September 30th, 2010

Jay Park wants to be brothers with 2PM again? (Manila Press Conference)

Jay Park, along with his dance crew, Art of Movement (AOM), are here for what can only be a smashing showcase on October 3, at the SMX Convention Center. In the press conference today at the Dusit Hotel, Jay told us all about his music, 2PM, girls, his tattoos, and future plans.

Jay Park in Manila: Press Conference -

Jay was asked if he still kept contact with the other members of 2PM (the KPop group he was formerly the leader of):
"Unfortunately not. We haven't hit each other up in a long time, but I have nothing but love for the guys. I hope all the best for them. Hopefully one day we can just be friends again and just, you know, be brothers again -- like we are right now, like these guys (gesturing to the AOM members)."

Jay also named Charice (Pempengco, Filipino singer and new Glee cast member) as one of the artists he wants to collaborate with in the future.

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Wonder Girls fans in LA, they are performing in your city... today/thursday?!

Wonder Girls to Perform at Gay Club
The Wonder Girls will be performing a special stage at a gay club in Los Angeles, California tomorrow evening. The performance will be part of the events scheduled for the launching party of artist La Roux, who is known for her popular track, “Bulletproof.”

The club in question is called TigerHeat, and it is known for its LBGT events in Southern California. Its Thursday night events are especially popular within the LBGT community; the fact that the Wonder Girls are to promote themselves at the club’s biggest activity will surely bring in many new fans.

While some fans have been in complete support of the upcoming performance, others have expressed feelings of shock over the girls’ decision to promote at a pro-homosexual event. Such reactions, however, will not be stopping the girls from their promotional activities in the club tomorrow night, beginning at 9:30PM.

For more information, check out TigerHeat’s official website here.

Source: kpoplive

Go get' em!

Avex dropped JYJ because of SNSD?

On September 27th, a news article by Japan’s Asahi News, titled, “DBSK’s comeback potential“, speculated that Avex dropped promotional activities on JYJ because the contract with JYJ hindered Avex’s recruitment of other Korean stars. The article specified, Avex supported JYJ but this caused breakage between Avex and SM Ent. where the latter signed SNSD with Universal.
In summery, Aera, the author of the article, postulates that Avex split with JYJ as an act of submission to SM Entertainment and other Korean entertainment corporations.
Aera wrote, “It is commonly accepted in Korea that companies spend millions to train and promote artists from their early childhood. Korea’s entertainment business finds it inevitable that contracts must be of a certain length to guarantee profit. JYJ’s split from SM through legal proceeds put a huge scratch on the face of SM and Korea’s business. When Avex salvaged JYJ, it was a direct confrontation with SM.
When SNSD and Kara signed under Universal and 2Pm followed up with Sony, Avex had to consider the lack of fresh Korean recruitment. In the end, they opted to drop the immediately but minimally profitable JYJ for a chance to sign the new generation’s ‘DBSK’.”
Aera continued, “Just like in Korea, where fame is but an overinflated bubble, when DBSK broke up, their fame took a massive hit. Even in Japan, JYJ’s activities drew negatives comments such as, ‘money hungry dogs”, and other severe criticisms“.

Aera concluded by questioning whether JYJ has a bright future ahead.


Seoul Ascending


           I’m standing with Cho Min-suk, one of Seoul’s foremost architects, atop one of his own skyscrapers, a luxury apartment complex called Boutique Monaco. And it’s only perhaps from here, on high, that one can grasp what is meant by “the Miracle on the Han,” as Seoul, South Korea, is sometimes known. A hundred years ago, the city had fewer than a million people. Today Seoul boasts 23 million, making it by some counts the second-largest metropolitan area in the world.



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Runaway explodes onto the scene with a 20% premiere

I’d expected high numbers for Runaway Plan B, but even so I’m surprised: 20.7% is an excellent start — hitting that number midway through would be a hit, but to get it in Episode 1 is rare. It speaks to the star power of Rain and answers the question of whether he’d be able to overcome the undercurrent of anti-fan sentiment that seems to dog him lately.

(Of course, now the question is whether the drama will be able to maintain its strong kick-off. In any case, it is positioned nicely.)

In its finale week, competitor drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho had a solid showing with a 16.6%, which is a little bit of a drop from last week’s 19.2%. But last week was an unusual case, with it being Chuseok week and only having one scripted drama competing for viewership (MBC’s Playful Kiss).

