October 5th, 2010

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LOL Idols are now judging others: SJ, Kara, and 2pm set to judge other Asians

Kim Tae-Won of Boohwal to participate in MBC's "Star Audition - The Great Beginning" as a judge - Stars such as Super Junior, 2PM, and 2AM to host the overseas auditions

Kim Tae-Won of the rock band Boohwal will participate in the forthcoming global auditioning programme "Star Audition - The Great Beginning" (Produced By Seo Chang-Man) as a judge.

Sources in the broadcasting circle said on (Oct.) 4th that he would judge and criticize the participants of the programme which is set to air its first installment on Nov 5th. One source said that "He's selected as a judge to pick the stars of tomorrow as he has great insight into music as the leader and the guitarist of the rock band Boohwal."

"Star Audition - The Great Beginning" is a programme that's benchmarked against Mnet's "Super Star K", which is airing in huge popularity, and is known to have come into production per the directive of the president of MBC, Kim Jae-Chul. MBC are reportedly doing its best in producing it to avoid being accused of having plagiarized "Super Star K."

To this end, they are planning to host auditions in various parts of Asia including China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, in addition to Korea, to put fuels on the seemingly extinguishing Hallyu and scout super talents who will command all across Asia. Those stars with high local popularity in various parts of Asia such as 2PM, Kara, and Super Junior are already picked to host auditions in Thailand, Japan, and China, respectively.

"Star Audition - The Great Beginning" is scheduled to air for 20 weeks, divided in some seasons and its participants will be selected by first ARS and UCC applications, secondly by the judges, and finally at the on-scene audition(s). The final on-scene audition(s) will be held with more than a thousand audiences and those who have passed the audition(s) will be announced on the spot.

"Star Audition - The Great Beginning" is scheduled to air its first installment on Nov 5th, and the second on Dec 3rd after the Guangzhou Asian Games has ended.

Source: CBS cookie news and various other news outlets
Translated by lvalue @Karaholic.com
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Man worth licking a.k.a So Ji Sub can has tattoo

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Arena Homme Oct. issue Interview: 소지섭流 (So Ji Sub Style)

So Ji Sub does not belong to flower/pretty boy style, nor hormone raging macho style. So Ji Sub does not belong to any style, only belongs to his own So Ji Sub style.

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sexysauce; arenakorea.com / aprolife
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Altogether now:


Korean Music Industry Overrun With Idols; Suffers From A Lack Of Variety

The Korean music industry is aging, and not just in the sense of an increasing number. An endless number of idols have been constantly debuting, giving no chance for singers of other genres to ever reach the spotlight before disappearing. Industry representatives have been agreeing that the industry is in a desperate need for urgent measures.

Many agree that the possibility of succeeding in today’s current market with what is considered “normal” music, only amounts to 0%. While the average ages of the idols are getting lower and lower, the average ages of talented singer songwriters and indie rock bands are getting higher.

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It’s hard for anyone to come up with the names of new singer songwriters that have emerged after 2000. There have been instances where a few popular underground bands such as Jang Giha and Faces, Humming Urban Stereo, and Vanilla Lucy were spotlighted but industry representatives have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult for bands to receive more opportunities without appearing on variety programs, CFs, or with a unique visual. Brown Eyed Soul being able to succeed entirely on music alone without any broadcast appearances is also an exception to the industry and only possible due to their talents. The chance of success is actually quite low in reality.

One representative stated, “Indie rock bands are usually stereotyped as regarding pop music with disdain and avoiding appearances on variety programs. It’s actually not the case. They just never receive the opportunity because broadcast companies favor big company idols.”

Another representative added, “It’s difficult for the media to change everything completely around in order to save the musicians but the situation is grave in the fact that it’s difficult for any rookie to succeed with just music alone as well. The possibility is 0%.”

Many others agreed with both statements, commenting, “If the industry continues on like this, it’s deadly for everyone.”

If so, why are so many representatives using such aggressive terms like ‘death’, in order to get their points across? Representatives of the record industry all gave the same response by blaming broadcast media companies for favoring larger companies. Each of these representatives requested to remain anonymous, proving the extreme amount of power and influence the companies hold.Collapse )

Source + Photos: TV Report
Translated: allkpop

poorly written article...
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F.OUND Magazine - Full Interview with Taeyang

The last bits of the summer since two typhoons have swept, I met Taeyang. On the day of this interview, it was at 4 am that he just finished his practice with the band set to perform with him at his concert, at the end of September. He said he feels giddy because yesterday has carried on through the night to this morning, but he still had that same smile on his face. Because of the greedy curiosity about “his” story, I didn’t have a chance to ask Taeyang, who has been continuing group activities and solo activities for the past 4 years -, I just asked him the first question I thought of as soon as he sat down – what the biggest change after his solo debut in 2008 was?

