September 27th, 2010

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Nicole impresses everyone in her job interview in English

On this week’s episode of SBS’ “Heroes,” the girls went in for a job interview together.

KARA’s Nicole, After School’s Kahi and Lee Jin (Fin.K.L) were grouped together for their interview. The interviewer asked Nicole a question in English and to the astonishment of her peers, Nicole answered back without any trouble.

It shouldn’t have really come as a surprise, as it’s known that Nicole was born in the States and lived there for most of her life. Yet her fluency still amazed her interviewers, her fellow group members, and the viewers.

She named her strongest and weakest points about herself in English, and really impressed the judges with the thoughtfulness of her answers. She also made Kahi and Lee Jin very nervous.

They asked her whether or not it’s difficult for her to communicate with others in Korean and she answered, “I’m comfortable with it, but the other person isn’t.”

Another interesting point was that she wrote, “Effort does not betray you.” on her job application as her motto. One of the interviewers asked, “Has effort ever betrayed you?” Nicole answered, “If it ever did, that means I didn’t put in enough effort.”

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: Nate & Allkpoop

Gahee was next to be interviewed, I think she was just scared that they would make her interview in English too, lmao her expression. My bb Nicole grew up well <3 
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‘A Man From Nowhere (Mr.)’ to make a nationwide release across America


The highly successful blockbuster film ‘The Man From Nowhere (Mr.)’, which recently surpassed 5.7 million viewers, is soon to hit cinemas in the United States.

According to CJ Entertainment, America’s LA CGV is to show the nighttime screening premier of ‘The Man From Nowhere (Mr.)’ this coming September 30th. Having partnered with North America’slargest multiplex cinema chain AMC, CJ Entertainment is also planning for a nationwide release of the movie in AMC theaters acrossAmerica.

An associate of CJ Entertainment stated, “‘Mr.’ will premier in LA, followed by California, New Jersey, New York, Washington and Texas in October. CJ will also be able to meet with other cinema chains in America through AMC Cinemas.”

Additionally, ‘Mr.’ was recently invited to the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 1st, and is already currently receiving great interest in North America.

Source: Nate , allkpop

Photo: Nate

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All the theatre locations are now on the official site :

G-Dragon reveals the real reason behind Big Bang’s album delay

Since November of 2008, Big Bang has taken an extremely long hiatus from the Korean music market. Although the boys have created digital releases for CFs and contributed in drama OSTs, fans have been patiently waiting for a solid official release. Yet the longer the hiatus stretches, the more anxious fans have become. The situation has degenerated to the point where there are whispers of deteriorating relationships amongst the members, or that the members enjoy acting more than music.
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Heechul Twitter Update: The 2nd victim of the new refreshing game

A follow up to this post


Via @Heedictator
오예 특이꺼 복구ㅋㅋㅋㅋ두번째 벌칙 당첨자ㅋㅋㅋㅋ헤엄 못치는 오리양반이특 가냐
TRANS: Oh yeah, Teuk got it ㅋㅋㅋㅋIs the one who got it second (for the game)ㅋㅋㅋㅋThe duck who couldn’t swim. Leeteuk go

Source: Heechul's Twitter
Translated by: minoko2440 @

Don't tease us Heenim. Post the rest of the vids please...
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MBLAQ G.O. is into 4minute's Feet

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G.O. is actually a womanizer?

MBLAQ G.O. revealed that he is friends with T-ara Soyeon through a introduction by same team member, Seungho. Among the midst of "Did they do a blind date?" suspicion, G.O.'s huge interest in girl group has received an attention.

At that day, G.O. remembered that her feet size is 220mm during the game with Heo Gayoon.
After girl groups members asked "How do you know the feet size?", G.O. was taken aback
and excused himself by saying "I knew it through the tip from the stylist. Isn't it easy to
remember 220mm since it's not a common size?".
It seemed as the atmosphere was about to agree to G.O.'s excuse since it is convincing.

However, G.O. guessed that 4Minute Kim Hyunah's feet size was 240 mm, which made people
suspected as "Is he a womanizer?"

G.O. showed a Secret Zinger's pelvis dance at this day's broadcast.

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Korean pop star battles attacks on Stanford record

Daniel Seon Woong Lee, better known in Korea as recording artist Tablo, graduated from Stanford with a seemingly uncontroversial record: two English degrees, a bachelor’s in 2001 and a master’s in 2002. But over the past six months, an Internet campaign has launched attacking Lee’s credentials and, he says, threatening him and his family.