Speaking of which, Playful Kiss dropped back down from its temporary blip up last week, settling at 4.5%.

Now, I’ve gotta actually SEE Runaway to see if the drama merits its high numbers. It looks like it’s got the potential to be a lot of fun.
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4Minute reveals new Japanese single tracklist!

4minute will reveal a new dance tune, entitled "FIRST" as well as the rock song "DREAMS COME TRUE (JAPANESE VERSION)" as double a-sides on their new single. "DREAMS COME TRUE" is the theme song for the hit Korean series, God of Study, which will debut this fall in Japan. It will be rerecorded in Japanese!

The special DVD will include a documentary of the girls' coming to Japan in their latest Tokyo promotions. Member solo trading cards will also be included.


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T-ara's Ryu Hwayoung, "T-ara was very warm to me"

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T-ara's new member Ryu Hwayoung, talks about her whereabouts.

T-ara's Ryu Hwayoung and fellow member Jiyeon joined Co.ed in their joint studio on the 29th for a party.

Hwayoung and her twin sister, Hyoyoung, both belong to Core Contents Media and on the 30th, Hyoyoung will be making her debut with "Too Late". For this special day, Jiyeon and Hwayoung joined together with Co.ed to celebrate.

Hwayoung told Star News, "Because my sister is going to debut first, I'm very happy. It came very hard for my sister, along with the Co.ed members and I'm happy it's leading to good results," she said.

"T-ara is doing well and was very welcoming. I share a room in our dorm with Eunjung and Soyeon. Me and Jiyeon get along well since we are the same age," she said laughing.

Meanwhile, T-ara will return with Hwayoung as seven members coming in November.

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Nate News
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North Korea releases first official photo of Kim Jong-un

A photograph of a group of senior officials from the North Korean Workers' Party was published today in the Rodong Sinmun, the country's main newspaper.

Underneath, a caption listed Kim Jong-un as one of the people seated in the group.

Until now, Kim Jong-un has been such a secretive figure that the world was not even sure of his existence until he was 20 years-old. The only mention of the younger Kim came in a biography by a Japanese sushi chef who had worked for the Kim household in Pyongyang.

The only other glimpse of the 28-year-old, who was promoted this week to a variety of key positions in the North Korean hierarchy, is a grainy video shot while he was a teenager at boarding school in Switzerland.

Although Kim Jong-il, 68, remains North Korea's leader, he has promoted his third son to be vice-chairman of the Central Military Committee and to be a four-star general. The move places the younger Kim squarely in position to succeed his father.

source: telegraph

All Aboard The Japan Bandwagon - BEAST Going To Japan

Another Korean artist group is coming to debut in Japan. This time “BEAST” will be debuting.

BEAST will release a special item in Japan only on November 24th. They quickly have decided their debut. The first press limited edition/Premium Edition will contain their music videos and a documentary of their first time in Japan in July 2010.

Girl groups like SNSD and KARA have been nothing but popular in Japan’s K-POP Boom, and just the other day 2PM announced they would have their debut in Japan as well. Moreover, BEAST’s Japanese debut CD is released on November 24th, the same day as 2PM’s debut. We can’t keep our eyes off these “beasts” debuting in Japan.

BEAST “BEAST-Japan Premium Edition”
Released On: November 24, 2010

First Press Limited Edition (2CD+DVD): UMCF-9559
4,200 yen (~50 USD)
Includes: 2 Music Videos & Documentary Video from their first time in Japan in July 2010
A random individual trading card and a B5 Poster
A note so you can enter a lottery and win an autographed colored paper

Regular Edition (2CD) UMCF1046/7
2,800 Yen (~34 USD)
A random individual trading card and B5 poster

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Alright Italian fans, don't stalk SuJu - or at least don't make it obvious

Super Junior Expresses Disappointment Over Leak of Vacation News?
Just a few hours ago, various Korean news sites have reported that Super Junior members will be taking a short vacation this October. However, Super Junior responded quite negatively over these ‘leaks’.

On Twitter, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk shared their feelings over the matter.
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Maybe it's just me but Teuk sounds kinda amused? Or exasperated? Anyone that can read korean well, what's your take? (And apparently Kyu's already in Italy.)
And it seems some Elfs are raging over kpop-focused news sites for "leaking" their vacation plans - except I don't think most of us even knew it was secret to start with. I actually thought some SM officials had announced it somewhere or whatever.
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JYJ's new album has pre-orders of 150,000 after just one day


JYJ wil be releasing their first worldwide album 'The Beginning' on October 12th. As members of TVXQ, it is predicted that Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu's new album will be a big hit on the market.