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SNSD: Tiffany


from Kyuhyun

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lol I think Teukie crashed photonui.com coz none of his photos can be opened anymore, including the website itself. Good thing I saved the photos beforehand!
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Co.ed's Chanmi, "I prefer now being in a mixed group than over Girls' Generation"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chanmi of the 10-member mixed group Co.ed has recently garnered attention from being a former SM Entertainment trainee.

Not long ago, an Internet community board attracted attention with previous pictures of Co.ed's Chanmi (Heo Chanmi).

Chanmi was dressed in a beige outfit with cute clothes and pose. Along her were SNSD pre-debut, which she was originally going to join. There were also saying Chanmi was going to join f(x) alongside with Krystal and Sulli, but those were just rumors.

After the news broke, Chanmi said, "I was a SM Entertainment trainee who would practice hard. I wanted to be a female group member, but now I feel like a mixed group is better."

Chanmi is admired in Co.ed for being a powerful vocal. In regards to this, when Co.ed's debut title track "Too Late" was revealed, T-ara's Hyomin praised her by saying, "Chanmi's powerful vocals are a good asset for Co.ed and help gain popularity for them."

"Because of the hype, it's been a burden. We have had to practice harder," Chanmi said. The the leader, Soomi had added, "SM gets you five years of training time, and yet, some people aren't able to radiate a good enough stage presence. Honestly, powerful Chanmi fits Co.ed's code the best," she said with praises.

In October, Co.ed will experience a transformation with a totally new style and mini album.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique

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I think what Soomi meant when she said "SM gets you five years of training time, and yet, some people aren't able to radiate a good enough stage presence." is that Chanmi herself trained and still wasn't ready to debut, not that sme's current idols lack stage presence. The article is weirdly worded :/
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The words in italics are the opening lyrics

TRACK TITLE: Dance 2 Night
Producers list: Bang Yuhyun & Park Sejun (Soul Connection)
-Woo dance with me-

Producer: Lee Doohyun aka Ra.D (!!!!!!!)
-그대 올때까지 기다릴께 I will wait until you come back-

Producer: Jo Jongsu aka Fame J
-I know I know I know-

Producers: JYP, Shim Eunji ("The Day I Confessed"), and Jo Jongsu (Fame J)
-I’ll be back 넌 다시 나를 찾을 거야 I’ll be back you’ll find me again-

TITLE: I'll Be Back (CLUB MIX)
Producers: JYP, Tommy Park (Tik Tok, Back 2 U, etc)
-나만 바라볼 줄 알았던 너라서 It was you who I thought would only look at me-

TRACK TITLE: 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me)
Producer: Super Changddai (producer of Niga Mibda, Fly to Seoul, Maja, etc)
-니가 나를 떠나도 널 지켜볼 수 있다면 (Even if you leave me, if only I could see you-

Source: dkpopnews , 2pmalways
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SNSD To Release Information Record Book In Japan

SNSD will release their book “SNSD Information Record” (Tentative Title) in November for 1050yen (~13USD).

This work will feature SNSD’s sayings with pictures, details on their activities up until now, member introductions with comments, photos and the member’s secrets to fashion styling.

SNSD is still a new idol group in Japan, so releasing this kind of book is rare. It isn’t a simple photobook, it includes frank comments from the members and fans have high expectations for it.

SNSD released their Japanese debut song “GENIE” in September. Currently, it has sold 75,000 copies and has been placed at rank #4 on ORICON’s monthly chart. Also, on the 20th they will expand their activities with the release their 2nd single “Gee”.

According to HMV the names of the sections in the books are as follows:

- Sexy & Cute! Let’s Dancing
- The cute secrets of the 9 members you want to know more about
- Fundamental knowledge of knowing SNSD
- Secrets to being fashionable
- Stories of concert impressions
- Their dancing is amazing! I am moved by their singing voices
- A record of SNSD’s cutie talk
- Plays and Variety, leave it to us!

