Yoo Seung Jun was one of the first representative cases of an evasion gone wrong, eventually having his career not only put to an end, but deported from the country as well. MC Mong’s momentary faulty decision has led him down the same path as Yoo Seung Jun, and it seems as if Ok Taecyeon might be following.

Ok Taecyeon has been unable to avoid the suspicions surrounding his service since the rumors first emerged. Having shown the most beastly performances out of all of 2PM, he expressed his manliness through shirt ripping performances, exposing his chiseled body for all to see. However, rumors stating that he received a level 4 on his physical examination have surfaced recently.

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Sources: Nate, Daum View, Sports World, World Journal
Photo: Sports World
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SKK Scandal > BOF in more ways than one

 Including the song "Chajatta" performed by the TVXQ trio, the "SungKyunKwan Scandal" OST not only took first place on offline charts, but also dominated the combined charts, coming out as an overall winner.

Released on the 16th, because the "SungKyunKwan Scandal" OST included the collaboration song "Chajatta" sung by the TVXQ trio, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu who haven't been active in mainland Korea, and Jaejoong and Junsu's solo songs, the value of the OST album increased twofold.

Although the album was released two weeks after the drama first aired, the offline album rankings have had an evidently strong momentum, having 12 858 copies sold until the 24th.

It is rarely seen of a drama OST being able to make it to the combined charts, but the "SungKyunKwan Scandal" OST earned first place on daily charts 3 out of the 9 days it was released. On the 16th and 17th when it was first released, it took first place on the daily charts, and although it was placed 2nd all the way through until the 24th, it pushed through to first place. Of course, an OST capable of holding onto the first position is a great achievement.

OST albums are placed first on the annual chart rankings if it's sales reach over 20 000, becoming an album that has a great impact towards the market. Being able to achieve large sales that reach over 10 000 in merely a week, "SungKyunKwan Scandal" has a great probability of beating the "Boys Over Flower" sales of 53 146.

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Future Simon #1

More reasons why you need So Ji Sub in your pants

Extra pics from High Cut

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So Ji Sub for InStyle September 2010

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"So Ji Sub Road" So Ji Sub comfortable walk

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So Ji Sub's book 'The Way' a.k.a. The Bible of Bad-Assery is a bestseller

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Totally SJS: 1 2 3 4 5
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SHINee's 2nd repackaged album to go on sale Oct 4th

SHINee who has received enormous positive response for 'Lucifer' will release their 2nd repackaged album 'Hello' on October 4th.

-omit Lucifer accomplishments we already know etc-

SHINee will display a trendy pop sound for the title song 'Hello' in their new repackaged album. The song features consistent rhythm and repeated synth-sound and gives off a refreshing feeling through the soothing vocals and soft harmony. It is a trendy R&B pop song about expressing feelings to a lover and incorporates bright lyrics to add to its charm.

Meanwhile, SHINee will unveil their first performance of 'Hello' Oct 1st on KBS' Music Bank, and their 2nd repackaged album 'Hello' will go on sale on the 4th.

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HBIC confirms Shining creatures' comeback.

 Hold onto something, SHINee fans. A very cute source just revealed that the idol group will be making their comeback next week. Who’s our source? No one less than the ‘Hurricane Venus’ herself, BoA!

BoA left the following message on her Twitter last night,

“Inkigayo is over, the Chuseok holiday is over… :( But next week, shining SHINee’s comeback! Hehe, I won’t be so bored in the waiting rooms now^^ Thank you to everyone in the workplace who has worked hard and been supportive since the early morning^^”

You can definitely feel the family love between the SM Entertainment members. Stay tuned for more updates about the comeback!

Source: BoA's twitter & allkpop

FML, I have exams next week!
taec cute

2NE1 holds 4D MV Showcase; Conclusion of Previous Post

K-pop female group 2NE1 held a showcase over the weekend featuring their music videos for their three title tracks in 4D format, the first time such an attempt has been made by a recording artist.