Lee, the frontman of premier Korean rap group Epik High, became aware of the allegations that he was not a Stanford graduate in March, when he began receiving threats to his Twitter account. The sources of the attacks were netizens–vocal participants in an online community–who question the validity of Lee’s Stanford degrees. An intervention from Stanford Registrar Tom Black and a letter from English professor Tobias Wolff did little to help stop the movement.

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Source: Kate Abbott and Wyndam Makowsky @ The Stanford Daily

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BEAST Releasing Mastermind Part 2 And Solo Concert, HELL YES

The release of BEAST’s 3rd Mini Album exceeds the meaning of just a simple comeback.

Like the harvest that had to endure the hot summer sun and downpour, BEAST had to endure the critics and hard times only being able to succeed by skills. And to these boys who have confidently been recognized due to the love and support from everyone, they have received another chance to prove to themselves once again. Now, with them standing on the starting line of a new adventure, we want to show everyone two, big pictures of BEAST.

First. BEAST is currently getting ready to show a different music spectrum and abilities by preparing a double album style for the 3rd album coming soon. If the 3rd Mini Album ‘Mastermind’ being released on September 28th online and September 30th offline was the part.1, a part.2 album with a whole new different charm that will once again make everyone catch their breath will be released on November.
The part 2 album will not be a repackage album and will be containing all new songs, we are also working hard to show the different colors of all the six members in a two concept album form that will be like a well with continuous water sprouting out.

Second. BEAST will be having their special first solo concert for BEAST on December 12th.
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Source: PLAYB2ST, Trans: aoistars@b2strising
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Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

Flawless Junsu and... not so flawless JaeChun are invading the global economy

The G20 Seoul Summit is the biggest annual forum on economic cooperation in the world today. 2010 G20 Seoul Summit will reveal a new blueprint for the future of global finance this coming November in Seoul, Korea.

Hello, this is Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun. Korea’s star representatives for relay interview. The cool three men who’s moving beyond Asia today towards the world! Altogether, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun.

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Source: [G20 Seoul Summit website] & [SeoulSummit's Twitter]
Shared by: SYC & DBSKnights
Translation: SYC

.........I don't like you here, Jaejoong baby =/ CHANGE YOUR HAIR NOW!
And...  It reminds me Ontama Carnival '09, Junsu is really interested in global economy, isn't him? LOL

Yonghwa escapes to the toilet to hide from fans

CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa left Taiwan early in the morning and his waiting room was surrounded by a large number of fans, he went to the toilet twice. Meanwhile The other three members came back to Korea yesterday.

Because the flights were all full. Yonghwa had to take the early flight causing hundred of fans chasing him at the airport. He was still smiling. After that, he and his manager was in the airport’s waiting room. On the same plane he was surrounded by fans. He couldnt help to hide in the male toilet because of panic.

Last night, CNBLUE celebrates at Japanese resto. Minhyuk said in Chinese “I miss everyone!” SELF: I like quiet and talented girls.” Then Yonghwa on the side pretended to be a “feminine” causing the people to laugh so hard.

original source: tw yahoo news
translated by: Euni@cnbluestorm

Lee Seung Gi Gives Presents To 200 Staff Members

With the last episode coming up, Lee Seung Gi recently delivered surprise gifts to the staff members of the SBS drama My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox

As a way of celebrating the Chuseok holiday, Lee Seung Gi presented a bag and t-shirt to each of the total 200 staff members, along with songpyeon and personally autographed OST albums.

Lee Seung Gi stated, “I wanted to spread the love to staff members who had to spend their Chuseok holidays filming for the drama, instead of spending it with family. I hope this can be of some support until the broadcast of the last episode this week.”

Staff members who received the gifts commented, “it feels like we gained strength through these thoughtful gifts. It seems like the filming set’s atmosphere has become brighter.

My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox will air its last episode on the 30th.

Translation: chOsshi
Source(s): leeseunggiworld newsen via

Onkey nylon

Minho's not strong enough for Kim ShinYoung?

Minho’s Strength Fails Kim ShinYoung
SHINee’s Minho has the height and the muscles, but apparently not the strength to carry Kim ShinYoung.

This weekend’s broadcast of MBC Chuseok special Idol star Athletics Championship showed your favorite idols running races and jumping hurdles among other games. Gag comedian ShinYoung was part of the women’s 100M race, and she was doing just fine until she tumbled face down onto the ground.

Her idol friends surrounded her immediately, coming to her aid. Minho tried to offer his lifting services by hoisting the comedian on his back, only for his knees to buckle at the effort. Good thing Super Junior’s Shindong was there to do the task.