TVXQ's previous album 'Mirotic', released in 2008 sold a record-breaking 500,000 copies, yet it is likely that that this record will be broken with the release of the trio's new album.

It has now been 2 years since the release of 'Mirotic', and the trio are back with their new album 'The Beginning'. Already, the album has demonstrated phenomenal selling power; all 99,999 copies of the Luxury Package were sold out within the first day of pre-sales.

With 2 weeks remaining till the official release of the album, the normal version has sold 50,000 copies in pre-sales. The release of the trio's album will no doubt have amazing impact on the music industry.

Of course, it must be taken into account that this will be a worldwide release. Since 2008, TVXQ's fanclub Cassiopeia has continued to hold the Guinness World Recrod for being the biggest fanclub in the world. With fans all over the world, particularly in countries such as Japan and China, sky high sales figures are almost guaranteed. It is predicted that the album will sell over 500,000 copies.

Representatives of Warner Music claimed 'The fans will have high hopes and expectations since it's been 2 years since they last released an album.'

A/N: Some sites may still be holding copies of the Luxury Package

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Who wore it better?

Celebrities wearing the same outfit is hardly surprising in the entertainment industry, and Shin Min Ah and SNSD’s Seohyun are the newest addition to this wardrobe coincidence.

The dress is from the Moschino Cheap & Chic 2010 F/W Collection. Shin Min Ah was first seen wearing the white dress in her drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox while Seohyun wore hers to SMTOWN LIVE ‘10.

Despite having the same dress, they exhibited very different feels. Shin Min Ah gave off a bright and cheery feel while Seohyun was more mature and feminine.

More often than not, one celebrity will outshine the other in the same outfit, but I think Shin Min Ah and Seohyun both shined in different ways. So, who do you think wore the dress better?

Poll #1626087 Who is cuter inside the dress???

Who is cuter in the dress?

Shin Minah
SNSD's Seohyung


SNSD's Japanese "Gee" Covers Revealed

SM Entertainment Japan have just updated their official website with the cover for the Japanese version of SNSD's "Gee", set to release on October 20th. The website lists three different versions of the single.

There will be a special first press edition that will retail for ¥1,800. It will include the CD and a DVD that includes both the original MV as well as the dance version. This version will also come packaged with a number of goodies such as a "special package" and a trading card. Based on previous included goods, the trading card is likely to be of one of the nine girls.

In addition to the special first press edition there will be a limited edition CD+DVD bundle available, which will retail for ¥1,100 along with the regular CD version.

source: sm town
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Narsha throws the opening pitch for Doosan Bears

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Having seen the miss A girls make the opening pitch for the Doosan Bears yesterday, it was the turn of Narsha from the Brown Eyed Girls who did likewise on September 30th.

After losing the opening game of their playoff game against the visiting Lotte Giants by 5:10 yesterday, the Doosan Bears were hoping for better luck this evening, with Narsha making the opening pitch. She later became a spectator in the stands but it was to no avail as the Doosan Bears lost again by 1:4.

Nevertheless, check out the pictures and video below to see how she fared!

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Source(s): AKP + Narsha's twitter + yunakimdaebak

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Best pitcher Doosan's ever had. y/y?

KARA's Seungyeon Is Back + Music Station Appearance

In the early half of September Seungyeon (22), of 5 member Korean group KARA, fractured her tailbone and had to stay on complete bed rest for 4 weeks. But now, she is returning to work.

On the 15th, all 5 members will perform in Japan on the TV Asahi’s program “Music Station” for the first time. While singing their Japanese debut song “Mister” and showing off the “butt-dance”, Seungyeon will also show her complete recovery.

While training Seungyeon complained of lower back pain. She went to a hospital in Seoul to get checked out and was diagnosed with a bone fracture and was hospitalized. According to their Japanese record company, her recovery has gone well and she could leave the hospital at the last third of September. She is recuperating at her own home. It is said she will return to work on the 1st in Korea.

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mnet ultimate concert in singapore

Date: December 4th 2010

Venue: Fort Canning

Time: 5PM-12AM

Artistes: 2AM, 2PM, Mblaq, Miss A, ?

ticket prices are rumoured to be less than $200!!

One more K-Pop group will be added. Stay tuned for more details.