Translated by: Kanki@Soshified.com
Sources: [LINK] [LINK]
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10Asia Interviews Fusion Jazz Band 'Winterplay'

Winterplay, composed of members So Eunkyu (bass), Lee Juhan (trumpet ), Choi Woojoon (guitar) and Haewon (vocals), is a group which does music that cannot be defined by a single word. The four members are jazz musicians but their music can be associated with various genres such as jazz, pop, Latin and lounge. And their latest second full-length album "Songs of Colored Love" which appeals to the public while containing the characteristics of jazz music, borderlines between jazz, Latin and pop music. So it may be because they do such music but their songs have been acknowledged by fans in Japan first, particularly by those who enjoy various types of jazz. London's media outlet The Sunday Times gave the "Songs of Colored Love" four stars out of five, saying "It breaks down the walls between jazz pop and lounge music." 10Asia sat down for an interview with this fusion jazz band.

10: I heard you received favorable reviews from the The Sunday Times in London.

Lee Juhan: This was our first showcase in London so I got scared when I found out they were writing a review about us as well. I'm thankful that we got a good review. They compared our vocalist's singing style to pink martini and said our music like lounge music as well. I think they also gave us good marks for holding back and keeping our music simple instead of ad-libbing a lot which is what happens a lot for jazz music.
Choi Woojoon: We got similar reviews in Japan as well. The audience seems to be interested in the lounge style of music that we create with the few instruments that we have. And we're supposed to lift up the atmosphere for our concerts but the Japanese audience seem to prefer more composed and mellow performances.
Lee: You can see a lot of jazz mixed with hip-hop, pop jazz remixes and other various music on Japan's iTunes jazz chart. We believe that our music is neither pop nor jazz but rather a different sound and I think that suits the taste of our Japanese listeners.

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Source: 10Asia - 1, 2
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Girls' Generation takes No. 4 spot on Oricon monthly singles chart

Top Korean singers Girls' Generation have placed in the top 5 on the prestigious Oricon monthly singles chart with their debut single “Genie.”

According to Oricon's September chart, the girls' album "Genie," which went on sale in the country on September 9, sold over 75,276 copies to come in at No. 4 on the chart, while selling about 44,097 records during the first week.

"Genie" recorded high sales during the second and third week as well, selling 17,792 and 75,276 copies, respectively.

The nine-member girl group branched out to the Japanese pop scene in August, holding their showcase on August 25 and claiming the title as the first Korean girl group to have ranked in the top 5 spots on the Oricon weekly DVD chart with their DVD "‘少女時代到 ~日記念盤~New Beginning of Girls' Generation."

They also entered the Oricon daily charts at No. 5 a day after “Genie” went on sale and have promoted the track on various local TV shows.

Girls' Generation will be releasing their second Japanese single "Gee" on October 20.

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Sources: 10Asia, FANtastic

ETA: I changed the chart image, 10Asia had the wrong one up.
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JYJ to hold global showcase kicking off in Korea next week

Singers Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu of five-member boy band TVXQ, will set off on a global tour next week showcasing an album they have recorded as their new singing trio JYJ.

Prain Inc., the group's publicist, announced through a press release Monday that the three singers, back as Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of group JYJ, will promote their new worldwide album "The Beginning" through a series of showcases kicking off in Korea on October 12.

Also the date for when the record goes on sale worldwide simultaneously, the showcase will be held at Korea University's Hwaseong Tiger Dome twice; at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The trio will sing a total of five songs from the new album as well as performing the soundtrack to TV series "SungKyunKwan Scandal" starring Yoochun.

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Source: Jessica Kim @ 10Asia
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News about Beast's special Japan debut album

Korean 6-member male group BEAST will be entering Japan with a special album.

Last fall, 6-member male performance and dance group BEAST made their debut in Korea. Now, they will be coming out with a Japanese edition special album ‘BEAST – Japan Premium Edition’ on November 24th.

The group BEAST consists of AJ, also known as Lee Kikwang, who was a solo artist in Korea, Jang Hyunseung who was eliminated in the final audition of BIGBANG, Yoon Doojoon who was in the rookie-making program “Hot Blood” which formed the two promoting groups 2AM & 2PM, and others who have received attention prior to their debut, as it is a total of 6 members. 4minute, also in the same company, made their debut in Japan this past May as they have set the goal in promoting worldwide, finalizing their contract with Universal. They are beginning their promotions within Asia first.

The ‘BEAST – Japan Premium Edition’ will be compiled of the two mini albums ‘BEAST Is The B2ST’ and ‘Shock Of The New Era’ which were both released in Korea. Songs like their debut song “Bad Girl” and “Shock” which they placed 1st with on the music program “M Countdown” will be in the special edition along with a 30 minute documentary video DVD of their first visit in July. Fans, please check it!

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This is a Lee Seung Gi post

Ewha Village loses its angel wings mural after ‘1N2D’ exposure

The famous angel wings mural, which was made even more famous after it was aired through popular KBS2TV variety program, ‘1N2D‘, last month, is now no more after residents living in the villlage requested for it to be removed due to inconveniences caused by the mural.