Catch ShinYoung’s spectacular fall in 0:52 seconds of the clip below, and then on to 2:00 where Minho’s muscles fail him and Shindong saves the day. Hold on tight, ShinYoung!

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Source: TheBadGurlzWorld@youtube
Written by:

I LOLed but omg poor Shinyoung. Most adorable woman ever and so many of them ran out to her (Shindong being first there within seconds)... I'm starting to envy gagwomen.
And Minho, I would've expected you to try again. XD
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4minute's classy hbic remains classy and flawless on bouquet

4minute's Jihyun has shown a tremendous metamorphosis with her latest femme fatale look.

The next episode of MBC's "Flower Bouquet" (9/26 at 4:10pm) will focus on fashion, including a pictorial and a real fashion show in order to discuss the latest trends and looks.

On this episode, 4minute's Jihyun casts aside her usual innocent image to boldly show off her sexy metamorphosis as a femme fatale. Fashion director Woo Jong-wan gave her extraordinary praise, saying, "Jihyun's expression is not an average expression. Through the styling and her expressions, it's like the debut of a model."

Woo showed how impressed he was with Jihyun, as his praise of her modeling skills continued: "Through all the overwhelming makeup, during the photoshoot, it was her posing that grabbed the focus." Woo added, "With her posing, Jihyun was victorious in this shoot."
Translation: its_matteo @

That's right, Jihyun, get it, get it good.
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Can Rain and Kwon Sang-woo restore their images?

All eyes will be on Rain and actor Kwon Sang-woo, as they look to rebound from a series of setbacks that made tabloid headlines in previous months, with a pair of highly anticipated television series set to air this and next week.

After a five-year hiatus, Rain will mark his return to the small screen with another KBS series titled “Plan B.”

His last stint on the small screen was in the network’s “A Love to Kill,” in 2005.

Since early July, the singer-actor has been under fire from both fans and the media for alleged fraudulent business practices when the 29-year-old Hallyu star sold off all the shares in his company, J. Tune Entertainment, reportedly hanging investors out to dry.

An investigation by the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office is currently underway at the request of the company’s former investors.
Stacked on top of his financial woes, Rain was soon after accused of dodging mandatory military service by enrolling in a graduate program at a university despite being active in entertainment full-time.

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Source: Song Woong-ki @ The Korea Herald

Is North Korea on the verge of collapse?

Is North Korea on the verge of collapse?

There are no such signs, though -- unusually -- reports of public unrest following last year's botched currency revaluation have leaked out. Whether or not the populace would support a third Kim seems irrelevant, as the nation is still so tightly controlled that revolution appears unlikely. But would Kim Jong Un wield real power -- as his father and grandfather did -- or would he be the puppet of powerful figures in the party or the military? This is unknown.


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How dangerous is North Korea?
Looking at recent history -- very. North Korean assassins attempted to kill the South Korean president in 1968, bombed the South Korean cabinet -- on a visit to Yangon, Myanmar -- in 1983 and blew up a South Korean airliner in 1987. In 1968, North Korea seized (and still holds) an American spy ship, the USS Pueblo. Moreover, it admitted to kidnapping Japanese citizens, allegedly as language trainers in its spy schools, in the 1970s and 1980s. It has defied the international community with ballistic missile tests and with two nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009. It also stands accused of torpedoing the South Korean warship Cheonan in March 2010, killing 46 sailors. The incident took place on the flashpoint Northern Limit Line, the tense maritime border between the Koreas in the Yellow Sea.



TOP &amp; YB
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[Interview] Park-ing allowed anytime

A K-Pop star in his own right, Jay Park, a pure Korean born and raised in Seattle, Washington State, is, even just on the phone, friendly, accommodating and engaging unlike recent visitor Rain who was aloof, distant and ‘unreachable’

The name Jay Park, a.k.a. Park Jaebeom, is very familiar to Pinoy K-Pop fans just like those of recent visitor Rain and Koreanovela stars. But still, with Jay set for a concert called Fan Meet Tour 2010 on Sunday, Oct. 3, at the SMX Convention Center (beside SM Mall of Asia), a re-introduction won’t hurt.

Park was born on April 25, 1987, to Korean parents in Seattle, Washington State, where he was also raised. He lists his occupations as “B-boy, dancer, singer, rapper and actor.”