Just a headups, for MNet Ultimate in Thailand, the lineup is: Wondergirls, MBlaq, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, 4 Minute.

sauce: sg-kpopped & sg-kpopped twitter

um okay this sucks =/ i'm broke because of korean pop night in october. i'm a fan of all four ;_;

So many eye candy, so little time! Yes It's time for A GQMF Post

Ok Omona... you know it's me and you know what it's about. I'm bringing you some prime A sexy ass eye candy with this post. Again.. this is dedication to the men who don't get enough love in Omona... Very Image Heavy! Ok Ready my dearies????  I suggest you make yourself comfortable!

GQMF Post Featuring: Joo Jin Mo, Song Seung Hun, Oh Ji Ho, Kim Jae Wook, and Alex :D

Joo Jin Mo in Elle Korea October 2010


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Cha Dae Woong aka Lee Seung Gi leaves twitter + KOlon sport CF

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어 떠셨나요..?차대웅과함께한 두달 행복했길바라며..마지막인사를남깁니다..고맙고..또고맙습니다..정말부족하고 잘하고싶어서 힘이들어간것도많았는데..더노력해서조금씩 해나가겠습니다!또행복하게소통할날이있기를…여러분안녕..^^차대웅..안녕!

How was it..? I hope these two months together with Cha Dae Woong were happy ones… I’m leaving my final greetings.. Thanks.. And thanks again… Because I’m very lacking and because I wanted to do a good job, there was a lot of effort put into this.. I will work harder and go forward little by little! I hope there will be another time in which we can happily communicate… Goodbye everyone.. ^^ Cha Dae Woong.. goodbye!

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Gumiho is over ;~;


Wheesung to help with SNSD's next album

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Kind-hearted Sooyoung vists a fan in the hospital

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Sooyoung gets a job dubbing

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Yoona's Star Call

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Sunny wants to marry Won Bin (get in line)

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2NE1 shines atop Gaon's singles chart

Korean female idols 2NE1 held onto the top spots on Gaon's singles chart during the week of September 19 to 25.

Their title tracks "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody" remained at No. 1 and 2, respectively, on the singles chart and climbing up four spots to third place was the latest duet "On the way to Breaking Up" by songstress Lim Jeong-hee featuring 2AM member Jo Kwon.

The quartet has dominated numerous online and offline music charts with their first full-length album "To Anyone" since its release on September 9. They have been promoting their three title tracks "Can't Nobody," "Go Away" and "Clap Your Hands" simultaneously.

On the albums chart, boy band SS501's mini-album "Rebirth" entered the chart in first place, followed by girl group Rainbow's debut single "Gossip Girl" and rounding out the top three was T-MAX's special album "Single Collection."

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Source: Lucia Hong @ 10Asia - 1, 2, 3

Idk album chart seems really weird, because 2NE1 has been topping Hanteo past two weeks with SungKyunKwan Scandal OST coming in second and both of them have had that big sales numbers it's hard to see any special deals for older albums or some fans rebuying older albums for support could get those numbers.

Why did T-ara’s “Skyground Starground” flop on the charts?

T-ara recently made a comeback with their track “Skyground Starground“, and it’s fallen to embarrassing positions on the music charts.

“Skyground Starground” is a remake song of Bibi’s 1996 hit track and was reinvented in celebration of composer Lee Kyeong Seob’s 20th debut anniversary.

Idol groups are usually able to get in the top 3, and almost always in the top 10, due to the strength of their fanbases. T-ara’s inability to get in the top 20, therefore, is a rare occurrence in the music industry. The track wasn’t able to rank in Melon’s top 20 chart, and has even dropped to the bottom 40 on real time charts.

T-ara’s slump can be explained through a plethora of reasons, but many industry representatives are speculating that the main cause lies behind their lack of preparation, as they were so busy focusing on other things besides their singing careers.

The girls spent a busy summer promoting the movie, “Death Bell 2“. Although only one member was casted in the film, the entire group attended many stage presentations and performances. The company was able to earn a considerable profit off of their appearances, but at the cost of the girls’ reputation as singers.

With girl groups vying aggressively against each other for the top, T-ara fans are wringing their hands nervously at such results. T-ara’s unfortunate ranking acts as a warning to other idol groups on the dangers of investing their time on everything but singing.


allkpop fails again... this isn't their comeback song or related to their comeback in any way... it's not even an OST song or being promoted in any way, do some research damn