The painter of the mural, seuwichigeol (Naver ID), posted through his blog on October 4th, “Just came back after removing the angel wings mural in Ewha-dong.”

The angel wings mural had been showcased in the September 26th episode of ‘1N2D’, where Lee Seung Gi had to complete a mission which involved him taking a picture to become an angel. Thereafter, visitors to that particular spot where the mural was located started to increase.

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Lee Seung Gi chosen as the male singer who would best handle postpartum care

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Source(s): Kuki News,1N2D Screenshot + Naver Blog, Bugs Music, and AsiaE from Allkpop 1 Allkpop 2

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BoA to head back to Japan in December for annual X-Mas lives

Korean superstar BoA has announced that she will be back in Japan for a set of Christmas lives.

This year, she will host her Christmas concerts at the Tokyo International Forum, Hall A. Previously, she held a spring live this past summer, “BoA LIVE TOUR 2010 ~IDENTITIY~,” to promote her newest album.

This Christmas show will be a one man live with her as the star, and shall take place on December 20th and 21st for two nights only. Tickets go on sale November 20th to the general public.

Although BoA has been promoting her new album in Korea, it is nice to see her lining up shows for the Christmas season. It is traditional for Japanese artists to have Christmas and New Year’s shows, and it just goes to show how acclimated she is to the Japanese music scene.


BoA “X’mas” LIVE 2010

December 20th – Tokyo International Forum Hall A

OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

December 21st – Tokyo International Forum Hall A

OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

General Ticket Sales : November 20th

source: uriboa + natalie + tokyohive

ah hopefully it's as nice as the ones in the past. :)

HAM's New Song Banned From KBS

Female trio, HAM, is experiencing some difficulties with their latest track "So Sexy" because it's well, so sexy.

The girls' entertainment agency revealed on October 1st that the song did not pass KBS's filter, banning it from being broadcast on TV or radio. The lyrics along with the provocative dance moves were deemed too suggestive. There's a focus on the girls' upper bodies throughout the choreography while some lines in the song belt out "let me have you" and "come and enter me".

The entertainment company continued by explaining that the song had actually passed MBC's more liberal judging. Unfortunately, SBS's final decision wasn't out yet (as of October 1st), but the vibes weren't looking good for HAM.

The response from Korean netizens have been mixed. While some agree with KBS that the song and related dance moves are way too sexy, others expressed that it's no more sexy than songs and dances of other girl groups out there.

HAM's representatives expressed their disappointment in not being able to give the song the proper promotional activities. It was the group's attempt at breaking out of their young girl image. They went on to say that the song and choreography will go through some adjustments to make it more broadcast-friendly.

source: KBS Global
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U-KISS ranks first in online album sales

U-KISS’s 4th minialbum, “Break Time,” has managed to take first place music charts just three days after its release.

According to Hanteo charts, the online sales for “Break Time” ranked first place as of October 6th. U-KISS has been steadily working their way up the charts despite the many new songs constantly pouring into the market and has finally achieved their place at the top.

Their official homepage also crashed upon teaser release for their title track. The video has managed to garner 120,000 views as well with fans from not only Korea but America, Canada, Philippines, and various other nations.

Their title track, “Shut Up!” was composed by Kim Tae Hyung, the composer behind Ivy’s “Sonata of Temptation” and After School’s “Bang!”

Source + Photo: Sports World

source: allkpop

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Eiyuu--Smoking Intermodulation

Who are the lucky winners of JYJ's "The Beginning" deluxe version?

Last week, JYJ (Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) announced their new global album release titled “The Beginning”.

This upcoming album is produced by Show Shop Entertainment and distributed by Warner Music worldwide. The album will be released on CD & digital formats on October 12th. They also mentioned that they had a special limited ‘Luxury Edition’ of the album which will be numbered and limited to only 99,999 sets. Well it seems the ‘Luxury Edition’ is already sold out according to a press release from JYJ’s camp.

Warner Music has stopped all pre-sales for JYJ’s The Beginning Luxury Edition due to over subscription on demand for the limited collection CD.

The Managing Director of Warner Music Korea, PR Wang stated, “We have received over 300,000 pre-sales orders from suppliers worldwide and are currently trying to allocate the 99,999 CDs in stock to first orders received. The overwhelming response to the CD is a very encouraging start for JYJ and we hope that this album release will also be met with equal enthusiasm.”

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I hate you Warner, I don't think I entered in the first 100K..... F*ck