He first appeared through MNET’s Hot Blood, a program that showed the intense physical training that 13 male trainees had to go through for the chance to join either a four-member ballad group called 2AM or seven-member dance
group called 2PM under JYP Entertainment. Park won and was trained in Korea, eventually becoming the leader of 2PM which debuted with the song 10 Points Out of 10 Points in 2008. The group shot to fame with its album Again & Again which won it an award in 2009.

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Source: FUNFARE/Ricardo F. Lo @ The Phillippine Star

LOL @ bitter reporter bitching about Rain.
Baby G
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Ga-in finalizes her solo debut preparations

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in has recently finalized her solo debut date and concept.

According to representatives of the Brown Eyed Girls on the morning of September 28th, Ga-in will be releasing her solo mini album in the second week of October, and she will concurrently kick off her broadcast activities. “Ga-in has been hard at work on her solo album. She filmed her music video in Australia earlier this month. She’s currently preparing her title track choreography in a musical style along with a modern dance instructor.”

They went on to state, “Her title track and musical concept will surely make everyone surprised. She is spending her time in anticipation of meeting her fans with her first solo album.”

Fans are excited to see what Ga-in can achieve as the second member to go solo from Brown Eyed Girls.

Source: AKP

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Sohee is a boss bitch among two basic bitches on MTV Style

Last month, Wonder Girls‘ Pucca girl Sohee appeared on the MTV Style homepage alongside Twilight actress Ashley Greene and The Hills star Audrina Patridge for her side braid hairstyle(s).

In the photo, it is evident that Sohee’s beautiful looks do not fall behind the two popular US celebrities.

Netizens commented, “Sohee is the prettiest” “An example of how much the Wonder Girls have advanced” and “I’m glad to see her side by side with American actors

It seems that the Wonder Girls are continuing to be featured on various media websites. Just last week they were featured on Billboard for being one of the 21 hot upcoming stars under 21.

Source + Photo: MTV Style & TVDaily
Translation: AKP
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Fierce HBIC shows some love

4minute has given special love for labelmate BEAST's comeback.

BEAST's mini album was released at midnight on the 28th.

On that special day, BEAST's Cube Entertainment sister group, 4minute's Heo Gayoon has shown love for the boys while visiting them until late at night during their album's release at midnight. The remaining 4minute members also sent love to BEAST despite their hectic schedules.

After practicing on the 27th at 11pm, Gayoon looked for BEAST in the offices of Cube and watched over the situation of the album's release while chatting with the boys. She also gave words of encouragement and jubilation at the very moment of release. BEAST and 4minute trained for many years together, experiencing the same joys and pains, becoming a true family.

Gayoon said, "BEAST were not at their dorms at the midnight release of their album online, but at the offices," indicating their dedication. The title track, "Soom" hit #1 on every digital chart at its release, surprising many staffs. This has proven that BEAST has become a top male idol group.

Source: 4minute Forum
Translation/Reporting: its_matteo @

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mini YGfam post.

Se7en and Park Han Byul to appear together in MV

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2NE1 members reveal their ideal types

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Both 'TO ANYONE' and 'GO AWAY' Achieve Bronze Certification on Cyworld
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"Girl group 4minute have been chosen as the #1 fashionistas in the idol world"

Girl group 4minute have been chosen as the #1 fashionistas in the idol world.

On the latest episode of MBC's Flower Bouquet, an "idol fashion showdown" unfolded.

Idol groups 4minute, Secret, T-ara and MBLAQ participated in the themed episode about fashion trends, showing incredible fashion sense.

4minute showed an unparalleled fashion sense through the styling they showed off, all without professional coordi noonas. HyunA chose a pink blouse and high-waisted pants, showing off the perfect look for a special date. Nam Jihyun displayed her perfect model posing through her recent magazine photoshoot (with Secret, MBLAQ and T-ara members) and was chosen as #1 by a committee comprised of the fashion directors for the shoot.

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its_matteo @ 4minute's International Forum

YO APPLEBODY, Kim Hyung Joon will make his MC debut~!

SS501's Kim Hyung Joon is making his MC debut for MBC's new variety program "Oh Bam Ah".

Kim Hyung Joon said, "I'm extremely excited to be able to see everyone through an official variety program" when asked about his upcoming debut. The show, "Oh Bam Ah (Kids of the Night), will feature junior idol guests. The show will be a sort of upgrade from MBC's show "Live together, Enjoy together" where senior idols show talent, play games,give quizzes and hold discussions with junior idols.

Other senior idols set to join Kim Hyung Joon include Kim Chang Ryeol, Eun Ji Won, Kim Sung Soo, Hwangbo, and many more!

translation: dkpopnews

This post is brought to you by SS501's English:

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