The quartet kicked off the event with an autograph session for fans at the Time Square shopping center in Yeongdeungpo district in Seoul, followed by unveiling the music videos for "Can't Nobody," "Go Away" and "Clap Your Hands" in 4D from their recent first full-length album "To Anyone."
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Also, 2NE1 overtook SNSD and 2AM in largest digital sales of the year on K-Chart.
2NE1's Go Away-7729
2AM's Even if I Die, I Can't Let You Go -7510
SNSD's OH-7442

source: YG Ladies and
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BEAST Releases Concept Photo with Military Look

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With an upcoming comeback, BEAST had revealed the concept picture for the 3rd album, ‘MASTERMIND’.

In the group picture for the 3rd album revealed this time, each member were able to show off their own style mixing in their rough manly side along with their chic modern feel as well.

Meanwhile, on the 25th and then 26th, BEAST revealed teaser audio clips from their title song ‘SOOM’ on KBS COOL FM ‘Narsha’s Raise the Volume’. BEAST will be revealing their 3rd album on the 28th in a digital format and will start selling their album offline on the 30th.

Source: Newsen, Trans: aoistars@B2STRISING

I love you and all Hyunseung but those pants need to be burned
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F.T. Island rocks ‘Chocolate’ with their cover of “Poker Face”

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Rock band F.T. Island recently made an appearance on Kim Jung Eun’s “Chocolate”. The boys participated in a couple of games, were interviewed by the host, and even performed a live rock cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”

At the beginning, each member was cleverly introduced with a quick demonstration of their musical skills, such as Minhwan’s drum solo, Jaejin’s bass solo, Jonghoon’s guitar solo, and Seunghyun’s cute train imitation, all introduced individually by lead vocal Hongki.

During the interview portion of the show, Hongki was asked whether he felt any sense of competition with CNBlue. He revealed, “We actually shared the same practice room and rehearsed together even when they were rookies. But there’s still that hidden rivalry, which is why we moved out and changed practice rooms.”

When asked to compliment CNBlue, Hongki continued, “They’re all tall and have great proportions. Yes, very tall. And great at music. They work extremely hard.”

On the topic of their favorite girl groups, Jaejin enthusiastically replied, “miss A!” causing Hongki to laugh and state, “You’re really honest. I have one as well. After School’s Lizzy.”

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North Korea: beyond the capital lies a different world

The charity Love North Korean Children claims thousands of Rason's children would go hungry without their support.

If Pyongyang is North Korea's showpiece city – albeit an empty and forbidding place – then the country's interior is something else altogether.

In this desolate city 800 kilometres from the capital, the main square turns to a sea of mud in the rain, and there are no street lights so it's impossible to avoid the puddles at night.

Rason is 50km from the border with China, over a twisting dirt track through the mountains, but it could be another planet.
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Interpreting the meaning behind North Korea's tough talk

North Korea threatened in June to turn Seoul into a “sea of fire” if the South went through with plans to broadcast propaganda into its country from loudspeakers set up at the Demilitarized Zone.

In July, the North threatened to start a “retaliatory sacred war … based on nuclear deterrent” in response to an upcoming U.S.-South Korea naval exercise.

And, earlier this month, in advance of more scheduled U.S.-South Korea joint maneuvers, a commentary on a state-controlled run website said the Pyongyang military would “deal a merciless blow if warmongers stage reckless provocation.”
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Changmin SWAK Interview – “I Don’t Lie”

We want to know more about you!
Personal life, ideal girls, self-analysis… everything was asked.

Despite coming to Japan on a very tight schedule, he didn’t show us any signs of fatigue. From the beginning to the end, Changmin always showed us a comfortable and steady smile. When the shooting began, he blended into the situation, expressing a feeling of masculinity that at the same time, felt pure and innocent. Showing us a variety of expressions that flaunted his charisma, the atmosphere was naturally full of happiness of which he had created.

As an artist, as an actor ascending a new stage, you will never be able to take your focus off of this future Changmin.

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This 22 year old man has the life mentality of someone older lmfao.